RinQual Gorgshriek

War Was Raging between the CIS and Republic. As Rin Was Growing up he was little....then a little bit bigger. as he grew he join the army to fight for freedom against the CIS. he got discharged from the army because he got a wound in the neck and the forearm. as he moved on he moved to his Mustafar Palace there we would be safe in the outer rim territiories

Outer Rim Life

As Rin Moved on from the army he had made many changes as to making new freinds and living as a different life. he was glad he Moved to the outer rim where CIS and Dark Nebula Pirates woun't get him

Dark Nebula Hunt

As RinQual Destroyed Nova Town And Dark Nebula Spaceport Xalandra Kicked Him out so he never spoke to her and the other pirates again. he thought if he snuck in and bugged her she would get mad. Well She did as if i was a ghost she didn't care she went on with her life .

Master Calo

Master Calo was Rins First Master of the Ways Of THe Force he was surprised that i'd learn that quick. he always belived in Rin and his other padawans so he never let calo down

Jedi Temple Life

As Rin was Drafted in the Jedi Council he developed skills many useful skills that which had potential he could interogate,persuade,or etc.

Husband And Wife

As RinQual Moved on He Married A Women Named Janiel Cryoforge. the Sister of Calo Katar My Old Master

he was the one who tranied me