Axel training at one of the squad bases.

Axel Leea was born on the Sith homeworld of Korriban. He never knew his mother, but he was rased by his father who was a Sith Lord and was trained him to become a Sith Assassin.

Axel went into further training, but at the age of seventeen he received scars from, due to failing a mission, given to him by his master. He started to turn from the path of darkness, after he felll in love with someone. When his his father learned about this, he killed her and Axel went into a uncontrollable rage. He was intending to kill his former master when he decided to face him, but when his father was facing death, he coulden't find it in his heart to kill him. As he was to leave, his father managed to stand up and tried to to end Axel's life and this meant that Axel was forced to kill him. After turning to the Jedi Order and a Gray Jedi guild he deCided to work as a bounty hunter and found himself in a squad, lead by a close friend of his. After some time, most of his bounties either didn't pay well or he was backstabbed by those who hired him and now he spends most of his time building tanks such as AT-AT's for his squad and its leader, finding ways to use his intrest in fire, in order to help other squad members.

Vareel Kelvor Class

Vareel Kelvor Squad leader and close friend