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Kol Kerz-Tak
Biographical information

Dathomirplanet Dathomir


36 BBY, Dathomir

Physical description

Dathomirian Zabrak




1.81 meters

Hair color


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Prosthetic right arm

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"War is fought in many places. You see war within yourself, on space and planets, and within the political system."
-Kol Kerz-Tak, Grand Jedi Master

Kol Kerz-Tak was a powerful and legendary Force-sensitive male Dathomirian Zabrak Grand Jedi Master, who served the Old Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and the final years of the Galactic Republic as a Jedi Knight and Jedi General.

Years later, after the fall of the Galactic Empire, he served the New Republic and the New Jedi Order as a Jedi Master, later Grand Master, alongside Luke Skywalker, until 43 ABY, and was also a member of the Jedi High Council from 21 ABY until 43 ABY. After being forced into exile, Kol founded and created the Taris Jedi Order, serving it's High Council, alongside his wife, Jedi Master Nikita Keil, and other Jedi Masters. Kol served the Taris Jedi High Council from 44 ABY until his death in 140 ABY.

Born in 36 BBY on the planet of Dathomir, Kol was the second child to the late Jedi Masters Ghi Kerz-Tak and Juli Hig. Kol was the second oldest sibling, with his brother Clay being the eldest, and his sister Katrina being the youngest. In 22 BBY, shortly after being bestowed the rank of Jedi Knight, Kol's life began to change. Despite the fact Kol revealed himself to the galaxy in 21 BBY, Kol had previously fought during the First Battle of Geonosis, in which he aided Jedi Padawan Aria Ortara-Montari. Requesting Aria to keep his existence a secret, the young Togruta kept her word, and she would later become one of Kol's closest friends and companions through the Clone Wars. Aria would become one his closest Jedi companions in many battles in the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, the Civil War on Dathomir, the Yuuzhan Vong War, and several other wars throughout his life.

A year after the start of the war, Kol landed on Coruscant, where he met Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahoska Tano. After a brief confrontation, Master Yoda welcomed Kol to the Jedi Order, and had Shaak Ti placed as his Jedi Master. Kol was stationed on Kamino alongside Shaak Ti, to defend the cloning facilities during the Clone Wars. Kol became a key Jedi in the Clone Wars by his incredible military and battlefield strategies and tactics. He became very good friends with Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano. Kol was also very close friends with Senator Chuchi. Kol was also a key in his brother's redemption to the Jedi way. Previously, in a Midi-chlorian count, Kol reached up to 19,800 which was the second highest under Anakin Skywalker who had a count of 20,000+. Due to his immense power in the Force, Kol was recognized as the second strongest Jedi Knights of the era, with Skywalker being the first.

In some point in the year of 21 BBY, Kol met Jedi Padawan Assada Zadira. He would also become good friends with Assada.

Following the initiation of Order 66, Kol went into exile with his siblings, and a few Jedi companions, and his apprentice Nikita Keil. In 9 BBY, Kol met a young female Jedi, formerly a Sith apprentice to Darth Vader, named Nala Takbar, with whom he would form a relationship with, and eventually marry in 6 BBY. The couple gave birth to two children, one girl named Sandy Kerz-Tak, and one boy, whom Nala named Kol Kerz-Tak II, and had a third child who was named Kai Kerz-Tak.

In 1 BBY, Kol, Clay and Katrina joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, where they helped several Rebellion fighters in restoring the Republic, thus defeating the Galactic Empire.

Years later, Kol joined the New Jedi Order, where he served as a Jedi Master alongside Luke Skywalker. During this tenure, and following the years of the first Galactic Civil War, Kol would once again thrust onto the front lines as one of the few Generals of the New Jedi Order, during the Yuuzhan Vong War, an invasion by the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong species. During the galaxy-wide war, Kol encountered many family problems, such as the disappearance of his brother and sister, his wife and daughter both were under the infection of a serious disease, as his son would be left in a coma for a year. Kol eventually reunited with his former apprentice Nikita Keil, who went missing during the Civil War on Dathomir. The near extinction of Kol's kin, the Zabraks, decimated Kol in several ways, in which he was forced to hide the remaining survivors, as also hiding the Togrutan species as well, who were also affected by the war. Kol eventually lost many of his Padawans, and other Jedi Knights who were his friends and had trained under him. During the final years of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Kol was left in a eight-year coma after saving his friends Ahsoka Skysword, Aria Ortara-Montari and her husband Arek Montari in 28 ABY. Following the years after the war, Kol awoke from his coma in 38 ABY, only to be involved in the Swarm War, to which he was only a part of in it's final stages. Still, peace was not yet achieved, to which he would then fight in the Second Galactic Civil War a few years later. Following towards the end of the war, Kol was part of a mission where he was able to lure Darth Caedus towards his sister, which led to the Sith Lord's death, with the apparent aid of Luke as well.

Shortly after the end of the war, Kol and his family, as some of his apprentices met with a similar fate to that of Luke Skywalker. After his trial, Kol and his family were visited by Chief of State Natasi Daala, in which she ordered her men to arrest the Jedi family. Avoiding a trial, as even anti-Jedi sentiment grew, Kol noticed at how many people of Daala's government began to go against the Jedi. Kol discovered how much trust had already been erased, thus seemingly the Jedi were no longer trusted. Under strict orders, Kol, his family, 7 other companions, and many of his apprentices were exiled and forbidden from involving with the affairs of the Jedi Order. In their exile, Kol often ventured to several parts of the galaxy, where he formed many Jedi initiations, and affiliating with the Order in secret, until it's collapse in 138 ABY.

While scourging the universe, Kol encountered the Lost Tribe of the Sith, where he met Luke Skywalker once more. Due to their presence in the Force, the tribe saw them as a threat, and not hoping to endanger anyone else, the two split ways, but were stalked by the Sith, where to which, would form an alliance between the two, that led for the two sides to fight Abeloth a dark side entity. Shortly after allying himself with the tribe, Kol kept his guard at all times, knowing that one day they would turn on them. After having a short alliance, Kol left and traveled the galaxy, participating in new missions, alliances and wars, eventually making himself a home on the world of Taris with his family, which was the native planet to his longtime friend and ally Deborrah. During that time, Kol fought on a three decade long war to defend the planet from invaders, and did so. For the next six decades, Kol lived in exile protecting and serving Deborrah as High General of the Taris Imperial Navy, while also fighting off new enemies. Unfortunately, they were drawn out during Darth Kryat's rule, forcing them to fight once more. Following the death of Darth Kryat at the hands of Cade Skywalker, Kol returned to Taris with his family, where he joined Guards of the Empress once more, serving alongside his friend Deborrah. Keeping his title of High General of the Taris Imperial Navy, Kol would continue to protect her from several attacks of the now corruptible New Republic. Foe the last years of his life, Kol fought in several battles for the Taris Empire, as to the Republic's surprise, were both aligned with the Jedi and Sith, where there was no discrimination for either side. Unfortunately, Kol's role as Deborrah's protector would soon. In 140 ABY, Kol passed away and became one with the Force, joining his wife, son, sister and brother. Following his death, the rank of High General was passed on to his daughter Sandy.

However, after his death, a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Cruz, who was a well known enemy to Deborrah, including the entire Kerz-Tak family themselves, took a blood sample from the late Grand Jedi Master and created an abbreviated clone, who would become known as Jolak Nocturnal, was created to kill Deborrah, but the clone refused and slayed the Sith Lord in a duel on Kamino, and swore his allegiance to Deborrah, thus keeping the loyalty that the original had, and was the only successful clone of Kol, but the clone was killed in 189 ABY, thus destroying the final clone made to copy Kol.

Kol was one of the prophesied siblings in the Kerz-Tak family lineage. It was said that he would wield the strongest power of all in both sides of the Force, following two others, which were his younger sister Katrina and older brother Clay, which proved to be true. Kol became the most powerful member in his family, topping of his ancestors and descendants, including his parents and siblings. Kol, just like his later ancestors, possessed both the light side and dark side abilities. Kol's family began in 3,809 BBY. The first member was named Kerz-Tak, who was born in the year of 3,809 BBY, but the Sith lineage in his family didn't begin until 3,799 BBY. The Kerz-Tak's remained affiliated with the Sith and the dark side for more than two thousand years. The Sith heritage was ended in 1,852 BBY by Maul Kerz-Tak, a Dark Lord of the Sith who became a Jedi Master after the betrayal of the final Sith master for the family who was named Darth Riun. After this every single following member dedicated their lives to serving the light side of the Force and joining the Jedi Order. Later descendants, like their ancestors, embraced both sides of the Force, while very few embraced the dark side, once more fully recreating the Sith heritage in the family, however, they still kept ties to the Kerz-Tak, still regarding the Jedi members as their family, an attribute rare amongst Sith families. Kol was one of the most powerful Force users in the galaxy, besides Galen Marek, several members of his family, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker.


Pre-Birth(Before 36 BBY)

"I am Kol Kerz-Tak, a future Jedi in your family, thus one of the last Zabrak members in your family."
"You are my descendent, are you not?"
Yes I am Kerz. I descend from you in a thousand years. Right now you feel my power, but not all of it."
"What do you mean?"
"What you see is just a vision of me, not my original self. At this moment I am a spiritual being, waiting to be born. I look to see you once more in a thousand years Kerz. Until then farewell, my Sith ancestor."
-Kerz talks with his descendent Kol in the vision

Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.

of years before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.thumb|left|Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.|link=,809_BBY before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.thumb|left|Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.|link=,809_BBY before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.thumb|left|Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.|link=,809_BBY before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.thumb|left|Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.|link=,809_BBY before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.thumb|left|Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.|link=,809_BBY before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.thumb|left|Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.|link=,809_BBY before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.thumb|left|Kol's Sith ancestor Kerz-Tak, who was the first member of the Kerz-Tak family, thus the strongest Sith member.|link=,809_BBY before his birth, Kol Kerz-Tak first appeared as a vision to his ancestor Kerz-Tak. To Kerz, it was a vision where he could feel Kol's infinite and legendary power in both sides of the Force. Throughout the vision, Kerz was physically pulled into it, by Kol himself. Once inside the vision, Kol spoke to him as Kerz himself. In the vision, Kol told him about the power he would possess at the time of his birth, but he said that he wasn't see the original him. He was just seeing his spiritual form, and feeling part of his power. As soon as the vision ended, Kerz felt an immense growth and power, and thus feel Kol's future power, which wouldn't be seen or known until 21 BBY. Kerz questioned himself on the meaning of the vision, to which he himself couldn't understand on what Kol had said to him. Even though a Sith, Kerz understood many of the Jedi teachings, since through the vision, Kol revealed himself to be a Jedi, and one of the last Zabrak Jedi members of the family, besides his older brother and younger sister. He hadn't asked him on that bit, because it seemed of no importance to him. The only thing that mattered was Kol's words on him being just a spiritual being, and about the power he was feeling. Kerz went on for years to try and discover this meaning, but never found it. Still, Kerz-Tak kept a strong view on those words and knew that his ancestor Kol told the truth, but he didn't like it.

Birth years

"This power is unlike no other Juli."
"Indeed. He is the strongest one of this family."
"His abilities in both the light side and dark side will be unmatched. The only one who can defeat him will be the Chosen One.
-Juli and Ghi reflect on the power of their son Kol

Kol Kerz-Tak was born on the planet Dathomir in 36 BBY to his two Zabrak parents by the names of Ghi Kerz-Tak, a Jedi Master, and Juli Hig, who was also a Jedi Master. His parents were two Jedi Masters from the Jedi Order who had left it five years ago. His birth brought joy to his family, including to his younger brother, but the joy his brother had wouldn't last long. Only after a year that Kol was born, he started to show his power in the Force, which surprised his parents, that although he was still a baby, he had the will to control the Force. This made his brother even more jealous, because he thought Kol would replace him as the head of the family, to which he went to the extreme and had planned to kill his own brother, but upon seeing his brother sleeping in a crib, Clay decidied not to kill him, and decided to be the one to help raise him, thus ending his jealousy.

Brother kidnapped

In the year of 35 BBY, a year after Kol's birth, Clay was kidnapped by a Sith Lord, who wanted to train him in the dark side of the Force, and told him he would be able to kill his brother, to which Clay accepted the teachings. Sadly, Kol wouldn't know about his brother until he was twelve years old. However by this time, Clay accepted the fact on Kol's importance to the family, as even accepting the fact that his younger brother was now the strongest one in the family.

The training commences

"Simple, yet efficient. A padawan is as strong as he or she looks. Some people are too ignorant to believe that."
-Kol Kerz-Tak to the Nightbrothers

Kol in his Padawan years.

Around five years later, when Kol was six years old in the year of 30 BBY, he started to train in the ways of the Jedi by his father and mother. Much to their surprise he learned quickly, and was able to control his abilities in the dark side and light side, thus was able to keep them balanced. Kol was first trained in the arts of the Jar'Kai by his father, and the Makasi, by his mother. In time, certain forms of the Ataru, Niman, and Juyo were amplified to his skill. His father also trained him in martial arts. As time went by Kol, started to become a very powerful Jedi, to which once he was thirteen, Kol showed complete mastery of the Jar'Kai and the Makashi. Kol also showed mastery in the Ataru as time went by, but was finished by Shaak Ti, because his mother was killed by his brother Clay in 21 BBY, thus she couldn't complete his training.

Rank of Jedi Knight

In 22 BBY, by the age of 14, Kol received the title of Jedi Knight, becoming the youngest one of his family. Kol was one of the youngest Jedi Knights in history along with Anakin Skywalker, who preceded him. However, Kol met his first biggest challenge as a Jedi Knight, which would be once he met his brother for the first time, who was a Dark Acolyte.

First Battle of Geonosis

"I am Kol Kerz-Tak, Jedi Knight. Who are you?"
"I am Aria Ortara, Jedi Padawan."

-Kol and Aria introduce each other

Unlike his parents, Kol fought in the first Battle of Geonosis, which would be his first appearance to the Clone Wars, but
Aria vs. Kol - Geonosis

In a mistrust, Kol prepares to attack Aria, shortly before their duel.

he wouldn't yet reveal himself to the Republic, nor the Jedi Order. Kol felt pain, which were dying or injured clones, in which when he arrived, he was attacked by Geonosians, to which he would quickly defeat, by only relying on his martial arts kill and certain Force abilities. However, he was cut of guard by another Geonosian, and was injured on the leg. As the the Geonosian prepared to kill him a purple lightsaber appeared by piercing through his chest. The blade was removed and returned to a Togrutan Jedi, who used the Force to throw it. Since Kol didn't trust anyone outside of Dathomir he would ignore Aria, since the two went alone on the rest of the mission, as told by Aria's master. However the two would not get along very well as at first, and shouted several insulting words toward each other, which would end up clashing in a duel, that ended up exhausting the two young Jedi. After the duel, the two continued their mission, but didn't talk to each other for the time being. As they scouted, Kol and Aria would encounter a entire squad of droids. Firing at the two, Kol quickly ignited his blades, thus sending the blasts back to the droids, surprising Aria on his quick actions and reflexes. Putting their differences aside, the two went on and destroyed the two squads of droids, despite being outnumbered, the two Jedi showed much strength in destroying the huge squads with little to no difficulty. However, Aria was injured by one of the droids, which was destroyed by Kol. Injured, Kol helped Aria to her ship, where she was attended by her troopers. Kol would become friends with Aria at this time, in which she told Aria to promise him not to tell anyone of his existence, and they would see each other again. Keeping the promise she told her clone troopers to keep it a secret as well, in which they would. Kol would leave the war planet and headed back to Dathomir.

Re-encounter with brother & Parents assassinated

"How could you brother? What gave you the mentallity to kill your own parents? Your own blood?"
"Who did? I did. I see the Jedi are worthless and weak, thus should be eradicated from the galaxy"
"Well then brother, we fight. Blood vs Blood."

-Kol and Clay talk before their first duel

In that same year, Kol met his brother for the first time, who was now a servant of the Dark Side and a Dark

Clay Kerz-Tak upon his return to Dathomir and reunion with Kol Kerz-Tak.

Acolyte. Upon meeting Kol felt the power that Clay had, to which he felt that he was strong in the Dark Side of the Force. Kol asked Clay why he joined the dark side, to which Clay answered because he hated Kol, and was jealous that he had more power. Kol stated that just because he was more powerful than Clay, it didn't mean he had to turn to the dark side. Saying that, Kol was hit by a barrage of Force Lightning by his older brother Clay. Absorbing the impact, Kol himself attacked his brother with Force Lightning, which was stronger than that of his brother. Kol would only see his brother now raged, and calling upon his group of Sith Acolytes. Surrounded by them, Kol ignited his blades and started to fend them of, thus killing two in the process. Seeing Kol in danger, Ghi and Juli rushed to the aid of their son, making it a three on ten duel. Kol and his parents defeated the Acolytes, only to later be confronted by Clay. Kol saw that his own brother could match the three of them at the same time. The duel escalated and became more intense, to which Ghi and Juli lost one of their dual blades in the duel. In an attempt to stop him, Kol parents Ghi and Juli unleashed Force Lightning at Clay, only to stop with his lightsaber, and send to Kol, thus blasting him straight to the wall of a mountain side. Though not knocked out by the impact, Kol was incapacitated by the blow. He would only see his parents struggle against Clay, as to the next blow would leave him in tears. Utilizing a manuver that Kol himself only knew, Clay used it to kill both Ghi and Juli, but not instantly. Saddened and in rage, Kol jumped towards his brother and unleashed strong and furied attacks at Clay, to where he was able to defeat him, but only to be more angry, due to the fact that Clay was able to escape. Kol then walked to where his parents laid on the ground, and told them that they would be alright.

Ghi and Juli asked Kol if he could keep a promise, to which he answered yes. He now knew that they would die, and the promise made was that he would leave Dathomir, and join the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic in their honor. Also, he had to meet with Master Yoda, to which he said he would do. At their final breath they gave Kol their lightsabers, to which he would keep forever, and then his parents died. A few seconds later, their bodies disappeared, and Kol now knew they were one with the Force. He then departed Dathomir, and headed to Coruscant.

Arrival on Coruscant and the Clone Wars

"Father and Mother. I know you can hear me, I will live your legacy."
-Kol shortly after his parents death, and after joining the Jedi Order

Kol would leave Dathomir on small ship his parents had built. He set the coordinates to Coruscant, and headed to the destination, but met with an unexpected welcome. Upon entering the area of what was the planet Coruscant, Republic warships were stationed above it, to which he thought he would be recognized as an ally, but would meet with blasts fired from the ships. He was seemingly mistaken for a Separatist ship. He narrowly dodged the attack, but ended up being shot on the wing, making him lose control, that set him on a course to crash on the planet near the temple. Due to the damage of the wing, he went falling down like a missile. Entering the atmosphere, the ship gained more speed, and he knew he had to get out. Blowing of the top of the ship with the Force, Kol jumped out the ship using Force Jump, to which his ship ended up crashing by the side of the temple, but no significant damage was caused. Sensing his presence, Yoda greeted Kol and welcomed him to the temple after a much more formal introduction to a group of Padawans.

Apprenticed to a new Master
"It will be an honor Master Shaak Ti, for you to be my new master."
'-Kol tells Shaak Ti that he is grateful to be her new apprentice
After his arrival, Kol was apprenticed to Jedi Master Shaak Ti, by Master Yoda. Yoda said even

Shaak Ti, Kol last Jedi Master

though he was a Jedi Knight, he still needed a master, to which Kol agreed. Kol respected Shaak Ti, and could even feel her power in the Force, to which was legendary. Ti would be his last master ever. She remained his master throughtout the remainder of the Clone Wars. Kol's training in the Ataru was completed by Shaak. Kol never understood many things she said, to which he thought it was because she was a Jedi Master, but he remember his parents were also Masters, but he understood what they said. He concluded that they each say things differently. She herself was amazed at Kol's power in the Force, thus was one of many who could fully sense the two sides in him besides Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and few several others.

Some of Kol's training took place on Kamino, where he was stationed alongside his new master to defend it's cloning facilities, which made the clones for the Republic.

Clay reappears
"We meet again brother."
"Your not going to give up, aren't you?"
"No, not until you die." (blades ignite)
"Fair enough."
-Kol and Clay before their rematch

Around one month after arriving on Coruscant and joining the Jedi Order, Kol had his second encounter with his older brother Clay. Unknown to him, Clay had been searching for him, to get revenge after Kol had defeated him. The encounter would occur on Coruscant. One day, Kol was walking with Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. The three were talking on the current situation of the war, but a light wind prompted Kol to look up and saw a small ship landing, to which was piloted by a hooded Clay. Once the ship landed and opened, a hooded figure emerged from it, and walked out only to ignite it's dual blades. Kol ran to it, but was requested to stop by Anakin, to which he ignored. Igniting his blade, Kol went on to duel his brother once more. At the clash of the blades, a force wave was unleashed pushing all it's surrounds away, which included both Ahsoka and Anakin, yetb the two held their ground. Kol viciously threw strong blows toward Clay, as Clay alike. The duel escalated to the front of the temple, where Clay pushed Kol through the doors and in to the temple. The Force Push from Clay was so strong, that Kol was sent flying, the doors were forced open, causing one of them to dent. The reaction for everyone was a shock, thinking on what he was doing, until they saw the Dark Acolyte Clay. Scared, many younglings ran to their masters, as Padawans went to alert the Masters of the High Council. Wanting to help him, Kol told Anakin and Ahsoka not to help him for it was his battle. As the battle grew even more intense itself, rage nearly started to take over each of the brothers. Kol would advise the incoming Jedi Masters, in which among them was his master Shaak Ti, to not come close. Wondering why, the masters questioned why, which was answered when two female Dark Acolytes came to attack Kol, in order  to help Clay, but met with a deadly fate. With his back to them, Kol quickly sensed them and threw Force lightning at them, sending them flying back. Seeing what he meant, the masters and the two knights kept their distance.

As the duel progressed higher into the temple, Yoda feared Kol would fall to the dark side, but it didn't occur. Kol knew how to control his anger, as keep himself from using it as a weapon. Throughout the duel, Kol explained to the confused Jedi on how and why he wielded both sides of the Force, to which was the reason was that the very first member of his family on both his father and mother's side, were first Sith Lords, dating back to the days of the Old Republic, but converted to the Jedi way after being betrayed. It was through that in which his father and mother also possessed both sides. After hearing this, they understood the reason as to why they sensed the two sides in him. This caught Kol off guard for a few seconds, which gave Clay enough time to sever Kol's right arm, thus cutting it of, leaving him to fight with just his left hand. Using the Force, Jedi Master Shaak Ti pulled Kol's dropped right handed saber before Clay could destroy it. Gaining the advantage, Kol destroyed Clay's left hand blade, thus making it a equal one to one blade duel. Clay thought that he could defeat Kol, but he became over confident, as to which he underestimated Kol in fighting with just one arm. After a long intense duel Kol partly defeated Clay, and thus told him to surrender, but Clay didn't want to surrender. Surrounded by Jedi, Kol told Clay he was outnumbered, and had no weapon, so he should just either redeem himself or surrender. Surrounded, Clay used his anger and fueled it to his body, to only only unleashed Force Lightning at every Jedi around him, even hitting Kol Absorbing the lightning, Clay angered once more used a smoke grenade to escape. After the duel, Kol used his ability to fixed the damage parts of the temple, and later he was sent to the infirmary, where he would have his lost arm replaced with a Prosthetic right arm.

Invasion aboard a Venator Class Cruiser and captured

"Captain Fixz, get all of our men out of here right now. I'm staying.
"Yes sir. WHAT? Are you insane general, you'll be killed.
"I know, but your lives matter more to me than mine. Get every single clone trooper, naval captain, every single one and go back to Coruscant."
"Yes, General, and good luck."
-Kol telling Captain Fixz to get every single clone crew member out of the cruiser during the invasion of the Venator class cruiser done by General Grievous
Shortly after the second duel with his brother, Kol was temporarily stationed in a Starship cruiser to keep watch for any incoming Separatist fleets. There were recent attempts done by the Separatists, but lost in certain battles under the command of Rex,
Defender damaged

Kol's Venator class cruisers damaged during the invasion set by Grievous

Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan Kenobi in several planets around the galaxy. However one day, an invasion on Kol's ship turned out to be successful. While scanning around Kol's fleet was surprisingly attacked by a Separatist fleet under the command of the dreaded General Grievous. Ordering every single clone from the three cruisers to evacuate, Kol decided to confront the general alone, and who did so. Every clone was able to escape in time, and went to Coruscant like Kol had instructed them to do. Once his cruiser was empty, Kol walked around it, meeting several droids trying to kill him, but were destroyed easily and quickly either by his lightsaber, or Force abilities. Reaching the bottom levels, Kol encountered Grievous for the first time ever, as to first, he had no idea who he was, until the General introduced himself. Upon introduction, Grievous was already planning to take Kol's blades away to add them to his collection of his Jedi lightsabers, which belonged to Jedi that he killed. Seeing that it was either die or fight, Kol engaged the general in a lightsaber duel, to where to his surprise, Grievous was wielding four lightsabers at the same time.
Kol engages Grevious in a duel aboard his Venator Class Cruiser

Kol duels General Grievous aboard a Separatist controlled Venator Class Cruiser

During the duel Kol showed impressive skills and being able to stand against four lightsabers at the same time, but Kol wouldn't emerge victorious due to a interference of a MagnaGuard, who from behind zapped him with a Electrostaff weakening him. Kol, still continuously threw lightsaber attacks at Grievous to only meet with continuous zaps by the guard, to the point where it fully weakened him. Once, the duel was over by that, Grievous grabbed Kol by the throat and told him that he would be a very worthy hostage. Meanwhile, on Coruscant every single clone arrived safely, but they surprised several Jedi Masters from the Council as also Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. Upon arrival, the clones and Jedi within the temple receive a holo-transmission in the Jedi Temple communication center from the General, speaking that he has already defeated another of their Jedi. Questioning on who it was, the general reached out his arm to reveal a dazed Kol. Grievous then told the Jedi that Kol was smart in telling every single "despicable clone trooper" to get out of the cruisers and head to Coruscant for it let them take command of every cruiser that was under Kol's control, thus made the Confederacy stronger. Grievous quickly stated on how fast will they arrive before he his killed. The transmission then ended. Knowing what could happen with the loss of Kol, the Jedi made a plan to board the now Separatist controlled cruiser.

Dreaded Rescue

"Kol is strong. He won't give in to their urges."
-Shaak Ti to the rescue group

With a plan now devised, the four Jedi accompanied by Captain Rex and Commander Cody boarded a cruiser and went off into hyperspace to reach the destination to where Kol was being held captive by the cyborg General. Upon arrival, they met with the surprise that Grievous was waiting for them already. Known to them, Kol was held captive on one of the Separatists ships. Knowing that they were coming for Kol Grievous ordered his droids to start firing at the incoming fleet of 4 Venator Republic Class Cruisers. To make the plan successful Anakin led a squadron against the fleet with Obi-Wan while Master Shaak Ti and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano infiltrated the ship in the attempt to rescue Kol. Few clone troopers accompanied Ti and Ahsoka as to make the losses of men less. Captain Fixz and Rex accompanied the two Jedi to help them save his Jedi General Leader. With success upon the infiltration Fixz, Ahsoka and Shaak Ti made their way in with 5 clone troopers taking down any incoming droids that crossed their path. After some firece resistance, the team of Two Jedi and seven clones made it through the ship and reached the control room, to where Kol was being held in a containment field, as his two lightsabers were held by a droid, who was destroyed by Ahsoka when they arrived. Kol awoke due to him feeling their presence, but yet had no idea of what was recently happening. As Ahsoka, and Shaak went to try and release Kol from the field the clones were attacked by General Grievous, but were pulled away from the General by the two Jedi from the Force, before they were taken down by his lightsaber. In that time, Fixz took the time to deactivate the field freeing Kol, then shot the droid, thus recuperating his lightsabers in the process. Meanwhile, Shaak Ti and Ahsoka went to confront the General in a 2-on-1 duel. During the duel, Grievous only used two arms, but later he unleashed his other two arms and two more lightsabers, throwing strong attacks at the two Jedi, which would disarm them from their lightsabers. Kol, who was still weak, could only see his fellow Jedi were being pinpointed by four blades and surrounded by droids with blasters. Knowing his condition, the two clone captains told Kol not to fight, for he is still too weak and that the two Jedi could handle it. Yet, he would disobey them and used the Force to pull both Ahsoka's and Shaak Ti's lightsabers. Once he had held of them, he jumped towards the general brandishing the blades colliding them with the four blades held by Grievous, engaging them in their second duel. Several droids commandos tried to interfere, but were crushed by Kol using the Force while duelling Grievous at the same time.

Duel aboard two cruisers

"No one hurts my friend, nor my master!"
"Hahahaha, foolish Jedi, do you know what you are doing? Look at you, you are weak and yet you fight me. I must say I am impressed."
"Kol don't, you are going to get yourself killed."
"My young apprentice, what you're doing is dangerous. Let us handle him. You're to weak right now."
"I'm sorry, my master, but I can't allow that."
-Kol, Grievous, Ahsoka and Shaak Ti
The duel between Kol and Grievous would become one of the most dangerous duels ever fought in space at that time. Kol, who was

Kol uses Ahsoka Tano's and his master Shaak Ti's lightsabers to duel Grievous for the second time

still weak, as told to him by the two clone Captains, the troopers, Shaak Ti and Ahsoka, ignored their pleas in him not fighting the General. Kol couldn't deal with the fact that his friends would be killed, by his own fault, during the invasion of his cruiser. Kol, for the first time was deliberately stubborn as to also disobeying orders. As the duel progressed, Grievous began tormenting Kol with words, as to that he was a failure, and that he wouldn't save his friends before the ship would blow up. Kol ignored his words and simply mocked Grievous. The duel between Kol and Grievous moved onto the corridors of the Separatist ship, leading it all the way to the Venator class cruiser, which was under Separatist droid control. Kol, now with only anger on his mind threw heavy and stronger lightsaber strikes at the General, who would block them with some difficulty, with Kol slowly regaining his composure.

Kol defeats General Grievous

Unleashing a final blow, Kol upper-cutted Grievous with a strong blow cutting him across the chest, taking him down to the ground. Taking deep breaths, Kol shut of his blades and stared down at Grievous, telling him that it was over, and he would pay for his crimes. Shaak Ti went up to Kol, placig her hand his shoulder, congratulating him on his actions. At that moment, Grievous took the advantage in using two of his arms to grab the two Jedi by the neck, choking them for a few seconds, which caused them to drop their lightsabers. Knowing what they would do next, a group of clone troopers accompanied by Captains Fixz and Rex came to stop him, Grievous took the opportunity to spin around fast, to only release the two Jedi throwing them towards the clones, thus knocking out some of them in the process. Grievous would then escape by boarding his ship, but left a few droids in the cruiser to finish the remaining clones and Jedi. Standing up, Kol saw that he and the group was surrounded by droids. Disbanded from their blades, Kol saw a droid holding them, to where he ordered everyone not to do anything. The droids remarked him and say what could he do without his weapon. He quickly answered that he didn't need a weapon to fight, which he showed by taking down the droids with the Force and martial arts. Retrieving their weapons the four Jedi and clones had to get out of the cruiser since it was about to blow up. Getting out on time, they boarded another cruiser, just as the other one exploded.

Second Battle of Dathomir

At some point after his encounter with Greivous, Kol's home planet of Dathomir was in peril after a Separatists fleet descended upon the planet. It would the second battle of the planet after the first Battle of Dathomir which concluded with the massacre of the Nightsisters of Dathomir, which would be the whole clan. News of it were recieved when an old family friend contacted Kol. It was recieved through an old holo-transmission. After recieving it, Kol was deeply worried for his people. The name of the contacter was Numa Seil. She told Kol that his people were waiting for him to help them, for a few Zabraks had been killed in an attempt to fight back, that drastically failed. Kol told them he would arrive immediately, but before Numa could say anything, the communication was cut of, which ended with Numa screaming, and causing Kol to worry. Kol left angirly, thus shuttting the doors using the Force, to which he used so much force, it caused the doors to be damaged. Under orders from Shaak Ti, Captain Fixz and a batallian of 20 clone troopers were to accompany Kol, to which were to first check out the situation.

Landing on the planet

Once orders were completed, Kol and his men landed on the planet away from Separatits ships thus weren't scanned due to the fact that Kol's ship was cloaked. It occured to Kol that they had to land in an area where their ship wouldn't be seen a droids or a droid drop ship. They landed behind a stone wall that had a Zabrak carved face. Kol exited the ship with Captain Fixz and the clone troopers, which they wandered around until they found a droid base, where Numa was being held hostage with a few other Zabraks. To not injure or kill, Kol ordered his men to stay down, while he would take out the droids and the base. To lure the droids out, Kol used the Force to throw a rock at the B-1 Battle droid, who was the Commander. Luring it out, the droid walked out and met with a dead end. Kol sliced the droid in half, but it didn't alert the others. Using Force Shadow, Kol snuck to the base, turning into shadows of nearby objects. Once he reached the base, Kol split himself where he took the form of the droids, where he took control of the shadows, which gave the droids the inability to move. Stuck to the floor on their feet, Kol reverted back to his original form, and ignited his blades. Grabbing their weapons the droids fired at Kol, but were quickly destroyed. Kol then freed the Zabraks and brought them to where he and his clones were hiding. Healing the injured Zabraks, the clones each gave them a weapon to help fight the Separatists.The Zabraks took the weapons, but one said that they had to help free those who were being held as hostages. Kol said he would take care of it, and he would, after successful attacks on six bases, every Zabrak was freed.

After liberating them, Kol said that it was time to fight and drive out the Separatists, but unknown to him Grievous was the General once more for the planet, under orders from Dooku. However, the General prepared for battle.

Driving out the Separatists
"This is my home and you will not destroy it Grievous"
-Kol to Grievous

After scanning the area, Kol waited for the droids to arrive in order to make the ambush successful. Walking through an area, Greivous commanded the droids to continue walking and to kill whatever came in their way. Once he heard this, Kol revealed himself from a hill and shouted in his Zabraki language, for which he had said "Trk koz lij, nij clone frk, hjamne Zabrak jik okli uy gef Dathomir", translated to Basic means "We fight now my Zabrak brothers, alongside my troopers, clones. We fight for our world of Dathomir." After it, Kol and his small army of troopers and Zabraks engaged the droids, thus destroying all of them in the process. Kol then engaged Greivous for the third time, but unknown to the General, Kol had destroyed the other droid armies, which he discovered at the start of duel. Fighting the general again, Kol would defeat him by disarming him, by destroying the General's blades, but sadly Grievous escaped and left with his fleet.

A planet liberated
"Tyhun drw Zabrak hy hnaj Dathomir."
-Kol to his Zabrak kin on their victory

After the victorious battle, Kol ordered his troops to head back to Coruscant, for which he would follow. Kol stayed behind to help fixed the homes that were destroyed. The clones left, and would tell the Council on what had happened. The repairing took a week to complete. Once it was done, Kol told his people they were free from the Separatists and should hope that they never return again. Before he left Numa gave Kol a neckalace representing his Zabrak race, which he would wear, for it represented him and his whole kin. Accepting the gift, Kol left Dathomir, but said he would return soon. After returning to Coruscant, Kol wouldn't be able to rest much for almost a week later, Kol would be sent to Pantora on a mission, which involved Senator Chuchi and his older brother Clay.

Trouble on Pantora and Meeting Senator Chuchi

" I am Senator ChuChi of Pantora."
"And I am Kol Kerz-Tak, Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order."
"I see you have both introduced each other to one another."
-Kol and ChuChi introduce one another to each other
Around two weeks and a half after the battle on Dathomir, Kol was sent to Pantora to speak with Senator Chuchi of Pantora, after she

Senator Chuchi of Pantora

recieved another threathening message from the Separatists which planned to attack the planet, if they didn't join the Seperatist Alliance. While on his way to the planet, Kol contacted her, and introcduced himself. A clone trooper appeared and informed Kol that they were close to the planet. However, Kol didn't expect with a fleet of Separatists, which arrived as soon as he arrived, thus surrounding him, and threatening to attack the planet. To prevent Kol from landing on the planet, he was pulled into the ships by a tractor beam into the blockade ship, where he would be cut of the transmission with Chuchi. Realizing it was a hostile situation, Kol sent a transmitter to the Senator by a communicator signal from his ship, before the attack, which she would instantly fly to Coruscant and hand it over to the Jedi. Kol was stripped of his lightsabers and cuffed with Force-restrainment cuffs, preventing him from using the Force. He was then locked in a cage, and was held as ransom. Kol knew that in order for him to be "rescued by the Republic", they would have to surrender and give themselves to the Separatists, but they declined and said they would find another way to get Kol, but Chuchi said that there should be a way to save Kol, without using a strict act of violence.

Trouble in Separatists space and Senator captured

"I think the Council underestimates my abilities, but I think I will master the ability of being captured on a side note."
"Sir, your lightsabers."
"Thank you trooper."
-Kol to Chuchi after her capture

Hoping to save Kol, Senator Chuchi was sent to negotiate with the Separatists to find a way to not surrender, but get Kol for a ransom number of credits. But while conversing, a driod put her to sleep after she landed, and was cuffed on her hands and legs, then put in the same cell with Kol. Waking up, she asked Kol how they would get out, but he simply replied he had already set a plan into motion. She decided not question it. A droid was guarding the cell, for which did the dumbest mistake of standing by the side and front of the cell. Using his stealth ability, Kol sneaked up to the droid and ripped it's head of. Using the sharp points of the droids neck, Kol was able to clips the cuffs and use the Force to pull his lightsabers to him. Once in possession of his four blades, Kol ignited one and cut the cuffs of Chuchi's hands and legs. Using the Force again, Kol forced the cell doors open, allowing them to escape, but Kol met with an unexpected surprise. A group of troopers who had successfully infiltrated the ship found the two, with one trooper handing Kol his lightsabers.

Third encounter with Clay
"I will not let you escape Kol, nor you Senator."
-Clay to Kol and Chuchi

Passing through several hallways and levels of the blockade ship, Kol encountered his older brother for the third time. Fustrated again, Kol said that if Clay hurted Chuchi, he would regret it. Clay laughed and simply said that they wouldn't escape. Igniting his blades, Kol told the Senator to stand back, in which she did. Once the Senator was at a safe distance, Kol and his older brother Clay dueled once more. This time there was interference of B-1 and B-2 battle droids which were destroyed quickly, as also the ones surrounding Chuchi. Kol showed every effort to protect the Senator, where he was injured on his Prosthetic arm, which got him to a point close to being defeated. Worried for Kol, Chuchi assisted the injured Kol, where unknown to them Ahsoka would arrive and help the two, with a few more clone troopers. This was unknown to Kol, since he was cut of from communication with the Jedi Council, including Pantora. Getting up, Kol subdued his brother with Force Lightning, as the droids were destroyed by the clones. Now for the first time, Clay was kneeling at his brother's feet in fear.

A brother's redemption
"Brother redeem yourself, and become what you were meant to be, a Jedi."
"How can I, after everything I've done. I killed our parents, I hurt your friend Senator Chuchi and did so much more."
"Brother, I forgive you. You were twisted and only felt jealously, it was never your fault. 'Take your true side as a Jedi and fight along sides us, and we can defeat the Separatists and the Sith."
-Kol telling his brother to convert to the Jedi way

Seeing that his brother was now weak, Clay finally saw and felt theKol's true power. Kol walked up to his brother slowly and calmly spoke to him. The two didn't engage in battle, due to the fact they were weakened by the duel. Kol seeing his brother told him to redeem himself and become what he was born to be, a Jedi. Clay asked why after all the bad he did to Kol, but Kol told him that it was never his fault, nor should be blame himself. He said "the dark side is seductive, but you can always redeem yourself". Clay said that he has been like this as a kid, and asked if there was a chance he could redeem himself and Kol said that there always was a chance. Ahsoka repeated the same thing, to which Clay could see that his brother and Ahsoka were right. Listening to both of them, Clay embraced his Jedi heritage, and was redeemed under the beam of a light, which cleansed his body from the dark aura in him, especially the aura that corrupted both his abilities in the light side and dark side.

Unknown to the two Jedi brothers, several Dark Acolytes surrounded the area, and came out angry and in rage, seeing now that there comrade had turned to the Jedi way. With the intent to kill them, the brothers almost deteriorated of their body energy ignited the blades and prepared to duel the 12 acolytes. Ready, the two Jedi charged on the Acolytes, as Kol order the troopers to take the Senator and get out of the ship, which would be done. As the two Zabrak brothers engaged the dark siders, the troopers were able to escape with Chuchi and bring her to a warship, with Kol and Clay being at ease, knowing she was safe. The duel went through the corridors and upper levels of the ship where acolytes fell to the Jedi, until the three strongest of them remained. Now fully tired and agitated, Kol and Clay began to lose balance, who had gotten weak throughout the duel. After a long intense fight, the deadly acolytes were defeated and killed by a blast Force Lightning from each of the Jedi. Unable to move, and barely having the will to stand, the two Jedi brothers held each other close and forced themselves to walk, and made it to the boarding dock where they fainted and were picked up by the clones and then treated under medical attention.

Brothers honored
"Congratulations brother, now you are a Jedi Knight."
-Kol to his older brother Clay

After recieving treatment, the two Jedi and Senator Chuchi returned to Coruscant, after a long and deadly mission. Arriving, Kol's brother Clay was welcomed by the Jedi for his defeat over the dark side. Kol's master Shaak Ti spoke firmly to Clay, but was proud that he defeated the true enemy and was now reunited with Kol. A ceremony was held in place for Kol and Clay. The medals were handed to them by Ahsoka, and two unknown Jedi Masters. Clay's award was important because Yoda gave him honors and Kol as well. As the Jedi of the council watched the brothers reunited, Ahsoka, Kol, Shaak Ti and everyone else welcomed Clay to the Jedi Order, and from a distance Ghi and Juli watched their oldest son become what he really was, a Jedi. Kol felt their presence and knew that the time to see them once more would come. Senator Chuchi also participated in the ceremony where she gave the clones recognition medals.

Asaada's return

"Who are you?"
"I am Asaada Zadira, Jedi Padawan, and you, who are you?"
"I am Kol Kerz-Tak, Jedi Knight, and this is my older brother Clay Kerz-Tak, Jedi Knight as well."
-Kol introducing himself to Assada

Some time after rescuing Chuchi, Kol was giving a lesson to several younglings in lightsaber combat with his brother Clay, as Yoda stood watching. At that time a Jedi Padawan by the name of Asaada Zadira entered the room, in which she saw Kol. She wondered who he was for she had never seen him before in the temple. After brief introductions, Kol explained that he was new and had come from the world of Dathomir where he lived with his parents, who were Jedi Masters. Asaada had just returned from Umbara once more, after another conflict. Ahsoka walked to Kol and said that Asaada was one of her friends. Kol would get along really well with Asaada, where they became close freinds, but one thing was certain was that at this time Ahsoka had fallen in love with Kol, which would be felt by Asaada herself. Kol would fight alongside Asaada in many battles with Clay and Ahsoka, where the four proved to be an unstoppable force of Jedi Generals, which led to Republic victories.

Mastered to an apprentice
"This is my apprentice, Nikita Keil"
- Kol tells Clay about his first apprentice Nikita Keil

At some point during the war, Kol was mastered to a young Togruta Jedi Initiate, named Nikita Keil. By Yoda's words, Kol was mastered to his first apprentice. Thanking the masters, Kol promised he would train her well, and thus be a really good master to her. Departing the Council room, Kol was greeted by his new apprentice and Ahsoka, who also congratulated him on receiving an apprentice, as Clay also thanked his brother. Kol would train Nikita in the ways of the Jar'Kai and Shien-style reverse grip form.

Birth of a Rivalry

"Interesting, a local Zabrak, fellow Jedi, from Iridonia, hates me for what ever reason, don't know why though, but it's a mystery I must solve. Clay, Anakin, can you help me solve this troublesome case.  Am I shocked? Naaaaaah! I am not. Although this may lead to somewhere that is nowhere."
"Are you making fun of me?"
"Whaaaaaat? No! I'm just having fun making you look stupid in your own ways Shaden. But you don't need me to do that."
"Dur'ne kij okle Shaden." (You heard me Shaden)
-Kol sarcastically comments on Shaden's words and actions

At some point during the war, Malek encountered Jedi Padawan Shaden, whom had a slight hate for Kol. Kol himself had no intention of getting involved with Shaden, but the fellow Zabrak had no desire to leave Kol alone. Shaden often challenged Kol in duels, to which Kol was always victorious, often relying on his unarmed combat abilities or simply the Force, such as telekinetic lightsaber combat.

Mother Talzin appears

"Who are you?"
"I am Mother Talzin, and you are Kol Kerz-Tak"
"H-h-h-h-how did you know my name?"
-Kol and Mother Talzin

Visions Unknown


Mother Talzin, as she appeared to Kol in a vision.

At some point after being appointed as a master to an apprentice, Kol had several visions, which involved Mother Talzin. However, this Dathomirian witch was first unknown to Kol, to the fact he had never heard of her. As the days passed, these visions became more frequent and clearer. Fearing that something could happen to him, or his brother, Kol asked the Council if he could go to Dathomir, for personal reasons. Though Shaak Ti was on a holo-transmission during the meeting, she could sense Kol's mind as even Yoda sensed it, to which both both said his mind was uneven. Shaak said that she knew about the visions, leading him to explain to the masters about what he had seen. Granted permission, Kol departed to Dathomir, but before he did, Nikita appeared and said goodbye to Kol, to then he departed.

Arriving by the coven of the Nightsister clans, who had been massacred by the droid armies of General Grievous. Upon his arrival, he was greeted by Talzin, who welcomed him into the coven. He only saw the dead bodies of the Nightsisters, lying around with other zombie bodies of previous Nightsisters. Kol remained at high alert in case she attacked him, but she didn't, which was very odd. Their she told him to sit down, as she prepared a drink, to which he accepted. Talzin then sat down, and revealed a crystal-ball that she used to show him something, related to his family.

Unknown family member revealed
"Have you ever heard of the Force-sensitive female Dathomirian Zabrak Katrina Kerz-Tak?"
"No, I have not. Who is she, and what is she to me and my brother?"
"She is your younger sister. She dewlls on Umbara, within the Sith Academy."
"How come I never heard that I had a sister?"
"You will get that answer in due time Kol."
-Mother Talzin tells Kol of his younger sister Katrina Kerz-Tak

Saying a few words in an ancient language, from within the crystal ball, fog emerged to which would then clear itself and reveal a female Zabrak. Talzin revealed to Kol that she was his younger sister, who had been living in hiding for a while. Kol remained puzzled and looked at the image of his "supposed sister" and asked how was she his older sister. He stated that he and his older brother Clay would have known about her. Talin stated that due to a problem, ending up in a battle against several Sith Acolytes, leading to her being taken away as well, by a Sith Lord named Darth Kobra. After a conversation, Kol left, but before he did Talzin gave a a lightsaber, that belonged to a Jedi. She gave it to him as a gift, then she departed.

Meeting Katrina
"Clay, it's me Kol."
"What is it brother?"
"Do you remember our family prophecy, on the three siblings?"
"Yes, but there was no third, if I am correct."
"Well there was a third, and she is our younger sister, and the official last Zabrak member of our lineage."
"Interesting, what's her name?"
"Katrina Kerz-Tak, and I have yet to tell her that we are her older brothers."
"Huh! They are my older.......(faints)"
Katrina overhears the conversation of Kol and Clay and faints shortly after discovering that they were her older brothers

Piloting his ship, Kol headed to the planet of Umbara, and landed a few miles away from the Academy. To get to the temple, he had to walk through a forest, but inside he met vicious rancors, which he easily took down with the Force. Walking deeper, he saw the young Zabrak. Kol could sense the Katrina's power in both sides of the Force, which pretty much didn't surprise him. Yet, he saw her almost weak and deteriorated of energy. She was panting and lying on the ground, barely moving, after wandering for such a long time. Seeing that she wielded a lightsaber, Kol took it from her and put it in his lightsaber belt, thus concealing it with his robes. Picking her up, Kol carried her to his ship "The Cloaked Eagle", and laid her to rest on one of the four beds that was in the ship. Kol would then fly back to Dathomir, since it was closer, to which Katrina would sleep throughout the whole trip. After arriving on Dathomir, Kol landed by his old home, and put Katrina on his parent's old bed, since she was still sleeping. Seeing that his brother had to meet Katrina, Kol contacted his brother through his handheld holoprojector, and spoke to him. During the talk, Katrina awoke, and overheard Kol talking. She saw Clay on the holo and heard that she was the younger sister of the two Zabrak brothers. Kol instantly felt her presence, only to see her faint. Reacting, Kol wondered if she took the news to hard, which Clay said that it seemed that she did. Clay then said that he was on his way to Dathomir. Walking to the fainted Katrina, Kol woke her up with the Force and asked her if she was alright. Katrina woke up to the sight of Kol, whom she knew now was the second oldest brother, thus the strongest one out of her whole family lineage. Kol then took Katrina to the Jedi temple and introduced her to Clay, whom she greeted with open arms, happy that she was meeting her oldest brother. Staring at the thre, Shaak Ti happily remarked to Yoda that the three siblings were finally together.

The Return of Darth Maul
This dark presence is unlike any I have ever felt before.
What is Kol?
You sense it to Kol?
Yes Anakin. Like you two, you can feel it right? The evil, is unlike any other."
-Kol tells Anakin and Ahsoka that he feels the presence of Darth Maul

Almost a month later, Kol began having strange visions and dreams, in which he would see the Sith Lord Darth Maul, a Zabrak just like him. As a few days passed, Kol concerned enough, decided he would tell Jedi Master Yoda about what he was seeing, Yoda quickly explained to him that he was sensing an old enemy, an enemy from Obi-wan's past which was Darth Maul. Kol worried for his Jedi friend, but knew that through the Force, he would be alright. A day later, Kol accompanied Anakin and Ahsoka to Stobar, where they entered a a local diner, in which unknown to them had been attacked by Opress where he strangled Sassi, a waitress, who had reached for his talisman, who had admired it, though she wasn't killed. Upon entering, the three Jedi entered the diner, where they saw the fainted waitress. At first they were confronted by the owner, but they only informed that they were Jedi, and that they could help with assault on the waitress, which they did, but the police would then say that they had it under control. The three would then take a seat, where they would be offered a drink, first on the house by Loubo. Shortly after this, Kol's eyes changed to a mix color of yellow and red, to the reason was that he felt Darth Maul's presence. His changed eyes was questioned by his two Jedi friends, which he answered that it's normal, and only occurred when he felt a dark, and pure evil presence. This left Anakin and Ahsoka questioning on who he was sensing, but like him, also sensed Maul's presence. The return of Maul left Katrina scared, because she also felt his presence from Coruscant with her older brother Clay. To ease her trembling, Kol advised Clay to do something she likes, which would be done.

The Sith Academy
"This is a creature of my kin, my people."
"He is powerful, but I never thought he would be here in the Sith Academy."
"It is his Praxeum. He plans to get revenge on the Jedi this way, but I won't let him hurt my friends."
-Kol to Clay shortly before entering Darth Maul's Sith Academy

Shortly after the Obi-Wan's encounter with Maul and Savage, Kol was sent to Umbara after receiving a holo-transmission, which came form Savage Opress on Umbara which also revealed Maul, who said that they were holding a Jedi hostage. Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress, wanted revenge on the Jedi, and said this would be a way unless they send two Jedi to battle them. The location of the two, would lead Kol to the Sith Academy of Umbara. Upon arrival, Kol felt many beings who used the Dark Side of the Force. Before arriving on Umbara again, Obi-Wan had said that he wanted to go, but Master Yoda said no, for it was time that the two Jedi brothers, should now face a real test of evil, and prove that they are strong enough for anything, and don't act to careless. Kol was taken to Umbara by his brother Clay, who was also assigned to the mission, and once they arrived the two Jedi went to the temple. Using the Force, Kol opened the Sith holocron to open the door. Yet the two Jedi, didn’t expect to find a Sith holocron, which held spirits, capable of controlling other humans. Upon entering the temple, the two Jedi met with fierce Dark Acolytes, who wanted to kill them for entering the temple. No matter how many warriors came, the Sith acolytes were no match for the two brothers.


Kol encounters a Dark Side illusion of Ahsoka Tano in the Sith Temple

As they progressed further into the temple, the two Jedi met with fiercer and stronger Acolytes, who which had the ability to heal themselves from attacks, thus making it a challenge for both Zabrak brothers. Knowing their tactics, one Acolyte threw a blast of Force Lightning at Kol, to which he would stop it with his own, deflect it back, thus killing the acolyte. Crossing the temple, the two ran into Varad Zagg, a Sith Human who was waiting for them. He used the Force to make illusions of the two to confuse them, but it would eventually fail. After casting several illusions, Kol killed Varad by impaling him with both blades. Upon reaching the final tunnels of the temple, the two ran into a young Togruta female Jedi, who had been captured by the two evil Zabrak brothers. She was being held captive by Maul and Savage who planned to kill the three Jedi. Since she was bounded, Kol told Clay to help her while he dealt with Maul and Savage. Relying only on his skills and abilities, Kol struggled against the brothers, who showed complete mastery of the dark side as he himself, but combined it with the light side. After a vicious, intense, long duel Kol defeated the brothers and escaped them by using the Force to hit them against the wall, pinning them. Once he got out, the three returned to the ship, but decided not fly of the planet yet, for they needed to rest. The three went to sleep, but of course hid their ship, and cloaked it, so they wouldn't be sensed by the two Zabrak brothers. After sleeping for six hours, they started the ship, and then left the planet, returning to Coruscant.

Mission to Korriban
"This planet is completely enveloped in the dark side of the Force. This is where Sith Lords dwells, as marks their burial ground."
-Kol after landing on Korriban
Sometime after Umbara, Kol was sent to Korriban under orders by Grand Jedi Master Yoda, and his master Shaak Ti. Kol was sent to Korriban because of a threatening message

Kol sees a future vision of a future Dark Lord of the Sith called Darth Poison, who would be active in the time of the New Republic, and would be the cause of his death, his wife Nala Takbar, and daughter Nala Kerz-Tak.

Kol accepted the mission, and departed to the native Sith controlled world of Korriban, in which he would go alone, to which he demanded, as he also said to Clay and Ahsoka. Arriving at the planet, Kol expected that he would be attacked by the native Sith spieces, but he wasn't. However, Kol quickly sensed the dark power, in which was what the whole planet consisted of. Standing firm and ready, Kol pulled out his blades for defense, in case he was attacked. He walked for miles and met no attack, but he saw only that the Sith were watching ever so menacingly and threateningly. As he continued, one of the local Sith was a magician that specialized in showing future visions. This Sith casted a spell on Kol, that would make him see the future, which showed him a Sith Lord, that would be alive during the New Republic and New Jedi Order who would go on an attempt to kill him, his future wife, and future daughter. The vision showed the Sith Lord killing him and his family. Seeing the vision, Kol started to tremble and hallucinate, to the point leading him to go in a rage. Seeing this, the Sith magician told the various Sith not to attack, for they could use him in their favor to attack and kill the Jedi. Surrounding him, the Sith magician moved closer to him, and using he his magic, he forced Kol down to his feet. Still trembling, the magician spoke and told him that these moments would never occur unless he joined for he could prevent this. Kol didn't accept the proposal, but the magician who revealed him self to be Diviki continued on insisting, as Kol continued not to accept it. After various failed attempts Diviki struck him with Force lightning, but Kol blocked it and shook his head. Remarking on the creation of such illusions, Kol lifted Diviki with his own force lightning and slammed them against a nearby pillar. Grabbing the magician's lightsaber, Kol ignited it and threw it at Diviki who stood up just as it implaed him, killing him on impact. Smiling at the dead body, Kol remarked on how the dark side would never grab ahold of him, for he was a Jedi, and then entered his ship and left.
Meeting Aria Otara Again

While recovering from the injury set by the Sith magician Diviki, Kol would temporarily be replaced on Kamino by a Togruta Jedi Padawan by the name of Aria Ortara-Montari. This was the second time that Kol met her, since the First Battle of Geonosis. At this time Kol was in the infirmary with Katrina whom were talking on his recovery, due to his damaged prosthetic arm. Aria eventually felt Kol's presence in both sides of the Force again before entering Kol's room, to which shocked her. Kol himself was shocked to see his old friend Aria once again, and was glad as well. The two Jedi talked on what they went through during the war. Kol thanked Aria for serving in place of him on Kamino, which she stated by saying it's her duty, and she was glad to do it for a friend.

Battle of Shili

"First my planet is threatened by the Separatists, and now the planet of my Togruta friends. The Seppies just made a huge mistake."
"So Kol, what will we do to liberate my home world?"
"You let me worry about that Ashley and Aria. I need you two to set up a perimeter with your troops. I will contact you when I am in position. I'll inform the masters of the current situation here on Shili."
"Ok Kol, you got it."

-Kol to Ashley and Aria regarding the situation on Shili

After recovering from his injuries, the Jedi Council received an urgent message from the planet of Shili. Kol was in a meeting with the council on his recent missions, and on how he was feeling, to which at the time would be when the message came in. A young Togrutan girl, who was a friend of Kol, when he went to Shili prior to the start of the Clone Wars. Kol saw that the Droid Army had invaded the planet, because it seemed like a perfect place to set up a Separatist base. Knowing how urgent it was, and since he had Togrutan friends, Kol contacted Ashley and Aria and told them to come to the Council's headquarters, and to not ask questions. Arriving at the Jedi Council, Kol told his two Togruta friends to get their troopers ready for they were all heading to Shili, for they had to free the planet from Separatists control. Aria asked Kol, on what the situation is, but he said he wasn't sure for the transmission was cut of, and had to get there as soon as possible, for a friend of his, was counting on the three. The three Jedi commanding each of their troops headed towards the planet, but encountered fierce resistance in space. Along with Captain Fixz, Kol led his troops against the droids in space, in order to get Ashley and Aria to land on the planet. Suffering light casualties, the mission was successful, in which Kol's remaining troops of the 152nd Legion landed on the planet along with their two other squads led by their two commanders. Landing safely, with his survivors in space, Kol, Ashley and Aria led their troops against the droid armies stationed on Shili. In numbers the droid army sent several tanks which gave problems to the three Jedi. Kol told his two companions to head to the east, while he dealt with the clankers. Against his actions, Kol shouted angrily at the two and told them it would be the only way to free the planet and the Togrutas. Listening, Ahsoka and Aria went of to the east, and encountered very few droids. Kol, using the Force, lifted up several tanks and slammed them on several droids destroying them. Gaining advantage, Kol and troops defeated the droids, despite taking moderate losses. Kol, with his remaining men then went of to help their two Jedi commanders.

Freeing the prisoners and Skirmish in Space
"We meet again General."
"Kol, hahahaha! This time I will add your lightsaber to my collection."
"We shall see."
-Kol and Grievous during their rematch

Kol engages Grievous in their rematch duel in space.

Aiding his two friends who were under heavy fire, the three Jedi were able to reach the villages which were held captive. Destroying the remaining droids, Kol and the two Togrutan Jedi freed the captured villagers. In the crowd a young Togrutan girl came and ran to hug Kol. Kol was glad to see he, for it was one of his youngest friends, who was a youngling. Kol asked her if she was alright to wo which she responded that she was. At that moment Kol received a message from General Grievous telling him that if he did not surrender, he would unleash the fury of his army. Despite the fact that the droids were under the command of a super tactical droid, Kol didn't want the Togrutas to get hurt. Kol told Gieivous that he would unless he beated him in a duel, and if Kol won, the droids had to leave. Grievous added that if he won, Kol, his clones and his friends have to surrender. Kol accepted it and headed of to space to confront the General. Kol landed in his cruiser ship The Hunter, where he saw several dead clones. As soon as he turned Kol saw the General. Each ignited their blades

Kol narrowly dodges Grievous's quick vicious strikes.

and confronted each other. After their last encounter, Kol's skill with a blade had greatly and dramatically increased, as Grievous as well, where it made it difficult for Kol due to the fact that the cyborg had many machinery advances added to his arms and body, and such body parts allowed him to deliever powerful and strong blows. Using his martial arts abilities with his blade, Kol was able to counter many attacks with aggressive strikes, but still had problems defending, although his defense tactics with a blade were already declared legendary by his master Shaak Ti and others of the Order. Sensing the trouble that awaited down on the planet, Kol contacted Captain Fixz and told him to take the Togruta natives to a safe location. Focusing his energy around the ship, Kol, using his mind, pulled the Separatists dreadnaughts around him down towards the planet. This through Grievous completely off gaurd, which gave Kol an advantage. Kol using a powerful uppercut, defeated the General and told him to surrender, but he said he wouldn't. Using his arms, Grievous grabbed Kol by the the neck and threw him towards a wall, knocking him out. Grievous was able to escape but his ships weren't so lucky since they were destroyed. Waking up on Coruscant, Kol was greeted by his troops and friends telling him that Shili was liberated, and was now free, thanks to him. Kol smiled and told his troops to be prepared for anything, in which they would.

Battle of Dorin

Kol, alongside Aria, fought together in space during the Battle of Dorin, crippling the Separatists ships, and breaking the blockade in order to give the Republic a chance to get down to the planet and free it from Separatists control. Both commanding their troops were successful, even fighting on the planet alongside Jedi Master Plo Koon who were able to save the planet from Nute Gunray.

Joining Guards of the Empress

"My ancestor Kerz-Tak served aside you thousands and thousands of years ago, during the time of the Old Republic. Clay as also I, are two of his last descendents, besides our youger sister"
-Kol to Darth Deborrah

Deborrah, long time ally to the Kerz-Tak family, and close friend to Kol, Clay and Katrina.

At some point after the Battle of Dorin, Kol, his sister and his brother went to Taris after the three saw a vision of an unknown female figure who was talking about Kerz-Tak , who was their Sith ancestor, and first member of their family. Instantly telling the Jedi Council, the two brothers were allowed to go to Taris, but asked not to have a clone trooper escort, because it would put them in danger, and that they didn't want to risk their lives. Afterward, the three Zabrak siblings flew their ship to Taris and landed in the city, where they were surprised to the fact that they were expected by the ruler. Once they exited their ship, Kol, Katrina and Clay were greeted by a female voice, who was named Deborrah. Kol introduced himself as so did Clay and Katrina, where both recognized her instantly, because they had seen her when they were kids, while their sister questioned on who she was. After having a short meeting, Deborrah asked the two if they could join her alliance, the one that she made with their ancestor Kerz-Tak, where both agreed and stated that they were always apart of it, thus would soon return back for now they had business to attend to. Glad upon their word, Deborrah gave the two a departing gift which was a neckalace that she made, which the two would wear through the remainder of the Clone Wars, but unknown to them it would protect them from any danger, including their troopers. The two left Taris and vowed once more to return when the time came. While she may have not been asked, Katrina told her brothers that she would join them as well, for Deborrah was a family friend, a message Kol sent to her, leaving her pleased.

Mission to Carlac

"When Wolffe said that the Mandalorian Death Watch were known for their hospitality, he wasn't kidding. (Laughs) They sure pack quite a fight. I hate 'em."
-Kol reflecting on Wolffe's words toward the Death Watch while on Carlacc

Shortly after joining Guards of the Empress, Kol was sent on a mission by the Jedi Council to the wintery world of Carlac. In this mission, Kol would encounter the Death Watch group for the first time ever, whom he would quickly hate. After landing on Carlac, the only thing he could see was smoke, coming from homes that were burned to the ground at the hands of several Death Watch mercenaries. During the mission Kol led troopers in raiding the villages in ordert to free the Ming Po. Not much information is known about this mission due to it being so secret, but it is certain that Kol helped in liberating the villages, while he was disguised as a Death Watch soldier.

Death of a Mentor

"Adi Galla was a good Jedi Master and friend. It's a sad fact that this happened."
-Kol reflecting on Adi Galla's death

Some time after Carlac, Obi-Wan and Adi-Galla were sent on am ission, in an attempt to stop the brothers Maul and Savage, However only Obi-Wan survived from the two Jedi. While he did not know Adi fully, Kol had respected her abilities, and ultimately stated that the Jedi were becoming less and less.

Second Battle of Naboo

"Such a pretty planet being devastated by this ridiculous war. I hate droids by the way."
-Kol during the Second Battle of Naboo

Kol participated in the Battle by protecting the captial city of Theed from droid forces, with the 152nd Legion and 43rd Battalion. Kol also protected Oueen Neeyutee of Naboo from several Sniper droidekas and commando droids. Kol was ultimately successful in defeating the droid army on the planet, but was then given another mission after the battle to find Aria, who presumably went missing during her confrontation with another droid army on the planet.

Helping a friend

"Aria! Aria! ARIA!"
-Kol shouts Aria's name as he looks for her on Naboo

While on the world of Naboo searching for any survivors after a small battle between Republic and Separatists forces, Kol journeyed to the planet under the Council's orders when they received no word on Aria's last known location, along with her master. Worried for his friend Kol went to Naboo and started to search. After searching for several hours, Kol found her in a state of shock. Kol asked her what happened, but she refused to answer, no matter how much he tried. Kol sensed that she was having a troubled mind, and insisted, but she didn't say anything. Kol would tell her something, to which she understood, but had no will whatsoever in doing anything. Kol picked her up and carried her to a medical station, where he laid her on the bed, to which she would be attended. Kol felt pain for Aria, knowing that she had lost two great friends. Kol knowing he couldn't do nothing else prepared to leave, until Aria grabbed his arm and told him that she had to say something. Aria told him of what happened, about the death of her master Adiara Endel and Commander Inferno at the hands of the Sith assassin. Saying how she killed the the Sith assassin, out of anger, Kol told it wasn't her fault, for she had done something he himself did when his parents were killed by Sith Acolytes. Telling her everything would be alright, Kol was able to calm her. Kol gave Aria a little hug, and told her he would await her return to the battlefield. Kol then left the planet and returned to the Jedi Temple to receive his next mission.

Quick Encounter with Asajj Ventress

Some time after the second Battle of Naboo, Kol ventured to his home world of Dathomir once more, for reasons unknown. While on the planet he encountered Asajj Ventress, a rogue Dark Acolyte, who now was on the hunt for revenge against several Jedi. Immediately Kol was attacked by Asajj, where he would instantly pull out his lightsaber in defense. Unaware of her true intentions, Kol dueled Asajj and defeated her without much struggle. As he prepared to strike her down, Asajj unleashed a powerful Force Push which sent Kol flying towards a wall incapacitating him, thus knocking him out. Unconscious by the impact, Asajj prepared to kill him, but Kol instantly awoke and struck Asajj with Force Lightning and sent her flying in another direction, although she did survive the impact of the throw and left Dathomir instantly, vowing vengeance on the Jedi, including Kol himself. Kol then left the planet confused, but would not say a word of it to the Council, nor his fellow Jedi.

Mission to Felucia
"Drfg guo Jokil nuk ko erk Seperatists Commanda Genera Greivous. Droida riut tok pol ik, rosh tet orso"
"Uh, General what did you say?"
"I said: This Separatist Commander General Greivous may be a tough one, but the droid army is just terrible. Shame they still use them to fight.
-Kol explains to Captain Fixz on what he said about the Seperatists in his native Zabraki language

After his fight with Ventress, Kol was sent to Felucia, because the system was under attack once more by the Seperatists droid army under the command of General Greivous. Kol was disgusted by this, knowing that Greivous will never stop until he has control of a planet, in order to spread fear throughout the Republic. Kol, under orders of Grand Master Yoda, went to Felucia with a few clone troopers from his 152nd Legion in order to liberate the planet from Sepratists control. Kol would work once more with Captain Fixz for the first time since saving Senator Chuchi aboard a blockade ship. Kol would meet Fixz once he landed on Felucia in his cloaked Eagle ship, as Kol would even work alongside his brother Clay for the first half of the mission. Kol was however opposed to even getting help from the Felucians to fight, for it wasn't their war, nor they should be involved in it. As Kol prepared his men and readied the plans, they were surprisingly attack by the droid army. Completely unaware of the ambush, Kol and hios brother ordered their men to go and hide in the Felucian forest, where they easily hid, and lost few men. Kol and his brother held of the droids while their men prepared an ambush of their own. Even though the two Zabraks were outnumbered, they finished the entire droid army single-hand. Rejoining their troops, Kol departed with his troops to continue their mission. As they advanced they met few resistance, but Kol knew that there was gonna be a bigger problem once they got closer to their rendezvous point. As Kol and his men went deeper they destroyed several droids, as Kol was able to destroy a whole battalion with a Force Push combined with Force Lightning that made a destructive wave. As Kol ordered his men to scale the wall of the Separatists base, Kol went to confront General Greivous. As Kol cleared his path by destroying droids, Greivous would appear by attacking from behind. Kol would only be able to defend from behind, as he ordered his troops to stay back, because he didn't want them to loose their lives. Kol would then charge his attacks onto Grievous, cutting of one of his arms, leaving him with three blades. After a long intense duel, Kol defeated the General who was able to escape the planet by throwing a smoke bomb. Since the Republic had recaptured Felucia from the Separatists nce more, Kol was glad that the planet was freed from Greivous's control. He then left the planet, only to then receive further problems on his home world of Dathomir.

Return to Dathomir

"Fu si nora bi-ne. Da hir limn vig jak tok, turi na fau na take leo Xylonic, nan jeryt kooli nan darek yuo galaxi. Distro Sith, kai lo do Jedi. Nurit Force jiko light, disto dark. Fush ti kri na ta lo pik ko de reo."
-Kol cursing Xylonic during their duel
A week after Felucia, Kol received a message from an unidentified figure. The being in the holo-projector transmission revealed himself to be Darth Xylonic.

Kol engages Darth Xylonic in their first duel on Dathomir.

Xylonic said that if Kol did not arrive on Dathomir at the exact time arrival he was gonna give, then he would lose someone close to him, to which unknown to Kol, Xylonic was referring to his apprentice Nikita Keil. Kol agreed to his demands and told him he would meet him on Dathomir. Kol would strongly demand that he did not want to be accompanied by any of his clone troopers. Grand Master Yoda respected his decision, along with masters Shaak Ti, Plo Koon, Mace Windu, and Luminara Unduli. Kol took his ship to his planet to meet with the Sith Lord. He landed in the Crucible, which was the place arranged for his meeting with Xylonic. Although, Xylonic was preparing to attack Kol, he was unaware of Kol's enhanced sensing abilities. Kol sensing the Sith Lord, drew up his blades and moved a boulder with the Force, only to reveal Xylonic. Angered, the young Sith Lord charged at Kol with his blades as the Jedi himself went in instant defense, due to the fact that he was caught off guard. Kol was still able to gain ground against his new adversary, where both were masters in the Jar'Kai. Kol was however not amazed or amused and would talk to Xylonic in sarcastic expressions, as not even bothering to care to the threats thrown at him. Unbeknownst to him, his apprentice Nikita had sneaked into his ship, and hid in plain sight. He would notice her, when having a blade lock, in which he forced Xylonic to defend on his knees. Frustrated, Kol overpowered the Sith Lord's defense and ran to Nikita, in which he scolded her. Nikta replied that she was worried for her master, and sensed that he was troubled, but she did not know that he would be in this situation. Kol then looked down, and told Nikita that she did not need to worry for he was alright, and that she did good checking on him, but was not smart in following him to his ship. As she prepared to speak, Kol was attacked by a barrage of Force Lightning, which sent him flying across the arena. Scared, and still just a youngling, having no blade to defend herself, she drew Kol's blade in defense, but quickly lost it by a strong blow from Xylonic. Seeing her in danger, Kol used a strong and powerful Force Push sending Xylonic flying. Recuperating his strength, Kol grabbed Nikita and his dropped lightsaber and entered his ship, and quickly left the planet. Kol eventually told Nikita to stay out of sight until he was officially in the temple with the Jedi Masters, which she would do.

Battle of Mygeeto

"Honestly, I don't get it. Why in the world would I get sent to a planet, already torn by war for only a few days. Driy yjk ik luyt Republik nikt Chanceller Palpatine tyi jih.(If the Republic's Chancellor Palpatine wants to give me orders, he should ask me). I just hope this war ends soon"
-Kol referring to Palpatine after his time on Mygeeto

Around a one year anniversary after the start of the Battle of Mygeeto, Kol was dispatched to the planet in order to help the decimated troops of clones. Kol arrived in time to help the weak force of troops after setting up an ambush on the main frontal armies of the Separatists. Destroying several droids, Kol pressed on his attack in the hopes of keeping several enemy forces at bay. Kol would remain on the planet for two weeks, before being removed from duty, because he was being replaced by another Jedi Knight. This dissappointed Kol, because he thought he was just used in order to batter his forces against the droid army. Kol discovered that he was dispatched to the planet by Chancellor Palpatine and not by the Jedi Council as he first thought. After leaving Mygeeto and leaving his remaining forces in charge of the young Jedi who had replaced him, Kol went back to Coruscant to address the Chancellor on his orders. Palpatine and Kol argued for a few minutes, but Kol then decided to stop the argument. Dispite having hatred for Palpatine, Kol apologized for having questioned his order and authority. Palpatine forgave Kol and told him not to let his anger get the best of him, for it wasn't the Jedi way. Palpatine told Kol, that with his power, he himself, along with others could help stop the war. Kol agreed and then left, to help his older brother Clay on Pantora. Kol, bowed in respect to Palpatine and left of. Once he left, Palpatine stated that Kol had grown a lot in a short time while smiling sinisterly.

Senator Assassination attempts

"I thought you could handle things alone brother, but it seems you can't. I mean, even Katrina can do things we can do. It's embarrassing for you, isn't it?"
"HEY! Even we big brothers need help once in a while, and yes it's is a little embarrassing about our younger sister, yet you can do things that I can't even do, and only our parents and other ancestors could do. I don't think you would even care if you injured yourself".
"True, but the only bother is my right arm. Looks like I need to get a new right arm. You broke it with that attempt to dive and catch. Note, it doesn't work as how you think it will."
-Kol and Clay after saving Chuchi from Shonn Volta (a conversation believed to have occurred between Clay and Kol)

At some point during the Clone Wars, (no exact date is pinpointed), Kol ventured to the world of Pantora after receiving a message from his brother Clay. The message spoke of an sniper assassin shooting down several clones, only to discover that the shots were meant for Senator Riyo Chuchi. In the mission, Kol helped his brother thwart Volta's assassination attempts and finally took her into custody, where she was put in jail on Coruscant.

Mission to Umbara

"Never thought I would return to this forsaken planet again"
-Kol upon his arrival on Umbara
Shortly after the successful mission in Pantora, Kol ventured to the world of Umbara in order to stop a group of renegade Sith warriors who threatened to attack the Jedi Temple. Kol was the only Jedi sent on this mission alone, due to the fact that several Jedi were off fighting the war on other distant planets. Kol would however first go to Dathomir to recover a set of robes left behind by his final his Sith ancestor, Maul Kerz-Tak, who had placed a note on the robes saying "Any descendent of mine, who dons these robes, use it for the good of the Jedi. Use it as an advantage against the Sith, for it may just save your life". Quickly gathering the robes, Kol then set of for Umbara. Kol first contacted the Jedi Temple and told them of his arrival, which Yoda told him to be careful

Kol fighting droids, after being discovered.

and to try and stop the plot as possible. Changing from his Jedi robes to the Sith robes, Kol began his infiltration. Kol made his way through the dark planet until he reached the Sith Academy, where he was greeted by a lone female Sith warrior. The warrior first questioned Kol, to which Kol would remain silent, giving the warrior to question on why he wouldn't speak, to which she insisted more. Through the insisting of the dark-sider, Kol began to Force-choke the female, and continued to as he walked away, without even moving his arms. A few seconds later, the female was "saved" by another dark-sider, who seemed to be patrolling the area. Sensing the others presence, Kol released the female acolyte from the choke hold, and disappeared using Force-cloak, to avoid being seen by the second acolyte. With ease, and using the Sith holocron, (the same one used in his first mission to Umbara), Kol entered the Academy. Kol's presence went unnoticed for almost a week, until he was discovered talking to Ahsoka, telling her to give the Council the heads up on his mission. After being confronted by the two same acolytes he had encountered, Kol quickly silenced the two, by killing them using a combination Force-choke and lightning. Having no choice, Kol began to flee, but as soon as he left the Academy, he discovered that the threat was all a rumor spread by war-protestors. However, the planet wasn't easy on Kol, since he met up with several droids, who were seemingly left on the planet after a previous battle. Fighting his way through the palnet, Kol was able to get back on his ship and left Umbara in the nick of time. However, an arrival at Jedi Temple almost costed Kol his life.

Attack on the Temple

"Kol, are you alright?"
"I have been through worse, I believe. Well I'm alright. But right now, I should be the least of your worries. You should focus on finding the perpetrator of this attack. We lost many good Jedi, because of this. Right now work on the case. I will see you then at their funerals."
-Kol to Anakin and Ahsoka after recovering from the attack on the Jedi Temple
The attack on the Jedi Temple hangar left Kol injured, after he had docked his ship within the hangar. Surviving the

The funeral held for the Jedi who died during the Bombing of the Jedi Temple Hangar.

blast, Kol had only lost his prosthetic arm in the blast, but regained another one after being treated in the infirmary. Kol was then visited by Anakin and Ahsoka who received word on his injury, and thus was the only lucky Jedi who survived the blast, along with other clones and workers who were lucky enough to survive. When his two Jedi friends arrived to talk, Kol had already gotten a new prosthetic right arm. After a quick conversation, the two Jedi departed the infirmary. Kol later joined the two, along with several other Jedi members of the Council, some members of the Senate, and Chancellor Palpatine. Among the dead Jedi, was one of Kol's closest friend, in which was a Jedi known by his parents, back when they were Jedi Knights years ago. After the funeral, Kol departed and started to walk the streets of Coruscant, wondering why someone would want to attack the temple, mostly that the attacker was the one who worked at the temple.
A Friend Leaves
"It's a shame Skywalker. She trusted all of you, and she felt that you turned your back on her."
"I know, but I didn't. I'd never doubt my own Padawan. Do you think the way I said the things I said was right?"
"That's not in my position to say my friend. We, all of us never know what is the right thing to say in these situations. Let her go for now and wish her the best. I doubt she'll be returning anytime soon.

After fully recovering from his injuries, Kol witnessed from the Jedi Temple doors Ahsoka's departure from the Jedi Order, and while he was unaware of what happened, he knew enough to tell Anakin that due to the situation everyone was in, he couldn't say if his words were right or wrong. Unable to bid farewell, Kol wished Ahsoka luck in her future alone and stated that her return would be highly unlikely.

Mission to Tatooine

"Finally, we have Kol Kerz-Tak master. He is finally ours".
"Good, good. Bring him to my base immediately, and we will begin his turn to the dark side of the Force. Where he truly belongs".
"As you wish Lord Sidious"
-Count Doooku and Lord Sidious on Kol's successful capture
Later on, almost a month later, Kol was sent on a mission to Tatooine. Upon arriving on Tatooine, Kol discovered

Kol's crusier begins to depart it's way to Tatooine.

that the Separatists had a new Commander, which was a new adversary of the dark side. Kol would however encounter the Separatists above the planet, including the acolyte. Kol would engage the Separatists in a small space battle, in which was a trap made by Dooku in order to lure Kol from his ship, which would surprisingly work. As Kol prepared to attack the main ship, a tractor beam began to pull his starfighter into the main ship. Not wanting to risk the lives of his soldiers, Kol told them to head back to his cruiser and to retreat. His clones were reluctant to listen, only to then listen after Kol angrily shouted at them. Forced into landing, Kol exited his ship, and began to explore the acolytes ship. After sensing and hearing the arrival of several droids, Kol hid behind a pile of artillery batteries. As the droids looked around for the Jedi, Kol, using the Force moved a pair of artillery batteries toward his ship, which caught the attention of all the droids. As one of the droids picked up one of the batteries, Kol jumped from his hiding spot, and shot Force lightning at the artillery battery in the hand of the Commando droid, and an explosion erupted within the hangar, that ended up destroying his ship, and several other droid dropships. Successfully avoiding other attention, Kol made his way up towards the bridge of the ship, but was slightly unaware that Darth Tyranus, was on-board, waiting for him. While making his way through the ship, Kol cut down several droids and engaged in combat with several MagnaGuards, but defeated them nevertheless, but with struggle, after he was surrounded by several of them. However, Kol was also unaware that General Grievous was also aboard the ship, who was receiving a mission from Dooku. As Kol made to the front door of the bridge, several B1 Battle droids, B2-HA super battle droids, and Droidekas went and confronted Kol, outnumbering him. Ordered to surrender by the B1 Commdo droid, Kol snickered, and flashed his eyes close, to then in which he released a powerful Force Push, which crushed half the droids, and launched the remaining towards the door, causing it to open, sending the doors toward the controls, damaging them. Instantly, Dooku saw the Jedi Knight, and smiled, knowing his plan had worked. Kol would not even have time to draw his blade since Dooku unleashed a barrage of Force lightning, pinning him to the ground. After a few seconds of torture, Grievous entered the room and picked Kol by the neck, to then order another droid to shoot him with a stun gun. Unconscious, Kol was stripped of his blades and comlink, and then placed in a containment field. Awakening a few minutes later, Kol saw that both Dooku and Grievous were staring at him. At that moment, Dooku contacted Sidious and told him of Kol's capture, to which would pleasure Sidious. He ordered Doooku to commence his transformation of Kol. Still senseless and dazed out, Kol couldn't hear much of the conversation between the three, but then regained his full energy as soon as a MagnaGuard shocked him with an electrostaff.

As the MagnaGuard constantly pecked Kol, he began to absorb the pain, and began to feel less and less, due to his Zabrak physique. Leading to the breaking point, Kol had felt enough, and using his few bit of strength, including the force, he broke through the containment field, and viciously began blasting Force lightning at the Sith Lord and General. The two took their lightsabers and blocked the lightning, but were unable to deal with the pressure of force used, and were pushed back against a wall. Losing control of himself again, Kol combined his lightning with Force Push and launched it towards the two sending them flying through a door. Making his way, Kol ran through the corridors of the Separatist dreadnought until he found the location of the escape pods. Damaging the ship completely by sending a wave of Force lightning, Kol got into the escape pod right before the ship exploded, but also noticed that both Dooku and Grievous got out of the ship in time. Kol then made his way back to Coruscant, where he boarded his cruiser. Upon entering, his troops welcomed him back, saying they were glad that he was ok, but he didn't responded and walked on without saying a word, giving a darkened expression on his face.

Vicious Changes

"Kol, I just used what I learned and knew. Calm down brother, I was a little scared."
"SILENCE KATRINA! You know nothing. Your actions on the field have been nothing but reckless, and impatient. You are nothing but a weak commander, one who shouldn't even be here."
"Kol are you crazy? Why are you saying that?"
"What's wrong with you Kol. What happened to you on Tatooine?"
"Your not the same Kol I met a few months ago. Did something happen to you?"
"She's right Kol, the one I met on Geonosis was not like this."
"Tell me is that bad, because if it is, feel free to speak, if not then goodbye, Jedi trash (under his voice)."(in multiple voices)
"Even you Jedi Masters of the Council, I'd be careful with anything you do or say. You may end up below ground or in the infirmary for a while. You understand right?"(in multiple voices)
"WHAT DID YOU SAY ?" '(Several members in unsion)
"Wait, did you hear that?"
"Hear what Clay?
"His voice, it did not sound like him. I know Kol well enough, even though we have only known each other for around a year, despite the fact I knew him as a child. Kol would never act or talk like this, especially to you Katrina, nor any of us. I am gonna see what's going on. Ashley, Katrina, and Aria, excuse me, until later. I have to see what's going on. "
-A now altered-personality Kol viciously shout at Katrina, Clay and Ashley
Some time after the mission on Tatooine, Kol began to undergo mysterious and dangerous personality changes. This started to be noticed when his sister Katrina returned from a big loss for the Republic, which was her second

Kol, shortly before his possession.

battle. When hearing of her fail, Kol went to the hangar where his sister was with Clay, Aria and Ashley. By this time, Kol and his friend Aria hadn't seen each other in over three months, due to how much the war expanded, as upon seeing him, she was glad upon seeing her brother-like companion. When Kol turned and looked at Katrina, he saw her cry and only saw her run towards him, but smacked her of as soon as she got close to him, causing Katrina to tumble to the floor. This action shocked the Jedi that were within the area, including members of the Council. Through his actions, Kol scolded his sister attacking her over her actions, and then went straight towards his own friends. The only one to notice, Clay heard a change in Kol's voice after he scolded the four of them, and some Jedi of the council.

Clay noticed that Kol's voice sounded different, and seemed like more than one voice had been coming out of his voice. Clay was not sure, and told the council that he was gonna find out what was wrong with Kol, and hopefully he would do it in time. The council agrred, but only gave him a time limit, because of Clay didn't fix the problem, Mace Windu stated that they were going to arrest Kol for mutiny. Kol himself began to go through more personality changes, in which started to call the attention of his own master and several other Jedi, including several clone troopers. Clay searched for Kol, but had no luck in finding him, due him disappearing so easily and quickly, in which ended up worrying the Jedi Council and believing that he had betrayed the Jedi Order.

Spirit Possession
"It seems my disguise doesn't conceal me anymore. Being able to be noticed by temple guards was highly unexpected, but I don't care. They still have no idea on who they're dealing with."
"STOP NOW! Who are you? Reveal yourself now you fake."
"My, my, my! Strong words Clay. It's one thing to call me monster, but another to call me fake."
"Enough tricks, show yourself."
"CLAY! What are you doing?"
"Very well (removes mask and hood). I am Darek Kerz-Tak.
" Finmjik! Ki no dal kernet. Garey kur nuyt kalnet ancestorek, Darek Kerz-Tak!" (Impossible! It can't be you. The coldest and most evil ancestor of our blood, Darek Kerz-Tak)
"Who is Darek Kerz-Tak?  Is this some kind of joke Kol?"
"Darek Kerz-Tak, a Sith Lord, and the fourth Sith Lord in our blood. The one said to be evil incarnate. A stain, an infection of the Force. He is possessing Kol. That is why Kol behaved as he did. It was all Darek's doing. But I don't understand how spirits can control one's body!"
"Brother! Only we can save Kol and stop Darek."
"I know. You ready?"
-Darek Kerz-Tak, through Kol, reveals himself to the Jedi Council and his descendents as Clay and Katrina preare to duel the possessed Kol

Kol, disguised as a Temple Guard, under the control of his ancestor Darek Kerz-Tak, prepares to fight other Temple Guards.

As the day ended, there was still no sign of Kol, and Clay had already searched the entire temple along with Katrina, Ashley and Aria. Clueless at this point, Katrina had already given up hope, saying that her brother was already lost and then began crying. Heart-broken at this sight, Aria went to comfort Katrina, but before she could, a Temple Guard, was savagely pushed into her, sending her flying. Taking immediate action, several temple guards came to attend the downed guard and Aria, and asked the others what happened, who said themselves that they didn't know what happened. As the guard tried to retain his strength by the brutal throw, another guard in the distance began to laugh maliciously, and instantly ignited his blades, prompting the others to do as well.

This alert reached the members of the Council who had just finished a meeting with Captain Tarkin, via hologram. Upon entering the area, Mace, Shaak Ti, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Luminara Unduli came and confronted the guard. Not wasting time, the guards went and attacked him, but were quickly and easily defeated by the guard, who did without any challenge or struggle.

Being deemed a traitor and a fake, the guard removed the mask, only to reveal Kol, who started to talk out against the council and Jedi. Shocked at this action, the council told Kol to surrender, but he refused. Removing the garments of the Temple Guard he had placed on, Clay instantly called out to Kol, telling him to reveal who he really was. Laughing, a red aura surrounded Kol's body, as an entity rose

Kol, under the control of Darek's spirit ignites his lightsabers as he prepares to duel his brother and sister

above him, and revealed himself to be Darek Kerz-Tak, shocking both Clay and Katrina, as also freezing them in fear. Knowing who their ancestor was, Clay and Katrina decided to duel the entity in order to save their brother. Revealing his intentions, Clay would seemingly understood why his parents focused a lot on Kol, to which he would be vulnerable to Sith entity possessions. Eventually ordering the council, the Jedi Masters stayed backed and left Clay and Katrina to deal with Darek.  Wasting no time, Katrina charged onto Kol launching several attacks. Kol, in this case, Darek, would waste no time in blocking the attacks, as he would easily overpower Katrina and slam her against a pillar with a strong Force Push. Enraged, Clay jumped at Darek, and engaged him in a duel, as Katrina recovered quickly, and went to aid Clay. Seeing that this was there fight, Mace Windu ordered the Temple Guards, Ahsoka, Anakin and Aria to stay put, for it was a family affair. The duel between the three siblings intensified, as it reached the training grounds of the Jedi younglings Petro, Katooni, Zatt, Ganodi, and Byph, who were being trained by Tera Sinube. Seeing this, the younglings thought it was a training session, but Clay told them it was not and to move away. The longer the duel lasted, the more Darek gained control of Kol's body and abilities. Despite this, Darek was unable to fully control Kol's mixed abilities. As Darek prepared to charge Kol's body with Force lightning, he froze, as another voice called out, saying to throw a powerful attack. Katrina recognized it as Kol's voice and warned Clay about it. Through struggling, Kol was able to tell Clay and Katrina on how to remove an entity, which angered Darek, who tried to move but couldn't as Kol tried to regain control. Wasting enough time, Clay and Katrina combined their Force Push which sent Kol flying towards a wall, shattering it completely, much to their horror and that of the younglings and Jedi in the temple, releasing Darek's control over him. Regaining complete control of his mind and body, Kol would viciously launch a powerful Force lightning at Darek's spirit. As Kol intensified it, Clay and Katrina helped Kol, as they both launched Force lightning as well, overcharging Darek's energy as a spirit, destroying him. Tired and exhausted, Kol fainted, and was taken to the infirmary for healing. Waking up a few hours later, Kol asked what he was doing here, as Clay and Katrina told him he was hurt, so he had to come here, but he recalled he had no memory of what happened. Seeing that the ordeal had wiped his memory of Darek, Clay and Katrina decided it was best he not be told of it. After Kol made a recovery, he his brother Clay and Katrina were all dispatched to Cato Neimoida. However, a few days later, Kol recovered from the memory loss and saw on what had happened to him. Confronting his siblings and the council, Kol asked why they hadn't warned him about it. Speechless and unable to think of an answer, Kol angirly demanded, but the Council and his Jedi siblings and friends couldn't find an answer. Annoyed and angry, Kol left the temple, while using the Force to blast through the doors.
Battle of Cato Neimoida

In this battle during the Clone Wars, Kol would return to the planet once more, with Clay, and Katrina in assisting and aiding the air forces above the war-torn Cato Neimoida. Taking the fight in space, Kol, alongside several of his troops, battered several of the Separatists forces of vulture droids, while Clay and Katrina assaulted the dreadnaughts, eventually weakening the Separatists forces in space, although they were recalled back after their mission. Kol commented on his return to Cato Neimoida, stating that it would have gone a whole lot better if he had done it the first time he was on the planet, although the war had been going on for over a year.

Final Acts and Leads on the Front lines (19 BBY)

"This war has worsened itself in ways we never knew possible. War has a way to not just tear the homes of billions of lives, but it can also tear the very fabric of the universe, especially the mind of one.
-Kol during the Battle of Coruscant

As what would subsequently be known as the final year of the Clone Wars, Kol began to mostly stay at the temple, in the hopes of calming himself down after having several close falls to the dark side, following his re-encounters with Darth Xylonic, and several other rouge Sith Warriors, who lived on the planet of Umbara. Due to Kol's recent possession by his ancestor, Kol's personality began to dramatically change, and was no longer the clam Jedi he use to be, and began show a more serious side of himself, thus even showing less respect for several masters of the Council, except Shaak Ti. Also, Kol's power had increased enough, to even alter Darth Sidious himself. Along with other deeds, Kol had started making reckless, and consequential actions while on the front lines, thus of which caused numerous losses for the Republics troops. Having been scolded by the Jedi Council several times, to which Kol would show no emotion, however, Kol's troopers still respected him and forgave him when he lost many of their brothers, knowing that the pressure of the war must have been building on him, including his several near-fall encounters. Kol also struggled many times to keep his conscience straight, as he struggled on how to keep calm, even keeping his mind sane. Sadly, Kol's mental state was never the same, as he had now become more aware of the dark side's presence within the Republic itself, and noticed that it had been there for more than a decade.

Prelude to Order 66

Order 66 and a New Era

"The saying of Order 66 sought to the annihilation of the Jedi, the most terrifying thing ever. We lost many of our friends and masters. To continue their legacy, me and you must live on together."
-Kol speaking about Order 66
439px-553px-End Days

Darth Sidious addressing Order 66 to Commander Cody

When Order 66 was issued, Kol first got it while being on Felucia from clones in his squad who received the Order. Feeling the deaths of many Jedi Padawans, Knights and Masters, he went to confront the clones with his lightsabers already ignited, where his troopers turned on him and fired, but he deflected every blast killing them all, feeling regret for what he was doing. Feeling that his sister Katrina was in danger, he ran to her. Upon arriving, he saw her out numbered by the clones and struggling to deflect the blasts. He arrived in time in saving her, killing every clone. Arriving on the scene, Aria was shocked seeing that her troopers betrayed her and Kol himself. Knowing this was the end of the Jedi, both were deeply saddened as just like Yoda, they both felt the effects of the order, feeling the deaths of many Jedi. They knew that all the Jedi would become one with the Force. Kol came to recognized that this was a terrible moment in Jedi history. Deeply saddened at the loss of his younglings he trained, Kol almost fell into despair and depression, but knew he had to stay strong. Deciding to go into exile, Aria Ortara-Montari would also join him into exile, asides from his siblings. Kol would invite her to come to Dathomir, which was a planet that Imperial forces would not even suspect of looking. Clay and Katrina joined their brother Kol in exile as well, but right before going into exile, a trouble was unleashed on Mustafar for Kol. Ashely would also join Kol in exile.

Second Skirmish on Mustafar

"WHY? Why would you do this?"
"You betrayed the trust my family had for you, all for power? It isn't right! The dark is never the right path."
"Yes it is, and Order 66 is the greatest thing ever, and once the Jedi are fully annihilated, I will rejoice, but with your death, I'm sure the Emperor will be proud."
"Order 66 is nothing but a form of doomsday to the Jedi. The order will never fully be completed Fio, some of us will survive and look to bring back the Republic.
"You will not live. You will be one of the many Jedi to fall in this order Kol, my old friend.
"We shall see who falls...Fio."

-Kol and Fio on Mustafar during their duel


Kol hits Fio with a barrage of Force Lightning during their fateful duel on Mustafar.

Recieving a mysterious transmission from an unknown figure, Kol went to Mustafar where the figure told him to appear, for a meeting.Kol was unaware of the duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan which occurred before his arrival on the firey planet. Having rejected help from Aria, and Clay, Kol went to Mustafar where he was confronted by a familiar face. Upon meeting the figure, Kol recognized that it was Fio, unknown to Kol himself, Fio had been the one who perpetrated his parents death. Disgusted by it Kol confronted Fio on why he joined the dark side, where the confrontation would end up in a deadly duel. During the duel, the two talked trash to one another while Fio continuously talked trash and how Order 66 was a wonderful thing. Moving up the unstable mining complex on Mustafar. As the duel intensified the mining towers began to collapse through Kol's power showing is immense hatred for Fio who betrayed his family years earlier. Although

Kol kills Fio, ending the threat to the Kerz-Tak's.

fueled by anger, Kol kept his calm and remained on the light side, using his abilities in both the light and the dark to easily catch Fio of guard. However Fio would quickly counter and incapacitate Kol by cutting of part of his prosthetic arm, which left him unable to fight. On the ground, Kol grabbed his destroyed prosthetic arm, seeing it was without the hand. As Fio prepared to strike the final blow, Kol used the Force to activiate his lightsaber that was on his severed prosthetic right hand. He then pulled it, thus stabbing him through the abdomen from the back, then used his second blade stabbing him through the chest, killing Fio instantly. Breathing heavily after a long intense duel, Kol recovered his blades and returned to the ship. He then fixed his prosthetic arm. Prior to these events, Kol had his Padawan Nikita picked up by his brother. While Nikita remained hidden throughout their exile, she rarely appeared, due to her being raised by Zabrak family, in which Kol would continue her training as a Jedi.

Life in exile

"How could this have happened Kol?"
"The sole purpose of the clones, under this order, was to destroy us under the orders of Darth Sidioous, thus could not be prevented. The Jedi are but few, almost eradicated, but we survived, and so did others. Nevertheless, this purge is just the beginning.
"We were all blinded by Palpatine"
-Kol and Aria talk about Order 66

After the deaths of many Jedi Masters, Kol, Aria, Katrina, and Clay went into exile. Before going, and after the Skirmish on Mustafar, Kol went to Felucia where he saw Shaak Ti, after feeling her presence. Kol was relieved to see one of his friends alive and well. Shaak Ti told Kol that he was already preparing to be a master and had the potential of one, thus didn't need anymore training. Accepting her words Kol departed, thanking her for the training she had given him. He would then leave, then to officially go into exile on his native planet, where he met Aria, his siblings, and Ashley. In the following weeks, they made a memorial for all the Jedi that had died, including Anakin, and although he was dead, and had fallen to the dark side and converting into the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader after listening to Darth Sidious on what "greatness" the dark side brings. The young Jedi group would all live peacefully on Dathomir, where Kol took the time in training his friends, along with his brother Clay, teaching them new lightsaber combat techniques, that both knew by their parents. Using an ancient Force ability, Kol would cloak their Force presence to prevent them from being found by Imperial Forces and spies. However, Kol would be one of the most wanted Jedi in the Galactic Empire. Thousands of wanted posters were placed across the galaxy in order to find him, but he would never be found by Sidous or Vader. One reason was because Kol killed of any Imperial Sotrmtroopers who came close to finding him and hid their bodies in many planets across the galaxy.


"My oh my, it seems I am pretty famous, according to the empire. They got everything about me right.
"Kol, this is no time for jokes. This is serious. If the empire finds you, they will find me, Katrina, Aria and Ashley."
"Nonsense, Clay. They never will."
"In the name of the Empire, you are both under arrest."
"You were saying."
"I hate it when I'm wrong. Remind me something brother."
"What's that?
"Never to speak out loud."
"Deal." (blades ignite)
-Kol and Clay discuss about his Wanted posters right before they are surrounded by Imperials
Kol Kerz-Tak Wanted Poster ex 1

A wanted poster of Kol placed by Imperial stormtroopers all over the galaxy.

Some time after going into exile, wanted posters were placed all over the galaxy, which were to find Jedi who had escaped the Empire. Some of the most known Jedi were Kol, Clay, Katrina, Aria and Ashley. However, Kol was the main priority of the group, due to his power. Sidious by this time had wanted Kol to join the empire and fight for him, and help kill the last of all the Jedi. Remaining hidden would be simple, however finding one would be difficult, due to the fact that due to Clay's former alligance to the Acolytes of Dathomir, the remaining dark-side users joined with the empire and promised Sidious that they would bring the Kerz-Tak siblings to him, and killing their friends. To avoid any pleasent confrontation, since posters were on Dathomir, Kol ventured to Tatooine, where he would lure several Imperial troops and the acolytes, since his ship was unregistered. Landing in the desert, Kol left his ship and began to walk, while several troops and acolytes followed him. Luring them to a far area, Kol was then surrounded and told to surrender. Not responding, one trooper ran up to Kol, insulting him and repeating to surrender, but Kol remained silent, as his hood concealed his face. The troops and acolytes were sure of themselves that it was Kol. Already infuriated by Kol's refuse to surrender and lack of speech (meaning he didn't speak at all), the clone grabbed his blades, but without moving his hands, Kol used telekinesis to switch on the blades, stabbing the trooper in the abdomen, killing him. Taking up his blades again, Kol stared at the troopers and acolytes, and told them that they would never catch him, for he would give them a chance to try, although they would be unsuccesful. Upon his words, the troops instantly shot at Kol, to which he would easily deflect, and at the same time, duel the acolytes. Using what he was able to, Kol killed of all the imperials, and acolytes. Finishing of the final acolye with a blaster, Kol vowed to return one day to the galaxy and fight the empire.
A new ally
"I am Kol KerzTak, and who are you?"
"I am Darth Sadus."
-Kol and Darth Sadus meet for the first time
Some time after the ordeal on Tatooine, Kol recieved a message from an old Twi'lek friend on Ryloth. Upon

Kol's newest family ally, Twi'Lek Sith Lord Darth Sadus

his friends request, Kol traveled to Ryloth where he was greeted by the native Twi'leks, where he would meet his friend once more who thanked him for saving her life from Watt Tambor. After this, the young Twi'lek female introduced Kol to Sadus, a young Dark side user, who was strong in the dark side of the Force, who unlike others was not attacking, but helping her people in her retreat. Kol didn't know what to think, but just accepted the fact that there could be a Sith who helps their people. After a long meeting, Kol gave a gift to his friend, and eventually found an ally, who was Sadus. The two told each other they would help one another when needed. Kol departed Ryloth, sworing to help the Twi'Leks again once more, and would keep them safe, along with the help of his new ally. Once in his ship, nearing Dathomir, Kol knew that his new family ally was a strong one, and that it's always good to have an alliance with a female, because it makes it stable and strong. After arriving on Dathomir, Kol told his siblings about their new ally, to which they all felt proud, knowing that the more allies the Kerz-Tak family had, the more help they could get. However, the alliance would end, because Sadus would pass away on Ziost in 15 ABY.
A new wave
"We are now in exile my friends, brother and sister. We are but the last, but are still many. We must continue to train in order to live on.
"But Kol, what happens if we are discovered? What would happen next?
"My dear friend Aria, we won't be found. All of you, trust me. You know when i say something I keep my word."
"We understand Kol. Our training commences."
"Yes, it does."
-Kol to his friends and siblinds on their training

Kol training with Aria Ortara-Montari on Dathomir during their first few months of exile

A few months into exile, Kol had a dream visit from his parents who told him to train his Jedi friends, for it was necessary. The next day, Kol gathered his friends and siblings outside his home, and told them that the time for the real training was about to begin, which was for reasons unknown, that left them all questioning. Kol told them that he could not explain, for it was his parents choice, not his, to which he said he accepted to do. Accepting, Kol began to train his fellow Jedi companions, with tutelage from his parents, and his older brother as well. Six years would pass in which Kol would successfully have advanced the Force abilities of Aria and Ashley, making them stronger than before, as he his brother and sister also advanced in certain ways that the others couldn't. Kol knew that even like this, they would have to stay strong in case they ever met Vader or any other Imperial Saber Guards, who were trained in the dark side of the Force as well, in which were all led by the Shadow Guard. Kol eventually hoped they would never meet them, but he knew that there was a trouble that lurked light years away from Dathomir, but was unsure of what it was. After the training came to an end, Kol's parents gave the title of Jedi Knight to Ashley, Aria and Katrina, whilst he and his brother became Jedi Masters.
Meeting the Nightbrothers
"These are the Nightbrothers Aria. The fiercest warriors of Dathomir, and they show no mercy whatsoever. It is best not to provoke them."
"But weren't you a part of them before joining the Republic and Jedi Order?"
"No, I was never part of the Nightbrother Clan. To the fact, I was always in the Jedi Order, through my parents, who extended a fraction of the Order to here, Dathomir. However, we barely had ties to this clan. More to the point, follow me, I want to introduce you to someone."
"Ok Kol."
-Kol talks with Aria about his non-affiliation with the Nightbrother clan

In the year of 12 BBY, Kol went to the far part of Dathomir, to meet the Nightbrother clan, in which he was joined by Aria, who was curious about them. She asked Kol if he could join them, to which he said was alright with him, but to not make any rrapid action to where they were going. Kol told the rest he wouldn't be long. Up to this point, Kol and Ahsoka Tano's love relationship was no longer a secret to the rest of the group. After a long ride from the west part of Dathomir to the east, Kol and Aria arrived at the outskirts of the Nightbrother village. Upon arrival, Kol was welcomed, but Aria received a much negative view by the other Zabraks, because she was of a different species. Seeing this, Kol told the others that she was a friend who came to the planet, after the Galactic Republic was destroyed from within itself, which led to a downfall of the Reoublic and Jedi Order, thus the near extinction of the Jedi. However, one Zabrak, who hated Togrutas came in and charged at Aria with a spear and pinned her to the ground, which knocked out her ligthsabers in the progress. Two other Zabraks who agreed with the action picked up Aria's blades and came in to attack her, while another tall Zabrak held Kol. Enraged by this action, Kol flipped the tall Zabrak over and crushed his legs, and used the Force to lift the three other Zabraks, all of which released their weapons. Using the Force, Kol threw the Zabraks against the door of a nearby house, killing two of them and injuring the survivor on the leg. Viscus took no action and ordered the execution of the two remaining  Zabraks that attacked Kol and Aria. The leader of the village, Viscus welcomed Kol to the village and asked why he came now, as also why so late. Kol would strictly advise Viscus that what he planned to do, and to why he made a choice like this was of his own and of no concern. Listening to him, Viscus led Kol to the home of Arek Montari, a old and close brother of Kol and Clay, in accordance with that of the Nightbrothers (although it's believed Arek is the brother of Kol, Clay and Katrina). Although friends, Kol considered him a older brother, since Arek was raised by his parents, until he went to the Nightbrothers. Like Kol, Arek was also a Force-sensitive. Upon meeting him, Kol introduced him to Aria, who would surprisingly fall in love with him, and Arek alike. Kol was aware of the love relationship between Aria and Arek, but decided to say nothing and let them have their moments together. A year passed, in which Aria and Arek would announce their marriage to the Jedi group, and knowing it was risky, Kol simply told them to be careful. However, trouble grew for Kol, as at this time, for he began to develop nightmares, which involved a new enemy. A week later, Kol paid a visit to Nikita, and continued her training in secret.

Skirmish on Dathomir (Darth Xylonic's Return)
"Impossible! X-Xylonic?"
"Yes it's me, miss me Kol? I sure have."
"If you think you are going to accomplish anything you're wrong. Me, my family and friends have done too much to stay hidden and alive for this long, and our existence will not be revealed by you. "
"That's the incompetence of you Jedi. I don't work for the empire, I work for myself and my own gain. My only desire is to remove the Kerz-Tak family and your friends from the face of the planet and galaxy. And I will accomplish that.'"
"'Hmmm, do you remember what I said to you years back on this same planet?"
"Yes, but I didn't understand, so if you would be so wise tell me what it means."
"Na jinto kiuy, with pleasure. I said It only seems that what happens now, stays here. Life has a way of determining things for our future Xylonic, but I sense yours is as dark as the purest darkness that infests the galaxy. The Sith have their goals, as do the Jedi. The Force of both the light and the dark dwells within me. I curse you to die by by your own hand and actions, as the stain of true desires embodies your soul and destroys you completely."
"We shall see who is cursed and falls.....Kol!"
"I couldn't agree more. (blades ignite)" 
-Kol and Darth Xylonic during their duel

Kol duels Xylonic in their rematch on Dathomir in 12 BBY.

Around two months later, Aria and Arek got married in the Nightbrother village, with Kol bringing Aria up to the alter. Happily married, Aria and Arek told Kol and the rest of their Jedi compnaions that they planned to leave Dathomir and head to Naboo to live peacefully, where hopefully they could rasie a family soon. Saddened at first, Kol knew that it was for the best, and would be much more safer. Delighted at Kol's understanding, Arek thanked Kol, as he then said that he would lend them one of their ships so they could leave the planet. Kol smiled and said that he would help them pack all necessary and essential items for their exchange to Naboo. As the day ended, Aria and Arek stayed on the planet for one more night, as they planned their leave for the next day. While they slept, Kol went out and took a stroll on the dark night sky wondering what was gonna be in store for all of them as time

As night descends, Kol and Xylonic's duel intensifies.

passes by. The next day, Kol prepared to pack the final items in his ship for Aria and Arek. However, Kol quickly felt a disturbance in the Force, which was one he hadn't felt in a long time. Concerned on this Force presence, Kol dropped the items, and went running out, almost causing his fellow Jedi to drop what they were carrying. Starting his speeder, Kol went of to find the location of where the Force vibration was coming from. As soon as he reached the Crucible arena, a red ligthsaber came spinning straight towards Kol, who manged to duck in time, but treated as a boomerang, it struck his speeder, and the impact of the crash sent Kol flying, but he managed to land on his feet. Sensing that the Force presence he felt was close, Kol drew his blades out but didn't ignite them, knowing he had to be sure. From the fog surrounding the area, a being emerged from it with red blades ignited, and to Kol's surprise it was Darth Xylonic, the same young Sith Lord he fought years back during the Clone Wars. Upon seeing Xylonic, Kol had wondered on how he stayed alive for so long, to which Xylonic said that he had left Dathomir and went to another planet to prepare for his rematch against the newly-appointed Jedi Master, and that this time, he would die, including all his Jedi friends and family. Determined to beat the Sith Lord once and for all, Kol and Xylonic clashed their blades, startingtheir rematch, and continuing their previous unfinished duel. Fighting in the arena, Kol and Xylonic each clashed their blades with tremendous power, releasing ground-trembling Force waves  and shockwaves, due to their abilities increasing over the years, and attunement in the Force as well had increased (with both sides for Kol). As both dueled, numerous Force waves began to pulse from their blades as each strike became more powerful.

As Kol's dark side abilities began to glow around his blades and hand, Xylonic began to question what was happening, and would only find out with one hit. Kol swung his right blade across Xylonic's face, destroying it, thus leaving a scar across his face. Xylonic screamed in pain, as he was scarred. Having the bright light blind him, Xylonic tried to fight back, but was ineffective, as Kol swiped the blades of his hands. As Kol prepared to strike the final blow, from out of the blue, Xylonic unleashed a devastatingly powerful Force lightning, shocking not only Kol, but his companions as well, which sent him flying back towards them, only making the lightning more intense and painful, having all the Jedi scream as it tortured them. Slowly getting up, Kol only saw Xylonic leave away in his ship, and yet again vowing revenge, as Kol stated the same once the ship was out of sight. The two rivals in the Force would meet once again 142 years later. Following the duel, Kol and the remainder Jedi healed themselves, and returned to Kol's home. Aria and Arek would later leave after bidding farewell to their friends, and promised to meet some time again in the future.

Meeting Nala Takbar

"And who are you?"
"I am Nala Takbar. I am here to kill you."
"You can try, but you will fail at that."

-Kol and Nala's first meeting


Nala Takbar, Kol's romantic interest, who would later become his wife and mother of his children.

At some point in 9 BBY, Kol was captured by a Sith apprentice named Nala Takbur while investigating an abandoned Nightbrother village. Kol was knocked out by the Sith Acolyte and awoke a few hours later in an abandoned home with his hands bounded, as the young female held her blade ignited, the two simply stared at each other intensely without saying a word, before Kol asked her on who she was. After claiming he would not escape, Kol lunged at Nala and kicked her through the wooden door and broke his bonds with his lightsabers. Reigniting them Nala stood up and ignited her blades and charged at the Jedi, who simply deflected her attack, making her stumble to the floor.
"Tell me. Why do you slave apprentice yourself to the dark side."
"I am no slave Kol!"
"You act like one."

Taking his words, Nala viciously attacked Kol with overwhelming aggressiveness, uses her abilities to amplify her attacks, each getting stronger than the other. Amazed by her abilities, Kol amplified his own attacks to match hers, until completing overpowering her with a powerful Force Push that slammed her through a wall, as Kol went after her. Further enraged, Nala kept on throwing her attacks, with the exiled Jedi remaining calm, even upon her threats, he showed no sense of emotional stress or release, using what Shaak Ti had taught him during the Clone Wars. As Nala attempts to first kill Kol, later decisively turn him to the dark side failed, she found herself losing emotionally and physically, until Kol fully disarmed her of her lightsaber by smacking it of with his own blade, to then point it at her neck.

Victorious, Kol questioned Nala on why she was so scared, as to why she'd be scared of a simple Jedi in exile, but the Dark Jedi simply remained quiet, and couldn't find herself to answer. Seeing himself as not one to kill one the spot, Kol shut of his blade and told her she was free to go, but whether or not she succeeded her own mission, she would die by her own insanity, and proceeded to walk away, but was stopped when a surprisingly tearful Nala grabbed his robes. Turning around and getting on one knee, Kol grabbed her hand and asked her as to her reasons for crying, but her crying made her voice incoherent and hard to understand, but was calmed down by Kol when he touched her face, and remarked her as not being truly evil.

Still sensing her fear, Kol kept his calm, and learned then that Nala killed her own mother out of impulse, having felt abanadoned several times, despite the fact that that Natalie was on missions. Nala then revealed that she found herself enamored with the dark side of the Force, believing it to be her only way of salvation, but in fact had long strives to be a Jedi, and fully believed that Kol could helped her, but grew weary after attacking him.

Sensing her voice to be sincere, Kol extended his hand and told her he'd help her become a Jedi, for she was already well on her way, and had completed the first step, redemption. In tears, she jumped up to him and hugged him, with Kol responding with a hug as well, before knocking her out to relax her.

The Dark Jedi

"Tell me brother. Why didn't she kill you?"
She was scared of what would happen to her. Kiling her own mother triggered an unconscious fear."
"I guess your right about that."

-Kol and Clay on Nala

Marriage to Nala Takbur (6 BBY)

Around three years later, Kol and Nala would marry, after becoming romantically linked during her stay at his exiled home. The two would eventually garner three children.Death of a Master

"She was a great Jedi Master. She is now one with the Force."
-Kol after his former Master's death

A few years later, while training with Clay, Kol would feel the death of his first Jedi Master Shaak Ti, which brought a great weight on his heart. Kol was saddened by this, but would not sorrow, for he knew one shouldn't spent their life in sorrow. Kol went to Felucia where he encountered her Force-ghost telling him that she was alright and was now where she had to be. Kol thanked Shaak Ti for all that she did and said that the Jedi would soon return. Shaak Ti smiled and told Kol that he was right, for when the Jedi return once more, the galaxy will be at peace. Before he departed, Shaak Ti told Kol that since he, his friends and family survived, they have kept the order alive, and she was proud of that. Asking to continue her legacy, Kol promised his old Jedi Master that he would. Saying farewell, Kol left the planet, as Shaak Ti departed peacefully to the Netherworld of the Force. Nala comforted her husband, and told him that she lived her life.

Joining the Rebellion

"This rebellion is our only hope to bring back the Republic."
"Let's just hope we can recreate it."
-Kol and Nala upon joining

A few years later in 2 BBY, Kol, Clay, Katrina and Ashley, along with Nikita, now a Jedi Knight, became involved in their first war since the Clone Wars, which was the First Galactic Civil War, forcing them out of exile, with Nala fighting her first official war. It was this time when the Alliance to Restore the Republic was formed. Seeing that this could be the only chance of restoring the Republic and Jedi Order, they decided to join it, participating in several battles.

Years following the destruction of the Death Star II

The time of the Sith is now finally over, the Jedi have returned after years of battling, we have now returned to the galaxy.

-Kol reflecting on the return of the Jedi

After the destruction of the Second Death Star, Kol and Nala, along with their daughter and son wondered what would happen next, now knowing that Anakin Skywalker had brought balance to the Force after redeeming himself. Kol gave one final farewell to him before he departed with Obi-Wan and Yoda to the Netherworld of the Force. Reuniting with Luke, they conversed on the return of the Jedi, now glad that peace has returned, but had no idea on what to do next. However their wouldn't be peace for Kol, because he would be involved in another war, which would be on his homeworld of Dathomir. Kol knew that he couldn't abandon his native people, thus he returned to rescue them from it's ruling dictator Yihg Koa, his former Jedi apprentice driven insane by power.

Clone Encounter
"Who are you? What are you?"
"I am you Kol".
"That's impossible I am me, so how can you say that you are me."
"I am you, as you are me"
"What? Do you understand what he is saying sister?"
"No I don't, he's confusing me."
"Brothers, do you think he means that he is a clone?"
"Oh I see now. Wow, my mind has rusted away on what happened years ago. I forgot about clones after the Clone Wars.
"As did I Kol"
-Kol, and his siblings encounter a mysterious clone of Kol

Following a week after the destruction of the Death Star, Kol and his family settled down on Endor. Eventually, Kol had to go on several missions in the following months, as one mission was the Invasion of Bakura.

Civil War on Dathomir (4.5-5 ABY)
"This isn't my home world. I did not want it to be this way.
This is your home, Why do you reject it?
"I don't reject it, a world torn by war is no home at all."
-Kol and Yihg Koa before their duel

Kol departed for Dathomir under the fear of what would happen if he didn't arrived in time. He went to Dathomir accompanied by his wife and daughter. However, during this time the three, still took the time to train the newest member of their family which was Kol Kerz-Tak II, whose training began in 6 ABY. He found out about the war, when he recieved a message from one of his old friends, who was named Sacht Gil. Arriving on Dathomir, Kol saw the entire land was in flames and completely shrouded by darkness. Upon seeing his world partly destroyed, Kol was fueled with nothing but anger and hatred.

Visiting an Old Friend (6 ABY)

"Guys. I think it's time we visit our old Jedi friend Aria-Ortara Montari. We haven't seen her in years."
"You're right Kol. If I recall, she lives on Naboo."
"Yeah, she does. I'm amazed she survived.
-Kol makes plans to visit an old Jedi friend

One year after the Civil War on Dathomir ended, Kol had been able to restore the planet to it's original form, where after the war, many other life forms, mostly human came to live on the planet, since most of them admired Kol, and his Zabrak heritage. After seeing that Dathomir was alright, Kol left the planet and returned to Endor. should visit Aria Ortara-Montari. At this time Aria had already lived on Naboo for a few years with her Zabrak husband. Getting their two children, Kol and Ahsoka went to Naboo in the Cloaked Eagle. Aria was unaware of this, since she had no idea that Kol was coming and because since the Cloaked Eagle had been re-modified it's appearance was much more different than how it originally looked, after it was partly destroyed during the Battle of Endor. Landing a few miles from Aria's home, Kol and his family walked through the beautiful land of Naboo until they reached her house. Aria's husband quickly recognized Kol and his siblings, thus welcomed them into their home, including their children. Aria would be glad upon seeing her old Jedi friends once again after years apart due to several wars.

Later Adventures

Formation and creation of the New Jedi Order (11 ABY)

"Nothing can ever replace the old, but I am grateful that you created this place Luke Skywalker"
"So am I, now we can continue what couldn't be done years ago"
"Thank you Master Kol and Ahsoka Tano, we now begin with the new, the Jedi are now once more in the galaxy
-Kol ,Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker discussing about the formation of the New Jedi Order

Years later a time came, where it brought great joy to Kol and his family, due the fact that Luke Skywalker had now finally established the New Jedi Order. After receiving these news Kol now knew that the Jedi had officially returned. Just like Obi-wan told Luke, he told Kol, Ahsoka Tano, and Ahsoka Kerz-Tak, that they were no longer the old, they were now the new. Understanding this Kol would help Luke rebuild the Order, as to even making a Praxeum on Yavin 4. There Kol alongside his wife Ahsoka Tano, and with their new friend Luke Skywalker, they all took the role as the first masters of the order, while Kol's daughter was the second Jedi Knight, after Luke, who had been the first.

Grand Jedi Master Trials (12-15 ABY)

"A master, no longer you are Kol"
"Grand Jedi Master, you have become"
-Yoda to Kol

After the creation of the New Order in 11 BBY, in that same year, Yoda appeared to Kol, while he was training his daughter. Yoda told him that he was on the verge of become a Grand Jedi Master, but to achieve the title, he had to do a few trials. Doing so, Kol participated in the trails, which took three years. Then in 15 ABY, Kol was given the title of Grand Jedi Master, thus being the first Grand Master of the order, and also, the first of all Zabraks. While as Grand Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order, Kol became a Jedi Temple Guard, and would remain one until the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War, despite the fact he had fallen to the dark side, via spirit possession. Malek would however reject on becoming a Temple Guard once more, because he decided to pass it onto his son in 29 ABY.

A fallen apprentice

439px-Rapacious Malice

Flash's death at the hands of Alaya within the Kerz-Tak Jedi Temple on Dathomir

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY-29 ABY)

Start of the war

"I have fought in several wars. The biggest one I ever fought was the Clone Wars, and that was almost fifty-years ago. Incredible how long it's been. I have seen many things in my life, from the death of my parents, the redemption of my brother, balance restored to the Force which is what Luke Skywalker said. Peace doesn't last, nor does order. From the foundations of order.....chaos forms in the most unlikely of places."
-Kol reflecting his views on the Yuuzhan Vong threats
Prior to the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Kol trained several Jedi alongside Luke Skywalker. Recovering from a
239px-Unidentified Togruta 2 (Kadavo)

Nikita's bows before her master Kol after reuniting with him after being separated during the Civil War on Dathomir.

battle on Kiros, Kol was reunited with his old apprentice Nikita. Unknown to him, Nikita had grown strong in the Force and had even trained herself, although she was a Jedi Knight at the time of their separation. Nikita was glad upon seeing her old master, and her master's wife Ahsoka Tano. Nikta joined the New Republic and Jedi Order, where Kol granted her the title of Jedi Master. A few weeks after her rank, unknown to the Jedi and Republic, the distant world of Rhommamool Nom Anor faked his own death after rebellions stirred up. He was able to then cause and escalate conflict, to then get the Republic's attention to a new target. Around the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong began to attack and invade several planets easily, without no one to stop them. Sadly, the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Dathomir and slayed the Zabrak race. This hit Kol painfully, seeing that his entire race was decimated, onyl leaving him, his brother and sister as the primary survivors of the Zabrak genocide light years away. Packing into his Cloaked Eagle, Kol returned to Shili, where he told the the native Togruta to enter the ship, which they did after telling them of the Yuuzhan Vong. Several battles such as Second Battle of Borleias crippled the New Republic in great numbers. Many of the battles in which the Jedi fought in often benefited the Republic, but Kol felt that despite the help the Jedi gave, the Republic cared not, and only looked for victory. He also stated they they would not even thank the Jedi, due to the negative views enlisted upon them.

Time later, news came of other planets under attack. This just made the threat extend galaxy-wide, to then lead to a galaxy-wide war. This led to more invasions of the deadly Yuuzhan\n Vong, only seeing to re-create worlds in their image. Only a year settling into the war, on the moon Yavin 4, the Jedi Praxeum was assaulted by the Peace Brigade, resulting in retreat of the Jedi, as one of the Jedi there was Kol and Nikita, both escaping with barely their lives. This allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to consolidate their presence on the moon. Kol and Nikita were helped by Talon Karrde and Booster Terrik in escaping the Vong's clutches, along with other Knights and Padawans and were able to get into the Errant Venture and then the Shelter on the Maw the new home of the Jedi Academy. This battle resulted in the final destruction of Kol's ship the "Cloaked Eagle". During the war, Kol suffered many things, mostly when it began, due to the fact the the Yuuzhan Vong brought with them Coomb spore, which was a fatal disease to many, as it affected his daughter and wife. The cause of the war made Kol spent time away from his family, including cause the death of many of his Jedi apprentices, who were all executed. Kol's heart was put in a great weight, seeing his family suffer and dying, while his son fell into a coma after a crashing on Yuuzhan'tar, where he luckily survived. Kol grew a lot of hatred for the Vong, but chose not to take revenge. His views on life changed dramatically. Anti-Jediism in the Senate reached the peak that forced Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya to arrest warrants for Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Kol himself, and his family as well. Eventually, the arrest warrants were made clear, but was never done for it was used to turn down extreme proposals. At this point, both Kol and Luke, who were going through the same problems, discovered that the New Republic would no longer welcome Jedi. Also the Jedi Council suffered many setbacks and problems.

Leading the war effort

"This war seems far more dangerous than I expected."
-Kol reflecting on the war

Similar to Luke Skywalker, Kol served in the war as a General for the New Republic Navy. Despite his great tactics, Kol suffered heavy losses against the Vong who proved to be far more prepared, intelligent, and set. Kol was defeated several times in the war. His most notable loss was at First Battle of Coruscant, where he lost four of his warships, seven of his ten squadrons, two gunships and around four-fifths of his men, combined with space and on Coruscant. Having heavy losses, Kol was close to death in almost every battle, even when aiding his fellow Jedi. Kol was however pretty much an isolator, therefore he did not know the Han Solo Jedi members who were Jania Solo, Jacen Solo, and Anakin Solo. Kol would fight alongside them, helping them. The first time he met Jania Solo, he was fighting during the Battle of Hapes. After this encounter, Kol became a close friend of the Solo family. During the war, Kol was injured several times, where one time he had to be pulled out of the wreckage by Jania Solo and his wife Nala, while his daughter piloted the ship in order to take him to a medical station. Kol was always grateful for the help he had, and eventually knew that this war was most likely one that has tested him.

Rebuilding New Republic and New Jedi Order

"Sith and Jedi councils, are both used for similar reasons, but have different views."
-Kol Kerz-Tak

While Kol mostly focused on certain problems affecting the Jedi, Luke was face withy the attempt of rebuilding the Council to it's orginal standards.

Following the fall of Coruscant, now known as Yuuzhan'tar, under Yuuzhan Vong rule, Kol set out with Luke Skywalker to rebuild the Council. After discovering that Cal Omas was elected Chief of State of the New Republic, they formed High Council, which included both Jedi representatives and members of the New Republic government. Kol was part of the New Council. Kol eventually had strong views against politics where a problem occurred in which involved the Alpha Red, which was said that it could destroy the entire Yuuzhan Vong life form. Kol however believed even though they were an enemy, destroying an entire species would be genocide, thus would achieve victory, but to a reason that makes no sense. He was criticized often the New Republic representatives, to which he simply responded by Force Choking in anger, but was stopped by Luke who told him to control his feelings and not let the problems hurting his family, affect him in ways to hurt others. However, Alpha Red would never work because it was sabotaged by Vergere, an Old Republic Jedi, who had already allied himself with the Yuuzhan Vong.

After a failed attempt, Kol returned to Endor to check on his family, who were out for almost a year. Upon arriving, Kol saw that his wife and daughter were up and about, to the fact they had just recovered from the disease.His son had even just awoken from his coma. was still missing in action, along with Katrina, while Nikita was just arriving from a lost battle. Kol was greeted by his family saying their were all right, which he would only smile. Kol would inform them on what was happening and how dangerous the war was, to which left them all shocked.

Encounter with a former apprentice (27 ABY)

"So Pol, you have returned, or should I say the so called Darth Poison."
"I see you remember me, Master Kol. You are still a Jedi, pathetic."
"I won't let you hurt my family my old apprentice. Ten years ago, you almost killed my wife and daughter. Still it is incredible how you lost to my son, and he is just two years younger than you. Although my bloodline seems to enhance the ability of learning rather quickly."
"That is why I hate you Kerz-Tak's! I should have that power, not you filthy Zabraks."
-Kol and his former Jedi apprentice Darth Poison

In the year of 27 ABY, Kol would return to battle after taking a leave of absence, which was rather risky, but the Council agreed, due to his family, and other personal problems. Upon his return, Kol returned with a crushing victory on an uncharted planet, where the Yuuzhan Vong were ultimately devestated in losses of warriors and in warships, crusiers and fighters. However, in one mission Kol stayed behind in order to watch a hidden Jedi Temple on Kashyyyk. Kol while meditating, instantly sesned a presence he hadn't felt in almost ten years. As it grew stronger, Kol was able to discover that it was Pol Kul-Dir, a fallen Jedi Padawan who was now a Dark Lord of the Sith, stated by himself. As the Sith Lord enter, Kol introduced the Sith Lord, knowing who he was already. Kol was unaware that his daughter was returning from a recent battle, light years away. Thinking he was paying attention, Poison attacked Kol who would quickly draw up his blades in defense. Kol eventually feared Poison, for what he planned to do. Kol would unexpectedly duel the self proclaimed Sith Lord within the hals Temple. The duel was however short and interrupted by Republic troops who came to aid the Grand Jedi Master. Poison, not wanting to get caught, unleashed a powerful Force Push, which sent Kol and his troops to the ground, giving him time to escape. Kol however vowed to stop Poison, even if it killed him.

Fall into coma (28 ABY-38 ABY)

In 28 ABY, Kol went on a rescue mission to save his brother Clay and sister Katrina after recieving a transmission from the two, who were held captive by the Yuuzhan Vong. While heading to the uncharted planet, Kol recieved another message from his old Jedi companion, Aria Ortara-Montari and her husband Arek. They told him of what was happening and that they were cornered on the planet, in need of his help. Arriving on the planet, Kol encountered many Yuuzhan Vong warriors, where he killed several of them. He instantly felt Aria's presence, and used the Force to lift two heavy boulders and threw them at incoming Yuuzhan Vong ship's, destroying them. After lifting the boulders, Kol saw his brother and sister chained up with Aria and Arek, to which Clay and Katrina were knocked out, seemingly because of a blow to the head. Unaware of the final remaining warrior, Kol was unexpectedly pierced by a poisoned spear through his abdomen, incapacitating him. Clay and Katrina awoke, and only saw Kol collapse as the warrior walked toward Kol with another spear in and a amphistaff in another. Willing to defend her brother, using the Force, Katrina pulled her brother's blade, ignited it, and threw at the chest of the Yuuzhan Vong, killing him instantly. Breaking free of their bonds, Clay removed the spear and picked up his brother, who was now unconscious, and was having diffculty breathing. After the four Jedi arrived back on Endor, they took Kol to a medical station where a medical droid examined him. While waiting, his friends and family hoped that he was alright, but would only hear the worst. The droid would reveal to the Jedi that Kol was in a coma, and that his vital signs were extremely low, because not only did he have poison in his body, Kol was also infested with the Coomb spore, which made it worse for him. As his critical state now put his life on the brink of death.

Peace Pursuit

"Ever since the Clone Wars, I had hoped for a time of peace, but it has never been fulfilled"
-Kol during the Swarm War (38 ABY)


"I have finally awakened. Heh, I would've thought that there would be no war. Looks like I was wrong. I sense my family is in trouble, also my friends. I wonder if this was consistent during my years in a coma. Only they know."
-Kol after awakening from his coma

In the year of 38 ABY, Kol's family were still decimated at him being in a coma, since it had already been ten years since he fell into it. Kol would eventually get his hearing back before he awoke. A few minutes after his family left, after visting him, a medical droid examined Kol to test his vital signs and was surprised at the readings, but couldn't advise his family because they had left on a mission. In that instant, Kol awoke and sat up quickly. Ordering the droid to let him go, the droid told him he had to do one more test, which would be completed, after almost an hour of waiting. After receiving his final test, Kol told the droid to send the Jedi Council a message, to which the droid would do. Kol then left the medical station and went to one of the ships that were stationed around the area, since he sensed that his companions were in trouble, and hurried to aid them. Noticing his ship was damaged from a previous confrontation, he took another ship that was stationed close to it. Keeping his presence unnoticed and cloaked, Kol landed on the planet of Vanqor, where his wife and children and apprentice Nikita were being held hostage by bounty hunters. Cloaking himself with the force, Kol would sneak into the base of the bounty hunters where he silently killed of several of the leaders henchmen by simply choking them with the Force. Revealing himself, Kol confronted the hunters and eventually killed them by deflecting each of their blasts. After breaking their bonds, Kol's daughter jumped up in cheers, glad that her father was ok, as his wife was glad as well. Receiving praise from his family, Kol told them that they should celebrate this moment for now, because he remained prone to the war circling the galaxy, which was the Swarm War.

A new war (Swarm War)

Kol didn't officially participate in this particular war, due to his coma. Kol awoke in the final stages of the war, where he fought as a pilot in space leading other soldiers in taking out the enemies from above, while the rest fought on planets, aiding some colonies who were threatened to attacks by the enemy. Kol however knew peace had not yet been fulfilled.

Second Galactic Civil War

"A new war, another war. I'm serious, these wars are coming up to often."
-Kol Kerz-Tak to his wife, daughter and sons

Dark times arising

"I sense a disturbance in the Force. One I haven't sense since the time of Palpatine and Vader. This is a power unlike no other.
-Kol to the Jedi High Council

Mara Jade Skywalker, wife of Luke Skywalker, and close friend and Jedi companion of Kol.

During the initial start of the year of 40 ABY, Kol started to have unusual visions which seemed to relate on an upcoming war, that would threaten the galaxy and the Jedi once more. Unaware to the Council, Kol and his family had kept hidden a fallen Jedi, and the fact that he was an apprentice of Ahsoka Kerz-Tak II. Due to the power he had, they feared on what could happen. After confronting his former apprentice during the Yuuzhan Vong War, Kol worried a lot for his family, especially for his daughter who had a strong weakness, thus had the ability to getting captured, similar to her mom, who was captured several times during the Clone Wars. Kol also sensed future deaths of the most known Jedi in galaxy, as such were Mara Jade Skywalker, including his own brother Clay. Kol had hoped that these visions would not occur, but he knew that it wasn't for him to decide, for it was the will of the Force, and choices others make. Nevertheless, Kol and his family and friends prepared themselves for the new war.

A new Sith Lord


Death of a brother


The Ending

"War has it's benefits, to which belongs to the enemy. However at the same time, we benefit as much as the enemy. Both sides seek one major goal. Victory and control. If I say this, I will mean it, this is the last time I fight for the New Republic.
-Kol during the Battle of Kashyyyk

After the deaths of Jedi Masters Mara Jade Skywalker and Clay Kerz-Tak, the Jedi Order suffered a big loss in it's council with Kol's departure. Despite his actions, Kol remained with the Order and continued to fight in the war. With the rise of Jacen Solo as the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Caedus, the war only became more intense, as it led conflict within both the Jedi Coalition and the Galactic Alliance. Kol eventually made few appearances in this war, since he was consistently followed by several bounty hunters sent by Caedus to capture him and lure him to the dark side. Spending many months in hiding, Kol reappeared during the Battle of Kashyyyk, where he killed the four bounty hunters who were seeked out. After this Kol, was able to remain for the remainder of the war, however, little is known about what he did, after several records were destroyed when Darth Kryat took control of Coruscant during his One Sith reign. Although it is known he fought in several of the remaining battles, and helped lead a pathway to victory.

Kol himself was strongly disappointed at how the Jedi were now being treated by the Galactic Alliance who now seemed to think less of the Jedi's participation in the war, their role, and what they did to keep the innocent safe. As the war came to an end, following the death of Darth Caedus, Kol gained mass media attention, as so did his family. At this point anti-Jedi sentiment began to grow and expand. Kol began to wonder if the Jedi were no longer welcome or appreciated after thousands of years of aiding the Republic during several wars. Unknown to him at this time, the Jedi were now no longer welcome in what was the Republic.

Forced into exile (43 ABY-130 ABY)

"Out of all the dastradly things that the Republic has done throughout history, this was the worst mistake that they have ever made. No matter, if they don't need us, then we don't need them."
-Kol to several Jedi Masters, Knights and Padawans

In the year of 43 ABY, Kol suspicions on what many planned to do to the Jedi came true. After witnessing Luke Skywalker's trail from afar, Kol went into hiding with certain members of the Jedi Order, although it would not last. Two months after the trial, Kol and his family were arrested, for treason against the New Republic in 18 ABY, which Kol claimed were false accusations. However, wanting to avoid another trail, and a costly one, Chief of State Natasi Daala ordered forced the Kerz-Tak family into exile, and they had no other choice. Accepting their exile, Kol would venture with his family and some apprentices who joined him, including Nikita Keil, who was now a Jedi Master, to a planet where he would meet an old friend. Somewhere around 120 ABY, Kol's younger sister Katrina was killed by a Sith assassin, but before her life force completely left, she became one with the Force and joined her oldest brother in the Netherworld. Twenty years later, her second oldest brother Kol died, and was reunited with him, which marked the end of the original Kerz-Tak sibling lineage, as their descendants continued the family legacy in their stead.

Rejoining the Guards

"The Republic does surprise me in a way. Although, not much, for most of their plans and desires are easy to see, and are very clear. After this moment, I think I will go visit an old freind, one whom I haven't seen in a long time. Her name is Deborrah. An ancient ally of my family.
-Kol to his family and some apprentices

After being forced into exile by Natasi Daala who was Chief of State of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, alongside with his Jedi companions and family, Kol traveled to the planet of Taris, where he met his old time friend and ally Deborrah, one whom he hasn't seen in almost 60 years.Upon arrival, Kol was instantly greeted by Deborrah who was in tears, as Kol would then only look up to see a planet completely decimated, by what was a war. Sensing the sadness, anger, hate and death on the planet, Kol ordered his son and daughter to go to the south part of the Lower City, as Nikita to go to the west of Middle City, and told Saul to order his men up for an incoming enemy. Although Kol would fight in one of the longest wars ever, Kol also had to deal with a dark side entity called Abeloth.

Lost Tribe of the Sith Encounter(43 ABY)

"This is true. The Sith are not always extinct, even in the most peaceful of times, although there is never a peaceful time."
-Kol to Nikita

Some time after arriving to Taris, Kol left with Nikita after recieving a wierd signal. Telling Deborrah he would be back, Debra lended him her ship, which he took to the planet of Kesh. Arriving on the planet, Kol and Nikita were surrounded by several Sith warriors. Amongst the Sith warriors was Vestara Khai, a Sith apprentice and the daughter of Sith Saber Gavar Khai. The two Sith warriors examined the two Jedi Masters, and questioned them on what they were doing on their planet. Nikita prepared to draw her blade, but Kol told her not to, for this was a mistake Ahsoka (wife) had done on Korriban in 20 ABY. As even his daughter had done the same  in 30 ABY. Nikita, following Kol's words put her lightsaber away. Despite this, a Sith warrior ran and attacked Kol, but he simply took down the warrior by disarming him, and unleashing a barrage of kicks and punches. As more warriors came to aid their "defeated brothers", Kol and Nikita had no choice but to draw their blades out in defense. Killing of a few of the tribe's warriors, the leader Gavar Khai told them to stop, which they did. Shutting of his blades, Kol told Nikita to stand firm, and to stay open in case anything happened, but Gavar just wanted to talk to Kol. Kol had no intention of talking to the Sith warrior, but seeing no other option, Kol conversed with Gavar, only to discover that a threat gloomed across the horizon, which threatened both sides of the force.

Death of Abeloth
"Now I die, but i will live on in your body Kol."
"I don't think so Abeloth. Your end has come but by these few Jedi. Nevermore you are to trouble us. You were a threat to both Jedi and Sith alike. Even though we are different sides, both sides are needed in order for there to be a clear understanding of the light and dark."
-Kol's last words to Abeloth

Not much is known about the battle with Abeloth, due to the fact that several pieces of information had locked away from Galactic history, which were then revealed to have been destroyed upon the rise Darth Krayt, which was during a Sith attack. It is known that Kol fought Abeloth, alongside his wife Ahsoka Tano, and their children, including Kol'd old apprentice Nika Keil, and with Grand Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and a short alliance with the Lost Tribe of the Sith. It is known that Kol aided his Sith allies in this fight, much to his regret in doing so, despite the fact that the exiled Jedi had no choice. However the two contradicting sides of the Force were able to defeat Abeloth, and ended a threat which had the potential to harm the galaxy and even the light side and dark side of the Force.

Imperial Wars (43 ABY-55 ABY)
"A new war, more deaths, more destruction. Fighting a war seems to become a hobby of mine."
"Yes Kol, it has. But you and your wife be careful. This mysterious so-called Sith Empire has become a lethal threat."
Kol to Deborrah

In 43 ABY, Kol became invovled in another war. Instantly named Second High General of the Taris Imperial Navy, Malek led his troops and few Jedi who joined him into his longest war ever.

Dangerous alliances

"Throughout my life I have had several alliances, every single one of them good, but I never thought I would have one with the other side. It hurts me, but it had to be done. No matter how history sees me and my family, I hope they understand"
-Grand Jedi Master Kol Kerz-Tak
Rise of Darth Kryat

In 130 ABY, Kol was meditating alongside his daughter, sons, Jedi Master Nikita Keil and Aria Ortara-Montari, where they all ended up seeing a vision of Darth Krayt, where they saw what was happening to the galaxy. Through these visions, they all questioned whether or not they should fight, but decided not to, but were drawn after groups of several Sith Acolytes serving the Sith Lord began hunting them, leading to a five-year battle with numerous acolytes, that resulted in the deaths of several Jedi Padawans and Knights from Taris, who had decided to aid the Kerz-Taks.

Death of a son (125 ABY)

=====Taris Civil War (130 ABY- 135 ABY)

Final Duel with Xylonic (136 ABY)
Fall of the One Sith (138 ABY)

Final exile and death (138 ABY-140 ABY)

"Dear Sandy Kerz-Tak, I am sorry that i couldn't say good bye properly. My time has now come. Take good care and watch over your family as we both did to you and your brothers. I depart now, and hope to see you again. Remember, I may join your mother know, but we will always watch over you, just like she promised years ago. With love: Your father, Kol Kerz-Tak. Also say goodbye to Deborrah for me."
-Kol leaving a farewell note to his daughter and Deborrah, minutes before his death

After the fall of Darth Krayt's rule and dominance of his empire, Kol, his daughter, sister, and few Jedi companions, like Aria, all went into exile for the final time. Stationing themselves on Taris, Kol would serve his old ally and friend Darth Deborrah alongside his family and friends. Through his two remaining years they fought against several enemies, and other Sith empires who seeked to kill and destroy Deborrah. These plans failed since Kol led his armies successfully, as a High General in Saul's Navy. Years of peace and wars would mark Kol's legacy as one of the greatest Jedi in history, although he had some of the most craziest allies in his later & final years of his life. History remembered him as the best and one of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history, which was said similarly to Yoda, which went on to be the same for his wife Nala Kerz-Tak, his brother Clay Kerz-Tak, and later his daughter, while his son was seen as one of the most reowned, powerful and legendary Jedi Knights in history, although around 10 years after the death of Kol's son, he was given the rank of Jedi Master. Later on in 140 ABY, Kol passed away in his sleep. His death brought a big deal of sadness to Deborrah and the Jedi living on the planet, which included the new headquarters of the Jedi Order, and Jedi High Council. Given a Jedi funeral, Kol became one with the Force, but denied it's will, and became Force ghosts and joined his friends and family in the Netherworld of the Force. Many of his friends were from the Clone Wars, and time after it. Reuniting with his wife, Nala remarked on how she prayed for the day they would reunite, as he said the same. Even after their death, they still visited their daughter, and Jedi friends. Following his death, Kol's rank of High General of the Taris Imperial Navy was passed on to his daughter.

"To my dear and close friend Deborrah. I have lived my life as best I could, keeping myself strong within the light and that of the Jedi way. Although you may side with the Sith, it mattered not. You were and have always been a close friend off my family, even after they turned to the Jedi way. My wife Nala was glad to have met you, calling you her sister-figure. We both leave you with great fondness in our hearts. Thanks to you, we created the Jedi/Sith Order, an order made of both light and dark set to fight the darkest of Sith Lords and that of the most evil entities. I know you will continue leading it in my stead. To you, I leave you my Dahgee lightsabers, the blades passed down in my family for more than five hundred years. Lock them away in the deepest part of your castle in the chest I have given you. Time will come when they will be used again, and I trust you in that. Until now, lock them away and make sure you are the only one who knows it. Until we meet again, your closest friend and ally....Kol Kerz-Tak."
-A message left by Kol to Deborrah shortly after his death


"A great Jedi Master. There will never be another one like him. A good man, and honorable Jedi. That the type of Jedi my father was, as was my mom.
-Ahsoka Kerz-Tak II to several members of the Kerz-Tak family, and several other Jedi

Kol left a strong legacy following his death, to which he would be marked as a legend. Marked as one of the most powerful Jedi Masters in history, Kol became the most known and prominent Jedi in galactic history, alongsidemany members of his family, and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Known for his legendary tactics on the field, and skills with both the lightsaber and the Force and in unarmed combat, he became a giant influence for later Jedi, even while he was living. Kol proved to be one who wasn't willing to give up, which many of his apprentices would adopt as a personality. In life, Kol began a legacy, prior to the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War, to which his reputation as a Jedi expanded to the Yuuzhan Vong spieces themselves, who hoped to lure him on their side.

By the year of 101 ABY, Kol was seen as one of the most legendary Jedi to have ever lived, as the most popular. As several years passed, and more Kerz-Taks were born, Kol's family became his legacy as they seeked to continue what he had left in the galaxy.

Kol's blades were wielded by his great-great-great-great grandson Lok Kerz-Tak, who descended from his son's side, whilst his Jedi champion blade was wielded by his great-great-great-great granddaughter who descended from his daughter's side of the family. Some time after his death, his close friends Deborrah and Saul named a Nebula-class cruiser after him and his wife. The name of the ship became known as the Kerz-Tak Takbar, which reflected on their names during the Clone Wars. Kol's twin Dahgee Jedi lightsabers were put in a safe, along with his wife Nala's lightsabers, which was located deep within the castle walls of Deborrah. The blades were set as to never be used again, for over the years the energy life force of both Kol and Nala became embedded into their blades, thus were the only one's who could initially use and wield them, besides other Kerz-Tak members, however it is unknown if other Kerz-Tak members had possession of the blades. However, due to the immense power of the two Jedi, the blades became difficult to wield, which set the reason as to why the four blades of both Jedi Masters were to remain locked forever. Deborrah, holds the blades in high regard as a memory to her two greatest friends, and allies. Also she saw the two as family, and was glad when she was welcomed as a prominent family member of the Kerz-Tak's under both Kol and Nala's word, which occurred a week prior to their deaths.

Around one hundred years after his death, a statue was erected in his memory, along with Nala. Their daughter was still alive at this time, but had long since retired from the front lines as general, yet stayed to teach others the Jedi way. Unlike the death of her parents, Sandy died during a dinner feast with Deborrah, Saul and other Jedi, celebrating Kol's and Ahsoka's life, which marked their 288th birthday (Kol), and 267 birthday (Nala). Sandy's death was first a mystery, but a doctor of Deborrah examined the dead Jedi and revealed that she had died of a heart attack, due to the amount of stress she had in her life as a Jedi, fighting wars, starting a family, and taking her father's role as High General for the Taris Imperial Navy. She was then able to join her parents in the Netherworld of the Force. A few years later, both Kerz-Tak brothers Kol II and Kai died, and joined their family in the Hetherworld. Kol's legacy ended up making him a legend a century after his death. Also, Kol was remembered for having the most powerful legacy and family in history. Surprisingly, even Sith Lord's paid homeage to Kol, one of which left the Jedi shocked. Several Sith Lords who succeeded Darth Kryat in the following years showed respect for the late Jedi Master, including Sith Acolytes who worshiped his Sith ancestors as deities, something that not only bothered the Jedi ancestors, but Kerz-Tak Sith ancestors as well. Even later family members who decided to serve the dark side held Kol in high regard, and showed respect towards their ancestor.

While Kol's family lived on, he frequented visits with the Sith spirits of his ancestors, and while the talks were never violent, Kol found himself at odds with them, yet eventually, he thanked them nevertheless for constructing his family.

Even after death, Kol frequently appeared to Deborrah and Saul, aiding them in their time of need, such as providing advice, and war strategies. He even visited his descendants who had decided to embrace the dark side of the Force that dwelled within their bodies, and while he neither pleaded, or asked them to join the light side, Kol only demanded that they not tarnish the Kerz-Tak family name, for if they did, their own family would hunt them down and kill them, and such Sith descendants listened to their ancestor, holding him in high regard and respect.

Personality and traits

"The Jedi are protectors of the peace. Sadly, those facts are no longer true. What we Jedi strived for has now been turned against us. We were unwillingly manipulated into fighting this war under orders from the now Darth Sidious, who we saw as Chancellor Palpatine. Everything we kept as a tradition, everything sacred is now shattered and tainted. We may be Jedi, but we are no longer the Jedi we thought we were.
-Kol Kerz-Tak shortly after Order 66

Grand Jedi Master Kol Kerz-Tak was respected not only amongst his allies, but also his enemies.

Unlike most Jedi, and somewhat similar to Ahsoka Tano and Anakin, Kol was highly aggressive and anger prone, which became a worrisome tendency during the final year of the Clone Wars, since his aggressiveness became much more violent. Many times when engaging enemies in combat Kol talked down on them, especially when it came to dark side-users, dubbing them as weak, and an infection in life, to which Kol cared not if he provoked them. Kol's attitude came from that of his great-great grandfather (although almost every single member was anger prone), and when he worked alongside Anakin Skywalker. Since he had a tendency to get angry, Ahsoka nicknamed him "Temper", in which several masters of the Order would address him as. Kol hated the fact that both Ahsoka and Anakin were sometimes reckless, and many times addressed them saying that even though being reckless got the job done, it was very costly, and even though they had the ability to survive, it didn't mean that would always be the outcome. Despiute having an agressive attitude, Kol never charged in on battle as he always used strategy and studided the battlefield for potential traps. Even at a young age, Kol spoke down on those older than him, even Count Dooku, when he was held hostage by the Sith Lord in 19 BBY. Seen certain times, whenever Kol was heavily provoked he would inflict massive pain and torture on his enemies, showing his sadistic side, which often got him into trouble, although he was caught only twice out of the severl times he did it. Aside from this, he enjoyed teaching various Younglings in the ways of the Force, before Order 66, and also in exile where he taught Zabrak and Togruta younglings alongside Ahsoka Tano, who would become his wife.

Despite these traits Kol was a respectful, selfless, honorable and helpful Jedi. Kol was also highly sarcastic, and taunted him enemies with sarcasm, seen on Grievous the most. When it came to the safety of his Clone troopers, Kol was willing to give up his life for them, and defend them from certain enemies. Kol cared a great deal for the clones under his command, where he developed a brother-type relationship between them. Kol was good friends with Captain Fixz, Captain Rex, and Commander Cody. Kol also was willing to give his life to save his master Shaak Ti during a mission, which resulted in Kol having a serious injury. Kol eventually developed several relationships with many of his masters. With Master Mace Windu, he developed a Master-apprentice relationship, as was the same with Plo Koon, whilst with Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli, and Shaak Ti, Kol develped a mother-son relationship between the two. In his master years, Kol attitude changed, where he was more serious in certain aspects, was more wise, but was still one with a kind, good heart. Despite the fact that Kol made himself an honorable Jedi, Kol felt that the Jedi were no longer truthful to themselves, as even to the citizens of the Republic. Kol believed that many of those who claimed themselves Jedi weren't Jedi at all, for they were corrupting the Order within in order to make a army of Force-sensitives, completely attuned to the dark side of the Force. Kol himself failed to sense the appearance of Darth Sidious, which then unfortunately led to the fall of the Republic, and rise of the Galactic Empire, which was similar to several Jedi of the Council and the same to many foretold prophecies. Kol also had a compassionate side which he only showed around his clone troopers, family and Jedi friends and apprentices. Kol himself showed a strong bond with his first apprentice Nikita Keil, who in time, became one of the most recognizable Togruta Jedi Masters of the New Order. Upon her death at the hands of Darth Xylonic in 136 ABY, Kol was greatly distressed, but was the one who helped her accept her death, deeming her as one of his best friends, and the first daughter-like figure he ever had, beng glad to have mentored her, thus Nikita became one of the Force.

Kol was also gifted in the ability of being able to speak in many languages like Huttese, Ithorese, Genosian, Catharese, Kreva, Twi'leki, and his native language Zabraki and also Paecean. Kol was also able to speak the native language of his wife Ahsoka Tano which was Togruti. He also spoke the Kel Dor language, which was known as Kel Dorian. Kol respected every form of life, just like Yoda. Kol took time to help the poor on the streets as well, helping them get jobs and many more things in life, including teaching them the ways of the Force. Kol even enjoyed training various younglings no matter how much there were. Whenever they asked, he said he would train them. Aside from anger problems, Kol was very sarcastic, which was often how he taunted many of his opponents and adversaries such as Asajj Ventress and General Grievous, thus also including powerful Sith Lords. During the Clone Wars, Kol was very close friends with Captain Fixz, and all of his troopers from the 152nd Legion, but when Order 66 was issued, this friendship with the clone troopers almost led to his death. Kol was also friends with every Jedi Master of the High Council at the time of the Clone Wars, whose tutelage from each of them helped him become what he had promised his parents.

However unlike his kin, Kol never fully held an alliance to the Nightbrothers, just like his father, and his mother, who barely held to the Nightsisters. He and his family never lived in the Nightbrother village, thus kept a very long distance from the area. Kol lived on the far south side of Dathomir, until 21 BBY, which would be when he left the planet to join the Jedi Order, like his parents before him. He also respected the Witches of Dathomir and the Nightsister clan, as respected their aspects and ways of life, though he never affiliated himself with them, due to the fact that his mother was a former one. However, during his exile Kol joined the Nightbrothers along with his brother.

Another known fact is that Kol never trusted Palpatine, and was against the fact that Anakin was being to close with the Chancellor. At one Kol talked with Palpatine hoping that he could end the war without using clones lives, who were living beings like him. The Chancellor said that he wouldn't for it's the only way to defeat the Separatists, and that Kol himself was just a child who knew nothing about the war due to his late entry. His hatred towards Sidious almost led him to being attacked by Lord Sidious himself, shortly before Order 66 was initiated.

Powers and Abilities

"Even after spening ten years in a coma, he was the same man as he was before. He retained his abilities and made it look easy. It's like he never forget."
"That's because I kept myself within the Force during coma. Also, one never forgets what they learned.
-An unidentified Jedi Knight and Grand Jedi Master Kol Kerz-Tak
Unlike other, or most Jedi, Kol was the only Jedi known to date, besides his ancestry, or entire family in general, to have fully possessed abilities in both the light side and dark side of the Force, having been born with it, through his Sith and Jedi bloodlines.
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Kol alongside his master Shaak Ti, accompanied by Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli, Plo Koon, and Obi-wan Kenobi, including Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano

Kol was a powerful Force-potential Zabrak and showed a great amount of strength in it. In comparison to his Force abilities, Kol was a formidable lightsaber duellist showing skill in a saber staff, dual-wielding, a single blade, and the Shien reverse grip. One Force skill where he showed great power in was Force Lightning, which could kill a target upon impact, or he would use it to stun his enemies. His blade work was difficult to defend from, which made his attacks unpredictable. He had a similar combat technique to both Galen Marek and his clone Starkiller in which he was also able to utilize an advancement in Telekinetic lightsaber combat techniques, which were thrown out in a rage of fury with lightning arcs which killed multiple opponents. He was also able to chain his attacks with Force based attacks such as Force Lighting and Force Crush. Two abilities he created that were unpredictable and impossible to stop was Force Shadow and Force Time which he used to his advantage in a duel against any Dark Force-user which had the intention of killing him and his family. Kol knew every ability known to the light side of the Force and they were Alter Environment, Animal friendship, Battlemind, Beam of light, Combustion, Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Droid Disable, Electric Judgment, Force blinding, Force Enlightenment, Force healing, Force light, Force Meld, Force persuasion, Force projection, Force Stun, Force Stasis, Force Valor, Hibernation Trance, Malacia, Mind trick, Morichro, Plant Surge, Protection bubble, Ray, Revitalize, Sever Force, Wall Of Light and Tutaminis. Kol also had one similarity to Jedi

In his youth, Kol proved to be an exceptional and formidable lightsaber duelist.

Master Luminara Unduli which was having extreme flexibility in which he could easily twist to evade almost any attack that he did not block with his purple lightsaber. Luminara was also Kol's master at one point towards the final months of the war. He also knew many Sith abilities, asides from his well-known Force lightning, he knew Force stealth, Force drain, Force Destruction, Force phantom, Force Slow and Deadly Sight, Force Light including Force corrupt. Kol also learned the ability of shape-shift where he could turn into a dragon. He learned this ability when he was just a child. His martial arts ability was similar to Krismo Sodi, except Kol was a highly advanced master at it, yet he showed respect towards Krismo. Kol also had the ability to stop lightsaber attacks with his bare hands from his enemies, thus could also force it back into the hilt. Kol demonstrated this ability against his older brother Clay. In his second duel with Clay, where he demonstrated the ability, Kol had put his blades away, and grabbed the sabers of Clay from it's blade, and thus forced them back into its hilt, just like the Father. Alongside with it, he could shut of his enemies blades without touching them, similar to the Son, Kol would demonstrate this ability frequently. Kol could even transport himself from one place to another in a matter of seconds without even moving. This was also similar to the Father. With Force Lightning, Kol could grip the ability from his hand, thus allowing him to make a whip. Kol's danger sense was what helped him survive during the YuuZhan Vong War. Due to his strong connection to the Force, Kol was prone to easily feeling strong distrubances in the Force, such as he would classify as wounds. At the end of his life, Kol was made as one of the most powerful Zabrak Jedi in Republic & Jedi history, which made him the most prominent Zabrak in galactic history. Because of Kol's attunement in the Force, he was able to retain his skills and abilities in the use of a lightsaber, the Force and martial arts abilities, even after being in a coma for little more than a decade. Many believed that because of his strength in the Force, his body aligned himself with everything he knew, but Kol responded that the reason he retained his abilities to the original level was because one never forgets and he kept his body in line with the Force while in a coma.

Lightsaber techniques and training

"He is very young, and yet, his skillswith a blade are beyond that of normality. He is highly advanced in his abilities."
- Shaak Ti commenting on Kol's abilities and skills
Kol was very skilled in lightsaber combat since a very young age, even demonstrating skills beyond that of a Padawan and Jedi Knight. Though a Jedi Knight, he was more skilled than an ordinary Jedi Knight, thus making him the

Jedi Master Shaak Ti, Kol's third Jedi Master who finished his training in the Ataru

strongest Jedi Knight of that time, but a little equal to Anakin. Kol was highly mastered in all forms of lightsaber combat. Whenever he used Form V (Shien and Djem So), Kol wielded his blade(s) in an unorthodox reverse grip form, something he also did when fighting in the use of the Jar'Kai, as both lightsaber styles were his main form of combat, and often had a tendency to switch between all seven forms of lightsaber combat, often throwing his enemies of guard, and showed little effort in switching, something he had mastered following the initiation of Order 66 in 19 BBY, and applied to his fighting style for his entire life, until his death in 140 ABY. Kol's mastery of Form I, Form II, Form III, Form IV, Form V, Form VI and Form VII showed that he was one of the best swordsmen of the Old and New Jedi Orders, even placed as the best duelist in his own family. He mixed his Juyo form with his mastery of Kel Dor martial arts. His usage of double-bladed lightsaber (Also known as a saber staff) were difficult and almost impossible to defend from by his low stike swipes. The form of the Ataru taught to him first by his mother would be completed by Master Shaak Ti, which he used with a single blade or dual-wielding, which he grew to learn very quickly. His quick mastery of the Makashi and Ataru forms by his timing as a Jedi Knight proved to show that later in life he would fully master these lightsaber forms. In addition Kol applied some of the Ataru acrobatic moves, which made him hard to defeat. His most known form of lightsaber combat was the Jar'Kai. Kol's acrobatic feats invovled in lightsaber combat signified his advanced skills, and granted him the upper hand several times. He honed

Kol trains with his fifth master Luminara Unduli in the Soresu form, while combining it with the Jar'Kai.

incredible abilities with his lightsaber attacks and defenses. Kol had an impenetrable defense with a blade, not only because of physical strength and amplfying it with the Force, but because of his cross technique. One thing certain about Kol was that as a child he was able to use the Force without proper training. He taught himself to wield saberstaff after seeing Eeth Koth use it in a training duel, which he learned without being taught. He was near impossible to stop whenever he used Tràkata, Trispzest, Tràkata, Sokan, and 'Dun Möch, due to his speed and ferocity. While he may have not possessed a saber staff, Kol often merged his twin Dahgee ligthsabers during duels to catch his opponents off guard and battle them that way, before switch back to dual-wielding.

Kol used every single combat technique he knew and learned against the Sith, unleashing devastating attacks against them, making it impossible to counter in order to protect his fellow Jedi. Him being Force-sensitive helped him master quickly every form of lightsaber technique that he had learned. Unlike her other apprentices, Kol was the only apprentice that Shaak Ti trained within the Jedi Temple, and showed a lot of care for him, which she showed various times when he was captured by Grievous, and when being held captive by Grievous. Kol would later see her as a second mother. Also, Kol was able to keep himself fully energized during a duel, while keeping the enemy of balance. Kol was also capable of throwing consecutive attacks at his enemies while keeping himself hoisted in air. The duration of his attacks depended on how long he levitated. Kol was one of thew few Jedi in history to have mastered every form of lightsaber combat, marking him as a powerful lightsaber dueliest.

Force Abilities

"Even though I may know abilities that only Sith may know it doesn't make me one. I was born like this.
- Kol Kerz-Tak, Grand Jedi Master

Just like Starkiller(clone), Kol was capable of sunduing powerful Sith Lords, just as Starkiller did to Darth Vader.

Kol was exceedingly and immensely powerful in the Force and in his usage of it. He showed great immense power in both the light side and dark side of the Force. He was so powerful that he could crush any moving object within distance of him such as Sith Starfighters and able to send his lightsaber flying straight towards the object and destroying it on impact. He proved to show a great immense power, utilization and control of Force Lightning in many ways. He was able to merge lightning attacks with lightsaber strikes and amplifying blade attacks with sudden arcs of dark energy. He was able to charge lightning on his hands and unleashed it with devastating force that it almost killed or destroyed everything in its path. He was even able to grab Force Lightning with his own hands and use it as a very deadly whip, and could even reflect it back at others with his bare hands. He could also cause droids to short circut, explode or malfunction. When against droidekas, Kol could penatrate his lightning through the shield and cause massive damage to the surrounds of the droid, since the lightning turned into a ball of dark energy that only

Kol (disguised as a Sith warrior) unleashes Force Lightning on Umbara.

affected the enemy.

When not at his full potential, Kol's Force lightning would appear purple, as was his main way of using the ability during the Clone Wars, until it's final year, where he began using his abilities out of anger. Once Kol began to use his lightning ability at full potential, it's original color would be revealed, which was Dark Emerald. Because of this, Kol edged extremely close to the dark side of the Force, which often worried his master Shaak Ti, and several other masters, including his Jedi friends, his brother, sister, children and his wife. At one point Kol lost control of his abilities, which ended up causing Kol to be controlled by his most cruelest and darkest ancestor, Darek Kerz-Tak. When this happened, Kol ended up confronting several members of the Jedi Order and exclaiming that the Jedi will fall, as the dark side will rule. When the Council deemed Kol a traitor, Clay spoke out saying that it wasn't him, for he noticed Kol's voiced sounded different (multiple voices), which then made Dark reveal he was in control of Kol's body. Despite the fact that Kol could combine his abilities, Kol was ultimately defeated by a powerful Force Push from his siblings Clay Kerz-Tak, and Katrina Kerz-Tak. After this, Kol was liberated from his ancestors spirit, and his powers in the light side and dark side were restored to normal. Nevertheless, Kol's power in both the dark side and light side had dramatically increased by this point, to the point where not even his own brother and sister could have a proper training session, despite the siblings knowledge of using both sides of the Force, except Anakin, whose power was still far more higher than Kol. Clay once stated that Kol's dramatic increase in power was so immense that even Sidious and Vader quaked in fear.

He was also able to take control his enemies on attacking each other, which was known as Force Mind Tricks. He even unleashed Force Pushes with so much force that the enemy was killed on impact of the wave and could even clear large hallways. He had certain similarities in Force abilities to Starkiller's clone, especially when it came to Force Lightning, his favorite ability. Whenever he was provoked he would use a dangerous ability known as Force Fury where he would build up sufficient levels of energy and then channel it through his body. While using this, his abilities were amplified to three times his power. He could also vaporize vehicles and alike his enemies like droids. He was able to amplify his ability with Tutaminis, and redirect blaster attacks back to his enemies, as to absorb it and channel it to Force Lightning. One of his best Tutaminis abilities were absorbing lightsaber energy with his own hands and amplify it to his Force abilities unleashing a stronger wave or blast of Force Push or Force Lightning. He had a powerful offensive attack becoming one of the most powerful Force potentials in history possibly surpassing

Kol Kerz-Tak was a formidable and deadly lightsaber duelist.

Galen Marek's clone Starkiller, and Galen Marek himself including the Dark Apprentice. He came to be one of the most powerful Jedi ever, aside from Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke Skywalker. His Force abilities were Force Push, Force Pull, Force Time, Force Shadow, the Jedi Mind trick, Force Wave, Force Wound, Force Choke, Force Corruption, Force Grip, Force Whirlwind, Force Kill, Force illusion, Force lightning, Force Crush, Force Repulse, Force Gravity, Force Shockwave, Saber Throw, Saber Barrier, Telekinetic lightsaber combat, Force Flight, Force Wind, Force cloak, Force speed, Force Immunity and Force Fury. Kol's Force Pushes were so strong, that he could send humans, or other species through walls with one push, either killing them, or causing moderate to severe injuries. Another ability he possessed was Mirror Strike. The fact is that he knew many Sith abilities to which he never even was taught, because he was born with all of his Force abilities. As a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars, Kol showed frequent use of Force Lightning, Force Crush, telekinetic lightsaber combat, Force Choke, Force Corruption, Force Push, Force Pull, Force illusion and Force Fury. Even though he knew many Sith abilities, Kol used them to his advantage in affiliating it with the Jedi. He learned to corrupt his abilities and used it against the Sith. Knowing the abilities were close to the dark side, Kol cleansed them with meditating, showing it was now permanently a Jedi ability. He was one of the few Jedi using Sith abilities during a whole life as a Jedi. Kol became one of the few Jedi, besides his whole family, to possess powers and abilities from both the Dark side and Light

Kol unleahes the full power of his Force Lightning on Fio.

side of the Force. One of the few Jedi who matched Kol in certain Force abilities was Galen Marek and his clone Starkiller. Also, similar to several Sith Lords, including several in his family lineage, Kol was a highly skilled practitioner of the deadly art Sith alchemy. In his youth, Kol had problems controlling his alchemy abilities, since most times, many of the creatures he used the power on ended up dying due to the immense energy, or went completely insane. Despite this, Kol was able to fully master it in the year of 12 BBY, when he was training with his brother and sister in a triple threat duel. With it, Kol taught his siblings and friends on how to counter it and defeat the creatures, and Kol then continued to perfect it, and finally began using it to aid Republic troops or other Jedi in battles during the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War, and in several other wars in the following years. Kol became the final member of his family to ever possess this ability. Because of Kol's attunement with the Force, he was able to centralize an enormous amount of power on one spot and make a repilca of himself that was real enough to cause damage.
Other abilities

Kol was also a highly advanced master at martial arts (Unarmed combat), which he demonstrated against his brother Clay in their first match as also their second. He also used it on General Greivous, where he was able to lightly damage his mid-section in their second duel. Kol, just like Ahsoka, used a set of acrobatic feats, which when combined with his martial arts, made him a incredible adversary. Kol's agility was what made him also an incredibly fast runner, and attributed to his Force Speed ability. He also used it with Ahsoka in training matches, in which he also taught her more skills in hand to hand combat, thus advancing her mastery in it. Kol also taught his wife Nala, and his children, who primarily used similar techniques as him, as Kol was even a master of [Teräs Käsi. Kol also used his martial arts skills when he dueled Darth Maul and Savage Opress, as also when he was cuffed in a failed mission during the year of 20 BBY, which involved A Dark Acolyte, who was a new General in the Separatists. Kol even used it against Imperial troopers during the Battle of Endor, as part of the Rebel Alliance in the attempt to restore peace to the galaxy. Kol would also take the time to teach many rebel pilots, younger Jedi and New Republic troops in martial arts. Kol himself was highly capable in martial arts, that when he was disarmed by two Sith Warriors, he fought the two with martial arts alone, not relying on his force powers. Some time after, he fought against an entire academy of acolytes and defeated them single-handedly with his martial arts alone. It made him the most capable fighter in history, as one of the most questioning Jedi, due to him not relying on his Force powers in the most neediest of moments. At one point, Kol's martial arts abilities were compared to Krismo Sodi, leader of the Kage Warriors. However it was later stated that Kol's martial arts were highly advanced and were far more porgressive. One unidentified Kage Warrior said that Kol was actually faster and more advanced than Krimso, to which showed that Kol had mastered it in ways no one else could.

Kol was also a very talented pilot, which he demonstrated in the Battle of Coruscant(Clone Wars), where he shot down 10 vulture droids, thus saving the lives Ahsoka and Clone Captains Rex and Fixz. He could also crush incoming vulture droids, while piloting his ship without losing concentration of the battle. Kol was also an incredible General who had impressive skills on the battlefield showing good tactics and strategies.

Kol also possessed the ability of an advanced visuospatial awareness, aided by his mind, along with his horns. That passive echolocation, which is originally a Togrutan ability, but it was quite rare for Kol to know it, as it also became unknown on how he knew it. He was able to sense the proximity and movement of physical objects around him, thus enhancing his senses far more than any JedI. He used when on a mission with Ahsoka, and clone Captain's Rex and Fixz, in which he was able to cause a mountain slide destroying two army battalions of droids. also, because of his Zabrak heritage and physique, Kol had was two hearts and the ability of great resistance to physical pain, shown when he resisted Xylonic's Force lightning, whose abilities had immensely increased in their final rematch in 138 ABY, which was 150 years after their last battle.



Kol had a variety of lightsabers in his possession in his youth, during the Clone Wars, and time after the war. Prior to his arrival, Kol wielded two yellow-crystallized lightsabers. One was a Talz lightsaber and another was a blade from the planet of Kashyyyk, made from his wookiee friends, which dubbed the name as a Kashyyyk Lightsaber, although he named it the Wookie Blade. During his encounter with his brother Clay, during the time he was an acolyte, Kol's Talz blade was destroyed during the duel, whilst his Kashyyyk was lost, until it was discovered by his daughter during the Civil War on Dathomir. Some time after his arrival on Coruscant and joining the Jedi Order, he possessed a Ancient Ermi Jedi Lightsaber, with a orange crystal, and a green-crystallized Miko Jedi lightsaber. However, Kol lost these two sabers when he was captured by General Grievous, as the General lost the blades in his second duel with Kol, who destroyed them during their second duel, while dueling with Shaak Ti's and Ahsoka's lightsabers.

Kol would replace his lost lightsabers with a re-customized Savek Sith lightsaber, which consisted of a green crystal, after using the Force to remove the

Kol wielding his purple lightsaber.

dark Sith energy within it. Along with it he had a curved hilt blade, with a light-green crystal. The two blades were later destroyed after he fought Maul and Savage in the Sith Academy when saving Jedi Padawan Ashley who was held captive by the Sith brothers. After this Kol wielded a purple lightsaber, which was known as the Jedi Champion Lightsaber, with a purple crystal, to which he then accompanied with another blade, which had similar schematics designs to that of both Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Luminara Unduli, who eventually had pretty much similar blades. Kol used his purple blades for a few months until switching back to the primary colors his Jedi heritage had used. Prior to the end of 20 BBY, Kol began useing twin Dahgee Jedi blades, which had light-green crystals. Light-green crystals had beome the primary color Kol's Jedi ancestry had used. The Dahgee blades

Kol's twin Dahgee Jedi lightsabers

belonged to Kol's ancestor Layla Kerz-Tak, a Jedi Master who lived three hundred years before the initiation of the Clone Wars. He gained these blades from his brother Clay who had discovered them prior to his redemption to the light side. Clay held the blades until he felt that Kol finally deserved them, because he felt that it would be right for Kol to possess them. With these blades, Kol demonstrated his skill in the Jar'Kai, along with his ferocity, and fast ability in deflecting and reflecting blaster shots with great precision and incredible speed. It was believed that the Dahgee blades contained the blood of Layla, in which prior to her death, she slipped a drip of her blood, in which would enhance the blades with unpredictable abilities, to which are unknown, and this claim by the New Republic was never proven, to the fact that the New Republic during the later years of 40 ABY-45 ABY, developed a hate against the Jedi, especially Kol and his family. During his second exile, Kol still wielded the blades. In 129 ABY, Malek temporarily switched to his reverse Jedi lightsaber once more, however, it wasn't his Jedi Champion blade. Kol returned to his twin Dahgee blades later that same year, and continued to use them until his death in 140 ABY.

While on Felucia, Malek discovered an old, lost Jei lightsaber, which dubbed the name Forgotten One. By the blade he saw a skeleton in Jedi attire, which was one of Kol's apprentices several years ago who disappeared while on a mission to Felucia in 95 ABY. Kol eventually took the lightsaber and decided to give it to his close friend and ally Deborrah.

Kol was the last of his siblings to die, the three being the original Kerz-Tak siblings, with Clay being the first to die, then Katrina and finally Kol. Upon their reunion in the Netherworld, they promised, along with their descendants to guide and aid their descendants, something which Kol's wife also decided to do.


Aria Ortara-Montari

"Your a good man Kol. A great and powerful Jedi at that hand. Be good to Ahsoka, just as you have been for several years. You are like a brother to me. Saving me on Naboo was one thing I still vow to repay you one day."
"No need Aria. I am just a Jedi trying to clean his conscience, after all my near-falls over the final year of the Clone Wars. I almost lost the people I hold dear. My brother, sister, Ahsoka, you, and my master. Whether or not this taints me in life, I will fight strong against the side that banes us as a plague. If there is one thing I hope to do, it's to remove Darth Xylonic of the face of the galaxy."
-Aria and Kol

A close friend and Jedi companion to Kol, Aria would be one of the most recognizable Jedi known to his family. At first the two didn't get along due to a short mistrust and few insults during the First Battle of Geonosis. After their encounter on Geonosis the two became really good friends and helped each other during several missions during the Clone Wars. Like himself, Aria was Force-sensitive and had a complete understanding of the Force. The two came close enough as seeing each other as a brother and sister, having good ties with the Nightbrothers of Dathomir. Over time, the two grew apart. This is mostly because of Kol's near dark side falls, in which he would often attack his friends, siblings and several masters of the Jedi Order. Kol later discovered that this was because he had been recently possessed by a dark side entity, but never recieved answers on who it was that had possessed him. Years following Order 66, Kol and Aria's brother-sister relationship started to gain feeling again, and became stronger than it had been during the Clone Wars. The two shared this relationship for several years until Kol's death in 140 ABY.

Darth Xylonic

"Bitter rivals in the Force. Enemies sworn since birth. Kol and Xylonic objective's were to remove one from the face of the galaxy. Who won? Kol did! Yet, due to his ancestry it felt like the dark side won as well. Still, I think it would have been better if Kol died."
-An unidentified Sith Lord on Kol and Xylonic's rivalry

Nikita Keil

Behind the Scenes


Concept designs for Kol Kerz-Tak

  • Kol Kerz-Tak's character is based on the in game Star Wars:Clone Wars Adventures. Many of the ideas from the games are similar, except the Zabrak part. Kol was first gonna be used as a Human. After changing to a Zabrak, Kol was first used to be a Sith Lord, but after a change of ideas, I put Kol as a Jedi.
  • The story is based in the timeline before and during Clone Wars. The later parts are based during the time period of Order 66, as also the Star Wars movies of Episode IV:A New Hope Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI:Return of the Jedi. I try not to match to much, for not to mess up the original chronological time sequence.
  • Remaining half of Kol is based on the comics, which settle that time period, as various parts are non-canon to the original events, only thing done was that I added myself to it.
  • Kol orginal name was set to be Droks Tri-Dak, but after I found out it sounded kinda lame, i changed it.
  • One of the first Kol face designs choices used for Clay
  • In an error mishap, in the Ahsoka Caught section, Clay has the same robes as Kol, although he uses Kashyyyk Jedi Robes (seemingly Obi-Wan's Kashyyyk robes).
  • In the section Spirit Possession, Kol is seen wielding the Ancient Emri Jedi blade, instead of another Dahgee

    The error with the Ancient Emri lightsaber

    blade. (This occurred when I was customizing Kol's face back to his original form, after I changed his face for my second page, Malek Kriya.
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  • Credit for the Ahsoka Kerz-Tak photo goes to Maria Thorpe who made it a year ago. I already gave her credit, but since i moved it to this page, i am writing her credit mark again.
  • The first idea for Kol in joining the Jedi was gonna be that he was discovered along with his brother Clay by Jedi Master Shaak Ti who came to Dathomir to take the boys to the Jedi Temple, as such the parents themselves are still Jedi Masters. Years later, Katrina comes to the temple as well and trains with her brothers. This idea was dropped after the deletion of the first time i wrote this. Nevertheless an extra copy of just the beginning will be added to non-canon section. Everything after that follows Kol fighting through the entire far instead of half.
  • To see my second character click on Malek Kriya and tell me what you think
  • Kol Kerz-Tak is now Malek Kriya in-game. I will still continue to write Kol's story as Malek
  • Ironically, Kol's brother Clay lost his left arm to a lightsaber strike as Kol lost his right arm
  • This story is over, which was not because of Clone Wars shutting down. Te sotry ended long before the game was shut down

Other Quotes

-" I quote the Jedi Code, There is no death, There is the Force..."
-"Dij kif yuik fig nyr ert pafh jin min du, kazd sacrek kio, nul put rew. Immorilk, iuj hi"" (Death, the most feared path, yet one we must take. It can't be stopped. Immortality, is a lie)
-If there is one thing I hate