Salam Ghost10 was a human who later in his life became a Sith Lord. His father trained him to be a Lord of the Sith, like him.

Then his father saw that his son surpassed his own power. Unexpectedly he had decided to fight for the Republic in the coming war. But with the war growing more difficult, he only managed to survive for two days and died an unfortunate death.

In the time to come Salam grew by age and in strength. He travelled across the galaxy and finally met Count Dooku to become one of his acolytes, serving next to others such Asajj Ventress. Later he found himself in battle that was too fierce for him to win. They were outnumbered and found themselves in a difficult situation. But then Salam remembered his father's wise words; Your failure will mean nothing, Your success on the other hand will mean something, , so Salam fought as well as could, trying to remember his father's training and eventually won the battle against all odds. Afterwards he thought to himself that His father was right after all. He understood that if he had lost it wouldn't mean anything, but now that he had succeeded in battle it would mean something. Thus it only made Salam stronger as a Sith Lord.