"Anyone can make a difference . . . whether it is good or not." ~ SaiTorr Ecwropri to a Clone Recruit in battle.

SaiTorr Ecwropri
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47 BBY




2.12 Meters

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  • Rise of The Empire era
  • Rebellion Era


  • Galactic Republic
  • Grand Army of the Republic
  • Minions Of The Force
  • Pulse Squad
  • Survivors Of The Siege


SaiTorr Ecwropri, or better known as SaiTorr "Shipclanker", was a red-skinned Togrutan from the Planet Shili. He was born from a famous smuggler, Thashi Ecwropri, who had to hide SaiTorr from a gang called The Hooked Thieves, who hunted them down. SaiTorr's mother was killed by the gang, but SaiTorr himself was handed up for adoption before her death and later was adopted by a Togrutan Couple. The Hooked Thieves hunted SaiTorr down throughout his childhood, which made a mysterious situation for his family.

At age 24, SaiTorr graduated from school and became a representative for the planet of Shili. The long forgotten Hooked Thieves had made a new unexpected presense in his life. All too many times had he realized of becoming victim of assassination attempts by the gang. SaiTorr worked with the popular togrutan senator Torvad Deesho in the senate , however, overtime SaiTorr learned Deesho's corrupt manner and the corruption in the senate. Because of this, he was looked on as a political radical trying to restore democratic values. When Rumors spread of Count Dooku starting an anti-Repubic Alliance, tensions rose in the Senate. SaiTorr ultimately decided to join the Republic in the fight against Dooku's Separatist Alliance in what would be known as the Clone Wars.

SaiTorr served under Jedi Master Ectah Sem for the first year of the Clone wars, rising through the ranks in only a handful of battles. Sem was a key role-model to SaiTorr, and they both relied on each other through many trying times. SaiTorr, Sem, and their squad , Pulse Squad, were commissioned to fight a Separatist Invasion on Ryloth in the Clone wars. However, the Separatists wiped out almost all of their resistance, including the Jedi General Ima-Gun Di, and Master Sem. Less than half of Pulse Squad remained, including SaiTorr, yet they all retreated to Cham Syndulla's resistance. Several Weeks later, help arrived from the Republic, and SaiTorr was part of Ryloth's Final liberation.

After Ryloth, SaiTorr was recruited by a secret Republic strike-team commanded under Chancellor Palpatine called Minions Of The Force. With their aided Teamwork, SaiTorr defeated The Hooked Thieves and ended countless other battles. in 20 BBY, SaiTorr uncovered a secret separatist excavation, which would eventually lead to a developing plot involving tracking down Count Dooku. Commanders in Minions Of The Force split across the galaxy to search of more information on what the Separatists had been excavating. The battles lead to a search on Korriban , where SaiTorr uncovered a Sith Resistance, more than 40 members strong. The Events on Korriban were kept in close regard to the Minions. However, after uncovering another of the Separatist's excavations on Kamino , the Minions attempted to cease their operation, but ultimately failed. In the aftermath, Minions Of The Force was disbanded by order of the Chancellor.

Shortly After the events of Kamino, Chancellor Palpatine summoned SaiTorr to a private meeting, regarding a mission to take down mass weapons of war engineered by the Separatists using materiels acquired through excavating. SaiTorr was unconvinced that the Republic would hinder the weaponry threat, but the promotion to Major Urged him to accept the task. The Republic Strike on the Separatist's Experimental Weaponry located on Umbara ultimately failed, casualties amounting to two Companies worth of troops being Killed, and springing SaiTorr in Separatist Custody.

Both Former Members of Minions andSpecial Ops Members serving with SaiTorr in the strike attempted to persuade the Chancellor again and again to authorize a search, though never had he considered it. The Members agreed to perform an unauthorized hunt for SaiTorr, which eventually lead them to a hidden Separatist Prison that revealed more data regarding the excavations. The Separatists needed the components of the excavations to gain access to an Infinity Gate , a teleportation device created by the ancient Kwa. With the Infinity Gates, the Separatists would be put at a major millitary advantage. The rescue team, including SaiTorr, were reorganized into a new covert strike group employed by the Chancellor, coded Survivors.

Soon after organizing ambushes against the Separatist's excavations, they had realized a new, and more dangerous party; the Sith Resistance, the same discovered on Korriban by SaiTorr. The Sith had old connections to the Separatists and used their data to betray them; they were already ahead of Survivors and the Separatists. Survivors redirected their attention to beating the Sith Resistance, which eventually lead to finding the Infinity Gates.

The Search for the Infinity Gates lead them to stumbling upon a Star Temple buried deep in Coruscant's Underworld . The Sith were destroyed, along with the Star Temple, but the efforts of Survivors were ruined after Order 66 in 19 BBY. The entire group were offered positions in The Galactic Empire . SaiTorr nearly escaped with his life after confronting the Chancellor on the order. He retreated to a peaceful settlement on Carlac , where, at which, he was never seen again.


Childhood (47 BBY - 35 BBY)

"We will name him SaiTorr. He is our child." ~ Miro Ecwropri, adopting SaiTorr

Bad Connections

"I'm not hiding anything from you . . . I'm a busy woman as you know, there are some things I have to keep for the greater good. ." ~ Thashi to her employer, Defet Ren

SaiTorr Ecwropri was born in 47 BBY in his mother's hometown on Shili. Her mother, Thashi Sarphota, was a popular smuggler, who had several dealings with The Bounty Hunters' Guild. Because of this Alliance, the extending gangs in the Guild were familiar with her name. When her preganancy arrived, she commenced an eight-month radio silence to hide her secret from the guild. Because of the absence of her loyal assistance to her usual employers, they would eventually place death threats to Thashi's allies. This caused the divorce of Thashi and SaiTorr's father.

Screen03 trandoshan full

Defet Ren, and the Trandoshan Compound on Balmorra

When SaiTorr was born, she was forced to hide him from her well known employers. Two weeks past SaiTorr's Birth, Thashi decieved one of the gangs The Hooked Thieves, in order to hide the truth of her child, but accidentily revealed her thievery of The Bounty Hunter' Guild. The Trandoshan gang lethally chased her out of their compound located on Balmorra , as she barely escaped alive.

The Hooked Thieves continued to pursue her for crimes against the Guild. Keejas Ren, the son of the leader of The Hooked Thieves, was praised for hunting her down to Tatooine and assassinating her. Before her death, Thashi made a critical decision to hand SaiTorr over to an adoption center on Coruscant. Fortunately, he was adopted by a loving Togrutan couple; Miro and Deebos Ecwropri.

Troubled Childhood

Miro: "Where did you get all this money?" SaiTorr: "I don't know" Miro: "SaiTorr Ecwropri, do not tell me you stole this money." SaiTorr: "I would never do such a thing mom. A good man gave it to me on the streets" ~ SaiTorr to his step-mother

SaiTorr grew up in the atmosphere of an economically hindered family with two older brothers, Kintro and Fontom Ecwropri, yet the circumstances taught SaiTorr to live with few. He had no one to clarify any family history or anything of his unknown parents' past. The Hooked Thieves may have seemed absent from his life, though their operations that spread throughout Coruscant allowed them to keep an eye on SaiTorr. He was as well known for receiving many nightmares, often including what SaiTorr described as a 'Lizard man', an indication of the Trandoshan Mercenaries.

At age seven, admidst a day SaiTorr walked down Coruscant Streets angered with family matters, a cloaked figure approached and kidnapped him. The hooded man never explained his intentions, though only warned SaiTorr to not walk down the streets alone. As it turned out, the man had saved him from a kidnap attempt by a Hooked Thieves Agent. He forcefully took SaiTorr to his apartment and kept him there, up until morning, where the man insisted on returning SaiTorr to his home. He never revealed his name, but only left him with 300,000 credits.

SaiTorr's parents were relieved for his return, but they were concerned with where he recieved so many credits. Faced with the question of where the credits came from, he could not tell. SaiTorr's parents avoided trying to find the rightful owner of the credits, as it could bring the wrong kind of attention and cause harm. After waiting two weeks for an owner, none presented themselves. Ultimately, they decided to use the credits to send SaiTorr and his brothers to an Academy on their homeworld of Shili. Their parents also followed. Their differing ages and different learning courses sepearated the brothers, and SaiTorr was allowed very few contact with his parents.

Represenative (23 BBY - 22 BBY)

"The people of the Republic want what's best. I do little as a Represenative, though I believe we'll make a good team." ~ SaiTorr, meeting Deesho

The Influence of Corruption

"There is no doubt a conspiracy at hand." ~ Jack Blanaster, on the matter of The Hooked Thieves

After graduating from school, SaiTorr had the proper training to be accepted as a represenative for his homeworld of Shili. He was welcomed by the senator Servad Deesho, an extermely influencial senator for Shili. However, sooner than SaiTorr thought, he saw through the corruption of the Galactic Senate -- most acts passed were either done in financial benefit to the senators themselves, shuned support and funding to bankrupt worlds, or were not decided in a democratic manner. SaiTorr was shocked, and further again and again tried to push the values of a true democracy. Never had it been succesful, and sometimes had it been costly to the Senate's well-being.


SaiTorr Ecwropri during the Malastare Conflict.

During his time in the Senate, SaiTorr was asked to assist in a diplomatic negotiation with Deesho to guarentee relief support for smuggling operations of fuel done by pirates on Malastare. SaiTorr mistakedly overstepped his power by interrupting the direct negotiation of Deesho. The on-spot arguing eventually caused the Malastare King to deny Republic aid, a costly refusual, as an alliance with Shili and Malastare would of greatly helped Shili's fading economy. The arguments lead SaiTorr to distrust Deesho as a heavily corrupted senator, a strong represenatation of the Galactic Senate.

Threat of the Senate

"If you want to understand your place, you'll do and say what I want you to from here on. Do you understand me?" '"What game is this, Deesho?" "It's not a game anymore, SaiTorr." - Deesho's initial threat to SaiTorr.

Months after Malastare, SaiTorr was privately threatened by Deesho and other senators to cease disrespecting his position in the Senate. SaiTorr refused, he knew restoring democratic sense was the most important factor for the Senate to cooperate. He was extremely insistent, up to the point where Deesho was forced to demonstrate his underworld influence to SaiTorr.


SaiTorr and his Aid, Jack

Two Months after these warnings, Coruscant Police Department contacted SaiTorr, informing that his parents were found dead at Coruscant Spaceport. The murderer was never caught, as police searches were unsuccesful, however, who was behind the murder has become apparent. Deesho revealed to SaiTorr that he was reponsible for calling the death of his step parents. Furious, he attempted to sue Deesho, but ultimatey lost with little proof. His efforts in the senate now had little purpose. Now, he decided to keep his mouth closed.


"I'll be fine Jack. I think these senators would prefer it if I held a gun parsecs from here rather in front of their faces. That's what I was prepared to do, at least" - SaiTorr to his aid, Jack on leaving for the Clone War.

In 22 BBY, rumors spread of an exiled Jedi, Count Dooku, was forming an anti-Republic alliance. When confirmation of Jedi held hostage by the newly formed Separatist Alliance on Geonosis reached, a vote for use of a Clone army was in order. SaiTorr voted in favor of a clone army's use, and the poll was ultimately agreed upon. Unfortunately, the clones were not enough to stop the Separatists from escaping Geonosis, so the conquest of worlds began. Because of this news, SaiTorr made a tough decision to resign from being a represenative, and joining the Republic in their new fight against the Separatists.


SaiTorr's crafted blaster, Ironically named 'The One Eye'

The wherabouts of politicians he knew meant little now as he was leaving for a war. Jack Blanaster, a close friend and his personal aid during his time as a represenative would take SaiTorr's positon in the senate. SaiTorr would not see Jack again for a long time. Thankfully, the Republic Millitary accepted foriegn allies early on; eventually, this would not be so, due to the Alienation Regulation Act; the Republic Millitary would be restricted to just clones. Regardless, SaiTorr had a keen feeling about his monivations for fighting. He believed that freedom was the right of all species, and that the sooner this new war ended, the better. A new war, that would soon be known as the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars begins (22 - 21 BBY)

"I'm not a clone. Does that mean I can shoot a blaster? No. Does it mean I can't wear your armor? Well, you have a point there . . ." ~ SaiTorr arguing with a Clone Trainer.

A Togrutan in a Clone Army

Hacker: "You've used one of those blasters before, right kid?" SaiTorr: "Shut it, just cover me!" ~ SaiTorr and Hacker at Muunilinst.

After resigning from the Senate, SaiTorr was transported to the water world of Kamino to begin combat training. The Kaminoans discovered how slowly SaiTorr undertook combat training. SaiTorr, as his days as a represeative, was durable and persistent; His training lasted for three months before being fully recognized as a Republic soldier. Once SaiTorr had completed combat training, he was deported to his first Jedi General, Jedi Master Ectah Sem. Sem was an experienced Zabrak Master who commanded a popular clone company, Pulse Company. SaiTorr looked up to Sem for advice and as a role-model to himself in the first few months of fighting.


Ectah Sem, Jedi General of Pulse Squad.

SaiTorr's first mission with Pulse Squad and Master Sem was to the planet of Muunilinst. Their mission was to help the Republic Forces in destroying droid factories built. He struggled to fight the droid forces but emerged victorious with Pulse Company. Commander Hacker guided SaiTorr through the battle and protected him from danger, but in the end died from droid forces. SaiTorr remembered Hacker and the battle. The horror of war would not completely phase in quite yet.

While slow to learn at first, SaiTorr became a valued soldier throughout the war, and was awarded for his victories in battle. Though, being the possible only Togrutan in the clone army expected some challengers; SaiTorr could not use usual clone armor, especially helmets, and would not recieve custom gear for over a year. New soldiers would also persist to play racsit jokes on SaiTorr. Eventually, the banter wore off and he was respected as a true soldier. Ectah Sem recognized SaiTorr's talent of combat, and was allowed to promote him throughout a series of Battles. By the seventh month of the war, SaiTorr's fourth month participating, he was a Lieutenant.

The First Year's Fights

SaiTorr: "You got a name?" Phact: "Of course, just call me General Phact, I'll be seeing you in Separatist Prison one day." ~ SaiTorr and Phact on Christophsis

During the First year of the Clone wars, Pulse Company was assigned to uncover a secret mining operation on Christophsis. Unsusprisingly, it was conducted by the Separatist Alliance to search for a weapons crystal. Sem, 


SaiTorr as a Sergeant

SaiTorr and Pulse Company confronted the Separatists and their General, a Pantoran named Phact. The encounter lead them through the planet's under-surface, which clearly the separatists understood more about. Phact was cornered by SaiTorr and captured. He meant the general first-hand; this would not be the last time the two crossed paths. The crystals were handed to Republic scientists for further study.

A few days after the events on Christophsis, General Grievous boarded Pulse Company's cruiser , The Renegade. The company sprung to action to detain him and cease his effort to free Prisoner Phact. SaiTorr himself confronted Grievous in close-quarters combat. He succesfully warded off Grievous and forced him to retreat the ship, as was his cowardly character. Despite his retreat, SaiTorr was congradulated for his efforts. The encounter proved SaiTorr's skill in melee combat, a skill that would unknowingly greatly assist him in the future.


General Phact

One other notable battle with SaiTorr's time in Pulse Company was a Separatist March onGlee Anslem . The fogged shrouded enviroment of the planet made it increasingly difficult to fight the Droid Army. SaiTorr ended up losing his position with the Company at nightfall, and attempted to find his way back. He had no methods of communication, but stumbed upon the Separatists Landing Bay. Eventually, he reunited with the company and lead them to the landing bay. The Separatists were forced to surrender and left Glee Anslem. Once again, SaiTorr proved to be skilled in Field Reconessaince.

Battle of Ryloth

Clone Trooper: "I'm sorry Lieutenant. We couldn't fend them off." SaiTorr: "No Trooper, I'm sorry." ~ SaiTorr and remaininders of Pulse Company retreat from battle.

In the first year of The Clone Wars, Pulse Company was commisioned to fight on the planet of Ryloth. Clone Intelligence deduced that a Separatist invasion would soon become eminent on the planet. In response, The Republic sent mixed resistances to hold off the incoming invasion. SaiTorr received a rare invitation to join a Jedi War meeting along with Master Sem beforehand. There, SaiTorr met many unique Jedi, who would later become very familiar allies in SaiTorr's life.

Pulse Company entered an already prepared battlefield before their personal outpost on Ryloth. They viewed the Separatists' invasion in progress from here. However, they would never be fully prepared for the strengh of the Separtists' Invasion. Miles away was Jedi Master Ima Gun Di's outpost and troops, which blocked the passage to Pulse Company's base. The droid army wiped out all of Ima Gun Di's forces, with only the Twi'leks to inform Pulse Company of the droids' advance.

SaiTorr, Sem, and Pulse Company were in for more than they originally anticipated they would be. The Squad defended their base to the best of their efforts, but the Droids were unstopable. Sem made a bold move by striking deep from within the droid's march, but

SaiTorr and Pulse Squad defend Ryloth.

was shot and killed by an Armored Assualt Tank (AAT). SaiTorr snatched Sem's saber and took it with him. Morst of Pulse Company was slaughtered by the end of the attack. SaiTorr and a hanful few troopers retreated from the base. They hid with Cham Syndulla, a Twi'lek freedom fighter, and his small resistance elsewhere on Ryloth.

Weeks later, the Republic finally emerged to the planet's surface, after defeating the Separatist's blockade. Days later, Jedi Master Mace Windu uncovered the resistance and recruited their help in the final liberation of the planet. SaiTorr, The Twi'leks, and the familiar Jedi from the war meeting all assissted in the final liberation of Ryloth. SaiTorr was rewarded for his help in the liberation, and returned to the war. Master Aphotic, a prominent Jedi Master and war startegist, who was held in high regards to Chancellor Palpatine, was impressed with SaiTorr's strength in combat. Ryloth turned out to be a battle he would never forget. From Ryloth onward, SaiTorr used Sem's lightsaber and trained himself how to use it in combat. It was his last surviving memory of Master Sem.

An Echo of the Past (21 BBY)

"I can't change the past, believe me, I would of if I could of, It's my foundation, and I'm making the most out of it." ~ SaiTorr, confronted by Hav

Minions Of The Force

Mace: "Your presence has been requested on Coruscant. A new group awaits you." SaiTorr: "Ah, finally. A new Company?" Mace: "Not quite." ~ A Holo conversation between Master Windu and SaiTorr


Grievous and the CIS conquer Duro.

The war continued for SaiTorr and the rest of the Galaxy, except things were not the same. SaiTorr was recruited to assist in numerous battles under several generals. No battaltion SaiTorr served in was a permanent alliance. The last two members of Pulse Company, "Ramp" and "Swipe" followed SaiTorr in missions, as the survivors of the company. Unfortunately, they were both killed during a Separatist attack on Devaron.

Because of the deaths SaiTorr witnessed during the Clone Wars, he learned to respect every trooper who fought, despite the effort or lack-of they displayed in battle. During the Battle of Duros, SaiTorr was contacted by Master Windu, of the Jedi Council. He was requested to return to Coruscant to join a new group. The Republic secured his escape to the best of their effort. Fortunately, SaiTorr escaped the planet alive, barely being shot down by the Separatist fleet orbiting the planet. However, he later learned that the battle of Duros ended in the Separatists' favor.

SaiTorr arrived on Coruscant to be acquainted to Eleven other mixed figures. Of the eleven were a couple notable Jedi, Republic officers, a few mercenaries, and a bounty unter. He wondered why he was summoned to join such an odd group, but he soon found out. SaiTorr and the eleven Members together would form a Republic Strike group, that would perform covert operations unknown outside of the Jedi Council and the Chancellor. He recognized the Jedi as the same Jedi who participated in the Ryloth Liberation earlier in the year. He was glad to be reacquainted to them, and believed they were the reason he was requested to join the group. The group was code-named Minions Of The Force.

In the group was the powerful and respected Jedi Master Aphotic, who was the designated leader. Aphotic was a Togrutan, which thrilled SaiTorr to know that someone else of his race fought for the

Master Aphotic, leader of Minions Of The Force.

Republic. There were several other mixed members, such as Yoruichii Shiouin, Republic Jedi General Crookvi Zla, Scientist Rand Zeltadancer and Countess Fairlight. SaiTorr also met two seemingly suspicious Jedi, Jirak Badine and Ryu Dihel, who seemed to have an altered perspective of usual Jedi morals. But most significant of all, was the long orange-haired bounty hunter named Hav, who was incredibly respectful to SaiTorr. He later would discover that he was none other than one of his father's closest friends.

The Hooked Thieves Return

Hav: "I knew your father, your mother too. You should trust me, your father would want it. SaiTorr: "Who you knew doesn't mean anything to who you are." Hav: "Who I am, is someone who wants to help you, and what this is, is a life or death matter. ~ Hav's confirmation with SaiTorr

The Week that followed SaiTorr's recruitment to Minions Of the Force led to SaiTorr's surprise to the groups' invulnerability to battle. He really felt that he was among some of the greatest warriors the Republic had ever organized. However, a reoccurring threat would soon approach the Minions. The Hooked Thieves, a forgotten assailant of SaiTorr's past, would surface soon enough.


Keejas Ren

During a night the Minions were privaleged rest on Coruscant, Hav snuck SaiTorr away to his private apartment. Here, he explained to him that the Hooked Thieves would be attempting an attack on him soon. Because of SaiTorr's mother, Thashi, and her deception to the Bounty Hunter Guild years before, the gang noticed a relation between her and SaiTorr. Ordered by Dooku to assassinate SaiTorr, the Bounty Hunter Guild, led by Cradossk, decided to use the oppurtunity to please the Scorekeeper for the harm conveyed by Thashi in her treasonous acts.

Cradossk put the duty to a trusted member of the Guild, Keejas Ren, who was also the current leader of The Hooked Thieves. Keejas Ren was responsible for the death of Thashi years before and was a master sniper. Hav also revealed that rumor had it that the gang hired mercenaries trained in the dark side to hunt him down. Eventually, SaiTorr questioned Hav's reliability, and then revealed that he was a close friend of SaiTorr's true father, though he would not offer any details on who he was. Because of this, SaiTorr's trust was not well placed and did not trust Hav's warnings. However, soon enough SaiTorr would be proven wrong.

Ambush Above Russan

Keejas: "Ready to be presented before the guild, Blind cretin?!" SaiTorr: "One eyed I may be, but blind, I am not!" ~ SaiTorr in response to Keejas Ren.

Days later, in orbit of the planet Russan, the rumored dark side mercenaries revealed themselves, and it turned out to be none other than Jirak and Ryu, hidden members in Minions. In a surprise attack, they wounded Master Aphotic and crippled their Attack Cruiser Renegade, barely sustaining itself from crashing into Russan. SaiTorr's mechanical mind and quick thinking led him to hot-wiring the cruiser to convert any available power to the repulsor lifts and engines. SaiTorr used Ectah Sem's Lightsaber to defend himself from the mercenary's attacks, a clear demonstartion of SaiTorr's aptitude in Melee Combat. While the Sith were too Powerful for anyone to confront alone, SaiTorr did his best to stall them, but damaged The Renegade in the process.


Darth Jirak Attacks SaiTorr

Soon came the Hooked Thieves who boarded The Renegade in low atmosphere of Russan; their intention was clear. The Minions fended off Jirak, Ryu, and the Trandoshan thugs to protect SaiTorr from being killed. SaiTorr directly fled the ship through the Main Bridge, but his escape was met by a confrontation with Keejas Ren. Keejas wanted to be given credit for bringing SaiTorr before the Guild, but his choice resulted in his demise. Keejas wounded SaiTorr in combat, stabbing him from the back and clawing his right eye. Right before Keejas's seeming moment of victory and SaiTorr's death, he fought back and struck Ren in the heart with his own knife, which permanently killed him. His dead body flew from the Outside Bridge Hull, into the atmosphere of Russan, and was never to be seen again.

It seemed as though The Hooked Thieves were winning against the Minions, but in a surprising turn, Flaregleam, a member of the Thieves helped the Minions and captured the remaining gang members on the ship. Though, eventually, the dark side mercenaries escaped Russan Alive. The Republic held the gang in custody, which eventually led to a peace treaty between The Bounty Hunter Guild and the Republic, stating that neither would interfere with each other's affairs, and be allowed Safe Hyperspace routes.

In the aftermath of the ambush, SaiTorr survived from the stabbing, and received a robotic eye in replacement for his right eye lost in the battle. The Renegade, the cruiser the fight took place on, survived the battle and was later repaired. The Hooked Thieves Hunt for SaiTorr had truly ended, a hefty relief indeed. Aphotic promoted SaiTorr to Captain, and was moved as second-in-command of Tail Company led by Aphotic. Unfortunately, Hav was killed in the battle, and SaiTorr had lost possibly his only real contact to his true parents. It was a costly victory that he would always be remember. Overtime, SaiTorr's reputation grew, and he adopted the war-time nick-name The Shipclanker for barely saving the Renegade.

An Ancient War Begins (20 BBY)

"No conflict ever ends, it only hides where we are too doubtful to know." ~ SaiTorr, loosely quoting something Master Sem told him.

Captured on Devaron

Gathe: "Looks like a real hole we got ourselves in. There's no way out!" SaiTorr: "There's always a way out . . . sometimes it just takes a while to find it." ~ SaiTorr and Commander Gathe Trapped in a Separatist prison cell.

SaiTorr Ecwropri continued to fight for Minions Of The Force by the second year of the Clone wars, but he was eventually welcomed to the same type of situations before he was recruited. Because of the new rank of General that he obtained, he was given a personal Squad under his command and under the command of every other member of Minions Of the Force. SaiTorr nicknamed the group "Shipclanker Squad", after he noticed their talent to damage air units from the ground. The Squad's name eventually led to SaiTorr

SaiTorr and Gathe fighting on the surface of Devaron.

's nickname, Shipclanker, which became often confused with his Sur-name.

At a certain point in the Second year of the Clone Wars, SaiTorr and Shipclanker squad were assigned to assualt a Separatist stronghold on the world of Devaron with Jedi Eeth Koth's unit, Horn Company. SaiTorr's squad was paired with the Squad of another clone Commander, CC-1213, or preferred to as "Gathe", a popular Commander in the War. Shipclanker Squad and Gathe's squad made it to the landing zone, but were thwarted by the Droid Army. Instead of fighting off the heavy droid resistance, the group surrendered, which was an unlikely situation for SaiTorr indeed.

The Squads were imprisoned within The Devaron Stronghold. Most of the Squad troopers were imprisoned in different groups, but SaiTorr and Gathe were placed in the same cell. The troopers resided here for days, until Eeth Koth's company became imprisoned here as well. Breaking out seemed like an impossible chance, But SaiTorr stayed resorceful. At one point, Phact had extracted SaiTorr for interrogation. In the midst of the interrogation, Phact questions SaiTorr about a supposed Separatist excavation he believes they are behind. SaiTorr is completely unaware of this, but is benefited by new knowledge.

After over a day of inprisonment, SaiTorr was eventually sent to be brainwashed. While the brainwash had a usually affective difference on most, he some how resisted it, and used that to his advantage to break free. By himself he snuck through the stronghold and one by many freed the Republic prisoners. Using the Stronghold's communication systems, he sent a message to the Republic Fleet to attack the planet's blockade once again. With that, Horn Company rigged the stronghold to blow and successfully completed their mission. All on the stronghold was destroyed, except for General Phact and a hired bounty hunter named Lax Bullen. Phact had only one last haven on the planet before the Republic would find him.

A New Plot

Aphotic: "Phact has revealed much about the mineral and Dooku's intentions for it now. We'll be sent to two worlds, Avishan and Rhen Var to find it. SaiTorr: "Is this really worth Republic resources?" Aphotic: "For the future's sake, we're hoping so." ~ SaiTorr and Aphotic meet in the Jedi Temple War Room

The Republic Fleet, including the Minions of The Force Cruiser named Renegade, showed up to occupy the Separatist Blockade. Master Aphtoic, aboard Renegade sent a stealth crusier down to the planet to aid SaiTorr and the other survivors. The rest became aware of the 'Separatist Excavation' Phact had mentioned, and was believed detected after a planet scan. With that, Horn Company attacked the excavation, overwhelmed the separatists and arrested General Phact. Before the Republic Fleet could be destoryed, Horn Company escaped the planet and boarded Renegade. However, one of the Separtist ships launched a boarding frigate, carrying the Sith Warrior, Darth Jirak, to stop SaiTorr and the Jedi. Jirak was overwhelmed and accidentily killed. All that was recalled after his death was his final quote, "Fist Shall Rise, for we are many!" This strange outcome puzzled them, but there was no time to think on it.

After returning to Coruscant, The Jedi Council was made aware of Jirak's presence, death, and warning.
Showdown at Devaron

The Renegade over Devaron

Eventually Phact was interrogated based on the Excavation on Devaron. The reasoning behind it soon revealed itself. Count Dooku had tasked the Phact's force to search for an ancient and nearly non-existant mineral commonly used in Sith Holocrons, called Messarite. Why Dooku Wanted this mineral hadn't been mentioned to Phact, but all had known was the pay was well worth it. Concerned of Dooku's intentions with the mineral, both the Chancellor and the Jedi Council authorized a further investigation on this matter.

After a week of research and handed knowledge from Phact, The Jedi Council determined two locations of this mineral: Rhen Var and Avishan. Spec Ops being tasked with the two operations, SaiTorr was officially inducted into Spec Ops, where he would remain for a substantial time. In only two days, the two teams were sent out to investigate Separatist activity on both planets. Little did any of them know that Lax Bullen was present on Coruscant, waiting to ignite his next move.

Trail of the Sith

"I don't waste lives, Major. We're not getting reinforcements on this mission. Your rank doesn't scare me either, so go report me to your Spec Ops Cronies, see what it does." ~ SaiTorr questioning Knot's orders on Rhen Var SaiTorr was stationed in the Rhen Var investigation, serving with another Spec Ops battalion, commanded by Major Knot, who hailed from the planet of Correlia. His troops however, where quite a mixed crowd. Some of the soldiers origianted from worlds, such as Iridonia, Pantora, and Nar Shadda. SaiTorr fit in quite easily to the Spec Ops team; he was granted a commanding rank for the operation.

From the moment SaiTorr met Knot, he was given the slightest displeasure of working with the Major. Knot's ways were reckless and often seemed poorly directed, but in the end, his soldeirs came out victorious. SaiTorr was driven to the point of even competing against the Major by directing his troops a certain way from his. As the Sepatatists stepped up their offensives, this became a dangerous game. SaiTorr and Knot were challenged to their first mission together to the barren world on Rhen Var, set on eliminating any droid resistance.


SaiTorr and Knot's Battalion battle charge the stronghold

Upon Arrival, they quickly uncovered a Separatist commanded Stronghold. Knot's common ego stumbled over SaiTorr's strategy to attack the stronghold. Knot insisted on a swift attack into the stronghold. SaiTorr suggested to sneak through the underground ice mines into the stronghold instead. After a minor argument between the two officers, SaiTorr's Strategy was finally agreed on. However, their plan ended out in a troubled result. The Separatists disovered their forces in the ice mines, and in response deployed hundreds of bombs to trap them. SaiTorr and Knot's men ended up racing out of the Ice mines, back out to the open surface of Rhen Var. As it resulted, Knot's strategy would be seen through.

In their charge on the stronghold, the forces of SaiTorr and Knot were rapidly picked off my immense Separatist weapons. They now struggled to achieve their secondary objective: capture the blueprints for these weapons. The troops eventually stormed past the defenses and prepared an attack to the heart of the stronghold, but many died in the process. Luckily Knot's forces persisted, and they made their way to the control center of the Stronghold. Knot seemed a tad reluctant as SaiTorr extracted the Separatist Data-files. They marked the site as Republic-Controlled to search for minerals, but unexpectedly, experienced no counter-attack from any Separatist reinforcements. Regardless of the outcome, the mission had been a success, but proved some trouble between Knot and SaiTorr.

Hunted on Coruscant

"We lost Phact and some mercenary attempted my life. How worse can it get?" ~ SaiTorr in the aftermath of the assassination attempts

As the two days passed, with the succesful planetary captures of Rhen Var and Avishan, Republic scientists were sent to investigate the mineral deposits in the planet. SaiTorr was staged rest on Coruscant as the rest of spec ops were extracted for their further ops. Though, during his night sleep, he woke to a near-success assassination attempt via a sniper. He immediately sprung from the apartment and informed the security forces of the apartment. Though in the middle of speaking with one of the security guard, he was shot and forced SaiTorr into retreat. He figured that the sniper had changed position between the first and second shot, but had no way of detailing where he was at specifically. He remained on guard the remainder of the night and never encountered another assassanation attempt. Coruscant security forces were also briefed on the actions of the sniper.


Lax Bullen, SaiTorr's assassin

During the next and second day of rest for SaiTorr, he was contacted to speak with the Jedi Council about the further possibility of detaining Dooku's excavations for Messarite. The meeting ended abruptly after word had reached that General Phact had been broken from Republic Prison. The on-site guards had all been killed by blaster shots, projecting the first suspect as the sniper from the night before. For his safety, SaiTorr was granted a safer location to sleep that night. In this apartment, SaiTorr woke to find the Assassin face-to-face. He chased him from the apartment and into the outside of coruscant.

The assassin hopped on a republic speeder and fled from the district. SaiTorr acted quickly and stole a then docking speeder to pursue him. The pursuit lasted shortly before he baited the assassin into a narrow ally. SaiTorr discovered the assassin as none other than Phact's payed bounty hunter, Lax Bullen. He was imprisoned and interrogated for Phact's wearabouts. As it had been revealed, Phact was already off-world and back in Separatist Ranks. The Republic had lost it's only tie to Dooku's current operations. A critical blow, but the ops to end the Separatist Excavations continued. Not only had this assured them their loss of Phact, but that the demand to kill SaiTorr had escalated ever higher.

Mission to Korriban

Jirak: "You were foolish to trust me. You are as dim as the rest of your Republic. SaiTorr: "Too bad you won't live long enough to prove your theory." ~ Knot to SaiTorr after revealing himself as Jirak

Less than a week after the Excavation Operations and the assassination attempts on SaiTorr, the council established their next move. The messarite itself had been found to have a high concentartion in several pre-collected sith aritfacts. Where else to find a large amount of Sith Artifacts but the surface of Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith. The Jedi had not ventured to the planet in centuries, and would continue to refuse to, as the several temples on the planet corrupted those who had a connection to the force. SaiTorr, Commander Knot, and their forces were sent to collect the necessary amounts of Messarite given by Republic Scientists.

The uncontrolled arguing between Knot and SaiTorr occoured during the mission on Korriban. The idea that Knot's intentions weren't by his commands began to develop among SaiTorr and his men. Eventually and unexpectedly, the team lost communication with the scientist aids stationed on Coruscant. The only thing leading their mission now was what they rememered from their briefing. They led themselves to one of the many Sith Temples in the region. As they moved deeper into the temple, the doors closed behind them, the whole team lost power to their equipment, and were suddenly attacked by red-colored Lightsaber wielding men. SaiTorr endured through the darkness, but the rest of his team, except for Knot, and SaiTorr's own soldier, Gearbox, were slaughtered. Knot's appearence changed into what was recognized as Jirak.

Swtor-sith-pureblood (2)

Ku'na'gr Dah'al, the last survivor of the Sith Pureblood Race

SaiTorr and Gearbox were taken prisoner and brought before Lord Ku'na'gr Dah'al, the leader of the resistance of what seemed to be, Dark-side users, or as SaiTorr hated to admit it, Sith. Ku'na'gr was a Sith Pureblood, and the last survivor of his kind. It was eventually revealed that Jirak was known as 'The Lord of Deception', and used the dark side to change his appearence. The Sith resistance was also known to themselves as Fist, a clear indication of the Jirak Doppledanger's warning from the escape of Devaron. Hours passed as SaiTorr and Gearbox were thrown into the temple dungeon, no Republic reinforcements in sight. Eventually, the two were staged to be brain-washed by Sith Alchemy.

SaiTorr and Gearbox were separated, forcing him to stand through the Sith brain-washing. Gearbox came next. However, before his hyponotic treatment began, SaiTor counter-attacked the Sith and freed Gearbox. SaiTorr, unexplainingly, was immune to the affects of the Sith Alchemy. They escaped the temple with their lives and rushed through the Korriban wilderness to their ship, as the Sith pursued them. Their Ship was destroyed, but a Republic Gunship sent by Crookvi Zla arrived in the right moment to resuce them. They escaped succesfully, though, as the ship lifted from the atmosphere, a Sith leaped up and slashed Gearbox, severing his wrist and scaring his face and chest.


SaiTorr faces Jirak at his apartment

Returning to Coruscant, SaiTorr's well-being was thouroghly questioned by the Jedi Council, they were concerned to what he would do if he truly was brainwashed. As night fell on the first day of returining, SaiTorr encountered a Fist agent who was detected within the Jedi Temple. He faced the sith alone until more help arrived. He used Ectah's Sem's lightsaber that he kept hold of for the past several months. SaiTorr fended the Agent off until more help arrived, when he eventually pinned him down. He urged SaiTorr to take his life, but SaiTorr refused. The agent was captured and interrogated, but prior had damaged the War Room, it's records, and was responsible for the deaths of the Republic scientists who monitored the mission on Korriban. A lot had occured in the past week, but it became clear that the Republic had gained a new, unpredictable, enemy.

Weapons of War (20 BBY)

"I've made mistakes, I try to redeem myself. No matter what, what goes around, comes around." ~ SaiTorr before Operation: Blackout

Deep Operation of Kamino

SaiTorr: "How did the Separatists get on Kamino to begin with?" Navara: "We don't know, they certainly don't belong. You'll be diving pretty deep. SaiTorr: "How Deep . . ?" ~ SaiTorr during a briefing for Minions's mission Kamino

Four Months passed since the events of Devaron and the Excavations for the Messarite. SaiTorr had been returned to a familiar state of jumping between Companys and Battallions, as he was still being slowly being bridged into a suitable position in Spec Ops, and a still acting member of Minions of the Force. Assassination attempts steadily increased, and he was placed on the Republic's watchlist. Raids for Messarite continued as well, though the danger of the Mission to Korriban never came up.

Once again, SaiTorr was contacted by the Jedi Council to execute a critical mission in the Messarite operations. The Separatists had been detected in Section 0, one of the lowest levels of Kamino's ocean depth. How droids survived the water pressure was beyond the workers on the planet, but they trusted the Republic to remove the threat. SaiTorr, The Minions, and Tail Company were sent to Kamino to dive into the low Kamino depths and remove the threat. During the briefing for the mission, SaiTorr meant Navara, an attractive Togrutan officer reponsible for mission coordination on Kamino. This would not be the last time SaiTorr would speak to Navara.


SaiTorr dives into the Kamino Depths

The Kaminoans had been working on special ocean-pressure resistant suits for SaiTorr and the diving forces, specifically prepared for the mission. When they encountered the droid forces in Section 0, they were already preparing to escape with the materiels they extracted from the surface. The Underwater battle proved troublesome, as SaiTorr ordered his forces to head back to the Operation Facility to cease the Separatist escape. SaiTorr barely lost his life escaping to the surface, and left his suit in ruin reaching the cloning facility. Not only this, but SaiTorr abandoned half of his forces and left the Minions to head back to the surface themselves, all in an impulsive action.

Jirak, the shape-shifting Sith Lord was present in the Kaminoan Facility, disguised as a clone officer. SaiTorr rushed to detain Jirak as he attempted to help the Separatists escape off-world. The fight between SaiTorr and Jirak raged through the facility, before he forcibly drowned him in the oceans of Kamino. Regardless, the Minions were unable to stop the Separatist Forces from escaping with whatever material they had excavated. SaiTorr's odd natured impulsive actions cost the operation.

Becoming a Major

SaiTorr: "What are you asking me to do, Chancellor?" Palpatine: "A true mission in the name of the Republic, a threat like none other. I want you to lead a battalion on Umbara, as a Major." ~ The Chancellor speaks to SaiTorr

The Minions of the Force faltered due to injury in the following weeks of Kamino. It was one of their first failures, and the war's strategical reliance on the team synonymously faltered as battles continued. Because of the lacking nature of the team, the Chancellor, who oversaw their battles, called for a disbandment. Minions of the Force had then become, no more.


The Operation of Kamino was SaiTorr's worst Loss during the war

SaiTorr was kicked into Spec ops on full-time assignments. He was in charge of his own squad, Pulse Squad. Pulse included SaiTorr, Gearbox (who had been given cybernetic replacements all around his body), Pinner and Haps. Only a week's worth of assignments played out before SaiTorr was contacted for a meeting with Chancellor Palpatine. He had never met him face to face, despite the fact that Minions was commanded under him. Last time a situation like this occured was when he was moved into Minions. SaiTorr feared the worst.

The Meeting with the Chancellor led to SaiTorr's promotion to Major. He knew he did not deserve it, for the costs on Kamino and being the reason Minions had disbanded. Regardless, the rank came with, what the Chancellor revered as, the single most dangerous Spec-Ops assignment in Republic history. Clone Intelligence had discovered what it was the Separatists had mined on Kamino; an almost non-existant energy crystal that had a legendary connection to the Oceans of Kamino. The Energy Crystal had been distributed for use into mass weaponry invented by Umbaran Scientists, funded by the Separatists. It had no connections to the Messarite, but it had now become a very real threat.

The Separatists planned to test the weaponry on Umbara. The Republic had already fought the planet from the Separatists a few months before, but the Umbarans had once again persisted to align with the Confederacy. The day the Republic would strike was planned. SaiTorr was hesitant to lead it, no one knew the danger that could possibly reap on the planet, nor did he believe that the Republic had the supplies to eliminate the threat. He also felt that he would need to redeem himself from what he did on Kamino through this battle. He unconfidentily stepped up to the role to lead 500 men on Umbara, in what would be known as Operation: Blackout

Operation: Blackout

"This will be the most dangerous operation in Republic history. We don't know what to expect, but all we can hope for now, is that we condemn this threat before it rises to something much worse." ~ SaiTorr briefing the soldiers on Blackout


SaiTorr makes a safe landing after his Gunship crashes

Despite Spec Ops' training and self-efficiency, Crookvi Zla, Master Aphotic, and an un-met Jedi, Melina Toxicflier, were assigned to join the Operation. SaiTorr had nothing else to do but asure his men that the Operation would succeed as planned. There was no fleet in orbit of the planet, as Count Dooku, who was secretly overseeing the weapon testing on the surface of the planet, travaled alone along with a Separatist represenative, Kaar Uqis. As the fleet closed in orbit, they launched ten republic gunships of 200 men to the planet surface. However, one the first weapons the Umbarans had created would be put to use. An anti-air craft torpedo model, that auto-detected unfamiliar aircraft, launched tracking torpedos, and split into corrosive residue when near a target. Four of the gunships crashed, including the one SaiTorr was in. Fortunately, he and the men aboard the gunship were well prepared for a crash landing. The other gunships, they could not speak for.

SaiTorr, Pulse, and the remainder of his assigned men held communication with the other surviving gunships, including Crookvi and Melina. Pinner of Pulse determined that the weapon production facilities were seven klicks east of the gunships' landing zone. The march began. Soon enough, the march encountered hordes of advanced war-droids. The droids had extremely tough shields with no apparent weakness. SaiTorr eventually found it, an exposed section from the back of the droids' necks. They used the best of their antics to eliminate the droids with little casulaties. The march continued.

They soon approached the weapon facility. It was a tremendously massive domed structure, surrounded by thick

SaiTorr and pulse fend off the Umbaran Forces

forest. SaiTorr and 19 men were sent to scout the perimiter of the structure for a weak entry point. Before their objective was cleared, the structure unleashed several tanks -- powerful weaponry that used a high concentration laser, that traveled faster than the speed of light on shot. These along with other tanks of high velocity and a large hit radius. While Pinner was killed by the initial attack, SaiTorr and the soldiers barely escaped with their lives. It would not be long before the Umbarans found them hiding in the forests. The forces contacted the fleet for reinforcements.

12 Gunships, Six AT-TEs, Two HAV Juggernauts, and other ground forces were sent for full scale war. Eventually, the fleet was flanked by the Confederate Fleet, crunching them and the amount of reinforcements. SaiTorr, Crookvi, Pulse, and four other men snuck into the facility as Melina and Aphotic waged war outside. They eventually found themselves to the control center, where the Umbaran Weapons Commander, Kamus Gemnos, Dooku, and Kaar Uqis had escaped. SaiTorr and the rest, were surprised to meet, what had to have been, Keejas Ren.

A Devestating Loss

"No one always wins. Not us, not SaiTorr." ~ Melina's comment on Blackout The Republic forces crumbled outside the weapon facility and in orbit. The destruction of the facility depended on SaiTorr, Crookvi and the other forces inside the structure. As impossible it may have seemed, Keejas Ren was alive and unscathed from his believed death almost a year earlier. Ren then stimed himself with a lethal drug that enlarged his body size and strength significantly. He attacked SaiTorr and the group. Some of the troopers were killed by the force of his strength. Crookvi was knocked unconcious and SaiTorr was all that remained to face him.


Keejas Ren transformed by an experimental drug

The Republic forces outside were preparing a full retreat with what forces they had left. SaiTorr helped Crookvi up and out of the structure before the Republic had left. SaiTorr vowed to take down Ren and destory the weapon facility while it still stood. SaiTorr ended up successfuly killing Ren after throwing he and himself out the viewport of the control center. Keejas Ren was decapitated by the force of his fall from the control center tower. The chain SaiTorr had grabbed hold of on his fall had broken loose, and he, too endured the same fate as Ren.

The facility or its weapons were never destroyed, and SaiTorr had never reported back alive. The mission was a failure, and the Republic defense on every front was more cautious then ever. There were mixed feelings for SaiTorr. Many believed his death was deserved for his careless acts on Kamino. Some, as with Crookvi, believed he deserved to be resuced, as he could still be alive. The rest had mixed feelings. Regardless, there were no authorized commands or assignments to return to Umbara or attempt a search for SaiTorr. SaiTorr, as far as Spec Ops knew, was dead.

Springing SaiTorr (20 BBY)

"Men Die. Symbols, don't. SaiTorr was one of those." ~ Gearbox's remark on SaiTorr

Retracing Footsteps

"So what, I'm a criminal. I'm also SaiTorr's brother. Bingo, now I'm top priority, right?" ~ Kintro Ecwropri speaking to Jack Blanaster via holo-message

Three months after Blackout and SaiTorr's death, the members involved in the operation didn't fair well. The Jedi could faintly feel SaiTorr's life force, but none of them were sure if it was real. The unsettled feelings of SaiTorr started to disintegrate with his absence, and the group ushered to the thought of searching for him. Attempts to convince the Chancellor had failed everytime, as a distraction from the war and the Separatists' soon to be utilized weaponry.


Kintro Ecwropri

Crime had risen in Coruscant's Underworld in recent time, though the memmbers saw this as an oppurtunity to find a tracker for SaiTorr. Having no where to pick up a trail, the Jedi Crookvi and Melina relied on Coruscant Police Forces to look for a tracker for the Jedi Council, an invented lie that saw their intentions through. However, Jack Blanaster, who used to be SaiTorr's senatorial aid, had enrolled as an officer and was stationed as an investigation communicator. Thanks to him, he encountered the unknowing brother to SaiTorr, Kintro. He was an expert sniper, but had horrible tracking skills. However, he was the only connection to SaiTorr that the members had. After finding no tracker, Jack volunteered to help the group find SaiTorr.

Kintro's ties and familiarity with Crime families helped the group progress through the Underworld, but soon found the answer closer to Republic's ranks. Deebos Tentu, a Selkath Republic Arms and equipment trafficer was the manager of handling weapon shipments sent during Operation Blackout. His records indicated that there was a shipment made 26 hours after Blackout, in which the records then noted that the weapons were shipped to Umbara. Deebos was told Republic had captured Umbara, a lie, however the shipment arrived intact. The Jedi determined they would need to return to the ravaged world to find the truth of the shipment. Kintro was offered to be let go, but decided in was in his best personal interest to join the group in finding the truth about SaiTorr

Returning to Umbara

"Landmines. Someone doesn't want us here..." ~ Jack Blanaster, surviving a potential explosion from a landmine.

To get to Umbara unscathed, especially if orbit was blockaded, Kintro lent the group a ride on his personal starship, The Nine Lives, which also had a stealth generator. Arriving in orbit, the ship had no Blockades of any sort, and stealthing was unneeded. Suprisingly, there were no Umbaran clean-up crews over the battlefield of Blackout; everything remained as it was the day the battle ended. Kintro landed the ship outside the battleground and marched the group into the region. 

As untouched as the area seemed, closer to the rubble surrounding the weapon depot were barried land mines, as Jack wounded his leg from discovering one. If there were land mines not discovered from the battle, then someone had to have come and plant them in the region. The group deduced that the landmines were contained in the Republic weapon shipment recovered by Deebos. As the group moved cautiously through the mine-field, and closer to the wreckage of the depot's viewpoint tower, they noticed most of the wreckage was gone; this included the remains of Ren and what they hope would be SaiTorr. The group agreed to ask why the mess of the tower would be cleaned and not the rest of the battlefield. 

Kintro believed the groups' next move should be towards one of the planet's main cities, Dagora, to see if there are any at all Separatist Influences. As It turned out, there was no Separatist Influence and they had reportedly left the planet after the weapons were tested. The group eventually found themselves in Dagora's City Nightclub, on part of Kintro's alcoholic lust. However, an Umbaran Government agent emerged and spoke with the Jedi, saying that the city guard wanted to know their' purpose to be present. The Jedi merely attempted a mind-trick on the agent, but failed, and were asked to be brought before the city council. They agreed, leaving Jack to keep an eye on Kintro to avoid getting into trouble.

Closer to the Truth

Kintro: "They'll hunt us. And that's what we want. They'll take us to where SaiTorr's being held at." ~ Kintro's thoughts after Xiv Yuniro escapes Umbara.

The City Council confirmed that the Republic had no business on the planet and that whatever their reason, be asked to leave. Crookvi told the council about the wreckage outside the cities and how landmines were placed. While the council attempted Innocence for this matter, the Jedi could feel that they were lying, and ended the argument by drawing sabers. The Council head, Kamus Gemno, the same weapons commander from Umbara, evactuated the building and called guards to detain the Jedi. Crookvi contacted Kintro and Jack and told them to pursue Kamus before he escaped. However, Kintro and Jack were also being pursued.

Despite his drunken state, Kintro demonstrated his crack-shot sniping skills on guards around the city while in pursuit. Eventually passing out, Jack tried to secure him to a safe-position. Without him Crookvi and Melina did not make it to Kamus's shuttle in time. He flew to another, yet anonymous region of the planet. Their closest link to SaiTorr's fate after Blackout had escaped, yet they were forced to travel back to Coruscant to gather help for their findings, the first of which was the Jedi Council.  

The Separatist Prison

The Oncoming Struggle

Quest for the Infinity Gates

A Thrid Party

Declassified Operations

The Face of Fist

Ambush of Balmorra

Charged of Treason

Saving Coruscant

The War Continues (20 BBY - 19 BBY)

"No battle fought by the Minions was a battle that ended in the enemies' favor." ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi's comment on a War report from Minions of The Force.

The Minions Of The Force seemed like a nearly impenetrable force by 20 BBY. Hardly was any battle not won when It was a battle fought by Minions of The Force. Because of this, the Minions were always fighting, and surprisingly never tired out. But a downside to their victory was the Separatists' anger from their constant failure. Not long after their victory streak, Count Dooku took the matter of anialating Minions of The Force into his own hands. In a Republic assualt involving Minions of The Force over the comet of Iceberg III, Count Dooku ambushed the Republic Fleet.

The reason for the Republic's presence at Iceberg III was to destroy a secret Separatist Base, constructed to
Clonewarsadventures summer series battle lg

Dooku's Surprise Attack on Iceberg III

send another attack to the Water-world, Mon Calamari. While the Minions of The Force came prepared for a Separatist assualt, Count Dooku doubled the efforts originally established by the Separatists. In a surprise attack, He sent waves of droids to march into the Republic camp. The Minions, including SaiTorr, struggled to make enough defense Turrets in time, and fending off the droids on their own. The droid army was held back, but Dooku didn't let his grip slip so easily. He attacked the Minions, dueling 4 at a time, but he was eventually thwarted. Dooku was captured, but broke free thanks to the Separatists fleet. He now seeked revenge Minions Of The Force more than ever.

Soon after, Dooku hired a notorious bounty hunter named Lax Ballen. Lax Bullen managed to Kidnap and kill Rand Zeltadancer of The Minions, which led to a chase conducted by the Minions to seek out the bounty hunter. The group tracked him across the Galaxy to the world of Tatooine, where he threatened to blow up an entire Town if The Minions had confronted him. The combined Teamwork of the Minions stopped Lax and saved the town. Dooku was beyond angered with The Minions, and the personal attacks continued through out the war.

Near the end of the second year, General Grievous launched a battle-cruiser much like a battle-cruiser he commanded in 21 BBY, a ship named Malevolence. The New battle-cruiser used a much improved version of the Malevolence's Ion Cannon. Minions of The Force usually did not execute Flying runs, but The Jedi assumed that the same talents on the battlefield would be displayed in their flying. Most members of the Squad flew the Jedi Starfighter and it's newer version, The Jedi Interceptor, While SaiTorr was assigned with the basic ARC-170 Fighter.

The New Battle-cruiser, which was discovered to be known as The Diminisher, was faintly detected over the Duro System, almost as a key distraction to desto

Aphotic's Fighter flying from the remains of the Diminisher.

ry Republic Fleets because of the Separatists' occupation of Duro. SaiTorr saw this as his key oppurtunity to retake the planet of Duro, where he fought months ago, However he also assumed how powerful The Diminisher must be if the Separatists were willing to sacrifice the planet's protection to destory mass fleets.

In the end, however, The Minions proved their worth in flight from destroying The Diminisher. Their original target was to strike the Ion cannon once again, but the group were derailed to attack the ship core. The Ship was destroyed in a swift strike by the Minions' attack. Not a single live was lost, which was a incredible surprise by the Republic. SaiTorr felt nearly invincable, but his luck would all come to a bitter end soon.

End Game (19 BBY)

Order 66 

Clone Trooper: "We have direct orders from the Chancellor himself. You're under arrest General." SaiTorr: "What?! There must be a misunderstanding . . . " Clone Trooper: "There is no misunderstanding sir." ~ SaiTorr is greeted by Clone Guards on Coruscant.

It became an evident sign by the first few months of the 3rd year that the Clone Wars would soon come to a close. All that resided was to capture or kill General Grievous and Count Dooku. After the Minions' strike on The Diminisher, tracking down Grievous became an easier task. However, finding Dooku already was hard enough to resolve. By the third year, the Minions gained 2 more members, the former diplomat Loup Tryvel, and the newly made Jedi Knight Melina Toxicfiler. In the mean-time, the Separatists continued their conquest of worlds, as the Republic valiantly fought back. In one of his final battles of the Clone Wars, SaiTorr was assigned to the planet of Cato-Neimodia, with the forces of Jedi Master Plo Koon.

Ironically, The escaped Separatist General that SaiTorr encountered earlier in the war, General Phact, had partially commanded the Separatist Ground forces. He saw the oppurtunity to finally imprison the Separatist General, once and for all. SaiTorr led Shipclanker
Plo's death

Plo Koon killed over Cato Nemodia by the call of Order 66.

Squad into a successful battle, thanks to the additional ground advance of Jedi Master Ferroda. Phact was captured and imprisoned, as SaiTorr was called to escort Phact away from the battle by Captain Jag, but a very surprising turn of events changed SaiTorr's plans quickly. Clones still on the surface attacked Master Ferroda, Fighters in the sky shot down Plo Koon's fighter, and SaiTorr's own squad shot his gunship out of the sky. This turn of events was later discovered to be known as Order 66, a GAR command to eliminate all Jedi, which SaiTorr was not aware of originally.

SaiTorr crashed down on the Cato Nemodia Surface, Heavily wounded, but not killed as the clones most likely intended. Phact had died, but SaiTorr did not take a care to haul his body somewhere else. SaiTorr was completely out-raged, but also baffled at the Clones' strange move. A Clone scout in an ARC-170 flew down to the crash site to confirm SaiTorr's death. SaiTorr wanted to get out of his current situation, but did not want to harm the clone. He knocked him unconscious and commandeered the ARC-170, which he used to fly to the cruiser orbiting the planet. Sneaking through the ship, he piloted Master Fedorra's starfighter and escaped the ship without being noticed. After docking the ship with it's hyperspace ring, SaiTorr fled to Coruscant to figure out what truly transpired.

On Coruscant, SaiTorr was surprised that his ship was not suddenly shot down due to it's alignment to the Jedi. He landed Near the spires of the Jedi Temple, to see if the Minions of The Force members had survived the strange attack, but instead he was halted by Clon

Clone Troops on Coruscant Are prepared to arrest SaiTorr.

e guards who secured the temple. They directed him to Chancellor Palpatine for his arrest, which continually confused SaiTorr. Escorted to Chancellor Palpatine in his personal quarters, he watched in horror of the personal execution of the Minions. SaiTorr was beyond shocked by the Chancellor's move, and his friends' death. Palpatine explained how the Minions Only threatened his plans to kill all the Jedi, by rushing the war with their constant victory. He wanted nothing more than to have SaiTorr watch his friends die, in return for their victory. But surprisingly, Palpatine, or soon known as Darth Sidious offered SaiTorr a high position in the New Galactic Empire, but SaiTorr unregretfully refused.

Angered by SaiTorr's decision, He attempted to kill SaiTorr, but only severed his leg in his escape. SaiTorr was half crippled, but was fortunately saved by a former ally, Commander Gathe, who protected him from several Attacking Clone squads. Gathe explained everything that had since taken place across the Galaxy, Order 66, and advised that he hides from the Empire before he is hunted and killed. Gathe also lent SaiTorr a temporary replacement for his severed leg, the foot of Grievous he scavenged in a battle with him. SaiTorr ultimately decided to head into exile on the planet of Iceberg III, where he commandeered the former Separatist base that he attacked earlier in the war. SaiTorr was in a total phase of anger and sadness. His life, and the life of many others in the Galaxy, would never be the same.


Armor and Equipment

Beginning as a trooper in the Clone Wars, SaiTorr wore a personal red paint scheme on his Phase I Armor, which eventually was added on to as he progressed in rank. When he became a Commander, SaiTorr was issued a Kama, which supported his rank of Commander. However, SaiTorr was not issused with Phase I clone armor for

SaiTorr in his Standard Phase II armor.

the extent of all Troopers used it; after the Battle of Ryloth, he was given modified Clone armor, mixed with the future Phase II armor, and contained weapon conpartments, a back blaster arm, and even a Jetpack. The armor was very simular to the modified armor worn by Captain Breaker, another Clone Captain in the Clone Wars. Additionally, SaiTorr gave the armor a Red paint scheme to support his past armor.

When Phase II armor was issued to all troops, SaiTorr switched to Phase II armor, which supported both a Grey and Red paint Scheme. After SaiTorr's eye was injured in combat with Keejas Ren, He was given a Robotic eye Replacement developed by Republic Technicians. SaiTorr was often seen with the common DC-15A Clone rifle, but also used the Lightsaber of his Jedi General, Ectah Sem, which emitted a green blade.

Personality and Traits

SaiTorr always believed in hope, even when others refused to see it. SaiTorr greatly believed that his hope led him through the war, and so hope became a common aspect of his personality. He believed that no conflict ever ends, but that it can only be contained for so long. This became a reality during the many repeated battles through out the war, and escaped enemies who SaiTorr confronted. By this, he also believed that if an enemy was to be stopped or contained, they must be done so the first time they are revealed as to keep them from amounting to a much worse assailant. By his hope led trail, SaiTorr's motto was "Anyone can make a difference.", which implied no one can be held back from causing something, either if it was intended, or accidential.

SaiTorr formed friendships with many peers he met in his life, and soon lost many of them. He thought his parents were very generous for adopting him, which ultimately decided his destiny. SaiTorr also made close relationships with members of Minions of The Force, especially William Flaregleam. SaiTorr also witnessed many deaths in his life span, not just of soldiers in battle, but many close-loved ones, some right before his eyes, which greatly affected SaiTorr's perspective of life.

Through many situations, SaiTorr also thought that there would always be a chance to escape a conflict, even if a chance wouldn't arrive right away.

Behind the Scenes

  • SaiTorr's character is loosly based from the life of his in-game creator, containing many simular traits, as well as being based off of The Trooper character in Star Wars: The Old Republic .
  • Most of the events in the story are shaped from in-game events taken around SaiTorr Shipclanker in Clone Wars Adventures.
  • Minions of the Force, the strike team SaiTorr serves in is based off of a Squad in Clone Wars Adventures. Survivors is also based off of a former squad in Clone Wars Adventures. The same follows for both squads' members.
  • Crookvi Zla, Master Aphotic, Melina Toxicfiler, and several other characters are based off of characters in Clone Wars Adventures. However, Jirak and Zelqin are both based off of the same player in the game.
  • The Trandoshan Gang The Hooked Thieves, is based from the Trandoshan hunters in the TCW Episode "Padawan Lost."
  • The surname "Ecwropri" hails from SaiTorr's account in the online game, Star Wars Galaxies , in which his character is named Wagiplof Ecwropri.
  • Keejas Ren's physical transformation in A Devestating Loss is inspired by a character in the online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Kephess , who is physically transformed by Sith named The Dread Masters.
  • The story of the Infinity Gates was originally to be a story about finding Rakata Technology in Coruscant's underworld, which eventually developed into finding a Sith Time Portal. Eventually, both stories were trashed to bind with the exisiting canon of the Kwa and their Star Temples.


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