Early years


Wedo at the age of seven.

220px-Jedi Master Belth Allusis (1)

A photo of Master Belth Allusis

Wedo Wrixbreather was a young Togruta, who at the age of 6 lost his family in a Seperatist attack. About a year after wards, he was found by Jedi Master Belth Allusis at the age of. When Master Allusis found out that Wedo was a Force sensitive child he took him to Coruscant. Wedo quickly learned the ways of the Force and mastered the Jar`Kai lightsaber form which consisted of two lightsabers instead of one, by the age of 12. Only a year afterwards Wedo passed a special test called the "Jedi Trials" and became a Jedi Knight

Years as a Jedi Knight

At the age of 15 Wedo became a Jedi Knight. After a while Wedo felt like he was being controlled by the Republic, thus he considered leaving the Jedi Order. He then remembered what he was fighting for and stayed with the Jedi. One day Mace Windu told Wedo that Grand Master Yoda wanted to speak with him. When Wedo found Yoda, the Jedi Master asked him if he would be willing to train a Padawan. Wedo agreed to his request. Yoda said that his Padawan would arrive in one week and then gave Wedo the files on the young boy. After reading through the files Wedo found all the information he needed.


Wedo as a Jedi Knight

Wedo also found out that his Padawan was of the same race as him and that he was 7 like Wedo was when he was brought to the Jedi Temple. When the Padawan arrived he introduced himself as Vonar Goldenclank then Wedo introduced himself. After a while Vonar was glad he got Wedo for a master instead of another Jedi. Vonar was a quick learner but it took him tonger to perfect the Jar`Kai lightsaber form. At the age of 17 Vonar Passed his Jedi Trials and became a Jedi Knight.

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