Greetings, I am Counselor Raveynna.


I wasn't always a Counselor, though. I was just Raveynna when I was born, right here on Coruscant. My father and mother were both employed at the Galactic Museum, and I would spend my evenings after school listening to them discuss the history they worked with every day. It was fascinating, hearing about all the worlds that were part of the Republic, and the fact that we lived in the focus of Galactic politics meant that every day when I was being shuttled to school, I would get to see people from those different worlds.

As I grew, I became more interested in helping the people I saw every day, in all their forms. The Senate didn't feel like an option, mostly because, and this seems very silly, I have a terrible fear of heights. I don't have a problem in a shuttle, or anything with walls surrounding me, but an open floating platform in the Senate building? I don't think I could handle it!

So I became a Counselor. I don't have to worry about heights, I have a faithful R2 unit™ to help me, and I get to help people from across the Galaxy, like you!

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