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Ren Ion Zenolian


Sentient/Reptillian-Mammal Hybrid





  • Modern
  • Ancient

Galactic Standard Basic

Height of Average Adult

2.1 meters

Skin Color

Pale white to dark grey

Hair color

  • Brown
  • White
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Crimson


Mammal/Human-like qualities, Reptillian-like qualities, glowing eyes, slightly pointed ears, sharp canines, height

Average Lifespan

Approximately 1,500 years (Some times Zenolians can live longer than 2,000)


  • Dark-Moonians
  • Cryonic Zenolians
  • Pyronic Zenolians
  • Zetalions
  • Zanalions
  • Zenalions
  • Kreshalonians
  • Revolver Zenolians
  • Alpha Zenolians
  • Zenolian-Sith Hybrids

Famous members

  • Dexterious Ionix
  • Omni Ion
  • Paradox Ion
  • Elizabeth Ion
  • Xerxes Ion
  • Xizzle Ion
  • Ren Ion
  • Josh Ion
  • Sarria Ion
  • Kyle Ion
  • Blood Ion
  • Zorua Ion
  • Leumas (Ion) Lietsleknif
  • Gathe (Ion) Sharpmelder
  • Thorun Ordo
  • Jarek Osari
  • Xendor Voidneedler
  • Cay Neurodrifter
  • Barholomew Ion
  • Marrek Ion
  • Malek Kriya (Kri'Uz)
  • Spectra Phantom
  • Ben Drago


Zenolians are the main species of Zeno. They are humanoid-like aliens. They have a variety of coloured skins which range from black to pure white. Pupils in a Zenolian's eye slightly glow. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth and a semi-reptillian tongue. The four main fangs within a Zenolian's mouth have lethal venom inside. They are also quite tall -usually from 1.5-2.9. They can slighty change appearance to look like other humanoids such as humans, Zabraks, Twi'leks, and Pantorans. They do not lose any of their individual look, such as eyecolour, height, etc. An average Zenolian's lifespan is around 1,500 years. Zenolians are barely recognizable by age - due to their long lifespan. Most Zenolians have hair - the colour of which is usually black, grey, purple, white, brown, orange, or red. Zenolians can only be found on Zeno, its four moons, and the 109 planets revolving around Zeno. Due to Ren joining the Republic in 21 BBY; and traveling across the galaxy as the Republic's Grand Admiral, multiple Zenolians have been spotted throughout the galaxy.

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