Vote!, for Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki's monthly Featured Character. The featured character will have their page featured on the homepage throughout all of the Month! To get your character's name on a poll, all you have to do is make him/her a page. *Once a poll is up, we can not add more names, if you have created a page and your character name is not on the poll, it is most likely because; A) you have already won in the past. or B) you created your page after the poll was made. Unfortunately we are unable to add anymore character names until the poll is reset at the end of the month.

Requirements to win:

  • Article must have at least 3 paragraphs.
  • Article must be family friendly
  • Article must not contain offensive remarks
  • Article must be about a character in the game of Clone Wars Adventures
  • Author/character/person must not have won Featured Character in the past

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