Begin transmission...


This is Counselor Darmok reporting from Coruscant. It is an honor to serve the Republic here on the capital planet in our galaxies core. Being stationed here allows me to help keep things running smoothly. If you should ever have a problem, please feel free to send me a transmission and I shall look into your issue with all the resources of the Republic that are available to me.

When I am not attending to my duties I like to watch a Pod Race™ or catch a good band at the local cantina. I also like to enjoy eating. The city-planet of Coruscant offers many fine eating establishments including a very famous diner. Whether I am at work or at play, Coruscant is definitely my kind of planet.

I look forward to serving the Republic and you. I am standing by if you should need me.

Counselor Darmok out

...end transmission.

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