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The Marines Live on!

The Marines are very much still in the game, and powerful. Though their numbers are few, they are the elite. You can read about what happened to much of the squad's superior officers in the Legacy section of this page. The marines can be found on the CWA Military Squads Wiki.


United forces back ground image final

UNSC replacement

As of June 11 2012 the UNSC was disbanded. Most off all members were killed by mercenaries or have disappeared.

New legion replacing UNSC was formed, called United Armed Forces (UAF). We have all 4 branches of UNSC with the old officers and non commission officers.

To all former UNSC units your welcome to join us and be in your old branch again.


Semper Fidelis

General Vasco, former HAVOC/UNSCM Unit.

Special Events

Squad symbols


RP Mission schedule: Saturday. 5:00pm ET, 4:00 PT

Title: Operation Nightfall/Chase

Requirement: Snowtrooper gear, Galactic Marine gear, Flame trooper gear, Assault Rifle, Long shot rifle, heavy weapon, and Speeders/Walkers

Story:(Details will be listed on Friday)

Training Day: Friday all day anytime, Location: Ryloth Training Camp

Regulation: No one but Fieldcommander Racer or any high-ranked official approved by him may edit this page.

The UNSCA is coming this June, be prepared :P If there are any More Units from this disbanded Squad I have not left you at all. - Commander Elitekole Kleezstinger

Yeah all this stuff in this section here is obsolete however it is a nice memorial to the fallen UNSC as to the mission schedules and such.

Republic Marine Havoc Squad
General information

SquadLeader Racer


FieldCommander Racer

Notable members
  • Umbara HQ
  • Huge Elite Base (Ryloth)
  • Huge Training Base (Kamino)
  • Safe House (Maridun)
Historical information
Other information

Rise of the Empire era

  • Jedi Order[1]
  • Galactic Republic[1]

An Alpha Arc Trooper Heavy Gunner covering republic landing forces.

Kamino landing1-edited

Crash Landing in The Defense of Kamino

Welcome to the 501st by Dan Fortesque

Welcome to The 501st lads.

Clone atrt

Havoc squad at-rt units on Umbara.

Capture 2

Left A-130 Cold middle Sergeant Major Luke right Gunnery Sergeant Turbo.

The Republic Marine Havoc Squad is a combined force of the best units in the galaxy all trained to Kill and All trained to be effective. For the first time, the Republic Military will give us 9 Months to live, sleep and fight with the Republic Marine Havoc Squad. Its time to go ballistic. Havoc Squad was formed from lots of different units all trained on the planet Kam
200px-Gulo-Galactic Marine

Havoc Squad phrase 2 armor

ino. The squad mostly consists of Clones and some Jedi. On the first battle of the war the Units that would soon become Havoc Squad were being deployed onto the frontlines a notable group. named Alpha units were deployed into the frontlines as they fought their way behind the enemy. Soon the battle was won but the war was not over the planet of Kamino was about to be hit hard. Republic Sirens sounded as the first bomb dropped on Kamino and clone troops scrambled to man defensive positions soon Troops Would be sent in to reinforce the defenders but most never made it alive to the landing site. After the republic won and defended the cloning centers they needed a special fast
Luke on Geonosis

Luke taking fire on Geonosis

deployment unit and they turned to the Marine 501st Regiment to form it. The 501st made a group of Arc troopers, Basic Marines and Commandos to form what they called Havoc Squad. Havoc Squad was Soon deployed to numerous planets one such was Ryloth. The CIS set up concentration camps on Ryloth and captured the Twi’lek
200px-Vebb healer

Sentinel is covering Nahdar Vebb while he is Healing Spike during battle,

people the Twi’lek government called the Republic for help. Soon the Republic sent the Army, Navy,

Clones defending Tipoca City

and Marines forces to help the Twi’leks. Havoc Squad was sent in to the forest to hunt down CIS units and eliminate them as well as recapture fallen cities. Currently Havoc squad is on Umbara fighting to capture enemy airfields and tank outposts . Havoc Squad units ranged from Snipers
Gram-Ryloth Y-Wings

Republic Y-wings dropping bombs over an Enemy tank regiment.

to commandos and even arc troopers. A notable member is A-141 Colt don’t confuse him with Commander Colt of the Rancor Battalion, Colt is a Very elite republic alpha arc trooper in havoc squad. First Lieutenant Luke Docker is a very skilled Soldier working as a bomb expert and medic in Havoc Squad. Luke has planned several ops leading up to the battle that many marines died in, the Battle of Coruscant. A-130 Cold is a skilled Havoc Squad sniper using stealth statics and a stealth suite on his side.**** ******* Is a dangerous assassin with skills an reflexes faster than all assassin clone troopers that are genetically designed to be extremely fast, John has killed more high priority targets that any squad of commandos. A -119 Turbo
Umbarans detail

Umbaran soldiers

who is a young but elite clone uses his sub machine gun at close quarters tearing all enemies apart in pipes,

Sergeant Green is assigned with Commander Cody on Ryloth.

buildings , and ships. A-131 Marl who came from the same unit as A - 130 Cold and A - 141 Colt is a havoc squad heavy machine gunner. Marl uses his machine gun to suppress enemy targets and lay down heavy cover fire for ground support units. Another notable

Left to right: Marl, Cold, Turbo, and Luke.

Havoc squad sniper was Colonel Vasco Gomes who traveled in a group of 2 usually sneaking through jungles and taking out the enemy with surprise and speed. The leader of Havoc squad and the most elite member would be SquadLeader Racer .
Umbaranstarfighter detail

Umbaran Starfighter

SquadLeader Racer was a top Grade Student in Clone Training and a fine soldier. He led his men into battle bravely and always encouraging he made Boys Men and Clones humans. 
Christophsis skylane

Marines in gunships on Christophsis

Notable Allies and Support teams were a big asset in Havocs armory. One important
250px-Galactic marine

Havoc Squad Phrase 2 armor

Ally Named Raxxum would help havoc squad gain information with her Mandolorian Troops. The squad has run several ops with her. Another Ally would be none other than the great Sith Lord ------.
Luke Docker armor

Luke Docker in his armor.

who is currently classified and name and picture cannot be revealed at the current time. The Great Admiral Ghost delivered havoc squad where ever they needed to go with his Navy fleet and its Awesome Fire Power. A tribute to all who serve in the Republic Armed forces we
Cold marine


Salute You for fighting on our frontlines. Over 100 Troops Die each day while we sit on ou couch at home watching the Holo News or playing Holo games please support your troops by donating To The Wounded Clone Project And 
Captain Rex Order 66

Captain Rex deciding not to take part in the Jedi Purge

Please thank a clone when you see him on a street.

Galactic Marines 2

Marines during Order 66 before Havoc squad got to them

The Havoc squad Participated in many battles throughout the galaxy including, Kamino, Ryloth, Mustafar, Christophsis, 

Clone geonosis

Luke Docker pinned down on Geonosis.

Second battle of Geonosis, Ord Mantell, Umbara and Coruscant.

Geonosis 3

Left:Commander Spike

They lost two of their members on their way towards the capital; they were doing a special mission that would make things easier for Umbarans to surrender the planet. Their mission was to eliminate the Umbaran senator, to do that Racer sent Logan and savage to put mines on the trees north of the capital to 

Geonosis 2

Left: Commander Key26 Right: Commander Spike

distract the Umbarans, then Obi-Wan's Battalion ambushed the capital while the Havoc squad fight their way toeast building for cold to start sniping the Umbaran senator. After the senator's death, Cold spotted the remaining Umbaran is headed towards the air base. Squad leader Racer contacted general Kenobi What their situation here. A gunship arrived at their positions the havoc squad. went to the gunship, suddenly the east building started to collapse resulting two of our Marines death. While on the gunship they were ambushed by some umbaran starfighters and umbarans with rocket launchers, seven gunships where destroyed, resulting many casualties, but only three gunship survived and land safely on the cruiser.The Havoc squad survivors talked about how they can remember their fallen brothers, they changed their squad name to Republic Elite Noble Team, and changed their armor color to blue and gray.

Order 66

The squad was divided when the Emperor said those cold words; "Execute Order 66." He said it with no remorse. A small band of marines stayed loyal to the Jedi. The Havoc squad on Mygeeto were able to save John Starwalker from his death but not Kia Da Mundi. The Havoc squad was not the only ones to disobey this order. Captain Rex and the 501st Legion marched on the Jedi temple led by Anakin Skywalker now Darth Vader. Captain Rex could not bring himself to kill the Jedi, so during the attack, Rex fled into hiding. Later, the Havoc Squad finds him on Naboo and get him to join the rebellion against the new empire. So much had changed in so little time.

Geonosis - Beginning of the Clone Wars

For most of the marines in this squad, the Battle of Geonosis was the first battle they took part in. Vasco Gomes was a commando during the time of Geonosis. Back then Luke was just a Private First Class. **** ******** was a private in the original force before the clones were intergrated. Cold Scoutsniper was and Alpha ARC trooper.Kole was still a Private. Times were definitely different from how it is now. Commander Spike was on a gunship with Jedi Master Yoda when they went to rescue the Jedi. Commander Key26 was on that gunship as well. EliteMarine Turbo was on a gunship with Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. When that gunship was hit, he and Padme fell off onto the desert of Geonosis. They of course survived though. AlphaMarl Photoline was fighting on the frontlines on Geonosis. Squadleader Racer was doing a mission apprehending a Geonosian commander. Ghost Farewalker was one of the Naval officers that brought the massive clone armies to Geonosis. He was on one of the Acclamators. But, for some marines from the Havoc Squad, their first missions were not the Battle of Geonosis like the others. Some clones were younger and did not get to see real action until after Geonosis.

Star wars story wiki logo retry 3
UNSC Legion

The 22nd UNSC Legion is what all UNSC squads are part of.

Star Wars Story Wiki

Star Wars story wiki is a site that will also be used for information about the UNSC legion. Anything that the whole entire squad needs to know will go on there. Any information that only the UNSCM needs to know or the UNSCN will go on their individual squad pages here on this wiki. Click the following link to go to the site.

Republic UNSCM Special Forces

While on Coruscant the Chancellor gave them a promotion for their heroic actions on Umbara. We became the Republic Special Forces and changed our squad name to Republic UNSCM Special Forces* (United Nation Space Command Marines). Outer rim HQ coming soon. Command of the Special Forces was recently given to Colonel Vasco Gomes from Squadleader Racer who now leads the entire UNSC Legion.

Republic UNSCN Fleet

The Republic UNSCN Fleet is a division of the Republic UNSCM Special Forces (Havoc Squad) led by GrandMoff
Republiccruiser relationship

Republic UNSCN Fleet Vessel

FareWalker, but this time he leds the Navy's Black Hawk. The Black Hawk is the largest and most powerful
Republiccruiser detail

Reoublic Cruiser in the UNSCN Fleet

cruiser that the Republic can afford. It is equipt with a plasma cannon that can go right through the enemy's shield causing massive explosions. The enemy would not dare to face GrandMoff FareWalker's fleet. The Black Hawk is now on Coruscant protecting it from any Separatist attacks in space. Lord Skyweave, a reliable soldier, has left the Republic
Republicgunship detail

Republic LAAT Gunship

UNSCM Special Forces and joined the UNSCN Fleet. Twilight Forestsniper (Ado Twilight) sometimes
Plo and wolfpack-ND

Wolfpack on a Republic cruiser.

works as a pilot for the fleet. Luke Docker occasionally helps out the fleet as a medic. **** ******** also was transferred from the Special Forces over to the Fleet. Elitemarine Turbo is currently helping out in the Navy for a little while then he will return to the UNSCM(Havoc Squad). The Navy has become a great asset.


1.Grand Moff {C 2.Admiral {C 3.Master Cheif {C 4.Navigator {C 5.Fleet Commander {C 6.Pilot GoldLeader {C 7.Fleet Officer {C 8.Fleet Recruiter


1.Fleet Pilot {C 2.Engineer {C 3.pilot {C 4.technician {C 5.Gunner {C 6.Shield Operator {C 7.Space Trooper {C 8.Guards

Gladiator Squad

A Gladiator unit.

Gladiator Squad was made up of several republic commandos utilizing the callsign "Gladiator". The leader of the squad was Gladiator1 Vasco. The rest of these elite units' names are classified.

Battle of Glitch City

This was a very high priority mission. The Republic UNSCM Special Forces and many other Republic squads, were involved in a highly dangerous mission into Glitch city. This is not a safe place for your profile. All role playing aside, that place is dangerous. Cold Scoutsniper led a four man team into the battle zone to kill as many hunters(Hackers) as they could to rid the galaxy of the major problem. Luke Docker ran the op from Ryloth Command giving them as much insight as he could. That place was complete chaos. Many people were running around in fear. The marines wrote letters to give to loved ones if they died. The team that went in was Cold Scoutsniper, Commander Key26, Jaller Racer, and General Jacky. These men were all afraid but were prepared to die for the Republic and all of their brothers. Here is how Glitch city is the chaotic wasteland that it is. Hackers go around chasing people using weapons moves. If you are hit by a laser or lightsaber then your character(Profile) is hacked into. Your profile is then deleted. You are destroyed. The marines went in. Immediately once they went in, it was madness. People were running everywhere being slaughtered. The marines camped out on a roof top. Luke was talking to them through the comlink. They watched people below fighting for their lives. Cold took a deep breath. "Alright Marines, this is it!" He said in as much of a calm voice as he could. The marines swallowed. This was a very big mission. But then their position had been seen. They began to be fired upon. "Split up!" Cold yelled. The marines disburse. They ran all over avoiding hunters. The adrenaline had kicked in definitely. Key ran down alleyways away from the hackers. Jaller fired at them as he ran back into a building. Jacky ran back by Jaller. Cold was on his own. He was in an alley. Hunters ran by. None were seeing him. He clutched his rifle. He opened fire on the hackers, but they moved quickly. He was fired at. he was hit. The hackers moved on to their next victim. Cold talked through his comlink. "I.....I think I have been hacked. I froze. I can just talk. I can't hear what I'm saying!" Cold shouted. He was about to go into shock. Luke was hearing this. "Cold stay with us just keep talking!" Luke ordered. "Cold!" Jaller yelled. Cold's comlink began to fizz. "Cold do you read me?" Luke asked in desperation. Cold's comlink went out. He had been hacked. He was MIA. "Noooo!" Yelled Luke. Everyone was silent. They just lost a trusted comrade. The marines left there were getting outnumbered by the minute. The normal gamers were being hacked by the second. The hunters were closing in all around the marines. "Everyone! Abort Mission!" Luke shouted. "Sir!" General Jacky shouted. Everyone began falling back. Luke contacted GrandAdmiral Farewalker. He told him of what had just occurred. "I just pulled my men out of there." Luke said. "Good." said the admiral. The situation was very intense. The marines began to arrive on Ryloth. Luke walked over to Jaller, Jacky and Key. There eyes were filled with fear. No man could comprehend what they had just seen. What they went through. "No, Cold?" Asked Luke. The men shook their heads in sadness. Luke kicked the trash can in anger. "Blast!" Luke cursed. Luke walked back up to the command center. The marines began to follow. Cold had been hacked. He made the ultimate sacrifice to try and save Clone Wars Adventures. He sacrificed his security. His profile was vulnerable. But, the next day, the squad found Cold alive and well and using the same profile. His character had survived. Somehow. For some reason he was spared. Why? The marines would never know. This mission took place the night of March 1, 2012.


The way training works in the Republic Marine Havoc Squad will be stated in the following. Luke
Squad Leader Racer with his Phase 2 Arc Marine armor

Squad Leader Racer with his Phase 2 armor

Docker has a training course at Ryloth Command. Troopers must pass that course in less than 5 minutes to qualify for the next training course. If they do not pass the Ryloth one, they must retake it until they succeed. Once they pass it, they go on to Squadleader Racer's base, Kamino Command. That is the more difficult of the two. They must pass it in 10 minutes or less. The current record holders are Alpha130 Coldline, Luke Docker, Lily
Luke at training base

Ryloth Command Training course

Storm,Kole kleezstinger, and Tyro Drazhowl(Commander Colt141) . They're time was 5 minutes. Once the troopers pass both courses they can be promoted to commander. These training sessions must take place during times when Ghost Farewalker, Cold ScoutSniper(Alpha130 Coldline or Cold Sniperline), or Squadleader Racer is present. Luke Docker also supervises the training of the troopers but is not mandatory to be present during every session. You can view pictures of past training sessions from the Kamino course in the section titled Republic Marine Havoc Squad at Luker Docker's wiki page which can be viewed here. Luke Docker
Arc Sniper

Arc Sniper on the planet Ryloth


Snipers are usually Trained by Cold ScoutSniper, military sniper training aims to teach a high degree of proficiency in camouflage and concealment, stalking, observation and map reading as well as precision marksmanship under various operational conditions. Trainees typically shoot thousands of rounds over a number of weeks, while learning these core skills. there are two sniper Advance classes, which is Arc Sniper and Recon Sniper.

Squadmember Inroductions

There are many notable members of the Republic Marine Havoc Squad. Some of them will be introduced in the following, but some may just contain links to wiki pages here on this site.

John Starwalker

John Starwalker is a Jedi high master who led Havoc Squad during the early years of the Clone Wars. General Starwalker is known for his heroics, ace pilot skills, and his place in the Jedi High Council. He is the the founder of the 502nd Legion (the republics most elite clone force) and creator of the Warship. Many things are not known about John Starwalker and he doesn't plan on revealing them but was killed by being over run by vulture Druids in space.

Corporal Whiteman

Corporal Whiteman

Corporal Whiteman

This quiet soldier obeys every command. He is good friends with Luke Docker and Alpha130 Coldline. He only usually says one word. "Sir!" But, at least he is obedient. The squad is happy to have such a great addition to the team. Corporal Whiteman is usually stationed at Ryloth Command. He often guards the prison cells and escorts prisoners to the prisoner transport station and onto shuttles. Whiteman is loved by all.

Squadleader Racer


Field Commander Racer

Racer is the leader of the squad of course and is a great leader. He was recently married to Kala Racer. Click the link to visit Racer's wiki page. FieldCommander Racer (K.I.A)

Vasco Gomes

Vasco Gomes was a respected officer in the Havoc Squad. He led many marines before retiring at the rank of Captain. He was a great leader. He was good friends with Luke Docker. He will be missed. He led a very successful career. You can visit Vasco's wiki page here. Vasco Gomes

Alpha130 Coldline

Cold after gunship crash

Alpha130 Coldline

Cold is known by many names but is mainly been nicknamed "Cold". He is an Alpha ARC trooper and is a very strong and smart marine. He is also friends with Corporal Whiteman. Cold can really take charge of the squad. You can visit Cold's wiki page here. A-130 Cold

Ghost Farewalker

Ghost is the leader of the Navy. He was recently promoted from Admiral to Grand Admiral Farewalker and is the active third in command of the Havoc Squad. He is respected by his comrades and is quite good on the battlefield. His strategies never fail. Ghost is a great officer and marine. You can visit Ghost's wiki page here. GrandMoff FareWalker

Luke Docker

Luke and Corporal White man

Luke and Corporal Whiteman

Luke is a respected marine and worked his way up through the ranks. At the height of his career he was a First Captain and even commanded the army division of the UNSC for a short time before returning to the marines. He was a medic and worked in intelligence alongside **** ********. His wife is Sarah Amadale. He is friends with Corporal Whiteman and is the owner and architect of Ryloth Command. You can view his story at Luke's wiki page here. Luke Docker

AlphaMarl Photoline

Marl is a very heavy weapon type of guy and is always rushing into fights, guns blazing. His weapon of choice is a rotary cannon and can always crack a good joke now and then. You can view his wiki page here. AlphaMarl Photoline

Commander Spike

Spike is a very respected soldier who is great on the battlefield. He is driving AT-RT's a lot as that is his vehicle of choice. Spike is a good marine and is skills are above average. He is a very valuable member of the squad.

Elitemarine Turbo

Elitemarine Turbo galactic marines

Turbo is a great Heavy Weapons Specialist marine and always gets the job done. He can always be counted on in the heat of battle. He owned a state of the art military base on Geonosis that housed numerous experimental vehicles of his own design. You can view Turbo's wiki page here. EliteMarine Turbo

Sergeant Greenwizard

This Jedi is respected by all the marines. His wisdom is always perceived as great to them all and is also great at leading the troops on the battlefield. Sadly, his life is cut short. Read Green's wiki page here. Sergeant Greenwizard

Kala Racer

Luke and Kala on Umbara

Luke and Kala

Kala was married to Squadleader Racer before she eventually married AlphaMarl Photoline. She is a tough girl and is pretty crazy when she is off-duty. Her sister, Sarah Amadale was married to Luke Docker. You can read Kala's full bio on her wiki page here. Kala Racer

Sarah Amadale/Docker

Sarah is the sister of Katie (Kala Racer). Sarah has been with the marines for years and had many roles. Sarah eventually married Luke Docker. You can read her bio here: Sarah Amadale (Docker)

**** ********

(**** ********) is a former assassin turned spy. Information about him has not yet been declassified.

Commander Key26

Commander Key now known as Elitescout MarineKey is a skilled soldier working with the marines. He is a relatively young clone but that does not stop him from doing the right thing. During the final days of the Clone Wars, Key became an ARC Trooper. You can view his wiki page here. EliteScout MarineKey

Jaller Racer


Jaller Racer

Jaller is the son of Squadleader Racer and Kala Racer (Lexi Dio). Jaller is an unpredictable soldier and is quite effective on the battlefield but, his reckless actions get him injured time and time again. You can read his page here. Jaller Racer

Derek Skywalker

Derek Skywalker was the Jedi General who worked most closely with the marines. He was with them all the way through the end becoming more marine than Jedi. You can read his bio here: Derek Skywalker

Kole Kleezstinger

Kole is now known as EliteKole kleezstinger. He is a Skilled Solider in the Marines. He is very effective fighting. He barely ever gets Injured. He is A corporal


(Note: When ever you see the word "Beta" in this section it means Cold Scoutsniper. Someone vandalized the page a while ago.) Sora Seaside{C

Sora Seaside, former member of the Havoc Squad, is a Togrutan who has gone rogue. One day at Ryloth Command, he took out a blue Darksaber and stabbed Lily Storm through her chest. Luke Docker, Cold, and King Rin all fought him and eventually captured him. He was thrown into a cell at the base
Dead Clone

Carnage of Sora

along with Sharkboy. He was ended up killing Sharkboy in there. Corporal


Whiteman was in-charge of security. He immediately reported it to Luke and Cold. Sora was brought to the interrogation room while AlphaMarl Photoline performed surgery on Lily. Cold was very worried that Lil would die. Luke went to check on Cold, Marl and Lil and then went back into the questioning room when he saw that Sora had killed the clone guarding him in the interrogation room. Luke looked to his right to see Sora pop out and force push Luke into the wall while Sora ran out of the door. Cold and Rin ran after Sora. Commander Key26 eventually arrived at the base and helped with the chase. Luke walked over to the dead clone. Even in death he saluted to Luke. (Joke: Whenever you click on the clone, it salutes.) Cold came back to Lil and Marl while Rin and Key battled Sora. Eventually, they captured Sora again and brought him to Corporal Whiteman. Luke went over to open up a cell for Sora when Sora escaped the clutches of the squad again. He force pushed Corporal Whiteman into a wall. Commander Key26 and Rin opened fire on their prisoner. He evaded their blasts and jumped down off the building. He landed on the ground. Several more security clone troopers attacked Sora. They were all killed. Then Key fired off a lucky shot from above at Sora. It hit Sora in the lower back. Sora fell to the ground. beta flew down on a jetpack. beta slowly approached Sora's body. he bent down a bit to grab Sora's arm to put binders on him when he jumped up and smacked the binders and blaster out of Betas hand. beta swung to punch Sora, but was blocked by Sora's wrist. Beta swung again and hit Sora in the stomach. Sora jerked back and kicked Beta in the ribs. Beta groaned. Beta then swung his fist and upper-cutted Sora. Sora's head flew back. Sora held his jaw. Beta kneed Sora in the stomach. His body jumped up a little bit. Sora was breathing heavily. Beta punched him in the face. "That is for Lily!" He yelled. He kicked him in the stomach and he knelt down on the ground. "That is for the clones." He yelled. He then kicked him in the face and he fell to the ground. "That is for Corporal Whiteman!" Yelled Beta in anger. Sora rolled a bit in intense pain. Beta picked up the binders and put them on Sora. ThenBeta noticed something on Sora's gloves. Sora pushed his glove towards beta's face. Smoke sput out of a tube on the glove. Beta coughed and passed out. Sora weakly got up and left. He was never seen again. The surgery ended up being successful and Lily survived. If you ever see Sora report it to FieldCommander Racer.

Vanguard Vanguard is an enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) Containing multiple personalities making it unpredictable, and very dangerous. =SECTION 9 ALERT= Vindicator must be captured immediately and brought back for testing and interrogation.


The squad has many different prisons. They all have different rules as well. The biggest prison (To date) is at Ryloth Command. It has regular cells and a prisoner transport station. The Prisoner Transport Station is for prisoners to be taken and held there until a prisoner transport arrives to take them somewhere. The Republic

This is the Prisoner Transport Station.

Shuttle h
406478 309946019041349 100000778598147 813080 1698972113 n

Shock Troopers

as four separate cells. The whole prison is guarded by countless clones, making escape a small possibility. There are currently many prisoners at the base. The Prison and Prisoner Transport station also has a "Torture Chamber". It is a room off from the Prison cells, where a prisoner can be taken as punishment, or for information. There is also an Interrogation room.


Marl's Modified ARC-170 Starfighter

Marl's modified ARC-170 starfighter is equip with anything you can imagine. It has several rotary
Arc170starfighter detail

Arc-170 Starfighter

cannons on it,
Arc 170 clone fighter

ARC-170 Starfighter

regular blasters, missile launchers, heat seeking missiles (Tracking missiles), and high-powered bombs. No droid would dare face off against Marl in an aerial battle. Marl used his starfighter during the Battle of Coruscant

Luke's Modified Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Luke's Naboo starfighter was purchased by him during a security mission of senator Padme Amidala. She was
Naboostarfighter detail

Naboo N-1 Starfighter

giving a speech on Naboo and Luke was her escort. Luke admired the starfighter and decided to
Naboo Starfighter

Naboo Starfighter

purchase one. Luke made a few modifications to it. He still used it even after Order 66.


The squad has gone to war with Dark Empress. Dark Empress launched a major attack against the marines in the year 21 BBY (2/29/2012). A nuke was almost launched against the marines. It was a very hazardous battle.

Here is how it all started. The Dark Empress squad attacked a Republic Sniper Team. The team was led by Cold Scoutsniper. The team was caught off-guard and many were killed. **** ******** was assigned to infiltrate and steal vital war intel, the following mission was a success. The attack was played out by an operative for Dark Empress named Lord Virus. When the surviving marines from the sniper team returned to base, they alerted the UNSCM(Havoc Squad) that Lord Virus had done so under the command of Lord Virus. Squadleader Racer declared war on Dark Empress. They scrambled together as many troopers as possible. The squad was going to attack a Dark Empress base. Luke Docker was unavailable for this mission because he was on Cato Neimodia monitoring separatist activity. Vasco Gomes was leading a group of marines to the Mustafar base owned by Lord Virus. It was a weapons testing facility for Dark Empress. Little did the marines know, it was also a Nuclear facility. Vasco was going to arrest Lord Virus. Commander Key26, Tanner Hayes, Private Bounty, Codyman Heavrin, and Cold Scoutsniper went to arrest Virus. Squadleader Racer coordinated the op from HQ. When they made it to Mustafar they entered the property of Lord Virus. Dark Empress employees were everywhere. The marines marched towards the base and were met by Lord Virus.


Battle of Coruscant

The squad took part in many important battles. One of their most famous battles they took part in was the Battle of Coruscant. On that day, they lost many marines. Ghost Farewalker, Commander Key26, Sergeant Greenwizard, and Tyro Drazhowl were all killed during the battle. Kala Racer was thought to be dead because a cruiser she was on exploded but she escaped in an escape pod and crashed on the surface of coruscant. She crashed in the lower levels of Coruscant. The underworld. She was taken by a band of criminals down there for a while before she escaped from their clutches and made it back to the squad. The squad was devastated to lose so many marines in a single day. You can read the about the full battle in Luke Docker's 10 part series, The

Carlac detail


Battle of Coruscant. Luke Docker

Raid on Carlac

The squad went on a mission to Carlac to apprehend some of the leading members of the Deathwatch. The
Clone Turbo Tank

Clone Turbo Tank

squad utilized a clone Turbo Tank during this. The one who planned this operation was Lieutenant Luke Docker. You can find out if the operation was a success or not on Luke's Docker's page in the section titled "Raid on Carlac" Luke Docker

Star Wars Execute order 66

Star Wars Execute order 66

Order 66, 19 BBY

Order 66

That day, in the year 19 BBY, was a tragic day for the republic. It also separated the clones. Those who would kill the Jedi, and those who won't. Most of the Republic Marine Havoc Squad did not. During Order 66, The marines were on Mygeeto. They were at a command post when they received the order. Their general, John Starwalker, was there along with Kia-Da-Mundi. The squad would not kill a Jedi. They needed to act fast to save the Jedi. They split up. They ended up being able to save John Starwalker, but were moments too late to save Kia-Da-Mundi. The squad was branded traitors of the new empire. To read more about the marines actions during and after Order 66 click on the link and read the proper section. Luke Docker

Battle on Ice Berg Three

Ice Berg Three is a Frozen planet on Mon Calamari's Secture. The squad was making sure
Xlarge cwa moncalacampaign 05 06july2011 kmcnair

Iceberg Three

that ice berg three is clear if the enemy get past here they would be able to attack Mon Calamari, the team can't let that happen, we got into our ship and left Kamino immediately. As soon as they arrived they saw an old republic base that wasn't been used after the galactic wars.they are able to make it start running again.(I'll finish thus tomorrow) -Squadleader Racer)

Special Units

Special Units focus on a prime skill, These special Units are classified by their skill. For example Thane **** ******** is an Assassin or Blade Trooper focusing on stealth and melee combat. EliteMarine Turbo is a heavy weapons Specialist and focuses on heavy weapons and injury tolerance. Each specialist is Trained to peak Mental and Physical Peak.

Ranking And Units.

The way we rank is different from regular CWA ranking. It is more like real ranking. The ranks begin with a Private. Marines also have different MOS as well. (More coming soon).

Semper Fi!

Jedi General

Derek Skywalker icon
Derek Skywalker
Anakin gear 2

Leader of UNSC Legion

Squadleader Racer iconSquadleader Racer (Deceased)

High Ranked officials

Vasco Gomes iconColonel Vasco Gomes

Luke Docker iconFirst Captain Luke DockerLuke Docker icon 2

Raxxum iconCaptain Raxxum Gelvan(AWOL)(DECEASED)

Commander Spike iconFirst Lieutenant Commander Spike(Retired)

Thane Sentinel iconSecond Lieutenant **** ******** (DECEASED)

Jaller Racer iconGunnery Sergeant Jaller Racer(DECEASED)

Cold Scoutsniper iconMaster Sergeant Cold Scoutsniper

Marl iconGunnery Sergeant AlphaMarl Photoline(M.I.A.)(Found)
501st jetpack trooper

Elitemarine Turbo iconGunnery Sergeant Elitemarine Turbo

Image20120512-12-27-10Gunnery Sergeant Dogma Primerazor (AWOL)

Xavier thorten icon
Sergeant Xavier Thorten (Caesar Hawkens)
Commander fox armor

Gladiator4 teck
Sergeant Gladiator4 Teck

Colt icon Sergeant Commander Colt141 (M.I.A.)

Private Shockwave iconStaff Sergeant Private Shockwave(AWOL)(Deceased)

Sergeant Flamberge(AWOL)
Clone-commander-neyo detail

Dyyz TransdancerCorporal Dyyz Transdancer(M.I.A)

Jessica Jackson iconJessica Jackson(M.I.A)

Sarah Amadale iconSarah Amadale

Katie RacerKatie Racer (DECEASED)

Komodo5 iconStalker Komodo5 (AWOL)

Zicod rook icon
Private Zicod Rook

Corporal Whiteman iconCorporal Whiteman

Corporal Walker
Corporal Walker(Captain Echo now)


Corporal Kole Kleezstinger(M.I.A)

Corporal Ryan Forcemove(M.I.A)

The UNSC Leaders

The UNSC is comprised of men and women from all over the galaxy. It has many divisions of it's military that can be seen listed below followed by the leader of each.
UNSC Legion

-22nd UNSC Legion -Squadleader RacerDirector Racer Director (K.I.A)

-Republic UNSCM Special Forces -Vasco GomesVasco Gomes icon Colonel

-Republic UNSCN Fleet -GrandAdmiral FarewalkerGhost Farewalker icon GrandAdmiral(AWOL)

-Republic UNSCA Ghost Recon (Wanted new Leader)

-Republic UNSC Protection -Jessica JacksonJessica Jackson icon(M.I.A)

-Republic UNSC Medical Service -CPLRusty Layman(M.I.A)

-Republic UNSC Intelligence Agency -**** ********Thane Sentinel iconSpecial Agent(M.I.A)(AWOL)

-Republic UNSC Arf Squadron -Commander SpikeCommander Spike icon First Lieutenant(Retired)

UNSC Leader Squad

Director RacerDirector Racer has left the UNSCM Special Forces (Havoc Squad) to lead the entire UNSC legion. He is in charge of all forces.

Gladiator Units(Glad units)

These skilled Commandos are made up of Gladiator1, Gladiator2, Gladiator3, and Gladiator4. (names classified)

Marine 1st Recon Team


Ranks of phase I clones during beginning of war

Colonel Vasco Gomes - Scout Sniper/Recon Team leader.

Gunnery Sergeant Marl Photoline - Support gunner

Master Sergeant Cold - Scout Sniper.

Gunnery Sergeant Turbo - Demolotions Expert.

Marine 2nd Recon Team.

1st Lieutenant Luke Docker - Recon Team Leader.

2nd Lieutenant T**** ******* - Pointmen.

Staff Sergeant Cody - Scout Sniper.

Coropral Tanner Hayes - Corpsmen.

Mechanical Engineer Team Five.

Lance Coropral Marn Silverroller Head Mechanical Engineer.

Lance coropral Xhal astralbomb - Mechanical Engineer.

Private Bek SilverMace - Mechanical Engineer.

All None member troopers are part of this group.

Marine 22nd Infantry Regiment.


Private Emblem

Field Commander Racer - Regiment Leader/Field Officer.

Jedi General Lexi Dio - Jedi Knight/Classified.

Staff Sergeant Colt141 - Riflemen

Coropral Rise - Riflemen

Coropral Thion adepttrace - Riflemen

Coropral Airstrike - Riflemen

Lance Coropral Peppers - Pointmen/Breacher.

Private 1st Class Jaxer - Riflemen

Private lan - Riflemen

Coropral Marn Silveroller - Riflemen(Demoted for editing the squad page.)

All Members are part of this group.

{C Republic UNSCN Fleet

Navy Seals



Republic UNSCA Armed Forces

Ghost Recon Team Alpha

Ghost Recon Team Bravo


Specialists Vasco Gomes: Elite Republic Commando

Unit **** ********: Infiltration and Elimination.(DECEASED)

"Some people left because of Cold and Vas left the UNSC, But Most of us Stayed, and we will not fall into Separatist Hands. Long live the UNSC!"



The Republic UNSCM Special Forces does not fight alone, we also have many allies throughout the galaxy to prevent our enemies trying to win the war.

1.Mandalorian Guild

2. ********* **** ********* ( CORRUPT DATA )

3.Minions of the force

4.Guards of the Empress

5.Jessica Jackson Protection

6.The Gladers

7. ******** **** ******** *** ( CLASSIFIED EYES ONLY.)

8.Republic UNSCN Fleet (Branch of squad)

9.Republic UNSCA Armed Forces (Branch of squad)

10.Black Creed Sniper Unit

11.Rafi Arccaster's Squad

12. Republic UNSC Medical Service (Branch of squad)

13. Republic UNSC Intelligence Agency ( Branch of Squad)

Sincerity SquadLeader Racer

Other Resources for use:

Luke Docker has created a wiki website for writing stories about characters from the saga or characters you have created. It is a site for anything Star Wars. There is a news section and has many videos including full episodes of the Clone Wars. The site can be used to help this squad and have more places to list regulations, missions, members, etc. The site is called:
Wiki logo 4

Star Wars Story wiki

SWS wiki wordmark 2
CWA Military Squads Wiki


These squad members work at Ryloth Command. They operate and monitor the Nuclear Facility. They run tests, study life forms, research, and invent new weapons for the squad.

AlphaMarl Photoline

Tanner Hayes

Jaller Racer

Raxxum Gelvan

Weapons and Gear(more info coming soon)
Army Gear

Republic UNSC Army Gear

Marine gear

Marine Gear


-Ryloth Command(Huge Elite Base)-Owned by Luke Docker

Luke overseeing training

Luke overseeing training of troopers on Vas's cruiser.

-Fast Command Cruiser-Owned by Vasco Gomes

-Kamino Command-Owned by Squadleader Racer

-Victorious Battalion Base-Owned by Gladiator1 Vasco

-Calm Grassland Retreat-Owned by Luke Docker(Serves as safe house)

More Military bases added soon.


Kamino Command Is the Largest Base that any squad can afford, It has many features including a Training arena for new members of the team, a, Medical Center, Barracks, Command center, a Hanger, a Prison, a Diving

Kamino Command from afar.

ramps, Mess hall, and many more.
Luke Docker at a Landing Zone

Racer and sentinel at Kamino command's hallway

Luke Docker as a mercenary:
Luke Docker Mercenary outfit
Command ccenter

Kamino Command's Command Center

Captain Breaker
Luke Docker 6

Luke Docker

This is kondog listening to this troops.
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The guy crouching: Ryan in battle on the juma 9

The Havoc Squad taking out Droid Boarding party.

War Games

Luke watching for enemy activity while play war games

Luke watching for enemy activity during the games. As you can see he is not wearing a helmet, so he is on the "no-helmets team.

War Games is a training exercise frequently used by special forces personnel. Most of these training sessions occur in the Umbara glitch of FieldCommander Racer's lot. There are 2 teams. One usually has the generals in it, and the others has the lower ranking marines. They face each other in combat through out the area. The goal is to stay alive and kill all who come near you. Your blasters are loaded with stun rounds so nobody will be seriously injured. Marines hide all around the map waiting for their prey to come or they go find their prey and strike.


-All kills must be announced via world chat. After you have shot the person, you may then announce on squad chat that they have been eliminated. Example: -aims and shoots Luke-

-Once killed you must exit the lot immediately. You may listen to squad chat and see who is getting killed.

-Teams are usually identified by helmets. One team will be wearing helmets, the other will not be.

-When you are shot, if you say that you blocked or something and argue with the shooter, then you will be removed from the squad.

(More rules may be added by approved users.)

Capture the Flag

Luke Docker in medic gear

Luke wearing medic gear in front of the Blue base.

Capture the Flag was a game mode first played on December 20, 2012 by the marines at Luke Docker's Shrouded Arena. The lot is symmetrical consisting of 2 identical buildings which house the flag, one red and one blue. There are turrets and a road which will be utilized during game play. The squad will split into 2 teams. A red team and a blue team. Light orbs of corresponding colors serve as flags.


Luke Docker playing Capture the Flag

-Once the game is started, to kill someone you must win in a PVP duel against them. Players are required to accept challenge invites or else they will be removed from game.

-In the event of a player losing a duel, they will respawn back in their respective bases.

-The usage of mounts is not permitted in CTF.

-If you make it to a flag and intend to bring the flag back to your base thereby scoring, you must announce that you are taking the flag over squad or world chat.

-Players will have 5 lives per round.

-Once a new round starts, new rules can be instated if deemed necessary.

CWA Military Squads Wiki and Star Wars Story Wiki

You can find other information regarding the squad including a recruitment and training page, you can visit the CWA Military Squads Wiki . Another wiki with info on MARSOC among other things is the Star Wars Story Wiki.

CWA Military Squads Wiki
Star wars story wiki wordmark

The CWA Marines' Archives


The Republic Marine Havoc Squad was a very successful and respected squad serving in the Clone Wars Adventures  After the success of that marine squad under the command of Squadleader Racer, the marines decided to take it one step forward and create the 22nd UNSC Legion.

The UNSC Legion was the biggest and most effective squad in CWA History. The legion was comprised of over 1,000 players from all over the world, all working together under the same name.The legion has several different squads in it, resembling branches of the military. They each had their respective leaders. It prospered for almost a year. The squad slowly began to decline as Racer's leadership skills were lacking. Racer was eventually replaced with a more adequate leader named Vasco Gomes. Vasco demonstrated exceptional performance in tactics and training operations making the squad even more powerful. However, the damage to the squad had already been done.

As of June 2012, The UNSC collapsed. Player after player kept leaving after the legion was branded not ready for field operations after failing training. Countless other reasons contributed to the exodus as well. Eventually only few of the high ranked officers remained. Some of those officers included the following; Alpha130 ColdLine, Elitemarine Turbo, Commander Spike, Luke Docker, AlphaMarl Photoline, and **** ********.

Vasco Gomes then went on to lead a new squad of marines entitled MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command). Commander Spike did not make it past the conversion before he left as well. With only around 20-30 people in the squad, they became the elite. They were the most highly trained soldier in-game because of their life-like training sessions. The training was not only on obstacle courses but in combat zones, they would practice different tactics and maneuvers to get the upper hand on the enemy. This also better prepared them for PvP arenas that were expected to come out sometime in December.

After the unit had been training for months and also carrying out missions, a new game was released persuading many marines to leave the game. The game was Planetside 2. Many marines either left for good, or only came back once in a while. Now the marines were scarce.

Colonel Vasco Gomes and Luke Docker were unable to play Planetside 2 and were forced to think of an alternative now that they had lost several marines. They decided to pull out as many marines as they could from Planetside 2 to come back to CWA. They were going to use CWA for training exercises and socializing or downtime and use Star Wars: Battlefront II for missions. This was all sorted out on November 30, 2012.

The marines were still few, however they were still highly trained and still somewhat together. On December 7, 2012 Luke Docker and Fieldmarine Cold both executed an operation in Battlefront II together for the first time. this was the first of many squad missions to come. The server they use was called MARSOC Tactical.

Also on December 7th, the squad MARSOC recieved many of it's past members back although AlphaMarl Photoline was still MIA and had been for approximately 4 months. 2 days later on December 9th, 2012 Luke and Sarah Amadale were to be married. As Luke and the marines prepared for the ceremony, Marl came online. He had returned.

Soon after, PVP and crafting were added to the game. The marines moved on to perfect their skills in PVP duels as well as their original training exercises. Summer 2013, the marines formed a new military organization called The United Armed Forces, which was a suitable replacement for the UNSC as it also contained multiple branches of the military. The squad's numbers boomed as more squads were formed under the UAF name.

The marines worked together until sadly, CWA was shutdown on March 31, 2014. They had been fighting side by side for years. They had spent so much time together and formed incredible bonds. The marines would stay in contact through wikis and eventually find a new game to carry out operations. However, nothing could replace the amazing times they shared in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.

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