Thon training for War in his Mustafar war base

Thon Bluepulser is a hero of many talents. He is Togrutan, but is considered a changeling because of his ability to change into a human form, he has set for himself.

Thon is an advanced Force user. He can use special Force abilities, no Jedi or Sith can, considering certain rumours.

Early Life

Thon was raised into a Sith tribe in which his parents were members in, so of course he was desined to become a Sith. He trained in the Dark Side, until his 13th birthday and realized this life was not for him. After he went to go break the news to his Sith tribe leader, he was considered a traitor. The tribe leader killed his parents out of anger and hate because of his treachery. Before he did anything foolish, Thon fled the planet and lived in hiding, in peace on Naboo, where he was born.

At the age of 15, Master Yoda found Thon on Naboo and sensed great potential in him. He asked the boy if he would come back to the Jedi Temple with him to become a Jedi. Thon agreed and his path as a hero began.

Thon's Jedi Training

Several Jedi Masters looked over Thon's training, which exposed him to many different lightsaber forms and Force powers. Thon was especially intrested in twin lightsaber forms, which pushed him to be the skilled duelist he is to this date. By the time the Clone Wars began, Thon was 20 years old and became one of the young Jedi Generals to fight in the Clone Wars.

Thon's relationships/friendships

During the course of the war, Thon met some amazing people. One in particular is a warrior named Nero Darkpulse, known as one of the greatest warriors of all time. He is a half-demon and a loyal friend. Together they have overcome many challenges.

Thon has a loving wife who is also a fighter. Her name is Aurra Comentweaver, who became Aurra Bluepulser. She has proven her love on many occasions and he has done the same. Like her husband, Aurra was born a Sith, but later turned into a Jedi.