EliteMarine ColdLine Is a Clone Arc Trooper his real name A - 130. The A in his name stands for Alpha which he was originally part of the 22nd Alpha Arc unit which was eliminated after the first battle of geonosis he is the last survivor of the 22nd and he has been transfered numerous times to different units such as the 42nd marines and the 104th Marines he has been transfered again but his current Unit is Classified According to the Republic Government. A - 130 was a little incovenient so they called him flash to start since the battle of the Under City( located under the jedi temple) as an Airborne unit which we believe was the 42nd at the time after him and a few other troops such as A-132 Marl, A133 wex and A-20 Kavar. After that battle A-130 ColdLine was transfered to the Ship The Destroyer where him and the great Admiral Red fought the great "sarro Rebellion War " which was fought by the left overs of the 42nd newly formed Echo Squad' which was a special republic Task force in a join operation with The Legendary Arc Squad. Later on A-130 was tran sfered to the ELITE GHOST SQUAD which was a sabotage squad. ELITE GHOST SQUAD was stationed on ryloth a-130 got a new nick name their when he stealthed killed over 48 Twilek Rebels. Soon after he was part of a unit called BLACK FOREST a republic unit believing in finding ancient sith and destroying them. Currently A-130 has gained a new nick name as his fellow troops call him "ColdLine" or cold for short since he always got Cold easily he is now believed to be part of a Top secret Shadow Trooper Sniper Regiment and unknown sources say he may be part of the 501st Havoc Squad. In the Future the Government Plans on using the Left Overs of his unit to crush any new enemies that come to the republic.