a mandalorian soldier

Beviin Ordo captain of the Kiry army elite

Kiry honor medal

Kiry army elite

Th squad is a branch of the squad Kiry armyThey are mandalorian,they are vod  and they are clone elite.

The squad have a really big code of honor they fight with the tanks,canon heavy armor and artiellry.its like the special operation army.They served on alot of missions.


  • do not swear
  • Respect your superior
  • respect squad member
  • do not bother other member of the squad
  • do not interfier a leader meeting when you know it is one
  • do not bother other squad
  • L
we are vod we are mandalorian!
General information
Organization type



Joskey fett


Joskey fett

Notable members
  • Supreme general


  • Elders general

Kylson darkwave

  • generals

Dadder rex


Kiry army elite fortress



Historical information
Formed from

amestris in kiry


Republic era






Symbole of Kiry(oukma'ras Kirya)

  • General superme- the best rank of officer of Kiry
  • Trooper-can have the non comissioned rank
  • Elder general - Can assist to the leader meetings and can demote guy
  • General -can send a demotion letter
  • Superior officer -can send a promotion letter
  • Commander- can recruit guy


Assasinate Emiik Roka at the speach of the victory of Kiry.But he is a traitor.So they took the best sniper of the elite,Beviin Ordo,captain of the Sniper unit.The mission was a succes and the traitor got kill and the Elite got a medal of honor.

Joskey got promote to the rank of major in the army of kiry elite.

They went to arooba a planet where the separatist controle anythings

Kiry army (S.R.F.O.I)w

The Special Regiment of Force ope


117 division of marine

The elite commando regiment lead by Galen havocrocket

967 Battallion airport

This division is a squadron of ship and airport

232 infantry legion

The regiment is the heavy army with heavy battery.

23nd regiment of scout

that regiment is the regiment of the assasins or the sniper or special units

Commando tornade Alpha

The commando tornade is the legendary commando leaded by commando A.R.C commander Jex.

Commando tornade Beta

The new commando tornade is the leader section.

ration Infantry  is composed of 6 company of special force

The battalion of infantry been launch in talmora

they are all trainned by the best of the best to be uesd by the jedi or the to serve the republic they.they are trainned at the old of 8  years to 22 years they are trainned to be ready to die with honor and loyal to their family or to thier planet.The jedi saw the efficasity of the Elite so they asked to be general of some troops but the kiryan declined because they work for the republic but no with the republic.At he beginning the diplomats weren't sure that could be a good idea to kidnapp kid to their family to make them die in a battle field but they accepted to try them.So they gave 6 months to prove that they can fight for the republic and if the concil of coruscent accept thems they will have a sit in the grand diplomat of coruscent.The Elite did alot of mission and the reputation started to be feared by the separatists.After thoses missions the S.R.F.O.I. got a break but they tookjust one monts of the break(one years)and the others eleven months they used for training and for building because they became rich.So with all the money the got they could buy better armor,better weapon or better men.they started the attc

Lets fight again!

you either die a hero or you live long that to see your self become a vilain.
– Mandalorian elite tooper

10 years later,the company start again but they are more trainned.

they got deployed at the frontline of alot of planets.They won some battles but they loosed some but it werent big lost and the war were everytime more hard and terrible.The kiry army elite launched renforcements unit.We were at Coruscent when a bomb got dropped.The war started and our troops got eliminated by the sith lord.That was our more terrible defeat.KOOR system is a far away planet of the outside ring of the galaxy controled by the separatist.it was a mission for the 232nd Infantry battalion to get there.

the 232nd Infantry regiment

Koor is a sad planets like geonosis is a big desert with some skull and skeleton of some species.Well The squad dropped the 232nd and started to lead the attack.we saw a really big difference!They were more speeded more tatical more tecnique more intelligent!it was like an art!They won the battle and it was really easy.thats maximum one week-end and the more bigger war they made is 3 monts

Kiry army elite rankink's

The leaders

They can make pass the test to the peoples,can send a promotions papers and can demote peoples.

The directors

The directors are the officer who can do anythings what the leaders can do.They are normally Elders general but they have specials fonctions.The best rank of director is SF director.(Special Fonctions)

The elders generals.

They can make pass the test,can promote or demote people,they can send promoting paper and sometime take the place of the leaders.


They can lead the squad to the fight sometimes and they they can send promotions paper but cannot adds and promote guy.

superior officer.

They can sometime take the place of a general.


they are the officers of the squad. They cannot recruits.


They have to respect the officers and listen the orders.

The questions of the test

  • Who is Maitredekiry joskey?
  • who is Joskey
  • How does he died
  • what does vod mean
  • To know all the awnsher,read the Kiry army page

The new squad ranks are

In the squad ONLY the elders generals the directors and the leaders can  make pass the test.If we know that another guy added some one with out the test he will be demote automaticly.

The squad events

The events of the squad are special things that we celebrate an alliance or a birthday.

the  The leader section are the page of the director. With the shadow mandalorians,its possible that every years we gonna have like a big Olympic.A tournament against all the players.


The squad picture are that one.

CT-6626 Chuby and Ct-555 Five under my command

The swaggy picture.

Maitredekiry joskey with chubby food(General)And Five goldenfloater(Commander)At Dathomir


The battle of Dathomir was lead by Maitredekiry joskey and with his mens: Chubby and Five.The Mission was to find something for repare the ship because he crashed.But they got attack by a sith and this is the results of the battle.The next Pictures are the pictures of Zaalabar and maitredekiry joskey.At joskey house.For a pre-meetining.

The secret agents division

The secret agent division is a division of Kiry for the Spy,The training of the general,The specials information.The  they all have number secrets for this.They dont know who are their leaders.They are secret organization who are lead by Mister 00.The Cobra'sWork.

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