Commander Nitro was a clone Commander during the Clone Wars and served in Shadow Squad for a long time with James Lightsider and Crow Shadowhawk, many times over. Nitro lead the 22th speeder bike division and took point on most scout missions that he was sent on. Other times, he was the heavy weapon expert for the team. Nitro was one of the few clones who did not follow order 66 or the Empire.


Early Life

In his early life, Nitro only had his CT-number, up to the time of when he stole the training speeder on account of a dare from clone trooper slicer. After the speeder was stolen, Nitro rammed it into a wall with great speed and force, leaving a massive hole in the wall. After this incident his training commander called him Nitro because of it.

Bravery in Battle

Nitro used to serve with Commander Cody, but after the first battle of Geonosis was promoted to commander for an act of bravery. He got rewarded with the Republic star of courage for destroying around fifty super battle droids on his own with three rotary cannons, and his vibroknife. After he got the 22th devision he served with Jedi General James Lightsider and fought on the battle of Mustafar, the battle of the outer rim station, and many other key battles that followed them.


One day, about three years after Clone Wars had begun, half of Nitro's men betrayed him and James Lightsider, and took over the Shadow squad moon base in the mid rim, Nitro had to take back the station by killing his men. In doing so got he chose to use a lightsider, though he got injured and removed from battle further on. Once he had taken back the station, James was taken to a medical base on Coruscant and he was removed removed from duty in the Clone Wars. Nitro has not been the same after that battle, but served with the Shadow squad after the loss of his men.

Life afterwards

Nitro has been in few battles since then, but planned to get back his command over the 22th battle division someday. He was stationed on the moon base, where he once fought, and is in charge of security and the planning of the bases operations.