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Name: Jason Illson

Date of birth: classified

Place of birth: Naboo

Back ground: King of Naboo, part of Royal family first republice super soldier ( titan 001 ) code name: TITAN 001

DISCRIPTION: brown hair, yellow eyes, hight : 6"5 age : 20 body is in great physically shape.

personality: has 2 can be fun and loving and sweet and cool and funny or grumpy mean and a jerk. also has high self esteam can also be vary brave when it comes to helping friends and is always there for a friend or a fellow marine or fellow jedi

LIGHT SABERS COLORS: green and yellow

EARLY YEARS : was traind not stop by his father so jason would be able to servive any fight he was in. and serve in the naboo marines when he was just a kid. and was leader of team titan.

King Jason Illson was born in the Royal Illson family of Naboo at the time the Illson family were the rulers of the planet of Naboo till the separatists came and attacked Naboo. Jason was only 5 at the time of the attack his mother Queen Lori Illson died in the attack when he witness his mothers death he picked up her blaster pistol and shot every droid there. His dad ran inside to get him out, but saw young Jason didn't need help. They escaped to Coruscant, until Naboo was taken back. Jason grew up with no mother and was trained non-stop to be the best trained warrior in the galaxy, his father was a Jedi and taught him the ways of the Force. Jason was a natural at using the Force and he combined his Force powers with his fighting skills to form new type of fighting styles. When he was 18, the clones wars had started and the young prince was called to duty. He met one of his closest friends; A-13 Ember. He joined Ember's squad to fight Nova and the droid army. A month later after joining, he met the girl of his dreams, namely Elena Carontor, a Twi'lek girl, they seemed perfect for each other. Then a bad thing happened; Jason's father, the King died in the war, so at the age of 20 he was named king of the beautiful planet Naboo. He started up a new training method, which transformed the Naboo marines into super soldiers.

When he became King, his first order of business was to make peace with an enemy of the galaxy, Xalandra Nova.He made peace with Dark Nebula. He had done many things in his military career he help defeat the defenders and crush several rebellions against him. He is one of the best trained fighters in the galaxy. Not all of this turned out to be good. Joining Nova made Dac Doolish and him fight, but then it ended, when they too remember that they shared a common enemy; the Separatists. When order 66 was given, his marines were wiped out and he and elena had escaped to a moon, where they created the freedom fighters to crush the Empire, but that didn't work, until he met a young man, named Galen Marek (codename Starkiller). Together, with the aid of other planets, they formed the Rebel Alliance. After the Galatic Civil War, he helps luke skywalker rebuild the Republic and the Jedi order and he finally, after 20 years of war with the empire, returns to the beautiful planet off Naboo and is once again the king of naboo with elena as his queen.


DC-15A Blaster Rifle

Aloquar's DC-15A Blaster Rifle

part one the beggining

i was born in a royal famly i hade every thing a kid could want money power a chance at the throne i never under stood the world at that age but every thing i did know was about to chang it was 12:00 in the afternoon i was only 5 years old i was in the dining room with my mother i just got done eating lunch when the droids broke in they grabed me and my mom but my mom was always a fighter she took out her pistol and gunned down every droid in the way. my dad contacted her WERE UNDER ATTACK! he yelled we were to meet up in the throne room my mom shot every droid in our way to the throne room but when we got there my dad was getting my othere brothers and sisters but then it happen my mom turned around and then BOOM! she was shot in the chest she died in my arms her dying words were "jason i love you your destined for greatness and will make a great king" then she died. with all my rage i picked up her gun and at the age of five killed every droid that came in threw the door. when my brotheres and sisters and my dad found me they saw mom and took her body with us i wouldnt see naboo for a month after that day but i remember arriving on curasant at a secret meeting my dad said "my son jason is the perfect canadate for the new naboo super soldier program" i didnt under stand at the time but this was a start of a legendary story.

part 2 a super soldier is born

it was a year after the death of my mother when my dad came up to me and told me we were going to the docter. boy was i a fool he took me to the docter and said i was the perfect canidet for the TITAN programe. i was 6 at the time i didnt no what was going on i remember getting nocked out in the lab and waking up with metal bones and a pain in my neck from my NURALE IMPLANT. ill explain what happen when i was knocked out they injected a special chemical in my bones making them into the strongest metal in the galaxy. they also replaced half my brain with a computer so i can be super smart. they also installed a nurale implantes in my skull so unlike most people i could use all of my brain power. well that was the surgary a year later i was 7 my dad started to train me non stop in the ways of the force and in all the military fighting styles. if i couldnt flip open a knife and throw it in a half a second i would have to run 50 laps at the track, do 100 push ups and 100 sit ups. this training went on till i was 18 so that 11 years of intenst training every day the training ended when i was 18 becaus me and my dad were called to a desert planet to help 2 jedi and a senator that planets name was geonossus alote of jedi died there. my training also stoped becuse i inlisted into the naboo marines this is were the action starts people.

part 3 a sad mission

it started with me enlisting in the Naboo marines i went to basic with 200,000 othere young people to fight in a war that was suppose to last for a few months not years but we didnt know better. after a month of basice we were sent out on our first mission to go to a naboo colony called the plymonth colonie we arrived with all 200,000 new recruits getting on was the easy part but the fighting and the getting offf the planet was the hard part we got down there and when we set up camp we were ambushed at night 1,000 lost our lives that night in the morning we charged we fought all day when we returend to camp 25,000 were dead. the next day we fought canone fire we fought and fought and fought against a never ending force of droids it look like we were about to succed then our leader took a bullet to the head after that we lost alote of people it ended when the droids bomb the base a month of fighting and we lost every one but me died. i woke up to a soldier name a 13 ember after that i was told there were 199,999 dead and i was the only left. ive never cried so hard in my life when i heard every one who was a frend of mine died in the war i was alone but that was about to chang i left the naboo marines to serve with a 13 ember like i said i was alone but that was about to chang.

part 4 remaking frends

i hade no frends i was alone every one i knew was dead so i left to go to the jedi temple to get my assignment from A 13 EMBER. my mission help the leader of the amatari empire her name was empress elena amatari. i was on the feild on ryloth when insted of me finding her she found me she help me when i was shot in the leg. a few weeks later i was reasigned to protect her and join her empire so i did. at first she seemed wierd and not normal but i grew on to here i met alote of people threw her. i met one of my closses frends senkai i also met evan jedi masta a sith. i was no longer alone i was happy again. when i was going to talk to her i met somone vary special somone. somone i never thought this would happen.

meeting an angel

Elena carontor October 2 2011

elena carontor

i was sent to protect elena amatary from the threat of a droid attack or assasination i was givin the adress of the place of were i was suppose to meet her i walked threw the door and saw her and a twi lek girl. i relized the twi lke girl was a sith so i reach for my saber and atttacked the sith. we went at if for ten minets it ended with my but on the ground and a saber at my neck she let me up but i was a ideotic child at the time so when i got up i punched her and riped her hood off and so a buetiful whit twi lek girl. i was star struct but that ended when i got kicked in my lower area. finally elena said this was a frend and not a sith assasin she interducd me. this angels name was elena carontor

part 6 meeting ahsoka tano

Ahsoka Tano

it was a normal day i was cleaning my saber and protecting empress amatarie me and her freind elena carontor didnt really see eye to eye but that day changed when i was ask by the jedi councile that me my father and anakin sky walker were going to a jedi temple that was attacked to pick up anakins new padawan that when i met ahsoka tano. a week after meeting her me my dad ahsoka tano and skywalker were assigned to look for jabba the hutts kid my dad was to buisy leading the naboo marines and keeping naboo safe. so i went with anakin and ahsoka during the mission me and ahsoka bonded and are good freinds

part 7 a death in the family

it was any other day i was hanging out with my best freind john kahn when i was given an order to attack a droid HQ and i was joind by my brother brion illson. i always looked up to my brother he always was there for me when i was sad or needed help. we were to meet with a inside man but it was a women insted it turned out to be that attractive devil nightsister witch elena carontor but for some reason i was excited to see her again i dont know why the last time we met she kicked my butt. so we entered the base to kill some droids but we were out numberd we didnt stand a chance but my brother was he best we had so who blew open a door to the landing zone but we got pin down so he looked st me and said jason i love you brother a tear went down his eye he ran out with his rifle and laid down cover fire for me to escap i got to the ship looked back and saw my brother get shot up later when we took the base i found his bloody body i huged him as he died in my arms. i never forget how ard i cried and i swor to never let a illson die in battle and i would adveng my brother.

part 8 meeting the troops

i was still crying over the death of my brother brion elena walk up to me and huged me and told me it

was going to be alright. i felt a little better there was somthing about her that made me wounder...... well thats a different story after that i walked down to meet the new recruits i look at them all and yelled. ALRIGHT BOYS YOU ARE SERVING THE REPUBLICE NOW YOU ARE HERE FOR ADVANCE TRAINING TO TO JOIN THE REPUBLICE 501st MARINE CORPS i hear a HEY JASON! i look over and saw my best friend john kahn. i said john what the heck you doing here bro. he said getting back at the droids since your dad back out of the war. well then welcome to the republice marines. it good to have another super soldier here. i countinue to train these new troops of coures john had no problem with the courses he was the best soldier i knew elena walk up behind me and started to talk to me asking if we could hang out later i said ok when she trund around i couldnt resist i grabed her head tails she screamed OW! JASON! and i smiled and said cya tonight. ( troll face )


part 9 love

i made my way over to were me and elena were going to hang out it was in the dueling chamber i looked inside and saw her sparing with a duel droid i waited till she got done. i walk in saying thoes were some nice moves miss carontor she look at me and said how about me and you go for a round i go ok but i wont go easy on you. we got into our positions we bowed to eachothere to show respect she took out her sabers as i took out mine we ran twards eachothere and started to fight. i never seen any one match me before but i really wasnt trying my best so i started to go harder next thing you know we swing at eachothere at the same time but i knock her saber out of her hand and said i win. after that we went tout the jedi temple and went to a nice diner i we started to talk she told me how she grew up poor on ryloth and how the war was effecting her family and her people she said her parents spend all there money to get her some were safe. i made her a promise that ill help take her planet back and help her people when we were done i invited her to a party in the palace on naboo i said i would pay for room and her pass there ( first class pass ). it was the night of the party my dad was busy talking to news reporters and guest ashly was getting hit on by my best friend john kahn the est of my family was having a good time but me i was nervouse for some reason i didnt know why until elena walked in my jaw droped when i saw her and what she was wearing it was a really nice red dress. i walk up to her and ask her if she wanted to dance she said ok and we started to dance when the party was almost over and we were done dancing we went out side and look into the night sky just gazing at the stars. i look at her and said you look amazing she said i looked good. and i told her i think she was the most amazing person i ever met she gigled and told me i was the most amazing person she ever met. we just gazed at the stars till the party was over. first the first time ever i felt the one emotion i thought i would never feel cuz let face it im a rich prince but still i felt good there was somthing about her somthing liked. it was one of my favorite nights....

part 10 ryloth

i was still thinking of that night when me john and a 13 were sent on a mission on ryloth that mission was to train the people on how to pick up a gun and fight i saw these people and almost cried ember had his helmit on but his body movment and the tone of his voice sounded sad we help train these people and left a few weeks later our battalian was sent to ryloth to fight and to help the rebals i finally had my chance to help elenas people and her family ember told me i needed a clear head fo this cuz this was going to be a tough fight a jedi died down there i already knew how tough it will be i was nervouse first real batle since that mission on the naboo colony my hands were shaking i look at my light sabers and thought am i ready for this we landed when we got out people were getting mowed down but gun fire me and john ran out and provided cover fire ember order me to take my light sabers out and started to vut the droids up i held them off long enough for the rest of the men could build a trench and a base camp. they were able to make the trench before i got shote in the arm at the time i only was a master at usinf one light saber with my right arm shot i couldnt fight. so building base camp was difficult how we were able to pull it off was unbelivable after the first week me and jeohn kahn were almost dead john had lost an arm and both his legs with a really bad shot to the stomach me had a leg and arm missing with a bunch of wounds from getting shote i didnt think we were going to make it but then it happen i learned how to force heal i heald my shot wounds and johns we were able to last till the medics got us out we almost didnt make it out there i was given an order to leave and have a break and recover so i return to naboo were i spent a week in bed just laying there thinking about what happen and if john was going to be ok. a day before i was allowed to leave elena came by and visited me. it was good to see her almost dieig out there made me relize im not as unbeatacle as i thought and that i should train more i got alot of visiters while i was in bed not allowed to walk it felt good to see i had so many friends and have a good reson to fight for.

part 11 = laying in bed

i was alying in bed when he walked in. it was some old guy that use to tell me john and ashly stories about the great tails of the ancient legendary hero of the jedi and the republice name was jasonnos ( lol my TOR character ik not vary creative XD ) not much is known about jasonnos alot of jedi dont think he even existed well he was famouse for being able to make peace with the sith emire and ending it. i told the old guy who we called oldy that i wanted to hear about how jasonnos made peace with the empire. he started saying that jasonnos was given a vision of a sith and a jedi shaking hands in friend ship he had for brothers and eacth played a key role in helping him accoumplish this his twin bother who name is unknown was a sith warrier in the sith empire who ended up taking the emperors place hi second oldest brother was also a sith who wanted peace in the galaxy as well gis oldest brother also helped with this he was also a jedi they were vary close even if they were on opposit sides of the war. they all wanted peace in the galaxy so jasonnos came up with a plan if they all could in high places in there orders they could change the galaxy and end the war witch did happen at the end. then they teamed up to defeat the emporer. the sith empire was no more. there was peace in the galaxy jasonnos then return to his little colony planet were he was bon and were his family were cut down by the sith. no one knows what planet that was. he got done telling me then my sister ashly walked in as he left. she said you still belive in that old man about the peace between the sith and the jedi i responded of coures i do i belive we can have peace in this galaxy if the jedi stop seeing sith as a bunch of traitors to the order. she look at me and said you took to many hits in the head. the next person to see me was elena she wanted to know if her family was alright. i told her i didnt find them. after a week in that bed i was alowed to walk again i met up with john to celebrate our recovery.

part 12 becoming a jedi= comming soon