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Luke Docker
Luke Docker shooting 3
Biographical information
Homeworld Mandaloreplanet Mandalore
41 BBY, Mandalore
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information
Battle Class
100px-Bc icon trooper-1-Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryTechnician

Luke Docker was a human who served during the Clone War and also fought during the Galactic Civil War. Luke lived a hard life struggling to put his past behind him and over come the loss of many of his friends and loved ones he had spent so much time with.

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Expanded Universe

Luke Docker marine gear helmet off 2 Luke Docker 18 BBY

Luke's Childhood

Zygerria city-SOTR

Ships approach the busy planet of Zygerria.

Luke was born on the planet, Mandalore. He lived there for four years until he and his family moved to Zygerria. Alec Graysear (Jedi Outcast) and Luke's mother lived there because Alec was doing business with the Zygerrians. A year had passed and Luke was now five. One day, Luke's family was shopping at a grocery store in the town's center when Luke wandered away from Alec and his mother. He was taken by two Zygerrian slavers and sold into slavery. Alec then cut all ties with the Zygerrians and promised to find his son. Luke was shipped from planet to planet experiencing many horrific things as a young child. Alec was on his trail getting information from bounty hunters. Dangerous Bounty hunters. He ran into many gangs and thugs and was beaten several times while trying to get information on Luke.

Saleucami fields

Fields of Saleucami

Finally, four years later, Alec caught up to Luke. He killed his captors and rescued Luke from Nal Hutta. Alec brought Luke to their family's new home on Saleucami. Luke was reunited with his mother and father. A few months later, Luke's mother became ill. Her sickness was terminal and by the time Luke was 10 years old, his mother passed away. Alec tried to stay strong for his son but ultimately, he couldn't handle the pain. Alec developed a drinking problem in order to cope with his depression.

Alec also developed a gambling addiction and got in debt with a group of Trandoshan bounty hunters. A few weeks later, when Alec couldn't get them the money he owed them, they came to collect the debt personally. They busted down the door to their home and began to beat Alec. They threatened to do the same to Luke. This caused Alec to lose his temper and attack one of them. They knocked Alec unconscious which caused Luke to run. He ran out of the house and through the fields.

As Luke ran, he saw an unmarked gunship landed in the distance. He ran towards it and was surrounded by several clone troopers. It was a team of clone troopers on a training mission. Their training sergeant, Kal Skirata was kind enough to let them bring Luke back to Kamino. Luke then began training as a trooper of the Republic .

He turned eleven years old and had matured greatly. Luke thought of his parents. He yearned for his mother and hoped his father would be alright. Somehow, Luke felt that he and his father would cross pathes again.

By the time Luke was 16 years old, he had gone through many training excercises and was very well equipt for war.

In 22 BBY, Luke was 19 years old and he participated in the First Battle of Geonosis at the outbreak of the Clone Wars.

The Beginning of Luke

Luke om kamino

Luke Docker on Kamino after academy

Luke is a very loyal soldier and gets to know his comrades. He is smart and can think under pressure. He fought in many infamous battles such as the Second Battle of Geonosis and the Mission on Iceberg Three. Shortly after graduating from the academy, he and his best friend, Jacob Vastblaster went on a mission to Felucia. They're objective was to take control of a small CIS outpost located in the southern jungle. He and Jake were engaged in a firefight that lasted 3 hours. During the skirmish, an explosive blaster from a Spider-droid blew off Jake's legs. Luke was beginning to learn how to be a medic and applied bacta to Jake quickly so that they were not overrun. Jake's condition had to be dealt with immediately however. Luke spoke with his CO and he requested extraction for his injured comrade. Shortly after, a gunship landed in a clearing and Jake was rushed on board and taken to the nearest Republic FOB (Forward Operating Base) for medical attention. Jake survived and recieved mechanical legs. Luke was very relieved that his best friend made it out alive. Felucia was a harsh environment that had been ravaged by war for years. Their next assignment was somewhat unorthodox. It required them to delve into the underworld of Coruscant. Luke and Jake were investigating a Sith cult operating on Coruscant. Luke and Jake arrived at the location where the cult held its meetings. Luke noticed that only one Sith acolyte was present. Someone had tipped off the Sith that they were under surveillance. The Sith turned to face Luke and Jake who were watching from behind crates in the street. The Sith ran towards them and Jake pulled out his blaster. He stood up from behind the crate to open fire but then a sniper blast hit his blaster and caused him to shoot a gasline in a nearby alleyway.

"Luke, there's a second shooter." Jake announced as he ducked back behind the crate.

"It's probably one of their hired goons. Right now we have bigger problems. We have a Sith heading our way!" Luke replied.

Capture 4

Luke in the dark city underworld

"Copy that." Jake said returning his focus to the Sith. Seconds later the gasline exploded and the Sith jumped up and then disappeared into the dark alleyway. Luke and Jake looked around for the Sith. Jake looked up to see the red blade come down from the roof above and slam down onto his chest. The Sith landed on Jake's shoulders and slammed him onto the ground. Jake was gasping for air and was in shock. The Sith began to walk toward Luke. Luke drew his gun to point at the Sith. Jake pulled out his pistol and fired twice at the Sith's back as he walked towards Luke. The Sith simply deflected the bolts back at Jake and they hit his shoulder and wrist. Luke was so shocked by what just happened. His heart was pounding. Fear was taking over. He fired his blaster at the Sith repeatedly. He hit the Sith's arm and he barely seemed to flinch. The Sith came closer and closer. Then Luke heard the engines of a Republic Gunship nearby. Luke turned to see it begin to land. He turned back and the Sith was gone. He ran over to Jacob. As he hurried over he took off his helmet and tossed it aside. Jacob was about to become unconscious. Luke lifted up Jake's head and took off his helmet as well. Blood was dripping from Jake's mouth. Luke's eyes filled with tears. He swallowed hard before he spoke.

"Your'e gonna be alright, okay?" Reassures Luke.

"You know that's -cough- not true." Jake said struggling to breathe.

"Please, don't go. You're all I have left." Luke says now with tears streaking down his face.

"I'm -cough- sor..ry." Jake's head falls back. His breathing comes to a stop. His pulse vanishes. Luke's closest friend is dead. A clone from the gunship walks over to Luke. Luke is staring at Jake.
Republicgunship detail

Republic Gunship

"Is he..?" Asks the clone.

"Yes..... yes he's....gone." Says Luke uneasily.

"I'm sorry for your loss, soldier." the clone sympathizes.

"Who are you?" asks Luke.

"My name is Racer. I'm here to offer you a chance to do some more good for the Republic." Said Racer.

Luke stood up puzzled by Racer's cryptic statement. Racer noticed Luke's intrigue.

"Come with me, son." Racer says as he turns and walked back towards his gunship.

Medics rush past Racer and retrieve Jake's body and load him onto the gunship. Racer and Luke board the gunship and take off.


Luke vs Yoda 2

Luke training with Yoda.

Luke was taken back to Kamino and was trained as a clone trooper. After the outbreak of the Clone War on Geonosis, Luke was discovered by Jedi Master Yoda. Luke was taken back to Coruscant where Yoda began to teach him the ways of the Jedi. Luke refused to become a Jedi. He wanted to stay with his troops. His friends. Luke had grown up with those men. Yoda decided since Luke felt at home with the clones, Yoda would
Luke vs Yoda 4

Luke finally winning a duel against Yoda.

use Luke as a test. Since Luke was force sensitive he was to join the clone army and be trained with the highest ranking cloned soldiers and become one of the best soldiers in the clone army. Master Yoda often supervised Luke's special training. Luke often does Jedi missions as well as clone missions. Luke had a master. His name was Kahar
Luke vs Yoda 5

Luke dueling Yoda.

Vastcluster. Luke spent a lot of time with him. Luke was almost done with his padawan training and was about to become a Jedi Knight when Luke decided to go back to
Luke vs Yoda 3

Luke defeated by Yoda.

the Grand Army. Luke decided that he could control his powers well enough. Later, Luke learned that Kahar had been killed.

Before Master Kahar was killed, he fought alongside Commander Racer. Kahar asked Racer to lead a small task force to rescue Luke's father Alec who was being held at a Trandoshan stronghold on Saleucami. The operation was sucessful and Alec was brought to Coruscant. At the time, Racer had not met Luke yet. Racer heard that Luke and Jake Vastblaster were under fire on Coruscant and personally accompanied the rapid response team to his location. He arrived and offered Luke a chance to lead a Republic Naval Fleet. Luke accepted and Racer also revealed that he had his father waiting at a nearby military base. Luke and Alec were once again reunited. Luke was thankful that his father was no safe and expressed his gratitude towards Kahar and Racer. Luke soon became the leader of the Republic Navy. After resigning from command of the Navy he joined the Galactic Marine Wolfpack which then became the Republic Marine Havoc Squad led by SquadLeader Racer. It was there where he would stay for the duration of the Clone Wars.

Construction of Ryloth Command

Star Destroyers-IOR

Luke made many new friends in the marines. Under the command of Racer, the marines thrived. They quickly became the most elite unit in the GAR. Luke Docker walked onto the bridge of an acclamator-class Star Destroyer. Three of them were decending through the atmosphere. Racer stood at the front looking out the window. He studied the surface of the planet below. It was Ryloth, homeworld of the Twi-leks. 

Racer had summoned the marines to meet on the bridge for a briefing. Cold, an extremely skilled sniper was already on the bridge. Soon after, Vasco Gomes arrived, he was a senior medic and Elitemarine Turbo arrived. AlphaMarl Photoline, Elitescout Marine Key, and Commander Spike followed.

"Alright, I've called you all here to discuss our next objective. Corporal Docker has proven himself to be a loyal and skilled fighter. For this mission, he will be incharge. This will test his leadership skills. Are you up for it?" Racer asks.

"Sir, yes sir!" Luke responds. 

"Very good. John Sentinel, from intelligence, has provided the location of a pirate outpost on Ryloth." Racer explains.

"Where's John at now? That guy's on a new planet every rotation." Cold asks with a chuckle.

"Last I heard, John was on Felucia." Racer replies.

"It's like he can teleport from place to place." Marl jokes.

The squads laughs and Racer calls them back to order.

"Anyway, our mission, simply put is to clear out the pirates and then Luke will be overseeing contruction of our new base there. Ryloth Command." Racer finishes.

"I'm honored, sir." Luke says.

"Quite the suck up, isn't he?" Cold nudges Marl in the shoulder. Marl laughs

"Alright Luke, take your men to the Cargo Hold. You'll be leaving soon." Racer says.

The squad stands at attention and salute Racer. They then follow Luke off the bridge and make their way to the cargo hold.

The marines' gunship lands a few clicks from the pirates' outpost. The doors slide open and Cold and Turbo get out on each side of the ship. They scan the area and then raise their fist and gesture for the squad to move out. 

Luke steps off the gunship and looks at the sky. The sky is graying and clouds block out most of the sun's light. He looks around at the many trees that are in the rocky valley with them.

"These trees will be perfect cover for us." Luke points out.

"Affirmative. What are your orders, corporal?" Vasco asks.

"Well, we can hike straight to the target, and then hold up at the bottom of the cliff. Once there, we scale the cliff and use some guerilla tactics to take the pirates out." Luke strategized.

"Sounds good." Vas replied.

"Lead the way, Luke." Turbo insisted.

Luke pointed his gun out in front of him and moved forward from tree to tree and the squad followed behind him. They soon made it to the cliff and Luke stopped and retrieved his bag from his back. He pulled out ascension cables as did each of the men. He fired his cable and attached it to a tree branch growing off the side of the cliff.

"Alright, let's head up." Luke says.

"Roger that." Spike says.

They scale the cliff. Luke makes it to the top first and goes prone, hiding in the bushes. The pirates are nearby. The marines drop down with Luke and survey the area.

"I count about 15 hostiles." Cold says.

"Me too, should I use the rotary cannon?" Marl asks.

"Negative." Luke says.

Marl sighs.

"What's the plan, doc?" Asks Cold.

"We are going stealth for half this op. We're gonna circle around and pick off the outer layer of guys. Once we work our way in, then we go loud. At that point, you can use the cannon Marl." Luke explains.

"Yes! I knew I liked you, Luke." Marl replies.

The squad encircles the camp. Luke speaks through the comlink.

"On my mark..." Luke begins.

The marines pick their targets and prepare to take them out silently.





Vasco grabs a weequay's head from behind and spins it around. Turbo shoves a vibroblade into another weequay's spine and chokes the last breath out of him. Cold fires a silenced round through the head of another pirate. Each hostile is taken care simultaneously.

"Nicely done." Vas commends.

"That was beautiful." Cold remarks.

"We're not finished yet, there are a few more in the center." Luke reminds them.

The squad moves in, using tents and crates as cover. Turbo peers around a crate and then stops, raising his fist in the air.

"Civvies!" Turbo reveals.

"Civvies?" Luke asks.

"Damn it! John gave us bad intel." Cold exclaims.

"We'll address that later. Right now, we have a hostage situation on our hands." Vas explains.

"Luke, what's our play?" Asks Marl.

"Well, they don't know we're here yet. Let's snipe them each at the same time, once we get a clear shot. No civilian casualties." Luke suggests.

"Works for me." Key agrees.

Luke pulls out his rifle and selects a target.

"Alright guys, just like the simulation." Vas reassures them.

"Stay out of the way...." Cold mumbles to the civilian.

"Three, two, one, fire." Luke orders.

The heads of the weequays explode and their bodies collapse onto the ground. The civilians drop to the ground, not knowing where the shots came from.

The marines rush in and secure the area. The civilians were Twi'leks, taken from a nearby village. 

Luke walks over to Key.

"Key, inform command that the area is secure and they're cleared to make their landing." Luke orders.

"You got it." Key says.

Turbo and Marl walk over to Luke.

"They're gonna need a full acclamator to carry all of the building materials here." Turbo says.

"Nice job, Docker. Racer will be pleased." Marl says.

"Thanks guys. This war might not be so bad afterall." Luke says.

Bombing of Ryloth Command

Luke bombing

Luke has his weapon trained on Korlen.

Towards the beginning of his career in the marines, Luke was injured seriously and it left him in a wheelchair for months. It all started at the Huge Elite Base. The base was the marines' central command on Ryloth. There was a squad meeting at the base. SquadLeader Racer was in his office afterwards while Luke and an elite marine sniper, Cold talked outside of the base.

Suddenly, another elite marine, Turbo yelled, "Assassin! Protect Racer!" Luke and Cold ran up the stairs of the base to Racer's office. The assassin's name was Korlen. He leaped all over as troopers fired upon him. When Luke and Cold got up there they chased him to the top floor. Then Korlen turned around with a detonator. Luke stopped and held his gun still pointed at Korlen as did Cold.

"Drop it!" Ordered Luke. Korlen said nothing. Turbo ran up to Korlen from behind and grabbed the detonator out of his hand but Korlen had already pressed the button. A bomb was now set on a timer counting down attached to the reactor core. Korlen jumped off the top of the base and plummeted down towards the ground and landed on his feet. He darted away from the base towards a speeder. Turbo ran after him.

Bomb incident

The Bomb Incident

Luke and Cold ran to the core. They opened up a panel and began trying to defuse the bomb. Luke's old friend, Jake was studying to become a bomb technician before he died. Luke remembered a few things. He examined the model of the bomb.

"Cut the blue wire." He suggested to Cold.

"Are you sure?" Asked Cold, skeptically.

"It's worth a try." Luke said shrugging.

"That's not very reassuring." Cold replied, unamused.

"I'll com Turbo and tell him to initiate the evacuation." Luke turned to go tell everyone when BOOOOOM!! The bomb exploded and Luke got blown down the ramps to the ground and shrapnel went everywhere. Cold was also blown back and rolled past Luke. A catwalk collapsed on Luke's leg and a steel rod impaled Luke's kneecap. Several small shards of shrapnel were imbedded in Cold's chest and torso. One was dangerously close to his heart.

Luckily, the bomb only took out the top floor. Luke shouted for Vasco, the medic. Vas took Luke and Cold to the gunship. Luke's bone was coming out of his leg. He was in intense pain. Cold was going in and out of consciousness. It was a long gunship ride back to base as Luke and Cold groaned and moaned in pain. Vas tried to stop Luke's bleeding but it was hopeless. By the time they got Luke to the medical station, he had lost too much blood in his legs. Both Cold and Luke vomitted violently on their way to the nearest medical facility. While Luke was unconscious he had flashbacks of Jacob Vastblaster and how he lost both of his legs. Then he began thinking of the terrible Sith that killed his best friend at the start of the war. When Luke regained consciousness he was in a hospital bed with Vasco and Racer standing over top of him. Luke's head hurt. He reached up too touch his head and he had a giant head wound. A piece of shrapnel was embedded in his head. The medics removed it but it still really hurt and would not be able to do much. Luke would continue to go in and out of consciousness. Racer began to ask him a question when Luke began to have a seizure. They tried to strap him down. Luke then stopped shaking and became unconscious. Luke dreamed. He revisited many memories of his past. He started at the beginning of the Clone War.

Luke's First Mission

Luke was a Private at the time. Luke's first mission with the clone army was at the First Battle of Geonosis. Luke however was not involved in the First Battle of Geonosis, but did arrive just after it ended to gather up prisoners and take them to Coruscant. But,
300px-Attack of the clones 4

First Battle of Geonosis

Clone geonosis

Post First Battle of Geonosis

in the process, a prisoner escaped. A representative from the Techno Union escaped and fled to a secret Sep
Clone trooper squad

A squad member with Luke.

aratist outpost on Geonosis. Luke took a squad of clones to go look for him. It ended up being a trap. the team was pinned down outside the enemy outpost. Droids were closing in all around them. Luke used hand signals to tell his troops to throw thermal detonators on his mark. The troopers took out the grenades. Luke peered over the cannon they were using as cover. "NOW!!" Luke yelled. Luke jumped out and started blasting the droids with his DC-15A blaster rifle. The troopers tossed their grenades over to the droids. The droids blew up. More were still coming. They were still blasting down all those clankers when Luke's rifle overheated. "Blasted..!" Luke threw it on the ground and pulled out a DC-17 blaster pistol. A super battle droid walked up to him to shoot. Luke pointed his pistol directly in the face of the droid and fired. The droids head sparked and fell back onto the ground. Another one came close. Luke pointed the pistol at its head and boom, another head-shot! Luke kept blasting away with his pistol. One by one they fell. Some Geonosians manned some turrets. They began firing at the squad. Luke leaped out of the way as a blast hit the turret they were by and it exploded. A squad member was killed. There were only 2 of them left. Luke blasted
DC-17 blaster pistol 2

DC-17 Blaster Pistol

a Geonosian right between the eyes and kept on blasting. The chances of getting out of that alive were very minimal. Then Luke saw a Separatist shuttle land. The Techno Union Rep. was going to board it. "I got us a way out of here." Luke announced. Luke looked back to look at his squadmate. A blaster bolt flew past Luke and into the chest of the trooper. His body slammed back onto the ground. Luke looked back on the shuttle. Luke was alone. He decided to do his reckless plan. It was the only option he had right now. He climbed over the remains of the turret and started to run towards the shuttle. He was running incredible fast. What a first mission. Luke said to himself. He ducked under and over obstacles in his way never stopping as he ran to the shuttle. He avoided laser bolts and grenades and debris being hurtled his way. He was now almost to the shuttle. He walked on to the slab of concrete that the shuttle had landed on. 2 droids were guarding the entrance to the shuttle. Luke simply shot the 2 and boarded the ship. There were 2 more droids on-board and a pilot. Luke killed them all. The Representative was not on the shuttle yet. He looked out the cockpit window. The Techno Union representative ran onto the shuttle. The hatch closed behind him. He sat in the back of the shuttle exhausted. "Take off!" He demanded. Luke obeyed with a smile on his face. The representative didn't even bother to see who was flying his shuttle. Luke flew over the deserts of Geonosis to a landed Acclamator 1 star destroyer. The Republic was about to open fire when Luke walked out of the hatch near the back shoving the representative along. "Good Work." said a clone Lieutenant. "Thank you, sir." replied Luke.

Luke's Life after the Death of Jake

Luke at funeral

Luke at funeral

It was a rainy day on Coruscant. Luke was standing on a docking bay of the Senate building. He stood completely still, staring at the coffin of Jacob Vastblaster. The rain drilled down on the platform. A squad of clone troopers marched in front of Jake's coffin. They turned to face the crowd gathered for Jake's funeral. They pointed their rifles up in the air and fired. Luke tried to hold back tears. He had known Jake since he was very little. Although Luke was a human and Jake was a clone they felt like brothers. Luke took a deep breath. Luke heard thunder and barely even flinched. He was soaked. His hair fell to his eyebrows still staring at the coffin. The clones picked up the coffin and loaded it onto the ship just a yard or 2 from the coffin. Luke still could not move. The ship flew away and the crowd left. Luke was still standing there. A clone trooper came over to Luke. One that he recognized.

"Sorry for your loss, Private Docker." said the trooper.

Luke now recognized it was Racer.

"Hello Commander Racer." Luke replied.

Racer placed his hand on Luke's shoulder.

"Have you given any thought to my offer? You willing to join the marines?" Racer asks.

"I think it's worth a shot. I'm not really sure what to do now. Jake was my best friend." Luke explains.

Adi Gallia cropped

"I understand. I'll make the calls to get you transferred. I heard you were heading to Dantooine?" Racer continues.

"Yes sir. Right after this actually." Luke confirmed.

"You're gonna take a few days off. Just until I can get you transferred to the marines." Racer says.

"Thank you, sir." Luke replied.

"I'll contact you once the proper arrangements have been made. You have a bright future ahead of you, Luke." Racer says, patting Luke on the shoulder as he walks away. Luke lightly smiles and watches Racer depart. He takes a deep breath and walks off the platform. A few days later, Luke is picked up from the Republic Barracks he is stationed at in a shuttle and is taken to the Senate Building. The shuttle lands and he walks down the boarding ramp.

He sees Racer standing near a huge column. Racer is accompanied by two Jedi. Luke approaches them.

"Luke, this is Sergeant Greenwizard and Adi Gallia. They will work with us from time to time." Racer introduces them.

"Us? Does that mean..." Luke asks.

"Yes. You're a marine now." Racer clarifies.

Luke smiles and extends his arm to shake Racer's hand.

"Thank you, sir." Luke says as Racer shakes his hand.


A republic gunship lands next to them. The doors slide open to reveal more marines.

"Go get to know the marines. In a month or so, you'll be going on an operation with me." Adi Gallia told Luke.

"Our intelligence officer thought you'd be a good fit to go on this mission." Racer explained.

"Yes sir." Luke saluted and boarded the gunship. Luke was on his way to having a very decorated career.

"Morning, Docker." Cold greeted Luke.

Luke smiled as Racer entered and the gunship took off. The gunship took the marines to their Coruscant base of operations. Racer escorted Luke to his office. Racer sat down at his desk and Luke stood in front of it.

"Luke, I haven't been completely honest with you." Racer begins.

"Sir?" Luke asks.

"I met your father about a month ago. He wanted to know if you were alright. I looked up who you were and realized that you were fit to be a marine." Racer reveals.

Luke sits down, processing what he has just heard.

"You know my father?" Asked Luke, shocked.

"Yes, he helped me out of a jam on Ord Mantell." Racer elaborated.

"So he's on Ord Mantell?" Asks Luke.

"Well, probably not anymore. He's kinda a nomad. he moves from place to place. Trying to find where he belongs in the galaxy. He feels like he failed you as a father. He told me about your mother. That must have been rough." Racer sympathized.

"Joining the clone army helped with that. This is my family now." Luke said.

"He wants to meet you, Luke. When the time is right." Racer adds.

Luke sighs.

"I haven't seen him in almost 10 years..." Luke says.

Racer stands up.

"That's fine." Racer walks towards the door and puts his hand on Luke's shoulder.

"When the time is right remember." Racer finishes.

Luke nods and Racer leaves the room and Luke ponders what he just heard. Flooded with memories of his childhood. This would make for quite the family reunion.

Bounty Hunter Ops

Luke was a Gunnery Sergeant now in the Marine Core. He took part in many sting operations after the Battle of Castell. Luke was under the command of Jedi general, Adi Gallia now. Luke and Adi grew very close as they worked many missions together. Luke also met GreenWizard then. Luke accompanied Adi to Senate gatherings and went with her on stakeouts to watch many bounty hunter operations. They went on a mission to Dwi' lar, a gas planet to rid it of a giant bounty hunter corporation. Adi Gallia and Luke went undercover as "good friends" who were looking for a job in the bounty industry. They convinced the leader of their base to let them stay there awhile. They were given a room to share while they were to inform on the bounty hunter's dealings to the Galactic Marines.

Luke and Adi Gallia

Luke and Adi right before going to Dwi' Lar

One Night, a Duro bounty hunter walked into Luke and Adi's room and ordered them to come to the leader's office. Luke assumed that their cover had been blown so he had to think of something to explain this to the leader. When they got to the leader, they were left alone in the leaders office. The leader leaned towards them in his chair and said in the most calm voice, "You think you can trick me?" Luke gulped. "Excuse me?" Luke said. "You are a republic spy!" Insisted the leader. "No! Obviously one of your men is scared that we are going to take his job away so he wanted us out of the picture. I assure you, we are no spies." Luke said. Adi admired how quick on his feet he was to come up with a way out of this current situation. The leader stood up from his chair and walked towards Luke and Adi. He circled around them like hawks. He stopped in front of Adi. "Is this true?" asked the leader. "Yes." She answered. He stepped closer to her. He whispered in to her ear. "It would be a mistake to cross me. Or I will hunt you and him down." He said. Adi gulped. Luke sensed her anxiety. As they exited the office Luke tried to comfort her. He placed his hand on her shoulder. "We only need a little longer here then we can go." He said. "I know, Luke, I know." She said with a solemn tone.

The next day, Luke woke up and Adi was gone. He went out into the hallway to look for her. He went to the leader. "Have you seen Adi?" Luke asked. "Who?" The leader asked. "Adi Gallia!" Luke was now getting frustrated with him. "Oh, her. I'm sorry, my slaves names often escape me." The leader sneered. Luke was mad now. Luke felt his anger growing. He lifted his hand towards the leader. He began force choking him. "Where is she!" He yelled. The leader was grabbing at his throat but was helpless to stop Luke's wrath. Moments later the door busted down and 5 guards ran in and pointed their guns at Luke. Luke let the leader go. The leader took large breaths and held his throat. Luke raised his hands. "One more time, where is..." Luke was interrupted by a rifle hitting the back of his head knocking him unconscious.

Luke awoke chained to a chair at the leader's estate. He looked out the window to see about ten slave girls working in the backyard. He saw the leader bring over Adi to the other slaves. Then the leader walked inside to greet Luke. "If she tries to escape, that collar around her neck will go off and electrocute her. And if you try to escape, she will also be shocked." the leader explains. Luke does not like this dilemma. His only hope was that the marines would back them up.

Clone Marine

Clone Marine



A Gunship entered the atmosphere. It flew down to about 2 miles away from the estate. It dropped off a squad of clones. They proceeded to the estate on foot. Another gunship landed. Arc Captain Fordo led the marines to the estate.Fordo ran to get cover behind a tree. He peered out to see the road ahead. A group of bounty hunters and a tank were coming towards them. The tank opened fire. It killed 3 of the marines.

150px-Swi arctrooper

Arc Captain Fordo

The marines advanced through the trees to closer to the opposing forces. Fordo motioned for a rocket launcher. A marine came over to him with a rocket launcher. He pointed to the tank. The marine fired the rocket launcher and it hit the tank and exploded killing all the bounty hunters around it. They ran onwards toward the estate.

Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura

Jedi General Aayla Secura landed and was now with the group of clones. Aayla made it to the estate first. She looked through a window and saw Luke. She smashed through the window. The clones followed. "Clear, right!" One yelled. "Clear!" yelled another. Aayla knelt down next to Luke tied in the chair. Luke had been punched several times and was just now regaining consciousness. Aayla put her hand under his chin and lifted his head to meet her gaze. Luke was very weak. "Luke," she whispered, "are you alright?" Luke spoke weakly. "Adi. He has Adi." He said. Aayla stood up. "Captain!" she yelled. "Yes sir? he replied. "Get him a medic." she demanded. "Right away, sir." he said. "No!" Luke said. Aayla looked down at Luke. "I am coming with you." He insisted. Aayla did not like it but she allowed him to come with her.


Adi Gallia

It was now nightfall. Aayla and Luke walked toward a Slave facility at the edge of the leader's property. Luke looked at Aayla. She did not look good. "Whats wrong?" Luke asked. Aayla turned to look at him. "I......was a slave." she said with much hesitation. "I'm sorry." He said. Luke looked down at the ground. "I heard you lost your mother when you were very young." She said. "Yes." he said. "I wish I could have known her." Aayla looked up from the brick fence that guarded the slave facility to see the leader step outside with a hologram in his hand. He was talking to someone important. Luke and Aayla moved past him and in through a window. They found Adi Gallia's room. Luke entered the room. Adi began being electrocuted. "Noo!" Luke yelled. The electrocution stopped. The leader ran past the rooms window. Luke ran after him. Luke took out his blaster pistol. "Stop!" He yelled. The leader would not stop. He fired. The laser hit the leader's back and he fell to the ground. Luke walked over to the leader. Luke pulled out a blaster pistol from the leaders holster. Aayla ran over. "You okay?" she asked. "Yes." said Luke. A clone squad arrived. They carried Adi out. A clone trooper walked over a trip wire. BOOOOOM!! The Clone and Adi were blown away by the blast. A piece of shrapnel flew into the back of Adi's head. The Clone was dead. "Adi!" Luke yelled. Luke ran over to Adi. She was unconscious. A medic loaded her onto a gunship and they took her to a star destroyer.

Adi Gallia was in a comma. Luke was so devastated. Aayla comforted him as he looked walked out of Adi's room where she would stay possibly for the rest of her life. Luke was ordered to the war room of the star destroyer. A hologram was waiting for him from Master Eeth Koth. He was to go undercover once again with Aayla and discover the true identity of the man in the hologram. They were going to a new planet with new bounty hunters who's files were being pulled as they spoke.


Aayla Secura on Geonosis before Luke arrives.

They went to the planet, Duro. Luke once again posed as "very good friends" with Aayla as their cover story. Which this was not entirely untrue. They spent a lot of time together. Luke actually told her about Jacob Vastblaster, which he had not told anyone about. They bonded over their emotional past. Aayla was very dedicated to her work and rarely let her personal feelings get in the way but it was hard not to with Luke.

Luke and Aayla

Luke and Aayla at the Bounty Hunter castle.

Luke and Aayla entered the elegant castle. It was beautiful. The craftsmanship was remarkable. They talked to the leader. "I am Grok Mongostreal." said Grok, the leader. "Hello Grok." Luke said. "You 2 are...together?" Grok asks. He gestures towards Aayla and Luke. "Yes." says Luke. "Want a job you say?" asks Grok. "Yep." Luke says. "Hmmm, Grok says as he shuffles through piles, You check out. You will stay here for a while. We have rooms upstairs. You will have to share a room though." "That's fine, sir." Luke says with a grin. Luke and Aayla go up to the room. They both sit on the couch and Luke gets out a communicator. "Fordo, do you read me?" asks Luke. "Loud and clear, sir, how has the job been going?" Fordo asks. "Great, we got it." says Aayla. "That's great news. I will stay off the radio until you contact me just to be safe, ok?" Fordo asks. Aayla looks over at Luke and Luke looks back at her. "That's fine, Captain." She says. The comlink clicks off and Aayla sets it on the table. Aayla leans back on the couch.

"I accidentally, uncle when I was young." She said with remorse. "We all do bad things." Luke said. "I doubt you did anything that terrible." She said with her eyes teary but trying her best not to let Luke see. Luke placed his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to relax her. "I've done, worse." He said. Aayla turned to look at him. She looked straight into his eyes. "That Sith, that killed Jacob, I tried to track him down. I tried to beat the information out of a thug on Kashyyyk. After all the pain he endured, he told me nothing. In my anger, I killed him. He suffered. I was blinded by my rage. I ignored his pleas for mercy. I was fixated on revenge." Luke said now looking down at the carpet below their feet.

Luke and Aayla talking to the leader

Luke and Aayla talking to the leader.

"You're the only person I've ever told, Aayla. That day has haunted me for the war so far." Luke admitted. Aayla was shocked by what she was just told. She knew that she should tell the temple or something, but she couldn't. Luke was too valuable to her. She had feelings for him and she sensed he had some for her.


Aayla Secura

"Let's move on to a happier subject, shall we?" asked Luke. Luke now also leaned back on the couch and turned to look at Aayla. Luke was unable to think of anything else to talk about he was distracted by Aayla's beauty. Aayla began to try and think of something to talk about. She noticed how Luke was looking at her. "Ummm, I'll check for any activity on the scanner." She said uncomfortably. She walked over to the scanner and checked it. Nothing was happening. She walked back over to the couch and sat down. Luke knew she felt uncomfortable now. "Look, Aayla, I uhh.."Luke was interrupted by Aayla kissing him. Luke was shocked by what Aayla did. Aayla then pulled away. She just stared into Luke's eyes to see what his reaction to this was. "We should really, um be watching the, um, uh, scanner." Luke said. Aayla could tell that was the last thing Luke wanted to do right now. Luke began to get up when Aayla grabbed his shoulder, but gently. He sat back down on the couch but now closer to her. They looked into each other's eyes unable to speak. Luke and Aayla leaned in closer on the couch. Luke's heart was racing.

Awaking at the Hospital

Luke woke up once again to Racer and Vas standing over his bed. "Stay with us." Racer said with a concerned look on his face. Luke could barely keep his eyes open let alone stay conscious. He tried to stay awake but couldn't. His eyes began to close. "Luke, don't." ordered Racer. Luke's eyes shut but could still hear Racer. He felt himself drifting unconscious. He kept trying and trying to stay awake. Finally, one eye popped open. Then another. Luke was finally strong enough to stay conscious. Luke spoke. "Aayla?" Luke asked. He was very drugged with things trying to keep him conscious. Racer was confused by what Luke said.

About 2 days later, Luke was released from the hospital. Luke was in a wheel chair now though but he would soon get out of it.

Bounty Hunter Work

It was early morning now. Luke woke up on the couch to see Aayla asleep on his lap. He gently pushed her off and got up to check the scanner. No bounty hunters were going on any missions. Also no transmissions from the mysterious leader of all bounty hunters. Luke opened the curtains to a large window. Luke looked out of it. A main road went by the castle. Speeder bikes went by every few minutes. Luke looked back at Aayla. She was starting to wake up. He went into the kitchen and got a cup of Jawa juice for her. She sat up on the couch and Luke handed her the glass. "Thank you." She said in a sweet voice. Luke sat down on the couch next to her. He took out his holoprojector and an image of Captain Fordo appeared. "I have been trying to contact you all night! Where have you been!?" Asked Fordo. Luke looked at Aayla. "Ummm.." Luke tried to answer but was interrupted by Fordo. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that there is an entire gang of bounty hunters arriving later today and they are from your last brush with the bounty hunters. They could blow your cover!" Fordo said stressed. "We'll handle it." Luke says with confidence. The hologram deactivates and Luke puts it away. He stands up and looks at Aayla. "Come on, we have a gang to intercept." Luke says. Aayla stands up. "Good idea." She says. They rent a speeder bike and Luke gets on the front to drive and Aayla sits on the back. They take off down the road. They ride about 2 miles away from the castle when they see the bounty hunter gang. Luke swerves out in front of them. They gang stops before hitting them. One of the hunters recognize Luke. He is the spy. "You all need to either reschedule your visit at the castle or you will be arrested." says Luke. A bounty hunter gets off his speeder. Luke is standing in front of them and watches as the bounty hunter walks towards him. "We.....don't take orders from you!" He yelled. The bounty hunter punched Luke in the stomach. "Ah!" groaned Luke. He held his stomach. Luke was winded. Aayla ran over to the bounty hunter that punched Luke. "We can have marines here in seconds. I suggest you reschedule." demands Aayla. "No woman, tells me....what to do!" yells the bounty hunter. He raises his hand to hit her. He swings. Luke stands up and punches him in the face before he can hit Aayla. The bounty hunter steps back some and grabs his jaw. "You!" He yells. The bounty hunter makes a fist and lunges toward Luke. Luke dodges and elbows the bounty hunter in the back causing him to fall on the ground. The bounty hunter stands back up. He is being humiliated. He lunges at Luke again but he is punched in the face. The bounty hunter falls yet again. Luke is stunned by how easy it is. The other bounty hunters watch this fight like it is a sporting event. The bounty hunter stands back up. He growls. He starts to lunge toward Luke when he pulls out a blaster pistol instead of a fist. Boom! He pulled the trigger and shot Luke point blank in the stomach. Luke's eyes widened. He felt a sharp pain go through his stomach. The pain grew. "Luke!" Aayla yelled. Luke looked down. He saw a hole in his upper stomach. Smoke came out of it from the laser. Luke's legs began to collapse. He fell to his knees. Aayla held him up. "Luke, Luke stay with me, please." She screamed. The bounty hunter then held the blaster pistol to Luke's head. "No!" yelled Aayla. The other bounty hunters raised their weapons to shoot Aayla. Boom! A gaping hole went through the Bounty hunter leader's head. A Marine sniper fired a laser bolt through his head. He fell on the ground. Another sniper shot a bounty hunter on a speeder bike. Then another. A clone medic ran over to Luke. He began to patch up Luke best he could before taking him to the hospital. Aayla was very worried.

When they got to the hospital Luke was immediately taken to the OR. Aayla waited outside. She felt like she was going to cry but tried not to. The clones were currently cleaning up the mess on the road so Grok would not get suspicious.

A few days later, Luke was released from the hospital. When Luke and Aayla got to their hotel room Aayla said something to Luke. "Please, dont ever do that again." Aayla pleaded. Luke nodded in agreement. They both sat on the couch. Captain Fordo called on the communicator. Luke activated it and Fordo spoke. "You made it back okay?" asked Fordo. "Yes, captain." Said Luke. "Thanks to the Marines we have been working with." Added Aayla. "About the Marines, they are now a permanent part of the team and you 2 have been assigned to be the official Anti-Bounty Hunter Task Force." Fordo Explained. Luke and Aayla's eyes widened. "Does that mean more undercover work?" Asked Aayla. "It could." Answered Fordo. Aayla looked at Luke and smiled. "That's great, Fordo. Thanks for telling us." Commended Luke. "No problem, sir." Said Fordo. The hologram deactivated. "This means we get more time to spend together." Says Aayla with excitement. "Yup." Says Luke. Aayla leaned in closer to Luke. She leaned even closer and towards his ear. "And that, is definitely, a plus." She whispered into Luke's ear. Luke smiled and turned to look at Aayla. They once again kissed. Luke set the deactivated hologram on the table in front of the couch. He continued to kiss her. This would definitely be a good Task Force for Luke. Going across the galaxy with Aayla to do undercover work. The Bounty Hunters would not stand a chance. 3 weeks later Grok's empire was brought down by Luke and Aayla after being together for a total of 1 month. They rested on the Star Destroyer, Fury and then went to their next planet. The planet was Garban.

Luke's Recovery

After Luke's encounter with a dangerous assasin at Ryloth Command, Luke was forced to use a wheel chair. He used it for about a month until after several visits to the bacta tank later, he was able to get rid of the wheel chair.

Luke's legs were unsteady. Luke assumed that would go away in time and he would be back to his normal self. Luke immediately wanted to get back in the marines. He was given a simple mission to start out with since he was not exactly in good shape to go to the front lines.

Luke's mission was to escort Senator Amidala to Naboo from Coruscant and guard her while she gave a speech there. It was better than nothing.

Protecting Senator Amidala

Naboo star skiff 1

Padme's royal ship is parked on a landing platform.

Luke stood leaned up against a guard rail on a landing platform. It was morning on Coruscant and it was expected to rain later in the day. This did not stop the planet from having a beautiful sunrise. Senator Amidala's star ship was ready and waiting for her to arrive. Luke had never met Amidala before but he heard she was a great senator.

Finally, Luke saw the blast door open on a building across from the landing platform. Captain Typho walked out followed by Padme Amidala. Several guards accompanied her. They walked towards the ship. Luke got up from the railing he was leaning on and began to walk towards them.

Luke walked along side Typho. "Hello, sir." Luke said holding out his hand. Typho turned to see him as if he had not seen him although Luke was sure he had. Perhaps the eyepatch was screwing up his vision. Luke made sure to take that into account if they got into any trouble on this mission. "Hello, Sergeant Docker, is it?" Typho asked. "Yes sir." Luke replied. "Glad to have you on board." Typho said. "Thank you, sir." Luke answered. Luke turned his head around to see Senator Amidala. She was very young he thought to be a senator. She seemed around his age. She had her hair straight and down. Apparently, nothing special was going to happen on the ship that she needed a fancy hair-do for. Luke found her rather beautiful but quickly began try to get rid of that thought because it would distract him from his job at hand. They entered the ship.

Padme listens to Luke

Padme listens to what Luke has to say.

Luke stepped to the side to let her enter. "Senator." He said nodding as she walked by. She gave him a quick smile and then walked on. Luke walked through the halls of the ship until he reached the cockpit. He made sure everything was functioning properly and then the pilots walked in. Luke walked towards the back of the ship where Senator Amidala's quarters were. He saw Captain Typho walk out. Typho nodded towards Luke as he walked by.

Luke walked into Amidala's room. "All of the systems are running smoothly. If all goes well, this should be an easy flight." Luke informed her of the situation. "Thank you." She said. Luke turned to leave the room.

"What's your name?" Padme asked him. Luke turned back around. "Luke." He said. "Luke Docker."

"That's a very nice name." She replied. "Thank you." Luke answered. "How did a marine Corporal get assigned to guard me?" Asked Padme.

"I was wounded. I am recovery from being in a wheel chair. I need to get back into action. I must help my friends." Luke explained.

Padme thought that was a very noble reason. She liked this soldier.

Luke walked out of the room and he began to walk down the hallway towards his small room. His leg limped a bit. Captain Typho saw this.

"Are you alright, Corporal?" Asked Typho. Luke turned around, a bit embarrased.

"Yes, I'm fine Captain." Luke answered quickly. Luke turned back around and went about his business.

Luke entered his room and shut the door behind him. He sat down on his bed. He took out his pistol and disassembled it. He tried to keep himself busy for the duration of the flight.

Luke restlessly laid in his bed. He couldn't sleep. He stood up, wiping sweat from his forehead and walked out of his room. He walked down the hallway. He found a closet and pressed a button to open it, expecting to find some type of beverage but instead discovered a Jedi robe. 

Luke wonder why a Jedi robe would be in the ship. Luke guessed it was from a Jedi providing security and left it there by mistake. Luke closed the closet and went on in search of refreshments.

Weequay mothership

Luke passed by the cockpit and noticed the door was open. He peered in and noticed both the pilots were asleep and automatic pilot was engaged. He shrugged it off although he thought the two men should be more observant. He began to walk away when he heard a beeping noise. He returned to the cockpit and saw a red light pulsing. He inspected it closer and. Realized the purpose of the alarm. A ship was approaching. Luke pulled up scans for the incoming starship. It was big. The ship was a circular Acushnet. The vehicle had been reported stolen long ago. The ship was heading straight for them.

Luke assumed it was pirates. He quickly awoke the pilots and he sounded the alarm. Luke's com link began to beep.

"Docker, what's going on?" Typho asked.

"Sir, there is an unidentified ship heading straight towards us. I think they might be pirates." Luke explains.

"Copy that. I'm on my way up to the cockpit. Get to the senator and keep her in her room." I'll handle any negotiations." Typho ordered.

"Yes, captain." Luke replied. He ended the transmission and ran down the halls to Padme's room.

Luke opened the door and walked in. Padme was asleep.

"My lady, please wake up." Luke asked.

Padme woke up. She sat up in her bed.

"What is going on, Corporal?" She asked.

"Pirates are approaching. I'm going to stay with you in here." Luke said.

"Okay. Have the pirates made any demands?" Padme asked.

"No, ma'am. They haven't made contact yet." Luke answered.

Suddenly, the ship shook. A loud bang followed. Luke pulled a pistol from his holster.

"What was that?" Padme asked.

"That would be the sound of us being boarded." Luke answered honestly.

The few Naboo guards ran to the entrance that the pirate ship has attached to. They got to defensive positions I front of the door and aimed their blasters at it. They waited for the door to be cut open.

A laser began cutting through the door. It made its way around it until the two ends met. The Naboo guards prepared to fire.

The door crumbled apart and the weequay pirates ran in firing. The Naboo guards returned fire and the hall was engulfed in smoke and ash.

The pirates laughed as they shot blaster bolt after blaster bolt. Eventually, the security detail was defeated and the pirates stood at attention while their Captain boarded the ship. 

Hondo Ohnaka boards the Crucible

Hondo boards the Naboo skiff.

Hondo Ohnaka stepped aboard the ship and glanced down at the scattered bodies of the naboo guards. He turned his gaze to another weequay. 

"Let's find that senator! Loot the ship for valuables. We want that profit!" Hondo exclaimed.

The pirates cheered and ran through the ship, ransacking every room. Hondo came across the cockpit along with two armed pirates. The door was jammed shut. The two pirates laid charges on the door and detonated it. The door exploded and the pirates ran in.

Captain Typho and the two pilots were in there. The pirates drew their weapons and held them at the heads of the Naboo security officers.

"Hello gentlemen. What a nice ship you have here." Hondo said playfully.

Meanwhile, back in Padme's room, Luke and Padme discussed their plan of action.

"That was an explosion!" Padme exclaimed.

"Yes, these pirates seem to be heavily armed." Luke assumed.

"What should we do?" Padme asked.

"Well, protocol states that I have to hide you under the floor boards in here." Luke explained.

"No. I'm not hiding. We have to help them. There could still be some survivors." Padme said insistently.

"I thought you might say that. I agree. Eventually, the pirates will find this room and notice it is the only one locked." Luke thought aloud.

"Yes, what should we do?" Padme asked.

"Well, I think we should let them in." Luke suggested.

"Let them what?" Padme asked in concern.

"Hear me out. Judging by the amount of blaster fire I am guessing there are about 10 pirates on board. They will be split up searching the ship. One or two might find this room. We leave it unlocked and hide under the floor boards. I can hotwire the door so that it closes after the pirates get in here." Luke explained.

Padme nodded, following along.

"Once the pirates are trapped in here, I burst out from the floor boards and take them out with the element of surprise." Luke finished.

"Good plan, Luke." Padme smiled.

"That leaves 8 pirates onboard." Luke added.

"We can sneak past the rest of the pirates and call for help." Padme speculated.

"Yes, I will get to hot-wiring that door." Luke said. He ran over to the door while Padme worked on opening up the floor boards.

"You are interfering with a diplomatic mission to Naboo. The Republic Senate will not take kindly to this!" Typho says to Hondo.

"All you need to do, is give me the location of the senator and let me strip this ship of all it's valuables, then I will be on my way." Hondo stated.

"You realize that is more difficult than you are making it out to be..." Typho replied.

"Haha! I like this one!" Hondo says to another pirate. They both laugh.

"I'm done. I can hear them coming! Quick, get in there." Luke says rushed.

"I'm trying. It's a tight fit." Padme said exhaustingly.

"It's gonna be a tighter fit when I get in there, my lady." Luke replied jokingly.

Padme laid down underneath the floorboard while Luke crawled down on top of her. Luke strained to close the panel before the pirates got in.

He closed it successfully and lowered his arms to grab for his pistol. He elbowed Padme in the shoulder.

"Ow!" Padme said exaggerating the force.

"I'm sorry, gotta get my blaster out, ma'am." Luke said grabbing his blaster.

"It's alright, Luke. And call me Padme." She said almost laughing.

Padme tried adjusting herself to get more comfortable when her knee raised up under Luke and hit him in a certain sensitive area.

"Argh." Luke groaned.

"Woops, sorry Luke." Padme apologized.

"No... problem...., Padme." Luke responded in pain.

Luke heard the door slide open to the room. The two of them were silent. The pirates walked in and looked around.

"This is a good quality room we got here." said one of the pirates.

Luke heard the door close. 

"Hey! What was that." said the other weequay pirate.

Luke shoved open the floor panel and raised his weapon.

He opened fire and shot both of the pirates. He sighed in relief and then helped Padme out from under the floor.

"Alright, follow me. We can call for a detachment of the Coruscant Guard." Luke explained.

"Right, I'll be right behind you." Padme replies.

Luke and Padme creep down the halls of the ship to a small room that has a holotable. They go in and shut the door behind them.

Luke presses some buttons and enters some numbers. Moments later, the room is illuminated by the blue glow of a hologram.

"This is Commander Thorn. What seems to be the problem?" Thorn asks.

"Commander, this is Corporal Docker. Senator Amidala's ship has been highjacked by pirates. I will send you the coordinates."  Luke explains.

"Copy that, we will have squads dispatched immediately." Thorn replies.

"Thank you, Commander. Docker out." Luke says as the transmission ends.

The holograms disolves and the room returns to it's previous lighting conditions. 

"Now what?" Padme asks.

"Now, we wait for help to arrive. Except, I'm impatient. Let's go see what we can do about this pirate infestation." Luke says cheerfully.

"Nothing dampens your spirits, does it Luke?" Padme asks grinning.

"Ha! You should see my friend Marl." Luke says as the two exit the room and enter the hallway again.

Luke and Padme walk out and are surrounded by several pirates. Luke looks between each one.

"Lay down your arms!" A pirate shouts.

Luke reluctantly drops his weapon and raises his hands behind his head. Padme does the same.

The two are taken to Hondo Ohnaka in the cockpit. Captain Typho is on his knees along with the two pilots. Luke and Padme walk in. 

"My lady, I'm sorry." Typho says immediately.

"It's alright, Captain." Padme replied sympathetically.

"Captain? Ha! Captain of what? This ship is mine. I am the captain now." Hondo says laughing.

Luke and Padme exchange wary glances. Luke hoped the Coruscant Guard would get there soon.

Republic frigate

A republic frigate blasts out of hyperspace and comes up alongside the yacht. In the cockpit of Padme's ship, a viewscreen activates showing the helmeted face of Commander Thorn.

"Attention highjacked vessel, do not deviate from your current course or you will be fired upon." Thorn orders.

Hondo facepalms.

"Who let them call for help!" Hondo shouts.

Hondo's crew exchange panicked glances. 

"Listen, Commander. I'm sure you were having a nice day and then you heard about this little situation here. Wouldn't it be nice if you went back to said nice day?" Hondo asks.

Thorn stares at Hondo through the video screen, puzzled, trying to analyze the weequay.

"Not to alarm you, but you're being boarded. Any resistance will result in your fancy pirate ship over there being melted down on the spice mines of Kessel. Since I'm a forgiving man, I'll let you out of this alive." Thorn negotiates.

Hondo reluctantly agrees. A squad of shock troopers clears out the ship and works their way to the cockpit.

"Are you alright, senator?" Asks a trooper.

"Yes, thanks to Corporal Docker here." Padme says.

"It's nothing, my lady. Just doing my job. Happy to help." Luke replies.

The shock troopers supervise Hondo's exit of the ship and they watch the pirate spacecraft jump into hyperspace.

The starship lands on the surface of Pantora. Luke helps Padme down the boarding ramp. They reach the bottom and Padme stops to speak with Luke.

"I truly appreciate your help, Luke. We could use more people like you in this galaxy." Padme says.

"Thank you, your appreciation is appreciated." Luke grins.

"I hope to see you again sometime, Luke. I really like that name." Padme says as she walks off.

Luke smiles and watches as Senator Amidala walks off. Another mission accomplished. Hopefully now he could go back to the front lines.

Aftermath of Hypori

Aayla tells Yoda she needs to take a Meditative Retreat

Aayla suggests a meditative retreat to Yoda.

Following the numerous bounty hunter operations that Luke and Aayla participated in and after the formation of the task force, Aayla became pregnant. Luke was the father. Aayla could be expelled from the Jedi Order. This presented a problem for the two of them. Aayla planned to take a meditative retreat.

Four standard months after the Battle of Geonosis, Aayla Secura was among five Jedi who were attacked by General Grievous during the Battle of Hypori. This was the first reported sighting of the notorious droid general. The Jedi fought valiantly but were ultimately defeated. Aayla was critically injured and only Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, and herself had survived. They were rescued by an ARC Trooper unit led by Captain Fordo. 

Luke met Aayla at a medical facility. He made sure know one knew about the baby. The medical droid told the two of them, the Aayla had unfortunately lost the baby. Luke and Aayla were devastated. Due to the emotional stress and now the grief that had come between them, they decided it was best to split. The two go their separate ways for the majority of the war.

Attack on Corellia

Luke Docker walked through the blast doors to the bridge of a Republic cruiser. He had full white phase 1 armor on him. He also had a black kama on him and a black pauldron. He walked forward towards a young woman with short, brown hair. She wore a brown tunic and stood in the middle of the bridge staring at the stars ahead of them. She was apparently deep in thought. Luke stopped behind her. "Excuse me, ma'am." Luke said. Commander Etain Tur-Mukan turned around to see Luke. "I am sorry to disturb you, commander, but the team is ready." Luke informed her. "Please, take off your helmet." Etain said. Luke had never been told to do that before by a Jedi. "Yes sir." Luke said obediently. He lifted his helmet off from on his head to reveal his human face. Etain seemed shocked. "Your not a clone?" Asked Etain in bewilderment. "No ma'am." Luke answered. Etain seemed puzzled. Luke began to feel a bit uncomfortable. Etain smiled and reached out her hand. "Nice to meet you," Etain indicated she wanted his name. Luke reached for her hand and said "Luke Docker." He shook her hand and straightened back up. "Now, commander, we must go." Luke prompted as he gestured toward the blast doors in which he came. She followed him as he lead her to the hangar. Luke walked over to a ship that looked like it had seen a lot of action. Luke walked under it approaching the ramp leading into it. He rubbed his hand across it as he walked. "This here, is the Millennium Falcon." Luke said. Etain nodded. Commander Gett was standing with another trooper near the entrance to the Falcon. Luke and Etain stepped towards him. Commander Gett turned to face Luke and Etain. The trooper he had been speaking with walked on board the ship. "General." Gett acknowledged her. "Commander, this is Captain Luke Docker." She introduced. "Commander Gett." Gett said as he shook Luke's hand. "It's a pleasure, sir." Luke said. Commander Gree and ARC Captain Fordo walked up behind Luke and Etain. Three clone troopers followed Commander Gree. "What's the plan?" Asked Fordo. Gett stepped forward. "We have this freighter packed with troops. We head down into the docking bay of a Trade Federation spaceport. We unleash ---- on them. We send word to the cruiser once we have deactivated the defensive towers surrounding the city and the rest of our boys rain down on them beginning the seige." Gett explained. Gree and Fordo stood still for a moment contemplating the plan. "Sounds good." Gree said. A group of five clone troopers passed by Luke and Etain. Gett waved them into the Falcon. Commander Gree motioned for his troops to follow him into the Falcon. They walked on board. ARC Captain Fordo stepped toward Luke as Luke replaced his helmet. "I hope this works." Fordo said. "It will. It will." Luke said. Etain admired his determination. She followed Gett on board after Luke and Fordo entered the Falcon. There was now a total of 9 troopers on board, two pilots, Captain Fordo, Captain Luke Docker, Commander Gree, Commander Gett, and General Etain Tur-Mukan.

The Millennium Falcon's engines ignited in blue light and the ship took off. It flew out of the cruiser's hangar and flew towards Corellia. Luke stood in the cock pit with the two clone pilots. He watched as Corellia seemed to get bigger and bigger as they flew closer to it. Luke looked behind him to see Etain standing there. "General." He said and straightened up his posture. She smiled. "There is no need for that right now." Etain said still smiling. Luke removed his helmet from his head. Commander Gett appeared from behind Etain. "General, everyone in the back is prepped and ready to go." He said with confidence. "Good, commander." She said. Luke turned away from her and looked out the window of the cockpit some more. They were entering the atmosphere. Luke replaced his helmet. Etain went back with the troops to talk with them and Captain Fordo came into the cockpit. "Luke." Fordo said trying to get his attention. Luke turned to see him. Fordo gestured for Luke to come with him. They walked into a small room. Fordo closed the door behind them. "What is it?" Asked Luke. Fordo removed his helmet. Luke did so as well. Fordo paused for a moment staring somewhat at Luke before speaking. "I am not sure if this plan is going to work anymore." Fordo said with concern. Their voices were at a whisper. "Why?" Asked Luke. "I just received word that our scouts who were sniffing around the spaceport we are headed to were captured. They could give the enemy the plan." Fordo said. Luke sighed. "This does not look good." Luke said. "But, it is possible that they were killed immediately or these scouts will not give up the information." Fordo said trying to sound positive. Luke thought for a moment. "Let's hope that is the case." Luke said. "Should we tell the general?" Asked Fordo. Luke really thought about that one. "If we tell her that, then she will probably abort the mission. It is still possible that this will work in our favor." Luke suggested. "Alright. We will keep this between us." Fordo said. "Agreed." Luke said. They both took a deep breathe. Fordo and Luke both replaced their helmets. They walked out of the room back to the cockpit.

The ship was approaching the spaceport. They were not being shot down. That was a good sign. Luke and Fordo looked at each other through their helmets. The anxiety was growing on them. The Falcon was almost to the spaceport. Etain was watching as the Falcon slowed down. Then all of the sudden the auto-turrets on the spaceports towers activated. They pointed towards the Falcon and opened fire. The Falcon swerved all over avoiding the shower of lasers. Luke grabbed onto a control panel next to him to keep him up. It was going to be a bumpy ride. Luke could tell the pilots were panicking. Luke glanced back at Etain who was remaining calm. then Luke felt a huge crash. Two missiles hit the Falcon. The ship lost control. "Meday! Meday!" Yelled a pilot. They were trying to keep the ship from slamming into the ground. But inevitably, they were crashing. The Falcon slammed into the ground but not as hard as it could have been. It slid across the ground. It was muddy. Mud splattered all over the ship as it rained. Thunder and lightning continued as Luke stood up from being knocked over by the impact. Etain was on the ground. "General." He said. He walked over to her. It was dark in the ship. Lights flickered on and off every so often. Sparks jumped off wires. Luke knelt down next to Etain. A fallen chair was next to her. It had hit her in the head. She weakly lifted up her head. She looked up at Luke. Luke reached out for her hand. She grabbed it. He lifted her to her feet. "Are you alright?" Asked Luke. "I'm fine." She said. Fordo checked the pulses of the unconscious pilots. "Pilots are dead." Fordo announced. Luke turned his head to see them. Etain was saddened by that. Fordo, Luke, and Etain walked to the back of the ship. They walked slowly and carefully so they were not to fall over on things in the darkness. Luke heard thunder in the distance. Then he saw Commander Gree and Gett with 8 clone troopers. "One dead sir." Gree announced. He gestured towards the white armored clone that lay on the ground with cables dangling above him. Luke walked to the ramp of the ship and opened the hatch. They all walked out. They stomped through the mud. Fordo held his binoculars up to his helmet. He scanned the horizon. He could see a large rock structure where the spaceport was located on. "We still need to complete this mission." Luke said. "We will march for the spaceport." Fordo said. "I agree." Luke replied. Etain walked towards Luke. "How are we going to make it there unnoticed." She asked. Huge rocks and boulders were ahead of them. "We run from boulder to boulder. The spaceport is not too far from here." Luke suggested. The rain poured down harder. "Alright, then let's get a move on." Commander Gett ordered. They all ran towards the vast fields of mud and rocks and hid behind each one and ran to the next.

Etain ran over to the rock Luke was hiding behind. Luke turned to see her. "You kept something from me." She said. Luke's eyes widened underneath his helmet. "You endangered the mission." Etain said staring straight through Luke's helmet almost. "Look, ma'am, there was a good chance that the worst would not happen." Luke defended himself. "But the worst did happen, Captain. And we lost three good troopers because of it." Etain said. She was angry. "I am sorry. I should have told you." Luke said.

"Get moving!" Yelled Commander Gree. Luke and Etain ran from their rock to the next one. They were almost to the spaceport. Luke ran to the rock where Fordo was hiding behind. "She knows." Luke said. Fordo was surprised. "Blasted. How?" He asked. "I have no idea." Luke replied.

"Move!" Shouted Commander Gett. The troops moved on towards the spaceport. They made it to a giant rockwall. At the top was the spaceport. There was a small door on the side of the "mountain". "Ascension cables!" Shouted Commander Gree. They all propelled their cables to the ledge near the top where a landing platform was. They all pulled themselves up to a ledge on the rocky side of the mountain. There was a door. "We should split up and go in separate ways." Luke said. "Sounds good." Fordo said. "General Etain and I will go with Fordo." Commander Gett announced. "I will take my men with me and Luke." Commander Gree said. They split ways. Fordo's group goes through the door while Luke's group climbed to the top and onto the landing platform.

Luke led Commander Gree and his troops towards a large door. "How are we getting in there?" Asked Gree. Luke stood there for a moment and pondered on that. He pulled out his blaster pistol. "Like this." Luke said as he aimed his pistol towards the control panel and fired. Sparks flew from the control panel. The doors began to open. "Here we go." Luke said proudly. it was still raining. It seemed as if it was never going to stop. Typical.

The doors opened fully to reveal Asajj Ventress standing in the doorway. The clones aimed their rifles at her. She stood there as if she was in no danger. Luke held up his hand. "I'll handle this." Luke said. Commander Gree motioned for his men to stand down then follow him. They went around the long way. Luke aimed his blaster at her. She walked toward him. She still had not activated her lightsabers. "It's been a while, Asajj." Luke said. Asajj was now right infront of him. "It has. It was very fun the last time we met." Asajj replied with a grin. Luke lowered his blaster. Luke removed his helmet and carefully placed it on the ground. "What are you doing here?" Asked Luke. Asajj smiled. "Oh, just the usuall." Asajj said. Luke stepped closer to her. "And what might that be?" Asked Luke. Asajj smiled and put her hand on his cheek. She pulled their heads a bit closer as if to kiss him but instead Asajj brought up a small device and and it electrocuted Luke. Luke's body collapsed onto the ground.

Luke awoke in a small room on a large couch. He weakly turned his head and saw a small window on the opposite side of the room. He stood up. He walked over and looked out the window. A Republic cruiser entered the atmosphere and swarms of gunships poured out. Etain and Fordo had managed to deactivate the turrets. The fleet had begun the invasion. Then Luke had a grave thought. When the team goes to the gunship for extraction, it will leave without him. He was stuck in the spaceport. Luke browsed the room. He found the door. He began to walk towards it to see if he could escape. He reached for the control panel. The door slid open before he could touch it. Asajj Ventress was standing there. "Luke, so happy you could join me for dinner." She said. She walked in and the door locked behind her. She gestured for him to sit at a table. He walked over and sat down. She sat across from him. "Why am I here?" Asked Luke. "You are sort of our hostage. The republic will not fire upon this facility with you inside of it." Asajj said. Luke stood up from his chair. "I won't be here much longer." Luke said with confidence. Asajj stood up as well. "Oh, but you will be staying here for quite some time." Asajj said with a grin. She walked over to Luke who was now looking out the small window. He watched the gunships land. Clones poured out. The droids prepared for battle. Luke saw another gunship fly over top of the facility. It was heading to the extraction point. Luke knew he had to get out of there. How could he with Ventress standing next to him? He noticed her lightsaber. He was standing near the outside wall. He could use that lightsaber. He just had to think of a way to get it. "If I'm going to be here a while let's make the best of it." Luke said as he turned to face Asajj. He reached his hands forward and wrapped his arms around her waist. Asajj flashed an evil grin. Luke ripped Asajj's lightsaber off of her belt and ignited it. Luke quickly slashed at the wall several times and slammed his shoulder into it. He broke through the wall. He forgot how high up he was. He deactivated the lightsaber as his body tipped out the opening in the wall. The saber fell onto the floor of the room he was in before he fell out. Ventress picked it up as Luke fell about two stories onto a muddy incline and he slid down to the bottom rolling and hitting occasional rocks. It was painful, but his plan worked, he was out.

Once Luke stopped falling, he stood up. His leg was bleeding. It was raining still and he limped around to the back of the facility as fast as he could.

The team Luke arrived with loaded up into the gunship. Fordo and Etain stood outside. "We should wait for him." Fordo said. Etain stared out at the horizon. Etain had been in a similar situation before with Omega Squad, a group of Republic Commandos. Commander Gree hopped out. "He is probably dead. We need to go." Gree said intently. "No, he is alive I can feel it." Etain said. Etain regretted being so hard on Luke. Maybe what he had done was for the best. If she would have been told, then the mission would have been aborted and the opportunity missed. They still ultimately completed their mission. Then she saw a small silhouette of a man. Luke was limping towards them. Fordo smiled. "Get that AT-RT out here now!" Fordo ordered as he gestured towards Luke. The back hatch of the gunship opened and an AT-RT sprinted out. It picked up Luke and carried him into the gunship. The gunship took off back to the cruiser. Their mission had been accomplished. Later, the Millennium Falcon would be repaired.

Invasion of Ryloth Command

Luke was at Ryloth Command, a very important military base located on the planet Ryloth. Luke was sitting at a table in the mess hall. He occasionally took a drink of his jawa juice while he read a holozine. This was some time Luke could use to rest, so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity.
Luke at Ryloth Command morning

It was early morning, and Luke was finishing his morning meal. The last of the clones who slept in late were waking up. Marl walked into the mess hall. He grabbed himself some food from the service droid and proceeded to walk over and sit next to Luke.

"Good morning, Luke." Marl said. "Hey Marl." Luke responded. Marl began eating his food. "You know John Sentinel? From Republic Intel.?" Marl asked. "Ya, I have run a few ops with him. Why?" Luke answered. "He just got back from an op on Rhen Var." Marl announced to Luke. "Good." Luke replied.

"Hey, can you believe it has almost been a year since the Battle of Geonosis?" Marl asked with interest.

"No, it feels like just yesterday we were frying those bugs." Luke replied. Luke took a sip of his Jawa Juice.

Luke Docker-Invasion of Ryloth Command

Luke talking with Marl in the morning.

"Hey, you know Kala Racer? Racer's wife?" Marl asked.

"Yes, I think we all do." Luke said sarcastically. Marl chuckled at that remark.

"Well, she has a sister. Her name is Sarah Amadale. She is joining the marines." Marl explained.

"Isn't she the senator? That is an awfully big jump from senator to a marine." Luke said ominously.

"Yes, we will have to see how she is on the battlefield." Marl suggested.

"Yeah, I remember meeting her at Racer's wedding. She was nice." Luke took another sip of jawa juice.

Marl nodded his head in agreement.

"And, by the way, she is coming here." Marl said suddenly.

"What? When? Why? How?" Luke asked. Marl smiled.

"She will be here in the evening. I won't be here, however I think Turbo will still be here." Marl explained calmly.

"Okay, I guess I will go tidy things up if a senator is coming." Luke suggested. Marl chuckled. Luke walked away with his cup of jawa juice.

-10 hours later-

Luke, Marl, and Elitemarine Turbo waited at the main entrance for Sarah Amadale to arrive. She was about 5 minutes late now.

"She is late." Luke implied. Marl smiled then looked at Luke.

"Maybe she is just fashionably late." Marl speculated. Luke laughed. Luke wondered what this senator would be like and why she would now be a marine.

Then, a shuttle landed in front of the huge base. Sarah walked down a ramp and towards the 3 marines.

Luke after just meeting Sarah

Luke after meeting Sarah.

"Evening, ma'am. Quite a career change we have here." Luke said with a grin.

Amadale smiled casually. "I guess, I have had a change of heart...." She said as she waited to be given his name.

"Luke Docker, ma'am. Gunnery Sergeant Luke Docker, of the Republic Marine Havoc Squad." Luke said with pride.

"Well, Sergeant. Would you care to show me around this base of yours." Sarah asked.

"As you wish." Luke replied.

"Do you have any ships here?" Sarah asked with interest.

"Yes, I have an LAAT gunship and a few other customs I have been working on." Luke answered.

Sarah seemed excited by this news. "You do have ships? I want to see them." She demanded.

"Alright, alright. Go to the end of that hallway, I will join you in a moment." Luke told her. She accepted and walked down the hallway. Luke turned to Marl.

"She seems pretty energetic like her sister." Luke said with a grin.

"You got that right." Marl replied.

"Still, there's something about her that.... eh, I don't know. I guess I will get to know her tonight." Luke finished.

"Alright, well I gotta get going. See ya Luke. Bye Turbo." Marl walked over to a parked speeder. He sat down and started up it's engines. Luke saw a rotary cannon sitting in the passenger seat. Luke wondered why that was there.

Luke turned back to face the hallway. He motioned for Turbo to follow him. They both walked down the hallway when Luke noticed Sarah was gone.

"Where did she go?" Luke asked with concern.

Turbo simply shrugged his shoulders. Luke looked around in the main lobby area. She was nowhere to be found. Luke went to the upward levels. He glanced out the window to see Sarah in another window across from him.
Luke Docker-Invasion of Ryloth Command and Meeting Sarah

Luke with Sarah in lounge.

Luke sighed with relief. Sarah ran to where the two buildings met as did Luke. They met in the middle.

"I told you to wait for me." Luke said annoyed.

"Woops." Sarah replied. Luke forgave her curiousity and showed her his ships.

Sarah was impressed by his talent of working on ships. Luke and Sarah then were engulfed in a conversation covering many topics in the lounge.

"Hey, I think I remember you from Kala's wedding." Sarah said.

"Yes, I was there. I thought you looked familiar." Luke replied.

Eventually, Turbo came along and joined them. As the night progressed, Sarah began acting like a turkey. Luke pretended to be her "Turkeymaster" and a unique bond was formed.

They all discussed many things. Luke did not think of Sarah as just another senator that could rarely be trusted, but as a true friend.

Attack of the Rancor and Assault on the Airfield

(This was actually the first story ever written on this page. It has not been modified since it's debut.)

Luke speaks with Rex

Luke reports to Rex.

It was at the beginning of the Battle of Umbara when Luke Docker met up with Captain Rex of the 501st Torrent company. Rex briefed Luke on the current situation. He needed a small team to infiltrate the Umbaran airbase and destroy the enemy aircraft and Anti-aircraft turrets. Luke knew what the best squad for the job was, the Republic Marine Havoc Squad! Luke asked Squadleader Racer, Cold Sniperline, Commander Colt141, Vasco Gomes and the rest of the squad if they were willing to go on this dangerous mission
Luke in squad Uniform

Luke in squad uniform.

to the airfield. Of course, they said yes. They geared up and marched towards the airfield. Commander Spike and Commander Neyo both went ahead on AT-RT and scouted a route to the airfield. There were many ships battling in the sky above. As the squad cautiously went down the path, a destroyed Umbaran shuttle crashed on the path. It now blocked their way towards the airfield. Only one man was wounded. Lions Stafford was wounded but it was not too bad so he still came along with the squad after Luke and Vasco helped patch him up. The squad had no choice but to go through deadly Rancor territory to get to the airbase. Racer led the squad stealthily through the Umbaran forests. Cold went ahead and got a good vantage point of the upcoming terrain and saw a full battalion of droids and Umbarans!

"Racer we've got company!" says Cold.

"How far ahead?" Asked Racer.

"About 30 yards straight ahead!" Replies Cold.

The squad meets up with Cold and they decide what to do. Commander Colt141 suggests we have cold snipe them out. Racer considered the plan to that idea and went with Colt's idea. His idea was that he snipes the leader of the battalion then they will not know what to do and they will be able to destroy them all easier. Luke agreed with this. Cold set up on a small hill and aimed his sniper rifle at the leader. He shot him.

"Go,go,go!" Yelled Vasco.

"Move in!" shouted Luke.

The Monstrous Rancor

They eventually destroyed all the droids and Umbarans. Then they heard a roar. They had woken up a Rancor! They turned to see a giant beast coming towards them! They all opened fire. Luke pulled out his rocket launcher. He aimed it at the Rancor. It was going towards Racer, Colt, and Lions. The rancor was quickly getting closer and Luke did not want to miss.

"Take the shot!" Yelled Racer.

Luke fired at the Rancor and it hit the Rancor in the back of the head. The Rancor was incredibly weakened. The rest of them opened fire. Then the creature fell to the ground. They defeated it.

"Man down!" screamed Commander Colt141.

{C {C {C {C {C "Ahhh!" Wailed Commander Key26.

Vasco ran over to the commander followed by Luke, Racer, Colt and Cold. Commander Key had been hit by the Rancor's hand as it swung violently at the squad. His leg was broke and he was slammed into an Umbaran tree. Vasco tended to Key. The rest of the squad looked around nervously. Then they heard a roar.
Umbara detail


Racer looked through the trees and vines and flora of Umbara to see if he could see the terrible creature that they had heard. It was very dark. Racer announced that they had to keep moving if they were to complete this mission. So they left Cyrus with Key and they called in a gunship that should arrive soon. Luke gave Key his pistol to use since his weapon was destroyed.

"Be strong." Said Luke.

They finally reached the airfield. They planned their attack. They will split into 2 man teams and meet in the middle once they had destroyed all the Umbaran Technology. The teams were; Racer and Luke, Cold and Vas, Colt and Lions, EliteMarine Turbo and Sora Seaside, EliteMarine Trinto and DarkKnight Sentinel, and last but not least Ghost Farewalker and Sergeant GreenWizard. This airfield was huge and was going to take alot of explosives to destroy the hangars. Racer and Luke entered the airfield. It was surprising empty outside. Well, at least there were no Umbaran soldiers out there. All the squad members moved in to begin planting explosives. Then they heard Engines
Umbaranstarfighter detail

Umbaran Starfighter

from above. Umbaran fighters were flying overhead. It was a Trap! The ships began dropping bombs on the runways where the squad was.

"Take cover!" Ordered Racer.

"Fall back!" Yelled Luke.

The squads ran to find cover behind the buildings. The last people in were Turbo and Sora. A bomb exploded right behind them. They went flying up and towards the squad. They hit the ground and were unconscious.

"Man down!" Yelled Cold.

"Medic!" Yelled Sentinel.

Luke and Vas dragged the bodies of Turbo and Sora to behind them. Most of the squad was now behind the same large building. It was chaos. Bombs were dropping everywhere. Racer was barking out orders when another bomb dropped on the building next to the building they were at. Ghost checked around back for any sneak attacks. He saw a group of Umbarans coming this way. They shot at him. He ducked back behind the wall and alerted the others. They were being boxed in. Luke noticed that the fighters' bombardment had ceased. But, tanks were moving in! Trinto, Colt, and Ghost prepared for the troops moving in behind them. The tanks were getting closer to them from the runway. Then Luke had an idea.

"We can scale the wall then we could have the higher ground. We could shoot the tanks with rocket launchers and Cold can snipe away at the Umbarans." Suggests Luke.

Racer agreed and they shot ascension cables to the top of the building and began scaling the wall. Luke and Vas carried Turbo and Sora still unconscious on their backs. They all reached the top and by then the tanks were now directly in front of the building. The Umbarans began shooting up at them. Cold sniped one in the head. The rest of the clones fired their blasters at the Umbarans. The tanks fired at the top of the building. The blast shook the building causing Racer to lose his balance and start to fall off the building. Racer slipped and began to slide down the dome shaped hangar. Luke dove after him and grabbed his arm. Luke pulled Racer back up to where they were at and helped him to his feet.

Umbarans detail

Umbaran soldiers

"Thank you." Said Racer.

"No problem." Replies Luke.

Luke gets out his rocket launcher and aims at a tank below. Luke gets a clear shot.

"Fire!" Orders Racer.

Luke fired. It was a direct hit. The tank exploded and collapsed. There were still 2 more tanks left. Luke reloaded the rocket launcher and aimed at the second tank. He fired and destroyed that one then he fired and hit the next

Umbaranhovertank relationship

Umbara hovertank

one. All the tanks had been destroyed. Vas and Trinto went down to see if any Umbarans were still alive. Trinto walked around the building. Vas looked around the side. An Umbaran crept up behind him with a knife. He got closer and closer when BOOOM! Vas had pulled out his pistol and shot him point blank range in the head. Smoke emitted from Vasco's blaster. Trinto ran around the building to see what had happened. But Vas had shot the last one. It was safe. Or so they thought. A giant Umbaran MHC tank walked on the airfield! This was a very powerful tank
Umbaranmhc detail

Umbaran MHC Tank

that could completely annihilate the buildings giving them cover. Luke ordered the men to fall back to some trenches just outside of the airfield. Luke ran followed by Cold, Ghost, Vasco, Trinto, Racer, and the rest of the squad. A squad of Umbarans ran after them when they got to trenches. Cold began sniping them as they came running over.

"Boom, thats a head-shot son!" Yelled Cold.

Luke fired and fired at the incoming Umbarans. Racer heard engines overhead. The tank grew closer and closer. The engines became louder. The tank stomped louder and louder. The engines grew louder than ever it was Y-wing bombers. They flew by and bombed the tank. The tank fell onto the ground. Two gunships flew in and landed near the squad. Lord Skyweave stepped out of the gunship as the door opened followed by Cyrus Coldstinger. Commander Spike and Commander Neyo stepped out behind them. Then Fives, Jesse, Kix, Tup, Hardcase, Dogma, and Rex walked out. The Republic Marine Havoc Squad stepped towards them in a line. Luke, Racer, Cold, Vasco, and Sentinel were in front.

Captain Rex is gonna shoot ya! Hehe

"Thank you for capturing the airbase, Havoc squad." Said Rex.

"It was your orders, sir." Said Luke.

"The thing is, Krell isn't going to like this." Said Fives.
SquadLeader Racer

SL-1477 "Racer"

"Does he ever?" Asked Racer.

Everyone chuckled.

Arctrooperfives detail

Arc Trooper Fives

"Luke, your actions today show you are a good leader. You deserve a promotion." Said Rex.

"Thank you, sir." said Luke.

''"Lets get you back to the base." Said Jesse.

The squad boards the gunship and they fly away back to base.

"Good job today, Luke." Ghost says as he pats Luke on the shoulder.

"Yes, I agree with Rex." Says Racer.

Republic Marine Havoc squad

"Thank you." says Luke.

'''{The end}

Operation Nightvision

Operation Nightvision was a very important mission. It could turn the tide of the war. The marines were stationed on one of the mining facilities of Bespin. They were in a city that was floating in the clouds. It was a beautiful sight
Escort to Cloud City
and had been nicknamed Cloud City. It was sunset and the sky was a bright orange color. The wonderful light reflected off the surface of the white durasteel walls of buildings in the city. Luke walked through a hallway. he passed by a squad of clone troopers wearing light blue phase I armor. Luke kept on walking down the bright
Cloudcity detail
hallway. On the whole left side of the hallway, there were windows. The natural light coming in was stunning. Luke reached the end of the hallway and was faced with a door. He typed in his key code and entered the room. Inside was Sergeant Greenwizard and FieldCommander Racer. Luke walked in and greeted both of them.
Green and Luke

Green speaking with Luke.

"Evening, General." Luke said to Green. Greenwizard was the squad's Jedi General. Green cared about them. "Good Evening, Luke." Green replied to Luke. Luke looked over at Racer who was studying a holoscreen. Racer looked up. Luke nodded. Racer nodded back.

"Luke, notify the men that they need to come to the briefing room in an hour." Green ordered Luke. "Yes sir." Luke replied. Luke turned and walked out the door and back into the hallway.

Luke knew exactly where to find the marines. It was a simple task.

Luke arrived at the cafe located on the top level of the city. He walked in and immediately saw a big crowd of people sitting at a huge round table. Everyone was laughing. Luke saw Marl. A waitress walked over to him. She handed him a glass of what Luke made out to be Jawa Juice.

Luke also saw Key. He was sitting at the table eating a nerf steak. Most of them were eating nerf steaks. Jaller Racer was, along with Elitemarine Turbo, Commander Colt141, Shockwave, and Spike. The others were just drinking. Vas was drinking a glass of bantha brew and Teck Polarmelder was drinking Blue Milk. Luke saw Cold just sitting there with a small blaster pistol in his hand, disassembling it and then reassembling it.

Luke walked over to join them. He was stopped by a waitress. "Would you like a cup of jawa juice?" Asked the woman. "Yes, please." Luke said politely. the waitress walked off to put in his order. Luke grabbed a chair and set it down next to the big round table. "Hello, everyone." Luke said. "Hey Luke." The marines said that almost simultaneously.

The waitress brought over Luke's glass of Jawa juice. "I was just telling the men about how I cut the head off a weequay." Turbo said. "Come on, we all do that from time to time." Marl said with a grin. They all laughed. "The Universe would be just fine without those dumb weequays." Luke said. "Ya." Said Shockwave.

"I heard a commando from Omega Squad slotted one by shoving his vibroblade up under his chin and twisting the blade, severing all blodd vessels." Vas said plainly. The table was completely quiet. No one moved they just stared at Vas. Then all of the sudden everyone burst out laughing. Luke was definitely with a funny batch of clones.

An hour later, the marines filled up the briefing room. They sat in chairs near the back while in the front stood Sergeant Greenwizard and FieldCommander Racer. The briefing room door slid open and in walked Jedi General
Quinlanvos detail

Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos. Luke had heard a lot about General Vos through the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) saying that he didn't give a womp rat's backside about clones. Luke thought he should just leave the Jedi order because the council wasn't to fond of him either. Vos walked over and stood next to Green.

Turbo leaned over towards Luke from the chair next to him. He whispered to Luke. "Ugh, I hope Vos isn't coming on this mission with us." Turbo complained. Luke smiled. Luke remembered Vos was Aayla Secura's master. Luke didn't know how someone like Vos could train someone like Aayla. Vos was talking to Green quietly about something. Luke couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Luke turned around a bit in his seat to look at the row of chairs behind him.

"Cold," Luke whispered. Cold leaned forward in his chair. "What?" Cold asked. "Can you make out what they are saying?" Asked Luke. Cold's eyes looked up towards the two jedi. He studied their lips. Then Cold looked down and whispered to Luke. "Something about Dooku and wanting to know if sources were realiable." Cold explained. Luke tried to figure out what that meant. Then Vos and Green stopped talking and turned to face the marines.

"Alright meatbags, we have a big job ahead of us." Vos said with ignorance. Green glared at him. Luke could feel the tension in the room rise after Vos's comment. Vos had better watch his back. "I think I will do the talking."
Quinlanvos relationship
Green suggested. Vos stepped aside keeping an eye on all the clones.

"This operation is codenamed Nightvision. We believe we may have found where Dooku is stationed at. We need to capture him, and bring him back to Coruscant for interrogation." Green said. The marines nodded their heads.

"We think he is on the planet Serreno." Green said. "We are going to be brought in by LAAT gunships and we will air drop in. Most likely the ground will be covered with droids. You will be landing on the roof and scaling the wall. You will then go through the windows and clear out the building until you apprehend the target. Understand?" Green asked. "Yes sir." The marines said in a chorus. "Alright, let's move." Said Green.


Luke was in a gunship headed for the building Count Dooku was in. He was with Cold, Marl, Turbo, and Key. In the gunship flying beside his was Vasco, Jaller, Colt, and Racer. And in the third gunship there was Teck, Shock, Spike, and Green.

Sergeant Greenwizard raised his wrist comlink to his mouth. "Everybody ready?" Asked Green. "We are all ready
Serenno detail
to go here." Cold said over the link. "How about your team, Colonel?" Asked Green. "We're fine, General." Vas replied.

The gunships were now directly above the building. They were undetected by the enemy so far, but that was about to change. "Bail out! Bail out!" Yelled Green. The doors of the gunships slid open. Battle droids below were scrambling to man their battle stations. Soon their anti-aircraft turrets would be up and running and by that time, the gunships had to be gone.

Green was the first to exit the gunship. He leaped out and landed on the roof of the building. Luke attached his ascension cable to the top of the building. Everyone else fired theirs to attach to the roof as well.

Luke was nervous and Marl could tell. "Come on, just go." Marl said. "What if it is not secure? What if it snaps?" Luke asked. Key walked up behind Luke and pushed him. "Whoa!" Luke said then he fell. "Aaaah!" Luke yelled. He hit the roof of the building. His leg went limp and he collapsed onto the curved roof.

He took his helmet off. He looked up at Key. Key jumped out and landed on the roof. Luke punched him in the shoulder. Key laughed. Then Marl came down. "Told you that you should just go." Marl said. Luke glared at him.

Next, Cold dropped down and then Turbo and Jaller. Colt and Vas came down and then Racer. Shock, Teck, and Spike were last. The gunships flew away. They made sure that their cables were secure. Then Cold walked over to the edge. He turned back to see all the marines watching. He carefully went down the side of the building. Everyone else began to go down the building. They put one foot behind the other and held on to the cable for dear life.

Eventually, they made it to the floor they needed. Each marine set a small charge on the window they were infront of. They were counting down from 10 seconds. Then battle droid began firing at them from below. They tried to avoid the blaster fire and return fire while trying not to fall off.

"Where is our support!?" Jaller yelled.

Quinlan Vos was standing on the front of a turbo tank nearing the building where the marines were. "Open fire." Said Vos. The turbo tank now looked like a disco ball. Several different lasers were fired from it. A missile launched out of it and hit an anti-aircraft turret. The ground forces were now moving in. Now it was time to go after the real target: Dooku.

The small charges exploded and the marines fell through the windows, feet first and landed with their blaster rifles drawn searhing around the room for hostiles. Then they detached the cables from them and went on. They all met up in a hallway. The marines led the way while Green was behind them. Racer was in the very front followed by Cold. Cold kicked open a door and checked for any droids. There was nothing. Everyone else did the same.

They came to the end of the hallway. "This is it." Said Shock. Shock checked to make sure his rifle was charged and ready for what lay behind that door. "Our orders are to capture Dooku by whatever means nessescary." Vas reminded them.

"Don't worry. We can be nice to him. We will give him our brocure. it has rainbows on it. Nobody can resisit rainbows. Not even a Sith lord." Jaller suggested. Marl slapped Jaller in the back of the head.

"Sith lords don't go for that stuff." Marl said disgusted. "Ya, they go for the rainbow lightsabers." Key replied. Jaller laughed. "You are all wrong." Said Racer. "Nah, that sounds about right." Said Turbo. Luke laughed.

Cold turned around. "We don't have all day guys." Said Cold annoyed. Everyone straightened up. It was a small halllway and they were all crammed at the end of it at the door. Green was still in the back.

Two droids came up behind them. "Halt, you can't go any further." The droid ordered. Green quickly turned
Green slicing a droid

Green taking out droids coming up behind the marines

around at the same time as igniting his lightsabers and sliced through the droid's torso so fast that if you blinked you missed it.

The parts fell onto the metallic floor. Green turned back around to face the marines at the door. They all had their rifles pointed back in Green's direction, ready to shoot the droids. "I got them." Green said. He stared at the 12 blasters pointing towards him. The marines slowly lowered their weapons. They turned back. Cold set charges on the door.

"Nice moves, general." Said Jaller. "Thank you." Green answered.

"Step back." Cold ordered. "Unless you wanna be fried." Cold explained. The squad backed up. The door exploded. Cold chucked a smoke grenade in there. "Switch to Thermal Optics!" Vas announced. Everyone's helmets changed. The enemy was now in a thick cloud of smoke. But the marines could see perfectly fine.

They stormed into the room. Cold fired and his blast came into contact with the chest of a commando droid and the droids body parts exploded. Jaller ran over to behind a computer console and knelt down behind it. he peered over his cover and fired at a group of battle droids. Key had a DC-15A blaster rifle and he laid down covering fire as Luke, Vas, and Turbo ran over to engage another group of droids. Green, Marl and Spike searched the room
Countdooku detail
for Count Dooku. They found a few commando droids. Green activated his lightsabers. The droids jumped up and took out vibroswords. They swung them at Green. He twirled around his sabers and they pierced the droid's torsos. They continued on through the room that was packed with computer consoles. They found a corner. Green, Marl, and Spike cautiously approached it. Dooku ignited his red lightsaber and lunged towards them. He swung his saber in a horizontal
Commandodroid relationship
stroke. It sliced open Spike's leg. Spike groaned and fell backwards up against a console. Dooku swung towards Marl. Marl dodged the lightsaber and raised his blaster and fired. He missed and Dooku kicked him down. Marl hit the ground and dropped his blaster. Dooku looked up at Green. Green swung his lightsaber at him. Green's two blades collided with Dooku's. They both swung their sabers at one another and they clashed together. Dooku slapped Green's hand out of the way and kicked him. He fell back and deactivated his lightsaber. All of the sudden Marl appeared behind Dooku. He had his blaster. Dooku began to turn around. Marl fired off a stun blast and the blue circular energy was absorbed by Dooku. Dooku's body jerked upright and then collapsed onto the ground. Marl dropped his weapon. "I cant believe it! I just captured Count Dooku!" Marl said with pride. Green stood up breathing heavily. He put his hand on Marl's shoulder. "Nice work, my friend." Green said with a genuine smile. Green then picked up Dooku's
Macewindu detail
lightsaber and attached it to his belt.

The marines defeated the droids that were in the room and escorted Dooku to a republic star destroyer. GrandAdmiral Ghost Farewalker was on board the ship. Another star destroyer arrived and on it was Jedi General Mace Windu. General Windu had Quinlan Vos stay on his cruiser while Green and the marines took Dooku onto Ghost's cruiser and put him in a holding cell.

The star destroyers took off and left the planet Serreno. They were now in space. Luke walked to the detention level of the star destroyer. He looked through the orange ray shielded cell. He saw Count Dooku laying unconscious on a small bed. "Good job." A female voice said to Luke. Luke turned around to see a female togrutan. "Rax!" Luke said happily. Raxxum smiled. "I did not know you were here." Luke explained. "Ya, they are trying to get all available personel to help transfer Dooku to Coruscant. I was available as you can see." Raxxum answered. "You think they will try to break him out in transit?" Asked Luke. "I know they will, so we have to be ready." Raxxum insisted. Luke and Rax walked into the mess hall.

They passed by Jedi Master Eeth Koth. Luke did not know he had been assigned this mission. He wondered
Eethkoth detail

Jedi Master Eeth Koth

what other Jedi were there. He knew Mace Windu was there and Quinlan Vos, Sergeant Greenwizard, and now Eeth Koth.
Fieldmarine Cold

Cold with his helmet on.

Luke saw Marl talking with Cold. Luke went over and sat with them followed by Raxxum.

"Is Dooku secured?" Asked Marl. "Yep, saw him myself." Luke answered. Marl sat up a bit straighter at the table.

"No one is too powerful for Marl! I can take down a Sith!" Marl boasted.
Marl with a sweater.

AlphaMarl Photoline

"Try me with a sniper rifle." Cold said as calmly as could be. Marl turned to him.

"Try me with a rotary cannon." Marl insisted. "You better hope you never get on my bad side." Cold suggested. "I never miss."

Marl rolled his eyes as he smiled and turned to look at Luke and Raxxum. "How long until you think Dooku's friends arrive?" Asked Rax. Luke turned to her. "Eh, I give it a few hours." Luke guessed.

"I bet they are already on their way." Marl said. Luke turned to face Marl. "Have you seen how many Jedi they have roaming around here?" Luke asked. "They are going to need more." Rax said.

"I know of at least four Jedi here already." Luke explained. "Let's head back to the barracks." Rax suggested. "Alright." Luke replied.

The four of them got up and walked out of the mess hall. Once they reached the barracks they opened the door and saw Racer listening to a holoprojector in the very back of the room, Vas on the computer, and Turbo was laying on the bed trying to get some sleep.

Raxxum's comlink lit up and began beeping. She answered as she walked back out into the hallway. Luke and Cold turned to watch her go. She finished talking and walked back in. "I have to go, Sentinel needs me." She said. "Johns here?" Luke asked. "No, of course not." She said as she winked. She stepped towards Luke and gave him a quick hug then walked out of the room.

Cold layed down on his bed. Luke sat down on his bed which was closest to the door. This was a very small
Stephanie Fear (Katie Odoon)

Katie Odoon (Stephanie Fear)

barracks. But, Luke had seen smaller. Luke started working on his datapad. Then, there was a knock at the door. "I got it guys." Luke announced. He walked over to the door and pressed

Sarah Amadale (Turkey)

the control pad to open it. The door slid open to reveal Sarah Amadale and Katie Odoon standing there. "Turkeymaster!" Sarah yelled. She leaped towards Luke and hugged him. Luke's eyes were wide. Katie saw Luke's expression and laughed. Sarah got off Luke and
Luke Docker surprised by Sarah

Luke surprised by Sarah.

looked up at him.

"Hello, Turkey." Luke said with a calm smile. Sarah bowed elegantly. The marines in the room stared at what was transipring in the front of the room. Marl walked over. "Hey Marl." Katie said enthusiastically.

Marl put his hand up. "Hey." He said walking over to her. Marl turned around when he heard the sound of Cold snoring. "Well, he gets down to business fast." Marl joked. Katie laughed.

Gladiator1 Vasco Gomes

Vasco Gomes

Luke saw Vas get up from his desk. He covered his face with his hands, apparently exhausted from the stressful computer work he was doing. He removed his hands from his face. He looked like he needed some rest. "Colonel, I suggest you take a nap." Luke insisted.

"Shouldn't I be the one giving orders?" Vas asked. Luke smiled. Racer looked up from his holoprojector.

"Go to bed, Vas!" Racer demanded. Vas turned to see Racer who was already back to staring at the holoprojector in the back of the room. Vas walked over to his bed and layed down in it.

Luke's comlink began to beep. Luke answered it. It was the head of security down on the detention level. He requested Luke's prescence. Luke shut off the link and exited the room.

He walked down to the detention level and stopped infront of the blast doors. He opened them and he saw severl republic security guards stationed by the door. One walked over to him. He looked like a Captain by the markings on his armor.

The Captain reached out his hand. Luke grabbed it and shook it firmly. "My name is Captain Jeimay Wronds." The Captain revealed. Wronds gestured for Luke to follow him and they walked down a small hallway into the detention center control room. On one wall it was lined with cells. That was where Luke had been earlier. Luke was astonished by the amount of security there. But, Dooku did pose a great threat.

"Dooku just woke up." Wronds explained. "I understand you were there for the arrest?"

Luke nodded. "Yes."

"Well, Jedi General Rendral Krazz wants you to brief him on every detail of how he was captured." Wronds explained.

Luke nodded again. "Good Luck." Wronds said with an exhausted smile. Wronds led him into a dark room near the prison cells. Krazz was sitting in a chair on the other side of a table.

Luke cautiously walked in. Now, there were even more Jedi on the ship. Captain Wronds closed the door behind him and Luke was left alone with Krazz.

"Sit." Krazz said with a calm voice that somehow sounded intimidating. Luke took a seat on the other side of the table opposite of Krazz. He looked at Krazz. He had black hair that was graying, it was getting a bit shaggy, he had a black beard with a thick moustache. He wore a tan Jedi tunic.
Luke talking to Krazz

Luke talking with Krazz.

"You were involved in the capture of Dooku, yes?" He asked. He was staring into Luke's eyes. Perhaps he sensed Luke's force ability.

"Yes sir." Luke said firmly. Krazz's eyes left Luke for a moment to glance down at a file. Luke saw the top of the file labeled: Luke Docker. Luke wondered whether or not this was about Dooku or he had done something wrong.

"Approximately how many hostiles were in the room where you captured Dooku?" He asked as he returned his gaze to Luke's eyes. Luke thought back to the event.

"I would say around 15-20 commando droids." Luke answered. Luke realzied that was a rather small amount of droids guarding such an important target. Apparently, Krazz thought that too.

"How much time elapsed before Dooku was captured?" Krazz asked. Luke thought about it. It was not very long, for a sith.

"Around 5 minutes or so." Luke answered. Luke studied Krazz's expression. He was adding all of these pieces of information together.

"Who delivered the stun blast?" Krazz asked as if that was the last thing he needed to know to make a conclusion. Luke took a deep breath. He was catching on to what Krazz was thinking.

"AlphaMarl Photoline, CT-4938." Luke answered. Krazz eyes widened. He stood up and began to walk towards the door.

"Take my padawan with you to retrieve Dooku's belongings. I will alert the Jedi of this unfortunate turn of events." Krazz ordered. The door slid open. Captain Wronds walked over to the door with Krazz's padawan.

It was a 17 year old human girl with neck length blonde hair. Her name was Elena Treanert. Apparently, she already knew what was going on. Luke assumed she had been watching the interrogation.

Rendral Krazz walked quickly down the hallway to the right. Luke and Elena went to retrieve Dooku's items. Wronds followed them. They reached a counter and Elena opened a hatch. She was very quiet. She pulled out Dooku's lightsaber.

"Here it is." She said as she inspected it. Luke wondered why they needed Dooku's things.

"This thing can take out at least a quarter of the cruiser." She explained as she gestured to a small digital clock on the side. It was counting down. Dooku's lightsaber was a bomb. Luke saw Wronds's face turn pale.

The bomb was counting down, and was already at 10 minutes until detonation. Then, Luke figured it out.

Dooku knew that if he were captured, he would get the best security the republic had to offer. They would have the ship crawling with clones and Jedi and you name it. And if that ship blew up, that would kill a lot of republic forces, dealing a crippling blow to the republic. If that bomb were placed on the reactor core, it would take out the entire ship.

"What do we do?" Luke asked after a long silence. Elena seemed concerned. She was most likely thinking about how to disarm the bomb or how horribly wrong it could go. Then Luke heard the sound of a discharged blaster. Luke turned to his left.

Wronds's face was in pure shock. He fell onto the ground. Smoke rose from a hole in his back. Luke looked across the detention control room to see who had fired the shot. It was a republic security guard. Elena activated her lightsaber. Luke took out his pistol. They dove behind cover.

"I guess he is the one who is going to bring the bomb to the reactor." Luke guessed. He glanced over at Elena who was staring at the body of Jeimay Wronds.

More security guards came in. The rogue guard shot them all as they came in. The evil guard needed the bomb, which at the moment, was in Elena's hands.

The ship's air raid alarm went off. Separatist forces were boarding the cruiser. Luke peaked out over the counter he was hiding behind. He could not see the guard. He turned around to see Elena.

The guard jumped out and fired at them. Luke and Elena got up and ran while Elena deflected the blasts with her lightsaber. They ran past the blast doors when a blast hit Elena in the hand. She dropped her lightsaber and the bomb lightsaber. She grabbed her hand. The guard aimed to finish her off.

Luke ran from the side of the door and tackled her down as the blast whizzed past their heads. They got up. Elena quickly grabbed her lightsaber and the bomb.

"Thank you." She said. Luke rubbed a cut on his face. "Ya, your welcome." He replied.

The guard threw a grenade towards them. Elena and Luke dove out of the way. Luke dove behind a pile of crates and Elena dove through a set of blast doors.

The grenade went off, frying the control panel causing the blast doors to close separating Luke from Elena and the bomb. Luke was stuck with the guard.

The guard expected them to be injured and cautiously walked in. He walked through the doorway with out checking the corner to his left. Luke walked up behind him and wrapped his arm around the guards neck. Luke twisted his neck and there was a loud crack. The body went limp and fell on the floor. Luke took an extra clip for his pistol from the belt of the guard on the ground.

Meanwhile, Marl and Katie ran through a hallway. Marl was all suited up and carrying a rotary cannon. Katie had a pair of blaster pistols. Cold ran out of a room to the right of them holding a DC-15 blaster rifle. Key was standing at an intersection in the hallway telling some clone troopers where to go. Cold, Marl, and Katie stopped next to him.

"Hey Key, what's the fiz?" Marl asked. Key turned around and just stared at Marl. Marl sighed. "What is going on." Marl said with a monotone.

"General Windu is securing the west side of the cruiser. Generl Koth is at the east. Vos is at the north, Green is at the south. General Krazz and his padawan are at the detention level." Key explained.

"Where is Luke?" Asked Cold. Key turned to Cold. They heard a large explosion. The ship shook.

"He is with the padawan." Key answered. Katie's comlink began beeping. She brought it up to her mouth and answered it.

"Sarah?" Katie asked with concern. She stepped away from the group of marines. Cold handed Key an extra mag for his rifle. Katie turned around to see Cold gesturing with his arms for them to go down that hallway. They all nodded their heads.

"Sarah is on her way here." Katie revealed. Marl brought his hand up to the side of his helmet trying to concentrate on who was talking to him via the comlink.

"They are jamming our transmissions. We can't call for back-up." Marl said gravely. Cold held his hand to the side of his helmet.

"East side of the cruiser needs assistance. Let's move." Cold ordered. They ran down the hallway towards the east side. They passed by a group of clone troopers and told them to follow along. Sarah found them and went with them to their destination.

Meanwhile, Luke made it through the blast doors. Elena was gone. He had to look for her to make sure the enemy did not get the bomb and get it to the reactor. There was probably only about five minutes left on the bomb.

He heard footsteps behind him. He turned around with his blaster pointing forward. It was Rendral Krazz.

"What happened?" He asked. He had his deactivated lightsaber in his hand.

"We had a guard betray us. Dooku's lightsaber is a bomb. Wronds is down and Elena ran off with the bomb." Luke explained as quick as he could.

Krazz absorbed the information. "We must find her." Krazz said. Luke nodded. They walked through the hallways.

"Wait, shouldn't we have people guarding Dooku so they can't rescue him?" Luke asked. He turned to see Krazz raise his comlink to his mouth while he walked. He told a clone to send a squad to guard Dooku.

Luke walked through the hallway and came across and intersection. He looked to the left and did not see anything. He turned to the right and he jumped.

Elena was laying on the ground with her head up against the wall. She had a huge bloody scrape on her head. The blood was dripping down her face and neck and was getting on her tunic. Luke knelt down next to her. She did not have the bomb. She looked very weak. She seemed as if she were about to cry.

"Elena, where is the bomb?" Luke asked as clearly as he could. Her eyes met his. Krazz stood watching behind Luke.

"A trandoshan..... took it." She answered and she weakily pointed her finger down the hallway. Luke stood up.

"Thank you. Krazz stay with her." Luke yelled as he ran down the hallway. Krazz knelt down next to her.

Luke ran as fast as he could. The bomb at the most had 2 minutes left. Luke finally made it to the main reactor room. The door was open. He drew his pistol and pointed it forward as he walked inside. He could see a control panel. There was a blinking red light on it. Luke looked around. He could not see the trandoshan.

He walked over to the control panel. He inspected it to see if it had been tampered with. He heard deep breathing of a trandoshan behind him. Luke quickly turned around and saw the trandoshan running towards him. Luke fired his pistol and the blast hit the lizard right in the chest. But, that didn't stop him.

The trandoshan slammed it's whole body mass into Luke and Luke was squished up against the control panel. The trando stepped away from Luke and swung a punch at Luke. It was a direct hit on Luke's mouth.

Luke's blaster was on the floor. The trando swung a punch at Luke again. Luke ducked and the trandoshan's fist smashed the control panel sending sparks flying. Luke grabbed his pistol but before he could bring his fist up, the trando stomped on his hand. Luke groaned.

Then, the trando rammed it's knee into Luke's face while he was kneeling down. Luke fell up against the control panel. He looked up at the trandoshan. The trandoshan grabbed Luke's throat and squeezed. He lifted Luke up in the air while he was choking him. Luke grabbed the trando's hand and tried to get him off.

Luke kicked the tranoshan in the stomach and it dropped Luke. Luke stood up coughing. The trando charged at him. Luke punched the lizard in the face knocking it backwards. Luke walked towards it and swung his fist towards the trando going left. He made contact with his face. Then he brought back his elbow and rammed it into the trando's other side of his face as Luke continued going right now.

The trando stumbled backwards and tried to shake off the beat down. Luke picked up his blaster pistol. He fired several times at the trandoshan. It fell backwards on to a generator and he began being electricuted.

Luke turned back around to the control panel. He looked underneath it. He found the lightsaber bomb. He picked it up and looked at how much time he had.

He had 50 seconds.

He had an idea to get it to an escape pod. he ran out of the reactor room and ran down several hallways.

40 seconds.

Luke only had a few more corners to turn until he reached the escape pod.

30 seconds

Luke made it to the escape pods. He opened up the hatch and set the bomb in it. He closed it up and he launched the escape pod. It shot off into space away from the ship. But it needed to get a little farther away. At that distance it could still take out some of the ship.

20 seconds.

It was about to be out of range of the cruiser. Luke waited anxiously watching out a window at the escape pod.

10 seconds

The bomb was out of range. Luke sighed in relief. He went back to find Elena and Rendral Krazz.

He found Krazz holding up Elena. She stepped away from him, trying to stay balanced. Luke walked over.

"Did you get it?" Asked Krazz. "Yes, Master Krazz." Luke answered. Krazz sighed with relief. Elena looked up at Luke. She swallowed. "I am so sorry. I should have been able to keep it." Elena apologized.

"It's fine." Luke reminded her. "It's not a problem anymore. We just need to make sure Dooku does not escape. You guys going to be okay here?" Luke asked.

Krazz nodded. Luke began to walk away. Krazz turned and made eye contact with Luke as he walked by. "Thank you." Krazz said firmly. Luke knew he meant it. Krazz was quite emotionel right then. Luke nodded. "Anytime." Luke replied as he turned back around and continued walking through the cooridor.

Luke made it back to the detention level. He walked into the control room and glanced over at the cells. One of them was open.

"No." Luke mumbled to himself. Luke cautiously approached the cell with his blaster pistol pointed forward.

He looked inside the cell. It was empty. Dooku was gone. He kicked a crate next to the cell in frustration. Then, the marine named Colt walked in.

Luke turned to see him. "I take it he is gone then?" Asked Colt. Luke nodded. Colt raised his hand to the side of his helmet. He began notifying everyone of the escapee.

"Colt, we need to find him. Follow me." Luke demanded. Colt obeyed and followed Luke out of the control room in search of Dooku.

They ran through the hallways followed by a small squad of clone troopers in light blue striped armor. Luke


stopped at a corner. The other did as well. Luke cautiously peaked around the corner. He saw Dooku, along with 4 magnaguards. Dooku was force-choking a clone trooper. Luke looked back at Colt. He nodded his head. They all turned off the safety switch on their blasters and prepared to engage Dooku.

Luke waved his hand and then he leaped out into the hallway. The other clones followed and opened fire. Luke's blaster pistol slammed into the chest of a magnaguard. It did very little damage to it. Dooku dropped the clone he had been choking onto the ground. He stepped backwards.

The clones were continuing to fire but the magnaguards were deflecting the blasts. Luke took out a thermal detonator from his belt. He chucked it towards the magnaguards. "Frag out!" Luke shouted.

It hit the ground just infront of the magnaguards. They dove out of the way. The detonator exploded sending 2 of the droids into a wall, shattering on impact. There were now only 2 magnaguards and Dooku.

The clones resumed firing. A magnaguard deflected another blaster bolt and it hit a clone in the chest. His body jerked backwards onto the ground.

The magnaguards advanced towards them. They ran right into them, swinging their electro-staffs. They whacked two clones away and swung towards another clone. Then, an electro-staff was rammed into the red eye on the magnaguards chest. The magnaguard was electricuted and deactivated. It fell onto the floor.

Colt had picked up an electro-staff. "Good job." Luke praised. "Thanks, this thing is awesome!" Colt said, excited. He slammed it into the head of another magnaguard. The head fell off and hit the wall. Colt turned away from it.

"These guys aren't so tough." Colt bragged. The magnaguard turned around, headless. It smacked Colt in the back with it's electro-staff and Colt flew face first into the wall across the way.

"Colt!" Luke yelled. Luke fired off his blaster pistol and a laser hit the magnaguard in the hand. It loosened it's grip on the electro-staff. Luke yanked the weapon out of it's hand and jammed it into the red dot in the middle of it's chest. Sparks sprayed out of it and it fell onto the ground.

Luke took a deep breath. He walked over to Colt. He rolled him over and took off his helmet.

"Aw, man. That was shocking." Colt joked with a weak smile. Luke smiled and then put Colt's helmet back on.

"You need to be more careful." Luke suggested. Colt stood up and picked up his blaster rifle from the ground. He looked at Luke.

"Yeah, yeah of course." He said sarcastically. Colt and Luke turned to where Dooku was standing. He was running down the hallway.

"Let's get him." Luke said enthusiastically. Luke, Colt, and the remaining troops with them ran after Dooku.

Luke turned to go down a hallway. He saw Dooku. Green had confronted him. Dooku was surrounded by clones. Luke and Colt ran over to them. Dooku knelt down on one knee with his hands behind his head. Green was holding one of his lightsabers towards Dooku.

Dooku looked up with an evil grin. Dooku moved his hands away from his head. He quickly stretched them out and waved them in a circle around his body. All the clones surrounding him were blown back. Green struggled to stay on his feet.

Dooku stood up. Green began to stand up straight while the other clones started to get back on their feet. Dooku stretched out his hand towards Green and several bolt's of blue force lightning came out of his finger tips. Green groaned as his body jerked up and down. He deactivated his lightsabers.

Dooku stopped his lightning and knelt down to pick up Green's lightsaber. He ignited it and looked down at Green. Green could barely move from the paralyzing lightning. Dooku raised the purple blade into the air for the final blow. Luke jumped onto the back of Dooku and wrapped his arms around him. Luke had a small vibro-blade in his hand. He jabbed it into the stomach of Dooku. Dooku winced in pain and dropped the lightsaber.
Superbattledroid detail

Dooku slammed his elbow into the face of Luke knocking him off his back. The clones aimed their rifles at Dooku. Dooku placed his hand on his stomach wound. There was blood on his hand. He then ran down the hallway. Laser bolts followed him as the clones ran after him.

Dooku passed an intersection of hallways. Luke ran followed by other clones and stopped before the intersection. Luke heard something. All of the sudden, from the hallway to the left and to the right, super battle droid appeared and open fire on them.

The clones quickly returned fire. Luke ordered a mand to the left and one to the right to throw a grenade. They obeyed and chucked a grenade each way. The super battle droids stopped to study what had just been thrown their way and then they exploded in an orange fireball.

"Come on!" Luke shouted. The clones followed him through the hallway, resuming their chase after Dooku. They found themselves entering a hangar.

"We need to hurry before he finds a ship!" Luke reminded them. Colt turned to see the numerous clone troopers now following them. "Split up and find him." Colt ordered. The clones split up and searched the crowded hangar. Their were a few separatist ship landed that had been involved in storming the ship.

Luke and Colt walked by another entrance to the hangar. The door slid open and Cold, Marl, Key, Katie, and Sarah ran in.

"Help us find Dooku. he is in here somewhere." Luke insisted.

"You got it. Detective Marl is on the case." Marl said sarcastically. Marl has his rotary cannon of course, and he was searching through a section of shuttles.

"Your associate, Katie, will help you out." Katie said smiling. She walked over to Marl with her blaster pistol ready.

"I could always use a good associate." Marl said with a big grin on his face. Luke cut in.

"Alright, you two. Flirt on your own time. We have a sith to find." Luke demanded. Marl and Katie straightened up and moved on.

Marl looked underneath a shuttle. He saw boots.

"Luke?" Marl asked. Luke turned to where he heard the call. Luke motioned for his troops to follow him.

Dooku jumped out and tackled Marl to the ground. Marl dropped his rotary cannon. Katie screamed and opened fire on Dooku.

Rotary cannon

rotary cannon

"Katie!" Sarah yelled. Sarah and Key ran over to them. Luke arrived just after them. Dooku had Marl pinned down. Dooku jumped up to avoid the incoming blaster fire. Dooku ran past more shuttles. The clones followed along with Luke and Key. Colt now ran with them as well.

Cold ran over to Marl. He took Marl's helmet off. Sarah hugged Katie.

"Marl, you ok?" Cold asked.

"Where is she?" Marl asked with concern. Cold looked up at Katie. Katie smiled gently. She knelt down next to Marl.

"I'm right here." She said reassuringly.

"No not you, her." Marl insisted as he pointed to his rotary cannon on the ground a few feet away. Marl weakily crawled over to it.

Sparks were coming out of it. Marl put his hand on it. He put down his head.

"Noooooooooooooooooooo!" Marl shouted. Katie laughed along with the others. Then Katie walked over to Marl. Marl stood up next to her, holding the remains of the rotary cannon. Katie slapped him across the face.

"Nice to know you have your priorities straight." Katie said smiling. Marl touched his face where she slapped him. Then he touched the rotary blaster.

"She never hits me." Marl said as he began stroking the back of it. Katie smiled as she shook her head.

"You are one messed up clone." Katie explained. Marl looked away from the cannon and back at her.

"Thank you. I love you, too." Marl said as if he had heard Katie say something other than what she just said.

Katie chuckled.

"Don't worry, she will lighten up." Sarah encouraged Marl.

Meanwhile, Dooku was running onboard a separatist shuttle that had landed. It was equip with a hyper drive. it was prepared for his escape. Dooku started up the ship. All the clones in the hangar stopped and opened fire on the ship. It lifted off the ground. Key lifted his hand to his helmet.

"Admiral, lock down the hangar!" Key shouted. There was only static. Communications must have been down. The shuttle flew out of the hangar. It jumped to hyperspace. It vanished. Dooku had escaped. They had failed.

"Osik!" Luke shouted. Luke began to walk away from the site of the escape. Colt ran over to him.

"Sir, all remaining droids have been neutralized." Colt informed him.

"Alright." Luke said.

Luke reached the hangar doors. He saw marl holding the rotary cannon. Katie, Sarah, Cold, Key, and Turbo were standing with them. Colt was on his way over to join them. The doors slid open to reveal Raxxum walking in. She looked at Luke.

"You were right." Luke told her. Raxxum understood what he meant. She sighed. She walked up to him.

"Of course I'm right." Rax replied. Luke felt like he had failed not only the Republic, but her. She expected him to be able to hold Dooku here. Rax knew what he was feeling.

"It's okay, Luke. We can get him next time." She suggested. Luke shook his head.

"There probably won't be a next time." Luke said plainly. Sergeant GreenWizard walked into the hangar followed by Rendral Krazz and Elena Treanert. Luke felt like he failed everyone. Everyone else risked their lives to keep Dooku there, and Luke let him escape. Luke had to make up for it, somehow.

Intelligence Operations

Luke was recruited out of the marines by John Sentinel and Raxxum Gelvan to aid them in several undercover operations during a small portion of the Clone War. Luke had known Raxxum for some time now. She was heavily influenced by Mandalorian culture, Luke's homeworld. She was a valauable asset to the marines and was praised by Vasco. Luke had been introduced to Rax by Cold. Rax wasn't exactly a rule follower, which most likely was what made her such an effective spy. She was deceptive and strong, an authoratative and highly regarded figure within the intelligence community. She had made quite the name for herself. After serving together on many missions, Rax and Luke became close. They both developed feelings for eachother but often had to surpress them working with the marines. Now, the pair posed as mercenaries living in the underworld of Coruscant. Living with criminals slowly ate away at Luke. Luke found his perspective of the galaxy permanently changed after extended dealings with the crime world.

Luke's first job came around quite quickly. He was at his apartment which he shared with Raxxum in the lower levels of Corucant, far from the influence of the Republic. It was interesting how even though they were still on Coruscant, the Republic's capital, he had never felt farther from civilization.

Luke Docker with Jedi Outcast

Luke and Maroff.

A Jedi who had been expelled from the Jedi Order met with Luke at a bar. The former Jedi was named Maroff Lancequicker. Maroff wanted Luke to spy on a gang on Coruscant. Maroff wanted to locate his family from before being brought to the Jedi Temple. Maroff had reason to believe the gang knew something about them.

Jedi Outcast

Jedi Outcast

Maroff and Luke met with another Jedi Outcast at the bar who was also searching for his family. This outcast was very desperate to find his family. Luke sensed a lot of Dark-side in him. Luke could feel the sense of loneliness in him. The outcast seemed to be channeling that feeling with rage and violence. He killed in order to get his way. Luke feared Maroff would soon go down that path.

Luke knew he had to help Maroff. He had to be careful. With the work he was doing with crime lords, any military personnel spotted around him could get him killed. He had to keep his cover intact which was difficult. He had to strain himself not to get emotionally invested in anyone.

Luke and Maroff

Luke seeing Maroff in anger.

Luke saw Maroff's anger beginning to build up in him. Luke worried how that would happen to himself, since he too had limited force ability. After a long discussion between Maroff and the other Jedi Outcast, Maroff decided he had enough information about the gang. Luke thought that this gang was looking more like a terrorist group than anything else. Luke would have to be extremely careful. The Jedi Outcast left the bar, leaving Luke and Maroff there to discuss how to proceed. Maroff told Luke that this group may know who is holding his mother and father hostage. Maroff figured out that they had been held captive for quite some time. Probably black-mailed or subjected to slavery. The galaxy can be a very dangerous place.

Luke and the Jedi Outcasts

Luke and the Jedi Outcasts.

Maroff left after his discussion with Luke and went home. Luke walked over to the bar and got a glass of ale. He overheard a discussion between a woman sitting next to him and the bartender. Luke could tell the woman was drunk. The bartender refused to give her anymore to drink and asked her if he could call her a cab. She refused and demanded more to drink. The bartender stood by his statement and did not
Luke at the bar

Luke at the bar

allow her anymore to drink. The girl sat back on her bar stool thinking of how to get herself a drink. She looked at Luke. She batted her eyes at him.

"Would you get me a drink please?" She asked as nicely as she could.

Luke took a deep breath before answering. 

"I agree with the bartender. You probably have had enough." Luke said as nicely as possible.

The woman did not let that stop her. She decided to let him get to know her more. Then maybe he would allow her a drink.

"What brings you to the lower levels of Coruscant?"
Luke at bar 2

Luke contemplating whether or not to do what the woman asked.

Asked the woman.

Luke wondered why she was making conversation. At first, he suspected she was an agent prying for information. Then he reminded himself that not everyone in the galaxy was out to get him. Especially not this harmless, intoxicated woman. He answered her.

"Business." Luke finally replied.

Luke took another drink of his ale. He finished and signaled the bartender for another. The bartender slid it over to Luke. He grabbed it and held it in his
Luke smiling

"My name is Brittany." The woman introduced herself.

"Luke." He replied.

She smiled at him.

"What a nice name." Brittany said.

"Right back at you." Luke quiped.

Luke took a sip of his beer and peered back at her belt making sure she was not carrying a weapon. He had to be cautious still. Brittany noticed his gaze. She laughed.

"Oh, Luke are you checking me out?"
Luke smile 2
She asked. Luke blushed.

"No, of course not." Luke said quickly.

Luke could not believe he had done that so sloppily. Years of training and a drunk lady saw him inspecting her. She could be a spy.

"What kind of business are you in?" She asked. Luke thought of what to say. He finished off the last drops of ale in his glass before he answered her.

"Independent." He said very vaguely.

"Oh, bounty hunter?" She asked.

"Sure." Luke replied.

Luke got another glass of ale. He drank it. Brittany was staring at him.

"I broke up with my boyfriend this morning." She admitted.

She leaned in closer to Luke. Luke took another drink of his ale and set it on the counter. She layed up against his shoulder.

"So, I'm single." She whispered. Now Luke knew why she was being so nice to him.

"Oh....." Luke said awkwardly.

She began to fall off her stool. She slipped off and he
Luke running
caught her. They were both standing with her resting up against his chest. Fier'fek. Luke thought.

"Maybe I won't be single for long." She suggested.

She looked up to kiss him. Luke pulled her off of him.

"Sorry. I'm, uh, taken." He said. Luke turned to look at the bartender.

"Just get her a shabla drink." Luke shouted. Luke walked towards the door.

"Thank you!" She yelled after him.

Luke walked out the door. He was faced with an alleyway. It was late at night and there were few pedestrians around. Luke was careful. He leaned up against the wall of the bar. He took out his comlink. He tried to reach Raxxum. She did not answer. He decided to just leave a message. He said he was on his way home.

Luke looked over at a pile of trash that lay next to a dumpster. There was a pair of boots next to it. Luke walked a little closer examining the boots. They were Jedi boots. He pulled a trash bag off of the man to reveal Maroff. Luke checked to see if he still had a pulse. He did. He was breathing. Maroff had been beaten up. He had various cuts and bruises all over him. Brittany walked out of the bar holding a glass of ale.

"Oh, you beat him up? I like a guy who can protect a girl." She said. Then she passed out and fell backwards in to the bar. Luke rolled his eyes.

Luke called an ambulance and they took Maroff to a medical station. Luke went with him there and made sure he was alright. After that, Luke flew home. Well, to his temporary home. He and Rax were currently staying at an apartment in Coruscant. Raxxum was not home. He locked the door behind him.

Luke after shower

Luke after a shower.

Luke sat down on the couch, shrouded in darkness, and took his gloves off. He layed back and realized he was tired. Luke didn't want to fall asleep before Raxxum got home, so he decided to go to the refreshers and take a shower. He turned on the apartment's scarce water supply and undressed. He stepped in and was annoyed by the cold water. Luckily, he was able to coax just enough warm water from the shower head.  He got out and wrapped a towel around him and dried himself off. He walked into the living area and noticed that a small lamp was lit in the far corner of the room. Luke grabbed the towel that was around his waist. He scanned for signs of an intruder.

Suddenly, Rax's arms wrapped around Luke's waist from behind. He felt her Togrutan montrals against the bare skin of his back. Luke sighed in relief.

"I didn't know you were home. You scared the osik out of me, Rax." Luke whispered. 

Luke twisted around to face Rax, her arms still around Luke's waist. 

"You should be more observant. You'd be dead if it had been someone else." Rax pointed out with a smirk.

"I don't know, you might still kill me." Luke joked.

"You never know... I'm pretty unpredictable." Rax said as she leaned towards Luke and they kissed. Luke placed his hands on Rax's waist. Their kiss continued as Rax removed the towel that was around Luke's waist. Luke lifted Rax up and walked off towards the bedroom.

Luke awoke the next morning to find Raxxum lying next to him in bed. Luke exhaled heavily as he sat up in the bed.

"What's the plan today, ma'am?" Luke asked.

"The Jedi you've been working with, Maroff, we should go see him in the hospital. We can ask if he can identify his attackers. I think the Narglatch Gang is most likely behind this." Rax insisted.

"Sounds good. I will get dressed and we'll head out soon." Luke said as he pushed off his blankets and stood up from the bed.

Luke walked towards the door of the bedroom but stopped in the doorway. He turned his head around slightly back towards Rax in the bed.

"Where were you last night?" Luke asked curiously.

"I had to report to John. I didn't have a chance to tell you. I'm sorry." Raxxum explained.

"No, no, it's fine. I was just worried." Luke regretted questioning her.

"I can take care of myself, Luke. Don't worry." Rax reassured him.

Luke smiled apologetically and left the room. Rax laid back in the bed and rested her eyes for a few moments before leaving the bed as well.

Luke and Rax arrived at Maroff's room. To their surprise, they found Maroff standing up and applying his belt to his tattered Jedi tunic. 

"Maroff! You're alright?" Luke asked surprised.

"I've been better, Luke but I need to get out of here." Maroff reveals.

"Why? What is it?" Luke asked with concern.

"The Narglatch gang. They killed my family, " Maroff began, "Now they want me dead because of what I know."

"What do you know?" Luke asked. Maroff stepped out into the hallway. Rax and Luke followed.

"What do you know, Maroff?" Luke asked again.

Maroff stopped and turned to face the two "mercenaries".

"You're in danger. They know who you are. They know what you're worth." Maroff said at last.

Luke studied the desperation and fear in Maroff's eyes. Suddenly, Luke noticed a figure walking towards Maroff from behind. As the woman began to come into focus, he recognized her from the bar.

"Brittany?" Luke asked.

Suddenly a blaster bolt seared through the back of Maroff's head. His lifeless body collapsed onto the floor. Rax and Luke dove into the room they previously were in. Luke pulled a blaster pistol from his holster and prepared to fight.

Raxxum pulled her blaster from the back of her waist. The two waited until suddenly, a small cannister was thrown into the room and a bright flash of light blinded Luke.

Raxxum reacted fast enough to shield her eyes prior to it's detonation. Brittany entered the room with her blaster drawn. As she passed through the doorway, Rax kicked Brittany's gun out of her hand and slammed her right elbow into the human's jaw. Brittany stumbled out into the hallway and raised her fists to block the next onslaught from the Togrutan as she regained her composure. Rax's next kick was blocked by Brittany's wrists. Rax kicked once more and Brittany grabbed her leg and shoved her back up against the wall.

Brittany reached for Rax's throat as she had her pinned against the wall with Rax's one leg still propped up in the air. Rax lowered her right leg onto the shoulder of Brittany. She used it to support herself to raise her opposite leg onto Brittany's other shoulder. She wrapped her legs around Brittany's throat and pushed herself off the wall. Using the resulting momentum, she spun herself around on Brittany's shoulder, tightening her grip, therefore twisting the young human's head around.

Luke heard an audible crack as Raxxum landed on her feet and Brittany's body fell limp on the floor. He couldn't believe that just the night before, he had been in a bar with this woman, mere centimeters apart.

"Impressive. Kind of scary actually, but impressive." Luke remarked.

"Don't get on my bad side." Rax joked.

"You seemed to be on top of things." Luke smirked.

"Stop it, Luke. You're embarrising yourself." Rax smiled.

Luke stepped closer to Rax in order to get a better look at the body.

"I assume this means our cover is blown? The gang knows who we are?" Luke asks.

"I'm afraid so." Rax answers him.

"Extraction will be difficult." Luke thought.

Raxxum kept her gaze on the floor and began to think.

"We can't be extracted." Rax declares.

"What? Why not?" Luke asks, shocked.

"How do you think the gang found out about us? There's a leak. The Republic can't be trusted. We've known of its corruption for some time now." Rax explains.

Luke takes in what he just heard.

"Then what do you suggest we do?" Luke asks.

"There are larger forces at work here. We will be better off on our own." Rax insists.

"Are you suggesting we desert?" Luke asks.

"No, not exactly. Look, we're both powerful people. We are able to tap into the Force when we need it most. I say we hone our abilities and investigate this gang on our own. We can stay safe this way." Rax suggests.

Luke reviews her plan.

"Where will we go?" Luke finally asked.

Learning to use the Force

Luke was with Raxxum Gelvan living at a camp on an isolated part of Kamino. Raxxum had it built to have a place to teach force users. Since, Luke was slightly force sensitive and did not get proper training. Rax was going to teach him. Raxxum was trained partially by her adoptive father, Reverk. Rax's teaching methods for Luke were unorthodox. Luke suspected their procedures would be frowned upon by any respectable Jedi he knew. However, Luke liked the power. He could feel it growing within him. Through his training, he felt himself becoming closer to Raxxum. Their isolation had caused him to rely on her. Their feelings for eachother intensified. They had been on Kamino for well over a month. Luke's skills had improved greatly. He was proud of how powerful he had become.

Raxxum had used informants to keep tabs on the Narglatch gang. She knew where to find the head of the gang. She planned to assassinate him. 

Raxxum walked into their bedroom where she found Luke examining a datapad. Upon seeing Raxxum enter the room, Luke deactivated the device. He stood up.

"You've become very powerful, Luke." Rax said smiling at him.

They stood infront of eachother. Luke took her in his arms.

"We have become very powerful." Luke emphasized.

"We can use this power. We can make things the way we want them to be." Rax suggested as she wrapped her arms around him.

"We can do good with this power. We've only begun to scratch the surface." Luke said.

"You will be very useful now, with your training. We can expand our influence more powerful force-users." Rax said.

"I owe it all to you." Luke replied. Rax thought for a moment.

"I have a new lesson for you." Rax said, as she looked up at Luke.

Rax kissed him as he caressed her montrals. Their kissing intensified as Rax temporarily removed her hands from Luke's waist to remove her shirt. She removed Luke's pants next. They fell back onto the bed and continued their passion. Rax knew exactly what she needed.

In the coming months, Luke and Rax had taken care of the Narglatch gang and were in search of more apprentices to carry on their legacy. However, Raxxum already had an alternative plan in place. One she had kept from Luke. 

Rax stopped Luke on Coruscant in a quiet housing district as they neared their speeder.

"I'm pregnant." Raxxum revealed to Luke.

Luke's eyes widened. 

"Wow. That's.... that's wonderful!" Luke exclaimed.

"You and now this baby, will be a valuable asset. My child can carry on my legacy." Rax said excitedly.

Luke didn't like the sound of that. Something seemed off.

"Rax, this is our child. It's more than just a tool." Luke reasoned.

"Of course, Luke. However, this child presents new opportunities. It ensures our survival." Rax defended her comment.

Luke felt a bit uneasy about what she said, but disregarded it. She was right. This baby was going to be a blessing for them. Their power could only grow then.

Showdown on Rhen Var

Luke, Marl, Colt and many other marines were at Mos Eisley Cantina spending their free time talking over some drinks. Luke was standing next to Marl who were leaning up against a wall. A man who went by the name
Luke and Marl

Luke and Marl at the cantina

"Scarecrow" or "Crow" walked in. Luke had dealt with him before. He was a terrorist. Luke lowered his glass. Crow walked over to Luke and punched him in the face and then kneed him in the stomach. Luke bent over to reach for his stomach. Then Crow brought up his knee hard into Luke's face. Luke was knocked out and he fell onto the floor.

"Hey!" Marl said. Marl swung his fist at Crow and missed. Crow slammed his elbow into Marl's face and it knocked him backwards. Marl fell up against a table knocking the drinks off it. Crow picked up Luke's body. He threw it onto a booth.

Luke woke up. "Rax will die." Crow said with certainty. Luke got up still a bit disoriented. "No. She. Won't!" Luke yelled. Luke ran and tackled Crow onto the ground and punched him. Crow kicked him off and then he stood up. Luke got up as well. Luke ran and swung his fist at Crow. He dodged it and brought a knife up and stabbed Luke in the right side of his stomach. "Argh." Luke groaned in agony. Luke fell onto the booth again. he was holding his wound trying to keep pressure on it like he was taught back on Kamino. Marl walked up behind Crow along with Colt and Zicod Rook and several other marines.. Marl tapped Crow on the shoulder. Crow turned around. Colt punched him in the face and Crow fell onto the floor next to Luke. Luke turned to look at Crow. "You are messing with the marines now." Luke said weakly but still sounding intimidating. Crow got up slowly. He stood up straight.


All of the sudden he pulled out a blaster. He fired at Marl and Colt and they dove out of the way. Crow ran out of the booth area. He ran out of the cantina. There were marines approaching the cantina to provide support for Marl, Colt, and Zicod. Crow shot at them killing one. The marines opened fire. Colt ran out of the cantina followed by Zicod.

Marl stayed with Luke trying to give him medical attention. He applied pressure to Luke's wound while digging through a med pack. "Marl." Luke asked for his attention. Marl looked at him. "Stay with me, Luke." He said confidently. Luke took a deep breathe. "Save Rax." Luke demanded then he passed out. "Luke!" Marl shouted.

Crow was heading for his shuttle. Marl brought up Colt on his comlink. "Colt, Rax is next!" Marl announced. "Solid copy, pursuing suspect now." Colt replied seemingly out of breath from running after Crow. Crow dove behind a crate. Colt stopped and all the marines got behind cover. They expected Crow to begin firing. Most of the time pursuits led to the criminal in binders or in a body bag. Either option was acceptable for the marines.

Crow popped his head up from behind the crate and fired at the marines. The marines popped up from behind their cover and fired upon Crow. Colt fired and the blast seared across the arm of Crow. It burnt his arm leaving a black streak mark. Crow got back behind cover and inspected his wound. He presumed it was nothing. He continued on towards his shuttle. He ran until he got to a landing platform and sprinted inside. The marines arrived at the landing platform and opened fire on the shuttle. The engines started up and the shuttle lifted up off the ground. The marines kept firing at it, hoping to rupture an important part of the ship. But they were not that lucky. The ship flew away.

"We lost him." Colt said into the comlink. Marl responded to the link. "Alright, Luke is stable, he is going to be fine." Marl informed him. "Copy that, heading back." Colt replied.

Raxxum was on Rhen Var. Crow was on his way there. Luke was now in pursuit. Luke tried to make up for the lost time.

Luke landed his republic shuttle outside of a small camp on Rhen Var. He could see Raxxum and Crow already. They were fighting. Luke got out an ran over to them. He ignited his yellow lightsaber. Crow had a staff with a long curved blade at the end. He was swinging it at Rax and she was blocking the blows. Luke swung his lightsaber at Crow. Crow turned and blocked it with his weapon. Crow pushed with his weapon on Luke's saber and Luke stepped backwards. Crow twirled his weapon around and the blade slammed into Luke's shoulder. Luke stumbled backwards. Raxxum came up from behind Crow and raised her lightsaber above her head and began to swing down towards Crow. Crow quickly swung around and sliced her chest. she stumbled backwards. Her armor had protected her from that blow. Crow swung his weapon again and it hit her in the head and her helmet fell off. Crow slammed his blade into Rax's light saber. She pushed him off but he quickly swung his blade
Luke on umbara base

Luke about to strike Crow.

back and it sliced open her armor cutting her in the middle of her torso. "Ah!" Rax said in pain as she fell onto the ground. Luke swung his lightsaber at Crow and knocked the weapon out of his hand. Crow kicked Luke in the stomach and he dropped his lightsaber. Luke grabbed his stomach then Crow punched him in the face. Luke stumbled backwards then crow punch him again and again and again. Luke was breathing hard and his face was covered in blood. Crow swung his fist at Luke again. Luke caught it. Luke looked into the eyes of Crow then he punched Crow in the ribs. Crow stepped backwards. Crow punched Luke again in the face. Then he kicked him and Luke fell on the ground gasping for air. Crow picked him up and raised him above his head. Then he slammed Luke onto his knee and there was a crack. Luke's back had been fractured. "Ahhhhh!" Luke yelled in excruiciating pain. Crow dropped him onto the ground. Luke layed there motionless. Crow walked over to Raxxum. Crow retrieved his weapon. Luke swa him raise it above his head to bring it down and kill Raxxum. The blade came down but was interupted by a blaster bolt. Crow was shot in the chest. Another blast came and another and another. Crow dropped his weapon and fell onto the ground. He was dead. Luke had fired his blaster as he layed on the ground. He dropped the pistol exhausted. Raxxum weakily got up. She walked over to Luke to see what she could do to help him.

Republic Marines arrived and helped Raxxum and Luke. Luke was in a bacta tank for five days before he was able to be released. Finally, Crow was dead.

Dealings at Mos Eisley Cantina

Luke, Raxxum, Marl, and Shockwave went to Mos Eisley Cantina after a successful training session. They went inside. Luke had found a message saying to meet a guy at the first booth to the right in there. He did not tell anyone about it. Marl, Rax, and Shock got their drinks at the bar while Luke went into the booth to the right.

There was a hooded man sitting in there. "Hello Luke, nice to see you." The man said. Then he slid the door shut to the booth. They were in there alone and no one knew what was going on in there.

"Luke!" Marl shouted. He ran over to the door followed by Raxxum and Shock. Marl could not open the door. Shock pulled out a blaster rifle.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Asked Luke. "You can call me the Guardian." he said staring at Luke. Luke still had his gaze fixed on the Guardian's eyes for that was all he could see. "There had been much corruption in the Republic recently." He said. He handed Luke a small device. "Use that to tag the corrupt." He ordered. Marl and Shock got the door open. Luke looked over as they stepped into the small room where the booth was. Luke turned back to the Guardian. He was gone.

"I'm fine." Luke insisted as he walked out of the booth with the device hidden in his jacket pocket. He walked over
Luke and rax at cantina

luke and Rax at the cantina.

to the bar and got a glass of ale. Rax was standing next to him. Marl was walking away from the bar with a large glass of ale and he sat at a booth. Shock was standing behind Luke with his.

A Jawa kept annoying Shock and Marl. Shock shot it. It fell onto the floor. A man walked in wearing a long brown jacket. "Hey!" He said. He walked up to Shock. "Don't harm my people." He demanded. Shock wondered how he was related to a jawa. Luke thought he recognized that voice but didn't turn around.

Luke heard Shock and the man begin to fight. Luke took another drink of his ale and turned around. "Alright, that's enough." Luke said then he saw the man's face.

The man stopped. "Hello, son." He said innocently. Rax got up. She stood beside Luke. "Rax, meet my dad." Luke insisted. Raxxum looked up at him.

"That's your dad?" She asked in disbelief. Luke turned around and went back to the bar and drank more of his ale. Rax did the same. "Yes, what did you expect?" Luke asked.

Rax took a drink of her ale. "I don't know, I just expected him to be more like you." She admitted. Luke smiled.

"Well, what can I say? I am a unique person." Luke said with a grin. Rax smiled. She turned to see Alec Graysear, Luke's dad, still babbling on about the jawa to Shock.

"What happened to him?" She asked. Luke turned to her and made sure no one heard.

"Nobody had really seen him in a while. He is kinda a hermit now." Luke explained. Rax nodded. "Hey! I heard that." Alec announced then went over to the bar and got himself a drink.

Eventually, Rax walked out of the cantina. She went and sat on a dismantled cannon.(unfinished)

Confronting Darth Maul

Luke was becoming better at using the force. His limited training from Master Yoda was paying off. Luke was sitting in a chair at Ryloth Command. Luke liked Ryloth. He often came back to his private quarters there to think. Luke was beginning to lift the chair he was in with the force. He had great success. He was proud. Then he felt something. Something....sinister. His chair slammed to the ground. His concentration was lost. Luke wondered what happened. Luke stood up from the chair. It was very quiet in his quarters. Actually, the whole base was rather quiet. Everyone who was there worked nicely. Luke exited the room and walked up a few stairs to a hangar. There, was his Naboo starfighter. It was his favorite ship. He walked to the front of it rubbing his hand across it as he walked. He glanced down at a tool box. He knelt down and picked it up. He placed it on a workbench near the fighter. Luke remembered leaving it out the night before by accident. Luke leaned up against the workbench. He thought about the disturbance he had felt. Luke began to think about what Master Yoda had told him. Luke came to the conclusion that the disturbance may have been a premonition. Luke thought of what sinister thing could have happened or, what sinister person could have done something. Then Luke's mind burst into thoughts, pictures, past, present, future. Luke grabbed his head. Luke started seeing blurred images in his head. It hurt him a bit. He slid down the bench into a sitting position on the ground, still holding his head. Luke saw an elderly Jedi wielding a green lightsaber get
Luke and clone 3

Luke is confronted by a clone.

stabbed by a red faced Zabrak Sith lord. The vision faded then another exploded into his mind. The same red Zabrak, now with mechanical legs, was talking to another of his kind. Luke made out "I am counting on it." the Zabrak had said. Luke perceived that the Zabrak was hoping for Jedi to come after him. Then that vision shattered and another emerged of the Zabrak, now Luke perceived him as Darth Maul, terrorizing a village on an ice
Luke and clone 2

Luke learns of the alarming news.

planet. Luke's mind was absorbing so much information. Then Luke saw Maul attacking a few Republic outposts. Then everything vanished. The visions disappeared. Luke took a deep breathe. He let go of his head and leaned forward and his hands held him up on the floor. Luke had never experienced that before. Luke stood up. A clone trooper ran over to him. "What is it?" Asked Luke. "Several outposts near out position have been destroyed!" The trooper announced in horror. Luke's vision was
Luke and clone

Luke orders the trooper to sound the alarm.

right. Luke sensed there was more. "And the outposts that are being destroyed are getting closer to here." Said the trooper. Luke's eyes widened. "Sound the alarm!" Luke yelled. Luke ran past him and into the hallway. Luke entered the command center of the base. A hologram appeared of Obi-Wan Kenobi. "Luke, a sith lord Darth Maul is heading your way!" Kenobi informed him. "I know." Said Luke.
Luke communicates

Luke communicates with many other clones.

"We will try and send r......" Kenobi's transmission was cut off. Someone was jamming them. Luke ran into a hallway. He gazed out a window. He could see smoke off in the distance from another outpost. Ryloth Command was next! The clones at the base manned their battle stations and prepared for the Sith's arrival. Luke held his blaster pistol ready. Luke and many other clones were all aimed at a large heavy door to the base where Maul was headed. "All right men, get ready for that saber to start cutting through there!" a trooper said. Luke waited. He sensed Maul was close. Then Luke had a terrible thought. "Wait, what if he uses..." Luke was interrupted by Maul forcing the doors open. The doors flew back and hit several clones in the large room. Crates went flying. The clones opened fire. Then Luke saw him. Maul activated his lightsaber as he stood in the doorway. Maul charged towards them. He sliced through several clones with ease. He moved incredibly fast. The clones fired desperately and
Darth Maul CWA

Darth Maul at Ryloth Command

missed him every time. Eventually Maul had killed almost every clone in the room. "Fall back!" Luke yelled. The clones scattered throughout the base. Luke and a few other clones ran through a few hallways in the north portion of the base. They could hear blasters going off and the bloodcurdling screams of clones being decapitated. Luke readied his weapon. The screams and sounds of lightsaber clashes began to get closer. Luke could tell the three clones with him were afraid. "It's been an honor serving with you." said one. "Awww man, don't say that." He said a bit choked up. The other clone was silent. he was sweating heavily. His anxiety was building. Then the door slammed open. Maul appeared. He jumped towards the clones in the hallway. "Ahhh!" Yelled one of them. Then his head was chopped off. Another fired off two shots and then Maul swung around his lightsaber and cut off his arm in an upward motion and continued by stabbing the blade through the clone's chest. The last clone was firing at him and then his chest was sliced open and he was cut in half. Maul growled. The only one left was Luke. Luke quickly aimed his pistol at Maul. Luke fired three times and Maul deflected the blasts.
Darth Maul Ryloth 2

Maul lunges at Luke.

Maul began to come closer to Luke. Luke backed up consistently speeding up on his way through the hallway. He backed into a door as it opened. Luke fired at Maul. Maul sprinted towards Luke. He swung his lightsaber and cut through Luke's pistol. "Ah!" Luke groaned. Luke dropped the remains of the gun. He backed into a desk. Luke was cornered. Luke turned his head to the right and he spotted his lightsaber. It was on a table to the right. Maul raised his red-bladed lightsaber above his head. He swung down toward Luke. Luke used all the strength he had and forced his lightsaber to his hand. He ignited the blue blade and held it in a horizontal position. Maul's saber slammed down on Luke's blue blade with intense force. "Impressive." Said Maul with a grin. Luke pushed Maul's blade away with his and Luke stood up completely and aimed his saber at Maul. "Hmmm." Maul expressed. Maul stepped towards Luke and swung his saber at Luke and Luke blocked it followed by Luke swinging up high at Maul but it was blocked by Maul's blade. They dueled more moving around the room.

Darth Maul Ryloth

Maul swings at Luke by the window.

They walked in front of a large window. Luke and Maul crossed blades and Luke pushed away Maul's blade and it hit the window. It shattered. Luke looked at Maul thinking of what his next move was. Maul scowled at Luke and kicked him. Luke groaned as Maul's boot hit him in the stomach. Luke stumbled backwards. His foot stepped out the edge of the window. He fell. His lightsaber deactivated. It fell on the edge of the window. Luke fell out the window and grabbed an exposed pipe in the side of the wall just below the window sill. Maul stood in the middle of the window staring down at Luke. "I have been in this position before." Maul said. Luke saw his lightsaber on the edge. His feet were dangling with a huge drop. Luke had an idea. Luke took a deep breath. He pushed with his arms off the pipe and jumped up towards the window. He forced his lightsaber into his hand. He ignited and landed behind Maul. He swung towards Maul to slice through his torso. Maul quickly turned and blocked Luke's blade with his own. "I have already gotten used to that move." Maul said in anger. Luke stared into his Sith eyes. Maul raised his hand and grabbed Luke's throat. Luke gasped for air. Maul's grip was very strong. He lifted up Luke and rotated him to where he was dangling over the edge of the window. Luke deactivated his lightsaber and tried to pry Maul's hand off his neck. Maul's firm grip was getting tighter and tighter. "You are weak." Maul said. Luke dropped his lightsaber. it bounced off the ledge and fell down onto the ground many stories below. Luke began to feel like he was going to pass out. Luke glanced over behind Darth Maul. He saw a woman behind him. She ignited two red-bladed lightsabers. It was Asajj Ventress. Maul saw that Luke was looking behind him. He turned around with Luke still in his grip. Asajj was mid swing towards Maul. Maul raised his blade to block Ventress' blow. "Ah, the witch." Maul said. He dropped Luke. He fell on the floor of the room near the edge. He tried to catch his breathe. Ventress battled Maul out into the hallway. Then Maul extended his hand towards Ventress and forced her back. She flew through the doorway and hit the wall next to Luke. She layed on the ground next to Luke and looked up into the hallway. Maul was gone. "That is the second time I have had to save your skin." Said Ventress to Luke. "Hey, you didn't last much longer." Said Luke. Asajj smiled at that remark. They both got up. "Now what?" Luke asked. "We hunt that monster." Said Ventress. They both walked out of the room.

Ambushed by Heart

The Republic Special Forces had been at war with Adam Heart for a while. Several Peace meetings had been held but, none of them were successful. They had fought many battles against eachother. The marines were defeated most of the time.

One day, Luke Docker was walking through the streets of coruscant. He was looking through the windows of various stores, admiring the merchandise. Luke turned around to see Adam Heart standing there. More of his troops came over from an alley. It seemed like they just kept coming. Luke put his hand on his pistol which was in his holster. He was prepared to open fire.

"Look, I don't want any trouble." Luke said trying to avoid a confrontation. Luke activated a distress signal on his comlink. The marines were busy but were going to help him.

Luke studied the soldiers that Adam had hired. He watched for any movement that would indicate they were going to raise their blasters and shoot him.

The Coruscant pedestrians all but vanished leaving only a few stragglers watching what was happening. That was not good. The less witnesses, the better for getting away with killing a republic officer.

One of Adam's men raised his blaster. Luke gasped. He pulled out his pistol from his holster and began to point it towards the man when a laser bolt slammed into his left shoulder. Luke fell back onto the ground. Luke's vision was blurry. He looked at Adam's men who were crowding around him. One began kicking him. Another began to do the same. Luke heard the engines of a speeder bike. One of the thugs employed by Adam put a pistol up against Luke's head. Then Luke heard the blaster go off. But it was not the one pointed at his head. The man who had the gun to luke's head collapsed onto the ground. Luke turned to his left.

Jaller Racer had arrived. Jaller engaged them all in combat. Jaller turned to see Luke. Luke's eyes closed. He passed out. "Luke!" Jaller shouted. Jaller shot another one of Adam's men. They returned fire. Jaller hid behind the steps leading to another section of the plaza area. Jaller peaked out and fired again but the blast missed.

On one side of the street, there was a railing. On the other side of that railing was a long drop down. Jaller ran out from behind the cover of the stairs and began shooting at the enemy. He dove behind a crate that was right next to that railing. Jaller looked over the top of a crate.

One of Adam's men ran over to the crate and punched Jaller. Jaller fell back up against the railing. Adam's man punched him again. Jaller tried to regain control of the stiuation. He grabbed the bars with both of his hands and lifted his legs up. He pushed off the bar and kicked with both of his legs into the man's torso. The man fell backwards. Jaller let go of the bars and stood up.

Alora Darkboot now arrived, another marine in the special forces. She ran over and began to attack Adam's men. She shot one and then she got surrounded by them. She punched one, but then another picked her up. Jaller began to run over to help. The man that picked Alora up tossed her over the side of the railing. She screamed as she fell to the lower levels. "No!" Jaller yelled.

Luke regained consciousness. He looked at Jaller who was fighting a large group of men. Luke grabbed his pistol that was a few feet away. A woman working for Adam saw. She aimed her blaster at him and fired. The blast hit him in the chest. Thankfully, it was a stunblast. Luke groaned as he was electricuted then passed out.

Jaller dropped his weapon and engaged them in hand to hand combat. He swung his fist and it hit one guy in the face and rammed his elbow into another's neck as he continued his swing, knocking out the man. He kneed one in the stomach slammed his hands onto the back of his head as he looked down. That man was out cold.

Jaller turned around, ready to attack more. A man had a blaster. He fired and the blast hit Jaller in the arm. "Ahh!" Jaller yelped. He stumbled backwards.

Then, Gladiator1 Vasco Gomes arrived along with Field Commander Racer. Vas ran over to Luke and applied bacta to his wounds. "Fall back!" Yelled Racer. "Return to base." Vasco ordered. Vas dragged Luke onto the repulsor truck he and Racer arrived in. Jaller followed. They got in and the truck flew away through the skylanes of coruscant.

Later, they arrived at a military outpost under the command of Vasco. Luke and Jaller both recieved immediate medical attention.

Raid on Carlac

Luke and the Republic Marine Havoc Squad were all in a Clone Turbo Tank en route to a Death Watch gathering. Their objective: Capture Pre Viszla and kill anyone in their way. The snow covered planet of Carlac was beautiful.
Carlac detail


It had beautiful, majestic, purple trees and a nice sky. Sort of unfitting for a Death Watch gathering. Luke pondered on that. The sky was black at that time though, for it was night. Squadleader Racer was speaking with the turbo tank's pilot about their destination. There were numerous seats along the outside walls of the turbo tank. In one seat was Cold Scoutsniper. He was cleaning his sniper rifle. Next to him was AlphaMarl Photoline. He has a rotary cannon on his lap. Next to him was Luke. Luke stood up and walked to the back of the tank and activated a holoprojector. It was Grandmoff Ghost Farewalker. "The fleet will be here if you need us." Ghost informed. "Yes sir, thank you sir." Luke replied. "No problem, Lieutenant." Ghost said as the hologram fizzled out. Vasco Gomes walked over to Luke. "We are approaching the target." Vasco announced. "Very good." Luke commended. Elitemarine Turbo loaded his blaster rifle. The Turbo tank shook a bit as it drove over a large rock. Commander Spike went to the back of the tank and opened a door. He walked into a small room. A light flickered on. Luke saw an AT-RT in the room. Spike checked a few things on it making sure it was prepared for their raid. The tall tower where the Death Watch was gathering came into view. The tank came to a halt behind some trees. A small circular hatch opened on the top of the tank. Marl climbed up and peered his head out above the tank. Marl motioned with his hands to give the okay for the marines to get out. The marines exited the vehicle. A large door unfolded. A ramp extended. Spike activated his AT-RT walker and he pranced out. Racer stood outside the turbo tank in the snow during the darkness of night. He raised night-vision binocluars to his helmet. He looked out in the distance. He saw another turbo tank. "Right on schedule." Racer said. Then he took off his helmet. "Spike go let the other team over there know we are here." Vas said to spike. "Yes sir." Commander Spike ran cautiously through the woods over to the second turbo tank.

Cold walked around the turbo tank watching the perimeter. Marl walked over to him. "Anything?" Asked Marl. "Nothing yet." Cold said with confidence. Luke walked over to them. "This isn't going to be like fighting droids." Luke admitted. Cold turned to look at Luke. He took off his helmet. "These guys actually have skill, unlike those mindless scrap piles." Cold replied. Luke smiled. He turned to Marl and was about to tell him something when Luke's holoprojector began to beep quietly. Luke looked back at Cold. "I will be right back." Luke said as he turned around and walked back towards the turbo tank. He passes Elitemarine Turbo talking with Racer about something. All Luke could make out from the conversation was the word, "hostile".

Luke talks to Rax

Luke talks to Rax.

Luke walked into the turbo tank and sat down inside on a lightly cushioned seat. Luke had installed the cushioning himself because he was tired of sitting his backside on a rock hard chair after an exhausting mission or even waiting for the go ahead before one. Another reason was that Marl would always comlpain about his butt hurting as they were approaching a target during a mission. The tank was now dimmly lit since all of it's passengers were outside. Luke leaned back in his chair and took out his holoprojector. He activated it and a blue image of Raxxum Gelvan appeared.

"Hi Luke." She said with a smile. "Hey Rax, I missed you." Luke said also with a smile. It had been three weeks since they had seen eachother and was rapidly approaching four. "I missed you too." She said. "How has your work been going?" Asked Luke. "Good, did I catch you at a bad time?" She asked. "No, we are just waiting before we begin an operation." Luke said trying not to give away too much information about it. Luke thought she should be able to know. She had been a marine once with him. But then Luke also knew that she had her ways of knowing everything. It seemed like all mandalorians had that ability. A training sergeant back on kamino named Kal Skirata would always find out about everything that happened during training sessions and he would go speak with the cadets involved.

Marl had told a story once about how during a training excercise he was in, he had jumped out from behind the cover he and the rest of his team were hiding behind and began blasting droids with his rotary cannon. Marl was very young at the time. The Kaminoans did not like that, but Kal Skirata got a laugh out of it and did not punish Marl as much as he should have been.

Luke leaned his head up against the wall of the tank. "I want to see you again." Luke said losing patience. "You will, don't worry." Raxxum said still smiling. Luke could die the the next hour, the next minute, or the next second. Luke was not sure if he ever would be able to see Rax again. War changed everything.

Cold walked into the turbo tank. "Time to move." Cold announced. Luke turned to look at Cold and he nodded. Luke turned back to look at the holoprojector as Cold ran out.

"I need to go." Luke said calmly. "Alright. Bye Luke." She said. "Goodbye, Rax." Luke said. The holoprojector deactivated. He closed his eyes. He twiddled the device around in his hands, thinking.

Eventually, he opened his eyes and put the holoprojector back in his belt compartment. He stood up and walked outside. Luke's helmet was off. The cold temperatures on Carlac were not near as bad as those he had seen on other planets such as Orto Plutonia. He enjoyed that simple miracle. At least one thing was going good for him.

Commander Spike was speaking with Elitescout MarineKey and Jaller Racer. They were in the other turbo tank. A group of clone troopers ran towards Racer. Luke followed them. Turbo walked over to Cold who went with Vasco to speak with the driver. The clones stopped just before Racer and lined up. Luke kept walking and stood next to Racer facing the troops. Racer began to talk to the troops.

Jaller Racer and Key went back to the other Turbo tank. Luke could see Fieldmarhsall Shockwave and Commander Colt141 waiting for them to return.

All the troops were now ready to begin the assault. Cold and Marl walked over to Racer. Luke followed them. Racer turned to see them. "The turbo tank will provide covering fire from back here as we move in." Racer explained. "Yes sir." Said Marl.

A group of clone troopers got up on AT-RT's. Commander Spike got on his and he walked in on over to in front of the other clones on walkers. Spike turned to his right to look at the other group by the turbo tank. They were on AT-RT's as well. The remaining people not on vehicles will proceed on foot behind the walkers.

Marl took out his rotary blaster. Cold pulled out his rifle. Luke pulled out his own blaster rifle. Luke turned to look at Cold. Cold nodded at Luke. Racer walked infront of them. "Once we get inside, I want you three to get a team together to go find Pre Viszla." Racer ordered. "You got it." Luke replied.

Everyone was ready. Racer loaded his rifle. He looked around at all of the marines. He looked at the forrested area ahead of them. Within that was the tower where the Death Watch was.

"Go!" Racer yelled. Over 50 clone troops now advanced towards the tower, some on foot and some on walkers. Luke pushed past a tree branch in his way and kept running. He turned back to see Cold and Marldiverging through the many overgrown trees. Luke looked ahead. He saw Dogma Blarthfire running alongside, Fieldmarshall Shockwave. Key and Colt were not far behind them. Jaller Racer was on an AT-RT leading the AT-RT units.

Luke looked far ahead and saw Spike leading hit group of AT-RT's. Luke kept running, as did all of the other troops. Luke could finally see the tower. It was a very dark gray tower, and was easily invisible in the night.

There was a squad of mandalorians walking around the entrance. They began to hear the sounds of the AT-RT's. They looked at the forest trying to see what the sound was. Then a tree branch snapped and a swarm of AT-RT's leaped out of the woods and began shooting at the death watch personel. More AT-RT's came running out of there followed by the foor soldiers. FieldCommander Racer ran out of the woods and was spotted by another mando. Racer raised his rifle and fired. The blaster bolt went through the mando's chest.

FieldMarshall Shockwave ran out of the woods followed by Key and Dogma. Colt ran over to another group off Deathwatch soldiers that had arrived and fired his rifle at one. It went through his neck and Colt fired again hitting another in the chest. Key ran over to help Colt. Key fired off his rifle at a deathwatch trooper and the blast hit him in the head. Another mando fired at Key and he dodged it and swung his rifle up again and fired sending a blaster bolt straight through the mandalorians stomach. The mando fell on the ground. Shockwave ran over to another group of mandalorians. Shock shot one as he ran towards them. He fell to the ground and Shock still ran towards them. Shock rammed hit rifle into the neck of a mando and fired and swung his rifle around to club and mando in the head and he fell down. Shock aimed the blaster down at the man and fired. He raised his rifle perpendicular with teh ground and let off two shots. They both slammed into the chest of another mando. "Good Job." Colt said as he shot another mando. "Thank you, Colt." Shock said. Luke ran over to Key who was shooting at more mandos who had now taken cover behind crates. Luke saw one press a button on their wrist. Their jetpacks ignited. They flew into the air firing down at them. "Open fire!" Luke yelled. The marines opened fire. Dogma Blarthfire ran over to help Luke, Key, Colt, and Shock. Luke shot one in the side of their jetpack and it exploded. Dogma aimed through the sights on his rifle and fired a laser bolt off right through the neck of one of the flying death watch soldiers. One of them flew over to Key and deactivated their jetpack. They dropped down right infront of key and swung their blaster at him. The rifle slammed into Key's helmet. Key was knocked backwards a bit by the blow. Key raised his rifle and slammed the butt of it onto the mando's neck on the right side. It knocked him out. Key resumed fighting.

Marl ran over. He had his rotary cannon. He aimed it up at the death watch hoveriing above everyone. Marl opened fire. "Yeahh!" Marl shouted as he moved the cannon from side to side trying to hit all of the mandos. Then a mando raised his wrist and aimed at Marl. "Watch those wrist rockets!" Yelled Key. The mando fired and the rocket hit the ground in between Marl and Key. They both were thrown back. Key got up from the ground and saw the rotary cannon laying beside him. Key looked up at the Mando who had shot them. He was getting ready to do it again. Key picked up the rotary cannon as fast as he could and aimed it at the mando. He fired. The many lasers hit the mando and he fell to the ground. Key continued firing and hit a few other mandos. "Alright, this is awesome!" He said. Then he turned to look to his left. Marl was standing there with his helmet off. He was staring at him. He was angry. Key ceased firing. "Ahem." Marl said gesturing towards the rotary cannon. "Oh, right." Key said. He reluctantly handed the weapon back to Marl. Marl took it, replaced his helmet, and walked over to another spot to begin firing at the mandos. Key picked up his blaster rifle and began shooting again.

Luke ran over to the entrance of the tower. Cold was already there. "Everyone is too busy fighting out here. We will have to go in alone." Cold said. "I don't like our chances." Luke replied. Dogma ran over to Luke and Cold. "We are pushing back the enemy." He said. "Good work, we need you to come with us." Luke told Dogma. "Yes sir." Dogma replied.

There were some Deathwatch ships taking off to escape the battle off in the distance. Luke saw blasts coming from the turbo tanks taking out some of those ships. "We need to get to the target before he escapes." Cold said as he opened the door and went in. Luke followed him, with his rifle drawn. They cautiously checked corners. Cold motioned for Luke to stop. There was a door that was closed. Luke opened it and went in checking with his rifle infront of him. "Clear." Cold said quietly. They found where the stairs were. Luke had recieved intel. that their target was on the top floor. "Let's move, we can just run up there stairs to the top floor." Cold explained. They ran up the stairs as fast as they could.

They made it to the top floor and burst through the door. Cold checked to the right, and Dogma checked to the left. "Freeze!" Luke shouted. Pre Viszla was standing there in full armor. He was deleting data from the computer system. "Don't move." Luke demanded. Luke and the others carefully approached the target. The top floor was one large open room, with every wall covered by glass. Luke came closer.

It was becoming morning. Then all of the sudden, Pre Vizsla whipped out a darksaber. Cold, Luke, and Dogma opened fire. Pre deflected the blasts with the saber and swung at Luke. Luke ducked and the saber went right over him. Cold fired again and Pre dodged the blast. Dogma engaged Pre now. Dogma fired several times at him and Vizsla deflected each one. Vizsla now targeted Dogma. Vizsla leaped towards Dogma. Dogma fired and the blast was deflected by him. Vizsla swung his blade and sliced through Dogma's blaster. Dogma dropped the remains of his weapon. Vizsla swung again. Dogma ducked then came back up and punched Vizsla. Vizsla swung again at Dogma and he yet again dodged the blade. But, he did not dodge the fist that came and slugged him in the head. He was knocked backwards onto the ground. He stood up and was right by the window now. Viszla came towards him and swung at him. He missed.

Cold fired at him. It was deflected. Vizsla punched Dogma in the head again. Dogma raised both of his hands to reach for his helmet to grab his face that was in pain. That was Vizsla's chance. He pushed his saber forward and it pierced Dogma's stomach. Dogma wailed. "Noooo!" Luke yelled. Pre Vizsla pushed the blade in further until the handle was touching Dogma's armor. Pre pulled the blade out of Dogma's torso quickly. Dogma winced. Pre kicked him in the stomach as he was weakily standing. Dogma fell backwards out the window. The glass shattered and fell as Dogma's body plummeted towards the snow covered ground below.

Pre Viszla turned to see Luke and Cold standing right behind him. Luke fired his blaster pistol and it hit vizsla in his upper leg. "Aahhh!" Viszla yelped. Viszla brought up his sword and swung at Luke, it barely missed Luke's shoulder. Viszla brought up his knee and slammed in into Luke's stomach. Luke's body jerked upwards. Luke groaned. Then Viszla kicked Luke in the face, knocking him out, and Luke fell backwards onto the floor.

Cold swung his fist and landed it perfectly on Viszla's head. He stumbled backwards. Viszla limped back over to Cold. Cold kicked Viszla in the stomach and Viszla bent down infront of him. Cold put both of his hands together and slammed them down onto the back of Viszla's head sending his head crashing into the floor below him. Viszla weakily got up. He was on his knees. Cold had his rifle pointing at Vizsla's head.

"Surrender." Cold demanded. Viszla began to raise his hands. Then he lunged out and grabbed Cold's leg. An electricul current surged into Cold's body. Cold jerked around several times then collapsed onto the ground. Viszla got up. He activated his jetpack and flew out the window.

Luke and Cold were both laying down on the top floor of the building unconscious. Jaller Racer and Elitescout MarineKey burst through the door to the top floor. They checked around the room. There was no sign of Vizsla. Jaller raised his wrist to his head. "Man down, repeat man down, we need a medic up here." Jaller told whoever was listening.

"Copy that, medic is on his way to your position." Commander Colt141 answered the call.

Key walked over to the window that was shattered. He saw a blaster rifle that had been cut in two. He picked it up, wondering what had happened. He looked out the window. He looked down at the ground. He saw the body of Dogma Blarthfire.

"No." Key said quietly to himself. Jaller walked over and looked down where Key was looking. He saw Blarthfire. He raised his wrist again.

"We have another man down, ground level, south side of building." Jaller explained.

"I'm on it." Colt replied via the comlink. Jaller and Key watched as Colt and Racer ran over to the body of Dogma. They motioned for Marl to come over to them.

Jaller and Key heard the door open behind them and Vasco and Spike walked in. They began to help Luke and Cold.

They had failed their mission to capture Pre Viszla. That may have been the only chance they got.

Luke awoke in a medical bed on the turbo tank. He looked around. He saw Vas helping Cold. Jaller walked over to Luke.

"Did we get him?" Asked Luke.

"No." Jaller said gravely.

Luke had a feeling that Viszla would be caught. But not by the Republic. By something worse. Something.... sinister. Luke had a feeling Viszla would not survive his encounter with this thing. Luke had felt that feeling before. It was right before Darth Maul attacked him at Ryloth Command. Luke had figured it out. Maul would kill Pre Viszla. Luke wondered why Maul would kill Viszla. He assumed he would find out. Soon.

Dogma recieved medical attention. He was in a very bad condition. There was however a small chance of survival. Luke hoped he would make it.

There were still small pockets of Death Watch camps all over Carlac. If these groups of Mandalorians were to come together, they would pose a great threat to the Republic. Therefore, a majority of Republic forces stayed behind on Carlac to wipeout the remaining insurgency.

Skirmish on Carlac

Carlac databank
"War often turns promises into hopes."
– Jedi General Ima-Gun Di

Two months had passed sinced the initial Republic raid on Carlac. Troops had come and gone. Within that two month period of restless devotion hunting down those Death Watch insurgents, Key, a former marine, had been promoted to ARC Trooper for his valiant efforts on this campaign.

ARC Trooper Key now assisted the marines with raids and simply providing intel. The marines on Carlac were running out of supplies. They were low on food. They needed sleep most of all. Sadly, Carlac was too deep in enemy territory to be graced with a care package of some sort.

Luke Docker lay upon a pile of crates with a blanket on top of him. Luke could not sleep. It was freezing cold, and their bases barely counted as shelter. They were small village houses made from wood. They had taken refuge there after the villagers were driven from their homes by the Death Watch.

The Republic had no air support. Grand Admiral Farewalker's cruiser was forced to flee from the planet after an emergence of exceptional anti-aircraft turrets set up by the Death Watch. Nothing was going their way. The marines could not even capture Pre Vizsla, the leader of the Death Watch.

Luke Docker on Carlac village

AlphaMarl Photoline walked over to Luke and tapped him on the shoulder. Luke's eyes lazily opened and glanced up at Marl.

"Get up." Marl insisted. Luke got up and followed Marl outside. Turbo met up with them outside and followed them as well.

"What's this about?" Asked Luke. Marl turned his head as he walked. "Colonel Vasco wants to brief us on something." Marl said at last.

That got Luke's attention. Hopefully it was good news. The three marines walked up the steps of another house in the village. They stopped infront of the door and Marl opened it. They walked inside. Luke studied his surroundings.

Fieldmarine Cold was sitting in a chair inside the house. Colt sat next to Cold cleaning his blaster rifle while Cold looked like he was about to fall asleep but could always manage to be wide awake at the same time. It was strange.

Vasco Gomes entered the room. Everyone stood up and saluted.

"At ease, lads." Vas insisted. The men lowered their hands and then plopped down on the various furniture within the small, dark, chilly room.

"As you all know, Fieldcommander Racer, Jaller, and Spike left with Farewalker when the cruiser retreated. That lost us some valuable men. But, I may have some good news." Vasco continued as he walked around the room.

"Luke will have to thank Sarah Amadale for this. But, she is in the process of getting a fleet back to Carlac to send aid. She also said Jedi Master Plo Koon has been debating whether or not to send the Wolfpack. Now, Commander Wolffe has already volunteered to fly here, and Sarah is high up in the ranks in the Navy. I am confident that she can get us the reinforcments we need." Vasco finished.

The door to the room swung open and ARC Trooper Key walked in. Luke shivered as the gust of cold wind blew on him. He felt the cold climb up his spine. Luke officially hated this planet. He could not wait to return to Coruscant.

Luke hoped Sarah could pull this off. He would really owe her after this. Vasco walked away and was talking with someone on a holoprojector. Luke recognized this person as John Sentinel, a great intelligence officer. Raxxum usually worked with him. Luke walked over to Vas.

"Any word on Rax?" Asked Luke to John. John hesitated before answering.

"We lost contact with her." John replied. Luke pondered on that.

"The last people she was in contact with was Reverk Gelvan and you." John explained.

"Alright, thank you John." Luke said as he began to walk away.

"No problem, Luke." John said. The hologram fizzled out.

Luke tried not to think about what happened to Rax. He needed to stay focused. He blocked out all thoughts of Raxxum from his mind. A difficult task, but a nessescary one.

Luke walked out of the house and saw a group of speeder bikes parked outside. There was a blood trail leading from the speeder bike to Luke's hut. He ran over to the house and opened the door. Inside was an injured Death Watch member. Cold had a knife to his throat.

"What the hell is going on?" Luke asked. Cold looked up at him. ARC trooper Key was standing next to Cold observing.

"We are interrogating this man." Cold replied. Turbo and Marl walked in and studied the scene. Luke knelt down infront of this man.

"You are the reason we have to stay here in the cold. I would like nothing more than to see you suffer." Luke explained as he looked straight into the man's eyes. The man gulped, most likely swallowing blood from his wound in his stomach.

"We will patch you up, if you go tell your friends to leave this blasted planet!" Cold said furiously.

The mandalorian shook his head. Cold scowled at him then looked up at Key who had his full ARC trooper armor on. Cold stood up and backed away as well as Luke.

The man looked up at Key in fear. Key grabbed the man's throat and raised him up in the air. He shoved him up against the wall. The man squirmed. Key made a fist and raised his arm to get ready to punch the man in the fist. He had plastoid armor on his hands. The punch would hurt, alot.

"Make your choice." Key said staring at the man. The mandalorian tried to take a deep breath. Then he spit on Key's armor chest plate. Key looked down at it then back up at the man with his hand still raised.

"Bad choice." Key said in anger, then he slammed his fist into the man's chest knocking him unconscious, most likely forever with the wounds he already had. Key dropped him on the ground.

Key wiped the spit from his armor. Cold walked over to Key and patted him on the shoulder.

"Good job." Cold commended him.

"Thanks, Cold." Key acknowledged him. Marl and Turbo walked up stairs while Key and Cold went outside. Luke sat down in a chair and tried to rest.

Luke was beginning to fall asleep when his holoprojector started beeping. He opened his eyes and stretched his arms and legs. He reached into his belt compartment and pulled out the device. He activated it and an image of Sarah Amadale appeared.

"Luke, are you alright?" She asked urgently. Luke squinted and took a deep breath because he was still very tired.

"Eh, I'm a little cold." Luke said at last. Luke saw Sarah smile a little bit on one side of her mouth.

"Well, I have good news. I am escorting the Wolfpack to Carlac to set up a staging base. The Wolfpack will provide food and medical supplies to you all. And maybe they will give you a blanket." Sarah said with pride.

Luke took a deep breath. He was so happy. He had been enduring so much pain and agony for the past 2 months. Now, it was coming to an end. He could just taste the food and he could almost feel the warmth of a few more blankets. Luke was so excited.

"Sarah, you are the best!" Luke exclaimed. Sarah giggled. That triggered Luke to laugh as well.

"Glad I can help." Sarah said after she was done laughing.

"I don't know how I am ever going to be able to repay you." Luke replied. Sarah smiled genuinely.

"I'm sure you will find a way." She answered with a grin. Luke smiled as well.

"Well, I am going to go tell the others, See ya later Sarah. Oh and what's your ETA?" Luke asked her.

"About 2 hours from now. Also see if you and the guys can destroy any anti-aircraft turrets within a 2 mile radius of your position, will you?" Sarah asked.

"You got it, bye Sarah." Luke replied.
Luke in courtyard-Carlac

Luke informing to everyone that they are getting reinforcements.

"Bye Luke." She said, once again with a smile. The hologram deactivated and Luke ran out of the house. He ran into the open courtyard in the middle of the village. ARC Trooper Key was working on a speeder bike while Cold was sitting on an ammo crate reassambling his sniper rifle.

"Guys, we are going to get reinforcments!" Luke yelled to everyone from the middle of the courtyard. Marl and Turbo stepped onto the porch from inside the house. The clones around them cheered.

"But, we need to take out all anti-aircraft turrets within a 2 mile radius of here." Luke explained to them all. Luke had to take out those turrets. It was the least he could do for Sarah.

Luke looked over at Cold who had now fully assembled his sniper rifle. He stood up and smiled, which was something he had not seen Cold do in a long, long time. Key began walking towards Luke.

Then a sniper bolt whizzed by Key's head. Key instinctively turned and looked behind him. Everything went silent to Luke. He looked around. A few clones were looking at him in horror. Luke did not understand why. Everything got blurry. Luke fell backwards onto the ground. He reached his hand onto his stomach. His glove was then covered with blood. He had been shot.

Then all of the sudden everything went back to normal. Luke could hear everything clearly and everything was no longer slow motion. He heard the panicked shouts of clones scrambling to defensive positions. He saw Cold quickly pick up his sniper rifle and aim towards a hillside east of the village. He fired two shots quickly, each one hitting it's target. Key had both of his blaster pistols out. Key knelt down next to Luke.

"Luke!" Marl shouted in terror. Marl and Turbo ran over to him. Everything began getting blurrier and blurrier for Luke until his eyes completely shut. Everything stopped at once for Luke.

Key applied CPR to Luke. A clone medic ran over to them and shoved Marl aside. Cold just watched from a distance.

The medics carried Luke away and into another house. Colonel Vasco arrived and walked over to Key.

"What happened?" Vasco asked with urgency. Key stood up.

"Luke was shot by a Death Watch sniper. Both hostiles have been taken care of." Key answered.

"Will Luke make it?" Vas asked. Marl looked at Key.

"Luke was shot in the stomach. In the event that a major artery was punctured, he might not make it. But, we simply don't know." Key said with honesty. Vasco's expression deepened. Marl looked down at the ground.

"Luke said that we needed to destroy anti-aircraft turrets within the area in order for reinforements to arrive." Turbo informed the Colonel.

"Let's make sure we do that then." Vasco said with confidence.


Luke awoke in a Republic staging base approximately 2 weeks after the skirmish on Carlac. He opened his eyes and there was a bright light shining in his eyes.

"Oh, I will get that." Said a familiar voice.

The light was turned off and Luke's eyes open fully. He looked beside him. It was Sarah Amadale sitting in a chair right next to his bed. He took a deep breath.

"Sarah." He said weakily. He tried to adjust how he was laying.

"Yep, it's me. Be careful, don't hurt yourself..... again." She said as Luke finally stopped moving.

Luke felt so weak. He grabbed a blanket he was underneath and lifted it up a little bit.

"You remembered." Luke said implying that this was the blanket Luke desired during their conversation via hologram. Sarah laughed at that remark.

"Yep, I got you that blanket." She said smiling. Luke weakily smiled back. Sarah put her hand on Luke's forehead.

"Don't scare me like that again, you got that?" She asked. Luke smiled and gave her a small nod.

"I will try not to save the day, every day." Luke said. Sarah smiled.

"I see your sense of humor has survived." Sarah replied.

"That's not the only thing that survived." Luke said smiling.

Luke took a deep breath as he looked up at Sarah from his hospital bed. Sarah leaned in closer to Luke.

Commander Wolffe entered the room. He cleared his throat to indicate his prescence and preceded with the word; "Sir."

Sarah pulled away from Luke and stood up straight. "What?" Sarah asked.

"What?" Luke asked at the same time since usually he was regarded as sir.

"I mean Sarah." Wolffe said. "I need to speak with her."

"As you wish, Commander. Luke, I'll be right back." Sarah explained. Commander Wolffe and Sarah exited the room to discuss what ever issue had arose.

Luke Docker-Carlac command

Luke looking around the Carlac Staging base

Luke took another deep breath. He unclipped all the medical equipment that was attached to him and got out of the bed. He put on a few things and walked out of the room. He explored the Republic staging base.

Wolfpack on Carlac

He liked that it was warm inside the base instead of the usual freezing temperatures of Carlac. Luke was shocked by the sheer number of Wolfpack troopers at the base. Luke did not see many marines though. At least none that he recognized.

He walked down a hallway. He heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to see Sarah following him.

"You should be in bed!" She said with concern. She walked up to him and shoved him into a vacant office in the hallway. It was a dark office with a small couch next to a wooden desk. She turned on a small lamp in the room to give off a little light and then closed the door behind them.

"I'm fine." Luke said ignoring his injuries.

Luke Docker standing
"You have just been shot, yet you are wandering around this base!" Sarah explained. Luke smiled.

"You are funny when you are angry." Luke admitted. Sarah just stared at Luke, unamused by that comment. At least, not that she revealed to Luke. Then her smile broke through.

"There we go, I knew it." Luke said with pride. Sarah rolled her eyes. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

"You're impossible." Sarah replied. Luke grinned. She looked into Luke's blue eyes. Luke looked back at hers. They both leaned forward and kissed. They wrapped their arms around eachother. Then, Sarah pulled away and looked back in Luke's eyes. Luke smiled as calmly as he could. Sarah smiled gently.

"I have to go, I have things to do in preparation for the assault." Sarah whispered to Luke. Sarah stepped back from Luke.

"Alright, good luck." Luke insisted. Sarah walked towards the door, stopped, and then turned back around.

"Be careful Luke. You really should be in bed." Sarah asserted. Luke smiled back at her.

"That has never stopped me before." He added defiantly. Sarah chuckled then opened the door and left the room.

Luke was left alone in the dimly lit room. He sat down on the small couch and tried to relax. He closed his eyes for a moment. He pictured Sarah. She was giving orders to her men onboard a cruiser.

Luke only wished to rest his eyes for a moment. He had forgotten how tired he was. He eventually drifted off to sleep.

He yet again thought of Sarah an image played in his mind. She was onboard a cruiser's bridge giving orders. This time, the dream lengthened. Sarah turned around and walked towards the window of the cruiser. A hostile ship appeared out of hyperspace. Alarms went off around the ship. Sarah turned around. Out another window, Luke could see that the cruiser was orbiting Carlac. Then Sarah began to run towards the blast doors of the bridge. The hostile cruiser opened fire on Sarah's vessel. The blasts hit the bridge and it started to explode. Eventually, the bridge was engulfed by a giant fireball.

Luke's eyes shot wide open. He sat up on the couch, breathing heavily and sweating. He scooted over until he sat on the very edge of the couch. He placed his elbows on his knees and rested his head on his hands. Luke rubbed his head trying to relax himself.

Luke did not know too much about the force. But, what he did know, was that sometimes force-users had premonitions. Was this the force's way of telling him Sarah would die? Luke hoped not. He could not let that happen.

Luke walked out of the room and glanced down the other end of the hallway. He looked back at the lobby. He walked down the hallway towards it. Luke saw Marl sitting at a small table with a cuf of caf on the table. Marl had his elbow on the table with his head leaning on his hand. Luke walked over to him.

Now, Luke could see Marl was asleep. Luke sat down in the chair across from him. Eventually, a service droid rolled up next to him and offered him some caf. Luke accepted the offer and the droid rolled away and to get him some caf.

The droid came up and placed the cup on the table. Luke thanked the droid and it rolled away. Luke took a sip. Marl's eyes opened slightly. Marl saw Luke sitting there.

"Ahhhh!" Marl exclaimed. He jumped back in his chair, almost tipping it over. Luke laughed at him.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack!?" Marl asked in outrage. Luke smiled and then took another sip of caf.

"Wait, shouldn't you be in bed?" Asked Marl.

"First Sarah, Now you tell me that." Luke said annoyed.

"Well, its because that's what you should be doing. Sleeping." Marl inisted.

Luke thought about the dream he had when he last slept.

"I can't sleep." Luke admitted. Marl took a sip of his caf.

"You'd be the only one from our outpost who can't sleep. Those guys can't get enough. We've been awake for 2 months!" Marl explained. Luke's glanced down in thought.

"I think it's my bed, it's too soft. I'm so used to sleeping on the floor or on crates that actually lying in a bed feels like I'm on a marshmallow. I'm gonna sink right through to the floor." Luke explains.

Marl studies Luke for a minute. Marl puts his joking self aside for a moment.

"I know, Luke, I know. You're gonna be alright. War takes it's toll on all of us." Marl said trying to comfort Luke.

Luke smiled lightly.

The two of them were silent for a few minutes drinking their caf. Then Luke stood up with his cup in hand.

"Did Katie come along with Sarah?" Luke asked Marl. Marl grabbed his cup of caf.

"Yeah, she is working in the infirmary I believe it was." Marl struggled to remember.

Luke pushed in his chair. He took another sip of caf and then lowered it.

"Well, I am going to go try and get some shut eye." Luke explained.

"Alright Luke, I'll see ya later." Marl replied as Luke walked away.

Luke realized he had no idea where he would rest. He had no idea if there were barracks here and if so, then where were they? Luke decided to just go back to that vacant office.

Luke opened the door and walked in. He shut it behind him. He sat down on that couch once again and then laid down. He looked up at the ceiling. It was a dull gray with a small ceiling fan in the center.

Luke slowly drifted off to sleep. And yet again, he dreamt.

It was the same dream as before. He suffered through each horrific moment once more. This time, it was a tad bit different. As Sarah ran for the blast doors, she was screaming, "Luke! Luke!"

Luke sprouted up on the couch when Sarah's voice grew louder. When he opened his eyes he realized why the voice was getting louder.

Sarah was sitting on the couch beside him, repeating his name to wake him up. Luke took a deep breath, trying to compose himself.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Sarah said with regret. Luke turned to look her in the eyes. She stared back at him, looking embarrassed and ashamed of herself. Luke could not let Sarah die on that cruiser. The fact that the event occured over Carlac scared Luke even more. That meant it would happen soon.

"It's fine, Sarah." Luke said compassionately as he embraced Sarah in his arms. Sarah looked up at Luke again.

"I came here to tell you that you are needed in the briefing room. Colonel Vas knows you are awake so he needs to brief you on what is going on." Sarah revealed.

Luke took a breath in exhaustion. Luke did not want to move from the couch. He was laying there completely comfortable and with Sarah in his arms. Nothing was wrong with that picture. He was sure he could be a minute or two late for the briefing.

"I'll go eventually." Luke said lazily. Sarah situated herself in Luke's arms and smiled at him. She kissed him on the cheek and then said something shocking.

"You are already 10 minutes late." Sarah said with amusement. Luke's eyes widened. Sarah sat up on the couch.

Luke shot off the couch and grabbed his now empty cup of caf from a table. He darted towards the door.

"Bye turkey!" Luke said jokily as he opened the door and slammed it behind him. Sarah started laughing.

Luke sprinted down the hallway as fast as he could. He noticed a small trash can in the hallway. As he passed by it, he tossed his cup in it. He ran until he found a room titled "Briefing room" and then stopped at the door. He rubbed his forehead and then reached for the control panel. He touched it and the door slid open.
Luke at Carlac stagin bsae

Luke as he walks into the briefing room.

The Colonel was in the middle of talking when everything in the room stopped. The Colonel turned to see Luke.

Luke was a bit embarrassed. Colonel Vasco looked disgusted by Luke.

"Corporal Docker, nice of you to join us." Vasco said very monotone.

Luke gulped.

"Yes sir." Luke finally spat out.

"Have a seat." Vasco demanded.

Luke quickly walked over to a row of chairs and plopped himself down on a chair. Marl was in the row behind him. He punched Luke in the shoulder.

"Nice work." Marl whispered. Luke rolled his eyes and tried to pay attention to the briefing. It sounded like the Wolfpack and the marines had wiped out pretty much all Death Watch resistance on Carlac. They only had a few more small pockets of mandos to go, then they could leave this frozen ice bucket.

Although, that meant sooner the incident with Sarah would be. The attack would most likely be when they left. Should Luke tell them that they would be attacked as they left? He was basing this off a vision, they would never believe him. Luke decided to just wait until the time comes.

"I have news on Racer's situation. Racer has left the GAR and command of the marines fall to me." Colonel Vasco explained. The squad was shocked.

"Why did he do it?" Asked Colt. Vasco paused for a moment and then answered.

"He has his reasons." Vasco replied. Colt nodded and sat back more in his chair.

Vasco went on to explain their mission. There was a village that the Death Watch had taken over about 10 miles from the staging base. They had to go clear it out.

They were dismissed from the briefing room and the squad walked down the hallway and into the barracks.

They had a half hour to prepare for the mission. They quickly grabbed their weapons and all the equipment needed for the operation and they met up in the hangar.

They each had a designated speeder that they would be riding to the village. Luke set his backpack on a little shelf in a compartment in his speeder. He
Clone Wars Adventures Luke rides a Speeder Bike

Clone Wars Adventures Luke rides a Speeder Bike

Luke riding his speeder bike to the Death Watch village.

sat on the seat and placed his hands on the handlebars which control the speeder's movements. Luke took a deep breath.

The speeders were beginning to disembark. Luke looked behind him and at the opposite side of the hangar was Sarah. She was watching him. Luke was wearing a helmet so he just nodded to her as he started up his speeder and rode out of the hangar.

The marines stayed in formation while on their speeder bikes. They neared the village and then parked their speeder bikes within the cover of a dense forest. They buried them with snow to cover their tracks. The marines proceeded on foot towards the village.

Luke stopped beside a tree and looked up ahead. The village was surrounded by an about 10 foot tall wooden gate. Luke motioned for the squad to form up and follow him. Vas gave him the green light to take point. Luke ran up to the wood gate and walked cautiously towards the entrance. Luke gave a motion to Turbo and gestured for him to go to the other side of the entrance.

Turbo ran across as fast as he could. Colt followed him. Cold and Vas stood behind Luke on the opposite side of the entrance. A few other marines were ready with them.

Turbo pulled out a flashbang(stun grenade) and tossed it into the village. Luke looked away from the entrance as he heard a Death Watch soldier shout; "Grenade!"

Then it exploded in blinding light. "Move in!" Luke ordered. The marines stormed the building and began to pick off targets on their respective sides of the village. And so the firefight ensued.

Luke took down several Death Watch mercenaries on the left side. They cleared out both sides of the village and then entered the center structure. Few remained inside of it. They were quickly defeated.

Colonel Vasco held his hand up to his helmet. "The village is secure. We are ready for extraction." Vasco informed the operator.

"Copy that, prepare for imediate evac." The operator replied after a long pause.

The marines walked to the gates of the village.

"LAAT inbound." Vasco informed the squad.

"Yes sir." Luke replied. Luke reloaded his weapon.

Turbo holstered his small pistol and swung his DC-15A blaster rifle over his back. Cold leaned up against his arm on the wooden gate. Colt looked around in case there were surviving Death Watch.

Luke heard the engines of the LAAT. "Here it comes." Luke said softly, mostly to himself, but everyone else responded to it and got ready to board it.

The gunship landed and they got on. Carlac had pretty much been neutralized. They were heading back to the staging base to then leave the planet on the Star Destroyers. Their time on Carlac would finally be over.

Incursion on Carlac

The following takes place 2 weeks after "Skirmish on Carlac"

"Are you ready yet?" Luke asked impatiently.

The majority of Republic troops were leaving the Carlac staging base. Luke was standing in the doorway holding 3 large duffel bags and a small backpack on his shoulder. Only the small backpack was his. The 3 duffel bags belonged to Sarah Amadale.

"Almost done." Sarah said trying to calm Luke.

Luke rolled his eyes since Sarah said the same exact thing 10 minutes ago. Luke looked around the hallway behind him. Everyone else was pretty much done. The corridor was empty. Only a few lights remained on.

Sarah stood up with her last bag.

"I'm done." She said at last.

Luke let out a huge sigh. Sarah looked around her room one last time before walking to the door with Luke.

"I'm going to miss it." Sarah said longingly. Luke rolled his eyes again and grabbed Sarah's arm and dragged her out of the room. Sarah smiled at him as she entered the dark hallway.

The two of them walked down the hallway. Luke exaggerated his breathing and started panting as he lugged Sarah's things down the hall. Sarah simply laughed at him.

They made it into the hangar and Luke plopped everything down inside a gunship. He sat on a crate and pulled out his datapad. He slid his finger along the side of it until he reached the power button. He pushed it in and the screen came to life. He tapped his finger on the screen selecting icons that he wished to view.

He looked up from his screen to see Sarah digging through one of her bags. He looked back down at his datapad and inspected a scan of the orbit of Carlac. It looked clear. Nothing but the star destroyers were present. Still, his previous vision of hostile forces suddenly attacking was still a possible outcome. Luke was very worried.

Derek Skywalker walked down the ramp of a star destroyer docked in the hangar. He moved towards Luke and Sarah. 

"Luke!" Derek exclaimed. Luke looked up from his datapad. Derek was a good friends to Luke, Sarah, and the marines. They had known eachother for a long time.

"Derek." Luke acknowledged him. Luke got up and shook his hand. Derek smiled and pulled his hand away from Luke's.

"I will be with you guys for the duration of your return home." Derek informed Luke. Luke nodded and grabbed his backpack, shoving his datapad in it, and slung it on his shoulder.

"Well, let's get on board." Luke insisted.

"Certainly." Derek replied. 

Sarah walked over from her struggles with her baggage and followed them towards the massive star destroyer. The star destroyer lifted off soon after they got onboard and it flew through the atmosphere into orbit around Carlac.

Derek escorted Luke and Sarah to their room onboard the cruiser. Derek pressed the button for the door to open and gestured for Sarah to go in. Sarah smiled and nodded politely in thanks. Luke followed her in. Derek stood in the doorway.

"Luke, once you get settled in here I would like to speak with you on the bridge." Derek said wearily. Luke looked up. He sensed Derek's weary tone of voice. Luke nodded gravely. It was most likely that Derek had sensed the threat to Sarah's life also. Or Derek sensed Luke's anxiety towards the fortold event. Nevertheless, Luke would go and meet Derek.

Derek walked away down the hall and the door slid closed behind him. Luke began unpacking clothes as did Sarah. His mind kept drifting off onto other things. He found his datapad in his backpack and pulled it out. He decided to distract himself with it. He sat on the bed trying to occupy himself with it.

Sarah could tell he was stressed. She folded a shirt of hers gracefully and then set it on the dresser. She walked over to the bed where Luke lay. Luke was leaning up against the pillows in a position where he was half sitting and half laying down. Sarah got on the bed and laid next to him.

Luke deactivated his datapad and turned his head to the right to face her. He gave her a sentimental smile that was returned by Sarah. She leaned in closer to Luke and placed her hand on his cheek. They kissed and then she pulled away, a bit puzzled.

"What's troubling you?" She asked with concern. He looked into Luke's eyes. His eyes had seen so much during the war. Anyone could tell it had taken a toll on him. 

"It's nothing. I'm fine." Luke lied, trying not to concern her. She wrapped her arms around him and embraced him. 

"You can tell me, Luke. I can tell something is wrong." She insisted.

Luke couldn't tell her. Not yet. He at least wanted to wait until he had consulted with Derek, so he was not to worry her about what could be happening.

Luke paused for a moment before answering. "I'm fine, Sarah." He said with a smile as convincing as he could. Sarah laid her head on his chest.

"We will be home soon." Sarah comforted him.

A few minutes later, Luke got up and walked towards the door.

"I had better go talk to Derek, see what he wanted." He said. Sarah nodded. Luke opened the door. He walked into the hallway and turned back towards the room. He saw Sarah sitting on the bed watching him leave. He pressed the button and smiled. The door slid shut and he walked down the hallway. 

He reached the end of the cooridor and saw two Jedi he recognized from previous missions walk out of a room and
Luke, Ahsoka, and Barriss

Luke encounters Ahsoka and Barriss.

down the hall towards him. Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee walked up to greet him. 

"Hi Luke." Ahsoka said enthusiastically.

"Good evening, Luke." Barriss said very formally. Luke chuckled at the difference in approaches. The two padawans noticed this as well and laughed.

"I am fine, thank you." Luke replied kindly. 

Ahsoka and Barris exchanged smirkly glances and then Ahsoka wrapped her arm around Barriss's shoulder and Barris wrapped hers around Ahsoka's waist. 

"We were going to head to the mess hall. Want to join us? We will be leaving in a few hours." Ahsoka asked. Both of them were smiling, apparently having a good time.

"No thank you. I have business with Master Derek. I appreciate the kind offer." Luke rejected the offer politely.

"Alright, your loss." Ahsoka said as her and Barriss walked down the hallway. Luke carried on his way to the bridge. He assumed the rest of the marines were eating in the mess hall as well.

The blast doors to the bridge slid open and Luke walked in. He looked around and found Derek at a computer station. Luke walked over.

Derek with Luke on a computer.

"You wanted to see me." Luke said.

"Ah yes, Luke." Derek said recollecting what he had told him. Derek gestured for Luke to take a seat at the computer. 

"I know what you saw. It won't happen Luke. The future is always in motion.... and there are many possible futures. Only one will occur. What you saw was but one of those futures." Derek explained. Luke was partially reassured.

"What's this?" Luke asked, as he pointed to the viewscreen of the computer.

"That is a scan of the area and hyperspace lanes. No enemy activity. We will be fine." Derek insisted.

Luke studied the screen. The odds were tipping to his favor, however he was not 100% sure that the horrific event would not still happen.

"I appreciate the help, Derek." Luke said as he stood up from his chair. 

Derek placed his hand on Luke's shoulder. He looked him in the eyes.

"Sarah is going to be fine." Derek said firmly. Luke nodded slowly.

Commander Wolffe walked up behind Derek. Wolffe requested an audience with Derek and Luke used that moment to leave and clear his thoughts.

He decided to go to the mess hall and find the marines.

He opened the door to the Mess hall and went inside. He found the marines all sitting together at a table and joined them. He sat next to Turbo.

"Hey Luke." Turbo said.

"Hey Turbo. Good to see you." Luke replied.

Cold sat across from him.

"How is the food here, Cold?" Luke asked.

"Better than the food on Carlac." Cold answered. Luke grinned.

"Well, I am going to go get me some." Luke announced. He got up from the table and walked over to the buffet tables.

He grabbed a plate and inspected what the place had to offer. He stood there unable to focus. A clone in line behind him, pestered him to get him to hurry up.

The sound of alarms brought him back into focus. The mess hall was flashing red and the alarm was blaring. Luke's heart stopped. He turned around to see Turbo at his seat.

This was it. He thought.

Luke dropped his plate and it shattered on the ground. He ran for the doors to the mess hall. They opened and he ran down the halls. He had to see where Sarah was. Luke was frantic.

Luke turned around a corner and made it to his hallway. The hallway was lit now only by red flashing lights. He opened the door to his and Sarah's room. It was empty. Sarah wasn't there. Luke slammed his hand on the dresser where a shirt of Sarah's lay.

He ran out of the room and down more hallways. He was on a course for the bridge. He ran as fast as he could. He  made it to the door separating him from the bridge. He stopped infront of it.

The door slid open. He saw Sarah standing by a window to the left of him. All of the naval officers were running around trying to figure out what was going on. Luke saw a large ship approaching from out the window. It was heading straight for them. Luke made out cannons on the ships hull.

Luke looked around and saw Derek with another officer. Derek looked over at Luke. Luke knew Derek must have felt as if he had failed. Derek looked over at Sarah.

Luke and Derek thought the same thing at the same time. Both of them ran towards Sarah. Derek was closer. He was a mere few feet away as blast began hitting the bridge from the hostile cruiser.

Explosions started going off. Then it happened. Luke's vision became a reality. The bridge exploded. A giant fireball and shockwave sent Luke flying out of the bridge door. The door slammed shut behind him and Luke could hear explosions going off still and shrapnel banging up against things. Luke couldn't get up. He raised his hands and they were covered in blood.

Luke felt blood trickle down his forehead. He tried once more to get up but it was too painful. Luke could not let that stop him. Sarah's life was on the line. He forced himself to get up and the pain was almost unbearable. He stood up and limped towards the door.

He pressed the button to open it. It slid half way open then got jammed. Luke walked through the small opening and inspected the damage. Debris was everywhere. Fire was everywhere. He looked around for Sarah. He saw a small hand under a large computer console. 

"Sarah!" He shouted. He limped over as fast as he could. His hear sank deeper and deeper with each step. A wire fell infront of his face and sparks flew out as it dangled there. He limped on until he reached the debris. He grabbed it and shoved it off of the body of Sarah Amadale.

"Noo!" Luke exclaimed.

He knelt down and held Sarah in his arms. She was unconscious. Luke tried checking for a pulse. He could not feel one. He laid his head up against hers. A few tears slipped down his cheek onto hers.

The bridge was compromised. The windows had been shattered. The vaccuum of space limited the oxygen supply in the room. Luke soon passed out.

Luke awoke in a hospital bed on the star destroyer. He breathed slowly through the mask the doctors had over his face. He turned his head to the right. There was a curtain separating him from another patient. Luke could not see through the curtain.

Luke remembered Sarah. He sat up in the bed and ripped off his mask and all of the devices the doctors had hooked up to him. All he had on was pants. A wire dangled from his back. He stepped onto the ice cold floor with his bare feet. He took a step forward. His body ached. He put one foot infront of the other and inched his way over to the curtain. He outstretched his hand. He grasped the rough edge of the curtain. He pulled it aside to reveal the patient lying in bed, motionless.

Luke put his hand back at his side. He took a deep breath. He stared at the body for a moment. He then fixed his gaze on the moniter above the bed. The waves indicated the patient was alive and stable.

The patient was Sarah. Luke stepped closer and grabbed her hand. He pulled over a stool that had been used for the doctor and weakily sat down in it. He was still holding onto her hand, refusing to let go, in fear of what would happen if he did.

He could have stopped this. He knew how it would happen, why couldn't he have avoided it. Luke felt guilty. Luke stared at Sarah's expressionless face. It was pale at the moment. Her brown hair frazzled but still beautiful. Her pajamma shirt seemed several sizes too large for her. 

Luke turned to his left and saw Derek standing there. He had a large bandage on his head and a sling on his arm. His expression was laced with guilt and sorrow. 

"I'm so sorry, Luke." Derek pleaded.

Derek had told Luke that this vision of his would never come true, so Luke somewhat dismissed it from his mind. Derek was wrong. He stopped Luke from taking the necessary precautions to stop this.

"This is your fault. You said this wouldn't happen, yet here we are. I could have prevented this." Luke spat out in rage. He stood up from his stool, letting go of Sarah's cool hand, and stepped towards Derek.

Derek seemed devastated that Luke was angry at him. Still, Luke lashed out at him.

"You put her through all this because you failed to see what I saw." Luke said as he began to feel dizzy. Derek stared at the ground trying not to confront Luke.

All of the sudden, Luke collapsed. He fell forward onto Derek, then slid down onto the ground.

"Luke!" Derek muttered. He knelt down next to him, but was unable to help him with his broken arm in a sling. Two medical officers ran over to attend to Luke. Derek stood up straight and redirected his gaze to Sarah Amadale. His regret was consuming him. He wished he would have done something. The signs were clear. Luke found himself in his hospital bed yet again. This time, he remained calm as he looked around the room. It was dimly lit. Luke assumed he must have passed out. He and Derek had gotten into an argument he remembered. Luke partially regretted what he said to him. He was just filled with too many emotions and had to unleash them somehow. There was no way Derek could have predicted it would really happen.

Luke felt the ship come out of hyperspace. He inferred they had returned to Coruscant. Luke was happy to be over with this ordeal. 

-An hour later-

Luke is ready to be transferred to a medical facility on Coruscant. He walks over to Sarah's curtained in area and inspects what has transpired. Sarah has awaken. Luke smiled. He walked over to her and hugged her gently.

"I'm glad you are alright." Luke admitted.

"I'm glad you are too, Luke." She replied. Luke sighed. He was relieved she would survive this tragedy.

-1 hour later-

As he is escorted down the ramp of the star destroyer by nurses, he sees Derek. He walks over to him.

"Derek, I'm sorry to blowing up on you earlier." Luke apologizes.

"No Luke, I messed up. I will never be able to make it up to you. You were right." Derek admitted.

"Derek, dont be crazy. I was just unleashing my anger on whoever I saw first." Luke answered.

"Well, I appreciate your acceptance." Derek replied. He turned and then walked towards the marines. Luke watched him go and then proceeded to be escorted to the Medical facility.

The Safe House

(This story is based on true events.)

Luke walked into a Military outpost located deep in the Outer Rim. It was near the planet, Mustafar. He sat down in a
Mustafar detail


chair infront of a security screen. He picked up a cup of caf that was sitting next to a keyboard and took a sip. Luke's screen flashed red and then an image of Fieldmarine Cold appeared.

"Luke, how soon can you get to Mustafar?" Cold asked. Luke set down his cup.

"In 10 minutes max." Luke replied.

"Then gear up. I am sending you the coordinates now." Cold explained as the screen went dark. Luke took another sip of caf and then ran out the door.

He put on his armor and got in a starfighter. He calculated a jump to hyperspace to the given coordinates.


Luke landed outside of a Mansion. He got out and ran up the many stairs until he reached the door. He talked to Cold via comlink. Cold ordered him to hussle up to the top floor and meet up with him.

Luke met up with him standing outside of a door on the top floor. Cold was on one side, and he motioned Luke to the other.

"What's going on?" Luke asked. Luke stood to the left of the door ready to breach.

"Janus Firebot has a hostage. Not only does he have a hostage, but he has a marine hostage. It's Samantha Fear." Cold answered.

Luke nodded. He knew Samantha. Worked with her before. Luke hoped he could get her out of there in one piece.

"Place charges on the door." Cold ordered. Luke took off the small backpack he had taken with him and carefully placed explosives on the door. He held the detonator in his hand and went back into position.

"When we go in, you clear out the left, and I will clear right. Got it?" Cold confirmed his plan with Luke.

Luke nodded and charged up his Deece(DC-15). Derek, someone Luke had also worked with before was there. He is the one who told Cold that Sam was here.

Cold tried listening through the wall. He could hear heated conversations between Janus and Sam. Then he started to hear a lot of banging around.

"Alright we're going in." Cold demanded. He stepped to the side of the door and raised his rifle. Luke stepped back from the door and looked away.

"Fire in the hole!" Luke yelled to warn them.

Luke pressed the button on the detonator. The door exploded sending shards of shrapnel everywhere. Luke turned back to the door and he and Cold moved in. Luke started clearing left and Cold right.

"Clear!" Luke yelled.

"Luke! There is a hole in the floor! They escaped into the lower levels. Move!" Cold exclaimed.

The two of them ran as fast as they could down the flight of stairs. They found two stair wells and Luke checked left, Cold checked right.

"Clear!" Luke shouted.

"Clear!" Cold yelled.

They made it into a hallway where Luke ran into Sam. Luke raised his rifle and aimed it at her.

"Freeze!" Luke shouted.

Sam did so.

"Sam, where is he?" Luke asked rushed. Sam took a deep breath then answered.

" I don't know." Sam replied.

"Cold, hostage secured. Any sign of Janus?" Luke asked.

"Negative. Luke, get her out of here, await extraction." Cold ordered.

"Yes sir!" Luke replied.

Luke turned to Sam.

"Alright, follow me, you stay on my rear, you got that?" Luke asked. Sam nodded her head.

"Alright, let's move." Luke ordered.

The two of them ran down several more flights of stairs until they reached the ground floor. Luke walked down the stairs at the front entrance with his weapon pointed outright, scanning the perimeter.

Luke spoke to Cold via comlink.

"Cold, we are outside the Mansion and moving in on my starfighter." Luke explained.

"Good work, still nothing on Janus, I will meet you at the rendezvous point." Cold insisted.

"Yes sir." Luke replied.

Luke and Sam entered the starfighter and it took off. Luke set a course for the planet Maridun, where the safe house was located.

Coruscant Conspiracy

The following story is in video form. It was the pilot episode for Star Wars: Shock Troopers, directed by Luke Docker and written by Luke and Nau'ur Ordo.

(The video will be posted as soon as it is released.)

Marriage at Ryloth Command

Luke had been growing closer and closer with Sarah Amadale over his years of service. They had gotten to know eachother very well. Luke had pinpointed the best time to propose to Sarah was during a dinner at their home on Maridun. During the dinner, Luke stood up and dropped to one knee, popping the question. Sarah said yes, which began the couple's beautiful future together. 

Luke and Sarah immediately began planning the wedding. Sarah's sister was adament on helping decorate the church to her liking. Luke was given no choice but to comply. By the end, a phenomonal alter was contructed fit for the two.

The wedding was held on December 9, 2012. Many people were in attendance at Luke's famous base on Ryloth. While Sarah was preparing her dress and getting ready, Luke and the marines escorted people to the church. While Luke was directing people to the church, he recieved a transmission from AlphaMarl Photoline. Luke was shocked to hear from him. Marl had been on a mission away from the squad for months with no communication. Marl had returned to attend the wedding. Luke and Sarah were thrilled to see him again. Luke also made Marl his best man. Eventually, the ceremony began and everyone wqas seated. The church was packed and many guests sported some of the recently released droids like M5-BZ. Cold came in at the last second, dressed formally and without his helmet. Luke had rarely ever seen Cold without his helmet. He sat in the back of the room, to not cause attention. Many old friends were there as Sarah began to walk down the aisle. Their vows were said and sealed with a kiss which prompted a marine celebration. The reception followed and Luke and Sarah enjoyed themselves and their time with their friends. It was a fun night that they would never forget.

Battle of Sarrish

Luke and Sarah space

Luke and Sarah gaze upon the stars.

Luke stood in the cargo hold of a republic star destroyer. He gazed out the window at the stars around him. He was accompanied by Sarah Amadale (Docker), the ship's political officer and Luke's wife. The star destroyer had just jumped out of hyperspace into the Sarrish system. A republic invasion was imminent.

Luke was accompanying the 212th Battalion and a sole commando on the mission. The commando's name was Gregor. The reason Luke was there was because Sarah was needed for negotiations or any other diplomatic dealings due to her history. Luke tried to travel with her as much as possible ever since their marriage the month before. 

Gregor approached Luke and Sarah from behind. Gregor cleared his throat and the two turned around. Gregor saluted.

Gregor CWA

"Shall I begin my landing, Captain?" Asked Gregor.

"Yes, the 212th will join you shortly." Luke answered.

"Yes sir. The men are happy for you two." Gregor added.

Sarah smiled.

"I appreciate that, Gregor, but they need to keep their concentration here and now where it belongs." Luke responded.

"Of course, Captain." Gregor replied.

Gregor walked off. Sarah turned over to Luke. 

"The republic's recent victory at Duro definitely boosted their morale. However, I worry for the sucess of this mission." Sarah speculated.

"Indeed. I have faith they can still pull off a win." Luke adds.

"But at what cost?" Asks Sarah.

Luke looks at Sarah gravely. The two walk to Luke's quarters.

Takeover of Mandalore

Luke was stationed at a military base on Coruscant for the time being. He used that opportunity to spend time with Sarah. Luke was in the barracks. Luke's schedule was different from most of the marines so they were not at the base at the time. All that remained were regular personel.

Luke was sitting on the side of his bed reading a book he had downloaded on his datapad. He heard the barracks door open and he looked up. It was Sarah. She walked towards him on the bed and sat next to him.

"Hey Luke." She said softly.

"Hey Sarah." Luke replied as he turned off his datapad and directed his full attention towards her.
Black-sun detail

"What's up?" Luke asked.

"Bad things are happening on Mandalore." She admitted. Luke looked her in the eyes.

"What things? Death Watch?" Luke asked.

"No. Crime Syndicates including Black Sun have attacked." She explained.

Luke was born on Mandalore and felt an obligation to them.

"What is the Republic doing about it?" Asked Luke.

"Nothing. The Republic can't get involved in this. It is none of their concern." Sarah said.

Luke rolled his eyes. It annoyed him how complicated politics had to be.

"I have to help them. I have to do something." Luke said.

"Why you? There are countless other people who could come to their aid." Sarah protested.

"It has to be me. No one will dare come to their aid." Luke answered.

"Luke, there is more to this than you know. Mandalore is not a safe place anymore." She said.

Luke took a deep breath and calmed himself down a bit. He outstretched his arms and pulled Sarah close to him. Sarah layed her head on his chest.

"I need to go and do something." He said. "I will try not to get too involved."

Sarah looked up at him and the two of them kissed passionately for a moment, until Luke reluctantly pulled away and stood up.

"I have to go." Luke insisted. He walked towards the door.

Sarah sighed. She was very worried. 

"You know what?" She asked.

Luke turned around.

"I'm coming with you." She demanded.

Luke knew there was no arguing with her so he allowed her to come with him to Mandalore. The two of them walked to a landing pad and entered a small cargo vessel Luke had purchased. Luke punched in the coordinates for Mandalore and the ship took off.

The ship landed on a docking bay on the outskirts of Sundari, the capital of Mandalore. Luke and Sarah walked down the ramp that extended from the ship. They were both wearing mandalorian armor. minus the helmets. Luke looked around studying the surroundings.

He saw a group of Pykes walking towards them. The Pykes had their blasters drawn. Luke glanced back at Sarah who seemed nervous. He turned back to the Pyke.

"This docking bay is off-limits to civilians." The Pyke snarled.

"I am sorry to hear that. Where do you suggest I land then? This is the only docking bay this side of Sundari." Luke shot back.

The Pyke rolled his eyes and gestured for Luke and Sarah to move along. They walked towards a small public transport speeder and they flew off through the city.

Luke intended to speak with Duchess Satine on what could be done to save the city. Luke arrived at the capital building. He and Sarah walked in and went up an elevator. The door opened and Luke entered the throne room.

He found Pre Vizsla sitting upon the Duchess's throne. Luke's eyes widened and he stopped Sarah.

Vizsla studied Luke and Sarah for a moment. He remember he and Luke's encounter on Carlac. He scowled and stood up from his chair. He walked towards Luke. Luke had his hand on his blaster, ready to release it from it's holster. 

"Your failed attempt to capture me on Carlac will be your undoing." Vizsla growled. Luke glared at Vizsla's face. Vizsla glanced over at Sarah. He smiled sadistically. Vizsla stepped towards Sarah.

"What's your name?" Vizsla asked intently. Luke pulled out his blaster pistol and aimed it at Vizsla.

A few mandolorian guards ran up behind him, aiming their weapons at him. Luke still held the blaster at Vizsla's head. Luke used his peripheral vision to see who was aiming weapons at him. He counted 3. He could handle 3.

Luke rammed his elbow into the mando's head behind him and shot the one to his right. He smacked the blaster upwards in the one to his left and then shot him in the chest with his own blaster. Luke turned to the stumbling mando who was behind him and shot him as well.

Luke turned around to see Vizsla. Vizsla's fist slammed into Luke's face. Everything went black and Luke fell on the floor.

-1 Day Later-

Luke and Sarah shared a cell in a mandalorian prison. Luke stood up weakily. Sarah was standing by the cell door. Luke stood behind Sarah and put his arms around her waist. 

"Luke, you're awake." She said happily, but quietly.

She turned her body around and put her arms around Luke's neck. The two of them kissed and then Luke looked around the prison facility. Mandalorian guards patrolled the catwalks.

"How are we going to get out of here?" She asked. Luke turned around and shrugged his shoulders.

"Not quite sure yet." He admitted.

Then, Luke heard blaster fire and an explosion. He looked out of his cell, and saw two figures walking down his hallway. He recognized them.

Darth Maul and Savage Oppress walked by Luke's cell. Maul stopped. He turned and studied Luke. Maul grinned. 

"Docker, I remember you. You are where you deserve to be." Maul growled.

Luke scowled at Maul. "You are not where you deserve to be. You should be at the bottom of that chasm on Naboo." Luke replied angrily.

Maul snarled and then continued walking down the aisle. He entered and elevator and left the detention center.

"I did not know Maul was involved in this. They have really taken over Mandalore." Luke thought aloud.

"Perhaps this will convince the Republic that Mandalore needs military aid." Sarah suggested.

"It's worth a try. But first, we need to get out of here." Luke said. 

Suddenly, a deathwatch soldier fell from above them and landed outside their cell. His jetpack overheated and exploded, sending Luke and Sarah back up against the wall. The mando was most likely thrown by Maul and Savage.

Fortunately, their cell was now wide open. Luke appreciated that things went his way for once. They walked to the left down the cell block and encounter several imprisoned cadets. Luke recognized one of them as Korkie Kryze.

"You have to let us out of here. We must rescue the Duchess!" Korkie demanded. Luke opened Korkie's cell door and the other three cadets walked out. 

"Thank you." Korkie said with gratitude.

"We are going to go back to the Republic and tell them of what has transpired. This is bigger than we thought" Luke explained.

"We are going to get the Duchess to transmit a message to the republic for help." Said Lagos, a blonde female cadet.

"Alright, we will do our best to get you guys the help you need." Sarah promised. The cadets nodded and went their separate ways. Luke and Sarah made their way out of the prison towards their docking bay.

Gunship Down

Mission Briefing: The target is a trandoshan by the name of Yazneg Bombogni. Marines must infiltrate a hostile city on Trandosha and extract Yazneg. Marines will go in via 2 LAAT gunships and 3 TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tanks. Gunships will drop in troops just before the tanks arrive. Once the tanks arrive designated marines will deliver target to tank and return to gunship for extraction. Fighter tanks will escort the target back to base. This should all take place in under 60 minutes. Semper Fi. -Colonel Vasco Gomes (MARSOC)

Luke sat on the bench in the gunship. He was twiddling his fingers that were laying on his rifle resting on his lap. Luke felt the marines' anxiety onboard the gunship heading for their target on Trandosha. The city was crawling with hostile lizards. They had a lot of marines coming however. 

Xavier Thorten sat beside Luke, evidently listening to com channels through his helmet, oblivious to Luke's thoughts. Across the aisle from them sat Turbo. Turbo took off his helmet.

"Remember guys, the Colonel will be coordinating the assault from the base, so keep your comms up." Turbo reminded them.

"Yes sir." The squad said in unisince. Next to Turbo sat Grif. Grif had been transferred from another unit to here for this mission along with several others. This mission wouldn't be easy. Grif's white phase II armor sported orange markings on it. 

Pacing the walkway of the gunship was Caboose. Caboose was a new recruit. This would be his first real mission. What a mission to start with. Caboose's white phase II armored featured blue markings on it.

Oddball clone pilot-TJWKTM

At the back of the gunship sat Dansen. Dansen had light blue markings on his armor and was holding a large rapid fire blaster rifle. Dansen watched the swamps of Trandosha zoom by as the gunship flew towards the city of Bagshlaf. Most of Trandosha was densely forested, however Bagshlaf was mainly a swamp and always humid.

A small door slid open, and another marine walked through after speaking with the gunship pilots. Luke could see one of their pilots, Oddball, flip a switch and then return to watching out his window of the outside. It was very early morning. The lizards should be unaware of their arrival.

The clone who walked out of the cockpit, was named Simmons. He also wore white phase II armor with maroon markings on it.

"I just got done briefing the pilots on the extraction schedule and covering fire regulations." Simmons explained.

Luke and Turbo nodded. The pilots in the other gunship were most likely briefed on the schdeules and guidelines as well.

The ship's intercom activated. "We are approaching the drop zone. Red lock initiated. Green light standing by." Oddball warned them.

The marines stood up and prepared for the upcoming firefight. Luke and Turbo put their helmets on and grabbed their gear. 

"Alright men, this is it! Make sure all safety on weapons are off and are set to kill. We are on a shoot, ask questions later, time table. Remember our primary objective is to capture Yazneg alive while Team 2 covers us. We will have limited air support and ground artillery. We need to be in and out in an hour. Oor Rah!" Luke shouted.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Exclaimed Grif.

The interior of the gunship was illuminated by a red ora. The marines were now prepped and ready to go.

Caboose studied his rifle and grabbed a thermal detonator attachment from a backpack. He clipped it onto the bottom of his rifle. Grif observed Caboose clumsily fiddling with his blaster.

"Watch where you point that thing, shiny." Grif said, second quessing Caboose's skills.

Caboose lowered his rifle, obediently. Turbo glanced over and shook his head disapprovingly.

"These guys are cannon fodder." Turbo mumbled to Luke.

"Eh, let's hope not. We are gonna need all the help we can get on this." Luke replied.


Returning to Coruscant

A gunship landed at a Republic Military Base located on Coruscant. The doors slid open and Luke Docker walked out followed by the marines. All the marines. Two more gunships landed and the marines exited those as well.

Luke saw Sarah Amadale and Katie Odoon standing on the farside of the landing platform. Luke looked to his right. Marl was walking next to him. Marl turned to look at Luke. Luke smiled at him and nodded his head. Marl turned away from Luke and ran over to Katie. He hugged her. They had not seen eachother in a while.

Eventually the rest of the marines made it over. "Hi Luke." Sarah greeted him with a small wave. "Hey Sarah, how have you been?" Luke asked. "Good thanks, how about you?" She asked. "Eh, I'm fine." Luke replied.

Everyone entered the base and began to relax. They could do as they pleased there.

Luke took a shower. He got cleaned up and then went to the barracks. He layed back on his bed. He took a deep breath. He was pretty much the only one in there. Colonel Vasco Gomes was sitting in a chair at a desk browsing files on a computer screen. Luke enjoyed the quiet. Much different from battle.

Luke closed his eyes. Vas turned around right as he did. "Cold just contacted me. He wants me to help him kick the new recruits backside playing ball in the gym." Vas informed Luke. Luke opened his eyes. "Alright, good luck." Luke encouraged him. "Wanna come?" Asked Vas. "Nah, I'm fine." Luke answered. Vas walked out the door to the barracks.

Luke closed his eyes again and then he heard the barracks door slide open. Sarah walked in. Luke opened his
Luke at the barracks
eyes and turned his head towards the door. "Oh, I'm sorry. I did not know you were sleeping." Sarah said in shame. "It's fine, it was more like resting anyway. I was about to get up, too." Luke lied to make her feel better. "I could come back later if you want." She suggested. "No, your fine. What's up?" Luke asked.

"Well, I just came to see how you were doing." Sarah replied with a question. Luke sat up in his bed and let his legs hang off the side. "I'm good thanks. How are you?" He asked trying to be polite. "Great." Sarah answered. "Well, that's good." Luke replied. Sarah walked closer to Luke.

Luke patted the side of the bed next to him. Sarah sat down there. "What has it been like here on Coruscant?" Asked Luke. "Good." Sarah replied. Luke gave her his usual calm smile.

It was somewhat dark in the room. Luke and Sarah were sitting on a bed pretty close to the door. "How has Katie been?" Asked Luke. "She missed Marl." She answered. "Ya, I bet she has." Luke replied.

Then all the sudden the door to the barracks slid open. Marl and Katie walked in, oblivious to their surroundings, and the door closed behind them. The two of them were kissing. Katie was in a work-out outfit and Marl was in
Marl in the barracks

Marl in the barracks with Katie.

his regular republic casual clothing for working-out as well. Katie leaned up against the wall while Marl still kissed her. Then she looked past Marl and saw Luke and Sarah sitting on the bed. They were staring with their mouths wide open at Katie and Marl. Marl noticed that Katie was not paying attetion to him and he turned around.

His eyes widened. He raised his hand and waved. "Hey Luke! Hey Sarah!" Marl said. Luke and Sarah's mouths closed and they were now smiling.

"We were just..... she was just.......I well.....we had.........I got nothing." Marl said embarrased. Luke and Sarah got up. "We will leave you two alone." Luke suggested.

They walked out the door of the barracks and it slid shut behind them. As
Luke and Sarah laughing

Luke and Sarah laughing uncontrollably

soon as it closed Luke and Sarah burst out laughing. They laughed for almost a full five minutes before being able to compose themselves enough to walk down the hallway.

They passed by the gym and decided to go inside. They saw Vas, Cold, and Turbo playing a ball game with the new recruits. Luke watched as Cold threw a ball towards Turbo and Turbo chucked it at Vas and it pegged him in the shoulder. Luke laughed and turned to Sarah. As he looked at her a ball hit him in the face. Luke stumbled backwards. Sarah burst out laughing again.

"Oops." She said when she finally stopped laughing. Luke smiled and rubbed his nose. He picked up the ball and looked up at Sarah. Sarah realized what he was going to do.

"No, no!" She said as she laughed on. Luke threw the ball at her and she jumped out of the way. She stood up straight.

"Ha!" she boasted. Then the ball that she dodged bounced off the wall behind her and hit her in the back of the head.

"Ow!" She yelled. Luke then burst out laughing. Luke glanced over at Sarah who's face was now turning as red as a tomato. She clenched her fists and ran at Luke. Luke stopped laughing.

"Oh, sheep!" Luke mumbled to himself. Sarah slammed into Luke and he fell up against a wall with Sarah pushed up against him. She looked up to Luke's face smiling.

"That. wasn't. funny." She said pausing after each word. Luke smiled calmly at her.

"Yes, ma'am." Luke said. Sarah smiled still leaning up against Luke's body which was up against the wall.

"Anything you say." Luke continued. Sarah pushed on Luke's arm and his elbow was shoved into the wall. Luke exagerated the pain and groaned. Sarah rolled her eyes.

"Just remember. I am the turkeymaster, and you are the turkey." Luke said trying to make her inferior. Sarah chuckled and rolled her eyes again.

"You're impossible." She said with a wide smile on her face.

"Thank you." Luke said as he tilted his head back too fast and it hit the wall he was up against.

"Ow." Luke said with little emotion. Sarah laughed.

"You should be more careful." She said.

"You think?" Luke asked sarcastically. Sarah laughed a little and laid her head on Luke's chest and sighed.

"It is exhausting beating you up." She said breathing heavily, obviously exagerating what state she was currently in.

"I bet it is, I feel for you." Luke smirked. Luke looked up from Sarah to see Katie, Marl, Cold, Turbo, and Vas watching him and Sarah.

Luke acted like he was clearing his throat and Sarah heard. She looked up and around and saw the crowd.

"Well...." She started to say. Marl stepped forward.

"Looks like we should leave you two alone now." He said as he wrapped his arm around Katie. Katie laughed.

"Get a room." Katie added.

"Ya, preferably not the room that I will be sleeping in soon." Vasco stated. The marines laughed.

Sarah looked back at Luke. Luke smiled at her. Sarah stepped forwards towards the crowd.

"We will beat all of you in your little ball game." She said with enthusiasm.

"Your on!" Turbo replied. The marines went and got into positions. Sarah turned back to Luke smiling and winked.

"Nice job, turkey." Luke commended her on the change of subject. He will have to return the favor soon.


Later, after Luke and Sarah lost horribly in their game against the marines, they all went back to the barracks. Luke walked over to his bed and laid down on it. He was still breathing heavily from the game. Cold walked by him.

"Luke, Luke, Luke." Cold said repeatedly as he shook his head in disgrace. Luke smiled a smile of exhaustion. Marl collapsed onto his bed and Katie went along with him. Turbo leaned up against the wall by Marl. Vas sat in a chair with his head leaning up against his hand.

Sarah walked over to Luke. "Ugh, I'm so hot." She said breathing heavily. Luke smiled. He rubbed his head.

"I wish it were as cold as Hoth right now, that's how hot I am, I am dying." Sarah added. Then everyone heard an electrical charge. The lights flickered a few times then went out. All computer screens went dark and every piece of machinery went off.

"What the?" Turbo said. The marines looked around.

"Now you've done it, Sarah." Marl joked. Sarah smiled. Luke chuckled. The power had gone out. It was thunder storming outside. Luke reached over onto a small table next to his bed and grabbed a flashlight. He turned it on. Everyone else turned on theirs. They were in a windowless room with only the flashlights as light.
Barracks layout

barracks layout (took me about 5 min. to make, but I thought it would be helpful to readers.)

"Well, I think you got your wish Sarah." Cold said plainly. Sarah sat down on Luke's bed.

"It's gonna get cold now, in this huge base." Marl explained. Katie wrapped her arms around Marl who was sitting up in his bed. Turbo and Vas walked over to a closet. They opened it to reveal a few blankets.

"We will need these later." Vas insisted. Luke got up from his bed and glanced over at Sarah. She seemed sad. Luke walked over to her side of the bed and rubbed her back. "It's not your fault. It's just a coincedence." Luke insisted, trying to comfort her. Sarah smiled.

Luke walked over to where Vas and Turbo were. He grabbed a blanket. Marl grabbed one as well. Vas handed another one to Luke. Luke turned around to see Katie standing there.

"Here you go." Luke said as he handed the blanket to Katie.

"Thanks, Luke." She replied as she walked back over to Marl's bed. Luke walked back over to his bed and laid down with Sarah still sitting on the edge. Luke handed her his blanket. She grabbed it and picked it up. She wrapped it around herself. She smiled and thanked him.

10 minutes later

A big crash of thunder echoed throughout the base. The storm raged on. Luke glanced across the room to Turbo's bed. He was one of the few still awake. Turbo had a flashlight pointed at a piece of flimsi(paper). He was drawing something. Luke could tell he was falling asleep. Luke looked at the bottom of his bed to the left. Sarah was sitting up. She was shivering.

"Sarah." Luke whispered trying to get her attention. She turned to see him. She apparently could not sleep because of the cold and the thunder did not help.

Luke gestured for her to come lay next to him. She brought the blanket and she spread it out on the two of them. Luke wrapped his arm around her in an attempt to keep her warm. She smiled. Luke rubbed her shoulder trying to warm her up.

Turbo turned off his flashlight. He had apparently given in to his need for sleep. The room was now pitch black. Everyone was asleep. Except for Luke and Sarah.

"Thank you Luke." Sarah whispered. Luke rolled over to where they were both facing eachother in the bed.

"Your welcome, Sarah. If there is anything you ever need. Don't think twice about asking me." Luke suggested. Sarah nodded and then buried her head in the pillows they were laying on.

It seemed to be getting colder. Luke noticed Sarah wasn't getting very warm. Luke tried bringing her closer to him transmitting more body heat. The two of them were essentially cuddling. Sarah had fallen asleep. Luke only dozed on and off not able to sleep properly. Thunder crashed in the background.

Eventually, Sarah woke up. (unfinished)

Battle of Coruscant Preview

I tried to put up a trailer that I made myself on here but I failed in doing so. Here are the words in the trailer.

A War ravaged for years...

A preview to Grievous

A preview to Grievous

Grievous sweeps into the capital

Will soon come to an end

Coming Soon...

The Battle of Coruscant

The Republic Marine Havoc Squad

Will suffer heavy casualties

The Path to Order 66



That will be a 10 part series involving many characters. I was very disappointed that I could not put up the trailer. There was epic music and it would have been so cool but, I guess it just won't work out. So be on the look out for the battle of Coruscant! I put up a clip from the old clone wars tv show of the battle of Coruscant.

Battle of Coruscant

The following takes place in the year 19 BBY.

Part 1: Invasion

ARC Captain Fordo, Commander Wolffe, and ARC Trooper Fives met in the hangar of a Republic airbase on Coruscant. They discussed their next mission to Cato Nemoidia. Plo Koon, Aayla Secura, Anakin Skywalker and Saesee Tiin walked over to them. "General Grievous is turning the tide of the war." Explained Plo Koon to Commander Wolffe. "I agree sir," replied Wolffe. "He has grown powerful since I last encountered him." Explained Aayla. "Grievous has been mysteriously quiet recently." Anakin Informed. "I agree." Said Aayla. "He's planning something." Said Fives. "Something big, sirs." Said Fordo. "I suggest we be cautious." Said Plo Koon. "Agreed." Said Saesee Tiin. Aayla looked behind her to see the Republic Marine Havoc Squad emerge from a Republic attack shuttle landed beside a row of ARC-170 starfighters.
Squad Fives

The Havoc squad talking to Fives

The squad stepped towards the gathered Jedi and clones and stopped. "You called for us?" Asked Racer. "Yes, Racer." answered Fives. Fives handed Racer a holoprojector. "There is a recording on that from the Chancellor. I don't know what the message is though." Fives explained. Racer put the holoprojector in his utility belt. "Anything on Grievous?" Asked Luke Docker. "He has vanished." Answered Fordo. "I was actually thinking of assigning the Havoc squad to search the outer rim for any traces of him." Said Anakin. "Yes sir." Replied Luke. "Consider it done." Replied Cold Sniperline. "You made a good decision General, we won't let you down." Said Vasco Gomes. "The 212th Battalion should be here within the day." Aayla informed them. "Yes sir. We will be ready." Racer said. "Will my cruiser be escorting the 212th and Havoc squad to the Outer Rim?" Asked Admiral Ghost Farewalker. "Possibly." Fives continued, "We will brief you prior to launch." Ghost nodded. The squad turned and walked away.

Katie Odoon met up with the squad in the hallway. "The shuttle is waiting to take Ghost, back up to his cruiser." She told the squad. "Thank you, Katie." He said as he walked over to the shuttle. Anakin was on the shuttle with Ghost as it took off to the star destroyer.

Sarah Amadale walked over to Havoc squad as they entered the barracks. "What's going on?" Asked Sarah as she walked into the room. AlphaMarl Photoline sat down on his bed. He began cleaning his rifle. Luke leaned up
Luke talking to Sarah

Luke talking to Sarah.

against a table. Elite Scout Marine Key sat next to him at the table. Vasco sat at a computer staring at the screen and Racer was listening to a message from the Chancellor in the very back. Cold was laying on his bed. Commander Spike was too. Elitemarine Turbo was sitting in a chair. "We are leaving to join the Hunt for Grievous soon." Luke said to Sarah. Sarah sighed. "This is probably the last time we are going to be able to rest for a while." Said Cold. "Cold you rest all the time." Marl joked. "Shut it, Marl!" Cold yelled. Luke smiled. Turbo stood up from his chair. "I think I am going to hit the mess, anyone wanna come?" Asked Turbo. "Sure, I will." Said Marl. He placed his rifle on his bed and stood up and walked over to Turbo. "Me too." Said Spike. The three marines walked towards the door and it slid open. Field Marshall Shockwave was there. Cold looked up from his bed. "Hey Shock, how have you been." Asked Cold. Key looked up. "Hey Shock." Said Key. "Hello guys." Said Shock. He walked in and stood behind Sarah. "I heard we were going to be shipping out soon." Shockwave informed them. "Yes, we are going to need to debrief everyone soon. Vasco got up from his computer walked over to them. "I am going to go spread the word. These people need to get some rest before we go." Vas said. "Understood, Colonel." Said Cold. "I am going to miss you guys while you are gone." Sarah admitted. "Don't worry we will stay in contact with you." Luke said. "We will send you a postcard." Key suggested. Sarah laughed. Luke heard Racer deactivate his holoprojector in the back of the room. He put it back in his belt. "Well, I think I am going to go to the mess hall and grab something to eat after all." Said Luke. "Alright." Said Key. Racer walked over to where the group was talking. Luke walked past the Shockwave and Sarah to the doors. Racer began saying something to Cold. He suspected it had something to do with the message from the Chancellor. Luke walked into the hallway and the door shut behind him. Katie was walking by. "Hey Katie." Luke said. She smiled. "Hey Luke." She said. "Did Ghost make it to his ship? He asked. "Yep." She replied. "Alright, good." Luke said.

He walked into the mess hall and grabbed some food. He went to sit with the rest of his squad. He overheard the end of a story Marl was telling them. He said; "... and then I took out my rotary cannon and set it on the table. I glared at him and that scumbag got up and left." Everyone laughed after that. He saw Raxxum Gelvan was sitting at the table. She was talking with Turbo. Turbo was across from her. Luke decided to sit next to Turbo and sit across from Rax. "Hey Rax." Luke said. "Oh, Hey Luke." Rax said. Luke picked up his glass and began to drink it. "You know, Luke? The Republic is spreading their forces incredibly thin. The Outer rim is crawling with Republic troops now. We need to focus our troops on a single target, not have them fighting random sepies on farm planets." She said. "I know, this war would be over by now if they would just plan it out more. What could they hope to gain from this?" Asked Luke. "The Chancellor needs to make up his mind on what he is doing or this war will rage on forever." Rax said. Luke nodded. "I think there is more to this than meets the eye." Turbo suggested. Jaller Racer walked over and sat down next to them. "Hey Jaller." Said Turbo. "Hey guys." Jaller said. "How was your deployment on Saleucami?" Asked Luke. "It went pretty good. We left the rest of the work to the 91st Reconnaissance Corps. Stass Allie and Commander Neyo were there to see us off." Jaller said. "Well, that's good." Luke said. "There's another example of our forces being spread thin." Rax said. Luke nodded in agreement. "That planet was well out of any separatist trade routes to be of any interest to the Republic. There were only a few bases there." Luke said. "I have never understood politics." Turbo said. "Who does?" Said Luke. Rax smiled. "The day we understand politics, we will know we are watching a holovid." She said. "You can say that again." Jaller said. Spike walked over to them. "We are heading back to the barracks if you guys wanna come." Spike offered. "Alright, thanks Spike." Luke answered. Spike nodded and walked away. "You guys wanna head back to the room?" Asked Luke. "Sure." Raxxum replied. They all stood up and grabbed their trash to dump in the trash bins.

They made it back to the barracks and there were many marines in there. Vasco had gathered many of them up. Luke, Rax, Turbo, and Jaller tried to find a spot to stand and see Racer and Vas talking. Cold saw them and made room by him. "Nice to see you, Rax." Cold said. "You too." She said. Luke looked around the room. He saw a lot of his old friends there. Luke saw Corporal Kole Kleezstinger, Commander Colt141, Dyyz Transdancer, Komodo5, Rusty Layman, Tanner Hayes, and countless more. "The marines are going to be spread throughout the outer rim. Every single division of the UNSC Legion will be in the outer rim. Cold Scoutsniper will be going to Utapau along with the 212th Battalion. You may encounter General Obi-Wan Kenobi there. Many of the marines will be heading to Mygeeto. Commander Bacara will be helping you coordinate attacks." Vasco said. "I never rally liked Bacara." Said Turbo. Luke grinned. "The people heading to Mygeeto are; Field Commander Racer, Vasco Gomes, Luke Docker, AlphaMarl Photoline, and Commander Spike." Vasco continued. So, Luke was going to Mygeeto. Luke had never been there before. Vasco kept on reading off lists of marines going to different places.

Ghost arrived at the cruiser to find two deck officers waiting for him. "What is it?" Asked Ghost. "We may have a problem." Said one of the deck officers. The deck officers had Ghost's full attention now. "We have been tracking separatist activity. A lot of cruisers all jumped into hyperspace at one time all going to the same place." Informed the deck officer. "An invasion." Said Ghost with concern. "Yes sir." Said the deck officer. "But where?" Asked Ghost. "Our spies will be sending the coordinates soon." Said the other deck officer. "This is not good. Get me Captain Fordo!" Ghost ordered. Ghost ran over to a sensor array. Nothing coming towards them, which was good. Ghost took out a hologram. He contacted First Captain Luke Docker.

"Yes, Admiral." Said Luke. "Get me, Racer!" Demanded Ghost. "Right away, sir!" Replied Luke. Ghost waited while Luke got Racer. Fordo appeared at the ship's bridge. "What is it, Admiral?" Asked Arc Captain Fordo. "We spotted a large enemy invasion force with an unknown destination." Remarked Ghost. "Hmmm." Pondered Fordo. Ghost looked down at the holoprojector. Racer appeared. "Racer, Invasion, unknown destination!" Ghost repeated. "That's not good." Said Racer. "I suggest you find out where it's headed, Admiral!" Demanded Fordo. "Yes sir!" Answered Ghost. A deck officer ran over to Ghost and Fordo, panicked. "Sir! Sir! Here are the coordinates!" Yelled the officer. Ghost looked at the small holoscreen and read the coordinates. Fordo and Racer were silent. "Battle Stations!" Yelled Ghost. He dropped the holoprojector on the ground. "Move into attack position!" Ordered Ghost. Fordo picked up the holoscreen. The coordinates were to Coruscant. Fordo got out a holoprojector and contacted Jedi General Mace Windu. Ghost was barking out orders to his men. Everyone was scrambling. Clones were running around to ships and cannons. They were very unprepared for this attack. Fordo finally got Mace to answer the holoprojector. "Yes, Captain." Answered Mace calmly, unlike everyone on that cruiser. "We have an pending attack on Coruscant." Said Fordo with dismay. "Say again?" Asked Mace unsure if he heard right. "Coruscant is going to be invaded!" Yelled Fordo. Mace Windu was shocked. Fordo looked away from the holoprojector and out the window of the cruiser. "Incoming!" Yelled a pilot. All of the sudden dozens of separatist cruisers came out of hyperspace right on top of the cruisers. "Evasive Maneuvers!" Yelled Ghost. The star destroyer turned rapidly avoiding fighters and frigates entering the system. "Open fire!" Yelled Ghost. The ship's cannons unloaded heavy rounds into the enemy cruisers. But the other ships were well prepared for that. They fired back destroying every cannon on that side of the ship. The cruiser was now being bombarded by tons of bombs and laserfire. The cruiser could not take much more. Arc-170 starfighters poured out of the hangars and engaged the enemy fighters. Tons of fighters and shuttles full of battalions of droids flew down through the atmosphere to the surface. They began to shoot at anything in their sight. They began to bombard the Republic
Battle of coruscant

Republic Bombings

Military bases. Ships landed and unloaded thousands of battle droids. Clones on the planet were scrambling to get into battle positions. Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin ran into the hangar of a republic airbase. They got into their starfighters. Saesee Tiin flew his starfighter into space followed by a squadron of Arc-170 starfighters. They were immediately shot at and were avoiding blaster fire. Tiin landed in the hangar of the cruiser Ghost and Fordo was on. Fordo and Ghost greeted him in the hangar. "Sir, the ship is lost." Said Fordo. Ghost was ashamed of himself. He let his ship be destroyed. "It's time to get a new one." Said Tiin. "Yes, General."
Saesee Tiin space combat

Saesee Tiin ready for space combat

Replied Fordo. Tiin suited up for space combat. The star destroyer came along side a separatist cruiser. "Prepare to board!" Yelled Tiin. "Attack!" yelled Tiin. The troopers leaped from the Star Destroyer and floated over to the enemy c
Saesee and Clones Attack

Saesee and the clones attack

ruiser. The fired at droids as they came out of the ship and fired at them on the top of the cruiser. Auto turrets opened fire on them as they landed on the cruiser's haul. Captain Fordo blasted past droids following Tiin. Tiin carved a hole in the cruiser and dropped down into it. The clones followed. They began shooting the droids inside. Ghost fired at the droids on the ship. The clones moved through the hallways destroying the droids throughout the ship. A squad of droids
Ghost FareWalker 3

Ghost Farewalker

came up behind Ghost and a couple of clones. The droids shot a clone standing next to Ghost. "Man down!" shouted another clone as he was shot in the head. Ghost fired his blaster destroying two of the incoming droids. A droid fired and shot the last clone besides Ghost. Ghost fired and killed one of the droids coming. Then another droid fired. The laser bolt hit Ghost in the chest. "Ahh!" Ghost wailed. He fell back and laid up against a crate on the side of the hallway. Ghost shot the droid that shot him with what strength he could muster up. Two more droids came towards him. They both fired. The laser bolts hit Ghost in the chest and stomach. Ghost's head tilted down. He was dead. The droids walked on through the hallway looking for more clones.

Captain Fordo and Saesee Tiin got to the control room of the cruiser and took over the auto turrets. They made the auto turrets fire upon the enemy cruisers. They took over the bridge. The ship was theirs. The clones cheered. But, the battle was far from over.

Part 2: Scrambling to Action

Clones were running around the airbase. Luke Docker ran down to the squad barracks. Luke opened the door. Cold was standing there and behind him was Colt, Turbo, Marl, Spike, and several others. "You are going on an LAAT gunship to go help Captain Rex defend the senate building." Said Luke. "Alright." Said Cold. They ran through the hallway to the hangar. They gathered around a holotable among several crates placed next to the gunship. Luke pressed a button on the holotable. A map of the city appeared. Red dots beeped on and off indicating where certain squads or platoons had taken positions. Luke pointed to a dot.

Luke and Sarah Coruscant

Sarah point to locations on the holomap.

"This here is Omega Squad's position. They are in the streets assisting the locals drive back the droids to minimize civilian casualties." Luke explained. Then he pointed to another dot. "This one here is Commander Fox's sector. You guys are required to stay somewhat between those two positions along with helping Rex." Luke continued.

Sarah Amadale walked over holding a datapad. She plugged it into the holotable and showed a map of the streets leading to the senate building.

"There is a network of tunnels running underneath the senate building in case of an emergency." Luke informed them. Marl smiled.

"This seems like an emergency to me." Marl said rolling his eyes.

"Yes, well in the event that any senators are trapped inside the senate building, you guys will go in through the tunnels." Luke finished.

"I have uploaded a copy of the map to your HUD's. Good luck out there guys." Sarah insisted.
Rex on coruscant

Captain Rex speaking with Captain Docker about reinforcements at the senate.

"Will do, ma'am." Cold replied.

The marines turned to leave. Luke recieved a comlink message from Captain Rex.

"We could use some reinforcements at the Senate Building." Rex suggested.

"I am dispatching units to the Senate momentarily, stand by for support." Luke answered.

"Understood, thanks for the assist. Rex out." The comlink closed and Luke lowered his arm.

Cold got on the gunship. He turned to face Luke. Six more clone troopers were on it as well along with Field Marshall Shockwave and Dyyz Transdancer. Luke looked at Cold. "Good luck out
Luke, Cold, and Lil

Luke, Cold, and Lily.

there. It's pretty bad." Says Luke with concern. "Will do." Said Cold. Luke glanced over towards Dyyz in the gunship. "You too, trooper, this is some heavy combat." Warned Luke. Dyyz nodded. The pilot turned to make an announcement. "We need to get going." Said the pilot. Luke backed away from the gunship. The gunship doors closed. Luke saluted to the gunship as it took off. "I have a bad feeling about this." Said Luke. Sarah ran up behind Luke. "I can't believe this is happening." She said worriedly. "Don't worry, we are going to do the best we can out there." Luke said. Luke saw Vasco run by. Then the base shook. Sarah struggled to stay on her feet. It shook again and Luke saw an explosion at the other end of the hangar. It exploded right as Zicod Rook, a member of the squad, was walking by. Luke ran over as fast as he could. Turbo saw and ran over as well. They both knelt down next to him. A lot of shrapnel had been lodged in his body. "Medic!" Shouted Turbo. Zicod looked Luke in the eye. "Save Coruscant. Save our brothers." He said. Then his head leaned back and his eyes closed. Luke stood up still staring at him. Raxxum ran over with a medical team. She saw Luke standing there. She knew that was not a good sign. Turbo stood up as well and looked at Rax. He shook his head. He didn't make it. Zicod was dead. Turbo walked away to help Jaller Racer load of some artillery into his ARC-170. Raxxum walked over to Luke. "There's nothing you could have done." She said. Luke finaly looked away from Zicod as the medical team began retrieving his body. He turn towards Raxxum. "Do you know what he said to me?" Asked Luke. "No." She answered. "He told me to save Coruscant and our brothers." Luke replied. Raxxum took a deep breath. "So then we must go. We must save
Luke Docker shooting 7
Coruscant." She said. Luke smiled. Luke's wrist communicator began beeping. He activated it and a clone's voice began speaking. "Enemy forces have breached the perimeter! Enemy forces have breached the, Argh!" Then the transmission ended. Luke glanced up at Rax alarmed. She turned and ran towards the command center. Commander Fox was leaving the base with a small squad of troopers. He went
Fox sees the bodies of clones

Fox discovers downed clones in a Military base and coms Luke to inform him of the breach.

to retrieve the squad but found they were dead. He knelt down to see what had happened. He glanced around and saw the door had been blown out. Droids had entered the base. He raised his wrist comlink to his helmet and activated it.

"Captain Docker, hostiles have entered the base, multiple casualties. The south passage is compromised." Fox informed Luke.

Luke raised his comlink again. "Copy that. We've got this covered, Commander. Get to your rendezvous point." Luke insisted.

"Alright, Fox out." Fox replied and deactivated his comlink. Fox ran through the halls to a gunship that was waiting for him. Fox had other obligations. So many locations on Coruscant were in need of military intervention.

Luke looked down a hallway. Key ran by. "Key, stop." Luke ordered. Key did that and walked over to Luke. "Droids are entering the base." Luke said. Key nodded. "I need you to come with me and round up as many men as you can that are left. "Yes sir." Key replied. They ran down the same corridor as Rax. They ran past the command center towards the barracks. Marl and Katie were running out of the barracks. "Marl! Katie! Come with us!" Luke yelled. They ran with him and entered the barracks where some clones were preparing their weapons. "I need as many men as I can get to help me secure the base." Luke said. The clones slapped on the rest of their armor, contacted as many other people as they could and ran out of there at top speed following Luke, Key, Katie, and Marl. They made it to a large set of blast doors where the
Shock trooper in coruscant base
droids were going to come through. Luke could hear them setting charges. All of them readied their weapons. They aimed them at the door and looked down their sights. Raxxum ran over. She stood next to Luke. "All men in this base have been notified of the breach." Rax said. "Good Job." Luke said. Marl charged up his rotary cannon. "You guys can go take a nap if you like." Marl said as he patted the cannon. "I got this." He said with confidence. Then the base shook violently. The lights flickered and went out. It was very dark, but it was still possible to see through. "Great." Exclaimed Key. "As if this wasn't bad enough." Said Katie. The clones were anxious to begin blasting the droids that came through the door. Any moment and they would blast through. Luke's comlink went off again. Luke answered it. It was Jaller Racer. "Luke, the droids have broken into the hangar!" He shouted. Luke deactivated it. Rax heard. "To the hangar! Move!" Luke yelled. The clones stood up from their kneeling positions and ran towards the hangar. They made it into the hangar to see tons of droids. Vasco Gomes, Commander Spike, Elitemarine Turbo, Jaller Racer, and more were trying to defend the hangar. Luke looked around and saw Sarah Amadale running towards a turret on a landing platform. Two destroyer droids were following her. Rax led the clones towards the approaching droid battalion. Luke ran towards Sarah. All around the turret were fuel cannisters. If a laser bolt hit them, the platform would be blown sky high. He continued running across the hangar. He ducked under and ARC-170 cannon and kept running. Then an explosion went off and a crate came flying towards him. It slammed into him and he fell onto the ground. The crate landed on top of him pinning him to the ground. He groaned. He tried to see where Sarah was. She was at the fuel cannisters. She was only a few feet away from the turret now. The destroyer droids stopped rolling and stood up, deploying their shields. "Sarah!" Luke yelled. She could not hear him. Luke tried pushing the crate off. It was very heavy. Then Jaller Racer ran by him. Jaller ran towards the landing platform. The destroyer droids opened fire on Sarah. She hid behind a crate. Jaller made it over to the landing platform. He dove behind the crate with Sarah and yanked her to her feet. The droid's fire was barely missing the fuel tanks. "When I say go you run! Okay?" Asked Jaller. Sarah shook her head. "Go!" He yelled. They ran out from behind the crate. They ran back towards the hangar. They ran past the fuel tanks and Jaller took out a pistol and tried to return fire to the droids. He was tailing Sarah. One laser bolt flew towards Jaller. It hit him in the stomach. He groaned. They were now at the edge of the landing platform. Jaller dropped his gun and began to fall to the ground. As he fell he pushed Sarah off the landing platform and on to the hangar floor. The destroyer droids opened fire and their blasts hit a fuel tank. Sarah looked back at Jaller. His armor was covered in blood. He looked back. "Jaller!" She screamed. She got up and started to run back towards him. The fuel canisters then blew up. Flames erupted from the canisters and the whole platform was engulfed in fire. Sarah was blown back by the blast. Shrapnel rained down from the landing platform. Smoke was everywhere. Luke looked up to see what had happened. All he saw was fire and smoke. "Jaller! Sarah!" He shouted. Katie looked over at the explosion. Raxxum ran over to Luke. She helped him lift the crate off of him. "They're gone." He said. Rax was silent. Luke stood up. "The separatists will pay for this." Luke said. He took out his blaster pistol. He turned to go begin shooting the droids. He saw Katie standing in front of him. Katie slapped Luke as hard as she could in the face. he stepped back and grabbed his face. "You let her die!" Katie yelled. Luke did not know what to say. He looked back at the landing platform. The smoke was dying down. He squinted his eyes. He saw a figure walking out of the smoke. It was Sarah. She was alive. Katie ran past Luke towards Sarah. She hugged her. Luke sighed with relief. He looked at Raxxum. She looked at him. They both realized how close of a call that was. The clones had pushed back the
Republic base scrambling to action

Clones scrambling to action.

droid forces. Some people were getting on gunships and going to the places on Coruscant they needed to help at. AlphaMarl Photoline ran over to Luke. "Our gunship is ready!" Marl alerted Luke. Luke ran to another gunship. Commander Spike and Vasco Gomes were waiting for him. Luke stepped onto the gunship followed by Marl. "I got my rotary cannon for blasting those clankers for ever daring to attack Coruscant!" Marl said. "Ya, Marl. They will be sorry." Said Spike.

Luke was standing on the edge of the gunship's deck. Sarah, Katie, and Raxxum walked over. Key and Turbo followed. "Stay here, Sarah." Luke said. Sarah nodded. "Good luck out there." Turbo said. "Will do." Said Luke. "See ya, Katie." Marl said. "Good bye, Marl. Be safe." Katie replied. "Did you really just say that? Asked Marl. Katie laughed. "You want me to stay safe in a combat zone?" Marl asked. "I am not sure that is possible." Said Spike. Vasco stepped towards Marl. He patted Marl on the back. "I'll keep an eye on him." Vas said. Turbo put his hand up to the side of his helmet. He was listening to his comlink. He turned to talk to Key. "Sir, we are losing bravo." Said Key. "Alright, Key we will get a move on." Luke replied. "Pilot! Take off!" Shouted Vasco. Luke stepped back and grabbed a blaster rifle and pistol. "Bye Luke." Sarah shouted. Luke put his hand up. The blast door folded closed and the gunship took off. Many other gunships flew past the Havoc squad one that Luke was on. A wolfpack one flew past. Another one followed it but was shot down. "This is going to be a rough flight." Said Marl. The city was engulfed in smoke and ash. Luke saw a gunship fly past them. Inside was Shaak Ti, Sergeant Greenwizard, and Adi Gallia. They were heading towards the capital building. Another gunship followed Green's. "Probably guarding the Chancellor." Suggested Spike. "Affirmative." Said Vasco.

Jedi General Derek Skywalker entered the war-ravaged military base that housed the Havoc Squad. Behind him was several shock troopers under his command. Their mission was to rid the base of all hostiles. The base was
Derek leading shock troopers through base

Derek leads his squad of shock troopers through the base.

still mostly dark.

The squad under Derek's command cautiously walked down a narrow hallway approaching a control room. The squad was formed up tight. Derek's lightsaber was activated. He entered the room and looked around while the shock troopers followed closely.

Derek glanced around the large room. There were two doors straight ahead of them. The squad completely entered the room now and made their way towards the next set of doors. Their weapons were drawn. 

Then the two doors slid open and droids ran in, opening fire on the clones. The clones quickly returned fire and found cover. Derek deflected laser bolt after bolt and then sliced down a droid. The clones shot droids over by a control panel. One of their blasts hit a
Fight 3

Derek and his squad press their attack.

circuit board and sparks flew out hitting droids around it. The droids were electricuted and collapsed onto the ground.
Shock trooper kneeling

"Take these guys out, we have more to do!" Derek ordered. "Yes sir!" replied a few of the clones. 

They pressed their attack and eventually every droid was destroyed and the squad suffered no casualties so far. The squad went through the two doors into the next room which was a large lobby consisting of many doors linking

Shock trooper crouch

off of it, which gave opportunites for droids to pop out in an ambush.

The squad was extra cautious. They remembered their training for situations like this. On of the doors slid open. The shock troopers trained their rifles on the frame.
Shock trooper rotary cannon

Shock trooper with rotary cannon.

They were ready to fire. It ended up just being two white armored clone troopers from another part of the base. 

Another door opened. This time it was droids. They opened fire. The two white clones were unarmed and were hit. 

"Man down!" Derek shouted. He deflected laser bolts and made his way over to the downed clones. The shock troopers provided covering fire. One trooper ran over to Derek and knelt down beside him to inspect the wounded clones. 

One shock trooper was using a rotary cannon. He plowed through the droids. However, door after door was opening with more droids running out. The shock troopers tried their best to return fire, but they were being overrun. 

Derek stood up form the wounded clones and delfected more lasers. The shock trooper medic stood up and pronounced the clones dead. Derek sighed but then was forced to quickly return to combat. The shock troopers
Derek vs magnaguard

Derek duels the magnaguard.

pushed forward. They destroyed more droids and advanced through the lobby.

They neared the final droids and then a magnaguard ran in. The guard spun around it's electrostaff and stabbed a clone. He was thrown up against a wall by the force of the blow. More clones advanced towards him firing. He spun his staff and smacked them away.

Derek's men were dropping like flies. Derek ran over to the magnaguard to confront it. Derek swung his lightsaber at it. The swing was blocked by the staff of the guard and
Derek vs magnaguard 2
the guard pushed back on Derek's saber, causing him to stumble backwards.

Derek swung again and again at the magnaguard, aech one either missing or being blocked. The duel continued and The magnaguard swung at Derek and Derek duck. While Derek was low, He swung for the guard legs. Before he could fully swing the guard realized what he was doing and kicked Derek away.

Derek fell on the ground. He jumped back to his feet and engaged the magnaguard once more, this time swinging more viciously. He swang harder and harder until he loosened the grip of the magnaguards staff and he knocked the staff out of it's hand. Derek chopped it's arm off and then spun his lightsaber around before stabbing the guards center eye on the chest. The magnaguard collapsed onto the ground.
Derek vs magnaguard 3
Derek stepped back and deactivated his lightsaber. He was out of breath.
Derek vs magnaguard 4
The shock trooper walked over.

"Should we proceed?" Asked a trooper. 

Derek looked up at the door ahead of them that led to the hangar. He activated his lightsaber and lifted it up, ready to attack.

"Let's go." Derek answered.

The squad walked towards the door and it opened to reveal the hangar of the base. It was heavily destroyed though it was filled with republic personel. These were the people who were already at the base. Apparently the base had been cleared. Their mission was a success. The squad walked in. 

Sarah Amadale greeted Derek. The troopers were given medical supplies and food. The battle was still only beginning.

Battle of Coruscant

Cold's gunship neared Captain Rex's position. Then a radio signal came in. "The zone is hot! I repeat, the zone is hot!" Shouted the clone on the radio. "That's not good." Said Cold. Then Cold
Cold and Lily's gunship

Cold and Lily's gunship

heard an explosion. Cold looked out the window of the gunship. A gunship next to them was just shot down. Then another explosion. This time on their gunship! The gunship began to plummet towards the debris covered roads below. "Brace for impact!" Yelled Dyyz to the other clones on board with them. "What a way to go." Shockwave said. Cold grabbed the handles above him on the ceiling of the ship for support. The gunship slammed into the ground with incredible force. Explosions went off near the back of the gunship. The gunship slid on it's side along the road. It split in half and the front half with Cold and Shockwave in it still slid on the road. The other half of the gunship exploded violently. The front of the gunship finally stopped sliding. Cold layed on top of a pile of blasters and the trooper was laying on top of some crates on the gunship. Cold weakly stood up. Cold turned to
Cold after gunship crash

Cold after gunship crash

see Shockwave. His helmet was off. His face was burnt and bloody. He was not breathing. Cold assumed Field Marshall Shockwave was dead. Cold walked over to him. He placed the trooper's rifle in his hand and put it over his chest. Cold stood up straight and realized his helmet had been cracked. He took it off. He had a huge cut on his forehead. It was bleeding. But that could not stop him. He had to move on before more droids came. He put his helmet back on. He looked back at the other half of the gunship. Poor Dyyz didn't have a chance of surviving that explosion. He was a loyal soldier as was Shockwave. Cold had to move on. Cold sneaked under debris to get to Rex's position.

Meanwhile, Luke's gunship landed at the drop zone without delay. He, Vas, Spike, and Marl jumped out of the gunship and began blasting droids. Luke ran over to Aayla Secura and Commander Bly. "What's the news from the front?" Asked Luke. Aayla turned to see Luke. "They just keep coming." Said Aayla. Aayla continuously kept deflecting laser bolts as she backed up to talk to Luke. Vasco ran over to Luke. "We have bad news." Said Vasco with dismay. Marl ran over to
Luke Docker shooting 4
them. "Another blasted battalion is coming up from behind us." Said Marl. Commander Bly ran over to them. "We have enemy fighters coming in for a bombing run!" Yelled Bly. Aayla's eyes widened. Vas heard the sounds of the engines. "Incoming!" Yelled Spike. Everyone ducked for cover. Luke and Aayla ran to the left of the debris covered road they were on. The fighters flew over them dropping many bombs. They exploded with extreme force. The gunship they landed in exploded killing many clones. Then Luke heard the sound of creaking metal. He looked up. The fighters were now flying off in the distance. The building next to Luke and Aayla was about to collapse. "Luke! The building!" Yelled Marl. Commander Bly now noticed it. "General!" He shouted. The gunship exploded again. The blast catapulted debris up into the air and in the middle
Luke Docker 5

Luke Docker

of the road. Luke and Aayla could not get over to Bly and the squad now. "What do we do?" Asked Aayla. Luke looked up at the building. Any second it would collapse. "We climb." Said Luke. Luke and Aayla began to climb over some debris blocking an alleyway. They made it to the other side. Then they heard a large snap. The building was tipping over towards the road. It fell and slammed into the ground and it rumbled. The ground shook knocking Luke and Aayla off their feet. There was now absolutely no way they were getting back to Bly and the squad with a building blocking their way. "I guess we will have to destroy what droids we can this way." Said Luke. Aayla smiled. "I guess so." Replied Aayla. Luke now only had his blaster pistol. They walked through the alleyway.

Part 3: Defending the Bridge

&nbsp {C {C

Squadleader Racer, Katie Odoon, Komodo5, and Elitemarine Trinto were pinned down on a bridge near the inner city. Droids were coming from both sides of the bridge with Racer, Katie, Modo, and Trinto in the middle. They had only two dwarf spider droids being used as cover. "This is not going well." Announced Racer. "You think!?" Replied Katie as she blasted a super battle droid in the face. Then Racer looked up to see a purple jedi starfighter flying towards them followed by a republic gunship. "We got help!" Yelled Trinto. The jedi starfighter flew by over head and shot some of the super battle droids swarming the bridge. Then it flew off to it's true destination. The gunship descended

Mace Windu's starfighter

towards the bridge. The doors slid open and Arc Captain Fordo jumped out
Standard Phase 2 Clone Wars Clone Trooper

Phase 2 Clone trooper

and onto the bridge followed by five more clone troopers. They immediately started blasting the droids. Captain Fordo ran over to Racer. "Your squad is not doing good." Informed Fordo. Racer was concerned. "How so." He asked as he ducked behind the spider droid. "Admiral Farewalker is dead." Fordo said. Racer was shocked. He had known the Admiral

Captain Fordo

for a long time. "Ghost..." Racer said very sadly. "This is no time for grief, Racer." Fordo demanded. Racer got back up and started blasting droids again. A clone trooper pulled out a rocket launcher and fired it at the advancing droids. He destroyed the fronlines but they still kept coming. Fordo was receiving a message on his comlink. "A Havoc squad gunship is
Captain Fordo phase 2

Captain Fordo phase 2

down. The wolfpack is looking for survivors." Said Commander Wolffe. "I will alert the squadleader." Said Fordo. "Very good, Captain." Said Wolffe. Fordo walked over to Racer and ducked behind cover. "Havoc gunship crashed near Rex's position." Said Fordo to Racer. "Cold!" Yelled Racer. Fordo and Racer peered out from their
Wolffe battle of coruscant
cover and then started shooting. "We can't keep doing this." Said Katie. "I know." said Racer. Trinto threw a thermal detonator and took out some droids. "We need to hold out until we get a sufficient amount of reinforcements." said Racer. "I am heading up to that area of debris over there." Komodo said pointing to a position closer to where the droids were firing. "I can get a clear shot there." He explained. Racer nodded, knowing how high the risks were and how unlikely it was for Mode to make it over there. Modo ran over to the debris firing as he went. A blaster bolt slammed into Mode's left side of his chest. He stepped back a bit. He felt it burn. He looked down at his wound and blood began to drip down his armor. Another blaster bolt slammed into the right side of his chest. He almost fell backwards but was able to perfect his footing. Modo kept firing. He was determined to not let a few blaster hits stop him. Then another slammed into his stomach. It caught him off balance. he began to fall. Another laser hit him in the stomach next to his other wound in his stomach. He fell to the ground and his head slammed into the cement of the bridge way. Everything began to get blurry for him. He tried to shake it off. He sat up and squinted his eyes at the droids and opened fire. A droid went down and the droid behind it fired and the bolt hit Mode in the face. His mouth to be exact. His head slammed back into the ground from his sitting position. His body only twitched. He had too many critical wounds to do anything now. Katie watched. "At least he went out like he always acted. Stubborn." She said.

Meanwhile, the battle over Coruscant progressed. The Republic star destroyers over the planet were being destroyed one by one. Anakin Skywalker led a squadron of starfighters around the cruisers. They focused their fire on the engines and bridge of the separatist cruisers. Agen Kolar flew past Anakin and landed in the hangar of a separatist cruiser followed by a gunship. It landed and he jumped out. The clones poured out of the gunship. Droids were now heading towards them. Agen Kolar activated his lightsaber and began deflecting the oncoming blasts from the droids. The clone troopers ran past him shooting the droids making their way towards the doors to
Agen Kolar Coruscant

Agen Kolar with clones.

get to the bridge. (Their main objective) They blasted through numerous droids and made it through the doors. The whole group of clones ran through the doors with Agen Kolar covering their six. Agen Kolar was about to pass through the door when, BooooooM! A bomb went off inside the doors. Agen Kolar was blown back by the impact. Smoke spewed out from the doorway as the blast doors slid closed. Kolar was now outnumbered. All the clones were now dead. He deflected blaster bolts as he walked towards his Jedi starfighter. The battle was not going well. All of the sudden another Jedi starfighter came flying in. Jedi Master Kit Fisto landed his Jedi starfighter and jumped out and started cutting down droids. Agen Kolar and Kit Fisto now had a chance to get to the bridge. They ran past the droids and deflected what blaster bolts they could. More and more droids came out. "We won't make it to the bridge!" Yelled Kolar. "We will have to just destroy the core." Shouted Fisto. Kolar nodded. Elitemarine Turbo flew his Arc-170 starfighter into the hangar. He fired the ship's blaster cannons at the droids in the hangar. They were quickly destroyed. Turbo landed the Arc-170 and joined the Jedi as they ran through the cruiser's hallways to destroy the reactor core. They placed charges on the core and ran back out to their ships. They flew out of the hangar as the separatist cruiser erupted in flames. "Woo hoo!" Yelled Turbo. The Jedi smiled. They destroyed one cruiser out of countless more above the planet.

Part 4: The Wolfpack Rescue

Wolfpack gunship

Wolfpack republic gunship

Plo Koon's starfighter

Plo Koon's starfighter

Two Wolfpack gunships and Plo Koon's Jedi starfighter flew past the Havoc gunship crash site. One gunship had landed before that to inspect the bodies of the deceased clones. The two other gunships flew onwards looking for survivors led by Plo Koon. They flew through the streets of Coruscant looking for life signs. They flew over a huge mound of debris. "Sir! I found something." Said Commander Wolffe in the gunship. "Life signs?" Asked Plo Koon. "Yes sir!" Replied Wolffe. "Land and check it out, commander." Said Plo. "Sir!" Answered Wolffe. The gunship landed and a squad of Wolfpack troopers and Wolffe went out on foot in search of the life signs. They cautiously walked on through the city streets towards the giant mound of debris. "I don't like this." Said Boost. "It's too, quiet." Said
Commander Wolffe coruscant
Sinker. "Cut the chatter." Ordered Wolffe. Boost looked around. He heard a giant mechanical sound and then it went silent. "What in the blazes was that!" Yelled Sinker. Boost, Sinker, and the other clones looked around cautiously. "It was probably just the creaking metal of a building." Said Boost. The pack eased up and followed Wolffe. "I got something on the scanner. Not life!" said Wolffe. Boost and Sinker now realized what that sound had been. Then they all heard the mechanical sound get louder and louder coming closer to them. "Defensive positions!" Yelled Wolffe. The mechanical sounds could now be identified as foot steps. Boost dove behind a crate and waited. The footsteps stopped. Sinker was sweating underneath his helmet. "Come on, pop out already." Mumbled Sinker. "Nothing on the scanner now." Said Wolffe. "Must have retreated." Said Boost. Everyone stood up from their hiding spots. "Ok, so...." Sinker was interrupted by a giant spider droid smashing through the wall of a building. "Evasive Maneuvers!" Yelled Wolffe. The pack scattered trying to get to a safe spot to take a clear shot. Sinker dove behind a crashed ARC-170 starfighter. Boost ran over to join him. Sinker pulled out a rocket launcher. He laughed crazily. "This thing is going down!" Yelled Sinker. The spider droid fired at the wolfpack and killed many of the clones. Wolffe drew it's attention so that Sinker could get a good shot. Sinker was looking through the scope on the rocket launcher. The spider droid lined up with his crosshairs. "Gotcha!" He said as he pulled the trigger on the launcher. The missile slammed into the side of the spider droid and it exploded. The remains of the droid fell to the ground. Boost sighed with relief. "Good work, Sinker!" Commended Wolffe. They walked through the mound of debris. Cold jumped out with a blaster rifle. "Freeze!" Yelled Cold. Then he realized it was the wolfpack. "Sorry, sir." Said Cold. "It's fine, Alpha." Said Wolffe. Wolffe waved in a gunship. The gunship descended
Fives CWA

Fives fires on a spider droid.

towards Cold and Wolffe. It landed and the doors slid open.Cold and Wolffe got on followed by the wolfpack troopers. The doors slid closed. "Drop us off at Rex's position!" Cold ordered the pilot. "Yes sir!" Yelled the pilot. The gunship lifted off and flew across the vast burning buildings to reach Rex's position. Surprisingly, Rex was holding his ground. The gunship landed near the front lines. Cold jumped out and the gunship flew away. "Come on, troopers! Keep moving!" Yelled Rex. Jesse, Kix, and Fives ran over to Rex. They began shooting more from their new position. Fives slid to cover behind some rubble and returned fire towards a 

Rex joins Fives in battle.

spider droid. The droid fired and destroyed most of the rubble he was behind. Fives got up and hid behind a pillar. He fired at the spider droid and hit it in the eye several times. It was destroyed. Rex joined Fives behind the pillar they both fired at the oncoming droids. However, with each shot, it seemed a new droid joined the battle. They were not making any progress. The CIS's numbers were too great. Cold ran up a small stair well of a first story balcony. he found a spot to sit and then looked down the barrel of his sniper rifle. He fired getting mostly head shots off the droids. Alpha130 Coldline was a good shooter.
Storm on Coruscant

Ember in a plaza during the Battle of Coruscant.

Near the 501st's position was a plaza which was being defended by A-13 Ember , Buckler, Jace, Storm, Racer, Shil, and two platoons of troopers were holding back several companies of droids. Ember shot a blaster bolt through the center of a super battle droid's torso, leaving a gaping hole in it. It tipped over and Ember directed his attention towards the sky.

The Wolfpack gunship flew overhead. Ember saw several vulture droids fly towards the gunship from their perch on the top of a skyscraper. They pursued the gunship as the ship executed evasive maneuvers. Ember hoped the gunship would make it, for there was nothing he could do to help. He continued firing on the oncoming droids. He repeated the process over and over. He couldn't even see the end to the lines of droids advancing towards his team. He had his orders. They came from Jedi General Arligan Zey. He had to defend the plaza.

The Wolfpack neared a republic military base that was being overrun. Commander Wolffe recieved a transmission from Commander Thire requesting assistance. The droids were freeing separatist prisoners and killing the rest. "We could really use your help, Wolffe." Thire pleaded.

"Everyone needs our help, Thire. The whole shabla planet is under attack. I can only dispatch a few men." Wolffe negotiated.

"That will have to do. Thank you, commander." Thire said as he deactivated his comlink. Thire was in a hallway running along with shock troopers Rys, Jek, and Nike.

"You guys, go secure the controll room while I go and shut down the power so they can't release any more prisoners." Thire orders.

"You got it, sir!" Rys shouts.

"How the hell did the seppies get to Coruscant?" Nike asked in annoyance.

"Beats me, Nike." Jek replies. The shock troopers split off from Thire and the troopers are almost to the control room.

"Didn't we have some sort of security system to stop this sort of thing from happening?" Rys asked.

"Well, if we did. It was a piece of----" Nike was interrupted by Jek stopping abruptly after hearing droids in the control room.

"Get ready to turn these clankers into scrap metal!" Rys said confidently.

In a control room, a super tactical droid inspected a viewscreen. On it was Watt Tambor, Poggle the Lesser, and General Whorm Loathsom. The super tactical droid pulled a release switch and their cells opened. 

Nike fires at super tactical droid CWA

Nike fires at the Super Tactical Droid.

A door slid open and Rys, Jek, and Nike ran in. Two commando droids were in the room with the tactical droid. They opened fire however it quickly turned into hand to hand combat. Rys elevated his knee into the commando droid's blaster, knocking it free. Rys then slammed his elbow into the commando droid's head. Jek had a rotary cannon and he slammed it into a commando droid and sparks flew out, blinding Jek for a moment. Suddenly, the commando droid lept at Jek and tackled him to the ground. It punched Jek in the face and then proceeded to choke him. Jek gasped for air and tried to reach for his cannon. Nike went toe to toe with the super tactical droid. Nike rammed his rifle into the chest of the tactical droid and was about to pull the trigger when the droid grabbed the barrel of the blaster and squeezed it. He htrew it to the side leaving Nike defenseless. Nike swung his fist and his the tactical droid. There was an audible ding and Nike groaned in pain. The super tactical droid grabbed Nike's throat and lifted him up in the air. The droid's robotic grip was too much for Nike to overcome. The droid punched Nike in the stomach as he was still holding his throat in the air. Nike was being winded but unable to breathe in air. The droid punched him repeatedly in the stomach until a snap of his ribs was heard.

Jek rotary cannon commando droid CWA

Jek slams his roatary cannon into the droid.

Rys had his commando droid pinned on the ground. He looked to his side and saw a blaster pistol. He grabbed it and held it to the droid's head. 

"Say goodbye!" Rys said as he pulled the trigger. The droid's head now sported a searing hole in it. He stood up to see Nike in trouble. He ran over to help.

Jek was still on the ground being choked. He grabbed his rotary cannon and swung it at the droid, knocking it off of him. They both stood up and Jek charged at the droid. He rammed the rotary cannon into the chest of the droid and smashed him up against the wall. The droid was sanwiched inbetween the cannnon barrel and the wall. Jek opened fire and multiple blasts pierced the droid's plating. Jek ceased fire and removed his cannon from the ravaged body of the commando droid.

Rys firing CWA

Rys fires at the super tactical droid.

Rys had his blaster pistol and shot at the super tactical droid. A blaster hit the droid in the shoulder causing him to loosen his grip on Nike's throat dropping him to the ground. Rys fired again and again at the droid, hitting it's chest over and over. The droid stumbled backwards. Rys, realizing the pistol did little against the droid, picked up the blaster rifle that's barrel had been crushed. He pointed it at the tactical droid as it began to charge at him. Rys pulled the trigger and threw the blaster towards the droid. As the trigger was pulled the blaster his the caved in part of the barrel causing it to explode, incinerating the super tactical droid.

Rys gave a sigh of relief. He looked over at Nike on the ground. He ran over and knelt next to him. Jek joined him. 

"Hey bud, you alright?" Rys asked.

"I... my ribs... I think he...." Nike was coughing up blood.

Jek took out a medical scanner and used it on Nike.

"He has two broken ribs. One sliced his lung a bit. He is bleeding internally." Jek said gravely.

Rys took off his helmet. His expression was fearful.

"Hey, you're gonna be okay, Nike. You hear me?" Rys said emotionally. The odds were not in his favor.

The power went off and red emergency lights flickered on. Jek pulled a pain killer injector from his medic field kit. He jammed it into the side of Nike's neck and he grunted in pain.

"We need to get him immediate medical attention if he is to survive, Rys." Jek told him. Rys was worried for Nike as was Jek.

"Right, right. The Wolfpack gunship should be arriving soon. We can get him a ride on it to the nearest medical facility." Rys replied.

Jek's comlink began to beep. He pressed the flashing green light.

"Jek, it's Thire! The Wolfpack gunship just landed! What's your status?" Thire asked.

"Sir, Nike is down. Requesting evac ASAP!" Jek said eagerly.

"Is he going to make it?" Thire said worried.

"Possibly. Tell Wolffe to hold the gunship. We will get him up to it, no matter what it takes." Jek answered.

"Roger, I'm on my way now. Boost and Sinker are bringing the stretcher. Thire out." The commander ended the transmission.

"Alright Rys, help me lift him up so he can breathe. I'll slide my med bag under his head until Thire comes." Jek ordered.

Rys was staring at Nike.

"Rys, I'm worried too, but you are not helping Nike by just sitting there!" Jek demanded.

Commander Thire CWA

Thire worries for the survival of his men.

"Yeah, yeah." Rys said as he stood up and lifted Nike's body. Jek slid the pack under his head.

Suddenly, Commander Thire appeared in the doorway.

"Nike!" Thire shouted. He ran over to them.

"He's unconscious sir. We need to move fast. He is bleeding internally." Jek suggested.

"Of course." Thire replied.

Boost and Sinker walked in followed by Commander Wolffe. Thire stood back to let them get Nike onto the stretcher. He raised his hand to his visor. He was very worried for his men.

Rys, Jek, and Thire watched as Boost and Sinker began to roll Nike out into the hallway. Commander Wolffe walks over to Thire.

"Due to all these separatist leaders escaping here, General Plo Koon has ordered all of the 104th to this position. Looks like we won't be rescuing anyone else." Wolffe informed them.

"Understood. Just make sure Nike makes it." Thire asks.

"Of course, Thire. Nike will be taken to a medical facility and we will stay here and clean up house." Wolffe adds.

"Let's hope he makes it there in this mess. Gunships get shot down left and right in this flak." Rys suggested.

"You've gotta think positive, Rys." Jek responded.

"General Plo Koon will be arriving shortly to aid in our efforts to recapture the prisoners and push back the droid forces." Wolffe stated.

Commander Thire, Rys, and Jek prepared for the coming battle. Then, they all hear an explosion. They run out into the hallway to see droids attacking Boost and Sinker as they wheel Nike down the hall.

"Nike!" Rys shouts.

The shock troopers run out to defend their fallen comrade. Super battle droids fire their wrist rockets down the hall and explode just behind Rys and Jek.

"Boost! Sinker! Fall back!" Wolffe yells.

Boost quickly wheels the stretcher back down the hall as Sinker provides cover fire. Rys destroys the last of the super battle droids while more commando droids approach.

General Whorm Loathsom is in command of the droids at the base. The droids charge at the clones.

"Wolffe, look! It's Loathsom!" Thire yells.

"I got it!" Wolffe replies.

Wolffe gets up and chases after Loathsom who is running down another hallway like the coward he is. 

"Boost! Sinker! Follow me!" Wolffe shouts back to his men.

Boost and Sinker follow him down the hallway leaving Thire, Jek, and Rys to defend Nike. 

"Hold it right there, Loathsom!" Wolffe shouts after him.

Loathsom keeps running until he trips over debris from where the building had been bombed. He falls down on the ground face first.

Wolffe runs over holding his blaster pistol to Loathsom's head.

"Surrender. You've lost." Wolffe orders.

"You have no way of holding me here. Your capital is under siege. You have no time for prisoners." Loathsom explains.

Wolffe debates that. He notices Loathsom is armed with a pistol.

"You're right." Wolffe says. Wolffe pulls the trigger and the blast goes through Loathsom's head killing him instantly.

Wolffe turns around to face Boost and Sinker. He holsters his weapon.

"Come on. We've got to save our brothers." Wolffe demands.

The wolfpack runs back to the shock troopers.

Jek fires on the oncoming droids. The commando droids advance wielding swords. One approaches Jek and swings at him. Jek ducks and then tackles the droid to the ground. Another droid tackles Commander Thire to the ground.

A commando droid charges at Rys but he shoots it in the head with his pistol, immobilizing it. Another commando droid leaps at Nike and raises it's blade preparing to stab Nike. Rys runs over and shoots it in the head. 

"Phew, I've got ya brother." Rys says relieved.

Rys hears the discharge of a blaster. Then he feels the searing pain of the laser. He looks down at his chest. A blaster bolt had gone through his back and out the other side. Rys groaned in pain.

"Rys!" Jek shouts as he shoves the commando droid off of himself.

Rys's body slouches over onto Nike's stretcher. Jek destroys the droid he had been dealing with and then the one who had shot Rys.

Jek runs over to Rys. He picks him up off the stretcher and sits on the floor with him in his lap.

"Rys! Stay with me!" Jek shouts.

Commander Thire walks over.

"I... I... Make sure Nike's.... Make sure Nike's safe, alright?" Rys asks.

"Of course I will, Rys. You are going to be alright." Jek reassures him.

"Come on, doc. You know that's not -cough- true." Rys says coughing.

"I'm sorry, Rys." Jek says softly.

"It's been an honor serving with you, commander." Rys says.

"You as well, old friend. You were... a great soldier." Thire replies choked up.

Rys's eyes close. His breathing and pulse stop. He is dead. 

Jek and Thire just stare at him for a while. The war had claimed so many lives, especially this battle. The battle was far from over.

Part 5: Aerial Assault

Mace Windu flew his Jedi starfighter past buildings firing rockets at droid tri-fighters. He launched
212th Battalion

212th battalion trooper

tracking missiles
Mace in coruscant

Mace on Coruscant

at a group of three enemy fighters and they followed them past a building then caught up and exploded. Mace Windu flew around the city and glanced up in the sky above him to see a republic cruiser enter the atmosphere. ARC-170 starfighters poured out of it. Obi-Wan and the 212th Battalion had arrived. Now republic gunships poured out flying to the surface. A gunship landed on top of a building. 212th Battalion snipers set up shop and watched battalions of droids walk into their sights. Gunships flew over armies of droids. The back hatches lowered
Airborne troopers

212th Airborne Troopers

and revealed many airborne troopers. They dove out of the gunships as they
Clone phase 2 2


flew over the droids. Heavy machine gunners located in the back of the ship fired at the droids as they flew past them demolishing many of them as the clones parachuted down to the battlefield. They began shooting upon touchdown. More gunships flew past over head going to other destinations. 3 gunships flew over to where Commander Bly, Vasco Gomes, Commander Spike, and Marl were. They were now heavily
Clone trooper phase 2

Clone phase 2

outnumbered. The 3 gunships landed in front
Commander Cody

Commander Cody

of the attacking clone forces and droid forces. "Get in!" Yelled Commander Cody of the 212th Battalion. Commander Bly, Vas, Spike, and Marl ran over to the gunship and got in. Other remaining clones ran over to another gunship. The gunships took off. Vasco turned to see Commander Cody and Boil studying a hologram. It was of Shaak Ti and Sergeant Greenwizard. "We have the chancellor, but... are being pursued by,........Grievous. He killed,... Adi Gallia." Green was speaking while he was running. "Only four Jedi and two clones...left." He said panting. We must.... keep the Chancellor........" The transmission fizzed out. "They are jamming us, sir." Said Boil to Cody. "We must help the Chancellor!" Said Spike. "I agree, Spike." Said Cody. "Wait, hold on a second! We can't just sacrifice a sector of this battle. If we go help the Chancellor we lose a portion of the battle, unable to help our troops." Said Marl. "The


Chancellor is our top priority." Said Cody. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Said Marl. Cody thought for a second. Boil stepped towards Cody. "Sir, but he's right we can't leave our brothers." Said Boil. "Ok, we will help win this battle then, help the Jedi." Said Cody. "Yes sir!" Said Vas excited. The gunship flew towards a collapsed building that had forced a crash landing on a senate shuttle. They were going to evacuate them from the pending droid assault. The gunships landed by the senators. Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and three others were there. Boil and one other clone ran out to get them onto the gunship. The droids would be there any second. Bail Organa and Mon Mothma ran onto the gunship. A clone trooper helped a wounded senator to the gunship. But, then a laser bolt whizzed by Boil and hit the clone trooper in the neck. "Man down!" Yelled Boil. Cody stepped out and pulled the senator on board. Another shot fired and hit the last senator in the foot. She collapsed. Boil lifted her onto his shoulders and started to walk over to the ship. Vasco stepped out and tried to see where the shots were coming from. They were Commando snipers. Boil tried to get the wounded senator over as fast as he could. Vasco looked at the windows of the buildings above. He saw a flash come from a window. Then he heard the sound of a rifle go off. He looked to Boil. A laser bolt went right through Boil's back and out his chest. "Argh." He mumbled as he froze up. The senator screamed. Boil lost his grip on her. She collapsed but was able to crawl the five feet to the ship. He fell to his knees. "Boil!" Yelled Cody. He looked down at his chest. He lifted his hand to touch the hole in the armor. The burn through his armor cooled off and blood began to trickle out of it. Boil now knew this was not a dream. He fell down the rest of the way to the ground and lay on his back. Cody ran over. Everything was blurry to Boil. Vasco, Spike, and Marl provided covering fire for Cody and Boil. Cody knelt down next to Boil. ", the senator safe?" Asked Boil. Cody looked back to the gunship to see the senator sitting on the gunship floor watching. "Yes, Boil, she's safe." Said Cody. "Good...." Boil said weakly. Cody admired his selflessness. "This thing hurts." Said Boil. Cody smiled underneath his helmet. "I am going to get you to the ship." Said Cody. Cody dragged Boil into the ship. Vasco, Marl, and Spike followed them back into the ship. It took off and flew through the city. Boil coughed up blood. Vasco walked over to Boil and took his helmet off. Commander Bly stood in the back corner of the gunship shrouded by darkness. Vasco tried to patch up Boil best he could while they were flying.

Part 6: Senators in Trouble

Luke and Aayla ran out of an alley way and looked up. Padmé's apartment building had a vulture droid hovering near a window preparing to fire. "We need to get them out of the building." Said Luke. Luke took out his blaster pistol. "Go in and get them out. I will keep this occupied." Said Luke. "Okay." She said with a nod. She ran into the building. Luke aimed down the sights on his pistol. He fired rapidly at the vulture droid. The vulture turned to see Luke. It did not move. Then heard the charge up of a rocket launcher. "Uh oh!" Said Luke. The droid fired four missiles at Luke. He turned around and ran as fast as he could. A missile hit right behind him causing him to stumble a bit but still kept running. Then the other missiles hit. Luke got blown forwards and slammed into a wall on the side of the street next to many large crates. Many smaller crates fell on top of him. Luke groaned. He now had a large cut on his forehead. His helmet was gone. His right arm's armor was very cracked. His body ached.

Another vulture droid flew towards Luke. "Osik." Luke cursed. He began pushing off the crates as fast as he could no matter the weight. He could hear the vulture droids guns getting ready to fire. He pushed away the last crate and stood up weakily. He ran as the droid opened fire and the missiles slammed into the crate he was near. He ran towards a whole street of street vendor carts and stands and little shops. Nothing big enough to stop a missile from killing him. "Osik, Osik, Osik." Luke mumbled to himself as he ran. The droid was following. Luke had no weapons with him. He ran past a stand with fruit and turned back to see the droid fire off another missile at him. "Fier' fek!" He shouted. The missile hit behind him and his body flew over a stand to the other side of it onto some crates and rolled off of them down onto a street below before coming to a halt. Luke groaned. Every part of his body hurt. Luke just laid there. Luke looked up. The Vulture droid assumed Luke was dead and went on to it's next victim. Luke let his face lay back down in the small alley way behind the stands. He took a deep breath. He began to push himself up but it was extremely painful. Then Luke heard foot steps coming up behind him from the network of alleyways leading to the stands. Luke assumed it was a route usually traveled by drug dealers. Many ways to get out. Luke assumed they were droids but he had no weapons. He could not even get himself off the ground. He reached out his arm and began pulling his body over towards a dumpster. he crawled over there slowly but it was as fast as he could move. The footsteps were extremely close now. Luke tried to crawl faster but it was too late. The small squad of clones had found him. "Luke?" Asked a woman's voice. Luke rolled over a bit to see Raxxum looking at him. "Rax." He said with a smile. "Where have you been?" Luke asked. "Oh, just blasting some droids." Raxxum replied. Luke tried to sit up. He got half way up and fell back down. He groaned quietly. "Need some help?" She asked. "No, no I'm fine." He said. She made a face at him that said, Yeah, right. Luke tried to get up again and found he had less pain than he had a few mintues ago. He tried to stand up. "Squad, go reece the perimeter." Raxxum ordered. The squad fanned out. Rax walked towards Luke. She helped him to his feet. "I didn't need help." Luke said smiling. "Of course you didn't." Rax replied. Luke put his hand on his forehead. He wiped off some blood. "Thank you." He said finally. "Anytime." She replied. Luke took a deep breath. The pain was slowly going away. "I don't think I have ever been thrown that far by an explosion before." Luke said. "A new record?" Asked Rax. Luke chuckled. "Yes, I guess it is." He answered. "You'd better be careful if you hit your head too many more times everyone will start to notice your intelligence." She said. "Hey!" Luke shouted with a grin. Raxxum laughed. Raxxum stepped towards Luke when they heard a clone run over to them. "There's a droid battalion heading our way!" He shouted standing behind Rax awaiting a response. Luke and Raxxum looked at eachother. Raxxum turned away from Luke and went to speak with the clone. Luke backed up and leaned up against a wall. He watched Rax as she instructed her men on what to do. He closed his eyes. What a battle. Luke pondered how the Separatists were able to make it to Coruscant.

Raxxum finished speaking with her troops. "We are going to march down the road and see if we can rescue the civvies that are in the line of fire. That droid battalion is coming real close to them." Rax explained. "Alright, I'm coming with you." Luke demanded. "Not without a weapon you aren't." She ordered. She pulled out a pistol from her belt. She handed it to Luke. She pulled out a comlink as well and handed it to him. "This is how we will communicate during the fight." She said. "What else is in that belt of yours?" Asked Luke as smiled. Rax rolled her eyes. They began making their way towards the battalion.

Aayla Secura went up the elevator on the opposite side of Padmé's apartment. She heard the droid open fire. The elevator doors opened. She ran into Padmé's living room to see several of Padmé's guards dead. Captain Typho and Padmé were hiding behind a wall of the living room. Aayla activated her lightsaber. The droid heard. She ran over to the droid as it began to fire. She jumped onto it and slammed her blade through the head of the droid. Smoke billowed from it as it began to spin out of control. Aayla jumped off and landed on Padmé's balcony. She deactivated her lightsaber. "Thank you." Padmé said to Aayla. "Any time." Said Aayla. They all went back on the elevator and went down to street level. They walked across the street looking for Luke. "Luke!" Aayla called. Luke did not answer. Aayla was a bit worried. "Where did he go?" Asked Padme. "I am not sure senator." Aayla answered. Aayla knew Luke would be able to handle himself. She hoped he was alright. Then they looked up to see a gunship flying in low towards them. It landed. The doors slid open. Vasco, Marl, and Spike got out of the gunship and ran over to them. Commander Cody hopped out and joined them. Padmé and Typho got on the gunship. Cody had dropped off Bly and the other senators off at a military base. He also dropped off Boil.

They all boarded the gunship and it flew off towards a bridge. The clones on the bridge were losing ground.

Part 7: The Fall of the Bridge

Arc Captain Fordo and Squadleader Racer were being pushed back on the bridge. An airstrike was called in by the droids. It barely missed the clones but badly damaged the bridge. "When are those reinforcements getting here!?" Asked Racer. "Who knows?" Answered Fordo. Then a republic gunship flew in towards them. It began to land. "Reinforcements!" Yelled Fordo. "We got help!" Announced Racer. The gunship landed and the doors slid open. Sarah Amadale stepped out followed by several clone troopers which Fordo began explaining their strategy to. Trinto followed Fordo. Sarah turned back to look at the ship. The pilot began to take off. She heard Katie calling her name. Sarah quickly jerked her head around to see a missile coming closer and closer. Her eyes widened. She dove out of the way as the missile flew past her and hit the gunship. It exploded and it plummeted down the side of the bridge. Sarah stood up. She sighed in relief. Katie reached for her shoulder. "Are you ok?" Asked Katie. "I'm fine." Responded Sarah. "This is the second time today you almost died." Katie told Sarah. Sarah laughed. 'I'll be more careful." She said. They ran over to meet with Racer behind cover. Fordo and the rest of the clones were going on the offensive against the droids.

Luke Docker and Raxxum Gelvan had reached the store where the civvies were hiding. Raxxum told the troops to wait outside in-case the droids came early. Luke and Rax went in the store. Blasters drawn. Luke's arms was outstretched with his gun pointed outwards. They entered the main part of the store. It was dark. Luke turned on the flashlight attachment on his blaster. Rax did the same. Luke checked left and Rax check right as they search for the civilians. Then Luke found a man standing over a woman with a knife and a purse in his hand. He must have been looting the place. "Freeze!" Luke yelled. Raxxum heard and ran over to Luke. The man has his back
Luke with his blaster pistol

Luke aiming his blaster at the man.

turned to Luke. Luke looked at the face of the woman. She was terrified. "Drop the knife!" Luke yelled. The man did not drop it. "Drop it!" Luke ordered. The man hesitantly dropped the knife. "Turn around." Luke said. The man began to turn around.The woman started wimpering. Tears began to form in her eyes. The man was now fully turned around. The womans wimpers grew louder. "It's okay." Luke said to try to comfort her. Luke and Rax both still had their blasters aimed at the man. The woman began to weakily gesture towards the man as she wimpered. Rax's eyes widened. "Wait....." Rax figured out why the woman was wimpering. The man quickly pulled out a gun and began to aim at Luke. Both Luke and Rax opened fire. The man fell onto the ground. He was dead. Luke walked closer and kicked the man's gun away. Raxxum walked over to the woman and tried to help her to her feet. " Get her out of here. I will check the rest of the store." Luke explained. Luke went and checked the other parts of the store. He found a teenage boy hiding behind the check-out counter. He did not want to move. "Come on." Luke said. The boy refused. "Come with me if you want to live." Luke said trying to sound a bit more intimidating. This time the boy cooperated and followed him out of the store.

A gunship landed outside the store. The doors slid open and Elite Scout Marine Key came out followed by Tanner Hayes and Mandolorian Firetracer. Tanner took the woman from Raxxum and helped her get in the gunship. "Hang in there, I am going to get you to a Med center." Tanner said trying to comfort her. Then Luke brought out the boy. Firetracer took him to the gunship. "Nice to see you, Key." Luke said as he walked towards Key. "Right back at you, Luke." Key replied. Raxxum walked over. "I just recieved word that the battalion has doubled in size." Raxxum informed the group. "Great." Key said with sarcasm. "Key, how many men do you have on the gunship?" Asked Luke. "Tanner, Firetracer, and four other troopers." Key answered. "Alright. We may need your help with this." Luke sugested. Raxxum walked away to go try and radio her squad again. Tanner Hayes walked out of the gunship towards Key and Luke. "The civvies are loaded up and we are ready to go." Tanner alerted Key. "Good work. We may need to stay and help out Luke and Raxxum." Key said. 'Alright then." Tanner said. "If you can we can position some men on the roof of that small building there." Luke suggested pointing to the building he spoke of. Tanner walked back over to the gunship to tell the others what was going on. Raxxum ran over to Luke. "My squad isn't responding!" Shouted Rax. Luke's eyes widened. "Then we will need to do this fast. You think your up to it, Key?" Asked Luke. "Yes sir!" Key said with much confidence. Then Luke heard a loud boom. Key's body jerked. Luke looked down at Key's chest. He had been shot through the back and it singed through to the other side of his body. "Key!" Luke said concerned. Key's body fell on top of Luke. Luke tried to hold him up. 'Snipers!" Yelled Raxxum. Then a rocket launcher went off and a rocket came flying towards the gunship. It hit it and it exploded. It blew Luke, Key, and Rax back towards the store. Luke sat up. He rubbed his head. He turned to see Raxxum getting up. He looked down at Key. Key was breathing very slowly but was uncscious from his loss of blood. "Key!" Luke shouted. Luke scooted over to him. He took off Key's helmet. Luke began to perform CPR on him. He put both his hands on top of one another and pushed down repeatedly. Then he listened for a heart beat. He could faintly hear one. He repeated the steps once more and then once more after that. Raxxum pulled over a few crates to use as cover. Luke listened for a heart beat again. He did not hear one. "No! Don't you die on me, Key!" Luke yelled. Luke pushed on Key's chest more and more. Then listened and there was still nothing. Luke was breathing hard. He began pushing again. Then he felt Rax's hand on his shoulder. He stopped and looked up at her. "He's gone, Luke." She said staring at him straight in the eye. Luke turned back to see Key's face. He remembered all the time he had spent with him on missions and in his spare time as well. Tears fell from Luke's eyes. Luke would greatly miss Key. Luke stood up. He looked at Raxxum. She gave him a gentle smile. Luke took a deep breath. Luke looked ahead of him on the road. The droids were coming closer and it was only Luke and Raxxum left. They both got behind cover. "How are we going to make it out of this one?" Asked Luke trying to change the subject to survival instead of loss. "I'm open to suggestions." Raxxum said. "Well, don't plan on getting anything from me." Luke informed her. "I think I can get something out of you." Raxxum said as she leaned in towards Luke and kissed him. A missile flew past them and hit a food transport at the grocery store and Luke and Rax pulled away. Luke looked over the crates they were hiding behind. The droids were pretty much on top of them. "I'm not giving up without a fight." Luke said. Rax nodded. Luke stood up and opened fire with his pistol. Raxxum stood up with a DC-15A blaster and was shooting right through them. Rax turned to look at Luke. He was blasting the droids with determination. The droids were not prepared for their attack and the first few rows of droids were easily defeated. Luke ran over to behind the rubble of the gunship. He fired from that position. The droids were going down easier than expected.

Eventually, every droid was destroyed. "We did it!" Exclaimed Raxxum. "Yes we did." Luke replied. Luke walked over to a canopy outside the store. He stood under it with Raxxum. "You know, I hope they send a gunship soon. I don't feel like walking." She said. "Niether do I." Luke replied. Then Luke heard a mechanical walking sound. Rax heard it, too. "I don't think we're done here." Luke suggested. Luke ran back over to the gunship and tried to find a usable rocket launcher. Rax stayed behind the crates waiting for the expected Spider Droid to come into her field of vision.

The Spider Droid lept out from and alley way and opened fire on the street Luke and Rax were on. Luke got behind the gunship and knelt down trying to find a rocket launcher still. Raxxum opened fire on the spider droid giving Luke time to find a rocket launcher.

The spider droid found where Rax was positioned. It's cannon aimed down at her and fired. She lept out from behind the crates as they exploded. She ran over to the gunship with Luke. She practically tumbled into him to get behind something fast. "Oh, hello." Luke said with a grin. "Hurry up, Luke, it doesn't take that long to find a shabla rocket launcher!" Rax said annoyed. The Spider droid walked closer to the gunship and began firing. Rax trying to return fire. She looked back at Luke who was still digging through the debris. She shoved him aside and pulled back a portion of the door to reveal a rocket launcher. Lukes eye widened. Rax smiled. "I cleared the way for you." Luke insisted. Rax held up the rocket launcher and pointed it at the droid. She looked down the sights and pulled the trigger. A rocket emerged from the barrel and flew towards the droid. It slammed into the droid and it's head exploded. The remains of the droid tumbled to the ground. Raxxum put the rocket launcher down. "I get full credit for finding that." Luke said. "In your dreams." Rax replied.

Luke walked back over to under the balcony of the store. Raxxum followed him. Luke's comlink lit up. Luke answered it. "Sir, some of these droid units have trandoshan officers ordering them around." Saida clone trooper. "Thanks for the intel, trooper." Luke replied. The link ended and he lowered his arm.

"I am going to go back in the store and see if I can find any parts for a long range transmitter." Raxxum told Luke. "Alright, good luck." Luke replied. "Thanks." She replied. She walked into the store.

Luke looked around. He could feel a prescence around him. He could not pin point it's exact location, but he knew it was close. Luke turned to his left and looked across the street from the store. A trandoshan with a rocket launcher stepped out from and alley way. Luke began to pull out his pistol. The trando fired the rocket launcher and the rocket slammed into the side of the store hitting a fuel line among several different pipes and exploded. The whole store went up in smoke. Luke was blown away from the store and into the gunship wreckage.

He sat up. He looked at the store. It was completely on fire. "Rax!" Luke shouted. There was no answer. "Rax!" Luke shouted again. Still no reply. Luke was devastated. But his grief quickly turned into anger. He stood up with his blaster pistol in hand. He looked around for the trandoshan. He saw him hiding behind debris in the alley way. He walked over. The Trando saw Luke's face. He saw Luke was determined to kill. The trando leaped out from the debris and fired a concussion rifle at Luke. he dodged. Luke fired his pistol and the blaster bolt hit the trando in the leg. The trando growled and fell on the ground. Luke now stood right above the defensless trandoshan. Luke stared into the eyes of the trandoshan. Luke's anger was taking over. The trando could see it. The trando pleaded for mercy.

Luke raised his blaster pistol and shot the trando's other leg. He groaned. Luke was making him suffer. The trando grabbed at his leg. Luke shot his arm. The trando pulled away and held his arm with the other. Luke shot the arm that was holding the other. "Please!" The trando shouted. Luke aimed for the trandoshan's head and fired. The blast hit him in the forehead, silencing is pleas. Luke holstered his weapon and walked away. Luke's face still showed his anger.

Luke walked into the street. A gunship flew overhead. It landed next to him. Marl got out and told Luke to get in. Luke walked onboard with him. Aayla was in the gunship. She could sense Luke's anger. The gunship took off.

"Where's Raxxum?" Asked Vasco. Luke took a moment to answer. "She didn't make it." Luke announced. The ship grew quiet.

"We are going to help the effort to save the bridge." Said Spike. "Understood." Luke said as he nodded.


The LAAT gunship stopped near a destroyed shopping center. It landed and it's doors slid open. Luke got out and ran over to Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. General Kenobi's battalion seemed to be having an easy time defending
Luke and Obi-Wan

Luke speaking with Obi-Wan.

the shopping center.

Luke walked up to Kenobi who was strategizing within the cover of a crashed speeder. Smoke billowed from behind him. 

"General, we are heading to a bridge about 5 klicks from here. If your men are able, we could really use some reinforments. The bridge is crawling with seppies." Luke pleaded to the High General.

"If we finish up here, I will see what I can spare, although I doubt any will be available." Obi-Wan countered.

"Understood General. Good luck." Luke nodded in which General Kenobi returned his nod and Luke ran back to the gunship. He stepped inside and the doors folded shut behind him. The ship hovered above the ground and then ascended into the air towards their next destination

The gunship neared the bridge. "Get ready." Luke said. Vasco loaded his rifle. Marl powered up his rotary cannon. He smiled. "This is all I need." Marl said with complete confidence. Another gunship was flying by them towards the bridge. Inside was Commander Colt141, Tack Polarmelder, and A19 Elitemarine Shade. Meanwhile at the bridge, Katie glanced up into the sky to see two republic gunships flying in. "Look!" Shouted Kala. Racer and Sarah looked up to see them flying towards them. The gunships had come to help them push back the enemy forces on the bridge.

Luke and Sarah Coruscant 2

The two gunships landed on the bridge. Marl jumped out. "Say Hello, to my little friend!" Taunted Marl. He began blasting the droids with a rotary cannon. "Haha, take that clankers!" Yelled Marl. Vasco and Spike jumped out with their blaster rifles. Luke jumped out with his DC-17. Aayla Secura jumped out and ignited her lightsaber. She began deflecting laser bolts. The other gunship doors slid open. Commander Colt141 hopped out. He ran over towards the group. Shade and Teck followed him. Many clones ran over after them. Cody was ordering a few more clones over to a box of ammunition crates. Aayla ran over to Racer, Katie, and Sarah. Luke followed. They ducked behind the debris they were hiding behind. "Hey, Sarah." Said Luke. "Hey.......' an explosion went off near them and Sarah put her hands over her head as some rocks went past her. "Luke!" She finished saying. Luke smiled. "I thought i told you to stay at the base." Luke explained. Sarah shrugged. "We need to push them back." Said Racer. "Let's get going." Said Aayla. They emerged from the debris blasting away. They pushed onwards. Spike took out a super battle droid when another one fired from his right. The blast barely missed Spike. Spike quickly turned and shot the droid. Marl was laying waste to the droids plowing through them with his rapid fire cannon. He was having a great time. "Ooooooh Yaaaaaaaaah!" Marl shouted in excitement. Sarah pulled out a small pistol and was blasting droids. Vasco picked off many droids. Luke shot a droid and another one tried to club him with his blaster but Luke quickly turned and blasted the droid. The head flew off and landed infront of Sarah. "Whoa!" She yelled. Luke smiled. Another droid ran over to him. He shot it. Racer and Katie were shooting many droids as well. Cody, Fordo, and Trinto led more clones through the droid forces. The gunships had taken off. Colt ran past a few clone troopers and fired his rifle at a super battle droid. Another one came up beside him. He turned and shot it at point blank range in the chest. It fell and another walked up behind him. He turned and slammed his rifle onto it, knocking it over. he pointed his rifle down at the droid and opened fire on it. The droids inerts bounced out as numerous blasts hit it. Colt looked back at Spike. "Come on!" Colt motioned for him to come and shoot the droids over near him. Spike climbed over the debris he was behind and ran towards Colt.

Luke and Sarah Coruscant 3

Then a super battle droid switched to it's rocket attachment mounted on it's wrist. It aimed towards Colt. "Look out!" Yelled Spike. Colt shot a super battle droid and another one grabbed him by the shoulder from behind him. He slammed his elbow into it's chest denting it and knocking it back a few steps. He turned and aimed his blaster rifle at it. He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. His rifle had been over heated. The super battle droid slapped him and he fell back on to the ground. COlt dropped his rifle. The super battle droid stepped towards him and was about to shoot him. Colt pulled out a pistol and shot through the droid's chest. Colt could see through the hole. The droid tipped over backwards. COlt looked back to see the army of super battle droids still coming. "Colt!" Spike yelled. The droid with the rocket attachment fired. The rocket hit the ground on the right side next to Colt. it exploded sending his body through the air and he fell on the other side of the bridge next to the guard rail. "COLT!" Spike yelled. Spike ran over to Colt and sat beside him. His helmet was knocked off and his face was covered in blood. A lot of his armor was cracked. Spike inspected his body to see his injuries. Spike looked down at the lower half of Colt. He was missing his right leg. Spike took his own helmet off. "Crap." Spike said. SPike had no idea what to do with a wound that serious. Spike was in shock. He finally managed to speak.

Luke and Sarah Coruscant 4

"Man down!" Spike shouted. Luke ran over to Spike to see the body of Colt. "Oh my." Luke said quietly. He knelt down next to Colt. Vasco ran over with a first aid kit. Vasco began applying bacta to Colt's leg and other wounds. Luke was holding down Colt's stub of a leg. Luke looked up. He shouted to Marl who was close by. "Marl, provide covering fire!" He order. "You got it." He said. Marl went over closer to where Luke, Vas, Spike, and Colt were and shot at any droids he saw coming. Spike was still sitting next to Colt. He was staring at Colt's bloody face. Luke looked up from Colt to see Spike's terrified expression. "He will be okay." Luke comforted Spike. Luke lied. Luke did not know if COlt would survive this. It was a really bad wound. Colt was missing a leg, possibly had other broken bones in his body and might have a head concussion. Those are not good odds. Vasco was now applying bacta to Colt's head. Vas was very quiet.

Perhaps he is calculating the odds as well. Luke thought.

Racer looked back to the other end of the bridge and saw Elitemarine Turbo running onto the bridge. "Turbo?" Racer questioned. Sarah and Katie stood up to see him. Commander Cody motioned for a few of the troops to follow him. Turbo made it over to Racer. "My starfighter crashed about a mile from here. I decided to come help you." Turbo explained. "Good to hear." Racer said. Cody ran over to Racer. "Sir, there is an enemy spider droid approaching from the rear." Cody informed him. Racer nodded. "I am taking this team to go take it out." Cody said as he gestured towards four clone troopers. "Alright, good luck." Racer replied. Cody ran off the other side of the bridge followed by the other clones.

Aayla Secura ran over to the front lines of the droids and began slicing away at them. Trinto, Shade, and Teck were behind her shooting at the droids. Fordo was with a squad of clones engaging a droideka. Turbo ran over to help lay down covering fire with Marl. "Good to see ya." Marl said. "Thanks." Turbo answered. Turbo turned back to see Colt laying wounded on the ground behind a crate. "Is he going to be okay?" Asked Turbo. "I am not sure." Marl replied over the sound of his roatary blaster frying droids.

Vasco packed up his medical supplies and leaned up against the crate sitting down. Luke glanced down at Colt. He took a deep breath. He looked at Spike. Luke looked at Vas, then to Spike. "We.... we need to get him out of here." Vasco said. "Good luck with that. We can't get any gunships through here. There have been too many anti- air craft turrets set up." Luke exclaimed. Vasco took out his holoprojector. An image of Jedi General Kenobi appeared. "General." Vasco acknowledged him. "Colonel, more enemy forces are being dropped off near you position." Kenobi said. Vasco sighed. "We will not be able to get reinforcements through until we can get some bombers in. The area you are in is crawling with enemy units and has a large amount of anti-aircraft turrets. We need those turrets offline." Kenobi explained. "Yes sir." Vasco said. "We will try and wrap up our defense of the bridge here shortly." Vasco explained. "Very good." Kenobi said. The transmission ended. Vas put his holoprojectors back in his belt compartment. "I don't think the bridge defense will end anytime soon." Luke said. "I know." Vasco answered. "I am going to need to send a team to destroy those turrets." Vas suggested. "I will go, sir." Luke insisted. "Alright. Get a team together. After the turrets have been taken out, mark targets for an airstrike." Vasco explained. "Yes sir." Luke got up and left Spike, Vas, and Colt. He ran over to Turbo and Marl. "You guys are coming with me." Luke ordered. "For what?" Asked Turbo. "We are going to go destroy some turrets." Luke said. "I like blowing stuff up." Marl said. "Yes, I am sure you do." Luke replied.

Luke, Marl, and Turbo walked off the bridge. Marl had a backpack full of explosive charges. Colt was moved off the bridge to outside a building right next to the bridge. Spike was with him still. Vasco resumed fighting. Luke led them through the city streets until they came across anti-aircraft turrets operated by commando droids. "If only Cold were here. He could just snipe those guys and then we can get down to business." Marl suggested. "Ya, all we got are rifles." Turbo replied. "Let's try setting the charges without the droids seeing." Luke suggested. "Alright." Marl answered. Luke, Turbo, and Marl went around and were able to place charges on each turret. They went and hit behind a stack of crates. A droid noticed them. It began getting up out of it's seat. "Oh, no you don't clanker!" Marl said as he pressed the button on the detonator. The turrets exploded. "Yes!" Turbo shouted. "Nice work guys." Luke commended. Luke raised his comlink to his face. "Colonel, turrets are down." Luke said. "Very good, now mark those targets. I will contact Kenobi." Vasco said. Luke closed the link. "Let's go mark those targets." Luke insisted. The three of them moved on towards a road. They came across a convoy of three AAT tanks. They hid in an alleyway. "Watch this." Turbo said. Turbo took out a device. He pointed it towards a tank. He pulled the trigger and a red laser beam shot out of it. the shaft of red light ended when it hit the tank. it stayed there for a few seconds then went out. "Wait for it." Turbo demanded. Marl looked up. A squadron of Y-wing bombers flew by and dropped bombs on the tanks. They exploded. "Woo hoo!" Marl shouted. "Let's get back to the bridge." Luke ordered.

Hyenabombers relationship
Eventually, the squad pushed the enemy forces back to the edge of the bridge. "We did it!" Shouted Racer. "We defended the bridge!" Announced Vasco. Luke, Marl, and Turbo made it back from their mission. Aayla Secura walked over to greet Luke. "Was your mission a success?" She asked. "Of course it was, that's not a real question." Luke said. Aayla laughed. Trinto, Shade, and Teck walked over to Racer. "Orders sir?" Trinto asked. Spike walked back onto the bridge. Sarah and Katie got up and watched the droids fall back. Then they heard engines coming. Several Hyena droid bombers flew over head. They dropped bombs on the bridge. "Get down!" Yelled Luke. The squad dove behind cover as the bombs exploded on the already unstable bridge. Many clones were caught in the blast and killed. Much of the bridge had been taken out. The middle of the bridge had many holes in it. The squad, Fordo, and Aayla survived the bombing. Or did they? Marl stood up as well as the rest of them. Turbo looked around and saw the body of Teck Polarmelder. "Teck!" He shouted. He took a step forward. Then there was a loud creak. It continued. "Turbo.....?" Luke said with great concern. Then it was followed by a loud snap. The bridge split in two. Sarah and Kala screamed as everyone began to slide down the bridge that collapsed and was hanging. Racer slid down and hit a piece of debris that was embedded in the ground. He hang on to that. He heard Katie scream. Katie slid past him. He grabbed for her hand as she went by. He missed. Marl was lower than Racer and he was hanging onto a pipe sticking out of the bridge. Katie slid past him. He grabbed her hand. He pulled her up onto the debris. Vasco slid by them but was able to grab onto a metal bar sticking out of the bridge. Spike slid by him. Spike grabbed onto a railing bent in a horizontal direction singed from the bombs. Spike heard heard Trinto yelling as he fell down past Spike. Spike grabbed for Trinto but missed. "Trinto!" Yelled Spike. Trinto fell farther away reaching the end of the bridge. He slapped at the bridge trying to find something to hold onto. He found nothing. Trinto was now falling through the air down away from the bridge. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Screamed Trinto. "Trinto!" Yelled Racer. Katie looked away as Trinto fell to his death. "No." Vasco said quietly as he hung from the bar. On the other side of the bridge that was collapsed Luke, Aayla, Sarah, and Turbo were hanging onto the side

The bridge

of the bridge. Shade was sliding down the bridge he went past Sarah. "Help!" Shade screamed. He went by too fast. He was now going by Luke. Luke reached for him but missed. Shade fell but found a bar on his way down. He grabbed it at the last second. They all sighed with relief. The bar snapped. "Noo!" Marl shouted. Shade screamed as he fell down and down and down.

The droids retreated. Two more gunships came and picked up the stranded marines. They were now enroute to the senate building. They were to rescue the chancellor.

Part 8: Saving the Chancellor

The gunships approached the senate building. It landed and dropped off Luke and Aayla. They had received a report that Sergeant Greenwizard, Roron Corobb,Foul Moudama, and Shaak Ti were heading out of the senate building. Luke and Aayla were to follow them on foot through the senate building. Luke and Aayla ran as fast as they could knowing that Palpatine's life was on the line. The two gunships flew around the surrounding area of the senate building searching for any signs of the Jedi and Chancellor.

Luke and Aayla got to the very bottom of the senate building. They encountered the body of Sergeant

Sergeant Greenwizard, former Jedi General of Havoc Squad

Greenwizard. "Green!" Yelled Luke. They ran over to him. Luke knelt down next to him. Green was long gone. Luke still felt his presence. He knew that Green was now one with the Force. Luke could not believe that such a great Jedi could fall. "We have to keep moving if we are to save the Chancellor." Informed Aayla. Luke stood up. They ran through the hallway and out of the building. They saw a great distance away, two dead clones. They ran over to them. They saw magnaguards running farther away from them after the chancellor along with Grievous. They ran along more and passed up the bodies of the clones. Luke saw a lightsaber. He picked it up and kept running.

Meanwhile, the gunships were circling the area. Then the pilot announced that he had a visual. The gunships flew in towards the subway. Magnaguards and Grievous were dueling Shaak Ti, Roron Corobb, and Foul Moudama. Foul had the chancellor with him. Shaak Ti was dueling a guard as she forced it back quickly and was smashed by a train passing through. There was nothing left of it. Another guard approached Shaak Ti. She swung her lightsaber around cutting off its head and the sliced through it's waist crippling the droid. It collapsed to the ground. The Jedi made it out of the subway and into a tunnel. But, they were still being pursued. And so were their pursuers. Luke and Aayla were gaining on them. Then, Grievous appeared right in front of Luke and Aayla as they entered the subway. Aayla activated her lightsaber. Luke pulled out the lightsaber he had taken and activated it. Grievous laughed. Aayla swung her lightsaber at Grievous but he inevitably blocked every blow. He lifted up his foot and grabbed her waist. He threw her back towards the wall, just like how he had done it on Hypori. Luke was furious. He raised his lightsaber above his head and swung down at Grievous's lightsaber with extreme force. He swung again at Grievous but was blocked. Luke swung hard and Grievous ducked out of the way as Luke's saber pierced a pipe on the wall of the subway station. Luke pulled his saber away from the pipe as it emitted steam from it, and swung once more at Grievous in anger. Grievous backed up some as Luke swung violently at Grievous. Luke jumped up an slammed his lightsaber down on Grievous's lightsaber. Grievous's defences were forced to be lowered. Luke swung and sliced through Grievous's shoulder piece. "Aaaargh!" Yelled Grievous. The shoulder piece fell of onto the concrete floor. His arm was dangling from his torso. Grievous tried pushing it back on, but with no success. Luke glared at Grievous and noticed a passing subway train. He gestured his hands towards Grievous. The General was forced back into a train passing through. He was hit in the leg as he landed on the other side of the tracks. He was lucky he had not been smashed. Luke deactivated his lightsaber.

Grievous did not let this complication stop him. He was determined to pursue the Chancellor and nothing could stop him.

Luke ran over to Aayla. She was regaining consciousness. He helped her to her feet. Aayla knew they had to keep moving. So they began sprinting towards the tunnel.

Part 9: Chancellor Kidnapped

Shaak Ti stayed behind to fend off the approaching magnaguards while the other 2 Jedi took the Chancellor on a vehicle through the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan was leading an attack near the outskirts of Coruscant. Anakin was leading an attack in space. He flew into the hangar of a Republic Cruiser to repair his ship.

The gunships flew at top speed to where the tunnel let out. They would not make it there before the sleak and fast vehicle traveling through the tunnel would. Luke and Aayla got on another one of the vehicles and took off down the tunnel.

Clone-commander-fox detail
Many minutes passed. Luke and Aayla's vehicle passed by many magnaguard body parts sprayed across the surface of the tunnel. They ran right over them. They kept on
Commander Fox coruscant

Commander Fox walks through door to help rescue the Chancellor.

going in pursuit of the Chancellor.

They reached the end of the tunnel. Luke and Aayla ran at top speed reaching a giant door that had been closed off.

A small door opened and Commander Fox ran in along with several shock troopers.

"Where's the Chancellor?" He asked.

"Behind this door." Luke replied.

"Alright men, weapons ready." Fox told his men. The shock troopers charged up their blasters and turned off the safety. Luke heard the clicking from all around him.

Luke and Aayla activated their lightsabers. They began carving a hole in the wall as fast as possible. The two ends met to form a circle and both Luke and Aayla forced the wall in. They jumped through and sprinted down the
Shock trooper running
hallway. Fox and the clones ran after them in hopes to save the Chancellor, the face of the Republic. It was very, very dark.

Luke and Aayla reached the end of the hallways. The entered a small room. The clones had their weapons drawn and stratgically walked around the room, looking for hostiles. Luke and Aayla gasped. There lay the bodies of Roron Corobb, Foul Moudama, and hanging from the ceiling from an electro-whip was a very weak Shaak Ti. The door directly ahead of them suddenly slid open. Mace Windu ran in. He was shocked to see the dead Jedi. 'Shaak Ti!" Mace exclaimed. "I failed." Shaak Ti said solemnly. "Where is the Chancellor?" Asked Luke. "Grievous has him." Explained Windu. Aayla stepped toward Shaak Ti and began to untie her. "We must rescue him." Luke demanded. "We are already on it." Mace said with confidence.

Anakin and Obi-wan flying to resue the chancellor

Anakin and Obi-wan flying to rescue the Chancellor

The Republic Marine Havoc Squad flew through the atmosphere and entered the Battle Over Coruscant. They boarded a Republic Cruiser. Out of that same ship, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi flew their Jedi starfighters after the ship the Chancellor was being held on. The Republic Marine Havoc Squad was to keep the enemy occupied while Shadow Squadron and the Jedi moved in on Grievous's command ship. Luke was in the hangar waiting for the go ahead to take off. He saw the two Jedi fly by.

This is where the fun begins!

Part 10: Battle Over Coruscant

The Republic Marine Havoc Squad flew out of the hangar of the cruiser. They demonstrated many different maneuvers as they flew around massive cruisers trying to get as many enemy fighters to follow them as they could. Cannons and auto turrets were blasting across open space at cruisers across from them.

Luke flew his ARC-170 starfighter through the maze of cruisers being followed by several enemy fighters.
Arc170starfighter detail

Arc-170 Starfighter

Elitemarine Turbo swooped in behind the group of hostile fighters tailing Luke. Turbo opened fire on them. They exploded one by one. "Thanks, Turbo." Luke shouted over the comlink. "No problem." Said Turbo as they separated going around more cruisers. The air space was incredibly crowded. Marl and Spike flew around the bridge of an enemy cruiser. Marl spun around his ship to face about 30 hostile fighters. Marl was using his modified ARC-170 starfighters. It was fortified with blaster cannons, rotary cannons, missile launchers, and tracking missiles. "You guys don't stand a chance. I brought my baby." Marl said
Republic cruiser
with a grin. He opened fire. Marl's starfighter was like a disco ball. Lasers were coming out of it fast and so many of them and missiles launched. Within a minute, every enemy fighter was destroyed. "Ya! Beat that!" Marl yelled in excitement. "Good job, Marl." Commander Spike commended. They flew around searching for their prey. Racer and Vas flew their starfighters passed a republic cruiser enemy cruisers were now focusing fire on it. It began to explode. "Protect the cruiser!" Order Vas. The Havoc squad now all flew over to it. But, it was too late. the ship's bridge erupted in flames. The ship had numerous holes on it. It began to tilt down towards the planet, drifting debris was burnt to a crisp in the atmosphere. "No!" Shouted Vas. "No..." Luke said quietly. "I think, Katie and Sarah were on that cruiser." Said Vas. Luke was silent. "I'm sorry..." Said Marl. "Maybe it wasn't her cruiser." Said Spike. "Even if it was, they could have gotten out in time." Said Turbo. The squad had lost a lot of marines that day. Luke's fighter veered off course. He zoned out. "Luke, level it out..." Vas said softly. Luke regained control and stabilized the ship. "Focus Luke. We have a job to do." Vas ordered. "Yes sir." Luke said with all the energy he had left.

Then an Admiral of a nearby cruiser came on the comlink. The squad was told to board a separatist cruiser. It was apparently holding several stolen military clearance codes from the Senate building. The squad rerouted their course over to the enemy cruiser. They destroyed the shield and flew straight into the enemy hangar. They landed their fighters and got out. Droids entered the hangar. They opened fire. Marl pulled out his rotatary cannon. "Never leave home without it, baby!" Marl taunted. He opened fire and laid waist to the oncoming droids. Luke, Racer, Vas, Spike, Marl ,and Turbo ran over to the control panel of the doors out of the hangar and opened the door. They walked in and there was surprisingly no droids. They slid open a compartment and found the military codes. Vasco picked them up. "That was easy." Said Marl. "Too, easy." Replied Spike. The marines walked out of the doors and into the hangar. They saw about fifty droids all aiming their blasters at them, and clicking off their safety. "Well, we almost made it." Said Turbo. "Don't worry." Said Marl as he raised his rotary cannon. "Stand down." Said Racer. Marl lowered his weapon. "There are too many of them." Said Vasco. "Maybe for you." Argued Marl. "And you can?" Asked Vasco. "I can decimate an entire droid army in my sleep, sir!" Answered Marl. "Stand down. They win for now." Said Racer. Marl set down his rotary cannon. "You better know what you are doing." Marl said to Racer. "Exactly, Racer I have a bad feeling about this." Luke said with concern. Vasco dropped his weapon along with Turbo, Racer, Spike, and Luke. They all put their hands up. The droids came closer and put binders on them. They shoved them along into a few prison cells on board the ship. The droids walked away and left the squad locked up on board an enemy cruiser. "Great plan." Said Marl. Luke leaned back and put his head up against the wall. "Don't worry. We will be fine." Racer said. A trandoshan walked over to them. He was apparently the captain of the ship. He looked in the cell Luke was in. Luke looked up at him. The trando snarled at him. "You killed my brother." The trando said. Luke did not answer. "You went balistic on him after he fried the togrutan." The trando said. Luke glared at him. His nose krinkled up. "I am going to make you suffer, just like my brother." The trando said. The trandoshan captain opened the cell door and grabbed Luke by the collar of his shirt. Luke was only wearing a pilot suit without the helmet. The trandoshan dragged him out of the cell and threw him back onto the floor outside the cell. The trando closed the cell door and took Luke into another room. "I did not count on this part." Racer said. "Now Luke is going to get tortured becasue of your lousy plan." Vasco said. Turbo stood up. They could hear the screams of pain coming from the room Luke was in. They felt so bad for him. "Well, I think my plan has failed." Said Racer. Marl glared at him.

Meanwhile, a republic shuttle flew onboard the separatist cruiser they were on. it landed and Cold stepped out. A ton of droids ran towards the shuttle. Luke aimed his rifle and began shooting them. A squad of republic commando's ran out of the shuttle. They pushed the droid back until they were able to defeat everyone.

Cold went into the prison level. A droid was guarding the cells."Hey! Hold it right..." The droid was cut off by it's head being blown off by a blaster bolt. Cold walked over to the cells. He opened them up. "Do I really need to save your shebse again?" Asked Cold. The squad stood up and walked out. They got their weapons. 'Where's Luke?" Asked Cold. "Being tortured." Said Marl. Cold turned to a door where he heard screaming. He slammed on the controls and the door opened up. Cold stepped in and fired his DC-15 blaster rifle at the trandoshan. One blast hit him in the back and another in the back of the head. The trandoshan body sagged down onto the floor. Luke tried to get up. He fell onto the ground. "I'll be.... fine." He said. He stood up. The squad went back to the hangar. The ship was crippled. They needed to get off it before it exploded.

They got in their fighters. They started up their engines and took off. Over the com channel they recieved word that the Jedi had boarded Grievous's command ship. The squad was to report back to base.

They flew back down to Coruscant. They landed at a Military Airbase. The squad went to give the codes back to the senate. As they walked away from their fighters, Luke noticed Aayla Secura and Commander Bly loading up a gunship. Luke walked over to Aayla as Bly walked away over to more crates. "Are you leaving?" Asked Luke. "Yes, the 327th is going to Felucia." Answered Aayla. "Oh, that was fast. We are just now finishing up with this battle." Said Luke. "It is war." Replied Aayla. "Ya, I know." Said Luke. Commander Bly got onto the gunship. "I need to go." Aayla said rushed. "Okay, good luck and be careful." Luke said. Aayla boarded the gunship. The engines reved up. "Thanks, you too." Said Aayla. The doors slid closed. The gunship took off and flew out of the hangar. Luke had a bad feeling that that would be the last time he saw her.

Luke walked to the barracks with his squad. Luke felt at home with this batch of clones. they had known eachother for a long time. They had lost so many people that day. Luke did not know when he was going to realize that. He was sucked into the heat of battle and had not really had time to grief yet. Luke wished he could do more for these clones. They did not get enough rights. Luke thought about how poorly the public view them. To them, a droid probably was more valuable than a clone because it had scrap value. Luke wanted the war to end so that these clones could have a chance at a normal life, and not have to fight all the time. But, they were soldiers. What would they know to do? Luke thought of Aayla. The Jedi must know that this was wrong. Clones were human beings. Luke knew some of them felt that way. But they could never do anything about it. Luke could only try and protect them on the battlefield. ANd even that was hard to do. he had lost so many comrades today alone. Luke wanted to do so much more.

Turbo walked over to Luke as he was walking across the hangar. "Turbo." Luke said acknowledging Turbo. Turbo's helmet was off. Luke knew something was wrong. "Colt is in a coma." Turbo said. Luke closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. "Do they expect him to make it?" Asked Luke. "They think he should be able to survive, he will probably only be in it for a few months." Turbo explained. "Good, thanks for the information." Luke replied. Turbo nodded and walked away. Luke could tell Turbo was really sad about all the men lost today. They all were.

Luke walked down a hall way and entered the barracks. He sat down on his bed. He leaned up against the wall that his bed was up against. He put his hand to his forehead. He thought of everyone who was lost.

The Havoc squad was alerted that the Chancellor had been successfully rescued and Count Dooku killed. After the Battle of Coruscant, many of the Havoc squad was split up. Alpha-130 Coldline went to Utapau with the 212th Battalion in search of Grievous. Elitemarine Turbo stayed on Coruscant and helped out Commander Fox and most of the remaining squad went with Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi to Mygeeto. The clone forces were spread thin. The end of the Clone Wars drew near.

Coruscant Casualty List

(In order or deaths)

Ghost Farewalker

Zicod Rook

Jaller Racer

Dyyz Transdancer

FieldMarshall Shockwave


Tanner Hayes

Mandalorian Firetracer

EliteScout Marine Key

Raxxum Gelvan

Commander Colt141 (Coma)

Teck Polarmelder

A19 EliteMarine Shade

Elitemarine Trinto

Sarah Amadale (MIA)

Sergeant Greenwizard

Reinforcments on Kashyyyk

Luke Docker and AlphaMarl Photoline were tasked with escorting reinforcments to Kashyyyk and then telling them where to go and what to do once they arrived. After Luke and Marl were done, they would go back to Mygeeto and help the marines again.

A group of 3 republic attack shuttles flew out of hyperspace and down to the surface of Kashyyyk. They landed in a densley forested area. Many clone troopers got out of the shuttles. Luke and Marl got out. They both had their helmets off.

General Etain Tur-Mukan greeted them as they stepped foot onto the dirt that covered most of Kashyyyk. "Luke." She said. "It's been a long time, General." He replied. Marl looked behind Etain. There was a wookiee standing there.

"Who's your furry friend?" Asked Marl. The wookiee growled. "This is Enacca. She is helping us out here, giving us intel about the lay of the land." Etain explained.

The bowcaster Enacca was holding caught Marl's eye. "That looks interesting." He said to the wookiee. Enacca pulled it away from him growling protectively.

"Alright, alright." Marl said. Etain smiled. Luke put his hand on Marl's shoulder.

"Don't worry, we will see what we can do to get you one." Luke said smiling.

"Sounds good." Marl said happily. Etain liked that Marl was in good spirits. It was in short supply these days. It reminded her of her old friend Fi, a former commando from Omega Squad.

Etain gestured for him to follow her. Luke followed her over to a small tent like structure and he went inside. She showed him a holoprojection of Kachirho. She showed him where the troops needed to go.

Delta squad walked into the tent. Scorch and Sev were both looking down at their weapons. Sev spoke up.

"You should see those furballs in action." He insisted. Etain smiled. "Those cantina sayings are true." Etain explained.

"These reinforments should be able to last you until Yoda arrives." Luke explained.
Kashyyyk tank

Green tank

Etain nodded. "We could use the new tanks. That will really help us out here." She explained as she pointed to a spot on the map where she wanted to use the tanks. Luke glanced outside.

He saw the tanks driving by the tent in a single file line. The clones that were already here seemed to be relieved to have some support. Luke felt good that he could help them.

The tanks were green to blend in with Kashyyyk's jungle terrain. Luke turned to his left to see Marl. Luke could tell he liked the tanks. Marl had a thing for stuff with big guns.

"I can just see myself on there." Marl pointed out. Etain laughed a little. Luke was used to it. He only smiled. (unfinished)

Order 66: The Beginning of the Purge

Republic Contingency Order 66

In the event of Jedi officers acting against the interests of the Republic, and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commander (Chancellor), GAR commanders will remove those officers by lethal force, and command of the GAR will revert to the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) until a new command structure is established.

"The marines were on Mygeeto 19 BBY. The Republic Marine Havoc Squad is at a Command Center while the Galactic Marines are fighting with Ki-Adi-Mundi. Snow is falling as ash is flying through the air and bombs explode. No clone ever expected such a harsh order to arrive today, when it seemed the clone war would finally be over. They had received word that the famed General Grievous had been killed. The separatists now had no commanding officers. They expected that soon, they could stop the fighting and relax and do what they wanted to do. but the clones knew nothing of that life. All they knew how to do was fight. Only a lucky few of them were able to do normal things a civilian could have done during the Clone War. The clones did not know what would happen to them after the war was over. But they still hoped for freedom. Is that treason? From a certain point of view, possibly. The clones will soon find out how close the Clone War is to ending."

Luke's father, returned to the Jedi Temple. He was going to speak with Jedi Master Cin Drallig. Alec had been expelled from the Jedi Order for being a bit mischievous to say the least and was going to speak with Cin about possibly coming back. It was a long shot but he wanted to try.

Racer sits down on a stool beside a large round table. A holoprojector is in the middle. Luke walks over to Racer. "Sir, Galactic Marines may need our help. The droids are showing heavy resistance." Said Luke. Racer looked at Luke and nodded. "Then it's best we be ready." He said. Vasco Gomes walked over to Racer. "Sir, just got word that our front-lines are holding at the moment." Said Vas. "Very good." Said Racer. Commander Spike walked over to Racer, Vas, and Luke. Marl also followed and stood by them. "You think this war is ever going to end?" Asked Spike. "I don't know, Spike." Answered Racer. "It has to at some point, right?" Asked Vasco. "Not necessarily." Said Marl. "It would be best for the Republic if the fighting stopped." Said Luke.

Luke Order 66

Luke reacts to Order 66.

The holoprojector flickered and the dark figure of Chancellor Palpatine emerged. He looked different. He was wrinkly and wore a dark hooded robe. "Chancellor." Racer acknowledged. "Execute Order, 66." Said Palpatine with no remorse. The squad was shocked. Racer gulped. Luke began thinking of all the Jedi. Luke knew that the order was to kill the Jedi for being traitors to the republic, but it didn't add up. Luke's thoughts trailed off and he looked at the faces of his squad members. They were all deep in thought. Racer finally spoke. "It will be done." Said Racer. The hologram fizzled out.

"What the!" Yelled Marl.

"This is not right!" Yelled Luke.

"Kill the Jedi!?" Vasco said confused.

"Quiet!" Yelled Racer.

"This is wrong and you all know it." Said Racer.

"We can't go through with this." Said Luke. Spike turned to Luke.

"That's treason!" Spike said.

"The Chancellor is committing treason! Do you expect me to believe of blasted Jedi betrayed the republic!?" Said Vasco.

"We must obey. We can't disobey a direct order from the Chancellor!" Said Spike.

"We are not just a bunch of mindless droids!" Yelled Vasco.

"The Jedi are not traitors. It makes no sense. Something else is behind this." Luke speculated.

"We need to stop the other clones from killing their Jedi generals." Said Racer.

"We need to save Ki-Adi-Mundi!" Demanded Marl.

"Let's go!" Said Racer. They got their blasters and ran out of the command center.

Commander Bacara

Commander Bacara

They started to run out of the Republic staging area when they were stopped by 5 clone troopers.

"Hold it right there!" Yelled a clone. The squad stopped.

"Where are you going?" Asked the clone.

"We're saving the Jedi, trooper. This is wrong!" Yelled Luke.

The clones raised their blasters.

"You are disobeying a direct order?" Asked the clone.

"I'm doing the right thing." Said Luke as he raised his blaster rifle. The squad did the same.

"Stand down!" Demanded Racer.

"Can't do that, sir." The clone said.

"Do it now!" Yelled Racer. The clones nervously clenched their blasters.

"No! Sir!" Yelled the clone. The squad opened fire. The clone troopers dropped to the ground. The squad was shocked by what they just did.

"Hurry, we're running out of time!" Yelled Luke.

The squad ran to the front-lines to help their Jedi General. Spike looked back at the dead bodies of the 2 troopers they had just killed.

"Split up so we can cover more ground. The general's life depends on speed here." Vas orders.

Luke, Vasco, and Spike ran through a weapons depot. They saw three clone troopers standing in a circle. Then Luke saw a clone hold two fingers to the side of his helmet. He was receiving a message from a trooper back at the command center.

Galactic Marine Order 66

Commander Bacara after killing Kia Da Mundi

"The Republic Marine Havoc Squad are traitors. I repeat, the Republic Marine Havoc Squad are traitors. Kill on site!" The troopers turned and began shooting at Luke, Vas, and Spike. A laser bolt hit Luke's blaster knocking it out of his hand. He pulled out a DC-17 Blaster pistol from his holster and fired back at the clones. Five more clones ran over. Luke shot and killed two clones. Vasco, Spike, and Luke killed the remaining clones. He could not believe what was happening. Suddenly, Luke had a terrifying thought. Where was Aayla Secura? He had to warn her. He had to save her. She was one of his closest friends left in the galaxy.

"We need to get on a shuttle!" Yelled Luke trying to be heard over the constant bombings.

"Right, let's move." Vas shouted. They ran to the hangar. Luke was thinking about Aayla. She was on Felucia. She could be killed as they spoke. Luke was determined to save her.

Meanwhile, Racer and Marl get to Ki-Adi-Mundi. But it is too late. They see Commander Bacara standing over his body as if he is a disgrace. The other Galactic Marines turn around and see Racer and Marl. "There they are! Blast them!" Yelled the Marines.

Order 66: Defense of the Jedi

Star Wars Execute order 66

Star Wars Execute order 66

It all ended in one swift stroke

Luke, Vasco, and Spike arrived at the hangar and boarded a shuttle. Spike piloted the attack shuttle over to Racer and Marl. Luke looked out the cockpit window to look at the battle that was ensuing. Racer was using blaster pistols to shoot the oncoming galactic marines. Marl was using his rotary cannon to demolish them.

"Osik, leave it to them to make a mess." Vasco said.

"That's Marl for you. Spike, land alongside there" Said Luke as he pointed to the destination.

The Attack Shuttle landed near them.

"Get in!" Yelled Vasco. Marl ran onboard the ship to make their escape. Racer was about to run onto the ship when Commander Bacara appeared running towards Racer.

"Cowards!" Yelled Bacara. Racer extended his arms towards Bacara holding his pistol. He looked down the barrel and fired. The laser went right through Bacara's head. Bacara's body collapsed on the ground. Racer looked down at his body.

"Come on!" Yelled Marl. Racer ran onto the ship. It took off.

"Stop at the hangar again." Luke ordered.

Spike lowered the shuttle.

"Open the cargo doors." Luke added.

"What are you doing?" Asked Racer.

"There's something I need to do. I'll meet you on Coruscant." Luke said as he leaped off the shuttle and ran towards a starfighter.

"I hope he knows what he's doing." Marl said unsure.

Commander Bly

Commander Bly

Luke left the surface of Mygeeto in an ARC-170 starfighter. Luke was heading for Felucia. He had to save Aayla. He flew as fast as possible. When he got out of hyperspace he zoomed through Felucia's atmosphere and landed right behind the Clone forces. He ran past the yellow armored clones. He ran through the densely forested jungle. He
Order 66

Commander Bly and Aayla Secura

almost was to the front-lines when he heard blaster fire. He looked from behind a mushroom tree. They were shooting Aayla. They continued to shoot her as she lay on the ground. Luke's heart dropped. He was too late. He could still hear them blasting. He dropped to his knees. He couldn't breath. His eyes flooded with tears. He swallowed.

Luke put his hands over his face. He had failed her. He was going to save her. He would protect her. He remembered all the time that he had spent with Aayla. How could all that be over? It all ended in a split second while a group of clones shot her. A group of clones. Clones that Luke had fought side by side with for the last 3 years. Luke felt betrayed. His betrayal quickly turned into pain over the loss of Aayla. Luke thought he should have stayed with her. Then, he would have had a better chance at saving her. Luke ran through what had just happened over and over in his head going through every detail.

Then he felt a gun go to the back of his head. "Don't move!" Said Commander Bly. Luke looked up at him. "Stand up, slowly." He ordered. Luke stood up only to have a blaster slammed into the back of his head making him unconscious.

Commander Bly 2

Commander Bly ready to torture Luke

Luke awoke strapped to a chair in a Republic Military outpost on Felucia. He looked up to see Commander Bly standing above him. Bly punched him. Luke groaned. "Where is the rest of your squad?" He asked. Luke did not answer.

"Sergeant." Ordered Bly.

"Yes sir!" Said the sergeant.

The sergeant pulled down a lever. Luke began being electrocuted. Bly watched with pleasure. Then it stopped.

"You know, you're force-sensitive, so I would be completely justified in killing you right now. Just like your girlfriend." Said Bly.

Luke stared at Bly's eyes.

"She trusted you." Luke said disgusted. Bly lifted his hand with his fingers outstretched. He made a fist. Luke began to be electrocuted again. Luke could not even comprehend the intense pain he was going through. Then it stopped again. "Where are they you rebel scum!" Said Bly. Luke smiled. "My name is Luke Docker, First Captain in the marines." Said Luke weakly began stating his rank. Bly looked at the sergeant. Luke began to be electrocuted again. He wailed as the energy beams went around his body. Then it stopped once more. Luke passed out.

Luke now awoke in a prison cell aboard a star destroyer. The room was dimly lit, with a red aura due to the energy shield door. He felt so weak at the moment. Republic torture was effective. Luke knew that all too well.

The Admiral walked down the hallway towards him. Luke heard the clicking of boots coming closer. The Admiral stopped right in front of Luke's cell. Luke studied the black uniformed brunette female. She had a very elegant stature. She raised her arm to press a button on a control panel to the right of the cell. The Energy shield opened. She stepped in.

"Come with me." She said with a nervous tone in her voice. The tone did not match how she carried herself. It wasn't as confident. Luke followed her out of the cell still wearing binders. She led him into an interrogation room. He sat down in the chair.

"You questioning me?" Asked Luke. He looked at the pins on her breast. "Admiral?"

The Admiral walked over to the security camera and turned it off. Luke was confused. Although, thinking made his brain hurt at this point. She sat down in the chair in front of him.

"How do you feel about killing the Jedi." Asked the Admiral. Luke slowly shook his head.

"I can get you out of here, Mr. Docker." She said. Luke knew she was making a difficult decision. She could be killed.

"I do not want to be responsible for the death of countless Jedi. They deserve better. I heard your squad has started a rebellion. Is that true?" She asked.

"Sure we rebelled but we didn't start a whole movement." Luke answered.

"I need to join you. I need to fight for the cause that I actually believe in." Said the Admiral. Luke processed her request.

"How do I know you are not just trying to get me to reveal the location of my squad?" Luke asked.

"You don't" She said sadly. She looked down at the table.

"Look, Admiral, if you can somehow manage to get me outta here, I might trust you." He said.

"I can do that. Hopefully." She said.

"Well, that's encouraging." Luke remarked sarcastically. The Admiral stood up.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Rebecca." She replied.

She grabbed his arm.

"Ah, don't touch there, I just got tortured remember?" Luke moaned.

"I'm sorry." Rebecca said quickly.

She grabbed his other arm. "Ow, not there either!" Luke said, his body aching all over.

Rebecca rolled her eyes and sighed. She shoved him out of the cell and she walked him though the hallways as a prisoner. They got to the hangar. They boarded a shuttle and exited the Star Destroyer. No one raised a finger.

"That was surprisingly easy." Said Luke.

"We're not out of this yet." Rebecca said. She took off her Naval hat. She placed it on the control panel in front of her. He shoulder length hair fell down slightly and obscured her vision. She batted it away and pulled down a lever. The ship jumped to lightspeed.

Jedi temple attack

Jedi Temple burning

The ship appeared above Coruscant. Luke swiveled his chair to his left to face Rebecca. She was looking straight ahead flying the ship. Luke sensed the conflict within her. The ship flew through the night skies of Coruscant. They both saw the smoke coming from the Jedi temple. Luke's eyes widened.

Jedi temple smoke

Jedi Temple in ruins

"I can't believe this is happening." Said Rebecca. Luke looked over at Rebecca.

"Who was your Jedi General?" Asked Luke.

"Saesee Tiin was my Jedi General." She said. "He was a strong leader." She added.

Luke looked back at the Jedi Temple. "You think he made it?" Asked Luke.

"He was killed in the Chancellor's office." She confirmed.

"I'm sorry. Who knew the clones were cable of this?" Luke said. Rebecca landed the ship on a landing bay on the side of the Jedi Temple. They both exited the shuttle.
The jedi temple as clones marched up the stairs

Jedi Temple

Luke took out a blaster pistol he got from the shuttle's armory. Rebecca did the same. They walked along the catwalk to the blast doors. Then the doors slid open. Elitemarine Turbo ran out.

"Luke!" He yelled when he saw him. "They are killing them all! Every single one of them." Turbo said in horror.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

"We know. We can stop them." Said Luke. "That's not the worst part. General Skywalker is slaughtering them as well." Turbo said.

"What!?" Exclaimed Luke.

"Anakin?" Asked Rebecca.

Luke, Rebecca and Turbo ran into the temple. It was chaos. Luke saw tons of clones killing numerous Jedi. Then he saw a hooded Jedi with a blue lightsaber stab a Jedi. Luke could not believe what he was seeing.

"None of this makes any sense!" Turbo said. A group of jedi ran out of a room and tried to escape across a hallway. 501st clones moved in on their position.

"We have to help them." Demanded Rebecca. Then Luke saw a group of marines cut off the clones running after the Jedi. The Republic Marine Havoc Squad stopped them.

Order 66 begins

501st Marches into the Jedi Temple

"Hold it right there." Ordered Racer. The clones raised their rifles. The marines opened fire. The 501st clones dropped to the ground. Then right where the marines just shot those clones appeared Anakin Skywalker who had just jumped down right in-front of them. Anakin stared at them for a moment. Anakin activated his lightsaber.

"General." Vas started to say.

"Fall back!" Yelled Racer. Marl, Spike, Vasco, and Racer turned around to run. Spike ran as fast as he could. Then he heard the swing of a lightsaber. He looked down at his chest. A lightsaber had gone through his back and appeared out the other side of his chest. The saber pulled back out. Spike fell to the ground. Anakin ran past Spike after the other squad members. The Squad opened fire frantically at the evil Jedi that was pursuing them. "We lost Spike!" Yelled Marl. Luke, Turbo, and Rebecca ran down the stairs of the temple to try and meet up with the squad.

Before Anakin went after the rebelious marines, he had just slaughtered Jedi children or younglings. After he had done that he walked out of the room where he killed them. Alec Graysear, Luke's dad approached him.

"Have you no soul?" Asked Alec. Alec pulled out his lightsaber but did not activate it. Anakin stared at him with an expression of uncontrollable anger.

"You just killed innocent children!" Alec yelled. "You kill unarmed people without a second thought!" Alec said outraged.

Anakin brought up his blade and stabbed Alec through his chest. Alec dropped his lightsaber. Alec's eyes widened. He gasped for air. He painfully tried to spit at Anakin. The small ball of spit landed on Anakin's cloak. Anakin glared at Alec and then pulled out his light saber and sliced through Alec's neck. Alec's body fell onto the ground. Anakin walked on through the temple.

The Havoc squad ran through a large hallway lined with enormous sculptures of ancient Jedi masters. The Havoc squad kept running. Then Luke, Turbo, and Rebecca appeared at the end of the hallway in front of the Havoc squad.

"Luke!" Yelled Racer. Turbo was holding a rocket launcher. He aimed it down the hallway at Anakin.

"Get down!" Yelled Luke. The squad hit the deck as Turbo fired the rocket launcher. It flew right over the squad to Anakin. Anakin jumped up in the air. He twirled around and sliced open the rocket in midair. He landed on the ground as it exploded. Anakin kept running.

"Fail!" yelled Marl.

"That didn't work." Announced Luke.

"No really?" Marl responded. The squad stood up and ran through more hallways.

"How do we lose this guy?" Asked Vasco.

"Working on it." Said Luke. Anakin was catching up to them.

"Do you have a plan B?" Asked Racer.

"Not yet." Said Luke.

"I have one!" Yelled Rebecca. Rebecca snatched the rocket launcher away from Turbo as they passed into another hallway. She aimed at the ceiling above the door. She fired. the rocket hit the ceiling. The ceiling began to collapse and fall near the door blocking Anakin from getting in.

"Good job, Rebecca." Commended Luke.

"Yes, good thinking." Said Vasco.

"I could have thought of that! By the way, who the heck is she?" Said Marl.

"A friend." Luke said. Rebecca was happy she had been accepted and considered a friend.

"Guys, he can easily get out of that let's keep moving." Said Racer. The squad ran down the rest of the hallway.

"We need to figure out a way to help the Jedi." Said Vasco. Luke got an idea.

"Follow me!" Luke demanded. Rebecca was the first to follow. Racer, Vas, Marl, and Turbo followed. They ran towards where the battle was happening.

"We need to split up. Start picking them off from those balconies up there." Luke said pointing up to large catwalks and balconies. Racer and Vasco went left, Turbo and Marl took center, and Luke and Rebecca took right. They ran up the stairs to get in good sniping positions. Luke and Rebecca looked down the sights of a DC-15A blaster rifle. They opened fire down at the 501st troopers. Racer and the others did the same. They allowed many Jedi to get as far away as possible from the clones. But, the clones caught on. A trooper faced Luke and Rebecca. He aimed a rocket launcher at them and fired. The rocket hit the catwalk they were sniping from. It began to collapse.

"Rebecca!" Yelled Luke. Luke slipped and fell but grabbed onto a railing. Rebecca's side of the catwalk began to tilt. She started to slip down it.

"Luke!" She screamed in fear. She kept smacking at the floor of the catwalk trying to get a good hold on it but there was none. It was too smooth. She continued to slide. Luke climbed back up from the railing he was at. He was now on a level but unstable part of the catwalk. Rebecca slid down to the end of the catwalk. She grabbed hold of the end of the railing. She was now hanging from it.

"Luke, help!" She screamed. Luke carefully stepped down the catwalk. He slowly went down towards Rebecca trying not to slip. Luke was now at the bottom. Luke reached down to grab Rebecca. But her hand slipped. Rebecca screamed as she began to fall. Luke lunged forward and grabbed her wrist. He lifted her back up on to the catwalk.

"Thank you." She said smiling. They walked up the catwalk.

"Anytime." Said Luke. Luke looked to his right to see the dead body of a Jedi lay on the ground. Blood dripped from his multiple wounds to the chest. Luke could not believe how the clones could just snap and turn into monsters. Then he thought of his Jedi General, Aayla Secura. They continued shooting her as she fell on the ground. Luke could not believe how soulless the clones were. Commander Bly resorted to torture? It was like they were all completely different people. Luke and Rebecca walked through the hallway that connected the catwalks to a landing platform.

"Guys meet us at a landing platform on the top level." Luke said to the squad through a comlink on his glove.

"Are we giving up?" Asked Rebecca.

"We are weighing our options. There are way to many clones here to help any Jedi. Our only chance is to help any surviving Jedi stay alive." Said Luke. The squad met them at the landing bay. They boarded a shuttle and took off. They were heading for the planet Alderaan.

Then out of nowhere a group of ARC-170 starfighters flew towards the shuttle. "Osik!" Luke cursed. The ARC's were going to shoot down anything trying to flee the temple. The fighters opened fire and the blasts hit the wings of the shuttle.

"Brace for impact!" Luke yelled. The ship plummted down towards the streets of Coruscant. Osik had really hit the fan this time.

Order 66: Evasion on Coruscant

By now, the squad's faces would be on every clone trooper's HUD on Coruscant. They were traitors. They were going to be killed on site. They were going to have to be careful wandering through Coruscant. They weren't the only ones avoiding contact with clones.

Galactic City was full of clones looking for Jedi stragglers trying to escape the purge. There were checkpoints all over. Luke, Rebecca, Turbo, Marl, Racer, and Vas were all going through as many alleyways as they could to avoid being seen.

They eventually came to the end of an alleyway. It was right next to a clone security checkpoint. There were 501st clone troopers there.

"How do we get across?" Asked Turbo. Luke looked around. He saw a few republic commandos and a few mandalorians on the other side of the checkpoint. Luke wondered why the commandos were there. Luke knew the clones were looking for Jedi in the line waiting to pass through the checkpoint. They were searching bags.

Luke carefully peered out of the alleyway to get a better look at the line of civilians. He saw Etain Tur-Mukan in the line disguised as a civilian. "Oh no." Luke said to himself. Luke thought that he should help her. Luke turned back to his squad mates.

"Lets just go across to the other alley and act like we are just escorting Rebecca along." Vas suggested. Luke accepted the idea.

The group casually walked across the street over to the next alley. Luke noticed a nervous civilian handing her bag to a clone to search it. When Luke got to the alleyway he stopped and looked back.

The bag dropped. Luke didn't see the contents, but the clones had.

"They are kriffing Jedi!" The clone exclaimed. The jedi in line ignited their lightsabers. The clones in line opened fire on them. They began deflecting the blasts and they were hitting some of the civilians.

Luke began to step out of the alleyway to intervene. Rebecca grabbed his shoulder and held him back. Luke turned to see her. She looked into his face and shook her head, indicating "no".

"We can't help them right now." Said Racer with regret. Luke turned back to watch the horrific event. Luke noticed Etain was standing in the line still. She was acting like a normal citizen. Luke took a deep breath. Luke could tell it was hard for her to stand by and watch what was happening. Luke saw the commandos and mandalorians getting antsy.

Then all the sudden Etain jumped infront of a jedi who was swinging her lightsaber at a clone and the blade hit Etain. She fell to the ground. Luke's eyes widened. the commandos and mandalorians froze. Then the mandos ran over and began to kill the remaining jedi. One mandalorian began trying to revive Etain. There was no success. She was dead.

Everyone Luke knew was dying. Rebecca grabbed Luke's shoulder and turned his body around. She motioned for him to follow her and they ran down the alleyway, away from the action. So much had happened. Luke thought Etain was still on Kashyyyk. He wondered how and why she was on Coruscant.

The group of ex-marines found a landing platform. They walked up onto it and there was a group of white phase 2 clone troopers walking to the rear hatch of it. Luke turned around quickly. "Well, we aren't using this ship." He said plainly.

Rebecca squinted her eyes looking at what the clones were doing. The clones opened the hatch with their rifles drawn. They were pointed forward as the ship's ramp lowered.

Luke heard the vzzoom sound of lightsabers. Blue and Green lights shined from the ship's rear. The clones opened fire. The two Jedi deflected the blasts and a few hit the clones.

The Jedi leaped out of the ship and landed behind the clones. The clones turned quickly and fired. The Jedi deflected the blasts. Luke recognized the Jedi now.

It was Rendral Krazz and Elena Treanert. Elena shoved her lightsaber into the chest of a clone. He groaned and fell on the ground. One clone raised his hand to his helmet and was calling for reinforcments.

They came rather quickly. The reinforcments were shock troopers. They ran over to where the battle was taking place on the landing platform and opened fire on the Jedi.

Elena was deflecting laser bolts coming from 2 clones in front of her. She did not know that behind her, shock troopers were lining up the shot to kill her. Krazz sliced through a clone trooper and turned to see Elena. She did not notice the shock troopers behind her as she sliced through one of the white clones.

Krazz stopped what he was doing. "Elena!" Krazz shouted in fear. Elena began to turn. Krazz stretched out his hand and he force-pushed Elena out of the line of fire. The shock troopers had already fired as Elena was pushed out of the way and their blasts his the clone Elena had been fighting. Elena slammed into a pile of crates.

Krazz lowered his hand. He turned back to the clones. They had surrounded him. Krazz took a deep breath and lowered his blue-bladed lightsaber. The clones opened fire and several blaster holes were made in the body of Rendral Krazz. His body collapsed onto the ground. His hand layed out away from his body and his lightsaber rolled out of it.

"Master!" Elena yelled. She ignited her green lightsaber once more and jumped up high away from the crates. She slammed down infront of the clones and began slicing them down.

Luke and Marl looked at eachother and nodded. They ran out from their cover and opened fire on the clones. The clones turned and saw them running towards them. Marl was wearing most of his armor still minus his helmet. Luke didn't. Rebecca had on her admiral uniform. The clones were confused but still opened fire. Some stayed on target and attacked Elena.

Elena deflected a blaster bolt but as she sweeped it past her with her lightsaber, another one was a second away. It slammed into her neck. She deactivated her lightsaber. She fell onto the ground. She was trying to breath but it sounded like she was hacking and coughing.

"No!" Luke yelled. Marl shot the rest of the clones with his rotary cannon. Luke and Rebecca ran over to Elena. Luke knelt down next to her. She looked up at him. She blinked a few times. Then, she stopped making the horrible breathing sound. She stopped making any sound. She was silent. She was dead.

Luke slammed his fist onto the ground in anger. Vasco, Racer, and Turbo walked over.

"I guess we can use the ship now." Marl said trying to lighten the mood. It didn't really work. Luke walked over to the ship. "I will fly it." Turbo insisted. Vasco nodded.

They boarded the ship and took off. They left the terrible planet of Coruscant where hundreds died.

Interrogation of Commander Spike

The Assault on the Jedi Temple was nearly finished. A squad of 501st troopers were running by a doorway to a hallway on their way to meet with the rest of the clones when they came across Commander Spike laying on the ground. He had a hole in his chest from where Anakin had stabbed him. "Hel,...Help." Spike was able to say. The clones looked at each other. They knew he was one of the rebels. A trooper walked over to Spike. He took off his helmet. Spike's face was pale. He had lost a lot of blood and was incredibly weak. "Your plan backfired." Said a trooper to Spike. Spike coughed. He coughed up blood. The Sergeant of the squad of clones lifted his wrist to his helmet. He pressed a button on the comlink. "Sir, we found a wounded rebel. What are your orders?" Asked the sergeant. "Interrogate him." Said their commanding officer. The sergeant shut off the comlink. Spike was leaning against the wall sitting on the floor. "I need,...medic." Said Spike. "You NEED, to answer some questions." Said the sergeant. Spike gulped. The sergeant knelt down next to Spike and he took off his own helmet . "Where has your rebellious squad gone?" Asked the sergeant. Spike did not answer. He coughed up more blood. "Either tell us, or you don't get medical attention!" Demanded the sergeant. Spike gestured for the sergeant to come in closer. The sergeant leaned in a bit towards Spike. "Unlike, am loyal" Spike said with disgust. Spike took a deep breath. He coughed again. Blood dripped from his mouth. The sergeant glared at him. He sneered as he stood up and put his helmet back on. "This is hopeless." Said the sergeant. The squad marched away. Spike could not believe how emotionless they had become. They did not care that they were going to let Spike bleed out and slowly die. They were completely soulless now. Spike dreaded the fact that he was a clone just like them. He coughed again. He could now barely breathe. Spike thought of his squad. He hoped that they could save the galaxy from the new empire. He hoped that they would not be alone in this war. He hoped for a new hope. A New Hope for the galaxy.

Spike's head fell forward. His heart stopped. He was dead. The Jedi Temple was now empty except for some clones left to guard it.

The Formation of the Rebellion

The Imperial shuttle landed at a docking bay on the peaceful planet of Alderaan. Luke and Rebecca stepped out of it. The squad took shelter at a motel on the planet. "The Empire is going to hunt us down." Said Luke sitting on a bed in a motel room. "We need to fight back." Said Rebecca. "That isn't going to be easy." Said Turbo. "We didn't become a marine for it to be easy." Said Marl. Racer walked into the room. "I found him!" Said Racer. "Who?" Asked Rebecca. "Rex." Said Racer. The squad stood up.

Rex detail

Captain Rex

The Imperial shuttle landed on a platform near the outskirts of Naboo. The Havoc squad walked down the ramp of the shuttle. "Rex should be here." Said Racer. They walked through the streets of Naboo. Then they passed by a street vendor. The squad almost missed it. "Rex?" Asked Racer. Rex looked up at the squad. Rex picked up his blaster pistol and held it under the table he was sitting at. "Why are you here." He said nervously. "We're here to find you." Said Luke. That alarmed Rex. He now stood up from the table. He pointed the blaster pistol at Luke. "I am not killing any Jedi!" He yelled. "Whoa, whoa. We don't want you to." Said Luke. "It's actually the opposite." Said Vasco. "We need your help to stop the Empire." Said Rebecca. "We are trying to band together to defeat them." Said Marl. Rex contemplated this. "I don't know, guys." Said Rex. A dark shadow now cast over the street. They looked up to see a star destroyer flying over head. Imperial shuttles and Tie fighters poured out of it. "Must have been a Jedi here." Said Rex. The Imperial shuttles began to land and unload troops. "Let's get inside." Said Rex. The squad followed Rex inside a work shop. Luke looked out a window.
Commander Cody on Naboo

Cody shouts at the Naboo citizens.

A battalion of clones was coming their way. "212th is coming." Announced Rebecca. Rex ran to the window. "Cody!" Rex exclaimed. Commander Cody walked past the shop followed by several orange clone troopers. "If you are hiding the Jedi you will be killed as well. You are helping a fugitive!" Yelled Cody. "If that Jedi doesn't come out then they will start killing the people here." Said Turbo. "We can't let that happen." Said Luke. Rex turned from the window and looked at Luke. "Come with me." Rex insisted. Rex led them down to the basement of his workshop. He slid open a wooden door to reveal many weapons. Marl saw a rotary cannon in the small closet the weapons were in. "That one's mine!" He said grabbing the weapon. Racer smiled. "The empire must be stopped. They have become the very evil we were made to destroy." Said Rex. "If we want to have a chance against the clones, we need to recruit the local law enforcement." Said Vasco. "Agreed." Said Racer. "This might get messy." Said Luke. "You bet." Said Turbo. "That's the way I like it." Said Marl.

Second Battle of Naboo

Marl walked over to the window of the workshop. He glanced out to see two AT-ST walkers go


by. "How come I never got to ride one of those!?" Asked Marl. "They were only designed for the empire a few weeks ago." Said Racer. "They look so cool." Said Marl. "Life's tough." Said Vasco. Luke and Rebecca returned from getting rebels from the town. "They will attack on the signal and know the plan." Said Rebecca. "Good." Said Rex. "Another battalion just landed." Said Turbo looking out the window. "I am ready to blast 'em." Said Marl. The squad grabbed their blasters and prepared to storm out of the work shop. Rex emitted smoke from the fireplace. The smoke went out the chimney and into the air. The squad ran out and surrounded the 212th battalion. The other rebels in the town did the same. The 212th battalion raised their blasters to point at the rebels. Marl aimed his rotary cannon at a clone trooper. "Ya, you try and shoot me with that pea shooter." Said Marl. His rotary cannon would blow away the clone holding a DC-15A blaster. The clone trooper lowered his blaster a little bit. "Ya, that's what I thought!" Said Marl. Captain Rex walked to the front of the battalion. He walked in front of Commander Cody. He stood face to face with him. "You rebel scum!" Yelled Cody. Rex stood still. "You betrayed your brothers!" Yelled Cody. Rex stepped even closer to Cody. "Wrong!" Rex yelled. Luke turned to look at Rex and Cody. "You all betrayed yourselves!" Rex explained. The clones in the battalion pondered over what Rex had said. "You know this is wrong." Said Rex. "No, Rex. You know that what you are doing is wrong." Barked Cody. Rex punched Cody in the front of his helmet knocking him
Cody sees AT-ST

Commander Cody sees AT-ST

back a bit. Cody grabbed at his helmet. "There is no hope for you, Rex." Said Cody as he stood straight up. Then Racer heard a metallic stomping sound. Everyone else began to hear it. "I have a bad feeling about this." Said Luke nervously. "That's not what I think it is, is it?" Asked Rebecca. The 212th troopers now opened fire. Marl began picking them off with his rotary cannon. "Told you that you didn't stand a chance!" Marl yelled to the troopers he just killed. Cody raised his rifle to face Rex. Rex dove out of the way as Cody fired. The blast hit a rebel standing behind him. Rex pulled out his pistols. Imperial AT-ST's now entered the street they were fighting in. The sun was setting as the battle began. The AT-ST began firing at the rebels below it. Luke dove behind a crate as the laser bolts from the AT-ST hit the ground near him. The clones fired upon the rebels. Vasco shot at Commander Cody. Cody aimed his blaster rifle at him. It was aimed exactly at Vasco's head. He fired. But, Rex tackled Cody as he fired the shot. The laser bolt hit a fuel cell next to Vasco. It exploded. Vasco was thrown into a wall. "Vas!" Yelled Racer. Racer ran over to Vas. Turbo covered him. Luke and Rebecca ran over to Marl. "Focus your fire on the AT-ST." Said Luke. "You got it!" Said Marl. He began shooting the AT-ST with his rotary cannon. Luke turned to Rebecca. "Stay here. I am going to help Rex." Said Luke. "Okay." Said Rebecca. Luke began to run over to Rex and Cody. Rex punched Cody again. Cody punched him back and he fell onto the ground. Cody began to punch Rex while he was on the ground. Rex kicked Cody off of him. Cody stood up ready to hit him again. Rex stood up. He aimed his blaster pistol at Cody and fired. The laser bolt hit him in the shoulder. "Ah!" Groaned Cody. Cody fell up against a wall. He slid down it and sat on the ground. "Good shot." Said Cody. Cody reached for the pistol in the holster by his feet. Rex stepped towards him pointing his pistol at Cody's head. "Don't try it." Said Rex. Then the AT-ST exploded behind Rex. Marl had won his duel against it. Rex turned to see the giant fireball erupt from it's cockpit. "Ya, sucker!" Yelled Marl. The AT-ST fell over on it's side with a loud crash. Rex turned back to see Cody. Commander Cody was holding his blaster pistol from his holster. Cody fired. A blaster bolt hit Rex's upper thigh. Cody fired again. The blaster bolt hit Rex's stomach. Rex groaned as he was shot. He stepped backwards. Rex dropped his pistol. Cody aimed to shoot Rex a third time. Then a laser bolt hit Cody in the chest. "Ah!" Yelled Cody. Luke had shot Cody before he could fire again at Rex. Cody's arm drooped down and hit the floor. Rex was laying on his back on the ground now. He was holding at his stomach. Luke ran over to Rex. He knelt down next to him. "Rex!" Luke said with a great deal of concern. Luke saw a hole in Rex's armor on his thigh and stomach plating. Luke took off Rex's helmet. Rex was breathing heavily. "It's not too bad, Rex. You can make it." Luke reassured him. Luke remembered saying something similar to that to his old friend Jake. He didn't make it though.

More Imperial troops were being deployed. The Naboo rebels engaged them outside of the city. While the battle progressed outside of the city, the Gungan army was amassing. The Gungans came in from behind the imperial troops while they were fighting the rebels. They boxed in and defeated the Imperial troops.

Rex and Vasco received immediate medical attention. They both survived. Rex accompanied the Havoc squad back to Alderaan, where they began to organize the Rebel Alliance.

Revenge on the 327th Star Corps

The Havoc Rebels were on Alderaan. The squad now did not really wear their clone armor and wore regular clothes to blend in better. The squad was mostly down in the motel cafeteria only Luke and Rebecca remained in the room. Luke stood up from the computer he was on. "I need to go somewhere." He said as he stood up.
Luke Docker wanted poster
"Why?" Asked Rebecca. "I found Commander Bly." He said. Rebecca stepped closer to him. "What are you going to do?" Asked Rebecca. Luke swallowed. "I...I don't know." Luke said. "Your going to kill him aren't you?" Asked Rebecca. "I must bring him to justice." Luke argued. "Then I'm coming with you." Said Rebecca. "That's not a good idea." Said Luke. "It's a great idea." Said Rebecca smiling. "Fine." Luke agreed.

Luke and Rebecca landed their new star cruiser on Saleucami. They exited the vehicle. They walked through a field. "Should be around here somewhere." Said Luke. He was looking around for a campsite where the Imperial troopers and Bly would be. "There." Rebecca pointed through some giant crops. Luke saw the camp. He took out his blaster pistol. Rebecca did the same. They crept through the crops towards the camp. Luke saw Commander Bly. Luke and Rebecca jumped out and began shooting. A lot of the clones were caught off guard. Luke shot many as they tried to get to their weapons. Rebecca shot a clone as he aimed his blaster at Luke. "Your welcome!" She yelled. Luke smiled. Eventually every clone was dead. troops arrive." Said Rebecca. She began to walk back through the crops. Luke turned and followed. They boarded their ship and took off.

Protection from Bounty Hunters

Rebecca was now being hunted by several bounty hunters including Bossk. To avoid exposing the location of where the Havoc squad was hiding, Luke and Rebecca left Alderaan to hide from the bounty hunters for while. Racer and Marl would then try and find the person who put out the bounty and get rid of it and stop the bounty hunters from getting to Luke and Rebecca. So the two of them went to the planet, Mandalore to hide. They found an apartment building in which they stayed in.

Luke walked over to the kitchen area of the apartment. He set down his blaster pistol there. He turned to see Rebecca sit on the couch. She took off her jacket to reveal her admiral uniform. Luke poured a glass of jawa juice for Rebecca. He brought it over to her. "Thank you." She said. "Anytime." Luke said. Luke sat on the couch next to her. "Hopefully, we won't be here long." Said Luke. Then he heard a knock at the door. "Get behind the couch." Luke ordered. Rebecca stood up and got behind the couch. Luke grabbed his gun. He walked over to the door. He opened it up and peered out. It was just a hotel employee in need of Luke's signature. He signed it and closed the door. "I don't think he could hurt us." Said Rebecca. She smiled. "You never know." Said Luke smiling back. Rebecca sat back on the couch. Luke set his gun back on the kitchen counter. He poured himself a glass of Bantha brew. Rebecca walked over to him. She set her empty glass of Jawa juice on the counter. "I'll take some of that." She said as she leaned her back up against the counter next to Luke. Luke smiled as he poured her a glass of Bantha brew. He handed her the the glass. She raised her glass. "To, um, hiding!" She announced. Luke chuckled and raised his glass. Their glasses clinked together and they brought it back to their mouth and took a sip. Luke pulled the glass away from his face and placed it on the counter. Rebecca did the same. "You know, I
Luke talking with Rebecca

Luke talking to Rebecca

am glad I went with you into hiding. It would have been torture being with Marl." Said Rebecca. Luke and Rebecca laughed. "He's not that bad." Said Luke. "I know." Rebecca replied sympathetically. Luke poured more Bantha brew into his and her's glasses. Luke picked his up and drank again. Rebecca did the same. Rebecca took away her glass for a moment to ask Luke something. "Who do you think sent out the bounty on me?" Asked Rebecca. She brought the glass back up to her lips and began to drink some more. "I don't know." Luke answered. Rebecca set her glass on the counter again. "You think the Emperor did it?" She asked. "I'm not sure. But, don't worry. Soon we will find out." Luke comforted her. "I wish I knew now, though." Rebecca complained. Luke poured more Bantha brew into each of their glasses. They both took a sip from it. "You know, I can't believe Marl took out that whole AT-ST with just a rotary cannon." Said Rebecca. Luke chuckled. "Of course he did. He's Marl." Luke said in amusement. The two of them burst out laughing. Rebecca stopped and looked at Luke. She looked at his eyes. They were a dark shade of blue. She liked that color. Luke turned his head to look at Rebecca. He noticed her brown eyes. He thought that they sort of matched her hair color. Luke turned back to the bottle of Bantha brew. He poured more into their now empty glasses. "Thank you." Rebecca said as she picked up her glass and began to drink it. "No problem." Luke said picking his up and beginning to sip his.

Later that night, Luke and Rebecca found themselves talking on the couch and occasionally drinking more of the bantha brew. Then Rebecca did something she did not even realize she had done. She leaned over and kissed Luke. He was shocked. "I should not have done that." Said Rebecca. Then Luke's comlink began beeping. He activated it. It was a distress signal from a droid he had left in charge of his base on Ryloth. Imperial Troops had breached the base and were searching for anything that could lead to Luke and Rebecca's where abouts.

They got in their ship and took off to Ryloth.

Imperial Assault on Ryloth Command

Luke and Rebecca landed on Ryloth. It was on a landing platform. Luke peered out a window and saw an Imperial Shuttle landed. The stormtroopers were in the base. Luke and Rebecca walked down the ramp of their ship. Luke and Rebecca pulled out their blaster pistols. They entered the base. Luke saw a storm trooper guarding a doorway. He aimed and fired at him. The storm trooper fell up against the wall and slid down it. Smoke floated out from his chest. Luke and Rebecca entered the room the trooper was guarding. A squad of stormtroopers was in there. Rebecca shot one. The storm troopers opened fire on them. "What a way to keep me safe!" Rebecca said sarcastically. Luke smiled. He shot a stormtrooper. "You've got to admit. This is more fun!" Luke said. Rebecca laughed. She shot another trooper. A stormtrooper fired a blast and it went right past Luke's head. He returned fire and killed the trooper. Rebecca fired her pistol and hit a trooper in the neck. He fell backwards to the ground. A stormtrooper threw a thermal detonator over to Luke and Rebecca. It beeped faster and faster. "Rebecca!" Luke shouted. He ran over to Rebecca and tackled her out the door of the room as the thermal grenade exploded. Luke was on top of Rebecca. He stood up and helped her to her feet. "Thank you." She said with a smile. The stormtrooper that had thrown the grenade was dead. He had blown himself up with it. Luke and Rebecca cautiously walked into the room seeing if anyone was still left alive. A stormtrooper shoved past them and ran out the door as fast as he could. He was trying to get to the shuttle to alert the empire of Luke and Rebecca's presence. Rebecca outstretched her arm holding her blaster pistol. She aimed towards the sprinting trooper and fired. The blast hit him in the back and he fell forward on his face. "Nice shot." Said Luke. "Thank you very much." She said with a grin. "Let's go check the base for more." Luke suggested. "Sounds good." Rebecca replied. They walked through the hallway. They ended up not finding anymore stormtroopers. They got rid of the Imperial Shuttle. It was like the Empire was never there. Luke and Rebecca went up to a room. Rebecca plopped herself down on the couch. She laid down on it. "Well, we looked everywhere in this huge base and we found no troops." Said Rebecca. "Yeah, we can just stay here for tonight." Said Luke. "Why don't we just stay here for the whole time?" Asked Rebecca. "Okay, we can do that." Luke answered. "Okay." She said as she sighed laying on the couch. Luke sat down in a chair next to the couch. Luke thought of what had happened. His life had changed so much within the last few weeks. The Jedi were slaughtered and clones he once thought of as friends were now his enemy. Luke was now with a beautiful, young, admiral of the Republic Imperial Navy. Luke wondered what else was in store for him in the future.

Hiding at Ryloth Command

Luke and Rebecca woke up late the night after they defeated the imperial troops at the base. Luke had fallen asleep in his chair and Rebecca had fallen asleep in the couch next to him. Luke got up and looked out the window pf the night sky of Ryloth. The stars were beautiful. He thought of the kiss that Rebecca had given him on Mandalore before leaving to go to Ryloth. He wondered if she really liked him. He grabbed a glass of Jawa juice and drank it as he admired the night sky. He heard Rebecca begin to move behind him. He turned to see her get up and she unbuttoned the top button of her admiral uniform she was wearing still. It reminded her of what the Republic stood for. It reminded her of what she was fighting for. She walked over to Luke as he was standing in front of the window. "I hope I did not wake you." Luke said. "No, of course not." She said. The moonlight shined through the window. "The night sky of Ryloth reminds me of when I spent countless nights here at this base." Luke said. "It is beautiful." Rebecca remarked. Luke looked back at her. He swallowed. "Most of the people I was here with are dead." Luke said in pain. Luke swallowed again and turned back to look out the window again. He took a deep breath. Rebecca stepped closer to him and she wrapped her arms around his waist to comfort him. "You still have me and the rest of your squad, Luke." She said in a reassuring voice. Luke was some how comforted by this. Luke turned his head to look at her. He smiled. Rebecca let go of Luke's waist. Luke turned fully around. Luke looked into the eyes of Rebecca. He knew that she actually cared for him. Rebecca looked back at him. Luke stepped closer to her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Rebecca embraced this. She kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around him. Luke pulled away. She looked at her. She gave him a gentle smile. He knew she understood what he was going through because she was probably going through the same thing. "Thank you." He said. "Your welcome." She replied. They hugged each other.

Luke and Rebecca woke up the next morning on the couch. The sun was rising. Luke got up and looked out the window. Rebecca walked over next to Luke. They watched it together. The sun shined on the fields ahead of
Ryloth fields

Fields of Ryloth with an abundance of trees.

them filled with occasional trees. Luke noticed something out in the distance near an abundance of trees. He looked closer. It was moving. "Do you see that?" He asked Rebecca. She looked closer. "Is that a..." Rebecca was interrupted by Luke. "Child." Luke finished for her. Luke ran towards the door of the room they were in. Rebecca turned back to look out the window. She found what made Luke run out the door. The child was running from something. It was an Anooba. They were very viscous animals. The little Twi'lek girl was running as fast as she could but the beast was gaining on her. Rebecca ran out the door and followed Luke. Luke ran into the hangar of the base and got on a speeder bike. Rebecca got on as well an wrapped her arms around his waist. She leaned closer to him and kissed his cheek. "Go!" She said. Luke revved the engine of the speeder and it zoomed off into the forested fields of Ryloth. They were getting closer to the girl whipping past tree branches. Finally, the girl was in sight. The beast was behind her. Luke used the blasters on the front of the speeder bike and shot the Anooba. It fell on it's side. Luke brought the speeder bike to a halt. He and Rebecca hopped off and walked towards the girl. She was very scared. Luke knelt down in front of her, eye level with her. "Where is your family?" Asked Luke. The girl shrugged her shoulders. "Do you know your way back?" Luke asked. The girl shook her head no. "Hmmmmm." Rebecca pondered. "Maybe you can come back with us until your family arrives." Rebecca suggested. Luke smiled. "Would you like that." Luke asked the girl. She nodded her head. "Okay, let's go." Rebecca said. They began to walk back towards the base. Then Luke heard shouting from behind them. He turned to see two Twi'Lek's running towards them. The girl turned to see them too. Her eyes lit up. She ran towards them with her arms out stretched. It was her mother and father. They hugged the child. Luke and Rebecca smiled as they watched this. The Twi'Lek's thanked them for saving their daughter.

Luke and Rebecca sat on the couch together in Luke's private quarters of the base. "Do you think Marl and the rest of them have solved the problem?" Asked Rebecca. "I don't know." Luke answered. Rebecca turned to face Luke. "Did you know my father?" Asked Rebecca. "I went on one mission with him a long time ago. He was the Admiral of a star destroyer I stayed on." Replied Luke. "Yes, he died shortly after that mission." Rebecca revealed. "I am sorry." Luke said. "He was the one who inspired me to join the Navy. He made me who I am." Rebecca said with hints of sadness in her voice. "Then I am thankful for him. He made you a great person." Luke said. Rebecca smiled. "Well, except for a few things about you, but those should be fixable." Luke said with a grin. Rebecca punched him in the shoulder. Luke laughed. Rebecca did as well. "Hey can I see your Naboo starfighter?" Asked Rebecca. "Sure." Luke answered.

It was now night. Luke and Rebecca walked into the hangar. They walked over to the starfighter. "Wow, it's so beautiful." Rebecca said. Luke smiled. He lead her over to an engine of the starfighter and a workbench. Rebecca sat on the counter of the workbench. Luke opened a hatch on the engine in front of them. "This engine is damaged. It has been pretty hard to repair." Luke explained. "Awwww, maybe I could help you." Suggested Rebecca. Luke turned to confront Rebecca. She smiled. Luke stepped towards her.

Luke awoke the next morning with Rebecca laying next to him on the floor of the hangar. He stood up. He walked over to the workbench. He picked up a holoprojector.

Learning of the Imperial Raid on Kashyyyk

He activated the holoprojector. There was a message from Vasco Gomes. He played the message. "Luke, I have very bad news." Vasco announced. Luke waited for him to continue. "Many Jedi that were being harbored by wookiees on Kashyyyk are dead. Vader had launched an assault there. The wookiees are trying to defend them." Vasco's voice became quieter and quieter to Luke. He drifted into thought. Luke knew some of the jedi who were hiding there. Shaak Ti he knew had been. She was often on Kamino when Luke would go back there. She loved the clones. Luke's grief turned into anger. He kicked the workbench in front of him. Rebecca woke up. "What's wrong?" She asked. Luke stood still staring at the holoprojector on top of the workbench, with his back turned to Rebecca. "Vader has attacked Kashyyyk. They know the Jedi are there" Luke said in anger. Luke listened to the rest of Vasco's message. "Skywalker did this." Luke guessed. "Darth Vader has become a great threat." Rebecca walked towards Luke. Vasco's message still played. He said that the mission to find the people responsible for Rebecca's bounty was completed. They were on their way to Ryloth Command.

The Attack of Boba Fett

The Havoc squad was flying through space. They were in a small freighter. Elitemarine Turbo was piloting it. Marl was sitting in the passenger seat next to him. Vasco and Racer were sitting in the back of the ship waiting patiently for the ship to land at Ryloth Command. They were passing by Kashyyyk. Then out of no where a ship flew towards them. Many compartments opened to reveal cannons. "Incoming!" Yelled Turbo. The freighter swerved around as Slave 1, the name of the enemy ship, opened fire. One blast hit the haul of the ship. It did not do too much damage. Vasco got up. " What is going!" Vasco was interrupted by another blast hitting the ship knocking him back down into his seat. "Our hyperdrive has been knocked out!" Turbo announced. Racer ran to the cockpit. "We are losing altitude." Turbo said. Marl did not like where this was going. "Fier' fek!" Marl exclaimed. The freighter began entering Kashyyyk's atmosphere. Turbo was trying to regain control, with little success. "I have a bad feeling about this." Said Vasco. Slave 1 was still gaining on them as they plummeted to the surface of Kashyyyk. "Brace for impact! Shouted Racer. The freighter slammed into trees and crashed to the ground right next to a Wookiee outpost in the treetops. Turbo's head slammed up against the control panel. Everyone else fell back in the ship. Slave 1 landed a few yards away. Vasco got up from the deck of the freighter. He reached for his head. He opened up the back of the freighter to reveal the vast jungles of Kashyyyk. Everyone else began to get up. Turbo was very dizzy getting up. He began to collapse when Marl caught him. "You okay?" Asked Marl. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine." Turbo answered. Racer pulled out his blaster pistol. Vasco stepped out of the ship. He glanced up in the trees and saw a platform from the Wookiee outpost. "Vas, come look at this." Racer said. Vasco went back in the ship. Racer pointed to a pile of jetpacks. "We can use these." Racer suggested. "Okay." Vasco replied. The four of them put on the jetpacks. They stepped out of the freighter. "Let's get up to that platform so we can see our enemy coming." Racer ordered. "Yes sir." Said Turbo. They all activated their jetpacks and took off. They flew up to the platform and landed. They looked down. They did not see the pilot of the ship. Smoke was billowing from their downed vessel. It was very quiet. Vasco looked around. He heard the faint sound of engines. He looked above him. A Mandolorian was directly over head coming down towards them and fast. "Contact!" Vasco yelled. "Scatter!" Marl yelled. They all began to dive out of the way. Racer was facing the edge of the platform. It seemed to be in slow-motion to Racer.He began to turn around. He saw Vas, Marl, and Turbo dive out of the way. He looked up to see the bounty hunter Boba Fett slam on the platform and sing his fist toward Racer hook-like and uppercut him. Racer's neck bent back and his head jerked backwards sending him falling to the wooden floor of the platform. Racer's head slammed against the wood. His head bounced off the ground. He was disoriented. "Racer!" Turbo yelled. Turbo took out his DC-15 carbine blaster and ran towards Boba with his blaster pointed at him. Boba raised his blaster rifle and fired. A blaster bolt rammed Turbo straight in the chest. Turbo's gun flung forward. His chest jerked backwards and his arms and legs were stretched forward as he was blown back. He hit the ground hard. He lay there for a second and then the pain started. He reached for his chest that was now dripping with blood. "Turbo! No!" Yelled Marl. Marl ran over to him. He knelt next to him. Boba walked towards Racer with his blaster aimed at his head. Racer stared down the barrel. Vasco got up and opened fire on Boba. Boba ducked and took out a thermal detonator. Vasco's eyes widened under his helmet. Boba chucked it towards the remaining marines. It exploded. No one was injured. But, it damaged the platform. It began to crack. "Marl, heads up!" Vas yelled as Marl was helping Turbo.Then there was a loud snap. Half of the platform collapsed. The three marines fell. Vas tried to activate his jetpack. The fall would kill him. It activated and Marl did the same. But, a large splinter of wood whizzed by and sliced open their jetpacks causing them to fall but with less force. They hit the ground hard and remains of wood fell on top of them. Marl had been carrying Turbo. They were buried under some debris and were hurt from the fall. Boba went back to Racer. he aimed his rifle at him. Racer tilted his head a little then he smacked the blaster out of Boba's hand. It flew to the other side of the platform. Racer got up and swung his fist at Boba. Boba dodged. Racer swung again and smacked Boba right in the face. Boba was annoyed now. He swung and his Racer in the head and swung again hitting him in the head again. Then Boba raised his leg and kneed Racer in the stomach. Racer groaned. He fell to the ground. He held himself up with his hand. He stood up and charged at Boba. Boba stepped back and prepared for Racer's strike. Racer swung his fist but it was caught in the hand of Boba. He swung his other and that was also caught. Racer tried pushing and Boba pushed him back. Boba's foot slipped. Racer pushed hard and Boba fell back still holding onto Racer's hand. Racer fell with him. Boba fell off the edge of the platform but gripped the edge. Racer slid off Boba and grabbed Boba's foot. He held on for dear life. Boba looked down at Racer as they dangled on the edge of the platform. Racer stared at him through both of their expressionless helmets. Boba pulled himself on the platform a bit. He pressed a button on his wrist. Spikes were released from Boba's boots. They stabbed Racer's hand. "Ahhhh!" Racer yelped. Racer let go of the boot and he fell. He slammed onto the ground and then did not move at all. Boba climbed to the top of the platform and grabbed his blaster. Boba looked down at Racer. Boba saw Racer's head move. Boba activated his jetpack and flew down there. He landed a few feet in front of Racer. Racer lifted his head up with what little strength he had left. Racer could not feel any of his body. Racer was helpless against Boba Fett. Boba Fett walked slowly towards Racer. Boba held out his blaster rifle. It was pointed at Racer's head. Racer still had his head lifted slightly. Racer was staring at him. Boba Fett fired. The laser bolt hit Racer in the head. He was dead. Boba Fett lowered his rifle. He walked away.

Vasco awoke from being unconscious. He pushed the debris out of his way as fast as he could. He knew Racer was in danger. He stood up. He heard loud engines. Slave 1 was taking off. It flew off the planet. That was not a good sign. Vasco ran as fast as he could around the freighter to below te front of the plat form. He looked up and did not see anyone up there. He looked on the dirt floor around him. To his right he saw Racer laying on the ground. Motionless. "Racer!" Vasco yelled. He ran over to Racer. He plopped down next to him. "Noo!" Vasco screamed in anger. He saw the hole in Racer's helmet. He slid his hands under Racer's head and his upper back. He sat him up a bit and had him lay in his arms. Vasco was devastated. He had known Racer for a long time. Tears formed in Vasco's eyes. Vasco lowered his head.

A Wookiee Gnasp flew in from above the trees and landed. Three wookiees got out. They walked towards Vasco still with Racer. Marl ran over from around the corner and saw them. Marl did not believe his eyes. He saw the body of his Squadleader. Marl dropped to his knees. He zoned out now. Vasco saw Marl and then the tear that had formed in his eye fell. All of the things they had done. Now this. Vasco looked down at Racer.

Vasco Gomes and Marl brought Turbo to a wookiee medical station. He was predicted to make a full recovery. Vasco took out his holoprojector and activated it. It was Luke Docker. " What's going on?" Luke asked. Vasco gulped. "Ra...Racer." Vasco managed to say. Luke was confused. "What?" Asked Luke. "What's wrong with Racer?" "He's gone." Vasco announced. Luke was shocked. He was frozen. He did not even blink. Vas deactivated the hologram.

Their Rebel Alliance was getting smaller and smaller. They were losing so many people. It was time to enlist some new ones.

Retalliation on Kashyyyk

Luke and Rebecca flew to Kashyyyk to rendezvous with the rest of the team. Vasco, Marl, and Turbo were sitting on the balcony of a wookiee treehouse. Luke and Rebecca walked over to them. "Welcome to Kashyyyk." Marl said. "Thank you." Luke said. "I hear you need a ride." Rebecca said to Marl. "Yes, we kinda crashed ours." Marl admitted. "Way to go." Luke said. "It was because of Turbo's lousy piloting!" Marl blamed it on Turbo and he looked up. "Like you could have done any better." Turbo replied. "I could have plopped myself up on the roof of the ship and gave Fett a taste of my baby!" Marl insisted. Rebecca laughed. A wookiee walked into the room. Vasco took out a translator. The wookiee spoke. The translator stated that the wookiee said "Imperial Forces are on their ay towards this settlement." Vasco looked up at the wookiee. "Can we fight them?" Asked Vasco. The wookiee nodded.


Another wookiee walked in. The wookiee had a belt strapped across his chest. He seemed sad. That wookiee's name was Chewbacca. The wookiee Vas had been talking to had dread locks. He was rather muscular. He was


Tarfful, Chewbacca's best friend. Chewie growled. The translator identified it as this: "We survived the assault on the beaches of Kashyyyk when the clones turned on us. We helped Yoda escape." "Yoda is alive?" Asked Luke in disbelief. Chewie nodded his head. Luke turned to Rebecca. It had been weeks
Yoda detail

Jedi Master Yoda

since Order 66 now. Luke hoped Yoda had survived this long. Luke knew Yoda was a strong Jedi. He was sure he had survived. Luke wondered how many Jedi were still alive. He knew some had survived the purge, but the numbers were few. Chewbacca, Tarfful and Vas went into another room to discuss their tactics to defend the villages from the empire. Luke sat down along with Rebecca. He looked out at the trees from the balcony. It was a beautiful sight. But, it would soon be a battlefield. Marl and Turbo both leaned back in their chairs on the balcony.

Two wookiee

Tracking down Darth Vader

The marines arrived at Ryloth Command. They were all in Luke's private quarters. "We need to find a new place to stay." Said Marl from a chair he was sitting in. "Boba Fett could be tracking us." Vasco announced. "I know a place where not many people go to." Luke said. "Where?" Asked Rebecca. Ziro the Hutt's Palace. It has a nightclub there with plenty of rooms. Ever since Ziro was killed not many people go there anymore." Luke said. "I don't know about this." Marl said. Luke smiled. "They have Twi'lek dancers." Luke told Marl. Marl laughed. "That's all I needed to hear. Let's get going!" Marl exclaimed.

Turbo piloted the team's freighter through the busy sky lanes of Coruscant. He flew down into the underworld towards Ziro's nightclub. He found a suitable docking bay and landed the ship there. A ramp extended and Luke followed by Rebecca and Vasco walked out. Luke stopped. He looked up. He could not even see the tops of the buildings around him. Marl and Turbo walked up behind them. "Shall we go in?" Asked Marl. "After you." Said Luke. Marl opened the door and walked in followed by Rebecca, then Luke, then Turbo. Vasco waited outside a few moments and monitored their surroundings. He saw nothing out of the ordinary. Only a drunk Weequay "walking" towards his speeder bike. Vasco turned and went into the club. It was rather dark, with some flashing, colored lights. Vasco saw Luke and Rebecca sitting at the bar speaking with the bartender. Marl was sitting at a table in the corner accompanied by Turbo. Twi'lek dancers were off to the side of the room. Several other Twi'lek dancers were at tables trying to impress customers. Vasco walked over to Luke and sat with him. "I got us two rooms." Luke explained. "Good job." Vasco commended. "Thank you sir." Luke replied. Luke was brought a glass of ale as was Rebecca. Vasco turned to look at Marl behind him with Turbo. Marl had three glasses of ale in front of him and was just brought out his fourth. Turbo was laughing at Marl. Vasco had not seen anyone laugh in a long time. Vasco turned back to Luke who was trying to relax. Vasco was brought a glass and he drank it. "How did we last this long?" Asked Vasco. Luke sensed Vasco was thinking of all the people lost during the Clone War. And how it was simpler then. You knew you were doing the right thing. Not all this sneaking around. "I have no idea." Said Luke. "We just got lucky." Said Rebecca.

Luke knew Vader spent a lot of his time with the Emperor here on Coruscant. This was where they would find him.

Deserting the Empire

Luke, Rebecca, Marl, Vas, and Turbo were all in one room at Ziro the Hutt's night club. Vas was sitting at a small desk. Turbo was sitting in a chair next to it, leaning up against the wall. Marl was laying on a bed with a rotary cannon laying next to him. He was looking at a picture of Katie he kept with him. Luke walked over to him.

"I'm sure she is fine." Luke comforted him. Marl took a deep breath.

"No one is safe on this planet. The senate is corrupt. You can't event trust them to help you tie your shoes for you. They would tie your shoes together!" Marl could work a joke into anything.

"Guys, I have good news, but from another point of view, it's bad news." Vas said all of the sudden. He stood up from the desk and turned to face everyone. "A friend of mine has been monitering Imperial military bases. He came across an old friend of ours." Vasco paused.

Luke squinted his eyes, trying to understand what Vas was saying.

"Colt came out of his coma." Vasco said at last. Luke's eyes widened and he smiled. Turbo and Marl did as well.

"That's great. That little rascal. Nothing can stop him." Marl said with joy. Turbo turned to him and smiled.

"He used to be a clone trooper like us." Turbo said, hinting at Marl to finish the sentence.

"Then he took a blaster bolt to the knee!" Marl finished for him. The two of them burst out laughing.

"As nice as this may seem, the lad is now stuck in the empire. He has to go on missions to kill Jedi. He never knew about order 66. He is just doing as he is told. To him, he is now in an alien world." Vasco explained.

"Then we need to get him out." Luke insisted. Vas nodded.

"Agreed. We can get some stormtrooper armor and just walk in and out of there with him." Vas suggested.

Luke, Marl, and Turbo got dressed in stormtrooper armor. They were provided with a set of ID's to get them inside the military compound.

Vas piloted a repulsor truck to near the compound. Luke, Marl, and Turbo disembarked from the vehicle and walked over to the entrance to the compound. Vas moved the truck into hiding.

Luke, Marl, and Turbo showed the guards their ID's and were waved through to the next security checkpoint. They stopped and slid their ID's into a machine. It sent it back out. They were cleared. They walked on into the base. They stepped inside. It was a huge place.

Luke, Marl, and Turbo now only communicated with eachother via helmet coms. No one outside of their helmets could hear anything they were saying. Aside from Vasco. He was on the radio as well from his comfy seat in the truck.

"Where is Colt, Vas?" Turbo asked as he looked around the open, brightly lit lobby area.

"Most likely in the barracks or on his way to the mess hall. Go to the southeast corner. That is where his unit is stationed at." Vasco explained to them.

"Understood." Luke said calmly. He had done things like this too many times to get antsy now. The thing that was bothering him was, the people that would try to kill him if he was caught, would be people he fought alongside for 3 years.

"Colt had better be alone. It would make our job a lot easier." Marl wished.

"Since when has anything been easy for us?" Turbo asked.

The three of them made it to the southeast corner of the compound. They found a door marked with Colt's unit ID number on it. Luke opened the door. Colt was sitting on a bed in there. He was not alone. Another clone was in there typing on a datapad.

The clone with the datapad stood up. "Can I help you?" He asked.

"What's your identification number?" Luke asked trying to think of an excuse to get him to leave.

"TK-2007. Why? Is there a problem." The clone asked. He seemed nervous.

"Command needs to see you." Luke replied. The clone took a deep breath.

"Alright." He set down his datapad and walked out the door.

Luke, Marl, and Turbo stood still. Colt looked up at them.

"What are you shinies still doing here?" Colt asked. The 3 of them stepped into the room more and the door slid closed behind them.

"We are not shinies." Turbo said firmly.

Colt looked confused. He stood up from his bed.

"I take that as an insult." Marl informed Colt. They took off their helmets to reveal their faces.

"Luke! Marl! Turbo!" Colt said with joy. "Where have you been? You must have been stationed in the outer rim."

Marl looked at Luke then back to Colt.

"Yeah, about that.... we are kind of on the Empire's wanted list. After they started killing Jedi, we did not want to be a part of this." Marl explained.

Colt was shocked. "I have been hearing about a lot of deserters lately. A few months in a coma and you miss so much." Colt said.

Luke thought about something. "Have you heard about any places to desert to?" Luke asked.

Colt thought for a moment. "There was this guy called Skirata or something who was organizing a clone relocation center on Mandalore." Colt remembered.

Skirata. Kal Skirata was a training sergeant on Kamino. Luke knew he could trust him.

"Alright, you are coming with us. Suit up. We are leaving this hell hole." Luke demanded.

"Okay. Where are we going?" Colt asked.

"Another place on Coruscant." Marl answered.

"Then, we are going to find this Skirata." Luke added.

Colt suited up and followed them back to the entrance of the compound.

They made it past security and got back in the repulsor truck.

"Good to have you back, Colt." Vasco said as he patted Colt on the shoulder.

"Thank you, sir." Colt replied.

Vasco sat in the pilot seat and they made their way back to the night club.

When they got there, the club was in flames. The fire department was trying to stop it from spreading to other buildings.

Vas parked the truck and the 5 of them got out, in civilian clothes. Luke walked over to the fire chief.

"What happened?" Luke asked the chief. The chief turned to see him.

"Some nut was fooling around with a cigarrette when he dropped it." The chief explained.

Great, our base of operation was destroyed because some drunk di'kut decided to have a smoke and was as clumsy as a bantha.

How could it get any worse.

Wait, Rebecca stayed behind. She was in there.

"Any casualties?" Luke asked.

"Yes. One so far." The chief replied.


"A female." The chief explained.

No, please no.

"Twi'lek." The chief added.

Thank you.

Luke was relieved it was not Rebecca. But, where was Rebecca.

"Luke!" Rebecca shouted. Luke turned to see her in an alley next to the building. The marines walked over to her.

"I got out as much as I could." She said, gesturing towards a large suitcase jammed with their things.

"Thanks." Marl said gratified.

"Load it into the truck, we will start looking up Skirata." Turbo insisted.

They complied and began loading it into the truck.

Slowing Down Time

The group of deserters were waiting inside a large public hangar. They needed to purchase a transport. Luke was sitting on a bench next to Rebecca. Luke turned to look at Rebecca.

"We are going to need to leave a lot of our old life behind if we go into hiding with Skirata." Luke warned her.

"I know, Luke. We don't have a choice." She replied. Luke could sense her anxiety.

"It's going to be alright. Hopefully we will be able to get to Mandalore smoothly and then we can relax." Luke tried to comfort her.

Luke noticed out of the corner of his eye a patrol of imperial stormtroopers. Luke glanced at Rebecca and the two of them got up. They began to walk away when a voice shouted for them to stop.

Luke stopped and turned slightly. Rebecca reluctantly did the same. The storm troopers were walking directly towards them. Civilians started to walk away to avoid the possible scuffle imperial troops were known to bring. That was good for Luke. He didn't have to worry about missing his target.

Luke was carrying a bag. Inside was a DC-15A blaster. Luke casually popped open the button on the bag. He inched his hand closer and closer to the now open pocket as the storm troopers were a mere 8 feet away.

Then they caught on. They raised their blasters and took one step backwards. Luke pulled out his blaster and
Luke Docker 19 BBY

Luke opens fire on Imperial troops in a public hangar.

opened fire. He and Rebecca dove behind a shipping crate as the stormtroopers fired at them. Several blasts hit the crate and wood splinters shot everywhere. All remaining civilians now ran for their lives to stay away from the crossfire.

"Now what?" Rebeccas asks.

"I don't really know." Luke admitted. He popped up and returned fire on the troopers and then ducked back behind the crate again.

"Hopefully the rest of the guys will hear this ruckus." Luke said nervously. Rebecca grinned slightly.

Suddenly Luke heard more blaster fire. The rate of fire had increased and he heard different types of blasters. He knew what that meant. Help had arrived. He peered over the crate and saw Turbo, Colt, and Marl. Turbo fired off his DC-15 and a stormtrooper absorbed the blast through his chest and he fell on the ground. Luke could smell the singed plastoid from here. 

The stormtroopers were occupied so Luke opened fire on them from his angle. He hit one in the shoulder which caused him to stagger backwards. As he did so, Luke tapped the trigger twice and two laser bolts pounded through the chest of the trooper and forcing him onto the ground. 

Rebecca joined in the fight with her small blaster pistol. Her blast hit a trooper directly in the head. Luke was stunned by her accuracy.

He turned to glance at her and she smiled and continued firing.

Marl ran over to Luke and Rebecca. "You got us a ship?" Luke asked.

"Sure do, on your six." Marl informed them.

Luke ducked down behind the crate and looked behind them. A ship sat there perfect for getting them to Mandalore.

"Rush the ship?" Luke asked.

"Are you crazy? Too much laser fire. We wouldn't make it five feet." Rebecca says as she is knelt down next to Luke behind the crate.

"You got any better ideas?" Luke asked, mawking her.

"Any idea is better than that." Rebecca shouted.

Luke laughed. Marl shook his head.

"You too are both nuts, make up your mind, now!" Marl demanded.

"Fine!" Luke and Rebecca both said at the same time. They looked at eachother in confusion for a moment then grinned.

Luke looked up at Marl who was still firing at stormtroopers. "Is Vas here yet?" Luke asked.

"Negative." Marl answered.

"Luke, I say we just stay here until we pick off the rest of these guys." Marl suggested.

Turbo and Colt fired twice as two troopers popped up from a crate at the same time. The stormtroopers collapsed back onto the ground. The hangar was silent. The marines looked around.

"Well, that went quicker than expected." Marl deducted. Marl began walking towards the ship along with Turbo and Colt.

"You don't say." Luke replied. Luke stood up and turned around. He grabbed Rebecca's hand and hoisted her up onto her feet. She dramatiscized the force he used to get her up and she fell forward leaning up against his chest. Luke wrapped his arms around her. She looked up at him from his chest. "I hope this works, Luke." She said with her voice barely above a whisper. 

"I do, too. It's kinda all we have left." Luke replied in a similar tone. Luke rubbed her back. Rebecca kissed Luke passionately and they stayed that way for a few moments. Luke continued to rub her back as the kiss deepened. Then Luke felt someone's prescence. He pulled away from her but still had her in his arms. He looked to his right.

Vasco has just walked into the hangar and stopped to see the two of them fraternizing. He cleared his throat then smiled.

"Come on you two." He said as they walked onboard the ship. The ship's engine started up and the dented and weathered transport lifted off the ground. It flew out of the hangar and into the sky of Coruscant. It flew past the many skylanes that cluttered morning sky and passed through the planet's atmosphere.

From there, they made the jump to hyperspace.

The ship appeared out of hyperspace in view of the planet, Mandalore. They had finally made it. They were one step closer to peace.

Turbo piloted the ship to grasslands just outside a town/village named Keldabe. He set it down there.

The squad exited the ship and walked towards the town. (unfinished) (I have come up with an ending that I think will satisfy you all. I just dont have them time right now to write it.)

Luke's Family and Friends

FieldCommander Racer(Luke's former Commanding Officer), Vasco Gomes(Luke's Commaning Officer, Trustworthy friend of Luke) Elitemarine Turbo(Comrade, Best friend), Elitescout Marine Key(Comrade, Best friend) John Sentinel(Friend, co-worker), Alpha-Marl Photline(Best friend, Girlfriend is Katie Odoon), Sarah Amadale(Wife of Luke, Turkey, recently promoted to Turkey First-Class, sister of Katie), Jessica Jackson(daughter of Racer and Katie, Niece of Sarah, Ex-wife of Marl.), Katie Odoon(Good friend, Boyfriend is Marl, new name is Leah Jackson), Raxxum Gelvan(Ex-Girlfriend of Luke Docker, co-worker with Luke, ex-wife of Jaller Racer), Jaller Racer(ex-husband of Rax, Son of Racer and Katie.), FieldMarine Cold(Good friend of Luke, Comrade, ex-girlfriend was Sarah.), Alec Graysear(Luke's father, friend of Racer.) Reverk Gelvan( Adoptive father of Raxxum, friend of Luke.) Luke's mother(Unknown name, deceased)

Sarah AmadaleReverk GelvanMarl faceGladiator1 VascoJohn SenitinelLuke Docker face 2Turbo faceKey face

Left to right: Sarah Reverk Marl Vasco John Luke Turbo Key

Sarah Amadale

AlphaMarl Photoline

John Sentinel/Doolosh

Vasco Gomes

Alpha119 Turboblast

FieldCommander Racer

Jaller Racer

FieldMarine Cold

Republic Marine Havoc Squad

You can view the squad page here: Republic Marine Havoc Squad. Some of the infor is a bit outdated however. Near the bottom is updated info.

Squadleader Racer is the leader of the squad. Whoever keeps deleting this part of the wiki needs to stop! I am
Galactic marine

A Republic Marine

warning you! I will find out who you are! I will find your wiki and I will screw it up too. I put a lot of time and effort into my wiki and apparently you don't care about me or the people in our squad. So this is your final warning before I go all order 66 on you! Please! STOP!

Squadleader Racer -Captain

Alpha130 Coldline -First Lieutenant

Vasco Gomes -First Lieutenant

Commander Spike -Second Lieutenant

Luke Docker -Second Lieutenant

Ghost Farewalker -Admiral

AlphaMarl Photoline- Warrant Officer

Marines in action

Marines in action

Galactic Marines 2

Marines on Mygeeto

The marines have many different armor types and are worn by various squad members. Each Marine has a role in the squad besides their rank. They are brothers in arms. They help out each other.
Vasco training havoc squad members

Vasco training squad members

The squad has gone through many hard times. But, they still manage to pull through only learning from the experiences. The Marines have worked with many different divisions of clone troopers. They have communicated with Arc troopers running ops
ARC Troopers

The Arc troopers

and many other things. The Havoc squad has a large training course on Kamino much like the one Echo, Fives, Hevy, Droidbait, and Cutup used. There are many pics below of it. It is pretty big. Pretty accurate to. It is a great course for the young marines. Squadleader Racer did a good job making it. The training course has been visited many times by our higher ranked Marines and is used as practice for them. Luke Docker and Cold Sniperline ran the course and passed. Racer made an observation deck and sniper towers on the course. The pictures on here have many people at the training course. Those people were Squadleader Racer, Vasco Gomes, Cold Sniperline, Lily Storm, Ghost Farewalker, Luke Docker, Lord Skyweave, Nivaru Atauwa, and Jett Aryxrider. All of these squad members enjoyed the challenge of the course and commended Racer on a job well done. Sergeant Greenwizard was also there and made it to the objective at the top of the wall. Many tried. Many failed. Lily kept getting really close to it but fell back down the wall. Green may have had an advantage though because after all he is a Jedi. They are very acrobatic. Ghost Farewalker also ran the course.

Wiki Awards


During January 2012, Luke was voted to be the on the wiki wordmark for the CWA Character Wiki for the month of February 2012. Luke won featured character on the wiki for April 2014. The vote was decided by a compilation of the votes he had received since 2011.