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44 BBY

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1.88 meters

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Blue, Fiery yellow (Sith)

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  • Ayanna Thalis

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Kalin Thalis was a Jedi who was constantly in battle with himself. He felt strong in the Dark Side, but because of the people he loved he had a weakness in the light and his enemies tried to expose it. His rite of passage through the Clone Wars and his conflict in the Force did not only affect his own life, but that of his troops during the war and others. He eventually married a Zabrak girl called Ayanna (later to be known as Ayanna Thalis) in secret, who was the only one he could share the full truth with, as well as his life.



Saiya Naysiri, Kalin's mother.

Little is known of Kalin's parents, nor do the Jedi Archives have any information of them. His mother, Saiya Naysiri, was a Jedi who led a fair nomadic life, and kept herself mostly active in the Outer Rim, where she felt her help was necessary. During a political crisis on Aargonar she was called back to the Temple and ordered to protect Senator Korbin Thalis, who represented the system in The Senate. Personal attacks started to increase and they hid themselves in an abandoned homestead, where a relationship, against Jedi rules, started to develop. Eventually the crisis was solved and she found herself at her duty in the Outer Rim again, but not much later she found out she was pregnant with the senator's child. This called from a dramatic decision to leave the Jedi Order for a time being and senator Thalis took her under his wing, where he took the child in his care when she gave birth and named him Kalin Thalis. They decided that for his sake no connection could ever be made to his mother. It was a tough and sad decision Saiya made that eventually destroyed her life.

Joining the Jedi Order

Kalin - Clone Wars

Kalin as a Jedi Padawan.

By his mother's wish, knowing Kalin had Force potential, the child was tested by The Council. However only a few Jedi learned of her connection with the child and Kalin would only be allowed to join, if she left the order permanently behind. She left the Temple with deep sorrow and as Kalin was brought to the temple to be tested, she caught a small glimpse of him, which was the first and last time she saw him as a small boy. He was accepted and later taken as a Padawan by Master Remus-Qui, before being educated by Plo Koon. He developed a friendship with another Padawan under the name of Qurhon Vos, who was a member of the same clan as Quinlan Vos, yet they were not related. Years passed of heavy trials that would test him in the rest of his life, because in secret his desires for greater power as well as his emotions, drawn by visions of his mother, started to eat at him.

The Clone Wars

The Battle of Geonosis

Kalin was still a Padawan when the Clone Wars erupted after the Battle of Geonosis, where he lost many of his friends. One of the few who had survived was his friend Qurhon, who at this point had become a full-fledged Jedi Knight, who knew something was off. After the battle on Geonosis Kalin alienated himself from others, secretly developing new abilities, possibly by the small impact Dooku had made on him during the battle. He did not agree completely with the council's decisions and he did not judge Count Dooku as others did, thinking they were narrow-minded. He wanted to explore other aspects of the Force, so he could understand it as well as well as Master Yoda could, but in truth no one really understood the Force.

Infiltration of Christophis

While the story spread of Anakin Skywalker's, the hero with no fear and Kenobi's success, much of the story was left to the unknown. Mostly the involvement of other territories was kept in secret as there were darker moments, which were not as successful. The CIS infiltrated several cities, while the Jedi Knights tried to protect them at all costs. Kalin himself protected one of the smaller cities of Christophsis with his master Remus-Qui. With a limited number of clone troopers, they were at the heat of battle, while AAT's tried to strike down the Republic Army. Many clone troopers were lost or severely wounded, while Remus-Qui used his abilities in the Force to heal them, which left only Kalin to lead the army to success. But with almost no experience it was very doubtful he would succeed, despite his master's confidence in him. Kalin led the army with his lightsaber drawn, but his own confidence was struck with fear; fear that led him to tap deeper into the Dark Side. He attacked the Octuptarra magna tri-droids with Force Lightning, an ability he had only recently developed in secret. Unfortunately his master was too occupied in the healing of his troops, which drew his attention away from the darkness buried deep in his own Padawan. But even with these abilities Kalin was at a loss. The darkness got the better of him and the loss of so many clone troopers at his disposal just made matters worse. It was only until back-up arrived after General Kenobi had won his own victory, that the city was saved from infiltration. And Kalin himself was buried in guilt and shame of being unsuccessful. He felt he had let his master down, which would bear deep consequences for his future.

Battle over Ryndellia


Obi-Wan's fleet arriving at Ryndellia to save the medical facilty.

When the Malevolence was about to destroy the medical facility in the Ryndellia system, the Jedi fleet was trying to arrive in time to stop this disaster from happening. When General Kenobi's fleet finally arrived the infernal warship's hyperdrive malfunctioned. At about the same time, Anakin Skywalker did everything in his power, so that the ship couldn't escape into Hyperspace. Grievous sent out a desperate attack of Vulture-Class droids, but the Republic countered it, sending a batch of Y-Wing fighters assisted by other Jedi starfighters, including Kalin's. His starfighter was supplied with Artoo-Katee, to honour a child, which was lost to an admiral, he was familiar to. The admiral had made this astromech droid to watch over his little girl, while she was ill. She then became one with the Force and the little droid was supplied to the 501st. Even though Jedi didn't believe in luck, he felt the droid was as his lucky charm in this mission and he could feel Katie's presence in the Force, which soothed him, knowing that somewhere she was still out there and would always be remembered. He actually pursued Grievous when the Droid General was on the run, but lost him as soon as he entered hyperspace. Victory was still theirs, as the Malevolence was destroyed, and he joined his friends on board of 'The Negotiator', to celebrate.

Freeing Ryloth

During the occupation of Ryloth, the Separatists had based themselves in the capital Lessu, the Jedi tried to break through the blockade. With a daring manoeuvre General Skywalker managed to destroy it with help of his Padawan Ahsoka Tano. The remaining Vulture droids were destroyed by Kalin and his 'Predators', a nickname given to his small squadron, known for their lethality in space combat. After the Jedi begun their ground assault on the planet, Kalin joined Kenobi to scout the surrounding terrain, though they went their separate ways. They managed to free several villages from the clutches of the Separatists. He brought villagers to shelter in Countess Fairlight's palace. There he became friends with the Countess. And with another Jedi he met there, namely Razul Codespark, he tried to help as much as he could, but the battle was still out there. He felt guilty leaving the Countess behind, but the capital was still in the hands of the Separatists and freeing it was going to be an enormous task.

Kalin Starfighter

Kalin attacking the blockade.

Shortly after he had landed, Kalin suddenly felt a strong Force presence. He quickly turned around and saw a man in light armour joined up with a white Twi'lek on the run. From his first impression they seemed to be an actual couple. He felt suspicious, especially as he saw a double-bladed lightsaber hanging from the man's belt. Determined to find out who they exactly were, he ran after them. He shouted for them to stop, but when he turned around the corner, they had suddenly disappeared. He couldn't sense their presence anymore. Then his comlink went off, as he was ordered by his superiors to return to the rendezvous point. He obeyed and ran back from where he came, still trying to picture the two mysterious fugitives in his head. Who were they and what were they running from? It was a riddle and one that might not get an answer.

In the meantime General Windu had joined forces with the freedom fighters, Kalin was helping out to clear out the villages from a possible attack. Unfortunately some villages were already bombarded as he could see the fire and the smoke rising from them. His squad tried to help any possible survivors out of the villages, some stuck in the rubble. Then he felt the same Force presence again, he felt earlier. It was the strange suspicious man with the Twi'lek. He was certain it was them. However their presence started to become weaker; little did he know why. As his curiosity drew him closer to them, he saw a man in the distance, clearing the debris from the bombing and saw that the white Twi'lek was covered in it, mortally wounded.

Kalin's eyes widened, running closer to help the man who desperately tried to save the one he loved. Kalin wanted to do the same and free the woman from the debris. But then he sensed it was too late. He saw the Twi'lek closing her eyes as she gave her dying breath. Kalin stopped in his path. He did not know what to do. He wanted to bring comfort to the man in defeat of his lost love and bring some aid. But he felt that the best was to just walk away, so he could give the man some peace and privacy. He gave a sigh wondering who they were. Somehow he felt connected to both of them, and yet he had never met them before.

Kalin cleared the tears from his eyes, caused by the event that had such an emotional impact on him. He knew he could not weep or mourn for her now; there was too much at stake. He was still fighting a battle here. And now he had to return back to combat for the final stage of it; to take back the capital. Mace Windu had come up with a daring plan together with the Freedom fighters. His troops were ordered to await the signal, so he watched by as the attack on Lessu began. Once the control over the plasma bridge was regained, Kalin ran over the bridge, igniting his lightsaber. He helped clearing the city from the remaining battle droids, which did not manage to evacuate.


Once he arrived at the archives, he sat in a chair with his eyes fixated on the screen, looking for people, who were wanted and others who were missing. First he looked for Jedi of the Twi'lek race, since there was no doubt, that the girl who had died, right before him, was once strong in the Force and from a certain point of view, she always would be. Kalin raised his eyebrow, as a certain file attracted his interest, namely that of Alaira Dalia. The last mission she did was to locate a wanted man, by the name of Avarice Knightfall, but she had gone missing. To recollect more information, he tried to find out more about Knightfall himself. He checked his file and the vague description of his appearance, which could match the one of the man he saw on Ryloth. Kalin nodded, lowering his head slightly as it became clearer what had happened when the Order thought Alaira had gone missing.

It was a strange thought. As stated in his file, Avarice was not seen for more than 2 years. They had been trying to locate and capture this man, and Kalin may have succeeded in locating him. But even if he could, he wouldn't be able to capture him; not like this after he had to suffer the loss of Alaira. He went back to her file and changed her status to 'deceased'. Then he wrote out a full report, which would shine a new light on both their case and hopefully bring some closure to all this.

Drifting to Insanity

Kalin Thalis 1kopie

Kalin Thalis, finding himself isolated on Aargonar.

Later he was called back to his homeplanet of Aargonar where Ki-Adi-Mundi led a losing battle, he finally fell prey to the Dark Side. He served the general as best as he could, but was separated from the Clones and the other Jedi after a massive explosion erupted created by an air assault of Hyena-Class Droid Bombers.

He found himself unconscious in a desert, lost from his troops. The explosions had dimmed his connection to the Force and he could not sense them. His clothes were ravaged and a rash decision made him cross the desert, where he slowly lost a part of his sanity. After a month he finally had crossed it, but scarred from his inner and outer battles he never was the same. He was found by a Jedi search party and taken to New Holstice where more survivors of the battle tried to recover. After spending days in a bacta tank he physically recovered from his ill experience he had regained his connection to the Force, but felt even stronger connected to the Dark Side.

Becoming a Sith Acolyte

What once was lost...

After Kalin had returned, Qurhon went to Yoda to consult with him what was on his mind. He told the old Jedi Master that his friend was not the same anymore. He could sense it, but what proof was there? Yoda told Qurhon there was always a darkness in Kalin. Everybody has a dark side. It is up to the Jedi to keep the light and the dark in balance. But with Kalin, there was something lost. At the same time there was talk there would be a new factory built on the planet of Geonosis, where the Clone Wars had begun. It all started there in the arena, where Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Senator Padmé Amidala were to be executed. But the Jedi intervened, which offered the question of who started the war. Of course the Republic placed the blame of the Separatists, but it was the Jedi leading the Clone Troopers, who invaded a planet that was not part of the Republic. After spying on Senator Rush Clovis, the plans of the droid foundry were copied and the Jedi prepared a second attack on the planet. Yoda told Qurhon that Kalin needed supervision and placed him under the leadership of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the coming battle. The Kiffar master nodded in agreement and left Yoda's quarters. It was settled that Obi-Wan Kenobi was going to fight in the battle on Geonosis and Kalin would be at his side. It still didn't reassure Qurhon, because this could backfire really bad.

Kalin's gunship

Kalin's gunship under heavy fire.

When they entered the atmosphere, countless of gunships approached the planet's surface as they left the hangers. Some were shot down, others were just damaged and suffered a bad landing, including Obi-Wan's gunship. Kalin's gunship was damaged as well, yet it didn't suffer such a bad landing. The pilot managed to land it quite safely. Kalin left the transport searched for medics to help Obi-Wan in his wounded condition. Destroying the shield generator caused heavier losses and Master Kenobi had to be transported back to Coruscant together with Ki-Adi-Mundi. But Kalin himself insisted to remain on Geonosis and help the remaining Jedi and clones in battle. In hesitation Obi-Wan agreed and told him to wait for Master Luminara Unduli, who would take his place in this battle. After the Jedi and the remaining troops were back on their feet they fought their way to the droid foundry in question. Anakin and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano consulted the battle with Master Unduli and her apprentice Barris Offee. Kalin kept himself in the background as he felt like an outsider between the remaining Jedi, as he was no part of their plan. He really wasn't. He just stayed for no reason it seems. All he could do was fight aside the clones as best as possible and let the other Jedi do their work. It angered him that he was left in this position. Despite what he thought of the plan, it was a success. Barris Offee and Ahsoka Tano made their way through the catacombs, while Anakin Skywalker and Luminara Unduli kept the droids distracted. Kalin still felt pushed aside, feeling he had barely made a difference in the battle. The droid foundry exploded and Poggle the Lesser was taken captive as a prisoner after he was found in the Progate Temple.

He was taken aboard a Nu-class shuttle to be transported to Coruscant. The remaining Jedi were pleased with their victory, but Kalin didn't feel the same. He was pondering in the distance, which caught Skywalker's attention. He asked Kalin what was on his mind and he responded that the whole battle just felt wrong. Skywalker was baffled and wasn't sure what Kalin meant by that. He raised his voice at Anakin and said the whole war was a mistake. They were fighting at the wrong side. Skywalker frowned almost feeling like Kalin was some traitor, speaking like he was a Separatist. Kalin said he would never join the Separatists in his defense, but on the other hand he didn't want to fight alongside an army controlled by a Republic that was getting corrupter by each minute. Kalin felt in dispute and didn't want to talk about it anymore. He groaned and snarled at Anakin. In further heat Kalin raised his hand at Anakin, but he immediately lowered it as he did not want to harm him. Plus he knew that Anakin was the Chosen One. While he may have stood a chance against him in a fight, it would still have been stupid to start an attack against him. It would only get himself deeper into trouble. Angered Kalin groaned and walked away as Anakin watched by. Anakin walked back to Master Obi-Wan. But he never said what happened between them, though it had caught Obi-Wan's attention. But whatever was said between the two of them, he would not know. Kalin was too stubborn to talk about it, as was Anakin. The Jedi Master never truly found out what actually occurred.

The Monster Within

After the events on Malastare, Palpatine ordered the Zillo Beast to be transported to Coruscant, but who could have predicted that the beast's hatred for the Chancellor would have caused such chaos. That night the beast broke out and Kalin was at the temple. However no transports were left and he traveled on foot towards the whereabouts of the Zillo Beast. But at that time something unexpected was happening at the Temple, namely an intruder. This called Kalin back against his will. He rendezvoused with Alluria Starfire, a friend of his who saw the intruder herself. Apparently this intruder wanted to see the council, but Alluria got in a scuffle with her and she managed to get inside. Both took the elevator that took them to the Jedi Council Chamber, where they saw the intruder again, a young Zabrak female. Kalin was stunned by her appearance. Something changed that moment. However the intruder aggressively countered Kalin with her lightsaber, but saw no other option but to flee through the window. Kalin followed her and broke his fall using the Force, while the intruder had used her lightsaber to slow her fall. She continued to flee with a speeder that passed, taking control of it and heading for Westport. Kalin did the same, but once they got to the docks they lost each other through the crowd, which tried to escape the planet in panic from the Zillo Beast. Eventually he did find her on a transport to Alpheridies. It's finally on this ship he learned more about her. She revealed herself to be Ayanna Nyx. He wasn't planning on turning her in. No, he had other plans that was just the beginning of his fall to the Dark Side.

Revelation on Alpheridies

The ship landed on Alpheridies and Kalin and Ayanna hired themselves a cottage where they finally got properly introduced to themselves, though Kalin did not introduce himself as a Jedi no longer. He felt he wasn't a member of the Order any longer. They conversed about many things such as her own revenge against the Jedi Council, who she blamed for the death of her parents and the sudden loss of her brother, who according to the archives was never part of the Jedi Order. Both were stuck with so many questions that couldn't be answered. At least Kalin came to the realization that the answer didn't lie with the Jedi. But for Ayanna it was a bigger problem. Kalin persuaded her to find a new goal in her life, but she still wanted to become stronger in the Force, so he started to teach her. First he taught her the basic of lightsaber forms such as Shien, while later he taught her dangerous abilities such as Force Lightning on her own request. They finally started to trust each other, until upon one night she got kidnapped. A datapad was left behind for Kalin, which implied she left and didn't want to say goodbye to him. Since there was nothing else he could do on Alpheridies, Kalin decided to travel to Serenno to meet up with Count Dooku, who maybe could provide the answers he was looking for. In the past visions dwelt in his mind at night, often causing him to wake up in cold sweat. He traveled to Serenno, homeworld to Count Dooku, who wanted to put Kalin to the test. He proved himself to be strong in the Dark Side to the Count, but the Sith Lord considered him not ready. One of his stronger points was actually hiding the Dark Side within him. No one was able to detect it, which gave the Count the idea to use Kalin as a spy, after another acolyte had failed at this plan.

The Battle of Kamino

Kalin on Kamino

Kalin in the Battle of Kamino.

The battle for the clone facility on Kamino demanded more from Kalin, than he had bargained for. Many Jedi were sent in aid and Kalin was among them, dressed in his new gear, but this was actually just the right gear to blend in. The blue color made him nearly invisible in the blue atmosphere of the water planet. He fought there on both sides. He destroyed as many battle droids, which were in sight, but would occasionally stab a clone, to confuse as well the CIS army and the Republic army of on whose side he was.

Other Jedi did notice new strange habits around him, such as the gear by itself, which was a very awkward attire for a Jedi to wear. This is where he first utilized Force lightning on a massive scale and the conditions of the weather made it only worse as Battle droids electrocuted or even Clone Troopers would fry if they stood too long in the water. The battle was won for the Republic, but it wasn't a true victory for Kalin, whose insanity drove worse and as the Dark Side grew stronger, almost overwhelming.

The Quest for Peace

A new hope was arising for peace as Mina Bonteri was in negotiations indirectly with the Republic thanks to the help of Senator Amidala, who was a close friend of hers. Through his spies Dooku was notified the senator of Naboo was being escorted by a Jedi, namely Ashoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's padawan. Out of caution, Dooku sent Kalin over to Raxus where he saw her in places such as the Congress Separatist Congress. Kalin actually felt hope there would be peace as this time matters were different. In the past negotiations for peace always failed as the Separatist refused to even think about the subject, but this time both sides wanted peace all thanks to senator Bonteri. Suddenly Kalin found it vital to protect her, but his priority was still to keep an eye out on padawan Tano. She later left the planet together with senator Amidala. But Kalin didn't leave yet as his suspicion rose when he saw Ayanna Nyx again at senator Bonter's home. In the time they had not seen each other she got reunited with her brother and became a bounty hunter, though he did not know this was against her will.

Both siblings dressed in extravagant Iridonian attire, under aliases of Brek and Desia Soroth. They arrived at Mina Bonteri's home, where they had a meeting with the senator. At that time Kalin had no idea Ayanna was there to actually kill the senator. Kalin followed their movements, located outside the house. He could see Ayanna talking to the senator, wondering what it was all about. Later the both of them walked outside in the gardens. Her brother Dalon remained behind for some reason, which only made Kalin more suspicious why they were here. In the shadows he kept following the two of them and then the unexpected happened. Ayanna stabbed Mina Bonteri with her lightsaber, killing her in an instant. Kalin was shocked Ayanna was capable of such a thing; To kill an innocent person in cold blood. He grabbed her with Force grip. He was just furious, blaming her for disrupting the only chance to bring peace to the galaxy. But he was also unaware that the Separatist were planning to bomb Coruscant, which would have disrupted the peace negotiations anyway. Ayanna tried to explain everything to Kalin, but he didn't accept her "excuses". They both fled as more bounty hunters arrived on the scene, but in his shuttle Kalin was able to flee with Ayanna in his custody. The ship disappeared into hyperspace, where he would take Ayanna to Serenno to bring her to justice.

Hunting for Justice

Desperately trying to explain her actions, Ayanna tried to tell why she felt she had to murder the senator. But Kalin didn't want to hear of it. All he could hear were excuses. Kalin was going to take her back to Serenno, so justice could be done. Unknown at that time Ayanna sat in the ship's common room and with a hidden comlink she was able to contact her companions who betrayed her as they feared Ayanna could rat them out. Even her brother said his goodbyes knowing what doom was going to befall on her. This was no ordinary comlink as it sent a powerful surge of electricity through her hearts to end her life. Luckily Kalin managed to revive her with whatever medical equipment he had at his disposal. The plan changed and Kalin turned his focus on Ranik, first by changing course to Coruscant. This was obviously a conspiracy and he knew he would have to go after the source. He identified each bounty hunter who was involved in the murder using the Jedi Archives, which had a profile of every bounty hunter involved. But as clever as she was, Ayanna managed to slip through his fingers and fled. But Kalin was determined to find her again and the others who were involved in this conspiracy.

Kalin had a lucky start as criminals such as bounty hunters often were found on planets with high criminal activity such as Ord Mantell. There after an audience with the Hutts he searched for her and detected her presence. He kept tracking her, but did not reveal himself. Only by remaining in the shadow could he unveil this conspiracy, so he stayed in a safe distance. Later he overheard a conversation with her and a member of the Death Watch who revealed her former companions were now on Aargonar, which was funnily enough his homeplanet. Both Ayanna and Kalin traveled to the planet, however Ayanna was still not aware she was being tracked.

She met up with one of her companions near the cantina, who revealed where the others were hiding. This led Kalin to a small abode, where he waited his time. He saw how Ayanna stunned three of her companions including her brother and got in a blaster fight with the leader, namely Ranik. Kalin knew the wait was over and entered inside, blocking or reflecting all blaster bolts which were shot by the other bounty hunters. He took them out using Force Grip on Ranik to get answers from him and finally unveil who was behind this conspiracy. Kalin was too blind to see it was Count Dooku himself. The only name Kalin got from Ranik was 'Tyranus', but there were no leads who this man was. With all of his hatred he decapitated Ranik, since he could get no further answers from him. The others including Ayanna would be brought to justice, but was it truly that or was it revenge? Whatever his intentions were they were disrupted by men with jetpacks who shot their way through the roof. Once again Kalin deflected the blaster bolts defending himself, but they captured Ayanna or did they try to save her? The hunt was not over, but for now he had to lay it to rest as he was ordered back to Serenno.

Falling deeper to the Dark Side

Kalin Thalis Jedi2

Kalin Thalis, graduated as Jedi Knight.

Rise of the Marauders

He returned to the Jedi Temple and he seemed perfectly fine, but conflict he felt inside, said otherwise. But because no one detected it, they finally gave him the chance to pass the Trials and he succeeded to become a Jedi Knight himself, next to his friend Qurhon. The Kiffar detected something was amiss with Kalin, but he could not put his finger on it. The time that passed through the Clone Wars, his betrayal to the Jedi became clearer. In his own eyes, that betrayal was only justice and necessary for the salvation of the galaxy from the influence of the Republic and its corruption. Little did he know he was on the right track as Palpatine slowly but successfully regained more power as Supreme Chancellor.

Not long afterwards, Kalin was called back to Serenno. Count Dooku wanted to strengthen the army, by creating an elite force stemming back from thousands of years ago. He revived the Sith Marauders, warriors powerful in the Dark Side, who could manipulate the Force in any way they thought was most effective in combat. This would strengthen the Separatist army as they were a force of flesh and blood and not mechanics like the droid army. Kalin was one of the few who became part of this division of warriors. Joining them was important for him and certainly stroke his ego. It made his arrogance grow at the same time, strengthening his passion, and fueling the Dark Side within him.

The Infiltration of Umbara

One of the strangest battles, Kalin fought in. This is where Dooku gave him no orders. Usually he would fight for the Jedi, while in secret, he would sabotage them. But since no orders were given, he assumed no sabotage was required. When they arrived on the planet, General Skywalker and General Kenobi focused on the infiltration of the capital city. This required a complicated plan as Umbara was heavily defended with unknown technology. Skywalker was ordered to first take out the airbase, otherwise General Kenobi's attack on the city would weaken. Now that Kalin had become a General himself, he took care of taking down the communication tower. Though at that time, he was unaware of General Krell's evil scheme to join the Separatists. While the airbase was still active, the communication tower was more heavily guarded. Taking down their fighters was no easy job to accomplish, but Kalin did what he felt was necessary and for once it felt right.

Kalin on Umbara

Kalin in his Marauder gear

The clones were ordered to infiltrate the tower by a full frontal attack. If there was something Kalin had in common with Krell, it would be their aggressive tactics, though nobody could say that Kalin had no respect for the clones, or handled his tactics out as extreme as Krell. Once the Umbaran troops were taken down and news arrived that the airbase was in Republic control, it didn't take long before the communication tower was now taken down. Without communication, Umbaran forces were weakened, as they could call for no further back-up and in the end, despite General Krell's scheme, the city was infiltrated and taken over by the Republic. But was this justified? Why did Dooku allow this to happen. Kalin knew the Sith Lord could easily have sent more assistance to defend the city, but this never happened. No doubt the Sith worked in mysterious ways and this only confirmed Kalin's suspicions that more was going on as it seemed.

Kidnapping the Chancellor

This was a very complicated plan, considering the Jedi were making the most secret preparations to prevent this plot. While Kalin was still spying for Dooku, he uncovered the plan of the identity switch by bugs hidden in the Old Folk's Home. Dooku had already set his own plan set in motion, which would mix with the criminal mastermind Moralo Eval's plans to kidnap Chancellor Palaptine during the festival on Naboo.

During the time that Kenobi spent on breaking out of jail with his new friends, Kalin was ordered to morph himself, using the same technology, into another bounty hunter. The best candidate for this became Embo, only there was only one issue. Embo was almost four inches taller than Kalin. However Dooku knew of the latest developments in cloning. And he knew that the Kaminoans could use growth acceleration on clones, which was a different process than age acceleration. Age acceleration affected how clones matured and grew into full-grown soldiers, but growth acceleration didn't tamper with the age of these clones.


Theed Palace, Naboo: the night of the festival.

Since the planet Kamino had sworn their loyalty to the Republic, Kalin was genetically modified by Arkanian Microtechnologies, a company that copied techniques they used on Kamino. Kalin grew two inches more in two weeks, which was the only time they had left for the rest of the plan. Kalin could only hope nobody would spot the difference in height, despite the fact he grew two more inches. Taking Embo's place was simple, as he accepted the invitation to face the challenge in the Box, a huge floating structure designed by Eval and filled with death traps. Kalin assumed he would take the role of Embo after his trial inside the box, however Dooku had other plans. He insisted Kalin would take Embo's place to join the other bounty hunters inside the box, to test if anyone would notice the difference. If anyone would, Kalin would be ratted out by his own appearance, and he would be on his own to escape from the box. That was Dooku's decision, to which Kalin agreed on.

After Kalin finally had taken the identity of Embo, he went into the Box and survived thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi's skills, still disguised as Rako Hardeen and by Kalin's own abilities in the Force, imitating Embo's exceptional athletic skills. He couldn't make much use of them, as a presence in the Force clearly would have been detected by Obi-Wan, despite that Kalin knew how to hide his presence in the Force well.

Since Dooku planned to double-cross Moralo Eval in his plan, because there was no other choice to shake off the Jedi, Kalin had to keep track of of the other bounty hunters. The provided disguises of the senate guards were sabotaged by Kalin. He didn't count on the fact Cad Bane had sabotaged them before him, which made them transparent for a brief moment as a glitch. That is how Kenobi gave away the other bounty hunters as well to Mace Windu. The shield generator finally short-circuited. The bounty hunters disguised the real chancellor as a senate guard, while one of them took on the appearance of the chancellor, escorted by Kalin himself. The real chancellor was carried away unconscious and put in a speeder by the other bounty hunters. The plan was going well. But what happened afterwards didn't go so smooth as he had hoped. Eventually the Jedi did manage to rescue Palpatine from Dooku, and Kalin disguised as Embo, was captured.

Out Of The Blue

Kalin was unaware rescue was on the way, while he sat disguised as Embo in the speeder, waiting to be taken away. He felt a familiar presence he identified as Ayanna's. Looking around wildly he wondered where she could be and why she was on Naboo in the first place. Once the senate guards were about to take him away, he jumped out of the speeder and ran for it, still with energy-binders around his wrists.

Out of the shadows, a figure jumped him, as they both rolled into the darkness of the shadows. She prevented him from moving. Now he was sure it was Ayanna and he didn't know what to think about it. He couldn't see her through her dark attire. Pulling at the binders she guided him away from the crime scene into safety, through the streets where a small craft awaited them. They both boarded it and fled the system as the ship entered Hyperspace.

Kalin looked curiously towards Ayanna and just asked her why she was helping him. As she looked back she smiled, walking out of the cockpit. There was also a droid, by the name of 'Gene' on board the ship which created a shock wave in the back of his throat. Kalin could feel the device, which altered his voice into Embo's, coming out of his body through his mouth. It disintegrated with an electronic reaction, thus his voice returned back to normal. Both were later explaining themselves what they were doing on Naboo. There was not really a clear answer for either of them. Kalin wasn't willing to talk why he actually was involved in kidnapping the chancellor, while Ayanna only explained that Dooku was not as innocent as Kalin thought he was. Kalin already had his doubts about the Count, but he needed clear evidence, not just opinions. Once she mentioned Lux Bonteri’s name, his curiosity heightened. What was she doing with him? Was it guilt? She also mentioned Lord Tyranus, who according to Count Dooku was an alternate name of Chancellor Palpatine, which would prove that he secretly ordered the Clone Army on Naboo. Ayanna helped Kalin return to Serreno where he could get his own face and identity back. They had agreed to meet up again on Alpheridies soon, where more was to be discussed concerning Dooku's lies, deceit and treachery.

Once he got inside Dooku’s palace Kalin learned Embo was already set free, only because Dooku thought he could be useful in the future. If not, he would have been a dead man. Dooku helped to restore Kalin’s appearance, but he did not want to debate about the failure on Naboo since he was at fault too as the Jedi managed to save the Chancellor from his grip.

A New Dark Age

The Mark of Maul

A new threat of darkness started to grow in the galaxy, which disturbed the Jedi as well as Dooku. Kalin was surprised how concerned he actually was. While the Jedi found evidence of people slaughtered by lightsabers, even children, they went on research only to discover the impossible. The Sith Lord known as Darth Maul, thought to be slain by Obi-Wan on Naboo, was still alive out for revenge. And he was not alone. He had his brother Savage Opress on his side. The Jedi were out to hunt Darth Maul down after a failed attempt by Kenobi. But what they didn't know, and neither did the Sith, was that Maul was building his own Sith order. He had made his way to Umbara, where the battles still continued and was spotted near the Sith Academy, once established by the Brotherhood of Darkness. There were rumours that a Dark Jedi guarded a holocron in these ruins, by the name of Varad Zagg. Most likely Maul wanted the holocron for himself and wanted to uncover its knowledge. But what was hidden inside the holocron was unknown.


Kalin seeing Maul through his visor.

Kalin made his way back to Umbara, avoiding confrontation with either clones or Umbarans. It took a long while, but once he finally had discovered the ruins of the academy, he didn't hesitate and went inside. Strangely enough there were more enemies inside. Maybe these were apprentices of Varad Zagg. After all, this was once an academy. Later Kalin confronted multiple training droids, using electostaffs in an attempt to defeat Kalin. They was constantly re-phrasing the Sith Code. After their destruction, Kalin made his way deeper inside the academy. Throughout the academy he was confronted with easy targets, who posed almost no threat to him. Finally he entered a meditation room where he confronted Varad Zagg. The Dark Jedi used the Dark Side to create projections, which fought him. They brought so much conflict to Kalin's mind, being confronted with people he saw from his past, who he not only loved, but now had to fight in this twisted attack. Maybe he had underestimated Varad, still meditating in the back of the chamber. Kalin tried to get closer, but more projections showed up, fighting him. But then Kalin pressed on, just forgetting about the past, even if it was just this moment. It created such furious anger in him, which he used to his advantage, so he could finally break through these illusions of the past. Once they were defeated Varad grabbed to his lightsaber and defended him. While his skills in the Dark Side were certainly not to be underestimated, Varad's lightsabers skills proved to be feeble, as it did not take long to defeat him. His body lay lifeless on the floor. Kalin searched his body for the holocron, but to his surprise it was nowhere to be found. Was this search all for nothing then?

Kalin Sith Marauder2

Kalin getting attuned with the Dark Side

Strangely enough another door opened, revealing there was more to discover in these ruins. He suddenly felt a dark presence further in the deeps of the academy. It was luring him and he could not resist to continue. Eventually the warmer it became, the closer he was to his target. He saw a large statue, which must have been one of an ancient Sith Lord, but he was not alone. Roaming round the lava pools stood a dark figure, with large mechanical legs. The figure turned towards Kalin, revealing it to be Darth Maul himself. Kalin observed his lightsaber, split in two, as it was once a double-bladed lightsaber. Then Kalin realized that if Varad didn't possess the holocron, Maul must have already got his hands on it somehow. Still fueled with anger from his duel with Varad, Kalin charged, but he was too reckless. Maul kicked him with his mechanical leg in his stomach, which kicked him several meters back, nearly in one of the lava pools. In pain Kalin picked himself up, before he would lay himself vulnerable before the Zabrak. He stood up and took a deep breathe, carefully watching his moves and not rush into his attacks. Darth Maul proved to be a worthy foe. He was certainly skilled in the lightsaber arts, maybe more than Kalin himself. He was certainly not easily defeated. Though he started to push further and once it seemed that he got the upper-hand, Savage stormed in with his double-bladed lightsaber charging with a large cry of battle. Maul retreated, while Savage pushed Kalin back, almost causing him to fall in one of the lava pools again.

If worse did not come to worst, Maul joined his brother in the fight and Kalin was defenseless. He could barely survive against the two brothers. And it was often looking that he was going to meet his end here. It really felt like he was going to die, but at one point he saw an opportunity; he saw the holocron. Pushing past Maul he grabbed for it. Maul commanded Kalin to give the holocron back, but he refused. The object was the only leverage he had in this negotiation. Both brothers surrounded Kalin. Then they made a reckless attack to fetch the holocron. Kalin dodged both of them slicing his lightsaber besides them. He only managed to wound them, but it bought him enough time to flee. As he kept running he saw both Maul and Savage picking themselves up and running after him, though they were still in the chamber filled with lava pools. Kalin looked up to the ceiling. He gave it everything he got as he jumped in the air, making a strong Force push, which caused large rocks to fall down from the ceiling down to the ground. The rocks completely covered the hall where the two Zabraks were still in pursuit of Kalin. However they were now completely blocked off from the rest of the ruins. Though strong as they were, Kalin knew it wouldn't take them long to escape and he only kept on running until he found his way outside the academy. He looked at the holocron, still panting after the fatal events he had just experienced. He ran back to his ship, while he kept on his mind, if he should actually give Count Dooku the holocron or not. His thoughts dwelt more on the latter.

No Time for Romance


Kalin & Ayanna hidden on the planet Alpheridies.

During the time he lived as well as Jedi and a Sith, he had little time for romances. He never thought about it, until he met a Zabrak girl by the name of Ayanna. She intrigued him because of mutual interests and their power in the Dark Side. Both were attracted to each other, but was their meeting purely a coincidence or was it the Will of the Force? Kalin loved her and she loved him in return. They hid on several planets, one known as Alpheridies, homeplanet of the Miraluka. Here they were married in secret, away from the war. However Kalin knew that he could not avoid the war forever and left to serve the Jedi, while in secret his allegiance was still to Count Dooku.

The Consequences of War


In the time Kalin and Ayanna were separated, they both became victims in the war, in their own way. Kalin fell deeper to the Dark Side, which is why he barely brought any visits to the Temple anymore, in fear of getting caught. He feared that his ability to prevent other Jedi to sense the Dark Side in him, would be too weak, since it had become much stronger, thus also easier to sense. He fought in the war, but he promised himself that his allegiance was purely to Dooku and not the CIS. He knew why the Trade Federation, the Techno Union and others who had pledged themselves to the Count, were as corrupt as the Republic itself. Ayanna herself was constantly trying to seek shelter from he war, in case any Jedi would suspect her to be a Dark Jedi or worse. Eventually, she was captured by the Jedi who held her under strict supervision.

Fatal injuries

In one of the battles he fought, he got badly injured. A Clone Trooper blasted a bolt, hitting his chest. If not for his shoulder armour, which partially covered his chest, he would have gotten himself killed, in an instant. He was brought to the medical center, where a modified battle armour was engineered, which allowed him to breathe through his chest. The armour would pump bacta all around his lungs and breathe for him. It also negated the need for a helmet by installing an artificial breathing system in its chest compartment.

Order 66

Plo Koon's demise

Plo's death

Death of a good friend.

By the time the war was coming to an end, Kalin was stationed in one of the shelters on Korriban. Later all the acolytes heard the news of Count Dooku's demise. They knew that the Jedi now would come for them next. Though from the Dark Lord, Kalin was ordered to move himself to the Outer Rim on Cato Neimodia. As Order 66 was given later, he witnessed Plo Koon's own death. His demise had a large effect on him, as his former Jedi Master Remus-Qui was good friends with Master Plo and he was very helpful in Kalin's training too. This caused a sudden turn of events, and Kalin could not fight for the cause, he could no longer believe in, any longer. He felt that he was deceived and so were the Jedi. This was only confirmed when the true witch hunt continued on the Jedi, but also on the Sith acolytes. There was only one rule that mattered and that was to survive, no matter the cost.

Kalin in battle armor

Kalin in his modified battle armour, during Order 66.

The Fallen Temple

Kalin found out about Ayanna's capture, through anonymous sources. He hurried himself over to Coruscant, where the attack on the Jedi Temple had already been commenced by Darth Vader and the 501st Legion. He hurried himself inside, but because he was the only Force sensitive, who wielded a red lightsaber, he was both an enemy to the Jedi and the 501st Legion, which had come to exterminate them. Even if he had a different lightstaber, he knew it would make little difference, considering the customized armour, he wore. While it was not as easy task to fight both the Clone Troopers and the Jedi at the same, Kalin knew the Temple , which gave him a large advantage to find Ayanna. As soon as he found her, he managed to free her from the energy binders around her wrist, slashing his blade through them. Now the only matter was to escape, but with the Clone Troopers, at Vader's side, gaining the upper hand, they knew their escape was not going to be too easy.


Kalin's Jedi lightsaber

Kalin's padawan lightsaber.

Kalin used a variety of lightsabers. His first lightsbar was made of cortosis, a special metal alloy, which would make it impossible for his lightsbar to get damaged by another. The crystal inside was light-blue colored. He used this lightsaber mostly through his Padawan years and the first years of his Knighthood. He kept this lightsaber hidden under Dooku's command, while he still used it for special missions, which would require him to take the role back of that of a Jedi. At a much later stage of his life, he created a twin version of it, with one minor difference and that was that the twin lightsaber was not constructed by the same metal. At the last years he spent as a Jedi Knight he morphed both lightsabers into a double-bladed one, however he coated it with cortosis ore, which helped in the process to merge them together.

Kalin Lightsaber 3

Kalin's first Sith lightsaber with a crimson blade

During his Sith years, Kalin created a lightsaber, which many found similar to the design of Anakin Skywalker's, only the hull was not made of full metal. This lightsaber used a synthetic crimson-colored crystal to create the red blade, the Sith are so familiar with. Dooku gave him the crystal and claimed it was once the possession of an Elder Sith Lord, though his identity was never revealed, nor was it ever confirmed if this was the truth.

Kyran's double bladed lightsaberkopie

His lightsaber transformed in a double-bladed one, crimson bladed.

Like with his Jedi lightsaber, he later transformed it to a double-bladed lightsaber, however he never used cortosis for either of them, because at this point Kalin was getting over confident and didn't think he would ever need an enhanced lightsaber in combat. Both lightsabers had activation buttons with a laser inscription on it, with rare Sith symbols. Kalin presumably lost this lightsaber when he tried to escape the temple, but that also remains a rumor.

Behind the Scenes

  • The character of Kalin Thalis was created in 2006 for a novel I created with my wife/member Ayanna Thalis. We wrote a story that took place more than 400 years after the Battle of Yavin, which gave us a lot of freedom to create our own story, based on the same patterns as the original Star Wars saga using mythology as our greatest source as George Lucas also made use of it to make the story of Star Wars as great as it now.
  • Later I moved the character also to a text-based RPG forum, created by me and my wife. Because of our love for writing, we had great fun doing it. The story took off in a similar way compared to that of the novel, but differed of course because it took place in a different timeline, namely the Galactic Civil War.
  • When I joined CWA I tried to recreate it as best as I could as I had envisioned him in the first picture in this article. Using Anakin's original gear was the best way, which was given to me by a friend, member Countess Fairlight. The similarity is actually purely a coincidence as I started to make the picture a year before the movie of The Clone Wars came out. The history of the character I wrote here on the wiki is unique to the version of the game, since I mostly wrote the events taking place around episodes which featured on the show, so it has no resemblance to the original story at all.
  • All the pictures in the article were created by me. Some were made with aid with my wife, manipulating pictures of existing characters, combining them with other pictures of the saga and using actors such as Ryan Phillipe for the character of Kalin himself, who has similar features to Hayden Christensen. Some backgrounds were created by Deviant artists, which I am very grateful for to use.
  • In the part of 'Battle over Ryndellia', I made a reference to R2-KT, which is a pink astromech droid, which was created for the daughter of the founder of the 501st Legion, Katie Johnson. Katie got the support of thousands of Star Wars fans and celebrities in her days of struggle, and her sisters came up with the idea of of Artoo-Katee, thanks to the R2-builders. Then, unfortunately she passed away of cancer, but she will always be remembered. The droid still makes appearances at conventions, such as Star Wars Celebration, Comic-Con etc. She was made canon, for the first time, for her appearance in 'The Clone Wars' movie and episodes such as 'Jedi Crash' and 'Storm over Ryloth'. You can even see her in the game from time to time. For a limited time she was also for sale and the money was given to a charity project.