Spartan JRG (CT-22505)
Clonecommanderwolffe detail
  • Clone commander Spartan JRG (CT-22505) is the leader of one of Wolffe's squads: Wollfe Extern Battalion (WEB).

  • He's specialized in shooting and he even can handle a lightsaber. He's not really a jedi, you can see it, because he's a clone...

He's not really strong with the Force. Spartan can do some force tricks.

He was a padawan a few times (from Rick Clawspeed and others) but it didn't turn out that well and so he decided to quit with being a Jedi and stay with the clones. He has a padawan now: Robert Bunnell

  • friends

  • He knows Gathe Sharpmelder as a good friend,

his best friend is Sergeant Sevchenko. They have a great time together... Other friends:

  1. Rick Clawspeed
  2. Dell
  3. Robert Bunnell
  4. Captain Barr
  5. Commander Snake
  6. Ben Blazingquicker
  7. Calo Brightwell
     and more...

  • life:
 1.  old times:

He made a squad with Popo Gortpulse (don't know what happend to him)

and Zurros Naladreamer (padawan: now Robert Bunnell)

then I invited someone to the squad but Popo deleted him.

He said that he worked for the squad of Rick Clawspeed (but never heard of him before),

so i wanted to talk to the leader, Rick Clawspeed, and so we became good friend

When he was a padawan of Rick Clawspeed,

they were in a conflict mostly (to be exact: 3 times):

Thats why Spartan decided to quit being a Jedi

and follow his own "clone" path.

But now we are friends again.

 2.  Old friends, new problems

Later Spartan had his own squad when he was in war with Rick,

called "Revolution squad",

he hoped that his squad would get popular and it worked,

but then....

One of his best friends (censored) ruined the squad

( He deleted a guy there and a guy here, demoted, etc.).

He didn't know yet who did that but one day,

(censored) said he would leave the squad and join Dark Nebula...

our (not anymore) sworn enemy:

He said that he deleted all the people and that he was a "double agent"

and that made Spartan sadi:

He thought that he was a good friend

(Spartan and (cencored) knew eachother already for a long time.)

So he decided to quit the squad and don't go in any other squad again

3. Currently

Now? Now i have my own squad " Wolffe Extern Battalion".

Now i have a good time, can't wait for Commander Cody phase II... And I built a huge squad base.

Who wrote this?

Spartan JRG....

Youtube channel:

I guess you know my name,

but thats only for the game....

(member-clone-clone trooper-squad leader-republic)


                          still under progress