Hello, my name is Counselor Daken!


It is nice to meet you. My past is like many others. I was born on Naboo and had many friends. We liked to read comics and pretend we were Jedi™. When I went to school, I wanted to be an artist. I drew and painted many things to the point where I was being paid for it.
However, when the Droid™ Army invaded Naboo, I knew that my life as an artist had ended. My house had been destroyed, but also, my focus in life changed. I knew that injustice like this cannot stand! After the Droid Invasion had been pushed back from Naboo, I joined the Republic Army and became a soldier. After some time, my leadership skills and talent for giving advice to soldiers (and even some Jedi) caught the attention of Captain Panaka, and on his advice, I became a Counselor. Now, I help Soldiers, Jedi, and anyone else in the effort to get rid of and defeat the Separatist Confederacy once and for all!

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