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Kaminoplanet Kamino


32 BBY, Kamino



Physical description

Human (clone)




1.83 Meters

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Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Galactic Civil War
  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
    • Grand Army of the Republic
      • Special Operations Brigade
      • 3rd Legion



Jango Fett (father figure), Aloquar Ordo (mentor), Valena Renn (wife)

Squad Rank

Marshall Commander

"There is a thin line on what is good and what is evil. The line between them is often so blurred that we cannot understand our path in this life. Is our sole purpose to do only what we were created to do? Is our destiny limited to that distant abyss of death? Or do we do what we deem correct and righteous?... In the end, all I know is that the answers never come easy... It's supposed to be simple, but it isn't."

-Alpha-13 Ember

A13 Ember was an Alpha-class ARC commander of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, the Galaxy-wide war between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He and his unit, Gamma Squad, commanded the Third Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Alpha-13 "Ember" served under the command of Jedi Generals Kaja Tallan and Valena Renn with whom he would build a long and close relationship. He was a highly-motivated, free-thinking, aggressive yet honorable soldier. He was very determined in battlefield, was gifted at all forms of combat, and inspired his men He and his troopers constantly fought in full-scale military campaigns, were dispatched on reconnaissance missions, covert ops, advisory campaigns, and finally search and rescue.

Though he was obedient and loyal to Republic, Ember proved capable of questioning his superiors when he disagreed with his orders. Some Jedi looked at his independence and ideologies with suspicion; but others including Jedi Generals Renn, Tallan and Skywalker encouraged it and allowed him to serve as an advisor in the war room on countless occasions.

However, as the war continued, Ember would slowly become disenfranchised from the Republic which he had come to trust for years. He saw its corruption and grew more devastated as he lost many brothers on the field of battle. By Order 66, Ember was independent enough to disobey the most infamous command of the Clone Wars- Order 66.


Early Life

"There is no room for failure. We are training to become the best soldiers in the entire Galaxy. If we fail, then we die, no chances. This is the life of all ARC troopers."
-Alpha-13--Gamma Squad--

Born In 32 BBY, Alpha-13 Ember spent his first years on Kamino. When he was six years old, Ember and his bunk mates, Alpha-14 Buckler, Alpha-15 Niner, Alpha-16 Blade, Alpha-17A Boltshot and Alpha-18 Torrent were assigned to youth cadet training designed to train them to be Alpha ARC Troopers, elite soldiers cloned from Jango Fett himself.

In their unit, Gamma Squad, Alpha-14 would be the "by-the-book" type of cadet and soldier later on, while Alpha-15 would be more of a calculating person especially concerning the enemy. Alpha-16 Blade was always the top-notch joker and always looked on the bright side of things. Alpha-17A was always the underdog of the team; however, his determination to be like unit Alpha-13 in terms of everything made him bring up his abilities to a higher notch.

From left to right- Ember, Buckler, Boltshot, Niner, Torrent and Blade

Gamma Squad

The intense physical and mental training that the six of them would undertake would be led by Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter, Jango Fett. This training would eventually make them all the best soldiers in the entire Galaxy: soldiers that could survive the most dangerous missions, battles and adverse situations. Jango would send them through intense modules where they would storm buildings with twisting corridors armed with security ordnance, training sergeants or droids that were trained to kill them. Besides that, there were innumerable flights of steps that they had to climb up and even leap up at times. At times, some Arc trooper cadets had to be sent to the medical center because of the wounds that unlucky members sustained during the heavy combat training
Jango and Kal training the clones

Jango and Kal Skirata observing clone training.

Ember worked hard to become a good cadet and a good soldier and please Jango Fett and the rest of the Cuy'val Dar, the hired Mandalorian training sergeants that helped Jango to teach the Alpha ARC troopers.

Besides believing the clones to be nothing but products, the Kaminoans encouraged Jango and the Cuy'val Dar to teach the young cadets in a disciplined and no-nonsense methods that the Mandalorian warriors taught the younger generation in their culture.

Jango and the Cuy'val Dar agreed and on many occasions during training, would often leave Ember and his fellow arc trooper cadets in the dust when they were exhausted and punish them for showing of weakness.

However, Ember's resilience and determination to produce the finest results no matter how many times he was struck or even bloodied by his training instructors was not unnoticed by Jango, and young Ember became a model for younger Alpha Arc troopers including Buckler, Niner, Boltshot, Blade and Torrent. During several combat modules, Ember was the reason that all of them made it out alive. There was no belief in failure among the clones. If they failed, they died. It was a sobering prospect; however, they would learn to become used to their life.

Ember and Gamma Squad would form great comradeship with other squads led by troopers like Alpha-01 Blackout, Alpha-32 Storm and Alpha-52 Kane. However, Ember would never have a great relationship with Alpha-04 Vaze, who never liked Ember that much, believing that he was being a show-off to get Jango's attention and approval.

Alpha-04 Vaze

Alpha-04 Vaze after calling Alpha-13,who is standing behind him, the Instructors' Pet.

Jango was also aware of this, but preferred to watch Alpha-13 grow up by protecting himself instead of getting involved. Ember was the quieter one and rarely ever enjoyed getting into fights with his brothers, ones that he hated or not. However, Vaze never stopped messing with Ember to the point where Ember had to fight back and often as not, beat Vaze in fist-fights.

Before long, Alpha-13 would make the point that he was not to be messed with and Vaze desisted in his efforts to annoy Ember and the two cadets ignored each other from then on, though they would work together on missions during the clone wars due to orders.

Jango would also come to respect his student, Ember, not only because of his commitment during the training regiments, modules and drills, but also for his determination, an unswerving determination that kept him going, even when he had expended all of his strength. Ember was also once told by Jango that he would become a great soldier one day. Ember would never forget his teacher's words until the day he died.

Jango Fett, the Alpha-class ARC Troopers' Military Instructor

Ember's fellow brothers would eventually catch up to Ember's speed and determination during training, and so would the other Alpha Arc troopers; however, despite that, the only cadet that Jango would ever love almost like a Son, was Ember. When Ember and his fellow cadets became 20 in clone years, they took their final test in their designated Phase I arc trooper gear and came out with the highest time record, even surpassing Alpha-01 Blackout and Alpha-04 Vaze, who were known to be the by-the-book Alpha Arc troopers.

Afterwards, they would go into stasis and would not wake again until the time when their home planet was attacked by the Separatists.
Arc troopers in stasis

Alpha Arc troopers Ember, Bucker and Niner in stasis tubes.

Ember would never see his instructor, Jango, again, since the Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter was slain on Geonosis by Jedi knight Mace Windu, but he would never forget the teachings that he received from Fett.

The Clone Wars (21.83 BBY to 19 BBY)

Defense of Kamino (21.83 BBY)

"They won't take Kamino on my watch."

-Jedi Master Shaak Ti to Lama Su on the CIS-

In 21.83 BBY, knowledge came to the Republic concerning an imminent Separatist attack on the center of the Grand Army of the Republic, Kamino and the cloning facilties where the GAR was built. The Jedi quickly set up their defenses. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Tsui Choi, Aayla Secura, Kossex and several other Jedi would shoot down any droid ships that dared to land troops on thes surface of Kamino. Jedi Master Shaak Ti would organize the defenses on the ground, and Jedi general Oppo Rancisis would wait nearby, waiting for their signal to jump out of Hyperspace and surprise the CIS. When the battle came, CIS commander Merai ordered his droid landing ships to head for the surface of Kamino, accompanied by waves of vulture droids. Although the Jedi fought bravely, quite a large number of Separatist ships managed to break through their line of defense and unload droids in Tipoca City.
Screen shot 2012-02-29 at 7.33.11 PM

Clone Captain Trav


The small garrison of clones deployed in the city fought bravely under the command of many clone officers including Captain Trav to overcome the mass of droids pressing in on them; however, there were way too many of them, and soon, even the clones' moral dwindled. The droids captured more and more ground and the clones became even more spread thin as they tried desperately to stop them. All hope seemed lost, but help was on the way. Lama Su and Shaak Ti soon activated the Alpha Arc Troopers, elite clone troopers trained directly by Jango Fett years ago. They immediately went into action, unpredictable and independent as they were.

Alpha-13 Ember and his squad, including Alpha-14 Buckler, Alpha-15 Niner, Alpha-16 Blade, Alpha-17A Boltshot and Alpha-18 Torrent were immediately sent by commanding Alpha Arc trooper Blackout to backup Alpha-52 Kane and a couple clone platoons at the central armory on Kamino, which had been captured by the clankers. Meanwhile, Blackout, Alpha-32 Storm, Alpha-04 Vaze and several other Arc troopers marshalled the main clone trooper force clustered on a Cargo level 325, moving on and re-taking more ground as more droids were destroyed. Alpha-17 Alpha, his squad and Jedi Master Shaak Ti would head for the new generation of clones and protect them at all costs from Separatist hands.

Ember (Copyrighted)

Ember taking out a clanker

With the arrival of the Alpha Arc troopers to help the weary Jedi, the battle turned to the Republic's favor and the Seppies were slowly driven back. However, there were still too many droids. Even though Ember and Kane had retaken the main Kaminoan armory and several sectors of the city were back in Republic control, the main battle took place at Cargo Level 327 where hundreds of droids engaged Alpha-01 Blackout and his men.
A-13 Ember and his brothers attacking the droids

Ember, Buckler and Niner engaging the droids during the Defense of Kamino

Soon, as Ember, Kane and their men headed for Blackout's position, they became busy dealing with a group of vulture droids that were bent on stopping them from reaching their destination, slowing them down for a short time. However, Ember and Kane defeated the fighters and soon arrived to aid their comrades.

The timely arrival of Ember and Kane in the end prevented the troopers from being overrun was the only reason that most of them and the jedi made it out alive, though Blackout was slain in action shortly before Ember and Kane came with reinforcements. Commander Merai was forced to launch an all-out attack on the probable location of the city's shield generator. However, his attack was in vain, for there was no shield generator in the city. In a last attack the Merai flew into the Jedi's hyperspace rings in orbit around the planet, and self destructed allowing his fleet to fall back in time.

Shortly after the end of the battle, the Arc Troopers were greatly praised by the Jedi for their battle prowess. However, during the entire while, Ember was uneasy about the Jedi: For one they were very eccentric compared to his usual commanders and teachers like Jango and the rest of the Mandalorians, who were more disciplined and strict. For another, he did not know how he could trust them after they killed the one who had cared so much for him when he was a young cadet.

In the end, Ember accepted the fact that Jango was dead and that the best way to recognize him was by doing his duty and serving the Republic and the Jedi. Jango died in defense and that was one thing that Ember understood. After a short time, the Arc troopers were loaded into cruisers, separating and parting ways to join the Grand Army of the Republic. While Ember and his squad (Buckler, Niner, Blade, Boltshot and Torrent) would go to Coruscant where their chosen Generals were waiting, Kane and his squad would head to Bestine, and Storm would be going an outpost on Rhen Var.

Joining the Grand Army of the Republic (21.83 BBY)

It was early in the day when Ember and his squad arrived on Coruscant, taking a LAAT/i gunship down to their base, Alpha Base, in the northern sector of the city. As they flew through the Coruscant skyline, two BARC clone troopers flew in to escort them to Alpha Base where Jedi General Kaja Tallan was waiting.
Alpha Base

Alpha Base beyond the Coruscant skylines

A large assembly of clone troopers waited outside as well, probably around 10,000 of them to Ember's belief. Jedi General Kaja Tallan was a human male at around 35 years of age, "appearing fierce and war-like with a brown mane". His face was smooth, angled and as pale as alabaster. His eyebrows were dark as were his eyes." General Tallan's padawan, Valena Renn was a female Togruta of 17 years.

To Ember and the rest of his squad's surprise, the Jedi Generals were entirely different from Jango and the rest of their trainers on Kamino, who were more disciplined and extremely strict. These Jedi were the complete opposite, calling them by their nicknames instead of their designation numbers as they were used to. This made Ember and his squad feel more at ease around the generals.
Kaja Tallan with clone trooper in the Jedi Temple

Jedi General Kaja Tallan

After meeting their Jedi officers, Ember and his squad were given a tour of the base and its capabilities, as well as observing the troops inside. With deep observation, Ember and his second in command, Buckler decided that the shinies had been well trained in discipline. However, they feared that they would not have much individualism like they did.
Ember overseeing the training of Blue Talon Legion.

Ember overseeing training of the Blue Talon Legion

The Jedi also noted this and quickly accepted Ember and his squad's request to examine the troopers' in the training facility and see how good they really were. According to General Tallan and Padawan Valena, they trusted Ember and his squad to do what they could to help the men, silently giving them all the authority to teach the troops as long as it would take 2 weeks.
Sergeant Racer

Sergeant Racer during the Clone Wars

Ember and his squad would begin an effective and fast training period for the troopers, learning about each soldier very quickly. Though Ember was dismayed that not many of the troopers were as good as they were in combat, he and Buckler soon had the lot of them taught even more, honing them into dangerous fighting machines. Ember assigned CT-5469 Racer as his Staff sergeant and ordered him to help settle down the troopers if things got out of hand. However, besides minor issues, the troopers would be fit in a very short time.

There would be problems with the troopers, including issues with troopers Brash and Breach who at first were reluctant to follow the Jedi and seemed rather defective. Ember had them put in the brig; however, when he interrogated them, the two troopers reminded him of himself on Kamino, when he was also reluctant to serve the Jedi. Because of that, he talked to the troopers, telling them to model their actions on his own, and convinced them to do their duty and serve. General Tallan wanted them court martialed; however, Ember convinced him to reconsider. Troopers Brash and Breach would greatly respect Ember for his show of mercy and would continue to gladly follow him from battle to battle during the Clone Wars.

A Dangerous Game (21.83 BBY)

The Battle of Mustafar

The lava world of Mustafar

After the first two regiments of the Third Legion completed their training, Alpha-13 Ember and a company of the Third Legion were dispatched to Mustafar to destroy a Techno Union facility and secure a top secret turbo laser core, which would further the Grand Army of the Republic’s war machine. Jedi General Zane Crimson and Alpha-52 Kane were sent ahead to conduct reconnaissance operations.

Ember agreed to the new mission, but was very hesitant on bringing in embarked troops to strike a Separatist base, which according to the holoprojector, was very small and hard to hit hard without raising the alarm of the enemy troops. In his opinion, they needed to send airborne troops as well as more air support. General Tallan respected Ember and his team’s opinion, but told him that they had the importance of securing the base had to be done in a safe and fast way, though many troopers would be killed.

Ember and his fellow Arc troopers agreed to General Tallan’s plans, acknowledging their duty and the importance of the task at hand over the number of troopers lost. At Ember’s own decision, he decided to leave Alpha-17A Boltshot and Alpha-16 Blade back at Alpha Base to watch over the rest of the Third Legion while Ember, Buckler, Niner and Torrent would follow Jedi General Tallan to Mustafar. On that note, Commander Valena since she was going to be taking the Jedi Trials at the temple presently.

By that evening, Ember had assembled one company of clones: around 140 clone troopers with around 12 All terrain Tactical enforcers and several squadrons of V-19’s. All of the rookie clones, including Sergeants Racer and Snap, to Ember, were very nervous. Noticing that, he did not waste time to bring their spirits up, advising them to stick together and use their training and ingenuity to survive.

After leaving Alpha Base via gunship, Ember, General Tallan and the rest of the clones landed on the Indomitable in Coruscant space, where Clone Captain Swivler welcomed them. They jumped into hyperspace and would later arrive in Mustafar Space. According to Ember and his team, the prospect of no Separatist resistance was foreboding and seemed dangerous. Soon after that, Kane contacted them and ordered them to report to their position on Mustafar immediately.
Battle of geonosis

Ember's company arrive to land on Mustafar

After landing on Mustafar in the Republic held-sector, south of the Techno-Union Facility which was located on a thin and treacherous rocky island surrounded by a river of lava, Ember, General Tallan and the rest of the commanders met with Jedi Master Zane Crimson and Alpha-52 Kane at the center of the base where they were planning the battle. When they reached the Separatist facility, Kane reported that there were at least two enemy droid battalions on the exterior of the base as well as 4 AAT tanks, plus 6 fighter squadrons, including MagnaGuard fighters. There was still no clarity if there were more than 2 battalions of droids in the interior of the base though.

Ember and his men cursed when they heard the report, and so were the jedi, though they concealed their reactions behind stoic fortitude. General Crimson was rather unhappy with Kane for his lack of information. However, Jedi Master Tallan told Crimson that it did not matter. In war, they would never know every piece of information about the enemy. Tallan congratulated Kane on his successful mission and told Kane to tell his troopers that he appreciated their bravery in getting the reconnaissance done.

Kane acknowledged General Tallan’s complement before turning back to General Crimson who told them that after they arrived in Mustafar Space, they had ploughed through a relatively small enemy fleet, raising raised eyebrows from the crowd of troopers arranged nearby. Many of the members of the 13th new the droids well, and so did the Jedi. Niner himself raised the possibility that the Seps could be preparing a trap for them and asked Generals Tallan and Crimson, respectfully, what they should do. However, before any of the jedi spoke, Ember spoke up saying that they had no choice but to accommodate the clankers’ wishes and spring the trap. They had their mission at stake. Jedi Generals Tallan and Crimson agreed with Ember and then they began to formulate a plan of battle:

General Crimson would divide his troops into four platoons: Kane would lead one and assemble it on the eastern shore. Meanwhile, Crimson would lead another and have it assembled in the center of the southern shore. On the far left of the shore, another platoon would be placed to attack the left flank of the enemy’s position, while one squad under the command of Alpha Arc Troopers Torrent and Dew. Crimson and Kane’s platoons would attack the enemy in a full frontal assault by jetpack, covered by artillery fire and air support. After the 13th were fully committed, General Tallan and Ember would advance on the enemy position by gunship.

Battle of Mustafar Diagram

The Diagram of the Attack on Mustafar. Black: 13th Elite Legion Blue: Blue Talon Legion

Shortly after leaving the council of war, Ember and Kane walked side by side with their squads nearby to their separate stations, while the rest of the clones rushed about. During their walk, the two recounted what had befallen them, since their last meeting on Kamino. According to Kane, his position was different from Ember's. Jedi General Crimson was not much of an understanding or forgiving General as Ember's General, Tallan was.

Ember was shocked to hear an account from Kane where a battalion of the 13th elite Legion under Kane's command were ambushed by tank divisions and hyena bombers. According to Kane, some of his men were so badly wounded that they had to be shot to save them from their misery. According to Kane, he requested General Crimson that they needed to fall back. However, General Crimson refused to, apparently determined in winning the battle.

Ember felt extremely sorry for Kane and regretted the advice he gave Kane on the Jedi. Kane told him to not worry about it. Before long, the Jedi Generals would get used to them all. Shortly after reaching his platoon of troopers, all of them with jetpacks on their backs, Kane ordered Sergeant Mag to prep their jetpacks immediately for attack. Kane whipped out a pair of macrobinoculars from his pack and scanned the enemy base, suppressing his displeasure with General Crimson's battle plan. According to the enemy defense lines, it would be a close chance for them to land on the other shore, let alone breaking through the enemy troops.

Before long, the attack began. Cannon fire from All terrain Tactical Enforcers streamed across the sky and smashed into the enemy lines. V-19 Torrent fighters took off and streaked for the enemy base where MagnaGuard fighters and vulture droids were waiting. With that signal, Kane and team jumped inot the sky and headed for the enemy base, intending to come out of the fog above the lava-infested river and hit the enemy unwarily. Once in range of the enemy ranks, Kane and his men opened fire on the droids, killing more than they lost. Once they landed on the shore, Kane and his platoon rushed the droids and went into ranged and melee combat. However, though they were more powerful warriors, the droids had the advantage of higher ground and were sending artillery down on top of them.

Kane's fear of his men falling caused him to order his men to fall back and regroup. As they retreated, General Crimson at the other side of the battlefield contacted Kane and ordered him to hold his ground, telling him that Ember and General Tallan were already on the way. Before long, General Tallan ordered Ember and his officers to board gunships to reinforce General Crimson and Kane.

While Clone Sergeant Shrike would go with General Tallan, Ember, Buckler, Niner and Racer would go to assist Kane, and Snap would lead a force to assist the left flank of their army. Landing on the other shore was just as difficult as Kane's task, apparently. The enemy sent many ships to intercept them; however, gunship pilots like Eagletalon were extremely well trained and managed to dodge the enemy fighters and shoot them down before they took them down.

Once landed, Ember and his men were reduced to reflexes and ran in to assist the meagre troops under Kane's command. Running to the front of the lines of troopers of Eagle Dawn Company, General Tallan shouted to Ember to follow him, to which Ember obliged. Light-headed and dizzy but exhilarated, Ember went into combat with his squad for the first time since Kamino and managed to kill dozens of droids as well as several nasty crab droids that were deployed against him and his men.

Before long, though the droids struggled furiously to hold them off, the consolidated clone forces with the Jedi generals at the head demolished them. When the battle ended, Ember hardly believed it; however, he did notice the men and blasted droid parts that lay nearby. According to Sergeant Racer, there were around 25 wounded of their entire company. He didn't mention the deaths.

Ember knew though that he, Kane and the rest of the troopers could not dwell on the deaths of the men and soon helped the rest of his troopers in cleaning up their shore, ordering some of his men to take the wounded back to their camp, while the rest of the troops. Ember knew that General Tallan was not without sadness though. He just wanted to keep them on schedule and help them get through their predicament and the fastest speed possible. Ember knew that losing their brothers was difficult for the younger rookies though. He let them alone in their helmet HUD's while they talked in silence.

For the next three hours, Ember and his fellow commanding clone officers helped the Jedi to clear the exterior of the base of droids, as well as sending over tanks to reinforce the perimeter and prevent any clankers or Seppies from escaping. Ember's frenzy with his work greatly drew the respect of the Jedi. However, he did not do it to gain respect, but to protect his men, a factor that the Jedi obviously noted. After the work was done, Ember, Kane, their separate squads and two platoons of clones followed the Jedi Generals into the enemy base through the exhaust port. Once they were in, they crawled through the ventilation shaft for a while before they dropped out near the command center in the heart of the base.

Not long after they entered the base, the clones stormed into the command center where Separatist commanders Varla Monar and Rune Haako were. Taken unawares, they were taken alive, though their droid guards were annihilated. The Jedi offered the Neimodians a chance to give them the information on the location of the power core freely. However, the cursed Separatists refused. The Jedi, calm as always, reached into the Seps' minds with the force and eventually learned that the power core was being transported deep into a small lab deep down under the base.

The Jedi also learn that enemy reinforcements were on the way and immediately ordered Ember to send a message to their forces nearby. Torrent and Dew acknowledged Ember's warning and prepared the troops for a counter attack. Meanwhile, while Ember, Niner, Buckler, Kane, Shadow, Water and his squad, and 15 other troopers of Eagle Dawn Company would journey down into the depths of Mustafar to extract the power core, Billows would lead Kane's men to the top of the base to operate Separatist artillery to hold off the enemy. Finally, Racer and his squad would escort RUne Haako and Varla Monar back to the Republic position.
Sergeant Water

Sergeant Water in Alpha Base

After capturing the Separatist command, led by Jedi Generals Tallan and Zane Crimson, Ember, Niner, Buckler, Kane, Shadow and the rest of the clone troopers descended into the depths of the Separatist base to extract the power core. It was very gruelling work: As suspected by the entire group, there would be droids crawling all over the place. The troopers had to fight behind the Jedi for every stretch of rock and corridor and stick together at every turn.

Despite the resistance laid against them, Ember, Kane and their fellow Arc troopers were born for adverse missions, and with the Jedi close by, none of the droids were able to hinder them for long. However, while things were going well for Ember, Kane and the Jedi, things were not for Torrent and Dew at the Republic held-sectors on Mustafar. Shortly after Ember and the others had entered the depths of the Techno Union facility, the Separatists had launched a counter assault consisting of four squadrons of droid fighters, and 3 battalions of droids. Torrent and Dew took down as many of the enemy fighters and landing vessels as they could, reducing the amount of enemy troops able to land.
Torrent and troopers on Mustafar

Torrent mobilizes his men to prepare for a Separatist counterattack.

Torrent and Dew immediately reported to Generals Tallan and Crimson on the situation; however, before a minute had passed, the transmission stopped, telling Torrent, Dew and General Tallan that the enemy was jamming all communications on and off the planet to prevent their escape or ability to manouever their forces. After the transmitter ended, General Tallan ordered Ember and the rest of the troopers to get moving at double quick, ordering Ember to assign technicians to hotwire the security shields and get them a way into the compound.

Ember ordered Water and Boltshot to get to it; however, just then, two squads of commando droids approached from both ends of the corridor, trapping them completely. Generals Tallan and Crimson ignited their lightsabers and shouting, engaged the clankers with most of the clones behind them. Ember ran after General Tallan to engage the commando droids, not before ordering Boltshot and Water to get to their assignment.

Water and Boltshot immediately complied and began hotwiring the controls to turn off the rayshields. It would take some time, time when Boltshot would curse the fact that Torrent was not there; however, after a couple minutes the ray shields shut down, and Boltshot and Water entered the compound. They ran to the panel next to the container which housed the power core in a rather large cylindrical tube. While Water raised his DC-15A blaster and stood guard, Boltshot got to the computer and began tapping at the controls like mad. At the end of the corridor, shouts rang out and the sounds of blaster fire and lightsabers were imminent.

More droids began to arrive into the compound itself. Water dived behind a crate nearby and threw a grenade at the lot of them, though more marched on. Water shouted to Boltshot to hurry and began blasting at the super battle droids that were advancing on them. Finally Boltshot tapped a key and the container opened. Boltshot grabbed the power core container and placed it carefully in his pack. Running past Water, Boltshot threw a flash bang grenade at the incoming group of droids, flipped into the air and with an acrobatic move pressed the button to turn the rayshield back on, just in time for Water to dive next to him. Behind the rayshield, the flash bang grenade exploded and when the dust cleared, none of the droids were left.

Helping Water up, Boltshot told him that he did well before they ran after Ember and the rest of the group who were at the end of the corridor. When they reached the others, General Tallan inquired about the power core. Boltshot whipped the tube out of his pack and handed it to his general with a formal salute. General Tallan returned the salute and congratulated him and Water on their success. Ember broke in then, telling them of their situation: They had no way to contact Torrent and Dew for reinforcements, and they were probably busy themselves. General Tallan told them that they better destroy the sensor jammer that Torrent had told them about. However, after that they would have to find a new way to get out before the Republic bombers destroyed the entire facility and them with it. Ember agreed.

After leaving the floor where the power core was stowed, the entire group ran in silence to the nearest lift, slaying the droids guarding it. Shortly afterwards, the Jedi and troopers reached the level where the jamming signal console was. When the lift doors opened, General Tallan, Ember, Buckler and Niner stormed out to strike one group of droids while General Crimson, Kane, Shadow and the other troopers engaged the other group. While the regular troopers opened fire, the arc troopers drew vibroblades and slammed them into the clankers. Two clones fell during the contest, but before long all of the droids had been eliminated.

General Tallan went to the console and soon deactivated the jamming device. With comlinks back in order, General ordered them all to standby. Immediately contacting Torrent, General Tallan told Torrent to order all Y-wing bombers to attack the facility, as well as sending a gunship to pick them up. Torrent obliged, telling General Tallan that they had just finished deposing of the droid reinforcements and 2 squadrons were available to assist.

After receiving the rendezvous coordinates, Generals Tallan and Crimson told Ember and Kane to run for the evacuation point. It would not be long until the Jedi, Ember and Kane ran onto a back door landing platform, leaving a pile of dead droids in their wake. Soon after, a LAAT/i gunship landed and once they were all aboard, it took off.

Back landing platform.

As Ember looked back at the facility that they had worked so hard to enter and extract the power core, missiles from Y-wing bombers slammed into the facility and the base began to sink into the lava bit by bit.

Ember felt relieved as he watched the destruction of the techno union facility. The mission had been completed: The Techno Union facility had been destroyed and they had the power core. To Ember, the many good men who died had died strong helping to achieve the goal that they and the jedi all wanted: Peace to the galaxy. Ember remembered all of the troopers that died that day: Snap, Fiery, Gek, Perse and Faze. They all died honorably and that was what mattered.
Screen shot 2012-03-25 at 11.31.57 AM

Y-wing bombers blow up the Techno Union Facility-

After landing on the Republic-held shore, Ember and his fellow men said goodbye to Kane and General Crimson, providing a formal honor guard as the troopers of the 13th Elite legion boarded LAAT/i's and took off.

Shortly after, Ember and the remainder of his troopers, around 75 of them, loaded up into gunships and took off as well. Ember knew then that he and his brothers were in good hands. With brave brothers to take care of and lead, and generals who trusted them and would also watch over them in their years of duty, nothing would ever truly go amiss.

Campaign on Clak'dor (21.8 BBY)

"What I remember about the battle of Ryloth was that it was hot, chaotic and bloody... I've never seen that many of my boys die before my eyes in combat. I should be happy that I got my shebs out of there, but I am not... since even I could not have not got out of that inferno without my buddies. I guess that's what having a squad truly means."

-Alpha-13 Ember-


Right after the battle of Mustafar had come to a conclusion, it came to the attention of Rep intel that Techno-Union leader Wat Tambor and CIS battalion commander Sadeet Cradossk had led a massive Separatist assault on the planet of Ryloth, defeating the small clone garrison positioned there under the command of Clone Commander Blams, and quickly taking control of the southern hemisphere. According to Null ARC troopers A'den and Jaing, the CIS had set up command at the starport city, Kala'uun, and the main droid garrison at Kala'din. According to the Nulls, the civvies had been set to work gathering valuable resources for the greedy Emir.

Due to the Grand Army being stretched thin in the war, the only available force available to move out and reach Ryloth in time was the third legion. Ember and his brothers immediately left Mustafar and shipped out for Ryloth, immediately rendezvousing with the rest of their troops at Bothuwai before continuing on to Ryloth.

Ember, Buckler, Boltshot, Niner, Blade and Torrent all knew that they would be going into a maelstrom of hell, but they would not be prepared to experience the horror of the campaign, which not even the training of such a tough and experienced Mando'ade as Jango Fett, could have prepared them for.

Before long, Ember's fleet came out hyperspace to meet a met a Separatist fleet blockading the planet of Ryloth: two CIS capital ships, one Trade Federation battleship, and eight Banking Clan frigates.

Generals Tallan and Valena ordered their ships to spread out and prepare for battle. While assault ship Eliminator, commanded by Admiral Mercy Kuolor, and the other two acclamator assault ships took up the left flank, the Indomitable, commanded by clone captain Swivler, and a second Venator attack cruiser took the right. Meanwhile, three consular-class cruisers led a bold attack on the Separatist blockade, several squadrons of Y-wings and V-19 Torrents close behind, the lot of them commanded by Alpha-18 Torrent.

Meanwhile, Admiral Mercy Kuolor of assault ship Eliminator and Clone captain Swivler of the Indomitable ordered all ships to close in behind their fighter raid and begin pelting the Sep ships with laser fire.

Arc-170 dive-1yyubgh

Alpha Arc Trooper Torrent diving in to engage vulture droids

With the bulk of the Separatist ships occupied with the fighter attack, assault ship Eliminator moved in and unleashed its secret weapon. Within moments, the enemy fleet was in shambles, courtesy of the Eliminator's powerful, prototype concussion missiles.

The CIS high-tailed it out of their soon after with their flagship, the Dark Vengeance, commanded by Separatist admiral Mrash leading the retreat.

Acclamator FT

The Eliminator

In short order, after the space battle was over, General Tallan commanded all ships to prepare to land troops on the surface. They examined the position surrounding the cities of Kala'din and Kala'uun, and they did not look good. Several battalions of droids blocked every entry point leading to the cities. A forest lay on the western border of Kala'din, but droids were also posted nearby. General Tallan noted the numbers of the enemy and asked Ember what he could suggest as an experienced Alpha ARC trooper.

Ember replied that they would have to set up shop in a defensible location and strike the droids from there. Generals Tallan and Valena agreed with him and they all came to an accord that land was a canyon several clicks south of Kala'din. The only drawback was that several ravines led into the canyon, so the droids could send backup quickly.

Tallan immediately followed up by providing their basic objective: While Tallan's force of 5500 men, covered by Y-wing bombers strike the enemy head on to provide a diversion, Valena, Boltshot and Torrent would lead a smaller force of 4500 men to land near the forest. From there, they could dispatch the sentinels and any reinforcements that the Seps would send before merging with the main core of the 3rd.

After they had set up a defensible position, they could begin preparations for their assault on Kala'din.

Deploying the troops, Ember and the jedi boarded gunships and headed down to the designated canyon landing zone that they had picked out. As all of the strike forces drew nearer to Kala'din, the Separatist defenses kicked in and the gunships began to take a beating.

After landing in the canyon, Ember, Buckler, Niner and Blade sprinted into the inferno of the first large-scale campaign that they had experienced, which is saying a lot.

Thousands of battle droids poured out of the ravines, followed by AAT's and spider droids, at least 3,000 clankers with armored support. Ember, and his squad ran in to engage them, following General Tallan and the rest of the pressing battalions of the third legion, with two battalions of 500 men in front with eight AT-TE's in the rear and 8 others walkers guarding the flanks. 500 more troopers soon also dropped in via tow cables.

Everything was chaos. As Ember ran too and fro gunning down droid after droid, his brothers beside him, and General Tallan in front, batting aside blaster bolts with his double saber of blue fire, he watched men he had trained fall everywhere. Inside, he felt enraged, but on the outside, adrenaline rushed through his bones and he sighted up and continued fighting, backed by Gamma squad and the might of the 3rd. He used his anger to bolster his nerves.

In a second, Racer and his squad were fighting nearby, and in another, Water was shouting orders to Perse, Brash and Breach to hold their lines. Ember did not hear or see this, but concentrated only on destroying every battle droid that crossed his path. He also saw, in the corner of his eye, squadrons of Y-wing bombers streak above, firing torpedoes at the approaching AAT's, and then swoop into higher altitudes, chased by vulture droids. On the higher elevations on both sides of the canyon, troopers opened fire on the droids from above.

An AT-TE exploded and crashed to the ground. It would have crushed Ember, had not Buckler and Niner slammed him out of the way. Shaking his head and cursing himself for getting distracted, he slammed his rifle into a super battle droid before sending a burst of laser fire into it. He raced back into the fray, followed by his men. Soon, though, most of the droids had fallen. But the battle was not over: From the ravine, more droids poured out, at least 1000, followed by 4 multi-droid transports.

Ember looked at the General, who nodded back at him. Ember's armor was covered in droid grease and dust. He was sure that one of his fingers was broken, and he was sure that his shoulder was oozing blood, but he gripped his Deece and rushed forward to engage the droids with the rest of the army. Ember signalled to the fighters covering them, and after a few minutes, they streaked out of the clouds to fire on the transports, and blasted them into smithereens.

Shortly afterward, Valena and her strike force arrived, and the droids began its retreat back to Kala'din.

Ember and troops monitor situation from outpost

Shortly after the battle, Ember and his men discussed their situation with Generals Tallan and Valena. General Tallan wished to set up a base of operations where they were, and then assault the main Separatist base, which was located in the north.

Ember obliged with General Tallan's orders, though he was very worried about Vaze, who they had no further contact from, assuming that he was captured.

To Ember's surprise, Valena sensed what Ember was thinking and told her master that they had to rescue Vaze. General Tallan did not agree, because it would delay their task at hand.

In the end, though, Valena pushed the rescue mission through, telling her master that they needed Vaze and his men, and holding off the droids again would solve nothing.

In the end General Tallan agreed with Valena and sent her, Ember, Boltshot and Niner along with seven other clone troopers to rescue Vaze and his men. Ember protested against Valena's order, saying that it was irrational and risky. However, she refused to give into anything that he said.
The ARC commander team

From left to right: Storm, Commanding officer of the 35th Assault Corps, Alpha-13 Ember, Commander of the Blue Talon Legion, Alpha-111 Viper, Commander of the 603rd Armored Assault Corps, and Flash, Commander of Nexu Battalion.

Meanwhile, while Ember and Valena moved out through the forest to the south to the village of Nabat, General Tallan contacted the fleet above to send reinforcements, as well as to contact the Jedi Council on the issue.

Undercover on Muunilist. 21 BBY.

"The Banking Clan has hidden huge factories on Muunilinst, building huge droid armies and massive warships. We must act quickly!"

-Obi-Wan Kenobi-

The Battle of Muunilinst was a major campaign that took place four months after the Battle of Geonosis. There, the Republic halted the funding and production of CIS battle droid production.

During the engagement, Ember was sent to Muunilinst before the main attack, led by jedi generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Skywalker, and Alpha ARC Captain Fordo was due to begin.

Ember and his small strike team of ARC troopers donned civilian clothing and melded into the civvy population. With rapid movement, Gamma Squad and other members of the Third Legion infiltrated the jurisdiction buildings, and secured plans of the entire cities, weak points where the Republic army could enter, as well as strategic positions. After that was done, they hijacked a Separatist shuttle before leaving the planet, on their way to another mission.

Civil War on Balith (21 BBY)

"There's a large-scale civil war on Balith. They've requested our assistance. Anakin, you will leave immediately to command the Third Legion."

-Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi-

Located in the inner rim, Balith is divided into hundreds of individual city-states. A warlord and a political governor rule each city-state. Due to their territorial distance and isolation, the city-states are constantly at war with one another. In fact, warrior prowess is highly regard as a root virtue of the Balitheans.


In 21 BBY, Nash Gallanti, a warlord with nationalistic goals reforms the constitution of Barad. He makes great inroads into the surrounding city-states. To acquire their support, Gallanti steals the four relics of Balith, artifacts that the ancient Balithean kings had wielded, and promises to instill prosperity and glory for Balith by invading other planets in the Inner Rim. Initially, the people supported him and Gallanti successful gathered several hundred thousand troops. Under his command, the Balitheans conquered many planets and subjugated the people to serve them as slaves; the Balitheans were very happy and reaped much profit from their military expeditions. Not only that, but Gallanti also improved Balith's domestic prospects by improving the rhydonium trade and expanding the road system.

However, Gallanti’s ambitions were insatiable. Since seizing power, many city-states no longer possessed their former sense of autonomy. The powers of chiefs were considerably weakened while Gallanti's supporters rose high and attained great wealth; taxation was frequent and civilian crops and supplies were confiscated to support the Balithean Armed Forces. In addition to these acts, Gallanti ordered the construction of expensive palaces and also backed a network of brothels.

In the end, all of these funds were driven to Gallanti's plan of invading Onderon, a planet under Separatist control. Gallanti's advisors, including the esteemed pacifist philosopher, Iman, understood very well that this expedition could provoke a direct response from Count Dooku. As a result, they tried to dissuade Gallanti from following his plan. However, in a drunken rage, Gallanti killed many of their emissaries and saw to it that Iman and most of the advisors were imprisoned or punished.


Chaos dominated Balith; though Gallanti had captured most of his treasonous henchmen, others escaped and led the people in a revolt against Gallanti's mercenary/loyalist forces. To his chagrin, Gallanti was eventually forced out of the capital, Pollix, and Iman was released. Gallanti’s pride was wounded. However, as a resilient and enterprising man, he retreated to his personal citadel, Abronychus, and uses his wealth and charisma to gather support from his home city of Barad, as well as Maral, Kolinth and Ailotea. He hired continuous floods of guerrilla mercenaries from off world and also acquired weapons from the Black Market, especially from the Chiss gangster, Aella, who sold him WL-05 speeder tanks, HH-87 Starhoppers, and even droid tanks and gunships. Her most dangerous tools were disruptor rifles, which had been banned in the Galaxy.

The following war led to massive devastation of the planet with great loss of life. To gain a tactical advantage against Gallanti's military and technology, Iman appealed to the Galactic Republic, which had already aware of Gallanti's imperialistic endeavors for quite some time, but had been ill-equipped to respond.

General Skywalker, Torrent Company and the 3rd Legion are tasked with restoring order. To achieve a better analysis of the situation, Skywalker orders Commander Ember and Captain Rex to garrison the cities and train the ill-equipped troops to fight as professional warriors. In particular, Skywalker endeavored to impress a sense of patriotism on the Balith freedom fighters so that they would fight without reserve to regain their planet

Skywalker and his men eventually discover the importance of the four relics of Balith, artifacts that had originally belonged to the four ancestral kings of Balith. If they were taken from Gallanti's possession and given to Iman, Gallanti’s Balithean allies would desert him and support Iman. In the meantime, Ember and the clones train the Balitheans to reform their military tactics.

On the front, the ARC troopers are divided up throughout the planet. While the 501st Legion “occupies” the city of Pollix, Ember, Blade and Torrent defend cities in Toilaera, the eastern quadrant of Balith; Buckler and Niner are in Westland. Ember establishes a good relationship with the citizens and trains them up to become better troops. Ember strengthened the Balitheans' reliance on guerrilla tactics by teaching them to conduct war through a series of thrusts and parries - to minimize the risk of inflicting collateral damage, hit targets hard, and retreat when the enemy pursues.

On their first test, Ember and Blade launch a probing assault on Gallanti's garrison at Khalkas with two hundred troopers of the Third Legion and 600 Balithean troopers. They are ambushed in the forests; to Ember’s pleasure, the troopers hold out successfully

against the ambuscade especially with the ARC troopers’ support. Ember and Blade, on overwatch, direct fighters and gunships to devastate the enemy lines. 
Ember over Blade&#039;s death
However, in the midst of leading their troops, Blade is wounded in the defensive trench. Ember rushes to his aid and picks him up out of the trench; but a frag grenade explodes nearby and sends him flying backward. Ember is knocked unconscious. When Ember comes to, he finds to his horror that Blade had dies in Ember’s arms. Ember and his men deeply mourned the loss of Blade. However, they pressed on with their mission. Khalkas was taken in a week. The battle-hardened forces of Toilaera then marched on to Kolinth, a major city that oversaw trade going south.

The Third Legion also installs many medi-centers and Republic Mobile Surgical Units (RMSUs), field hospitals to patch up injured troopers and other personnel. As a trained medic, Boltshot taught the Balitheans to set up RMSUs close to the battlefield where surgeons, medical droids and nurses could attend to wounded soldiers.

Boltshot teaches the Balitheans that no man can be left behind on the field of battle. Most importantly, he instructs that the more critically injured always have to be taken care of first. But if there is no chance of survival for an individual soldier, a corpsman had to be ready to let them die to save the other wounded. During the 12 hours of his shift in the medicenter, Boltshot lives through “insanity.” Many of the clones and the Balithean troops have ghastly wounds. Nevertheless, Boltshot tries to save as many men and women as possible.

In the evenings, he and the other exhausted clones and nurses avail themselves to the cantina that were also constructed as part of the RMSUs for the express of purpose of winding down all the exhaustion and stress. It was there where Boltshot met Philomela. Her family was killed in one of Gallanti's attacks. Boltshot is initially reluctant to form a serious relationship with her since it could hurt his reputation as an officer. However, he quickly falls in love with her and promises to take her back with him to Coruscant.

But in a tragic night raid, a mortar hits the ward where she works. Boltshot finds her with a big hole in her neck. He just couldn’t take it and refused to believe that she was dead. As clone witnesses noted, Boltshot “was gonna open her chest and massage her heart… He kept saying, ‘no she isn’t.’ Then he started crying.”

In the end, before he returned to Coruscant, General Skywalker and Ember's forces coordinated a surprise attack on Abronychus, Gallanti's well-protected fort that was surrounded by sensor alarms, electromines, entrenched snipers and artillery. In spite of the risks, the coalition decided to press the offensive.

In the middle of the night, while Balithean freedom fighters launched surgical strikes all along the perimeter of the facility, Eagle Dawn and Torrent Companies infiltrated the facility, captured Gallanti and returned the four relics to Iman. The clones of the 501st/3rd Legions were honored as heroes. As they had sworn prior to the invasion, the Republic military left the planet soon after the mission. However, the Senate ordered a contingency force to remain. Under the charge of Republic Major Ric Zaimur, a garrison of 2,504 clones assisted Iman, the newly anointed Balithean leader, with the reconstruction efforts.

Battle of Dantooine (21.66 BBY)

This is it, Boys. We're the end of the line. No retreat! If we go, the entire line of the Grand Army will collapse and the clankers will push us all the way back to command. Let's show them what we are made of and fight here... to the last hour! to the last breath!"

-Alpha-13 Ember to the 3rd Legion-

More than a month after the campaign on Ryloth, Ember and Generals Tallan and Valena recieved word from Jedi General Kit Fisto, who had recieved a distress signal from a fleet near the Agamar system. Before the convoy of Republic vessels was destroyed, the clones on the juggernauts had reported to Fisto that General Grievous and a large Separatist armada had jumped them and were on the way to Dantooine with around 65,000 droids.

According to Fisto, the forces on Dantooine led by Jedi Masters Windu, Kenobi and Skywalker were badly in need of reinforcements. While Fisto agreed to jump into the Dantooine system to engage the Separatist fleet, he had very limited troops under his command as well.

OCMS comm center

General Kit FIsto informs Jedi General Tallan and Alpha-13 Ember of what has happened. 

The Third Legion was one of the only few clone units available to be re-deployed to Dantooine, besides a few other clone corps and legions.Ember, Generals Tallan and Valena immediately obliged to rush to General Windu's aid on Dantooine, mustering 3 Venator attack cruisers and 3 Acclamator star destroyers filled with the entire legion.To Ember and the rest of his squad's pleasure, they learned that their old comrades back on Kamino, including Storm, Kane, Flash would also be running to Windu's aid along with their troops.Not long after recieving their new assignment from Jedi Master Fisto, Ember and General Tallan with a 10,000 man fleet jumped out of hyperspace in the Dantooine system.

The space battle was vast, and all around the planet, though to Ember's belief, the enemy was weak on it's eastern flank. 
Clone naval officer

Captain Trid of attack cruiser, Indomitable, orders the first wave of ARC-170s to attack. 

While General Tallan's fleet engaged the Separatists, Jedi General Tallan contacted Jedi Generals Crimson, Aralina, and Alpha Arc troopers Storm and Viper, who were all preparing to launch their fighter attacks to break through the enemy blockade and send troops down to the surface.
Kaja Tallan fighter

Kaja Tallan flies out to lead the attack on the Separatist fleet. 

Not long after that, Kaja Tallan and Valena, themselves, jumped into their Delta starfighters and led the fighter escort personally into the torrent of enemy resistance, which was formidable. However, though the enemy sent many fighters to try and repel their attacks', the reinforcements under Tallan's command, Crimson's, Aralina's, Storm's and Viper's broke through the blockade and headed down to the embattled surface below.

When the new troopers arrived on the surface, everything was a mess. The exhausted clone troopers under the command of Mace Windu, Kenobi and Skywalker were holding their ground on a small plateau several clicks away from their HQ, firing down at droids advancing on them.

The convoy of gunships containing the desperately-needed reinforcements banked around the press of conflict to avoid anti-aircraft cannons and soon landed behind Republic lines. While Commanders Storm, Viper took command of the heavilly-contested front on the right flank with their corps, A-08 Flash, Jedi Knight Aralina and Jedi Master Tallan took the center with the Nexu legion, and a few battalions under Windu's command in support. Ember and Kane would be placed at the left flank, the extreme left of the Grand Army's lines.

Pressed back by Republic reinforcements, the droids were forced to retreat and reevaluate their situation. However, they soon returned with redoubled force and attacked the clones all along the Republic's lines. Three times, the droids struck at Ember's, Valena's and Kane's position, and three times they were pushed back. The brave men of the Third Legion stood shoulder to shoulder as they fired at the droids that attacked them. Though the droids fell back with heavy losses, many troopers of the 3rd Legion were constantly in need of ammunition and especially medical attention. The troopers that were the most depleted were relieved from their hard-pressed job and reserve troopers were plugged in.
A-13 Ember aiming at droids

A-13 Ember blasts at clankers with the cover of a destroyed vulture droid 

During the fourth assault, Ember showed his tactical genius. To prevent his lines from being flanked, Ember ordered the troopers including those of the 13th Elite Legion to form up their troops into an oblique order and then refuse the line to hold back the enemy. The troopers rushed into action and were soon in position by the time the enemy arrived, and smashed into the new formation that the Third Legion and the 13th Elite were formed in. Going into melee combat, the clones in the front line broke out their vibroblades to stab the clankers in the weak points of their bodies, while the troopers in the rear bombarded the tanks with mortars.
Niner and Blade (No copying!)

Niner and Racer plugs a whole in the rear of the defensive line of Ember's position where an Acclamator Star Destroyer is grounded. 

In the end, the droids could not break the clones' left flank and as the two forces tussled, Ember requested that the jedi launch a forward assault. On his signal, the clones pressed forward with the support of their artillery. The 3rd Legion swung a "right wheel" like door closing on the droids. Trapped and flanked in a vice grip, the droids were torn to pieces.
Kane and troopers

Kane and his troopers on Dantooine

Echelon attack formation

The strategy that Ember and Valena chose to strike around 20,000 droids with armored tank support. 

After leaving the now deserted battlefield, Ember, Kane, General Valena and the rest of Ember's troopers returned to the command center. There, they met General Windu, and the rest of the jedi and clone commanders.

After asking Ember and his comrades of their wellfare, Windu informed them all that the enemy had entirely left the Dantooine system with 1/3 of their original force remaining. The Republic fleet now blockading Dantooine was heavilly reduced in number during the battle, and the casualties of Republic troopers were many. However, according to General Windu, that was not the important thing. According to him, before Ember and the rest had arrived, he had discussed something with General Tallan and the rest of the jedi.

During the defense of Dantooine, Ember and the rest of the alpha arc trooper commanders have shown their capabilities and effectiveness as some of the best soldiers of the entire Grand Army. However, it was Ember who impressed Windu and the rest of the clone officers there. Because of that, they had all decided to promote Ember to a Marshall Commander with Kane, Storm, Flash and Viper under his command.

Ember was surprised and at first did not want to accept the honor of the promotion. However, when he listened to the Jedi Generals' rebuttal, he accepted, and saluted to them, telling them that he would remain their obedient servant.

Many of the jedi then were very flustered then, noticing that Ember was not only about duty, honor, loyalty and respect, but that he was a very humble man.

The Battle of Abrego Three. 21 BBY.

Invasion of Duro. 21 BBY.

"General Grievous! This ends, now!"

-Kaja Tallan, drawing Leanna Nerng's saber as well as his own before he attacks Grievous-

In a lightning strike, the Separatists attack the Republic planet of Duro. With the loss of several major cities including Jyvvus Space City, the Republic dispatch seven jedi including Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tilln, Kaja Tallan, Valena Renn, Meliff Kutprin and Leanna Nerng to assist Duros. Bitter fighting ensues for days: while mastersTallan, Nerng, Kutprin and Tilln coordinate the space defenses, Ember, Plo Koon and Valena engage Grievous on the surface and prepare the citizens for evacuation if necessary.

On the surface, the fighting is terrible. While Blams of the Third Regiment oversaw the evacuation procedure, the rest of the Third Legion confronted General Grievous with their experience in urban/guerilla warfare. Despite their best efforts, however, General Grievous successfully overwhelmed their defenses after three rotations. He strikes the heart of Ember’s defenses, dueling Jedi masters Fisto and Plo Koon at the same time.


Taking the initiative, Valena coordinates her forces on the right wing to strike at Grievous’s exposed flank. However, Grievous had prepared battalions of droids in hiding and successfully flanks Valena’s troops when they abandon their barricades. Chaos reigned. The droids took the initiative and the Republic defenses collapse.

Though thousands of civilians were already off world, because of Valena’s ill-planned maneuver, hundreds of refugees are abandoned on the surface of Duro. Grievous withdraws from the battlefield and reorganizes his droids to attack the Republic fleet to prevent their escape.

As Grievous and his entourage exit the atmosphere of Duros, Tallan attempts to stop him and impetuously gives chase. However, Grievous evades his efforts and his vulture droids shoot the jedi starfighter out of the sky. He barely manages to land in the hangar of the Indomitable. As he draws his sabers to hack apart the boarding battle droids, General Grievous and his vanguard arrives on board. Aware that the Seps had already won the battle, Tallan orders Valena and all of the clone and non-clone personnel to abandon ship and head for Republic territory ASAP. However, Admiral Zurros swears that he and the Indomitable and its ships will not abandon him and retreat. They will stay and die rather than

surrender. Kutprin, Nerng, two squads of the Third Legion and the Indomitable’s personnel also remain to support Tallan against Grievous.
Kaja vs Grievous 3

Kaja and Grievous cross blades in a ferocious duel on the Indomitable.

When Grievous boards, one hundred super battle droids and a dozen dwarf spider droids advanced ahead of him. Leanna Nerng, Captain Shrike

and his lads hold off the SBD's and dwarf spider droids, but Shrike is the only survivor. He joins Tallan and General Kutprin on the bridge and gives Tallan General Nerng’s saber; Tallan is devastated. However, he is resolved to fight to the last. General Grievous and his magnaguards soon arrive to confront them. Kutprin falls first and Shrike is killed bringing down a magnaguard with him. Grievous and his bodyguards surround Tallan; though he suffers major wounds, Tallan sends the droids flying with the Force before springing at Grievous with his two sabers. They duel with great ferocity though Tallan remains on the defense with solid makashi. However, Grievous gets him into a saber lock and while their sabers are crossed, Grievous disarms Tallan and slams him to the ground.

Indomitable falls

Indomitable falls

Though the Indomitable is utterly destroyed, most of the Republic fleet and its citizens manage to escape in time. However, at least 50,000 civilians are left on Duros to suffer. The Jedi report to the Council and General Renn assumes command over the Third Legion. General Windu honors Ember for his bravery, though the ARC trooper was not proud about what happened, and awards him and his troopers the medals of Bravery for courage and honor in active duty. However, Valena admits the great mistake that she made and begs the council’s pardon for her mistakes. She is given a temporary leave of absence from the battlefront.

Jedi Youngling Recovery. 21 BBY.

"End this threat before it causes more harm."

-Master Yoda to Jedi Masters Tallan and Nerng-

Skirmish on Iceberg III. 21 BBY.

"Generals, I regret to inform you that the situation here is grave. While my people remain loyal to the Republic, the Separatists are making advances on the system, and may soon threaten our home planet."

-King Yos Kolina to Generals Plo Koon and Anakin Skywalker.-

The Mission to Iceberg Three occured at around 21 BBY during the Clone Wars when General Grievous launched a Separatist invasion on the Calamari system. In response to this, many detatchments of clone troopers and Jedi Generals were sent to repel them under the command of Plo Koon. CC-3636 "Wolffe" led most of the clones while Ember and Gamma Squad were sent in on special assignment.

However, on arrival, the Republic troops found that the Separatists had already blockaded the planet. Plo Koon and Saesee Tiln led the fighters out to attack the enemy fleet and in short order, they punched a hole through the fleet with minimal casualties and then escorted the gunships to the Republic outpost in sector 327.
The initial strike

Plo leads the attack

Once there, General Plo Koon, Tiln and the rest of the commanding clone officers (Ember, Wolffe, Shale, Racer, etc.) realized that the Republic's grasp on the system was weakening. Therefore, General Plo Koon dispatched Ember Shale and 35 troopers of the 104th Attack Battalion to capture the last standing Communications tower several klicks south and hold it before it falls to Separatist control. Their secondary objective would be to contact the Jedi High Council of the situation and of Grievous's invasion.

According to General Plo Koon, there were already large numbers of droids, vulture fighters and multiple ground units from heavy Persuader tanks to standard Sep AAT's. Ember accepted the mission and then soon after took a heavilly armed LAAT/i gunship to the last standing Communications Tower on the comet. There, they broke off into two groups with Ember and Shale bailing out several klicks from the tower with one battle group to strike the majority of the droids on the ground, while the rest of the troopers under the command of the rest of Gamma Squad headed on to secure the tower. Although there were severe losses, Ember and Shales were successful in keeping their men standing. Once all the droids in the perimeter were eliminated, Ember and Shale were picked up via gunship and sent to the Comms Post. Once there, they commed General Plo Koon of the success of the mission.

However, according to General Plo Koon, with the battle was becoming far too intense, he decided that it was their priority to evacuate the natives of the area to the safety of their fleet. Ember responded that the problem would be protecting them from Grievous's wrath. According to Ember's scanners, a large army of BX-series droid commandos, Single trooper Aerial Platforms, AATs, dwarf spider droids and NR-N99 Persuaders were en-route to their camp to stop them from transporting the refugees offworld.
Gunship landing at base

Gunship arriving at the comm outpost.

General Plo Koon agreed and told Ember that his next objective was to acquire control of a strategic pass in between the advancing droids and the GAR camp. Wolffe interjected saying that his engineers had already set up blaster turret defenses as well as a platoon of the 104th under the command of Boost and Sinker. However, they still needed Ember's expertise in leadership to hold the position. Moreover, another matter that was causing things to become tenuous was that the Separatist fleet had returned under Grievous's direct command. Because of that, the General informed Ember and Wolffe that he had to return to space to engage them. Ember understood perfectly and broke communications to get on his gunship.
Ember and Shale on Iceberg 3

Ember and Shale

From there on out, the battle turned into a maelstrom. While Ember and his assigned troopers held the pass against the oncoming waves of droids that were very numerous, Commander Wolffe commanded the operation of transporting the refugees offworld. After several hours, Ember and the troopers of the 104th fought on, regardless of the lack of ammunition and raining death nearby. They fought hand and foot, and even used rocks to incapacitate droids before slicing off their heads with vibroblades. But in the end, as the third wave of droids arrived, General Grievous, apparently fueled by anger, landed on the surface to do battle and lead his forces to victory.

The clones attempted to hold Grievous and his droids off, but the Separatist commander was powerful and slew many troopers in the attempt. As Ember drew his vibroblades and prepared to do battle with the droid commander, two Jedi delta starfighter flew over the battlefield, fired a spread of lasers at the droids approaching behind Grievous and decimated them. The cockpits of the starfighters flew open, and Plo Koon and Tiln lept out to attack Grievous. In the end, Grievous fled.

Ember, Wolffe and Plo engage Grievous

The troopers of the 104th Attack Battalion and the Gamma Squad returned to the fleet afterwards, but not without great losses. Grievous's forces had been forced off, however, the droids were not all gone from the planet. In addition to this, intel soon arrived that King Yos Kolina of the Mon Cala people had been assassinated, and afterwards, the tension between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren on Dac increased to boiling point. In response, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala were sent to stabilize the hostilities. However, the Confederacy of Independant Systems also sent envoys. Before long, Skywalker and Amidala were unable to prevent the conflict and a full-scale war occured on the planet, with the Karkarodon, Riff Tamson stirring the Quarren into a frenzy.

Assasination of King Kolina of Dac

Ember and Gamma Squad did not participate in the battle, since they were busy clearing out the final vestiges of droids on Iceberg III, with the assistance of the Elite Marine Havoc Squad under the command of Fieldcommander Racer.

Inner Rim Sieges. 21 BBY.

Admiral Tarkin

Admiral Tarkin commands Operation Crusader Saber against Balith

Return to Balith.
Campaign on Sepan
Republic fleet TCW

The Republic fleet prepares to jump into hyperspace to attack Balith

Battle of Rhen Var. 21 BBY

Dromund Kaas. 21 BBY

Black Nebula Pirates. 20 BBY.

"What the stang?! Pirates! Call reinforcements now!"

-Sergeant Nike of the Coruscant Guard-



While the major series of campaigns in the Inner Rim had "ended," they had major repercussions. First and foremost, Canasi Vrenn, a dangerous Trandoshan thug in the Coruscant Underworld, kidnapped the children of Senator Meldria Cresselia of Vara Lor. According to intel, he was hiding on level 1313 and would not give up the hostages without a ransom payment in the form of spice.  

Sergeant Nike in the Citadel arc

Sergeant Nike, a resilient and cold yet courageous clone.

Sergeant Nike led a highly-trained unit of the Coruscant Guard to escort the ransom to Vrenn's house. They were ordered to capture him once the transaction was complete.


However, when the troopers arrived on level 1313, the "hellhole" as they called it, they were swiftly ambushed by Ree Shaala and her pirates. The Spice was confiscated. Before they were all gunned down, Nike managed to record the conversation and sent it to Central Command.
Jedi Temple night

Jedi Temple at night.

Not long after Nike's distress signal went off, an emergency meeting was held at the Jedi Temple to discuss a counterattack to Shaala's attack. It was decided that an elite team must be sent into the Underworld to rescue the children, and arrest the pirate scum before it was too late.   

Jedi General Rick "Clawspeed"

While Kappa and Fox of the Coruscant Guard would redouble the security in the city, Jedi General Rick Clawspeed, leader of the Defenders, a militia unit with clones and Republic volunteers , would search the Underworld for Shaala with the help of Alpha-13 Ember. After garbing themselves in brigand clothing, Ember in a newly acquired set of Mandalorian armor similar to Jango's, and Rick in a smuggler's outfit, they took a cargo vessel with a 12-man team, one of Ember's best squads under the command of Lieutenant Water.  Slowly but surely, Ember and Rick's strike team descended into the hellhole that was the Underworld of Galactic city.
Ember&#039;s mando armor

Ember in Mandalorian armor

Ember was well aware of the risks of facing the criminals of Coruscant. However, after the long series of campaigns against insurgents and clankers, Ember was more than eager to pursue a new foe.
Descending into the Underworld
At 1800 hours, the extraction force landed at a small landing strip near a pad of speeders. While Water and his squad remained on ships as a reconaissance/support force, Rick and Ember explored the streets of level 1313. The paths heading in different directions were dirty and the alleyways were lit by fluorescent advertisement panels. By the looks of things, the Republic for all its might had limited power down here. Ember often watched angrilly as they passed auctions for slaves or shops that sold illegal weapons and drugs. He and General Rick kept quiet though and tried to play their parts as regular commuters. Ember appreciated having his Mandalorian armor for that reason.   They passed cantinas and subtly asked questions about Ree and her gang. However, no one seemed to want to tell them about her and her group. As hope failed bit by bit, they came to the last street several klicks south of their landing zone. Rick sensed that the diner there may help them with their investigation. The doors slid open as they entered the crowded diner and shut quickly. They walked slowly to the bar and sat down on stools. The waiter walked forward and asked what they would like to drink. Ember refused any drinks while Rick ordered jawa juice and asked the waiter some questions.
Diner level 1313

Diner on level 1313.

Meanwhile, Ember wandered through the diner on his way outside to quietly comm Water and also do a recce around the streets. There were at least 12 clients in the diner of varying species. A Twi'lek dancer stood on a table moving to the music in the background. Several people stood around her, laughing and pointing. With a pang of anger, Ember was reminded of General Depa Shimmerweave as well as the brothels on Balith. He wanted to arrest these thugs immediately and free the Twi'lek, however, that would give him and the General away. He silently resolved that he would help to free slaves by the end of the war. 

Rodian thugs

As he exited the cantina, he felt his heart beat quickly as his HUD blipped a warning. Apart from the regular communters that usually walked in and out of the alley, his helmet sensors told him that six vital signs were heading toward him from another alley joining into his. He gripped his verpine shatter gun at his side and dived aside as six Rodians ran into the corridor with Merr-son sidearms in their hands. Quickly drawing one of his sidearms, he deftly plugged two of them as they ran toward him and then a third as it tried to dodge. Cursing the fact that he was being ambushed as usual, Ember  drew a flash-bang from his utility belt, activated it, and then tossed it into the Rodians several meters away from him, and then dived behind a group of crates as the detonator exploded on impact. 

When the dust had cleared, all of his assailants lay on the ground. He slew one of them with his vibroblade and took the other two hostage. Rick rushed outside with his lightsaber then. He knelt before the Rodian and asked him who he was working for. When the Rodian failed to comply, Ember offered to torture the one to force their prisoner into talking. However, to Ember's surprise, Rick put his hand on the Rodian's forehead. The Rodian jerked madly and then fell still.

Rick rose to his feet and told Ember that there was good news and bad news: the good news was that they now knew where Shaala's hideout was... but the bad news was that it was in an industrial power plant several klicks east, and according to the Rodian's consciousness before he died, they had less time to save the children then they anticipated. Ember nodded and told General Rick that they had better get moving immediately.

As they headed for the industrial plant, Ember commed Water and told him and his squad to meet them there by ship. Afterwards, Rick and Ember went with silence for a long period of time. Ember then asked Rick if he had killed that Rodian. Rick replied that jedi are no savages and he hadn't meant to kill the poor soul. He had intended to rest the information from his mind, however, the Rodian fought too much and just when he had acquired the information he needed, the Rodian's brain had exploded due to his struggle. Ember told Rick that he was sorry. Clawspeed replied that the sooner that their mission was over, the better... and their first priority was to rescue the kids that had been kidnapped.

Upon arrival at the deserted exterior of the plant, Ember assembled Water and his squad and ordered them to fly their ship to the rear landing pad of the facility and cause a distraction (aka attack). Meanwhile he and General Rick would get to the top of the building and break into the power plant. Rick told Ember that he trusted that he could clear his way as Rick rescued the kids. Ember chuckled and told Rick that guarding jedi was his specialty.


Hideout within the old industrial power point

When the operation began, while Ember and Rick watched from a safe position, Water led his men in a lightning raid on the facility's east platform. While troopers Brash and Tycho landed to cover their landing, Kobra and Gek flew for the main entrance and set charges to the durasteel blast doors before swooping off to land next to Brash and Tycho. As the doors blew inward, alarms went off. Quad and the rest of Water's boys saluted to Ember and Rick and then sped down to the landing strip of the facility. Just in time, at least a dozen thugs burst out of the burning debris that was the door and began to open fire on the clones. Rick and Ember took off from the position then and lept from building to building before Ember and Rick lept from the highest building several meters near the factory and free fell onto the highest tower.

While Ember drew his verpine shatter pistols, Rick drew his two sabers and cut a hole in the ceiling. Ember then lept down into a deserted corridor in the facility. Several seconds later, Rick jumped down next to him. Slowly then, with Rick taking the lead, two lightsabers drawn, and Ember behind him covering their path, they left their entry point and went deeper into the facility. As they turned a bend, eight pirates of varying species rushed out, but when they saw them, they were surprised. Before they could even shout, Ember rushed forward and kicked two in the faces before slashing the head off a third with his vibroblade. Rick force pulled two of the pirates toward him and then stabbed them in their hearts before slamming a third with a telekenis into a nearby bulkhead. The last two were afraid, and when they attempted to run, Ember fired his fibercord whip at one and dragged him back while Rick used the Force to hold the other one in the air. Ember grabbed the Twi'lek as he pulled his cable backward and restrained him in a strangle hold before breaking his neck. Rising to his feet, Ember walked over to Rick who held the pirate in the air. Rick asked the Weequayan where the children were. However, he refused to say anything anything and before they could stop him, the pirate drew a knife and stabbed himself in the throat. After he convulsed on the ground, he lay still. 

Cursing, Rick searched the pirates pockets and took out a small datapad. On it was a map of the facility and they struck luck. According to the deceased pirate, the children were held in a prison cell above them. The Spice was located in the HQ/control room. While most of the battle raged elsewhere, Ember and Rick sprinted for the prison cell, killing all of the pirate guards in their way. While Ember tussled with four Nikto guards, Rick slashed the cell doors open. Ember kicked the last Nikto guard off and then ran into the cell while Rick held his sabers high in the corridor, watching for enemies. As Ember looked upon the two children (one six-year old girl and a seven-year old boy) whom were hugging one another as they looked at him. Ember's heart filled with pity and remorse as he unsealed his helmet and knelt down to face them. He told them that he was a friend and that they had to come with him. Happilly, they smiled at him and Ember deftly placed the girl on his back and let her hold on while he took the boy's hand.

Rick who was looking with amusement said seriously then that this must be a Separatist plot engineered to force Vara Lor into joining the Confederacy. After hesitating as he put on his helmet, Ember agreed. By then though, they had other problems to deal with: all the security alarms were going off, and Ember sensed dozens of pirates heading their way from within his helmet. 

They sprinted out of the cell and came headlong into Ree and seven of her guards (three Weequayans armed with spears, two Twi'lek with blaster rifles and two Zabraks armed with force pikes. Ree laughed and told her guards to attack. Rick smiled at the Twi'lek pirate and told her that she was just as ugly as ever. Ree nodded at him and told him that it was good to see him "the jedi shag" again. Rick ordered Shaala and her men to stand down immediately, however, they refused to comply and when they raised their weapons, Rick shouted and force pushed Ree and her troops backward down the corridor. They fell against bulkheads and crashed to the ground in a heap. Ember who stood nearby picked the girl off from his back and lightly dropped her next to her siblling. He knelt down next to them again and told them to go with the jedi. He would take care of them. While the girl was hesitant to go, she nodded and then took her brother's hand. Ember got to his feet then and told Rick to get the kids out. He would rendezvous with Water and his team. Rick hesitated but then agreed, running off with the two children.

Smiling under his helmet, Ember drew his sidearms from his holsters and faced Ree and her men that were coming round. They advanced toward him as Ree pointed at the Weequayans that rushed at him, hefting their pikes. Ember gripped his verpine pistols and then fired point blank at one, slotting one and then firing another laser bolt straight into a second.
For the Republic!

The third that approached him slammed him backward, but he ejected his vibroblade, kicked the Weequayan off his feet and then stabbed him through the heart. By then, the two Twi'lek riflemen were upon him, and he had to dodge their blaster fire as he slammed himself against a bulkhead and returned fire. The Zabraks ran at him while he did and slammed him back to the ground, knocking his helmet off. As he did, he kicked one in the face with his boot spikes and then fired a saber dart into the other Zabrak. He crashed to the ground and felt his arm break as he fell on his outstretched arm. His blasters slid out from his grasp. Cursing, Ember watched as Ree and her two Twi'lek henchmen approached him, three other Trandoshans running into the corridor. 

Have to get up
Ember tried to get up but his bad arm wouldn't support him. Ree laughed and told him that he was a foolish clone and would die just like the others. Anger filled Ember's heart as he gazed at her... anger for the evil of slavery and hostage capture... for the children who were innocent... and for his dead brothers... Energy coarsed through him as he leapt up to his feet picked up a Zabrak's fallen force pike and clubbed a Twi'lek over the head, stabbed a third in the kidneys and then slammed Ree back into the wall. She fell against a heap of crates. The Trandoshans converged on Ember then, firing their blasters. Ember bolted forward, and slid as he avoided the blaster fire. Raising his head quickly as the Trandoshans stumbled, he drove his force pike into one and then ejected his vibroblade as he sliced the other two in half. Rising to his full height, he walked toward Ree who was getting up. His thirst for justice demanded him to do what was right and he ignored his honor as he struck Ree across the face as she rose. He picked her up by the throat and slammed her into the wall. As he attempted to stab her with his ejected vibroblade, she grabbed his arm and kneed him in the gut. 
Ree beaten
Grunting, Ember grabbed her arms and pulled her off her feet. As he tried to stamp her, she leapt out of harms way and kicked him, and he flew backward as he crashed into the crates. Getting up, he charged at her and went into a whirlwind of punches, and though she blocked again and again, he could tell that she was weakening. With one final breath, he grabbed her waist and head butted her and with a cry she fell at his feet. Breathing heavilly although triumphant with victory, Ember put his boot on Shaala's chest. He drew his sidearm and aimed it straight at her head. All he had to do was open fire... but then he hesitated. Ree laughed as he lowered his blaster saying that maybe clones were also cowards... Ember looked into her eyes then and then clenching his right fist he slammed her hard in the face and she fell unconscious. Picking up his blaster and helmet, he tore off from the area. The mission was over and he knew that one day he would meet Ree again and on that day, he would truly finish her off... 
Senator Trygana

Senator Trygana of Vara Lor

After he, Rick, Water returned to the GAR military base with the kids in their custody, Ember and Rick met with Senator Cresselia, who thanked her for recovering her kids. Rick bowed to her and told her that it was a pleasure for them to do it. Afterwards though, Ember and Meldria paced out of the base, the Senator holding hands with her children while her guards walked behind her.

She told him that the children seemed to have taken to him. Ember laughed and told her, as he patted the girl on her head, that he always had a soft spot for kids. She smiled at him as her speeder sped down to land nearby. She turned to him then and said slowly, her voice filled with emotion, that although he had killed her Sister, she knew now that he had done it out of duty. They all had a duty and she didn't hate him for it. She let her children run off for the ship, but before she stepped into the vessel, she turned back and told Ember that he could consider her an ally from now on.

Retaking Duro. 20 BBY. 

In 20 BBY, the Republic dispatched an expeditionary force to retake Duro. After weeks of persistent combat, the Separatists were finally driven off world. In the midst of the fighting, Ember and Gamma Squad confronted Bysenar 2-9, killing Isskoh in the process.

First Battle of Cato Nemoidia. 20 BBY.


Hard contact on Cato Nemoidia

In 20 BBY, Commander Ember and several platoons of the 3rd Legion were assigned to work with Captain Rex of the 501st Legion in a joint assault on the planet, Cato Nemoidia, under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Commander Ahsoka Tano.
Rex and troopers of the 3rd legion

Rex and troopers of the 3rd legion

During the intial attack, enemy tri-fighters intercepted their fighter escort and blew several of them to pieces. Rex's team of larties including a platoon of the 3rd led by Lieutenant Bant headed off to pick up General Skywalker and Commander Tano after Skywalker had to bail out of his fighter due to pesky buzz droids.

However, although the situation was tenuous, the troops of the 3rd Legion on the surface were soon tasked to return to Coruscant with General Renn and Commander Farrla arriving shortly after Skywalker's withdrawal to command the operation.

Defense of Yavin IV. 20 BBY.

<p style="border-bottom-width:0px;border-left-width:0px;font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit;margin-top:0.4em;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0.5em;margin-left:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-bottom:0px;padding-left:0px;vertical-align:baseline;">"What I remember about Yavin IV was that we were completely outclassed...General Grievous sent all the droids he had against the garrison protecting the outpost. Thankfully, General Skywalker and his troops of the 501st came in to save us in the end. If not, we would have barely made it out alive. "

-Alpha-13 Ember-

Appo lieutenant

Appo marshaling all reinforcements into battle

Shortly after the first Battle of Cato Nemoidia, Ember and the troops of Eagle Battalion were re-assigned to guard a small outpost constructed within an old temple on the surface of Yavin IV. However, during their stay on the forested world, General Grievous arrived with an army of droids, desolated the entire area and razed the jungle to set up a base of operations. Ember and Generals Renn, Aralina Tek and Farrla immediately sent a distress call for help.  

Yavin 4 Republic Compound

When the attack came, at least a thousand droids marched into the remnants of the jungle and opened fire on the clones' defenses. The garrison's fighter squadron, Dawn Flight, engaged the droid vulture fighters and tri-fighters while Lieutenant Water ordered his men to hold their lines for as long as possible; however, there were simply too many droids, and the men of Eagle Battalion were forced to fall back to the southern bridge, one klick from the front gate of the Republic military facility. Casualties were high, and many officers fell. Water himself was shot six times.

From there, the core of the battalion inserted itself into the battle with the Jedi moving in to duel Grievous. Ember and his squad blasted through the droid lines, slicing through their ranks with vibroblades and gunning down others. Nearby, AT-TE's trundled forward to open fire on spider droids and AAT's. As Ember confronted a Quarren officer and two commando droids, he opened fire on the two BX-series commandos, which dodged. They pressed him with their blasters. Ember dodged and then sliced their heads off with his vibroblade before kicking the other in the face. He swung around and impaled the Quarren with a commando droid's arm plate. Turning around as he wiped droid grease from his visor, Ember saw that the duel between General Renn and Grievous wasn't going well. With his leg, he grabbed her by the face and then drove her to the ground, her lightsaber flying from her grip as she fell. Grunting, Ember started up his jetpack and dropped down in front of him. Ejecting his vibroblade, he swiped at Grievous and then kicked him in the face plate. The Separatist supreme commander growled and sliced at him with his lightsabers. Ember slid under his blades and avoided the majority of the strike and then tossed a stun charge into the cyborg's chest. However, as he slid to a stop, Grievous's other lightsaber scraped his helmet and Ember fell to the ground, crying in agony as his helmet screen went black...
Ember&#039;s new face

Ember later woke up in the medcenter, General Renn at his bedside. He tried to get up but his back ached. Valena pushed him back onto the bed and told him to relax, telling him that the battle was already over. The droids had been forced to withdraw after he had incapacitated Grievous. Shortly afterward, the remnants of the 3rd and the newly-arrived 501st had drove the Seps off world. Ember let his head fall back on his pillow and breathed deeply. As Valena fussed over his injuries, afraid that he would never be the same again, Ember joked that he would bear his scar as a badge of courage. Valena smiled at him and touched his cheek, saying that he was just as resilient and stubborn as ever. Before he returned to sleep, Ember was pleased to hear that Water had survived and would heal. Ember asks General Renn to promote Water to ARC trooper at once.

Operation Null Extraction. 19 BBY.

"This looks like the job for us, Sir."

-Alpha-92 Dev to Jedi General Kit Fisto-

Star Wars ARC Troopers Season I Targets Episode I Null Extraction

Star Wars ARC Troopers Season I Targets Episode I Null Extraction

Shortly after the skirmish on Nerial IV, Alpha-13 Ember, Alpha-14 Buckler and Alpha-17A Boltshot were assigned on a mission with fellow ARC trooper, Alpha-92 Dev, to attack and neutralize a Separatist listening post on planet Orto Plutonia. Halfway through the mission; however, while en-route to the planet on assault ship Vindicator, news came to jedi generals Fisto and Lelsus who spearheaded the assault, that the Separatist forces on the planet had captured the Talz natives. Ember, Buckler, Boltshot, Dev, and his lieutenant, Blaze were duelly informed of the issue and were given a secondary objective: rescue the Talz prisoners and free them.

After reaching Orto Plutonia, a lone LAAT/i dropped Ember and Dev's little strike team several klicks from the Seppie listening post. Ember and Dev immediately took charge during landfall, and split up on separate jobs: While Boltshot and Blaze set up camp and as many sensor beacons as they could, Ember, Buckler and Dev would do a recce on the enemy position and find out how to go in. Meanhwhile, General Fisto and his second in command, Commander Ket, organized an assault on General Grievous's fortress in another area of the planet. According to intel, Grievous had just stopped by to check on how the Seps' espionage movements were going.

While Fisto began the attack on the Seps with an entire platoon, Ember, Buckler and Dev scouted out the Sep listening post. They found that their entry would not be easy, for they were facing a large number of droids as well as wets - organics. Ember and Dev bolstered their spirits; however, and immediately began preparations for the assault. When the attack came, everyone went into action and reflexes: While Ember, Buckler and Dev assaulted the main doors, Boltshot and Buckler scaled the back wall and took out the sentinels there. Ember and his boys detonated the doors with thermal tape and detonators and soon went in, guns blazing. The Sep defenders resisted but were soon all gunned down.

While Blaze stood guard, Ember and Dev went to check the prisons. However, they found that they were too late, since all of the Talz were dead. They were confronted by more guards, whom they slew. Ember and Dev met Buckler outside the Sep HQ, and then the three of them burst in, stunning the Sep Commander, Captain Morguss's lieutenants, before Ember confronted Morguss, who remembered him well. They fought blaster to blaster before Ember disarmed him and shot him full in the face with stun blast. The mission ended quickly with General Grada Lelsus meeting them outside. She congratulated them on their success before they began the exfil back to Republic assault ship Vindicator.

Battle of Aargonar (19 BBY)


Ending the Siege of Ord Radama (19 BBY)

In 19 BBY, a battle took place on Ord Radama during the Outer Rim Sieges of the Clone Wars. On the surface, there was a massive Separatist stronghold. Once a world of marshlands and wetlands, the planet had turned into a world of cities controlled by the Devilikk species. In the first wave of the assault, Chancellor Palpatine dispatched Major Behuff Tyrhn, Lieutenant Commander Needa and Clone commander Wrecker to the surface along with a fleet of four attack cruisers and the 292nd Assault Brigade aka the "Sandwolves"However, upon landing, the Seps ambushed them with tanks, spider droids and squadrons of vulture droids. Wrecker ordered his men into defensive positions to counter the Sep ambush, but Tyrhn was impatient and ordered his men to board the AT-TE walkers and continue the march on the CIS base of operations.

Ember contacting Master Windu on the Liberty

Ember confesses his lack of faith in the non-clone officers of the GAR to Master Windu.

<p style="border-bottom-width:0px;border-left-width:0px;font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit;margin-top:1em;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:1em;margin-left:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-bottom:0px;padding-left:0px;vertical-align:baseline;">Though the AT-RTs formed a defensive ring around the advancing column, there were a lot of casualties. If that wasn't enough, en-route, several klicks southwest from the Sep stronghold and the capital, Separatist J-1 semi-autonomous proton cannons deployed on a hill opened fire on the Republic troops. Tyrhn foolishly ordered his men to disembark then, exposing them to enemy fire from not only the cannons but also to squads of STAP fighters that had attacked from the rear. Dozens of troopers fell, but Tyrhn relentlessly fought alongside Wrecker, ordering his men not to break formation. They managed to escape the trap and destroyed their attackers, but again not without heavy losses. In the end, it was only Wrecker's ingenuity and tactics that saved the day.

From there, the Sandwolves made camp next to a swamp in the outskirts of the capital, and the Separatist base adjacent to it. Wrecker had suggested camping on a plateau several klicks southwest which was lovely ground with no direct access except through flying ships up there. <p style="border-bottom-width:0px;border-left-width:0px;font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit;margin-top:1em;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:1em;margin-left:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-bottom:0px;padding-left:0px;vertical-align:baseline;">However, Tyrhn had vetoed the idea, saying that it would take them too far from the enemy base.

At nightfall, Tyrhn separated the 292nd into three battle groups which advanced on the Separatist compound from three directions, two groups through the central road with AT-TE's and anti-armor cannons close behind. Meanwhile, the last battle group along with the majority of AT-RTs would be in reserve. It seemed like a good plan, but Tyrhn underestimated the Separatist forces. As the troopers marched along the path, the troopers ran headlong into an ambush of enfilade fire by native troops from the flanks while battalions of battle droids closed in on them from the front. The clones' resolves broke, and they fell back. While Wrecker led the strategic withdrawal, AT-RTs sped forward with AT-TE's and providing suppressing fire. The Separatist forces were pushed back in the end. However, many clones and tanks were lost in the truggle with final casualties numbering 739 KIAs, more than 569 men wounded and 48 missing in action.

Scouting Trip into the Austran Cluster. 19 BBY.

In 19 BBY, several weeks after the missions on Orto Plutonia, Aargonar, and Ord Radama, Commander Ember and the rest of his troops were mustered under Jedi General Valena's command to attack the planet of Cato Nemoidia and clear the way for the the main Republic attack force under the command of Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Plo Koon, which was due to invade Cato Nemoidia and capture Viceroy Gunray shortly after their mission.
Star Wars ARC Troopers Season 1 Targets Episode 6 Loose Ends

Star Wars ARC Troopers Season 1 Targets Episode 6 Loose Ends.

Star Wars ARC Troopers: Episode 6 Loose Ends

However, while the bulk of the 3rd move on ahead, Jedi Generals Kenobi and Skywalker ordered Ember and his squad to do a special undercover mission to hunt down a missing bomb of volatile nature, which was in Separatist possession. Ember and Gamma Squad obliged and tracked the bomb to the Austran Cluster, and also found out that Dooku was there. However, Ember and the rest of his squad had to return to Cato Nemoidia once it was learned that the droids had more numbers than originally anticipated. The initial mission, orchestrated by Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, proceeded in order to capture Dooku and the bomb. However, although the bomb was reported destroyed, Dooku escaped into the unknown once again.

Battle of Felucia. 19 BBY.

"I think we should get out of the Grand Army... out of the Republic entirely. It's about time we did. After everything that we have gone through, we have recieved nothing for it."

"It's not our place to do our job for prizes."

"And yet we still recieve nothing compared to what the human soldiers in the Republic army has."

-Kane, Buckler and Ember.-
Good view

The Republic fleet approaching the Sep flotilla blockading the planet.

Late in the Clone Wars, most of the 35th Infantry regiment was sent in to discover what had happened to the 182nd on the surface of Felucia. However, when they arrived, they were devastated to find that the 182nd had been completely destroyed by Sep forces led by General Grievous, who used his droids, the terrain and wildlife to exterminate his foes.

Commander Storm and his Jedi General, Zeon Shadus attempted to hold their own against the droid armies covered by gunships. however, they were too outnumbered, and their entire battle group was massacred, except for Storm. Not even General Shadus made it out alive. Afterwards, Storm was bitter and broken to the heart from the loss of all his men, which shattered his fortitude as a strong soldier. The 104th Attack Battalion did come to the aid of Storm in the end; however, the campaign on Felucia was far from over. 
Wolffe and plo

With the pressing situation of the Clone Wars, the Wolfpack had to move on elsewhere. The 501st Legion under the command of General Skywalker was dispatched to hold the planet. The Third Legion that had recently served alongside Generals Skywalker and Kenobi were also dispatched to the surface of Felucia.

The War Hits Home (19 BBY)

"Zey to all Special Ops personnel, Inner Rim. Code Five, Code Five. Repeat, Code Five, Code Five. Any way you can, people. Keep comlink overrides open. May the Force be with you."

-Jedi Master Arligan Zey raising all special operations troops to scramble back home-

After the battle of Felucia, the troopers of the Third legion returned to the GAR base on Ord Mantell for refit and new orders, which stunned Ember as much as his brothers. They were given a break: one week; one entire week of nothing to do but train, patrol the base and spend mindlessly long times in the mess hall, the refreshers' and their bunks.

However, just after the second day of their arrival at Ord Mantell, bad news arrived: Storm had had decided to resign his post as commanding officer of the 35th Infantry Regiment, and arrived on Ord Mantell to join Gamma Squad as a captain. Ember and his men were dismayed at Storm's choice, although they were honored to have him on the team just like they had been back home on Kamino. However, there was worse news. By early morning, troubling news arrived from Coruscant: the heart of the Republic was under siege.

Ember, Buckler and Boltshot immediately took their personal ship, the Jaigtalon, as well as entire platoon of troopers, and went ahead to Coruscant while the main force began boarding their support ships under General Valena's direction. When Ember and his troopers jumped out of hyperspace, they came into a storm of battle. Fighters dogfighted, and enemy and friendly cruisers traded fire back and forth wherever they looked. Bypassing the space battle, Ember and his men were let in through Coruscant's security shields, through a torrent of vulture fighters pursued them into the atmosphere of Triple Zero. However, the crew manned the laser cannons and destroyed the hostile fighters without much delay.
Arc170s battle

Ember immediately commed the Jedi temple, and recieved direct orders from General Arligan Zey to defend the main plaza on Coruscant, which was under attack by several companies of droids and armored support. Commander Ember immediately obliged and ordered the pilots to fly for the plaza immediately. When they approached the plaza, Ember noticed three droid transports and several AAT tanks accompanying around 300 droids, which were assaulting a squad of white jobs.

As soon as the ship hatch opened, Ember, Buckler, Jace and Storm, Racer, Shil and two platoons of troopers bailed out of the Jaigtalon, which went on autopilot as it swung around to open fire on the enemy tanks with its turbolaser cannons. Ember and his men rushed forward to meet the droids, dodging blaster bolts and tank cannon fire, though some fell under the constant barrage. Ember swung his DC-15 into a droid's head before sending a burst of laser fire into four others. Next to him, the rest of his men with blue trimmed armor shouted as they burst apart every droid in their way.
Storm on Coruscant

"One eye and I still have an eye for these kinds of things." -Storm on Coruscant referring to the battle-

Storm pointed his gauntlet at an AAT and fired a missile straight into its weak spot. The tank crashed, crushing an entire platoon of clankers. However, as soon as Ember and his men dismantled the droids, Ember saw from several klicks away, even more droids on the way. He cursed and then ordered the men under his command to stand fast. Meanwhile, Buckler called Zey for backup, as well as asking if reinforcements were on the way. 

Zey ordered Buckler to stand by, for reinforcements would be coming. Valena's ETA would be in one standard hour, while others were also coming from off world. However, most of the Grand Army on Coruscant was spread too thin to move anywhere else. Ember and Buckler acknowledged the command and continued to hold off the Separatists and continued the endless battle through the day and night. However, during the battle, though reinforcements arrived, and the droids were pushed back in the end, the news became sinister... The Chancellor had been abducted by Grievous himself. Ember and his brothers wanted to go after Grievous; however, Windu told them off, telling them that Generals Kenobi and Skywalker were on the way.

The Last Council. 19 BBY.

"The end of the war is in sight. We must negotiate with the Separatist Parliament if we are to cement lasting peace."

-Senator Padme Amidala

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After the engagement on Coruscant, GAR commanders--including Commanders Ember, Storm, Vaze, Kane, Cody, Appo--met with the Jedi at the Jedi Temple to convene on the the Republic's next move against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. According to the Jedi, Dooku had been killed during the battle, but General Grievous was still very much alive. While the Null ARCs and other agents of GAR intel had been on the hunt for the head clanker for quite some time, General Fisto agrees to assign Vaze on the task as well. Once Grievous is found, Vaze is appointed on special assignment to assist General Kenobi on Utapau.

Meanwhile, according to Master Tiln, the rest of the Grand Army had a more of a difficult objective: to subdue other critical Separatist home worlds. While the 35th Infantry Regiment was assigned on an expedition to Skako Minor, Jedi General Renn, Commander Farrla and the 3rd Legion were given the sole authority of seizing the CIS senate's seat of power, Raxus, and capture the Separatist parliament at all costs. According to intelligence, Grievous had sent reinforcements to the surface. It was unclear if the CIS senate was still supportive of the war effort; in any case, capturing the senators, as Senator Amidala believed, would help soothe relations between the CIS and the Republic and ensure lasting peace. 

After the meeting was over, General Renn and her padawan, Kali Farrla, set off to the Republic Military Complex to prepare the troops for departure,. In the meantime, the members of Gamma Squad and Kappa Squad suited up in their II.5 armor. Afterwards, they quietly stole away from the temple to visit their safe house, an abandoned cantina in the Entertainment Sector of Coruscant. At first, Ember was surprised that Kane had done so much since their last talk on Felucia and was worried that he was performing sedition. Kane laughed and told him that they all made a choice after all. Ember could not ignore that and told him that they would meet there again once it was all over.  

Invasion on Raxus (19 BBY)

Ember new gear

Ember in his new Phase II.5 armor.

After boarding assault ships and jumping into hyperspace, the fleet of the third legion: Around 20 ships strong were en-route to Raxus. While waiting, Ember and the rest of his squad tried on their new armor, a variant of Phase II but much more uniform and packed. While Buckler, Storm and Jace liked it, Ember thought it was dull white and gray and void of any personality... However, for this battle he would wear it. After running a check, Ember could also tell that this new kit was really tough, much tougher than his old gear. 


When they entered the atmosphere of Raxus, they came into a hailstorm of enemy fighters. Clone ARC-170 squadrons, V-wing bombers and Y-wing bombers raced to meet them, covering the flotilla of gunships - carrying troops, materiel and tanks - to land on Separatist landing platforms. The engagement began in full swing: Valena darted forward to the front of the group to engage the countless droids, Ember and Buckler at her side with an entire platoon behind them. From nearby gunships, which hovered in the air, troopers lept down to join the battle under the command of Racer, Jett and Sens. On other platforms, battle also raged, combat which was more personal to the clones than ever before. It was so powerful that even the Separatists' lust to defend their homes and beliefs quailed in comparison. Before long, all of the landing pads been taken.



"No man gets left behind! No one!

-Alpha-13 Ember-

Since he was put through an intense regimen of training on Kamino, Ember was born to be one of the best soldiers the Galaxy has ever known. He could even resist mind tricks from force users. However, he was not arrogant but rather selfless and compassionate. He did everything for others and did not hesitate to place himself in danger to prove this. Overall, his training saw him through all of his victories. Often on mercy missions, he would help the civilians beyond the call of duty.

During the time of his training, Ember was rather doubtful of his abilities and did not believe that he would be a good leader later on. However, Jango Fett, his teacher encouraged him greatly and taught him that it is a rough road to greatness.

As an Arc Trooper, he was different from regular clone troopers typically in physical skill as well as independence. Ember was completely loyal to his superiors; however, he would sometimes voice his opinion to his Jedi Generals whenever he thought an order was unreasonable. As he served with the Jedi knights in the Clone War, Ember came to respect the Jedi in their wisdom, tactics and fighting styles, and the feeling was mutual. He would become extremely loyal to them later on.

Ember thought very highly of his commanders who thought of him as a friend in turn. He also seemed to be really good friends with Valena Renn, the two of them interacting in a more casual manner occasionally, though Ember would insist on calling her Sir usually.

Ember always knew the risks of serving in the front lines. Though he was afraid, he knew his duty and never hesitated to sacrifice himself to fulfill it. On many instances, he considered the safety of his men and generals as important or even more important than the completion of a mission, and he never hesitated on the concept of sacrificing himself for what he thought was right and honorable.

Ember was very controversial to many of the Jedi Order. To some, he was one of their most dependable, loyal soldiers who would not hesitate to disobey orders in order to save them.

To others, they believed that he was a loose cannon, and would lash out at opponents at any moment. During one battle, Ember walked up to a Separatist officer who had a vibroblade to a Jedi's throat. Ember would calmly walk up to his opponent and as quick as thinking, would sent a laser bolt through his head. However, those jedi would later admit that Ember was correct in doing so, because of his training, and they could not object with that. They would later agree with the jedi who favored Ember and reform their idea into a belief that he was an effective, brave and the most compassionate soldier that they had ever seen.


Jango Fett: Though his former teacher, Jango Fett was a strict man who took no allowances or excuses, Ember highly respected his instructor and strove to be perfect, never giving up in any drill or module given to him and his squad by Fett.

Jango recognized Ember's commitment and respected him in turn for it.

Later on, before the war was over, and even afterwards, Ember would always think back to what Jango taught him to calm himself or think his way out of an adverse situation. Jango's advice and training would get him through a lot of missions of the Clone War and during his time leading the Old Republic Resurgence Army as well.

Valena Renn:

Grada Lelsus: Ember always respected the jedi, including the younglings. Therefore, when Ember met young Grada Lelsus, General Tallan's second padawan, he immediately took her under his wing when duties allowed and would teach her about the difficulties of war and how to survive in it.

At first Grada would be very shy near Ember; however, before long, she would get rather used to him and the two would become very close.

When Grada Lelsus mysteriously fell on Coruscant at the hands of a group of Separatist thugs, a fact that did not sit well with Ember, the arc commander rashly wanted to go and avenge her death, so much to the point that when he was fighting with the leaders of a Separatist spy group of Coruscant, Ember was blinded by his rage and was incapacitated.

Kaja Tallan:

Alpha-17A Boltshot: Out of all of his troopers, the one Ember trusted the most was his squad medic, Boltshot, as Boltshot did him. As Ember described it before, their relationship was one so close that it was often hard for Ember to keep his eyes off his younger comrade, fearing that if his back was turned, Boltshot would be injured or even killed.

Alpha-52 Kane: For a while, during training, Ember and Kane had a rather tense relationship, though they were very good companions, the two's squads often working together on mission modules on Kamino.

Later on, as the Clone Wars progressed, Ember and Kane's comradeship would increase at an alarming rate, even though they differed on ideals of the Republic and the Jedi. While Kane was not fond of the jedi, because of their involvement in Jango's death, Ember accepted the fact that the murder was done in defense.

Alpha-04 Vaze: Ember and Vaze were never very close, though they cooperated when orders drove them to it. Vaze would often criticize Ember for his lack of soldier-like attitude, especially concerning killing traitors or deserters, while Ember would say that Vaze lacked the individuality and independance in mental and physical abilities that Jango possessed.

In the future, before Ember would know it, he and Vaze would become brutal enemies, though Ember would not completely give up on his old fellow Alpha Arc trooper from training on Kamino all the years ago.

CC-5469 Racer: Sadeet Cradossk: Chancellor (Emperor) Palpatine:

Armor, Gear and other Possessions.

As an ARC Trooper, Ember wore experimental Phase II Armor for the duration of the Clone Wars along with command pauldrons and kamas. Ember had various other suits of armor, depending on the terrain, including cold assault armor. He also had a periscope rangefinder attachment on the right side of his helmet, which was also equipped with HUD radar sensors, datapads. The Foremost of all the HUD systems had an internal communication system where Ember could just go on his own secure circuit and speak to his men.

On his boots, Ember had Mitrinomon jetpack thrusters which were more quick then the standard clone jetpack.

Besides his armor, and standard DC-17 blaster rifle and pistols, Ember had an impressive array of weaponry that he could use in any situation including:

  1. Wrist-belt Vibroblade
  2. EMP Grenades
  3. Thermo Detonators and charges.
  4. Fragmentation Grenades
  5. Smoke grenades

His gauntlets hid a variety of devices that he could use if he was disarmed:

  1. Comlink
  2. Cable launcher with Fibercord whip.
  3. Non-lethal contact stunners
  4. Velocity-7 Dart shooter
  5. Mini concussion rocket launcher
  6. Minature flamethrower
  7. Fusion cutter
  8. Field security overloader

Republic ARC Trooper (Phase II)


Custom ARC-170 Fighter

The Jaigtalon

Notable Troopers under the Command of Alpha-13 Ember

  1. Alpha-14 Buckler
  2. Alpha-15 Niner
  3. Alpha-16 Blade
  4. Alpha-17A Boltshot
  5. Alpha-18 Torrent
  6. Captain Racer (CC-5469)
  7. Captain Snap (CC-6747)
  8. Captain Shrike (CC-1845)
  9. Lieutenant Bant (CL-3298)
  10. Lieutenant Water (CL-4425)
  11. Arc Trooper Sharkie (CC-6795)
  12. Lieutenant Cracker (CL-5322)
  13. Lieutenant Mal (CL-5545)
  14. Lieutenant Salam (CL-1233)
  15. Sergeant Aquamal (CT-946)
  16. Sergeant Fiery (CT-1212)
  17. Sergeant Tops (CT-2354)
  18. Sergeant Crack (CT-917)
  19. Sergeant Falkon (CT-918)
  20. Trooper Jett (CT-9159)
  21. Trooper Sens (CT-9160)
  22. Trooper Surge (CT-3218)
  23. Trooper Cobra (CT-4747)
  24. Trooper Blitz (CT-1201)
  25. Trooper Nitro (CT-395)
  26. Trooper Delta (CT-3333)
  27. Trooper Brash (CT-238)
  28. Trooper Breach (CT-239)
  29. Trooper Rune (CT-3934)
  30. Trooper Wister (CT-1202)
  31. Trooper Nom (CT-9019)
  32. Trooper Faze (CT-5219)
  33. Trooper Devis (CT-3599)
  34. Trooper Bolt (CT-7155)
  35. Trooper Zip (CT-4321)
  36. Trooper Gek (CT-1206)
  37. Trooper Quad (CT-41312)
  38. Commander Alpha-32 Storm (35th Assault Corps)
  • Alpha-33 Jek
  • Alpha-34 Caleb
  • Captain Denn
  • Captain Crusher
  • Lieutenant Gweld

39. Commander Alpha-111 Viper (603rd Armored Assault Corps)

  • Alpha-112 Trec
  • Alpha-113 Dash
  • Commander Monitor
  • Captain Dax

40. Commander Alpha-52 Kane (13th Elite Legion)

  • Alpha-53 Shadow
  • Alpha-54 Billows
  • Alpha-55 Rak
  • Alpha-56 Trigger
  • Alpha-57 Dew
  • Sergeant Mag

41. Commander Alpha-08 Flash (Nexu Legion)


"Does it ever end for you, Ember? Do you ever do other things besides fighting?"

"In a war, there is no time to relax, Kid. We have to keep to the task at hand."

-Grada Lelsus and Alpha-13 Ember on Vara Lor-

During the Clone Wars, Ember rarely ever left the front line. When he did, he either spent it patrolling the Jedi temple and Coruscant with his squad mates or Jedi generals like Valena. During the Clone Wars and after, Ember would never return to his old home on Kamino, though he had always wished to see his birthplace again.

When he was on leave, Ember would either spend several hours in a cantina on Coruscant and get drunk or attend a public event. During the day, Ember enjoyed training in martial arts, his various weapons, going to the gym as well as later learning from the Jedi on how to use his newly acquired vibrosword with cortosis attached to it with efficiency.

On various occasions, the Jedi would often invite Ember to the temple for training in fighting, either against Mace Windu, Valena or other jedi. Kaja was often busy meditating or on covert missions across the Galaxy.

Ember grew to think of the jedi temple as his home just as much as Kamino once was. He would form great relationships not only with his personal jedi commanders but also ones with Master Kit Fisto, Yoda, lightsaber trainer Cin Drallig, Anakin Skywalker, and also a feasible trust between himself and Mace Windu, though the man had killed Jango in the past.

Behind the Scenes

It took some time for me to decide upon writing this story.When I first watched Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith when it came out in 2005, one of my favorite scenes was when the clone troopers executed the jedi in Order 66, though I liked it because of the emotionality of the music and scenes. i have alwyas liked the clone troopers very much but not very much before the animated feature film, Star Wars the Clone Wars came out in 2008, From then on, I began to think of a "What if?" type story. The story of Ember began there with my thoughts of a clone trooper who decides to save the jedi from their terrible fates.

Originally, Ember was not planned to be an arc trooper, but a trooper of the 501st Legion. However, a friend of mine on the online game, Clone Wars Adventures, advised me to use an ARC Trooper because they had more individuality and independance.

My story continued to grow; a lot of it happened in Clone Wars Adventures that I role-played with friends, but most of the story was planned out through extensive research, watching the films many times as well as gaining inspiration from some of the Star Wars the Clone Wars episodes.

Most of the main Arc trooper squad, including Ember, Buckler, Niner, Torrent and Blade were chosen out of Clone Wars Adventures and Boltshot was chosen later.

A lot of Ember and the rest of his squad's personality reflects upon my own, including generosity to the weak, love for family, loyalty to superiors, following rules, and wishing to do well in life and academics.

Many of the other characters were picked out from CWA including:

  1. Valena Renn: Depa Shimmerweave
  2. Brianna Coderage (Shan): Brianna Coderage
  3. Commander Storm: Commander Stormray
  4. Commander Kane: Kane Marksman
  5. Commander Viper: Zeon Shadow
  6. Zane Crimson: Marek Crimson
  7. Alpha-04 Vaze: Jaden Marshall
  8. Jedi Master Aralina: Aralina Nightbringer
  9. Jedi General Clawspekk: Rick Clawspeed
  10. Trooper Wister: Wister Riotsear
  11. Lieutenant Bant: Bant Cosmicrage
  12. Arc Trooper Sharkie: Sharkie
  13. Lieutenant Water: Alpha Shadownight 
  14. Trooper Kobra: Kamron Cobra
  15. Suarek Frost: Sadeet Cradossk
  16. Antda Hiade: Antda Hiade
  17. Annie Hiade: Annie Hiade

Photo Gallery: Created by Darth Jacius

3rd legion

The 3rd Legion

Alpha-18 Torrent


Captain Racer







Sadeet Cradossk

Niner, Buckler and Boltshot

Niner, Buckler and Boltshot

Ember phase 2 dirty design

Alpha-13 Ember


Valena Renn


Alpha-13 Ember

Alpha-13 Ember

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