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Gram Alnin




For Gram


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434 BBY, Corellia


34 ABY, Millennium Falcon, Crait

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1.95 meters


85 kilograms

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Brown; Gray by 28 ABY

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Fitch Stetson (mentor)

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Thruster Company

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I Work Alone

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"Do, or do not. There is no try. You must believe that you can succeed, or all that effort will go to waste."
―Gram Alnin

Gram Alnin was a Corellian Jedi Master who served on the Jedi Council in the final centuries of the Old Republic. A skilled Lightsaber duelist and tactician, serving in battles on Geonosis, Christophsis, Teth, Felucia, and Umbara, and the leader of the elite, Thruster Company, Alnin was a respected Jedi Master of the Old Republic and the Clone Wars.


Early Life

Gram was brought to the Temple 434 BBY. As a youngling, Alnin trained under Jedi Master Yoda, along with the many other padawans of his age. As a child, Alnin showed much interest in machines, specifically with starfighters and tower defenses, as he grew older he also displayed a large interest in saber techniques. While originally scheduled to receive a proper master, Alnin's main Jedi teacher was Yoda.

Throughout his training, Alnin struggled with controlling his anger and frustration in difficult situations. Fearing it would encourage the Dark Side to influence his judgement, he made great efforts in learning how to prevent impaired judgement as a result of his impatience. With the assistance of Jedi Master Fitch Stetson, Yoda taught Alnin the technique of stepping back momentarily and view a dilemma as a whole, weighing all factors and considering all leads, rather than continue to work through it at the center. Stetson became a role model for Alnin as he advanced through his training and he employed many of his teachings during missions, many of which were alongside Stetson.

Mission to Carreras Major


Seesol Che and Gram Alnin (far left) among the restoration team at Rakurb.

"I appreciate your honesty and your respect for both me and the Order, but I don't want to jeopardize our careers."
"Even if they've been changed forever?"
"No matter what happens, we have each other. A relationship like ours is only forbidden when it compromises a Jedi's judgement. When it doesn't, it can be one's greatest asset."
―Seesol Che and Gram Alnin speak in private before departing Carreras Major

Alnin was knighted at age 18 and was anxious to receive his own missions of peacekeeping and diplomacy. As he learned of the basics of such missions from other Jedi, he fell in love with one of his fellow Knights, Seesol Che, who often studied with him. While he was aware that the Order frowned upon attachment and personal relationships, he had difficulty dismissing the strong feelings he felt for her.

Eventually, Alnin and Che were assigned a mission together with three other Knights and two Masters. The mission's focus was a restoration effort for the poor community of Rakurb on the backwater planet of Carreras Major. Between negotiating with the local Shifala officials and working with the community, Alnin and Che spent much time together with the other Knights. One night, while they were alone, Alnin professed his true feelings for his friend. Che gave a mixed response, taken aback that he would develop such an attachment, especially for her. She denied what he felt for her, reminding him of their duty to the Order and avoided social interaction with him for a while.

As the mission continued, the local government began to show signs of inequity when dealing with the people of their poorer towns. Wookiee Master Fonzaareli suspected that the main leaders were guilty of corruption and embezzlement and had the Knights keep a diligent eye out for instances of this during their work. Knight Tress Emery also found evidence of misplaced profits in the government's files, so Alnin and Che worked closely with her to expose the cause of some of the poverty.

Through questioning and undercover investigation, the Jedi traced the source of the corruption to the highest positions of the Shifala community and had those bureaucrats removed from power. Realizing Alnin's determination over the course of the investigation, Che spoke with him in private and apologized for not accepting his emotions, having great admiration for his honesty and admitting that they both had the utmost focus on their responsibilities to the Jedi Order. Alnin gratefully agreed with her and the two would remain close friends for years to come.

Becoming a Master and Padawan Training

Card C.-Gram Alnin

Roughly over a decade after he was knighted, Alnin became a Jedi Master. In the numerous decades following becoming a master, Alnin took up training of padawans many times, the last of which was the Zeltron, Katline Primestar. While constantly seeking thrill and adventure rather than training in the Temple, "Kat" was possibly one of Alnin's greatest students, showing skill in both study and saber techniques.

Mid Life


Gram in meditation.

While nearing the age of 100, Alnin used his strong connection with the Force to retain a rather youthful stature. Shortly after the Jedi Master Beldorion left the Order, Alnin was considered the second greatest Jedi in the entire Order, next to master Yoda. Nearly 200 years later, Yoda and Alnin, along with other Jedi Masters of that time, discovered that the shape of the Force had begun to flux, becoming murky and uncertain. Studying the perplexing mystery in silent meditation, the Jedi High Council, of which both Yoda and Alnin were now senior members, was unanimous; the power of the dark side was growing. While the Council and the other Jedi believed this indicated the growing power of the Sith or other dark-siders, Yoda put forth the possibility that the darkening of the Force might suggest the imminent approach of the Chosen One, which prophecy said would bring balance to the Force.

Invasion of Naboo


Alnin's Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor

In 32 BBY, the Galactic Senate passed legislation that called for the taxation of trade routes to outlying systems, in an attempt to weaken the ever-expanding Trade Federation, which had grown increasingly powerful; to the point that it had its own Senate delegation and easily 'persuaded' Republic weapons inspectors to overlook the arming of the Federation's shipment vessels into lethal battleships. As such, the Federation created an invasion force of battle droids, in addition to their growing fleet of warships, and in protest of the Senate's legislation, blockaded the small world of Naboo. Queen Padmé Amidala of Naboo implored the help of the Republic, and as such, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum asked Yoda and the Council to send Jedi to negotiate with the Trade Federation, as ambassadors of the Republic. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi returned to the Temple with much to report to the High Council. In addition to this supposed Chosen One, Qui-Gon brought news of the return of the Sith; while he and the Queen's entourage had been preparing to depart the planet of Tatooine after having their damaged ship repaired, what appeared to be a Sith Lord confronted the Jedi Master in a lightsaber duel. After hearing this, Gram accompanied the party back to Naboo, where he partook in the battle, and briefly encountered the mysterious Sith apprentice, Darth Maul. (To be Expanded)

Separatist Crisis

1000px-Chancellors Suite

The Jedi and Palpatine discussing the recent rise of Dooku's Separatist movement.

By 22 BBY, many planets, systems and corporations had or had began to withdraw from the Republic. In addition, and particularly troubling for the Jedi, especially Yoda and Gram, the disillusioned former Jedi Count Dooku, who had once studied under Yoda and was a close friend of Gram, was leading these Separatists. Upon making his way to Kamino, Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that a massive army of clones was being created; apparently, on the orders of the late Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. Kenobi reported this to Masters Mace Windu, Alnin, and Yoda, the senior members of the Council, who had had no knowledge of a clone army. Obi-Wan felt certain that the template of the clone army, a bounty hunter named Jango Fett, was the same bounty hunter who had been involved in the attempts on Senator Amidala's life. After Kenobi's second report and Emergency Powers were granted to Palpatine, Alnin and Windu responded by taking what Jedi were at the Temple to Geonosis to free Kenobi, Skywalker, and Amidala.

Geonosis and start of the Clone War

Jedi circle

The remains of the Jedi rescue team, overwhelmed and surrounded, in the Geonosis arena.

Windu, Alnin and the Jedi were confronted by a huge droid army under the command of Count Dooku, with only a handful surviving, when, with the rank of General, Yoda arrived with a contingent of the new clone army. Yoda and Alnin commanded the forces of the Republic, before feeling a disturbance in the Force.

Master Yoda and Alnin arrived in a hangar to confront Dooku, after he had grievously wounded Skywalker and Kenobi. After deflecting Dooku's Force powers, among which was Force Lightning, they both realized that Dooku had turned to the dark side of the Force, becoming a Sith Lord. A lightsaber duel began between the three and, while overpowering Alnin, Yoda almost managed to defeat Dooku, however the Sith Lord used the Force to drop a pillar over Obi-Wan and Anakin. Yoda had to concentrate on stopping the massive construction from crushing the two Jedi, time in which Dooku made his escape.

Card C.-Rare Gram Alnin
Though the Republic won the Battle of Geonosis under the direction of High Generals Yoda and Alnin, many Jedi were killed. More importantly, the one thousand year peace that had existed since the Seventh Battle of Ruusan had ended. Both Jedi sensed that the Clone Wars would be a long and tumultuous period for both the Republic and the Jedi Order itself, and indeed they were, shaking the galaxy to its very core. During the Clone Wars, Gram, along with many other Jedi Masters, was forced to become a general, fighting in various battles for the Republic on worlds across the galaxy.

Jedi General

ThrusterCompany Trooper

A Trooper of Thruster Company in Phase I armor.

Shortly after the initial launch of the war, Gram became a Jedi General, just like numerous other Jedi. And, similar to many other Jedi, a unit of clones was placed under his command. Along with his second-in-command, the strict and ever vigilant Senior Clone Commander Blake, Alnin commanded the 307th Infantry Regiment throughout the war on numerous fronts, frequently with the most elite squad of the regiment, Thruster Company. Packing Thermal Grenades, Rotary blasters, AT-TE and AT-RT walkers, LAAT Gunships, along with the Venator-class Attack Cruiser, Security, Thruster Company was a well-equipped and highly effective clone squad in any battle situation, earning them many commendations throughout the war, though they refused any sort of rewards or medals, believing they did nothing towards the war effort.

Alnin's flagship, the Security.

All troopers of the 307th could be identified by the light green markings on their armor. The Regiment fell under the Third Systems Army in the Grand Army of the Republic, which Alnin also led with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and also contained the 7th Sky Corps, 212th Attack Battalion and 501st Legion. Alnin was offered command of the Second Systems Army, being a High Jedi General, but he refused such a position of power and instead chose a joint command with Kenobi. He often led the Regiment alongside Kenobi and Commander Cody with the 212th, Skywalker and Captain Rex with the 501st, Plo Koon and Commander Wolffe with Wolfpack, Jedi Master Kyle Redbreak and Commander Branch with the 422nd Defense Corps, and many others in numerous battles of the war, liberating Separatist-held planets, besieging countless enemy fortifications and claiming key sectors for the Republic.

Early War Battles

Gram-Defending Assaultship

Alnin defends Republic assault ship Insurance from droid aerial attacks as it departs from Kamino.

Following the battles of Christophsis and Teth, as well as the skirmishes at Naboo and Orto Plutonia, Alnin's main duties were to hold fleet positions and footholds throughout the galaxy, seeing multiple space battles and droid boardings.

Cost of war

One month after the Battle of Geonosis, the Confederate Fleet began making bold advances into Republic territory in a show of strength as Count Dooku attempted to sway neutral planets to the Separatists' cause. Gram Alnin was assigned with the newly christened Seventh Fleet and a handful of other units to push back an advance into the Kriz sector. Unbeknownst to the Republic, the Separatist fleet was under the command of Admiral Trench, a ruthless Harch commander believed to be dead after destroying dozens of Republic cruisers at the Battle of Malastare Narrows.

The Republic and Separatist fleets clashed at the Celestial Wake. Trench's cruisers launched brutal barrages against Alnin's fleet. Alnin retaliated with starfighter runs against Trench's main destroyers while several smaller battles broke out aboard capital ships as well as the nearby space station. While Alnin's command and tactics thwarted many of Trench's maneuvers, many cruisers were destroyed and entire units of clone troopers were wiped out. In the end, a Republic Commando squad was deployed to capture Trench's lead destroyer, Alnin led Thruster Company to take the space station, and the remaining platoons repelled droid boarding parties aboard the Republic Star Destroyers.

Trench was eventually called to withdraw from the Celestial Wake and the Republic claimed the rest of the sector within a week. Alnin was commended for his leadership in the battle, though the Republic's heavy losses took a great toll on him. He realized then how costly the Clone Wars would be and resolved to never forfeit his troops' lives for victory.


"You be listening to the voice of the Confederacy o' Independent Systems. Yer planet, it belongs to us now."
―Whorm Loathsom, to the people of Christophsis

Senator Bail Organa's main goal was to give relief efforts to the refugees on Christophsis.

With the Confederacy and the Galactic Republic already embattled for control of crucial hyperlanes, Christophsis's strategic position on the Corellian Run would allow the Confederacy to cut off Republic forces from the Outer Rim, while at the same time providing a staging point for strikes on the planets Kamino and Rothana, the headquarters of Rothana Heavy Engineering, which provided for the Republic war machine. The Separatists hoped to gain control of the resource-rich world for its supply of crystals, which attracted them as a power source for weaponry. They also sought to capture or kill the prominent Republic Senator Bail Prestor Organa, who was on the planet with a city-based refugee camp as part of a behind-enemy-lines effort authorized by the Galactic Senate.

With their defense breaking rapidly, Christophsian citizens contacted the Jedi High Council requesting aid for their efforts. In response to the increasingly dire situation, the Council sent High Jedi Generals Alnin and Kenobi with Kyle Redbreak and Anakin Skywalker to assist the Christophsians' defense against the invasion and to provide relief supplies for Organa's effort. The Jedi were outfitted with only a small team of clone trooper detachments from the 212th Battalion, 307th Regiment and 501st Legion due to the reportedly small amounts of Separatist forces on the planet, which was why reclaiming the planet was expected to be an easy mission.

Skywalker, Redbreak and the recently appointed Admiral Wullf Yularen were dispatched to the system with a task force of three Star Destroyers with Kenobi, Alnin, CC-2224 and CC-2298—nicknamed "Cody" and "Blake," respectively—were to follow just behind.

Trench's Blockade

"The last time I saw that symbol...let's just say I lost a lot of good men that day...I have seen his work firsthand. A corporate fleet was blockading Malastare, a fleet led by Trench. That's why I recognized his tactics. He tore our ships apart. We barely escaped with our lives. In the end, a Jedi-led task force moved in to settle the matter. Trench's ship was destroyed, and we assumed he went down with it."
"Are you sure it's him?"
"It's possible. Not every captain goes down with his ship."
―Yularen informs Skywalker of his experience with Trench (Listen) (Listen2)

Separatist Harch Admiral Trench.

Upon arrival at Christophsis, Skywalker, Redbreak, Yularen, and their fleet of three Venator-class Star Destroyers engaged the Separatist blockade in battle, despite a previous order from Kenobi not to. However, the Republic forces were quickly outnumbered by the veteran Harch admiral Trench's fleet. As the situation on the surface became desperate, Organa contacted Skywalker and Redbreak's fleet informing him the local resistance force was low on food, water and munitions. But the senator's transmission was soon cut off as the Consular and Resolute were hit heavily by Trench's command ship. The rain of Separatist fire also destroyed one of the Republic's Pelta-class supply ships, which caused Skywalker and Redbreak to order all reactors to be overfired in an effort to smash past the blockade. Just then, however, Alnin and Kenobi emerged from hyperspace aboard the Negotiator and ordered them to withdraw from their attack. On the insistence of Yularen, Skywalker reluctantly had the Republic's transports retreat behind the nearby moon.

Stealth Mission

Anakin: "That's some trick. So I assume scanners can't detect it."
Obi-Wan: "As far as we know, but this is the first real field test."
Anakin: "That's encouraging."
Gram: "We figured you'd be up to the challenge."
―Anakin, Obi-Wan and Gram discussing the Stealth ship

The Prototype stealth ship provided to Kenobi.

Once there, Skywalker and Redbreak traveled to see the new "toy" the High Generals had brought. With his frustration at his recent retreat, Anakin was not enthusiastic to find an empty hangar where Gram and Obi-Wan were standing. But with Kenobi's command, a large, experimental Stealth ship suddenly uncloaked in front of them. Their first impression was that it was to be used to discretely outmaneuver the enemy blockade, but Gram and Obi-Wan informed them that it was the only of its kind and Anakin was to use it to sneak past the blockade to deliver relief supplies to Senator Organa on the surface.

Meanwhile, Yularen had felt a shiver during the previous battle at the familiarity of the fleet commander's tactics and the symbol that the Providence-class destroyer, the Invincible, bore. He performed research which confirmed his fears: The leader of the Separatist blockade was Admiral Trench, whom he had personally fought in the Battle of Malastare Narrows. Concerned by his findings, Yularen requested that Skywalker postpone his departure and joined his General on the Negotiator, where the stealth ship was being loaded with the relief supplies for Organa. Yularen reported his suspicions and, because he had seen the Admiral's work first-hand, volunteered himself as a consort to Skywalker's mission; he believed that he could be of service to Skywalker during the inevitable encounter that they would have with Trench's cunning. Skywalker accepted Yularen's offer and prepared the ship for departure.

Once the ship came around the moon, it became fully cloaked and began to sneak its way past the blockade with Anakin at the helm. However, with the Republic fleet temporarily subdued, Trench decided to draw them out from behind the moon back onto the battlefield. With reports that local resistance on Christophsis was wavering, the admiral ordered a squadron of Hyena-class Bombers to hit Organa's command center. Skywalker, Yularen and the Stealth ship were directly in the bombers' path, but the Jedi allowed the vessel to drift and the bombers passed by the ship without detection. But the bombers successfully bombed Organa's position, and Kenobi and Alnin contacted Skywalker ordering him to continue with his relief mission while they kept the fleet occupied. But Yularen objected stating it was a trap that Trench had established and Skywalker decided to attack Trench's flagship in order to more easily break the blockade. He cut off Kenobi's reprimand and moved the ship to attack position. Just as Trench grew suspicious of the Republic's tactics, Skywalker uncloaked the ship and launched several torpedoes at the Invincible's bridge. The torpedoes phased off of the command ship's thermal shields and Trench soon learned, with a spread of laser fire, that a Jedi was indeed in command of the cloaked ship.

After Trench dispatched an open-frequency message to Skywalker, Kenobi, Alnin and Redbreak were contacted again regarding the admiral's message. They had done research and found that Trench had indeed encountered and defeated cloaked ships before. But with none of them being as small as their vessel, Skywalker devised a plan for defeating Trench once and for all. Despite further protests from the Jedi masters, he moved in for another attack, which gave Trench the opportunity to fire tracking torpedoes that locked onto the ship's magnetic signature. While this worried Yularen, Skywalker's plan was set in motion. He then flew the Stealth ship directly at Trench's cruiser, disabling the cloaking device and diverting all power to the engines, with the tracking torpedoes still on their trail. As he neared closer, Trench was unable to raise his command ship's shields as they were still charging. The Harch Admiral then met his fate as Skywalker led the missiles to hit the Invincible's bridge head on, crippling the entire ship.

With Trench out of the way, Skywalker and Yularen finally delivered the supplies to Bail Organa on the surface while Alnin, Kenobi, Redbreak and General SpaceDreamer moved in to break through the remnants of Trench's fleet with an attack force consisting of the Resolute, Security, Negotiator, Consular and Memorable.

Surface Attack

After breaking through the remnants on Trench's blockade, Alnin, Kenobi, Redbreak and SpaceDreamer joined Skywalker on the surface to push back the remaining Separatist forces on the planet. They had originally planned to thin out a majority of their forces with an ambush at two Christophsisian buildings side by side. The operation would be handled by Gram, Anakin and Obi-Wan while Generals Kyle and Jennifer would defend the Republic base as it was under construction. The droids began to advance on their position as the Jedi took up positions. Gram and Obi-Wan took position in the South tower while Anakin held in the North. But once the droids reached the buildings, they had been equipped with tanks and were moving in three separate directions. As the Jedi began to suspect a flaw in their plan, droids suddenly burst through their ranks and the mission had to be aborted.

Once Anakin and his group arrived in the South Tower, they cleared a path to a turbolift through which the remaining groups to evacuate. They were extracted via LAAT Gunship, procuring the head of a Tactical Droid for answers. At the Republic Base, the Jedi and Clone Officers analyzed the droid brain, but discovered little. Alnin, Kenobi and Skywalker concluded that the leak of Intel must have come from within their own ranks and decided to sneak behind enemy lines and infiltrate the Separatist command post. The Jedi also reminded the officers that the spy could be any one of their men, so the mission was to be kept strictly confidential.

As the trio progressed to the Separatist headquarters, they soon discovered that the Droid Army was already aware of their presence. They discerned, especially upon seeing the unguarded base, that their mission was a trap. Gaining entrance to the upper levels of the converted 23-story mansion, they encountered Asajj Ventress and engaged her in a lengthy Lightsaber duel. As they did, they realized that she was keeping them away from the Republic Base so that the traitor could act almost completely freely. The Ventress led them to the balcony, where the Jedi witnessed hundreds of Battle Droid reinforcements, outfitted with Octuptarra Droids and Persuader-class Tanks, arriving on the planet. They continued to duel Ventress aboard a falling Octuptarra until they managed to land on STAPs to escape.

They returned to the base to find their weapons depot almost completely destroyed and that Clone Sergeant Slick was the Separatist informant, captured by Cody, Blake and Rex. Slick expressed his disgust with the Jedi's enslavement of his brothers and was attempting to liberate them. As he was escorted away, the Clones reported that they were able to salvage the AV-7 Heavy Cannons from the weapons depot. They were then ordered to prepare for a full-scale Separatist assault.

Second Wave

Obi-Wan: "I told you this victory was too easy. We never should have sent the ship back for supplies."
Anakin: "It wasn't my idea to send the ship back."
Gram: "We'll have to do with what we have now. All right, men, second wave incoming."
Anakin: "Rex, you and your men follow me."
Gram: "Blake, move the rest of the walkers up."
Obi-Wan: "Cody, battle positions!"
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gram Alnin and Anakin Skywalker argue while preparing for battle

(To be expanded)

Jedi War Council

In the months following the Battle of Geonosis, Alnin realized that the Jedi needed a governing body to handle the specifics of the war, lest the Order begin to resemble a military. He reasoned with Yoda and was granted permission to form the Jedi War Council, a group of some of the Order's most experienced minds to make tactical decisions while the main Jedi Council handled major actions, including reporting to the Senate.

This led Alnin to become a major tactician in the Republic Army, serving as an organizer and campaign strategist for both Outer Rim Command and the Special Operations Brigade. He often worked alongside Jedi Master Arligan Zey, Director of Special Forces, and Captain Breaker, an Alpha-class ARC Trooper who occasionally served as Alnin's tactical adviser.

Overseeing strategy in the SO Brigade also had Alnin often working with his good friend, Etain Tur-Mukan. The two grew close while serving together as the war went on. Tur-Mukan developed a strong trust for him which she held for almost no other Jedi. Though Alnin never knew of the full extent of her relationship with Commando 1136, she shared much of her personal life with him involving Kal Skirata and his group of Mandalorian sergeants.

Though Alnin was never fully comfortable with the position of military strategist, he felt the War Council had a significant effect on the battlefield and made for efficient tactical planning on the Order's part. It would continue to remain active, with regular meetings, until the war's end.


"If you can not break that blockade by the next planetary rotation, we will have to postpone our invasion."
"The Twi'leks on that planet can't wait forever master. The longer the Techno Union keeps control of Ryloth, the more difficult it'll be to free them."
"I agree, we don't have much time."
―Gram, Anakin, and Mace after Skywalker's fleet's failed attempt to break the blockade
Gram-Ryloth-Clones Fight

Alnin leads his forces on Ryloth.

After commander Mar Tuuk's blockade over Ryloth was broken by Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, Gram, along with Obi-Wan, took Thruster Company and Ghost Company down to the surface of Ryloth to clear out the droid cannons and liberate the small village. After penetrating the droids' outer defenses, Obi-Wan and Gram sent Commander Cody, Lieutenant Lighter, Wooley, Waxer, and Boil to scout ahead. While Waxer and Boil went out of contact, Cody, Lighter, and Wooley reported back that the droids were using the inhabitants of the village as living shields for the cannons. During a following conference with Windu, Kenobi stated that the prisoners would make the mission harder but not impossible.

Unfortunately, a recon droid sent by tactical droid commander TX-20 spied on them. After Cody realized that Waxer and Boil still had not returned, Cody sent a transmission out before the Republic forces moved on. Upon entering the village, Kenobi, Alnin and the clones encountered starved Gutkurrs, who began to attack them. Kenobi and Alnin lured the creatures into an alley with the Force, and Commanders Cody, Blake and the clones shot at a bridge above its entrance, trapping the creatures.

Gram-Ryloth Y-Wing

Alnin's Y-Wing fighters attack Droid proton cannons near a Twi'lek village.

Waxer and Boil then emerged out of an underground tunnel with the young Twi'lek girl Numa, and Kenobi understood why they had been "sidetracked." Kenobi conversed to Numa in Twi'leki and learned that she could lead them to the prisoners. He tasked Cody and Blake with creating a diversion for the droids, while he went with Waxer, Boil and Numa to the underground passages. As Cody and his men distracted the droids, Kenobi and Gram managed to free the Twi'lek hostages, and they fled into the tunnels. Kenobi then took control of a proton cannon while Gram held off the remaining droids, and with the help of Waxer and Boil, he managed to take out the other cannons.

However, a shot from TX-20's tank blasted the three aside. Numa first ran over to the clones and then to Kenobi, all of whom were vulnerable to TX-20's tank. But as the Droid targeted the two, the former Twi'lek hostages overran the tank and destroyed the droid. After the Acclamator transports landed, Mace Windu commended Kenobi and Gram on their victory, but stated that the next mission was much harder: to retake the capital city of Lessu and free the planet.

Capturing the southern hemisphere

Gram-Ryloth Y-Wings

Alnin leads his Y-Wing squadron to clear the skies of Ryloth.

After Windu and his forces had headed for Lessu, Kenobi went with their forces to capture the southern hemisphere of Ryloth, while Gram joined Skywalker's Y-Wing squadron and destroyed the Hyena fighters before they could bomb more innocent Twi'lek villages and the capital city of Lessu. Once the skies were clear, Gram went with Captain Breaker to one of the villages to defend it against Tambor's droid forces. Once Breaker had set up turret defense platforms, Gram commanded the battle, with the help of BARC Speeder-mounted troopers of Thruster Company, and destroyed the invading forces, including Droid Commandos, Command AATs, Command STAPs and Homing Spider droids and kept the village safe from looting.
Gram-Cruisers over Ryloth

The Security fends off the Separatist fleet attempting to retake Ryloth.

Meanwhile, Kenobi was able to successfully take the Jixuan desert. After Windu enlisted the help of the Twi'lek freedom fighters, he and his forces were able to take Lessu and capture Wat Tambor, freeing the planet from Separatist rule.

Securing Resdin

(To be added)

The Malevolence


Trapped on Felucia

"Grievous. Attacked Felucia he has. Heavy are the losses. In need of your leadership the clones are."
―Yoda, to Alnin and Skywalker
Battle of Felucia-TCW

The Republic's Clone troopers defend their position against Ventress's advancing droid army.

With the start of the Clone Wars, the Confederacy had established a strong foothold on the jungle world of Felucia. Towards the end of the first year of the fighting, their presence had become so threatening, Generals Gram Alnin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano, along with clone detachments from the 501st Legion, 212th Battalion and 307th Regiment had been deployed to Felucia to combat the droid forces and defend the world. Kenobi and Skywalker engaged the droids on the front while Alnin and Cody set up turret defenses to prevent Asajj Ventress's droid forces from taking their positions and hold off an evacuation attempt. However, after defeating multiple waves of her droids, including a Super tank shield generator, their forces had been greatly depleted, and attack cruiser Negotiator had been forced out of orbit by General Grievous's strengthening blockade around the planet, making any evacuation impossible.

As the droids were closing in on their positions rapidly, Alnin, Kenobi, Skywalker and padawan Tano were quickly being overrun. A large army of B1, B2, and Dwarf spider droids converged upon the jungle clearing where the Jedi, Clone Commanders Cody, Gran, and Captain Rex had established cover for the main body of clone troopers by surrounding them with AT-TEs. Meanwhile, Ahsoka had departed with a jungle patrol of a Clone Juggernaut and walkers, which had also met heavy resistance.


Kyle and Plo's fleet battles the Separatist blockade around Felucia.

"Form up the gunships! We need to get them down to the surface intact! We will need to move swiftly if we are to break through the blockade. Generals Kenobi, Alnin, Skywalker and Ahsoka will not last long there."
"Quite. We can make it easier by disabling their turrets. That should be able to prevent any serious casualties."
―Plo Koon and Kyle Redbreak preparing to break the blockade surrounding Felucia

Meanwhile, the Jedi dispatched a Republic fleet led by Jedi Generals Plo Koon and Kyle Redbreak to evacuate Kenobi, Alnin, Skywalker, Tano and their forces before they were overrun. As Kyle and Plo got through to the surface, Plo taking out the fighters as Kyle and pilot Warthog protected the gunships, the Republic's position began to waiver.

Koon and Redbreak led their extraction team to the evacuation site, battling through a large number of droid starfighters in addition to other droid troops along the way. The Separatists then began a push on clone forces to the east of Kenobi's position, requiring an immediate evacuation there, but Koon, Redbreak and their forces arrived just in time to thwart the droids from overtaking the clones' encampment. After picking up the clones at that base, the team neared Alnin's position with Koon and their team. The Jedi soon realized that the gunships had broken through the blockade, and they prepared their troops for the evacuation. With their troops now aboard the evacuation gunships, Plo and Kyle safely escorted Gram, Obi-Wan and Anakin off the planet, only stopping to pick up the resilient Ahsoka from her doomed patrol. She would later be penalized for her disobedience.

Return to Geonosis

Rough Landing

"As Captain Rex said, this will be a full scale planetary invasion."
"Our main target will be Poggle's droid foundry. We're settling the score on Geonosis once and for all."
―Gram and Obi-Wan planning the attack

The Jedi and the Outer Rim Command evaluate their primary target on Geonosis

Following Senator Padmé Amidala's discovery of the droid factories, the Jedi High Council dispatched a massive Jedi-led detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic to retake Geonosis and halt the facilities' production of battle droids. Tasked with the challenge of landing on the planet and establishing a staging area, the Jedi mounted an attack on the Geonosians, with Jedi Generals Gram Alnin, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Luminara Unduli each leading an assault force.


A trooper of Thruster Company during the Second Battle of Geonosis.

After the invasion force had arrived in Geonosian space and entered the planet's orbit, Alnin, Skywalker, Tano, and Yularen—who had successfully repelled Grievous's forces from Dorin—rendezvoused with the fleet, and joined Mundi and Kenobi on the bridge of a Star Destroyer at the head of the fleet.

Based on intelligence they had received, Mundi and Kenobi concluded that Poggle the Lesser was holed up within his primary droid factory, was being protected by a massive ray shield, their main target. The Jedi planned to execute a three-pronged attack on the Geonosian defenses. Mundi and Jet were to lead the northern advance, while Kenobi and Clone Commander Cody with Alnin and Clone Commander Blake commenced the central push. Skywalker, Tano, and Rex, meanwhile, would execute the southern assault with their forces. The Jedi would rendezvous at their staging area, Point Rain.

Geonosis Landing

Alnin's Gunships are ravaged by the Geonosians' cannon fire.

Kenobi's assault force was the first to take flight, with Kenobi leading the way in his gunship, and they were met with heavy resistance from Geonosian sonic cannons closely followed. Alnin's gunships, his forces being equipped with sandy-brown colored Phase I Clone Trooper armor, deployed following Kenobi. Alnin's own gunship was the first of the Jedi to be forced down, while the remnant of his forces were ordered to land just short of Point Rain and continue on foot.

Thunderbird squadron defends Alnin's remaining walkers as they progress to Point Rain.

Having a fair number of his tanks safely on the ground, Alnin and his troops were able to swiftly make their way to Point Rain, with aerial support of Jedi General Kyle Redbreak's fighters. This allowed them to clear a path for themselves directly to the landing site in the midst of the Geonosians' attacks, and they managed to defend a wounded Kenobi as he was escorted to the landing zone. Upon arrival, Cody informed them the Geonosians were well prepared for their attack, and had their forces pinned down. Alnin, Blake and their men only provided minimal support to the increasingly dire situation as the Geonosians began to break through their lines of both walkers and E-web blasters mounted in LAAT gunships. After a lengthy defense to the point where defeat seemed imminent, Anakin Skywalker called in Thunderbird Squadron, led by Kyle Redbreak, for an airstrike on the the Geonosian forces, ultimately securing the landing point.

Main Foundry

"General, Super Tank incoming"
"Another Separatist toy. Just what this battle needed..."
–Captain Breaker and Gram Alnin, upon sighting the Separatist Super Tank

Breaker and his men prepare for their final defensive on Geonosis.

After the destruction of Poggle's Ray Shield fortress, Generals Skywalker and Unduli's forces moved in to destroy the main foundry. However, a large droid force was launched to retake and rebuild the fortress, and Obi-Wan commissioned General Alnin and Captain Breaker to stop their advances. Upon returning to the damaged fortress, Breaker had his engineers set up turret defense platforms along the droids' advance route. With air support from Alnin's Y-Wings, the battle appeared to be going in the Republic's favor, until Poggle launched a massive strike of shielded Porax fighters, making the turrets' defense difficult. But Breaker had brought along a new "toy" which would aid in the attack. The Ion Bomb, which destroyed all shields, as well as severely damaging and slowing all units on the map.

After the droids retreated, Poggle launched yet another strike to outflank Skywalker's foundry assault force. More prepared this time, Alnin and Breaker stood fast in Skywalker's defense, and managed to hold most units at bay, until the Geonosians launched their own new "toy", the Super tank, a massive, shielded unit, which destroyed many nearby turrets with its mortars. But with the aid of his Speeder Squadron, Alnin destroyed all remaining Separatist forces, including the Super Tank.

Once the Ray Shield fortress had been secured, Alnin sent a detachment of his forces to aid Skywalker in destroying the main droid foundry.
Gram-Defending Security

Alnin defending the hull of the Security from droid boarding forces.

Hunt for Savage Opress

"We'll need to move fast. Dooku has already sent this monster on a number of missions, including the assassination of Noggox the Hutt. We don't need another Sith assassin running around leaving a trail of massacres in its wake."
"I've already set course for Dathomir, but do you really believe that this new assassin is a relative of Darth Maul?"
"We can't be certain. All we know of him is that he is a merciless animal who performs Dooku's dirty work. Whether he's one of Maul's kin or not, we need more information before we can deal with him."
―Gram Alnin, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi discuss Savage Opress

Shortly after the Battle of Sullust, the Jedi Order lost contact with the Eedit Temple on Devaron. Delta Squad was deployed to investigate, and returned later with the bodies of Master Halsey and Padawan Knox as well as a report that the entire unit there had been slaughtered by an unknown assassin. Surveillance footage recovered from the Temple revealed a Dathomirian Zabrak with resemblance to Darth Maul. Though Maul was presumed dead at Kenobi's hand during the blockade of Naboo, the assassin was presumed to be one of his kin. Alnin, Kenobi and Skywalker were dispatched to Dathomir to find the source of the monstrosity.

They started at the Nightbrother village, from where they believed the assassin originated. Soon after arriving, several warriors ambushed and attacked them. Without harming any of them, Skywalker took their leader, brother Viscus, captive and demanded information. Viscus only said that one of Mother Talzin's Nightsisters recently took one of their men as a mate. Realizing that the women of Dathomir were the dominate race, they left the village in peace and traveled to the far side of the planet.

At the Nightsisters' village, Kenobi, Alnin and Skywalker were brought before the clan leader, Mother Talzin and questioned her. She was initially dismissive of the Jedi's claims and Alnin emphasized the fact that two Jedi had been killed at the assassin's hand. Talzin spoke the monster's name, Savage Opress, as she used her magic to pinpoint his location on Toydaria.

On Toydaria, the Jedi found Opress had broken into the Toydarian palace and abducted King Katuunko. They engaged Opress in a lightsaber duel and allowed the king to flee, but they could not fully contain him. As Opress grappled with the Jedi, he used a Force chokehold to murder Katuunko. Then, he flung the Jedi off, momentarily subdued them with one of the hover platforms, and fled the palace with the king's corpse, destroying the Jedi shuttle as he went. The three of them quickly ran to the landing platform and borrowed a ship from the Toydarians.

After leaving the planet, they spotted a Separatist Dreadnaught which received Opress's ship. They boarded and made their way to Dooku's meditation chamber, where they found Opress enraged. The then continued their duel, during which Kenobi cut off one of Opress's horns, through the halls of the dreadnaught until they reached the main hangar. As they did, numerous Battle Droids began attacking, but Alnin saw that they were after Opress rather than them and realized Dooku had betrayed another apprentice.

In a mad fury while taking several blows, Opress unleashed a powerful Force Repulse that gave him a chance to escape the ship. With the threat gone, the Jedi left the dreadnaught and returned to the Temple to inform the Council of the events.

War against Grievous


Plo Koon-Over Felucia

Plo Koon and Hunter Squadron break through Grievous's blockade to aid General Alnin.

Shortly after the Second Battle of Felucia, Gram Alnin's fleet was deployed over the planet, launching his forces to destroy several small droid foundries and outposts on the surface. Gram and his forces set up their command post near the droid outpost recently captured by Master Plo and General Skywalker's forces, taking the first of the foundries. Soon following, the droids stepped up their defensive, launching starfighter squadrons across the planet, making any further support from the fleet impossible. Separated from the fleet, Alnin's forces pressed on to the next droid foundries, finding them well armed.

Meanwhile, Jedi General Kyle Redbreak's fleet was battling to break Grievous's tight blockade over the war-torn planet, only managing to thin out a remnant of the Frigates and Destroyers. Alnin's forces, however, were making much more progress, regardless of the lack of both air support, and Intel, easily destroying the next two droid installations. However, after a bold strategy by Redbreak's fighter squadron, Republic ships managed to break past the droid general's blockade, forcing the Separatists to abandon some of their remaining installments on the planet.

Mission to Iceberg Three

"Generals, I regret to inform you that the situation here is grave. While my people remain loyal to the Republic, the Separatists are making advances on the system, and may soon threaten our home planet."
―King Yos Kolina reporting to Plo, Anakin and Gram

Gram, Plo and Anakin speak with King Kolina.

Unfortunately, Alnin was forced to withdraw his forces from Felucia, as new intelligence reported Separatist advances in the Mon Calamari system. Upon returning to the Temple, Commander Wolffe met with Alnin outside of the War Room, informing him Master Plo had a dangerous assignment for him. Inside the War Room, Alnin found most of the screens focused on a frozen comet called Iceberg Three. Alnin, along with Plo, Redbreak and Skywalker, received a transmission from the Mon Cala King, Yos Kolina, who informed them that if the Republic did not provide aid soon, he would not be able to stabilize the balance between his two races of people.

Shortly after Yos Kolina spoke with Plo, Gram, Kyle and Anakin, the Republic base on Iceberg III reported a Separatist fleet was within attack range. The Jedi responded by sending a Republic fleet led by Gram Alnin, Plo Koon, Kyle Redbreak and Commander Wolffe. But upon arrival, they found the Separatists had already blockaded the planet. Plo turned to the Gram, who led a Starfighter attack with Redbreak and managed to punch a hole through the fleet with minimal casualties, and then rendezvoused with Plo at the Republic outpost in sector 327.

Upon arrival, Plo Koon required to make contact with the Jedi High Council to inform them of the Republic's slipping hold on the Calamari system, Wolffe and Alnin took a single LAAT gunship to the last standing Communications Tower on the comet, and pushed through the heavy fire of the large amounts droid forces already on the surface, managing to get a message through to Coruscant.


The Troopers of Wolfpack in battle on Iceberg Three.

With the battle becoming far too intense, Plo Koon decided to evacuate the natives of the area to the safety of the Republic base on Mon Eron. However, General Grievous wanted to capture to refugees, and sent many of his forces, including ranks of BX-series droid commandos, STAPs, AATs, Dwarf spider droids, and Persuader-class droid enforcers, in a landing craft to stop the transports loaded with the refugees from leaving the planet. In counter to it, Wolffe had his engineers prepare blaster turret defense platforms, and placed them, along with the troopers of Wolfpack, under the command of the Gram to stop the droids' advance, while Plo engaged the Separatist fleet in orbit. With Wolffe, Redbreak and the troopers of Wolfpack defending the two paths leading to the outpost alongside the Jedi, and only stopping to re-supply with ammunition, the three of them were able to hold off the invaders long enough for all three waves of the Republic's refugee transports to safely launch from the base.

Gram-Iceberg-Grievous Clash

Gram duels Grievous on Iceberg Three.

Once all the droids had been pushed back and the refugees moved safely, Commander Wolffe prepared a LAAT gunship to leave the planet before Grievous could send reinforcements. However, just as the 104th Battalion prepared to retreat from Iceberg III, Grievous landed at the outpost to personally lead his forces to victory. Wolffe and his men left the task of battling Grievous to the Gram, who managed to defeat the Separatist General in a one-on-one lightsaber duel. Being too outmatched, to the point of being overpowered, Grievous retreated to his fleet, as did Wolffe and Alnin.

Once they arrived in the cargo bay of the Retribution, they were greeted by Koon who congratulated them on their success. However, he informed them that King Yos Kolina had been assassinated and the tension between the Mon Cals and the Quarren had escalated, nearing the point of civil war. In response, the Republic dispatched Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala to help restore balance and stabilize the government. The Separatists had sent their own envoy as well: Karkarodon, Riff Tamson. While Wolffe felt that their efforts would be in vain if civil war was not prevented, Koon reminded them that the operation on Iceberg III had saved lives. As Skywalker and Amidala prepared to leave for Mon Calamari and Koon mobilized to deliver the refugees to Mon Eron, Alnin bid them farewell and departed with his men back to Coruscant.

Rescuing Master Gallia

"Thanks for the rescue, masters!"
―Adi Gallia to Plo and Gram

A Trooper of the 307th Infantry Regiment in Phase II armor.

Shortly after the mercy mission to Aleen, protocol droid C-3PO and astromech droid R2-D2 were to be transported back to Coruscant aboard Adi Gallia's Jedi cruiser, the Liberator, which was on patrol in that sector. However, in a surprise attack, they encountered a Confederate fleet led by General Grievous, which crippled the cruiser's main reactor. The cyborg quickly launched boarding ships to capture the Jedi. Gallia and her troops of the 91st Recon Corps engaged the attacking droids, but were quickly overrun. While nonessential personnel evacuated from her cruiser on LAAT gunships amidst the dogfights in space, Gallia engaged Grievous in lightsaber combat, but she was overwhelmed and taken prisoner. Her cruiser, meanwhile, was soon destroyed by the turbolaser fire from the enemy. However, the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO managed to escape to Patitite Pattuna aboard a BTL-B Y-wing starfighter.

Upon receiving word of this attack, Gram and Plo Koon gathered the attack cruisers Security, Retribution, Sentinel, Daedalus and Everlasting and traveled to launch an attack on Grievous's command ship to rescue Gallia. Upon their arrival, Grievous quickly left the bridge, where Gallia had been held, and attempted to evacuate himself and his prisoner. But the Jedi already deployed boarding forces to claim the Providence destroyer; Plo moved to destroy the Battle Droids of the ship while Gram with Commanders Blake and Wolffe went to rescue Gallia and stop Grievous. The clone troopers dispatched the droids while Gram briefly engaged Grievous. Close to the hangar, the general held Alnin back long enough for himself to flee aboard the Soulless One.

After freeing master Gallia from her captors, she and Alnin regrouped with Plo to finish off the remaining droids. In a peculiar series of events, R2-D2 and C-3PO found themselves aboard the same cruiser and in the middle of a firefight. Afterwards, when 3PO informed the Jedi of he and his counterpart's adventures, Plo stated Wolffe would be very interested in listening, much to Wolffe's frustration.


"As my troops secure the forests to the east, masters Krell and Tiin will be supporting Obi-Wan's troops to the south, while Anakin's battalion comes in from the north and takes out enemy reinforcements."
"It is imperative we conquer the capitol as swiftly as possible. And hold it."
"Our biggest problem is going to be the local militia. The Umbarans have aligned themselves with the Separatists, and are heavily armed."
―Gram, Obi-Wan, and Anakin during the briefing

After the death of Umbaran senator Mee Deechi, Umbara, the shadowy planet tucked away in the Ghost Nebula, subsequently left the Republic and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, taking with them their advanced technology. Being near key hyperspace lanes, the Republic launched a massive invasion on Umbara, led by High Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Gram Alnin, as well as Jedi Generals Skywalker, Tiin, and Krell.



Gram holds the line with his battalion on the eastern front.

Once the blockade around the planet had been broken by padawans Tano and Offee, Alnin and Kenobi briefed their troops on the battle plan: Gram would secure the eastern forests and establish forward positions, Masters Krell and Tiin would support Obi-Wan's troops to the South, while Anakin's battalion would prevent enemy reinforcements to the North and capture the capitol city, which was of the utmost importance. After the briefing, Skywalker's troops, which included Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, Jesse, Hardcase, Kix, Dogma and Tup, boarded their LAAT Gunships and lifted off for the planet's surface, soon followed by Kenobi and Alnin's battalions. As they were transported down to the planet's surface, they encountered heavy fire from the surface and Umbaran starfighters. After their pre-launched All Terrain Recon Transports had taken out a majority of the Umbaran Hover tanks, the Gunships were able to land on the surface and Skywalker, Kenobi, and Alnin's battalions pressed on towards the capitol. Upon landing, Alnin's group was tasked with construction of a Republic outpost on the surface, which would be their first initial foothold. Once the outpost was up and operational, the battalion then made their way to advance on the Umbaran capitol city.

Capitol Attempt

Gram-Umbaran force blast

Gram battles the Umbaran militia.

Gram and Obi-Wan's battalions began their push for the capitol, knowing Anakin's battalion would move in for a surgical strike on the city. But unbeknownst to them, Anakin had been called back to Coruscant by request of the Supreme Chancellor, and his battalion was placed under Pong Krell. General Krell, who immediately adopted a very derisive, condescending stance towards the clone troopers, showing them no respect or consideration, did not follow Skywalker's original plan of attack on the capitol city and instead ordered a full frontal assault down the main road. The attack resulted in a costly backfire, resulting in a strong Umbaran defensive and pushing away all battalions from attack.

The Airbase

Gram-Umbara AT-RT blast

Alnin in the battle alongside two AT-RTs.

Unable to get anywhere near the capitol city, Alnin and Kenobi contacted general Krell for support, informing him of a recently discovered Umbaran air base which was resupplying the capitol. Alnin and Kenobi told the general to take the base in order to cut off arms to the capitol. And after a lengthy fight, the battalion of the 501st was able to break through and capture the airbase.

Umbaran Outpost

"I have a visual on the outpost. Looks like an Umbaran Weapons Depot. Bound to be heavily defended."
"Just like the rest of this planet, but we're taking that as well. The key is to seize one installation, such as this, at a time. Smaller components eventually make a larger piece."
―Commander Blake and Gram Alnin as they plan their attack on the Umbaran Outpost

Soon following the 501st's assignment to take the Airbase, intelligence reported a small Umbaran outpost roughly five kilometers away from the capital and a short distance away from the Republic's own outpost. With Kenobi's battalion preoccupied with the Umbaran forces to the west, Alnin marshaled his battalion to advance on the enemy sector. As they progressed, they came across the wreckage of a LAAT Gunship which had crashed prior to the battle. It was identified to be the ship of Captain Padilla Ferrel, who had attempted to perform reconnaissance of the planet as preparation for the invasion, though the militia had shot her gunship down. As they were passing it, Commander Blake noticed a series of footprints leading from the passenger cabin, revealing there were survivors.

However, the battalion needed to continue to their target. Just short of the outpost, Alnin and his forces were spotted by a patrol and a firefight broke out on the open plain. Alnin knew this had alerted the outpost and ordered his troops to press their attack: the AT-RTs were to overpower the Hover tanks while Alnin led Thruster Company to outmaneuver the Umbaran soldiers. Eventually, they reached the outpost, positioned midway down a slope and the troopers swiftly overran it, using their Mortar launchers which damaged some of the outpost. Once the outpost was taken, the remaining Umbarans had either fled or been captured, along with two Umbaran Starfighters and a Hover tank. Alnin had a perimeter established and reported the capture to Kenobi. Master Tiin and his troops eventually regrouped at the outpost, where they began to prepare their forces for another attempt at the capitol.

Droid Supply Lines

"Can't we destroy the Supply Ship?"
"We're trying, but with little success."
"Their fleet outnumbers ours. And the extra ships we were promised have not yet arrived."
"We'll just have to take that capitol regardless of the missiles. My battalion will meet yours at the rendezvous coordinates."
―Captain Rex, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gram Alnin and Pong Krell discussing the Umbarans' most recent offensive

Despite the capture of the airbase, Alnin and Kenobi's battalions were forced by the Umbarans' long-range missiles to retreat from their positions. While supply lines to the capitol were cut off from the airbase, the city received new armed shipments directly from a Separatist supply ship orbiting the planet. And the Republic fleet, awaiting reinforcements from the Iktotch system provided by Kyle Redbreak, was unable to break through and destroy it due the overwhelming numbers of the Separatist fleet. Krell proceeded to state to them that the risk of the missiles would be necessary to take the capitol. Before either of them could object, his transmission strangely cut out, presumably from jamming signals from the enemy.


Troopers Fives and Jesse narrowly escape the Separatist Supply Ship's destruction over Umbara.

However, despite Krell's plan to march into the missiles to take the capitol, three troopers of his battalion launched a rouge covert operation to use the Umbaran starfighters to infiltrate and destroy the Separatist supply ship. Not only did this sever Umbaran supply lines, it gave an opportunity for Master Redbreak's reinforcements to break through to the surface.

Gram-Umbara ARC Trooper

Alnin guarding with an ARC Trooper on the surface.

Once the flow of resources to the capitol city had been ultimately cut, Alnin and Kenobi arranged for all battalions to meet at the rendezvous coordinates for the final strike on the city. After the outer defenses were disabled, Kenobi's battalion would move straight down the center of the city, covered by Redbreak's platoon, while Alnin's battalion moved to the east to take out the city's MHCs and other heavy defenses. But they still had no contact with Krell, and decided to proceed to the rendezvous without him. Meanwhile, however, Krell was angered by the rouge operation carried out by two of his men, and ordered them to be executed. But when the Rex and the clones refused, he ordered the prisoners back to the brig and had the rest of the battalion to move against an Umbaran renegade squadron disguised as clone troopers, which was actually a platoon of Kenobi's battalion Krell had ordered to the same place. When the clones realized they had been betrayed, they hunted down and arrested Krell for his treason.

At the capitol city, Alnin's battalion moved in to take out the heavy defenses, but they were too well armed and his men could not advance any further. Finding a small tunnel running under the city, Alnin saw an alternative to the fight, and he, general Redbreak, and Clone Commanders Blake and Branch, with the aid of R2-D2, fought their way to the tank depot underneath the city and utilized the Umbaran hover tanks to destroy the Mobile Heavy Cannons. With them out of commission, the rest of Alnin's battalion moved in for the rest of the city. After fierce fighting, the Umbarans laid down their weapons as Alnin and Redbreak received word that Kenobi, Cody, Master Tiin and their forces had captured the city center. Though the day was won, Gram and Kyle met up with Obi-Wan and attempted to alert the 501st Legion at the airbase that the remaining Umbarans were headed to their location.

Once the Umbaran renegades had been captured, all sectors were secured by Kenobi and Alnin's battalions, and Umbara was fully under Republic control.

Missing Kiros Colonists


The Jedi lead the Republic forces on Kiros.

Togruta governor Roshti of an artisan colony on Kiros opened negotiations with Count Dooku when his planet fell under threat of Separatist invasion. Though Yoda discouraged him from such action and offered to send Republic assistance, Roshti feared for his peaceful and unarmed people and greeted Dooku when the Droid Army arrived on the planet. Ten days later, Gram Alnin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano led a Republic assault force to the planet surface.

Though they did not see any colonists, they encountered the Battle Droids of the Confederate occupation. After breaking through their defense, the Republic began to clear out scattered pockets of Droids while the Jedi began searching for the colonists. The Separatist commander, Zygerrian Darts D'Nar invited Obi-Wan and Gram to come to the governor's tower to discuss terms of surrender. Anakin insisted that he go, holding a strong disdain for slavers from his childhood, but Obi-Wan requested that he initiate a planetary bioscan to locate the colonists. Obi-Wan then commissioned Ahsoka to keep Anakin's anger towards the Zygerrians in check before going to negotiate with D'Nar.

When Gram and Obi-Wan arrived in the governor's office, they found D'Nar speaking with Dooku and Zygerrian Prime Minister, Atai Molec. Dooku ordered D'Nar to capture the two Jedi and bring them to him. D'Nar then states that he expects the Republic to surrender, using bombs located throughout the city as leverage. Having allowed Anakin, Ahsoka, and Commanders Cody and Blake to listen in to the conversation, Obi-Wan challenged D'Nar to hand-to-hand combat to decide whose terms would be met and secretly to buy the Republic time to disable the bombs. D'Nar forced Gram into a nearby cage before he began to pummel Obi-Wan out of anger for the Jedi Order's part in destroying the old Zygerrian Empire.

D'Nar fought Obi-Wan to the latter's limit, but the distraction soon payed off. As D'Nar was about to finish him, he received a report that the Jedi had disarmed the bombs. With the Separatist leverage dissolved, Obi-Wan freed Gram and both of them reclaimed their lightsabers. However, D'Nar activated a bomb on the back of his Tactical Droid to cover his escape from the tower. Gram and Obi-Wan failed to catch up with the slaver, but Anakin and Ahsoka successfully boarded his vessel and captured D'Nar. Afterwards, Admiral Yularen that the bioscan came up negative: the colonists were nowhere to be found on the planet. This unsettled the Jedi Council, knowing that slavery was a key component in the rise of Sith Empires.

A New Threat

Sith Massacre

After Savage Opress escaped capture by the Jedi, he was sent by Mother Talzin to the Outer Rim in search of his long-lost brother, Darth Maul, who was believed to be killed at the hand of Obi-Wan on Naboo. After he discovered Maul, driven to near-madness from his exile and kept alive by his hatred, on Lotho Minor, he returned him to Mother Talzin on Dathomir to be treated. Talzin resurrected the Sith Lord, healing his twisted body, granting him newly constructed legs and restoring his mind to its original state. Maul informed his brother of his struggles and how he survived. And Opress assured him he would have his revenge. The two brothers then departed for a small village on Raydonia, where the two would mercilessly slaughter all innocents within it, in order to lure Kenobi into their trap for Maul's revenge.

Main Article: Skirmish Above Raydonia

Darth Maul's reconstruction.

Maul sent a message to the Temple as he murdered the villagers, stating he would kill even more if Kenobi did not face him alone. Reluctantly and against their better judgement, Gram and Yoda agreed it would be best if Obi-Wan went to finish Maul once and for all, both of them sensing he would receive an unexpected ally. Asajj Ventress, who had set out to claim the one million credit bounty for capturing or killing Savage Opress, encountered the two brothers aboard their turtle tanker, where they were beating Kenobi. Ventress aided Kenobi and they both began a fierce duel with the Sith brothers. However, they soon realized they were far too outmatched and escaped in the tanker's cockpit escape pod.

Sith Academy


The once-thought abandoned Sith Academy on Umbara.

Shortly after, Opress warned his brother that with their escape, the Jedi would know about his return. Maul advised him to be patient and allow the Jedi to seek him out to begin his plan for revenge not only on Kenobi, but the entire galaxy.

With this, Maul and Opress traveled to a remote region of Umbara where they located an Ancient Sith Academy. Upon arrival, they were welcomed in by the Sith Acolytes, including their master, Varad Zagg, residing in the building, who had been driven to near-madness from power and exile. There, in the Academy's main chamber, Maul awaited the Jedi to seek him out.

Meanwhile, Alnin felt an unusual compulsion in the Force, particularly after he, Masters Yoda, Kenobi and Redbreak studied a Sith Holocron that was discovered shortly after the battle of Umbara by Jedi Knight Dak Gammaforge (when he and his troops encountered a mysterious acolyte trained well in the ways of the Force). Shortly after Kenobi departed for Raydonia, Gram took the Sith Holocron and traveled to Umbara aboard the Security. With cruiser's register in low orbit, General Gammaforge ordered a patrol force of his troops to meet him. Alnin, briefly accompanied by Commanders Blake and Cody, went in a LAAT/i Gunship and deployed from the air on an AT-RT just short of the Academy, passing CC-7901―nicknamed "Shades"―and his troops patrolling the sector. They quickly caught up to Alnin as he was dueling one of the Sith acolyte warriors just outside the Academy.

Once they dispatched the Acolytes outside, Alnin and the troopers approached the door to the academy. Closely inspecting it, he found a socket in the center of the door in the shape of a holocron. Alnin carefully took out the Sith holocron and inserted it; almost instantaneously, the door rose and the party entered the ruins of the academy. As the door closed behind them, Gram and his troops cautiously proceeded into the main academy chamber, where they were soon attacked by the Acolyte warriors, Healers and Elites of the Sith. Alnin was able to easily counter their sloppily brutal attacks and continue his investigation of the building, feeling an uneasy sense of something, or someone, familiar.

Challenges of the Sith
"You are stronger than I thought. Very well, I shall destroy you!"
"You will only destroy yourself. The path you now follow is a path of self-annihilation."
―Varad Zagg and Gram Alnin

Battling their way into the first antechamber, Alnin's search through the area found himself and Captain Shades in a Sith training chamber with four deadly training Magnaguards, all quoting sections of the Sith code in combat, which some of Gammaforge's troops were able to identify. After the pair dispatched them, they quickly hurried back to the rest of the force in the main hall, who had begun to take casualties.

Gram-Varad duel

Gram engages Varad Zagg in Lightsaber combat.

Fighting back the Sith counter-offensive led Alnin, Shades and Clone sergeant Tripper into a sealed chamber with Sith acolyte master Varad Zagg in meditation. In this state, Zagg produced three Dark visions before the trio―of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu―to demonstrate that victory to the war they fought would ultimately require their allies' sacrifice. While the clones hesitated firing upon the apparitions of their superiors, Gram was not fooled and swiftly fought his way past the them directly to Zagg. After the defeat of his hallucinations, the Sith instructor concluded that Gram could not be turned and decided to kill the Jedi himself. However, upon vanquishing Zagg's Sith powers with a fierce duel, Alnin struck a fatal blow to him. He then ordered the body to be returned to the Republic outpost, sensing Gammaforge would find something of an interest in it. But an uneasy familiarity still loomed over him.

Dark Encounter
"Welcome, master Alnin. I've been expecting you."
"Have you now? Well, I apoligize for being...late. Have we met?"
"What would your dear friend Qui-Gon think of such a short attention span?"
" least he had half a mind left."
―Maul upon meeting Gram Alnin

Gram faces off against the deadly siblings in the Ancient Sith Academy.

Upon returning to the main hall once again, Alnin and the clone troopers defeated the remaining Sith followers and secured most of the area except for one final antechamber. As Alnin and Captain Shades slowly approached the large, partially destroyed room, the Jedi sensed the dark feeling stronger than ever before. And no sooner did he attempt to search within the Force at what it is, he looked into the room to see Darth Maul himself, saber at the ready. Ordering Shades to stay back, Alnin engaged Maul in a duel, sensing the former Sith apprentice had not yet entirely regained his full power. Also sensing Alnin might have the upper hand, Maul retreated into a state of healing while his brother, Opress, entered and continued the duel, throwing Shades against the wall. With his brute strength, Alnin began to waver slightly. This only worsened when Maul rejoined the battle.

Together, the brothers began brutally beating him, which disarmed him of his saber; Maul punched Gram repeatedly and Opress sent him skidding across the floor to the edge of one of the lava pools. Before Maul could finish him, however, Captain Shades fired at Maul and Opress to stop them. Though they deflected the shots with ease, Gram received enough of an opportunity to grab his Lightsaber and continue. With Shades's assistance, he eventually overpowered Opress, leaving only Maul. With his strength gradually regained, Alnin once again managed to defeat the Sith Lord in another heated duel. Enraged by his defeat, Maul threw both of them back with a Force blast and escaped through a hidden exit with his brother. While victorious, Master Alnin felt an uneasy feeling in the Force with Maul's return. He then contacted Cody and Blake to return and extract himself, Shades and his men.

Hunting Sith

Upon their return from their missions, Alnin, Kenobi and Plo Koon returned to the matter of organizing a task force to hunt down Darth Maul and his brother, Savage Opress. The young but skilled Jedi master Bruu Jun-Fan, his padawan Tatsu, Masters Grohto, Ko Solok and Alloysis Keloy had been enlisted as well to comprise the team. Plo Koon's informants within the Coruscant underworld had fed him information that the two Sith assassins had traveled to the world known as Yellowblade's Landing in the time after the duel above Raydonia, where they would attempt to enlist a pirate band to aid their conquest.

Yellowblade's Landing

Gram, Obi-Wan and Plo briefed the team on their threat and whereabouts before soon departing for the snowy world. Meanwhile, once the Sith siblings arrived in their Turtle Tanker, they ventured to a nearby cantina where they met members of the Scourge, the notorious pirate gang that operated on many Mid Rim worlds, including their leader, the Trandoshan, Nukss. However, when the pirates would not comply, Maul and Opress slaughtered the entire group, all witnesses of it soon following.

Two rotations later, the Jedi task force, accompanied by a Clone snow trooper detail led by Captain Mojo, landed on the planet and traced the Sith starting at their landing site. They were soon led to the cantina where the massacre had taken place. Plo ordered masters Grohto and Solok to continue the search of the settlement while the rest investigated the scene. Jun-Fan and Keloy's Force intuition revealed that the Sith pair had indeed been responsible and fled to a nearby cave soon after. However, padawan Tatsu was still concerned about how Maul had even survived his bisection. Kenobi and Alnin explained that Maul's rage against Obi-Wan and knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force was so great that he simply refused death to begin a quest for vengeance.

With much of use of their powers of observation, the task force pursued Maul and Opress to a nearby cave that had been converted into a hangar. They sensed they were on the upper level in the control room. Grohto and Solok were told to stay behind while Alnin, Kenobi, Koon, Keloy, Tatsu and the clones went to confront them. They arrived in the control room to find the Sith with a woman who was a member of the family who ran the Kozinarg Trade Guilds whom they had freed as an aid to their domination, though the Sith showed her as a hostage to the Jedi. Maul activated a control releasing the many wampas from their cages to cover their retreat. Jun-Fan ordered the clones to hold their fire as he swiftly dispatched the creatures almost entirely single-handedly. Meanwhile, Maul and Opress escaped to a landed ship just outside, knocking aside Solok and Grohto. Padawan Tatsu ran after them, despite Alnin's warning, which cost him his right hand at Opress's blade. Obi-Wan ordered Maul to stop and face him alone, only to be caught in the Sith Lord's Force chokehold.

As the last of the wampas were killed, the rest of the team arrived to assist―Grohto and Keloy attempted to stop Maul once and for all, but the Sith used the woman as a shield to gain the upper hand; Grohto was fatally stabbed in the abdomen and Keloy suffered a devastating strike to the chest. The brothers then escaped aboard their vessel. Plo and Jun-Fan noticed an item the woman had dropped, however, and traced its origin to Pleem's Nexus. After the casualties and wounded, including Kenobi, Keloy and Tatsu were evacuated, Alnin and the remaining Jedi and clones continued on the mission.

Pleem's Nexus

Maul: "...Dominance leads to the formation of an Empire--"
Alnin: "And every Empire has been lost to arrogance."
Jun-Fan: "And those that ever exist only exist in the minds of the delusional."
Maul: "So say the fools."
―Maul and the Jedi as their duel begins

The task force arrived at the woman's mansion on Pleem's Nexus as Maul and Opress were taking the riches stored inside for themselves. When they emerged onto the pad, they found Alnin, Koon, Jun-Fan, Solok, Captain Mojo and two Snowtroopers standing between them and their ship. Maul and Opress were not phased and engaged the Jedi head on, Jun-Fan and Solok fought Maul while Alnin and Koon engaged Savage. Alnin and Plo found that Opress's strength had increased where he lacked in saber skill, Force blasting the two clones off the edge of the landing pad. Jun-Fan and Solok, meanwhile, had to maintain an equal amount of focus in dueling Maul. Bruu attempted to reason with the once-Sith Lord, telling him if he revealed his former master, they would have him brought to justice. But Maul was certain of his own power, killing Solok with a throw of his saber. As a result, Jun-Fan allowed his rage to take over as he viciously clawed at and began to strangle him. Alnin had taken a heavy blow to the abdomen and was nearly knocked out by Opress's strength. Mojo attempted to distract the acolyte by firing several shots with his pistol, to no avail; Opress kicked Plo aside and deflected a shot directly through Mojo's head, killing him instantly. Opress then managed to rip off Koon's breath mask, exposing him to oxygen―poison to his species. And as Jun-Fan had Maul in his grip, ready to finish him, the Sith saw an opportunity in the Jedi's rage and stabbed him with his sharpened toe in the stomach.

With Alnin overpowered and both Koon and Jun-Fan dying in front of them, the two siblings stood and watched them suffer for only a handful of moments before Kenobi and Skywalker arrived in their Delta-7 starfighters to engage them. While Maul was eager to face Kenobi again, Opress reminded him of their state and of his own teachings. They both escaped aboard their ship as the Jedi landed. Alnin tossed Koon's breath mask to Kenobi, who supplied it to the Kel Dor in time. Koon then stood and went over to Jun-Fan, picking him up from the ground. Dying in his friend's arms, Bruu Jun-Fan stated he was glad to become one with the Force and explore its mysteries first-hand.

Though Maul and Opress did not get away with the wealth they had stolen from the mansion, they escaped having taken the lives of three Jedi Masters. The remnants of the task force returned to Coruscant with the casualties aboard their Consular cruiser, deliberating on how to deal with Maul's growing threat.

War Efforts on Glova


Ahsoka Tano and the clones evaluate Orchid Base, the latest Droid installation on Glova.

As the war drew on, Droid foundries became a major threat for the Republic's advances in the Mid and Outer Rims. The Separatists were able to provide reinforcements from relatively short distances. Several Jedi-led task forces were commissioned to disable a number of these foundries to put a dent in the Separatists forces in several systems. While Generals Luminara Unduli and Dransten Detus were deployed to thin the growing numbers on Felucia, the clone units under the command of Alnin, Kenobi, Skywalker and Tano were ordered to take out the Droid foundries and outposts on the semi-tropical planet of Glova.

The team encountered little resistance upon arriving at the planet, but once they were on the ground, a Separatist fleet arrived over the planet to keep the Republic cruiser occupied and, moreover, prevent them from sending reinforcements to besieged Republic positions on Felucia. The Separatists had heavy defenses around their foundries, including one located within a small city, intentionally using the civilians as living shields. Alnin and Kenobi carefully crafted a strategy to outflank and overrun the installation with minimal collateral damage to the surrounding area.

With the primary foundry out of commission, the Separatists attempted to regroup their forces on the planet. The Jedi used this time to their advantage and moved swiftly to establish a strong foothold. Slowly but steadily, Thruster, Ghost, and Torrent Companies cut through the droid lines with efficiency. With as well as their efforts on Glova were going, Alnin partook in Skywalker and Tano's kill tally, counting how many droids he disabled to see who had the most kills by the end of the battle (much to Kenobi's vexation). In under a month, the Republic had destroyed or disabled all Droid foundries on the planet, stemming the flow of troops in that region.

Onderon Rebels

Skywalker: "There are pockets of rebels on these planets that just need guidance. ... I think of it as an insurgency, to help realign these people with the Republic."
Yoda: [...] "A means to an end, fear cannot be. Stop those who spread terror, the Jedi must."
Alnin: "Indeed. What you're suggesting could open up dangerous possibilities. We must not train terrorists."
Skywalker: "Rebels."
Kenobi: "How we conduct war is what distinguishes us from others. Funding rebels to overthrow a legitimate government puts innocent lives at risk."
Windu: [...] "The least we can do is help them defend themselves. Test the tactic, while we're at it."
―The Jedi Council debates on aiding the rebel force on Onderon

The Rebel leaders contact the Jedi Council.

Ever since the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the planet, Onderon had been aligned with the Confederacy by choice of their ruler, King Sanjay Rash. Though not all on the planet supported his rule; a small band of rebels had organized to battle the Separatist droids on the surface. Being heavily overpowered by the droids, the rebellion contacted the Jedi Council requesting aid. Saw Gerrera and Lux Bonteri, son of late Separatist senator Mina Bonteri, were among the leaders of the organization. The Council was wary of providing aid as the rebels were organized to overthrow a valid government, which would endanger civilians.

Though Skywalker insisted that the rebellion merely required guidance to obtain victory, without full Republic assistance. With some hesitation, Yoda and Windu agreed that advisers could be sent to assist the rebellion. Skywalker and padawan Ahsoka Tano were to be among the team, with Gram and Obi-Wan volunteering to go as well.

Once the five of them, including Captain Rex, arrived on the planet, they were soon spotted by the insurgents and were greeted by one of the rebellion's commanders, Steela Gerrera, who escorted them to their hidden base. Not entirely impressed with their appearance, they informed the rebels, including Saw Gerrera, their unofficial leader, that they were in charge for the time being.


"I'm not certain if they're more interested in fighting the droids or each other."
"They'll learn. We just need time to train them properly."
"Keep your eyes on the quick learners. In this fight, time is not on our side."
―Gram, Anakin and Obi-Wan, regarding the rebels' slowly-progressing training

They then proceeded to begin the rebels' training, familiarizing them with common units of the Droid army, though Bonteri and Saw Gerrera encountered difficulties during a training exercise with an AAT, causing the Jedi to question if they were truly ready for combat on the field. Their question would be answered sooner than they anticipated. They began to train the rebels on combat against Droidekas, showing them the techniques of bypassing the shield with slow-moving attacks. Specifically, with throwing EMP grenades into the shield. Seeing the frustration of many of them, especially with Steela and Saw, and they warned them that it would only hold them back and to implore perseverance, though Ahsoka became distracted upon learning that Lux had a close relationship with Steela.

Once they began target practice, Steela displayed her extraordinary sniper skills, at the same time showing the focusing abilities of the rebels. During the session, however, a squadron of Battle Droids discovered the rebel base and attacked. Anakin offered a plan to deal with them, but Gram and Obi-Wan reminded him that they were only there to protect and guide them, not fight their war. Being heavily outnumbered, the Jedi offered to provide cover for the rebel retreat, but the rebels insisted on handling the attack themselves. The rebels used their own disruptors to take the first wave, and Saw and Bonteri both successfully destroy an AAT together.

Following this victory, the Jedi knew the rebels were more than capable of attacking droids targets, as well as defending themselves. They planned a covert assault on the droids stationed in the capital city of Iziz. Sneaking their way inside as a group of hunters and foragers, they split up to attack the targets hastily and by surprise. Anakin displayed his pleasure at his suggestion in training the rebels, though both Gram and Obi-Wan only showed cautious hopes.

Attacks in Iziz

The Republic advisers continued to monitor the rebels progress in attacking small Battle Droid patrols and checkpoints throughout the city. While no civilians were harmed in these attacks, the Jedi saw the fear spreading among the citizens at the mounting assaults. In the rebels' safe house in Iziz, Gram, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka warned them that they must have the support of the people if they were to last in their opposition towards King Rash and the Confederate occupation. In order to do that, Steela concluded, they would need to prove they had the strength and will to prevail. Bonteri stated he had a suitable target in mind.

Shortly after, the Jedi and Captain Rex exited the house back into the city; Gram stated they would return to the Temple to share the developments while Ahsoka stayed as an adviser. Anakin was uncertain if Ahsoka was up to the task, but she willingly agreed to stay. They departed from the city, and soon from the planet aboard their Nu-class shuttle with Anakin sensing that Ahsoka might be distracted by feelings.

Investigating Separatist Movements

"There are several enemy cruisers on scanners. Looks like there's something here the Separatists don't want us to see."
"No doubt. They always want us to keep us in the dark. That's what gives me the strangest feeling that there is more to this than an advance."
"They've taken full advantage of their fleet positions in this quadrant, especially since we hadn't learned of it until only recently. The Rimma Trade route could serve as a direct slingshot through numerous Republic sectors."
―Anakin Skywalker, Kyle Redbreak and Gram Alnin, while near Bpfassh

The commander of the Republic Assault ship, Leveler, Captain Pellaeon contacted the Jedi Temple, reporting that his scanners had picked up a possible trail of Separatist movement along the Rimma Trade route. The last known trace of these movements was from Sluis Van. Concerned that the Confederacy may be preparing to use the route to infiltrate Republic sectors, Alnin marshaled a force to investigate the system along with Kyle Redbreak and Anakin Skywalker, composed of the Venator cruisers Security, Consular, Spirit of the Republic, and Valiant. Upon their arrival after the nearly five-day travel, the cruisers began scanning the nearby area for evidence of the Separatist advances, including Sluis Van's massive docking port.

But it was only minutes before the cruisers were detected and four Munificent frigates emerged from hyperspace to engage them. However, battling only cruiser to cruiser, the Republic overwhelmed the attack force via holding in tight formation and concentrated fire. Two of the frigates were destroyed while the other two fled to the neighboring planet of Bpfassh. Sensing there was something the Separatists were attempting to cover up, the Jedi pursued the frigates to Bpfassh where, as they expected, three additional Recusant destroyers joined the frigates.

Gold and Thunderbird squadrons were launched to combat the Droid space forces, Skywalker and Redbreak leading them. Meanwhile, as Alnin commanded the battle from the Security, he felt uncertain on whether or not the Separatists intended to allow them to reach the planet surface or if they truly led them there to fend them off. The fighters were focusing their attacks on the enemy cruisers, but they had sustained mild losses from well-coordinated attacks by Droid Tri-fighters, equipped with missiles outfitted with swarms of a new Separatist sabotage droid. Despite this, Redbreak and Thunderbird Squadron were able to overpower two of the cruisers while Skywalker led Gold Squadron to dispatch the fighters.

Before the second of the three Recusant destroyers was destroyed, however, it launched a group of Landing craft to the surface of Bpfassh. Deciding there was indeed something on the planet worth investigating, Gram marshaled Torrent, Thruster and Booster companies to follow the landing ships while Skywalker and Redbreak finished with the Separatist fleet.

Mission to Carlac

After Ahsoka Tano had visited to the snowy world of Carlac with Lux Bonteri, the Jedi Council became aware of how powerful the Mandalorian splinter group, Death Watch had grown. Bonteri had traveled to Carlac to meet with the group, led by governor Pre Vizsla, in order to get their assistance in his quest to avenge his mother's death at the hands of Count Dooku. Bonteri learned of Death Watch's true nature and narrowly escaped them with the aid of Tano. After Lux departed on his own, Ahsoka returned to the Temple and reported her findings.

Troubled by this, in addition to the Death Watch's recent attack on Jedi Knight Dak Gammaforge at the Republic outpost on Umbara, the Jedi Council elected to investigate their threat further. The clone unit Wolfpack was nearby the system while tracking a patrolling Separatist frigate. They traveled to Carlac shortly after the frigate somehow lost auxiliary control and crashed on the planet surface. Upon constructing an outpost, Commander Wolffe reported back to the Temple that the Death Watch had set up operations in both camps and local villages, the occupants of which were being held hostage. With this news, Gram and Obi-Wan decided to travel to Carlac and confront the threat. And on the suggestion of Master Yoda, padawan Joch Farlight would accompany them as well.


Upon their arrival at the planet, they met with Wolffe at the Republic outpost where he informed them of the situation of the area: The Death Watch mercenaries had taken an entire nearby village hostage, threatening to destroy it if the Republic did not leave Carlac. The three Jedi decided to investigate the crash site first. Traveling by speeder, they had their first encounter with the Death Watch soldiers in the forest of Cherry Blossom trees. Once they were dispatched, the three continued on to the site where they discovered a multitude of Battle Droids that had survived the crash. Amongst them, as they soon discovered, was an IG-100 Magnaguard known as IG-113 who was guarding the crash site from intruders. Caught unprepared, the trio retreated, regrouping in a nearby cave.

Kenobi sensed something inside and ventured further into the cave. No sooner had they done this when seven Pantorans, armed with blaster rifles, surrounded them. Farlight's first instinct was to attack, but Alnin stopped him and requested to know the Pantorans' business there. Their second-in-command took them to a large junction in the cave, the smaller side being a haven for the Pantorans while the larger opening was ray-shielded and contained a large Gundark. They approached the shield to find a Pantoran doctor, the leader of their operation observing the gundark's actions. He stated to the three of them that they were a part of the Pantoran Science Academy and were observing how their special sub-species of gundark would adapt to its new environment and that they arrived before the Death Watch did.

While Joch was increasingly suspicious of them, Gram and Obi-Wan acknowledged their operation and left the cave. Both masters reprimanded Farlight for his behavior towards the Pantorans, informing him that if he were to remain on the mission, he was to restrain himself.

Training Camps

Their travels soon brought them at the first of three Death Watch training camps in the area: Camp Ara'nov. Their entrance almost seemed anticipated when a large group of Death Watch soldiers where guarding right at the entrance. But Alnin and Kenobi were able to dispatch them progressively as padawan Farlight freed the Ming Po villagers being held captive there. The three of them continued on through the camp, defeating the warriors and freeing any surviving villagers from their captivity. The remaining soldiers fell back to the center, however, as they came through. The Alnin, Kenobi and Farlight followed them after freeing the final villagers to find the few remnants of the camp rallying behind their commander, Lieutenant Melkket.

Melkket welcomed the Jedi to their inevitable doom as he ordered the soldiers to attack. Farlight took the warriors as Alnin and Kenobi engaged the lieutenant in hand-to-hand combat. However, Melkket had been training for such an encounter and injured both of them. He was about to strike a killing blow to both of them when he became distracted by Farlight. This gave Alnin enough of an opportunity to Force push Melkket back; this allowed for the padawan's saber to rupture Melkket's jetpack, destroying it and killing the lieutenant in the process.


Alnin battling against a pair of Nite Owls.

After Ara'nov was secured, the Jedi had the formerly captive villagers transferred to a refugee camp just outside the outpost and then went on to the next training camp, Beskar. Once again, the Death Watch warriors were prepared for their arrival with their commanding lieutenant, Ralnar. Though Ralnar was very equipped to face them, the Jedi trio managed to push him and his forces back through the camp. Ralnar continued leading the Jedi through the long, winding paths through the camp.

Alnin and Farlight went to one side to free the captive villagers while Kenobi continued the pursuit. When they neared the end of the camp, they discovered Ralnar had cornered Kenobi and was attempting to capture him. Kenobi managed to outmaneuver the Death Watch long enough for his comrades to outflank the lieutenant. In a final offensive, Ralnar unleashed his warriors along with his wrist-mounted flamethrower. But his own ferocity was his undoing, as his flames detonated a nearby explosive canister, resulting in his death.


The Jedi engage Lieutenant Vherr in heated combat.

The final training camp in the area was Kote. Though less fortified, it held the largest concentration of Death Watch soldiers. As they progressed through the camp, most of the Death Watch fled the area, covered by their leader, Lieutenant Vherr. Despite an order to evacuate, Vherr remained in the camp and attempted to destroy the Jedi with his personal arsenal. Alnin drew his fire while Farlight took out his various weapons one at a time.

After another lengthy fight, Farlight finally got an advantage over Vherr, stunned him and allowed Kenobi to take him into custody. With all of the training camps disbanded, the 104th Battalion was finally able to operate more efficiently in that region. However, there was still one village to the southwest that was under threat.

Captive Village

The Jedi tracked where the remaining soldiers had retreated to and found a Ming Po village being occupied by the Death Watch. Clone trooper Mortar was already positioned just outside the main village gates. He informed them that the Death Watch had ordered the Republic presence on Carlac to be withdrawn immediately or else they would burn the entire village and its inhabitants. Knowing a full-scale attack would result in heavy civilian losses, Alnin, Kenobi and Farlight decided to sneak into the camp disguised as Mandalorian mercenaries and gradually take down the Death Watch warriors from within.

The trio entered the village without incident and subdued several of the guards near the perimeter. However, as they moved towards the village center, they were spotted and word of their presence was made known to the entire town, prompting the Death Watch soldiers to begin burning the village. The Jedi removed most components of their disguises to quicken their movement and started battling their way through the armed occupation, with the support of Clone pilot Warthog in his LAAT Gunship.

Before long, the fires spread out of control and blocked many passages ways through the village. Death Watch leader Kherr Dawar used this to her advantage and challenged the Jedi to unarmed combat. Dawar held her own against the trio, but Kenobi eventually gained the upper hand and subdued her. Warthog's gunship then doused the fires blocking the passages so that the Jedi could advance.

Towards the village center, Kenobi discovered a number of Ming Po villagers being held hostage in one of the few surviving buildings, Chieftain Pieter among them. Alnin had Farlight evacuate them in a Gunship while he and Kenobi continued on to the center. While Farlight was aiding the last of the Ming Po to safety, the Death Watch sprung a trap on Alnin and Kenobi and swiftly subdued them.

They were forced to their knees in the village center, where Pre Vizsla was awaiting them. In a weakened state, Kenobi contacted Farlight through the Force and told them of their situation. Farlight stealthily approached and looked on as Vizsla used a holorecorder for a message intended for both the Republic and Mandalore, boasting of his victory over the two renowned Jedi Knights. He made clear that his warrior culture would one day dominate Mandalore once more, but before he could execute Kenobi and Alnin, Farlight initiated an explosion from one of the soldier's jetpacks.

In the chaos, Kenobi and Alnin broke free and reclaimed their Lightsabers. Vizsla sent in more soldiers led by Mord Jayran and Kro Lann, the former of whom was the one who'd infiltrated the Republic outpost on Umbara. The Jedi stood their ground against the onslaught and defeated the warrors, prompting Vizsla himself into battle. After a lengthy duel, Vizsla deemed the effort no longer worthy of his resources and fled from the village with his remaining troops.

With the occupation lifted, Mortar moved his men in to secure the area while the Jedi relocated the surviving Ming Po to their refugee camp. They then reported the outcome to the Council.

The Outer Rim Sieges

In late 20 BBY, as the Confederacy was being pushed out of the Core Worlds and Colonies—a process accelerated by the upcoming victories at Cato Neimoidia, Chandrila, and Scipio—the bulk of the Separatist army held to the Mid and Outer Rims. The Galactic Republic and Jedi Order launched a series of campaigns to route their remaining strongholds known as the Outer Rim Sieges. This large-scale campaign, with planets such as Felucia, Saleucami, and Mygeeto―the "Triad of Evil"―becoming of great tactical interest, caused many in the Republic Command to believe that the end of the war was in sight. Alnin also began to see the turning point in the war and willingly accepted as many assignments as he was able, such as the Mission to Boz Pity. The numerous small steps they had taken throughout the war were finally showing great progress towards peace and balance in the Force.

Threat on Felucia

Main article: Siege of Felucia

Gram tends to the wounded clone troopers.

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Maul's Rampage

Main article: Skirmish on Florrum

After they escaped capture at Moorjhone, Maul and Opress manipulated the Banking Clan into transferring half a fortune directly to them as the foundation of their empire. Another group of Jedi was commissioned to once again discover Maul's whereabouts. The six Jedi split into groups of two: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Gallia would check banking installations near Moorjhone, Gram Alnin and Anakin Skywalker would patrol for activity near Hutt Space, and Dransten Detus and Finn Ertay would search along cargo ship routes, beginning near Elom.

Meanwhile, Maul and Opress accumulated more and more wealth, including blaster caches and expensive spices. As they did so, they were discovered by Detus and Ertay and subsequently dueled them in a spaceport. Unfortunately, the brothers' strength and rage was only growing and the two Jedi Masters were slain. Soon following, the brothers raided a Transfer Station in the Cybloc system and gathered even more wealth. As they did, the station transmitted a distress signal which Kenobi and Gallia investigated.

Meanwhile, Alnin and Skywalker returned to the Jedi Temple with Detus and Ertay's bodies for debriefing. Later on, Hondo gave Kenobi transport back to Coruscant with Adi Gallia's body and the rest of the group reported what had occurred to the Chancellor. With possible evidence that Maul was destroyed, Palpatine deemed that it was no longer worthy of the Republic's attention and requested that the Jedi redirect their own attention to the war effort. Despite the significant danger Maul posed, the Jedi had to heed the Chancellor's words hold off any further action against the Sith brothers until they found new evidence that they survived.

Lost Contact on Mustafar


Alnin's Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor.

Shortly after the skirmish on Florrum, the Republic outpost on Mustafar suddenly ceased all transmissions. With fears of another Separatist attack, the Jedi War Council sent Jedi Masters Gram Alnin and Kyle Redbreak and Padawan Joch Farlight to investigate the lost contact. Leading two companies of troops to the surface, Alnin, Redbreak and Farlight arrived at the outpost and found it completely ransacked in an assault.

Most of the clones stationed there were killed including the commanding officer, Lieutenant Vulc, the outpost's defense turrets and long-range transmitters had been disabled, and all of the supplies there were stolen. Despite such a well-coordinated assault, there was no evidence that it was a Separatist attack. Alnin had the clones of Thruster Company search for survivors while he made his way to the command center.

The outpost's databanks had been wiped before the crew was completely overrun and Vulc managed to save several surveillance hologram records. These recordings revealed that the Mandalorian Death Watch was behind the assault and subsequent looting. Farlight noted that a Death Watch soldier had been spotted near the outpost during its construction, and that another Death Watch operative had infiltrated the outpost on Umbara a few months earlier. But neither fact explained why the Mandalorian splinter group had grown bold enough to directly engage the Republic military.

Alnin and Redbreak went to the outpost perimeter to search for evidence, where they discovered five surviving Clone Troopers who were hiding in the hills following the attack. They informed the Jedi of the full extent of the attack. Redbreak remembered that there was a Black Sun stronghold to the north. The Jedi decided to travel there for further investigation.

Urgent Message from Mandalore

Alnin, along with Ki-Adi-Mundi and Yoda, received a transmission from Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore intended for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Once Kenobi had been summoned, they viewed the message of Satine stating that the Death Watch had taken over Mandalore and Almec was reinstated with support from multiple crime families. While Kenobi insisted they provide aid, Alnin and Mundi pointed out that the Senate would not permit it: Mandalore was a neutral planet, and since the Death Watch no longer had the backing of the Separatists, it was an internal affair. Even Yoda stated that it was out of their power.

However, Obi-Wan decided to travel to Mandalore and rescue Satine alone, using Anakin Skywalker's rundown freighter and hobby project, the Twilight. Before he left, Gram warned him that, with the recent discovery on Mustafar, the Death Watch had other crime groups supporting it. While Kenobi failed to rescue Satine―who was killed by Maul in an act of revenge on Obi-Wan―he escaped back to the Republic with the aid of Satine's sister, Bo-Katan Kryze.

Rising Tension on Coruscant

Jedi Temple bombing


Protestors gather at the base of the Jedi Temple.

As the war progressed, many citizens of the Republic began to question the idea of the Jedi leading such a destructive conflict. One such citizen saw a message needed to be sent and managed to set off an explosion in the hangar of the Jedi Temple, killing six Jedi and numerous other clones and maintenance workers. Calling all members back for an emergency meeting, Gram met with the Jedi Council and discussed the possibility that anyone, even a Jedi, could have been responsible for the attack. They ordered Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano to investigate with the Order's crime scene analysis droid, Russo-ISC.

Their investigation led them to find that a man named Jackar Bowmani had detonated the explosives, and they had spoken with his wife, Letta Turmond. She had pleaded that Jackar would never perform any such action, but their evidence of explosive nano-droids found in the bloodstream of his remains contradicted this. Skywalker and Tano traveled to Turmond's apartment, where they found traces of the same nano-droids in their food, which meant that either Bowmani consumed them willingly or someone fed them to him. They then found Turmond and, once Anakin and Ahsoka cornered her, she admitted to setting up Jackar with the nano-droids and, subsequently, being responsible for the bombing.

They brought her back to the Temple for further questioning, and then spoke with Yoda, Gram and Mace. Though Turmond had not given her motives to launching the attack, it was clear that public opinion had turned against the Jedi as a result of their role in the Clone Wars.

Ahsoka Tano accused

After the funeral service for the Jedi killed in the Temple bombing, Admiral Tarkin informed Ahsoka that Letta Turmond, who had recently been turned over to Republic custody, had requested to see her. As she visited Turmond, the prisoner admitted that she did not arrange the bombing on her own accord: a Dark Jedi, who shared her views, equipped her with the nano-droid explosives. However, as Turmond was about to reveal this Jedi's identity, she was strangled to death by a mysterious Force chokehold. Upon arriving at the cell, Clone Commander Fox assumed Tano was responsible and, though he felt she was justified in killing a traitor, placed her under arrest.


Ahsoka Tano is surrounding by Shock Troopers during her escape.

She was briefly visited by Tarkin, who addressed the factors that pointed to Tano having killed Turmond: she had been angry with the bomber and was the only known person in the room. In addition, the sound on the security hologram had been disabled, making the scene look even more damning against Ahsoka's case. Anakin Skywalker attempted to visit her, but Tarkin ordered that no one be allowed in.

Later on, however, Tano managed to escape by finding her cell's keycard mysteriously placed nearby. As she escaped, she came across six clones, killed by lightsaber cut, causing the Republic and Jedi to believe she was responsible for all of the murders. Skywalker attempted to convince her to return and plead her case the Jedi Council, but she refused to take the blame for crimes she did not commit and subsequently escaped into the Underworld.

Capture and Trial

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Mace Windu: "It is the Council's opinion that padawan Ahsoka Tano has committed sedition against the Republic, and thus, she will be expelled from the Jedi Order."
Ki-Adi-Mundi: "Your padawan status will be stripped from you, and you shall forfeit all rank and privileges within the Grand Army of the Republic."
Gram Alnin: "You will be turned over to the Republic courts to await your trial and whatever punishment they will set for you. Henceforth, you are banned from the Jedi Order."
―The Jedi Council expels Ahsoka Tano from the Order, so that she can be given a Republic trial

Tano's trial in the Chamber of Judgement.

Anakin Skywalker and Plo Koon were commissioned by the Jedi Council to track down and capture Tano so that she receive judgement from the Order. Each leading a squad, Skywalker and Koon tracked Tano down as she was searching for proof of her innocence with former Separatist assassin, Asajj Ventress. They finally cornered and subdued Tano in a warehouse full of Nano-droid explosives, the same type used in the Temple bombing.

Upon her capture, Ahsoka awaited her trial from the Jedi Council. However, Admiral Tarkin contacted the council advising that Tano be expelled from the Jedi Order to receive a less biased trial from the Republic Courts. Alnin and Kenobi suggested that they stand with padawan Tano in her defense. However, Windu reminded them that doing so would be seen as an act of opposition to the Senate, something that they could not afford in their current public standing. Tano was subsequently summoned to the Chamber of Judgement with her master for her trial.

The Council inquired on her understanding of the situation: Tano stated that she presumed Asajj Ventress was the one who had framed her for all the crimes, but was uncertain. Though not in total agreement, the Jedi Masters found her guilty and was stripped of her battlefield privileges as well as her Padawan braid, signifying the loss of her Padawan status and was expelled from the Jedi Order. As Tano traveled to the Republic Courts for her trial, Skywalker located and interrogated Ventress and learned that the only other one who was aware of Tano's presence in the warehouse was Jedi Knight, Barriss Offee.

Skywalker returned to the Temple and found that Offee was indeed guilty for all that Tano had been accused of. With the assistance of Tera Sinube and the Jedi Temple Guards, he captured Offee and brought her to confess before the court right before Tano could be found guilty. After Offee was taken into custody, Tano was again brought before the leading members of the Council. Alnin, Windu, Koon and Skywalker in particular apologized and commended her on her efforts to prove her innocence, and Yoda offered her membership in the Order back to her. However, Tano refused to rejoin and left the Temple.

Mission to Dathomir


Gram duels Dark Acolyte, Wiffa Zett, on Dathomir.

"Your going out of the galaxy. ...The Republic will crumble down on top of you and your Order."
"Your own order has already been diminished. Its way is a path to self-destruction, as you now see."
―Wiffa Zett and Gram Alnin, as the former slowly dies

Word had reached the Jedi that Count Dooku had taken several Dark Acolytes under his tutelage to serve him, sending them to Dathomir for training. Yoda sent Gram to defeat one of them to know of their capabilities. He landed on Dathomir near one of the Nightbrother arenas, where he sensed a nearby presence. He found one of the acolytes, Wiffa Zett, in meditation at the head of the arena. As he approached her, she lashed out with Force Lightning, which Alnin narrowly blocked with his Lightsaber.

She then leaped forward and they engaged in a fierce lightsaber duel. Despite her power and honing of the Dark Side, the acolyte could only stand against Alnin for so long; even as she attempted to recuperate several times through the duel, she was overwhelmed by his mastery of the Niman form. As she launched her final attack, he broke her defense and delivered a fatal stab to her abdomen. As she died, she released the darkness within her and became one with the Force. With his droid, R3-E7, having recorded the duel, Alnin returned with him to Coruscant to inform Yoda of the encounter.

Battle of Chandrila

"Chandrila, a long-standing symbol of beauty and equality in the galaxy, had fallen. We thought Zouken and Gammaforge's forces could handle it, but it had already begun to swell to a massive, armed occupation. The Senate simply wouldn't have it, so Ralana and I were commissioned to scrape up what units we could and liberate the besieged people, Mon Mothma among them. To the commanders, the Order and the Republic overall, it was a major planetary campaign and a key victory; to Kyle, it was settling a personal score."
―Gram Alnin reflects on the battle of Chandrila

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Facing the Shadow Collective

"Mandalorians? This confirms our Intel from the Mandalore resistance that the alliance between Prime Minister Almec and the underworld is still intact."
"We know that the Black Sun has a foothold here. Could the Shadow Collective be staging a major operation in that sector?"
"There is a known Mandalorian supply outpost in this system. Maul could be lurking in the shadows there."
―Mace Windu, Gram Alnin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi discuss the Shadow Collective

Ord Mantell suffered a devastating Separatist bombardment during an attack there in 20 BBY, shortly after the Battle of Sundari. In response, GAR Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Six was deployed to provide relief and medical assistance. Gram Alnin and Commander Wolffe accompanied the battalion to oversee the operations. They soon received word from the surviving locals that Count Dooku led the attack against a red-skinned Force user. Fearing that Darth Maul was behind it, the Jedi Order sent a strike team―consisting of Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Aayla Secura and Tiplee―to investigate.

Windu spoke with the Chancellor regarding this discovery and believed that if Maul and Dooku were pitted against each other, it was an opportunity to capture both of them and potentially end the war. At the main Republic medical center established in Ord Mantell City, the Jedi searched for evidence of what forces Maul was commanding against Dooku. Secura entered the room with an item Wolffe and his men recovered from just outside the city: a Mandalorian helmet. The Jedi realized that Almec and his forces were still connected to the criminal underworld, and that there was a risk that Mandalore would fall to the Separatists. Kenobi and Tiplee then departed to investigate the supply outpost in that sector.

Before long, Kenobi's cruiser reported that they located a military base hidden among the asteroids, well-defended and with Maul aboard. Kenobi signaled for the rest of the team to join them as they secured the hangar. As the reinforcements arrived, Kenobi and Tiplee discovered that Maul and Dooku had joined forces in command of the Collective. Alnin, Windu and Secura disembarked and ordered the two Sith to stand down. Maul engaged the trio while Dooku attacked Kenobi and Tiplee in a fierce duel, ending with Tiplee being killed and Windu and Secura knocked unconscious by a rocket fired from Maul's lead Mandalorians.

Kenobi and Alnin attempted and failed to stop them from escaping aboard a Gauntlet Fighter, with Maul assuring them that they would "be seeing each other again soon enough." In the aftermath, as the Clone Troopers arrested the remaining Mandalorians, Palpatine contacted the Jedi requesting a report. Though their mission was a failure, they surmised that Dooku was the Sith Master they had been searching for and Maul was his apprentice all along. Palpatine agreed on this and that their combined threat could spell doom for the Republic.

Siege of Mandalore


Republic invasion forces arrive over Mandalore.

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Battle of Sluis Van

As General Kenobi departed to Utapau to dispatch General Grievous, Alnin traveled with the 307th Regiment to Sluis Van to undermine an amassing CIS force and cripple their standing in the sector. However, shortly after their arrival, Alnin was overlooking their growing forward position with Blake when he felt a massive disturbance in the Force, feeling the deaths of thousands of his fellow Jedi as Chancellor Palpatine, now revealed as Darth Sidious, ordered the Clone Troopers across the galaxy to exterminate them. Alnin went into a secluded valley to contemplate the catastrophe; he soon realized that the only possible way for Jedi casualties of this scale would be by the most wide-spread army in the galaxy. His fears were soon confirmed when Blake joined him in the valley with a platoon of armed Clones. Blake stated that Alnin was to be placed under arrest, but the latter was already aware of the death warrant on the Jedi and quickly fled the valley into the wilderness, narrowly deflecting or evading a barrage of blaster fire.


The men of Thruster Company execute Order 66.

With his own men hunting for him, Alnin decided to flee the planet and find out what all had happened. He attempted to reach the Republic Outpost where he could commandeer a speeder to reach one of Sluis Van's spaceports, but the area had become restricted. Suddenly, one of the troopers of Thruster Company approached him, but did not attack. Alnin recognized the trooper as Lenn, who did not believe that the Jedi would attempt to overthrow the Republic. Instead of reporting the Jedi, Lenn granted him access to the speeder bike garage and informed him of a window through which he could escape the area without detection. Alnin warned that this act would result in Lenn's arrest and court-martial, but the Clone trooper insisted that the risk was necessary for the Jedi Order's survival and then departed.

As Alnin began to power up a 74-Z Speeder Bike, Blake discovered him and held him at gunpoint. Blake, rather than shoot him on sight, tried to convince Alnin to surrender so that he may receive an appeal, but the latter knew that whoever gave this order (likely Palpatine) would not allow any Jedi to live. When Alnin's reasoning with Blake failed, he began to leave. Blake fired several warning shots, resulting in his own death.

The Purge Begins

Alnin escaped Sluis Van aboard a civilian starfighter, which he purchased with his personal GAR emergency funds and subsequently named Corell's Talon. Once he was clear of the system, he activated Emergency Code Nine Thirteen in search of other Jedi survivors. The beacon was received by Senator Bail Organa and Alnin rendezvoused with him and Master Yoda aboard the Sundered Heart, shortly before Kenobi did the same.

Organa and Yoda reported that they had received the distress beacon from no other Jedi, but they had received a coded transmission from the Jedi Temple: the war had ended and all Jedi were to be recalled to Coruscant. Alnin and Kenobi realized that it was a trap for Jedi survivors and insisted that they go to the Temple and deactivated to preserve what remained of the Order.

Entering the Temple

Jedi Temple Massacre

Alnin, Kenobi and Yoda discover the carnage of the Jedi Purge.

When the Sundered Heart returned to Coruscant, she received a message from the Chancellor's office requesting Senator Organa to attend a special session of Congress to address the recent "Jedi uprising." Yoda saw that this gave an opportunity for easier access to the Temple while most of Coruscant Security was focused on the Senate. Organa went to attend the session, in which Palpatine declared the Confederacy of Independent Systems dissolved and reorganized the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Meanwhile Yoda, Alnin and Kenobi departed for the Temple. They found numerous Clones of the 501st Legion guarding the Temple entrance and halls, many of them disguised as Jedi.

Once they had battled their way inside, they discovered thousands of Jedi had been killed in the assault, Masters and Younglings alike. Strangely, some of the Jedi bodies had lightsaber cuts rather than blast marks. The trio continued on to the beacon room, where Kenobi recalibrated the code to mark the Temple as an unsafe area to any surviving Jedi. As they began to depart, Obi-Wan was still curious about how several Jedi were killed by lightsaber. He looked through the security holograms and discovered that it was Anakin, now known as Darth Vader, who had led the slaughter in the Temple, under the guidance of the now-Emperor Palpatine.

This discovery left all three in shock and dismay. Despite their minimal numbers and strength, Yoda discerned that both Sith Lords had to be destroyed quickly if there was to be balance in the Force. Kenobi could not bring himself to kill his former padawan and old friend and volunteered to challenge the Emperor. However, Yoda knew that he was not powerful enough and told him instead to learn of Anakin's location and confront him. Alnin also wanted to confront the Emperor, but Yoda insisted that he go into hiding. Alnin understood his master's concern, but he could not allow him to travel to the Senate alone. Yoda allowed him to accompany him but ordered Alnin that he could only intervene if it appeared that Sidious had the upper hand.

Facing Lord Sidious


Lord Sidious unleashes his power on Yoda and Alnin.

"Master Alnin. I should have guessed. Never straying far from your master's side, too fearful for what you would do without his guidance."
"Always time to get back to the basics, if you wanted a lesson."
―Darth Sidious and Gram Alnin

Alnin saw Yoda to Palpatine's office beneath the Senate Chambers and hid in an antechamber while Yoda confronted the Emperor. Unfortunately, Palpatine's power had only grown since his duel with Mace Windu and he quickly subdued Yoda with a powerful blast of Force Lightning. Though Sidious began to ridicule Yoda about the Jedi Order's fall, Yoda returned the attack with his own Force Push. Sidious attempted to escape, but was cut off by Yoda, with Alnin now at his side. The two of them dueled the Sith Lord simultaneously until Yoda was blasted back again. Alnin continued to attack Sidious and maintained a stalemate against his opponent until Yoda recovered. However, as Yoda reentered the fight, Sidious parried him and unleashed a massive blast of Force Lightning onto Alnin, sending a surge through his nervous system and rendering him temporarily comatose.

When he eventually reawakened, Yoda and Sidious had already dueled into the main Senate Chamber, where the latter used the Force to throw several Senate pods at his opponent. Weakened and partially handicapped, Alnin was forced to retreat from the building and was secretly picked up at the maintenance staff entrance by Organa in his airspeeder. Organa dropped him off at the Sundered Heart before going back to rescue Yoda. While being treated in the medbay, Alnin was visited by Kyle Redbreak, who also survived Order 66 by virtue of prior knowledge to it and was taken in by Organa after returning to the Temple.


Obi-Wan Kenobi: "She's dying?"
Medical Droid: "We don't know why. She has lost the will to live. We need to operate quickly if we are to save the babies."
Bail Organa: "Babies??"
Medical Droid: "She's carrying twins."
Gram Alnin: "Twins? She can't have that much energy left. If we can't save them..."
Yoda: "Save them, we must. Our last hope, they are."
―Organa and the Jedi discuss the future of Amidala's children

Shortly after Yoda was rescued, Redbreak departed for his exile on Krant and Organa fled Coruscant to Polis Massa where they attempted to contact Kenobi. While Yoda was dueling Darth Sidious, Kenobi had been dueling Darth Vader on Mustafar, ending with Vader being amputated multiple times, immolated and enraged. Just prior, Vader seriously injured Padmé Amidala, who was very pregnant with Anakin Skywalker's children. After Kenobi left Vader for dead, he returned to Amidala's starship and departed Mustafar for the medical center at Polis Massa.

By the time they arrived, Amidala's vitals were failing rapidly due to excessive energy devoted to giving birth and a loss of will to continue living. The medical droids also discovered that Amidala was pregnant with twins. Yoda believed that the children may be the galaxy's last hope and that it was crucial that they be saved. With Kenobi at her side, Amidala gave birth to her two babies, a boy and a girl whom she named Luke and Leia. With her strength failing, Amidala told Kenobi that she believed there was still good within Anakin Skywalker―before passing away.


The Corell's Talon, the fighter Alnin used to escape Sluis Van, knowing his purchase would be difficult to track due to the numerous modifications of the average CloakShape.

As Organa and the Jedi returned Amidala's body to Naboo, they discussed the future of the twins, how they would hide them from the Empire. Organa volunteered to adopt Leia into his family on Alderaan while Luke would be sent to his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen on Tatooine, under Kenobi's watchful eye during his exile there. Yoda had already chosen his place of exile as Dagobah, knowing of a place where the Dark Side had a strong influence, which would hide his Force presence from the Emperor and his agents. Alnin would serve his exile on Carlac; though Organa warned that the planet already hosted an Imperial outpost, Alnin assured his friends that that the planet would be of little interest to the Empire.

With the final arrangements for the twins settled, the group parted ways. Yoda left for Dagobah in a Polis Massan lander, Kenobi took Luke to Tatooine aboard a civilian transport and Alnin went to Carlac aboard the Corell's Talon.

Exile on Carlac

Gram Carlac home

Alnin's modest abode on Carlac.

With little trouble, Alnin reached Carlac and found a small, vacant house with a speeder garage that could double as a hangar for his fighter. Though the Imperial outpost (at which Alnin had once been stationed) sat about two kilometers away, Alnin was able to quietly settle down and was even welcomed by the nearby Ming Po village who, fortunately, did not recognize him as the Jedi who liberated their people from the Death Watch less than two years earlier. With various repairs and meager supplies, Alnin established himself as a semi-retired farmer, making a simple living in selling produce under the alias of "Edant" or simply "Ed". With the ambitious expansion of the Empire focusing on other worlds, Alnin kept a low profile among the Ming Po and spent most of his spare time meditating and keeping his fighter in repair.

Years passed and Alnin was able to live in peace within the simple culture of the Ming Po. Though he successfully hid from the Empire, he could sense through the Force other surviving Jedi who were being hunted down and slain by the Emperor's agents. The despair of being powerless to stop the Empire's brutal conquest took its toll on Alnin and he longed to take his fighter and search the galaxy for any remaining Jedi, but he knew better than to risk being discovered. He knew how obsessively the Empire was searching for Force-sensitive beings and took extra care in light of scattered reports he'd heard about groups who openly opposed the Emperor's reign, groups that were swiftly and completely eradicated by Imperial forces. He only left Carlac to receive occasional news updates and to salvage necessary components for his farming.

Ming Po Militia Icon

A member of the Ming Po militia.

The Imperial presence on Carlac was so light that Alnin sometimes forgot the enemy was so close. He originally planned to lay low on the planet and get by, but as time went by he grew more comfortable communing with the nearby Ming Po and made several good friends while selling produce, including the town's chieftain, Nalia. Alnin didn't want to become a recognizable figure among them but he valued the community they'd built, worried that the events of the Clone Wars had damaged their trusting culture. Indeed, the Ming Po had formed their own militia from weapons and armor the Death Watch left behind. Alnin urged them to keep their arms hidden from the Imperials, lest they seize all of their supplies and impose a harsher occupation of their world.

Seeds of Rebellion

Around 11 BBY, the Imperial presence on Carlac shifted. More Imperial troops arrived for security concerns that the nearby crashed Munificent-class frigate (which Alnin had investigated during the Clone Wars) was housing leftover Separatist holdouts. This led to harsher policies and taxation on the Ming Po. Alnin did his best to quell the villagers' growing fears and concerns over the Empire. Tired of being pushed around, Nalia wanted to deploy her militia against the Imperial garrison. Alnin urged her to exercise patience; though he could not reveal how he knew this, he warned that striking back would only worsen the Empire's subjugation of the planet. There would be other ways they could deal with the Imperials.

New Republic


Councilor and Jedi Master Gram Alnin on Chandrila in his later years.

Following the Battle of Endor, Alnin became a High General and Councilor in the newly-formed New Republic and continued to serve alongside his allies and friends, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa.

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Next Generation

Some time after the end of the Galactic Civil War, Alnin resigned from his military command and chose to help Luke Skywalker rebuild the Jedi Order. Being one of the last known Jedi of the Old Republic, Alnin advised Skywalker to trust the wisdom Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda had passed on to him, wary that the old ways would recreate the hubris and arrogance that led to the Jedi's downfall before.

Skywalker and Alnin, with a host of other Jedi emerged from exile, assembled a promising group of Force-sensitive students from across the galaxy. Among the first of these students was Ben Solo, son of Han Solo and Leia Organa. Leia insisted that Ben be trained in the ways of the new Jedi, though Skywalker feared that he possessed a reckless and impulsive nature that would steer him to the Dark Side. Alnin sensed this in young Ben as well, but remained hopeful the tutelage of his uncle would make him one of their most capable Jedi.

They based their new Jedi Temple and training on the Outer Rim moon of Yavin 4, where Alnin mentored many hopeful students as his master had done before him. As years passed, Alnin's health declined and he prepared to become one with the Force, hopeful that their students would successfully rise to fill the place of the old Jedi as peacekeepers of the New Republic. However, decades after the war ended, he sensed a darkness rising in the far reaches of the galaxy. Skywalker, deeply perturbed by this threat, took a dozen of his best students (Ben among them) to a retreat to meditate. Unfortunately, when Skywalker sensed the darkness in Ben as well, he feared his student had fallen to the Dark Side and went to Ben's quarters to end him.

He stopped himself before he could do so, but then Ben awoke and saw his uncle poised to kill him. Ben lashed out, buried his uncle in rubble, and stormed off to the Temple to sway his fellow students to join him as servants of Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order. At least six students joined him; the rest opposed him and Ben, now assuming the name Kylo Ren, slaughtered them all and destroyed the Temple. When Alnin learned of this, he quickly sent the remaining Jedi students into hiding and erased all record of their existence. Some attempted to fight, but they were slain by Kylo and his fallen Jedi, known as the Knights of Ren. Alnin urged them to wait somewhere safe until the time was right, working with the Resistance to cover their tracks.

Searching for answers

With Luke Skywalker vanished and darkness was coming over the galaxy once more, Alnin knew that he would be helpless to play a part in the galaxy's future. To protect his allies both in the Republic and the Jedi, Alnin sought refuge on the distant Deep Core world of Tython, guided only by his holocron and what little connection to the Force he had left. He hoped to find answers by meditating on the spiritual homeland of his Jedi ancestors who came there in exile when darkness enveloped the galaxy thousands of years earlier. He also hoped to find Luke there, believing that he went in search of the first Jedi Temple. However, Luke was not there; the ancient Jedi Temple on Tython was only a successor to the true birthplace of the Jedi Order.

Alnin still found something there. While Tython had once been scorched by a Sith assault, its plant and animal life were finally beginning to rejuvenate. He discovered that something unique occurred during the planet's healing. The Sith imbued the planet with a dark energy that led to the catastrophe, but its proximity to the galactic core enabled natural growth to persist. Within the past century, life returned to Tython, but not in the same wellspring it once knew. Instead, as Alnin discovered, the dark nexus was in perfect balance with the regeneration of light.

Maz Kanata

The Awakening

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Powers and Skills

"Focus on your purpose at all times. That way, you enter a battle with calm and confidence, two traits necessary to use the Force. Do not lose your focus to fear or doubt. Those are weapons your opponents will use against you. Trust in the Force to keep your mind clear. The moment you stop trusting in the Force is the moment your opponent has won. And that's when things get a lot harder."
―Gram Alnin instructs youngling Ahsoka Tano to remain focused

Gram Alnin's lightsaber.

Gram Alnin possessed an exceptionally strong connection to the Force, which enabled him to maintain his physical form so that he could further develop his abilities beyond that of most other Jedi. He learned from Master Fitch Stetson to hone these abilities by employing patience, self-discipline and calmness, things he struggled with in his adolescent years. He was knighted when he learned to be patient and trust in the Force in uncertain times. His growing wisdom and experience is what led to him soon becoming a Master.

Alnin was also a skilled swordsman, developing a mastery of the Niman Lightsaber Form and even a moderate understanding of the Vaapad Form. His lightsaber was carefully constructed and handled fluidly, having underwent many modifications over the years. Combined with his Force abilities, Alnin became a skilled adversary in combat, but typically preferred diplomacy to conflict, an attitude that eventually earned him a seat on the Jedi Council.

While he was strong in the Force, Alnin was not the most athletic Jedi in the Order, typically calling on the Force to maintain his physical stamina. Part of this was a result of his advanced age and fewer field assignments as time went on. But his skill with a lightsaber and Force powers never wavered. Alnin remembered the ways by which he had to retrain his power and never used it offensively in combat.

Legends Exile

This section was my main plan for my character's exile, though the one on Carlac was my original plan. After a lot of thought, I decided to go with my original idea and removed the following section

Alnin rides his fambaa, Mensch, back to his homestead.

With minimal trouble from the expanding Imperial Fleet, Alnin reached Bakura and quickly hid his CloakShape fighter in a closed hangar in case the Empire was investigating recent arrivals. Shortly after, he began searching for a place to live under the guise of a retired banker whose salary was undercut when Palpatine took complete control over the banks and did not relinquish said control after the war's end. With extra credits donated by Senator Organa, Alnin purchased a small homestead in the less populated region of Prytis, roughly six kilometers southeast of Salis D'aar. He also purchased a juvenile fambaa named Mensch for transport.

The homestead was worse for wear, but still featured electricity and running water, as well as a garage which could be converted into a stable for Mensch and even a large storage room with opening roof that could house the Talon.

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